Gutenberg and the Override Checkbox

For a very long time that has been a check box available in the editor that allows the email notification from Subscribe2 HTML to be suppressed on a per post level. WordPress calls this box a `meta box`.

tl:dr; – The Override checkbox needs updating for the new `Gutenberg` editor – where should it go?

With the new editor (code named Gutenberg), these meta boxes are supported but conversion to new code is highly recommended (although not well documented!).

So, I’ve been looking at how to migrate to new code, particularly because if the current checkbox is ticked and the post then immediately published, the email goes out due to the order in which processes are triggered in WordPress and Subscribe2 HTML (a work around for now is to ensure you save the post before clicking the Publish button).

The possible locations for the checkbox are a `Block` or a `Sidebar menu`, and there are drawbacks to both over the current position.

With a Block you have to manually add it to a post and then check the box. Also, blocks are intended more to reflect the content of a post, but it does work this way. It would look like this:

The other option is a sidebar menu, this seems a more sensible place to put the checkbox. The drawback is that design decisions in Gutenberg mean that the sidebar can be ‘unpinned’ which remove the email icon from the top row. You then have to know to restore it using the sidebar more menu. This is how it would look:

And the Plugins section in this menu would be unticked and need clicking to restore the item after being unpinned.

So, the main reasons for this post, were do you think the override should go in the next release of Subscribe2 HTML? And thanks for reading this far 🙂

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