Subscribe2 and Subscribe2 HTML

This post is all about some recent changes to Subscribe2 and Subscribe2 HTML and also clarifies the future of these two plugins a little.

As many of you may well have already noticed, Subscribe2 is now under new management. About 6 months ago I was the sole developer and supporter of Subscribe2 and Subscribe2 HTML and it was getting to be too much of a chore. I was approached and asked if I’d be willing to hand over control of Subscribe2 in return for a payment. I accepted. As part of that agreement this site was handed over too, but since it hasn’t been used I hope no one minds if I resurrect it for Subscribe2 HTML!

Subscribe2 has gone through some intensive development in this period and is now at version 10.17.2. It has added a new feature that can rapidly grow your subscriber base, the trade off being you agree (and your subscribers agree) to share their details with a third party, namely ReadyGraph.

Subscribe2 HTML has also gone through some changes and is currently at version 10.6. Features such as draft email in the Send Email page and the ability to send images and CSS as attachments to the notification email have been added.

So, essentially Subscribe2 and Subscribe2 HTML have now gone in different directions.

I still look after the code base for Subscribe2 HTML and will continue to do so. I also still hang around in the forum for the free version of Subscribe2 but I plan to start scaling this back and maybe lurking a little more.

The reason for me scaling back? Well, I cannot commit changes to the code anymore so cannot implement fixes for a start. Secondly, the majority of questions that are posed on the forums have usually been asked before, often this is many times before. So, the answers are usually available already. Finally, well as I said above the development and support was becoming a bit of a chore and I’m quite enjoying not feeling like I have to answer support questions!

So, good luck to the new developers in your venture and stewardship of Subscribe2. Best wishes and good luck to all of my users, code contributors, donators and supports over the years while I looked after Subscribe2. If you need me, you’ll find me looking after Subscribe2 HTML! 🙂