This plugin so far has translations into 24 languages, they can all be found at
Please note that some are only available for older versions of Subscribe2.

For the experienced: copy the translation .mo file into the Subscribe2 folder (usually at wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/, a languages folder created in the Subscribe2 plugin folder or better yet the default WordPress languages folder (usually wp-content/languages/).

For the inexperienced: the following rough guide is provided.

It is not a requirement, but you should preferably do this before you activate Subscribe2 for the first time. If you install and activate the plugin first then some values will already have been entered in English that you will have to change these manually.

  1. Set your whole blog to the preferred language (See
  2. Dowload/Copy Subscribe2 files to the plugin folder as normal (note that buttonsnap.php goes in the root plugin folder)
  3. Download the .mo translation file for the language you want and corresponding version of Subscribe2 from Copy these into the Subscribe2 folder.
  4. Activate the plugin and enjoy!

Note: .po files are also made available to make updating translations for new versions easier and to allow users to make small amendments to the translations should they wish.

How to translate to your own language?

  1. See the general WordPress instructions at:
  2. The file you need to translate in this case is called subscribe2.pot, this file is included in the plugin download zip package
  3. Use this file to create you own human readable file (*.po) and machine readable file (*.mo) with the correct country code in the name (e.g.
  4. Once you have finalized your translation please post a comment on the post for the latest version and I’ll contact you so you can email me your work so that it can be shared!

You may also find this article makes useful further reading.

Thanks to Kjell Knudsen for suggesting and writing most of this post.

35 thoughts on “Translations

  1. Hi, I just did a german (unformal) translation for version 2.4.3. I can add a formal version before i send them to you. Thanks for the plug!

  2. Hey – great plugin !!

    I just did an update to the german (de_DE) translation from the available 2.3.7-version to version 4.4 of subscribe2

  3. there is already an italian translation written by me: don’t start translating from scratch, please. If you want to collaborate, this is my e-mail address: subscribe2 {-a.t-}

  4. Hi! I’ve created a Bulgarian translation of your plugin! Please contact me so I can send you the files!

    Hristo Chakarov

  5. Hi, I made an MO file translated POT into Chinese and uploaded the MO file onto the subscribe2 folder on server but it didn’t work. I’ve done this to my other plugins and they worked fine except subscribe 2. The MO file I named was with ” zh_HK ” I’ve already entered into wp-config.php. What’s wrong?

  6. Pacinko,

    Are you using any caching plugins? Have you cleared out your browser cache? Try re-uploading the mo file just in case it got corrupted.

  7. Ciao cari,
    I have a problem with translation of this wonderful plugin.

    I have copied the files into subscribe2’s folder in plugin’s root, but the italian language is only a dream, a wonderful dream.

  8. Uccio,

    Check the following:

    1/ Have you set your language code in wp-config.php
    2/ Have you uploaded a complete and non-corrupt version of the translation file for your language; it should be the mo file.
    3/ Have you refreshed your browser completely by holding shift or control when clicking refresh

  9. Take advantage of your availability. Let me know how it is possible that even if I put the check HTML Full, the mail I always get in text format?

    Excuse my english, is google’s translation.

  10. Uccio,

    Your English is better than my Italian 🙂

    HTML only is an optional upgrade for $40. If you would like the code let me know and I’ll email you direct.

  11. I have to pay $40 for an upgrade who improve HTML only????
    Is too expensive. I am forced to change the code by me.

  12. Uccio,

    I make the plugin available for free – the most popular change requested is HTML email for all subscribers – this I charge for because I don’t make a living from the donations!

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