Subscribe2 HTML v12.2

Version 12.2 of the Subscribe2 HTML has been released and is available now. This version has been tested on WordPress 5.3 and 5.4 and ClassicPress 1.1.2. It requires at least WordPress 4.4.

Current users of Subscribe2 HTML with an active support and upgrade subscription via Freemius can upgrade via the Plugins page within their blog dashboard.

This version is being sold through a new sales portal after the recent acquisition of Semper Plugins. Current users of Subscribe2 HTML with a subscription from Semper Plugins can upgrade using the discount code already provided via email.

Version 12.2 contains the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Improve Freemius generated plugin name
  • Fixed handling of scheduled posts created in Block Editor
  • More elegant and effective fix for Preview and Resend emails when post needs saving in Block Editor
  • Improved default post data creation for new posts in Block Editor
  • Fixed deprecation notice for buttons in Block Editor
  • Layout fixes for Block Editor files
  • Indicate in filter drop downs if a category has been made compulsory in Settings
  • Fix for issue where some users were not sent posts in Compulsory categories
  • Added plugin data to WordPress Privacy Tool – requires at least WordPress 4.9.6
  • Added feedback messages following Preview and Resend requests in Classic Editor
  • Added Block Editor Keyboard shortcut – requires at least WordPress 5.4
  • Added WordPress compatibility data to ReadMe file
  • Tested on WordPress 5.3.x and 5.4 and ClassicPress 1.1.x
  • WordPress 5.4 ready