WordPress 5.5 and WPMQ

WordPress 5.5 will be the next major release of WordPress and it is pencilled in to release in August 2020.

This next version is adding several new features like the option to have automatic plugin and theme updates but “under the hood” the email library has been updated too.

What does this mean for WordPress Mail Queue, well it means an update to the code is going to be needed there too. In order to avoid having to maintain two versions of the code I’m going to maintain some backwards compatibility, but this means anyone updating to WordPress 5.5 on it’s release will need an updated versions of WordPress Mail Queue in order to ensure it keeps working.

If you have WordPress Mail Queue with a current support plan I’m hoping to push an update by the end of July at the latest so you can update before WordPress 5.5 is release and the transition for you will hopefully be a smooth one. I’m in the process of testing on my sites and WordPress beta code now.

If you don’t have a current support plan you have three options:

  1. Purchase a new support plan to get the latest WordPress Mail Queue code.
  2. Stop using WordPress Mail Queue.
  3. Don’t update to WordPress 5.5.

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