This page aims to inform users of new features that are on the list for future development. They have been assessed as needing significant code changes and therefore I can give no timeline nor guarantee when or if these features will be available – remember this is free software.

  • Ability to display subscribers by joining date – in 8.6
  • Allow Registered Users to subscribe to HTML and plain text notifications
  • Allow sending of attachments with the notification – in Subscribe2 HTML 10.5
  • Allow Registered Subscribers to choose digest email interval
  • Allow editing of the emails subject lines – in 4.16
  • Email previews – in 4.17 and refined in 4.18
  • Delete database entries if categories are deleted – in 4.16
  • Make construction of emails headers within Subscribe2 pluggable so they can be altered on-the-fly – in 5.5
  • Add support for Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.0 – in 6.0
  • Make Subscribe2 SSL friendly for WordPress installations that secure login or the admin area over an SSL connection – in 6.2

These items have been considered but will never be available in the core plugin code:

  • HTML emails by defaults for all users – this is a paid upgrade
  • Individualised fields in notifications – Subscribe2 is designed with the option to send one email to many recipients so individualised fields are not possible

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