Subscribe2 HTML

Subscribe2 HMTL provides a comprehensive subscription management system for WordPress and ClassicPress blogs.

It is based on the free Subscribe2 plugin but also delivers:

  • ReCaptcha
  • HTML emails for Public Subscribers (see below)
  • Easier compatibility with Custom Post Types
  • Option to Embed CSS and images in emails
  • Display Registered User subscription form on front end pages
  • Basic REST API interface
  • Dedicate one to one support for active subscriptions
  • Actively developed code base

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Register and Public Subscribers is a frequent topic for questions and support.

WordPress allows ‘Membership‘ in the Settings > General page. Anyone who registered has some level of access to the WordPress admin area and is classed as a ‘Registered Users in Subscribe2 HTML. Once they opt to get email notification they become a ‘Registered Subscriber‘. When Subscribe2 HTML is used in per-post mode (emails sent immediately for new posts) Registered Users can control the type of email they get, plain text or HTML and full or excerpt content.

Public Subscribers can subscribe and unsubscribe through a convenient web-based form. All requests require confirmation by email. Public subscribers have no choice about the type of subscription.

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