Subscribe2 HTML v12.7

Version 12.7 of the Subscribe2 HTML has been released and is available now. This version has been tested on WordPress 5.7.x and ClassicPress 1.2.0. It requires at least WordPress 4.4.

Current users of Subscribe2 HTML with an active support and upgrade subscription via Freemius can upgrade via the Plugins page within their blog dashboard.

This version is being sold through Freemius. Current users of Subscribe2 HTML with a subscription from Semper Plugins can upgrade using the discount code already provided via email or can contact Semper Plugins for upgrade details.

Version 12.7 contains the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Added check on save to ensure HTML tags are balanced in email templates
  • Ensure Block Editor state is correctly detected from theme functions.php file
  • Refactor plugin initialisation and hooking steps
  • Fixed bug in One Click button functionality on the User Profile page
  • String updates for Block Editor code
  • Introduce global returning function
  • Trim unnecessary comments
  • Remove unnecessary code from form widget after upstream experimental Gutenberg fix
  • Update styling to Reset button in Settings page
  • Updated Counter Widget color picker
  • Enable color picker in Customize screen and experimental Gutenberg widget screen
  • Change default colors in newly placed counter widget to match latest core theme
  • Type cast where possible the results of apply_filters() for added functionality protection and security
  • Added filterable class to confirmation buttons to allow local styling
  • Ensure plugin registration occurs for new users registered in admin
  • Fix pagination button display on Subscribers page
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Other minor enhancements