WordPress 5.0 and Subscribe2 HTML

I’m sure you’ve all noticed in your WordPress admin areas that WordPress 5.0 has been released. As far as I can tell the current version (11.3) of Subscribe2 HTML works just fine in the new version.

You may have also noticed that WordPress 5.0 seems to be one of the most controversial and divisive versions of WordPress in many years, the new Editor seems to be loved or hated with few taking the middle ground. As such a Classic Editor plugin has been made available with WordPress 5.0 to restore the old editor look. Again, Subscribe2 HTML works just fine with this too.

Finally, some are very upset with the direction of WordPress 5.0 and they have forked the code and created ClassicPress. While this code is still reported as being in beta testing it seems to be a clone of WordPress 4.9.8. And yes, you’ve already guessed, Subscribe2 HTML works just fine here as well.

Subscribe2 HTML remains fully supported on WordPress and I’ll aim to keep it working in ClassicPress now too. 👍