Subscribe2 HTML v12.8

Version 12.8 of the Subscribe2 HTML has been released and is available now. This version has been tested on WordPress 5.7.x as well as the 5.8 development code and ClassicPress 1.2.0. It requires at least WordPress 4.4.

Current users of Subscribe2 HTML with an active support and upgrade subscription via Freemius can upgrade via the Plugins page within their blog dashboard. New users or users with an expired support package can purchase a new support and upgrade plan via the Freemius checkout.

Version 12.8 contains the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Add workaround for legacy form widget in the block enabled widget editor
  • Fix for console error in Block Editor when getting default _s2mail value
  • Add permission_callback in included REST-API library – required since WordPress 5.5
  • Add permission_callback to all Endpoints registered for Block Editor
  • Introduced Counter Widget Block for new widget block editor in WordPress 5.8
  • Introduced Transforms from legacy widgets for new widget block editor in WordPress 5.8
  • Apply styling fix to text boxes in Block Editor Panel due to core bug
  • Tidy up screen messaging when Preview and Resend buttons are clicked in the editing screen
  • Ensure Classic Editor switching mode is correctly detected and handled – thanks to Steve Pullan
  • Added compatibility with Divi Builder