This page lists known conflicts with the Subscribe2 Plugin. If there is a workaround it is also described.


The comments module of this plugin is not served from your site so the comment options for Subscribe2 are not obeyed and implemented. If you use Jetpack comments the Subscribe2 options to sign up to emails on the comment form are hidden. Equally, if you install Jetpack and are already using this option in Subscribe2 then the comment module in Jetpack is hidden from you.

It seems that other modules such as ‘Publicize’ and ‘Sharing’ may also affect the display of some user messages, and this seems to be linked to heavy work on the server at the time of publication or in technical terms PHP in timing out.

Firewall 2

This plugin can block the sending of emails from the Subscribe2->Send Email page and re-direct to he home page of the site. There are 3 possible solutions (thanks to MrFent37):

  • Disable Firewall 2
  • Uncheck Block directory traversals and Block WordPress specific terms in the settings for Firewall 2
  • Whitelist your own IP address in Firewall 2

User Meta and User Meta Pro

This plugin seems to override the content type of emails resulting in Subscribe2’s HTML emails being sent in plain text and the plain text emails being sent with an HTML format header.

The HTML format may be the preferred option so the HTML tags are hidden in the resulting emails. To accomplish this go to User Meta -> Settings (General Tab) then, select “Email Format” as “HTML” and hit Save. (Thanks to razorteeth)

Comment Captcha Box

This captcha plugin fails to display correctly when Subscribe2 is active. It may apply to other captcha plugins too.

WP-reCAPTCHA is an alternative captcha plugin that appears to work fine in conjunction with Subscribe2. (Thanks to whyme26)

All-in-One Event Calendar

This events plugin appears to use custom post type and custom taxonomies. After correctly registering these with Subscribe2 using the in-built filters, errors are thrown by the event calendar plugin. It seems from a code review that a custom data table is used for event data rather than the posts table.

CKEditor for WordPress

If this plugin is enabled on the excerpt section of your authoring pages then apostrophes will be stripped from the Subscribe2 excerpt. Thanks to LewisR for reporting this. The fix is to disable the editor on excerpts in CKEditor->Basic Settings.

WordPress SEO by Yoast
WordPress SEO by Yoast can stop user messages in Subscribe2 being displayed when subscriptions are confirmed. This only occurs when opengraph for FaceBook is enabled. The workaround is to ensure that on the Page that handles the Subscribe2 request you must define something in the WordPress SEO by Yoast meta box under the Social tab where is says Facebook description. If this is left empty the Subscribe2 user message is used as the Facebook opengraph page description instead of being displayed for your users.

Simple Facebook Connect

If enabled, this plugin stops confirmation messages being displayed to users. It’s a similar issue to that seen with WordPress SEO by Yoast because it is due to opengraph meta tags. There is no current fx or workaround but I’m working on it.

User Role Editor

If enabled this plugin stops Subscribe2 sending per-post notifications. Thanks to abaumg for reporting this conflict. I think this is because User Role Editor creates a custom usermeta tablet and therefore vital Subscribe2 database values are bypassed.

WP User Control

WP User Control rewrites the sender details for all outgoing emails from your blog so the sender details set in Subscribe2 are over-ridden. To workaround this you need to specify the correct email in the WP User Control widget in the Appearance->Widgets page. Thanks to infrastratos for making me aware of this conflict.

Publish to Schedule

Publish to Schedule hooks into the WordPress post publication workflow to and published all of your content on a user configured schedule. To do this the post is ‘captured’ on save (including when you click Publish) and then it is reverted to a ‘future’ scheduled post. This unfortunately means that Subscribe2 will send two notifications for every post when Subscribe2 is configured in per-post mode.

The following code should enable use of both plugins if placed in your themes functions.php file or used to create a new plugin for your site:

function s2_pts_compatibility() {
	return array();
} // end s2_pts_compatibility()
add_filter( 's2_post_statuses', 's2_pts_compatibility' );

Non-conflicting plugins

The following plugins are known to work just fine with Subscribe2.

  • Akismet
  • All In One SEO Pack
  • Artiss Social Bookmarks
  • Bad Behavior
  • Configure SMTP
  • Disable Google Fonts
  • Dynamic To Top
  • Exploit Scanner
  • Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator
  • Flexo Archives
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • HTML5shiv
  • Hyper Cache
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Remove WordPress to WordPress filter
  • Simple Trackback Validation
  • Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin
  • WordPress Database Backup
  • WordPress Mail Queue
  • WP-Print
  • WP Crontrol
  • WPTouch

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  1. Matthew – thanks for the great work on the plugin – I was one of those guys that pestered Skippy to death – he was really great about trying to get the plugin working for me, but never could quite get it working right on a windows server (it always worked like a charm on a UNIX box). Your version works great on our windows machine, so whatever you did thanks for that. Donation made via paypal!

  2. Thanks for the donation Rusty – I think after a long period of bug reporting and puzzling we’ve finally figured out an issue that would have affected Windows servers (mainly IIS I guess).

    It’s really difficult to test for bugs on a platform that you don’t use though! I know Skippy was a linux man and I’m  to the core!

  3. Matthew–

    You should consider running some Adsense on these pages… while I haven’t donated (because I have yet to even try your plugn!) I am fairly likely to click a reasonably interesting Adsense link to put a few cents in your pocket when I find an even halfway-interesting-looking plugin I may want to evalute…

  4. Framemaker Hacker,

    Google AdSense adverts are not allowed at, otherwise I’d add them. I would host the site myself but I think it better to invest my time coding rather than maintaining yet another site!!

  5. Thank you so very much for your responsiveness and all the work you have given to making this plugin work. It is very much appreciated. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!

  6. Thanks for your on going efforts for this pluin. We would like to pay you some cunsulting fees for the support and development efforts you are doing. Please contact me directly if you are interested. We are using this plugin now and have 5-10 more installs coming up.



  7. Here’s a token to help avoid the sanity. It should cover at least a couple of pints at the local.

    Thanks again for all the help. You’ve inspired me to (finally) learn some PHP. Let me know if the customizeable HTML option is on the roadmap 🙂


  8. Hi Matt,

    I’ve started taking up some space on your support page so I thought a bit of cash (albeit small) may go toward a couple of minutes of your time to answer my queries.

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