Subscribe2 HTML v10.10

Version 10.10 of the Subscribe2 HTML in now available. This version has been tested on WordPress 4.4 and 4.4.1. It requires at least WordPress 3.3.

Current users of Subscribe2 HTML with an active support and upgrade subscription and upgrade using the WordPress plugin admin page.

Version 10.10 contains the enhancements and bug fixes listed below.

  • Added automated reminder emails sent 2 days after initial sign up request, interval can be changed via filter, or disabled
  • Code layout enhancements and inline documentation improvements
  • Improvements to comment form subscription checkbox / user messages
  • Enhanced ‘Cleaner’ task to ensure address toggles by admin are not immediately deleted by the task
  • Enhance ‘toggle’ and ‘delete’ functions to limit action to a single database entry
  • Improved wildcard implementation for barred domains to block internationally similar domains e.g. and with yahoo.*