Filtering the opt-out Authors

Version 7.0 of Subscribe2 introduced a new feature where Registered Subscribers could opt-out of receiving notifications from specific authors on multi-author sites.

Version 8.0 has improved on this a little by allowing site administrators to use a filter to trim down the list so unused author accounts can be removed from the list. To do this you simply code a small plugin extension something like this:

// 's2_authors' is the names of the new filter
add_filter('s2_authors', 'remove_author');
function remove_author($authors) {
	// our function takes an array of author objects as the input
	// you can then cycle through the array and remove any that you like on either 'ID' or 'display_name'
	$i = 0;
	foreach ( $authors as $author ) {
		// example use an if statement to check if author ID should be removed compared to a known ID
		if ( $author->ID == 1 ) {
	return $authors;

Themed User Subscriptions

One of the things I get asked about reasonably frequently is theming the “Your Subscriptions” page for end users.

If someone registers with your blog they can get additional control over their subscription by selecting which categories on your site they want notifications for and also the format of the email notification. It seems that some of you are not happy that this requires access to the WordPress administration menu area and you want to deploy the subscriptions form on the front of your site.

Well, there is good news. A developer has picked up on this request and is offering an extension for Subscribe2 that delivers exactly this functionality. And all they are asking for it is $5!

If this is something you want, go grab it here.

Subscribe2 and Custom Taxonomy Types

Subscribe2 was recently extended to allow notifications to be sent for Custom Post Types.

This introduction of code also highlighted the ability in WordPress to create Custom Taxonomy Types. Again, this is something done by developers and bloggers with a knowledge of PHP code.

Subscribe2 has now been extended again to allow the addition of custom taxonomies into the ‘categories’ that are used in WordPress by default. To add a custom taxonomy you have already created you need to added the following code into a custom plugin or to the function.php file in your theme.

function my_taxonomy_types($taxonomies) {
	// where 'my_taxonomy_type' is the name of your custom taxonomy
	$taxonomies[] = 'my_taxonomy_type';
	return $taxonomies;
add_filter('s2_taxonomies', 'my_taxonomy_types');

Subscribe2 and Custom Post Types

One of the new features introduced with WordPress 3.0 is custom post types. These are defined using code by developers and bloggers with a knowledge of PHP to allow WordPress to be extended to more of a CMS solution.

Subscribe2 can be enabled to send notifications for your custom post types by use of a filter. The code below give an example of how to register your custom post type with Subscribe2 so that these articles generate an email notification. I’d suggest you add this code to the plugin you are using to create your custom post type.

function my_post_types($types) {
	$types[] = 'my_post_type';
	return $types;

add_filter('s2_post_types', 'my_post_types');