Subscribe2 v8.7

Version 8.7 of the Plugin in now available for download. This version has been tested on WordPress 3.5. It requires at least WordPress 3.1.

Version 8.7 contains the enhancements and bug fixes listed below.

If you use this plugin and find it useful please give it some positive feedback! Visit the site and give it a rating, tell me it works in the compatibility section and maybe consider making a donation to support future development!

An HTML version of the plugin that emails an HTML email to Public Subscribers is available here.

This version contains the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Enabled {TITLE} as a keyword in URL Tracking in free version
  • Moved Subscribers page class code to a new external class file to avoid fatal PHP errors on some sites
  • Fixed a glitch in the {TABLELINK} tag caused by adding support for {TINYLINK} to the digest email
  • Fixed and repaired addition of extra comma to s2_subscribed table values and also addition of null s2cat values
  • Fixed incomplete table creation on new installs – thanks to niclaslockner
  • Fix for PHP Warning about an undefined $value variable on form submission – thanks to annewinterbottom
  • Rename public subscriber variables internally for consistency
  • Implement variable caching for Registered users in the same way as for Public subscribers
  • Widen Subject boxes on the Subscribe2->Settings:Templates page – props Orion42
  • Allow easier customisation of the word wrap length in plain text emails – props Orion42
  • Abstracted the upgrade() code and made it incremental so that only necessary code is executed
  • Fixed a bug in the Send Email page that failed to send emails to Public Subscribers when All Users was selected – thanks to Gui
  • Added an option to disable JavaScript within the Widget