Subscribe2 v8.6

Version 8.6 of the Plugin in now available for download. This version has been tested on WordPress 3.4.2 and 3.5-betas and Release Candidates. It requires at least WordPress 3.1.

Version 8.6 contains the enhancements and bug fixes listed below.

If you use this plugin and find it useful please give it some positive feedback! Visit the site and give it a rating, tell me it works in the compatibility section and maybe consider making a donation to support future development!

An HTML version of the plugin that emails an HTML email to Public Subscribers is available here.

This version contains the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Minor layout update to Widget Settings
  • Fix for non-sending notifications for pages – proposed by ctcdesign
  • Fix for a translation domain error in admin/settings.php – proposed by monpelaud
  • Fix for deprecated is_blog_user() function on Multisite installs – proposed by hallcp
  • Extend Subscribe2 database table to collect additional data to meet DreamHost privacy policy – thanks to matt, joshukraine and Dreamhost
  • Refresh Subscribers page in admin, tables now sortable on present columns
  • Order CSS files better by applying CSSComb
  • Reuse $value variable in the ‘frontend’ class to reduce translation strings
  • Improve AJAX form to obey the shortcode hide parameter – proposed by bwsl
  • Correct spelling error in the Settings page – proposed by dimadin
  • Call translation code via a hook to allow greater dynamic control – proposed by dimadin
  • Look in more locations for translation files, can place in core languages folder now for upgrade protection
  • Refresh Settings page in admin to a tabbed interface
  • Strip HTML from email subject to improve compatibility with other plugins and WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed bug in the display of compulsory categories in the Settings page
  • Add option to manually send emails to All Registered Users and Public Subscribers – proposed by TigWeb
  • Enable TinyURL link shortening for Digest Notification Emails if {TINYLINK} is present in the Email Template
  • Fixed bug in TinyURL error handling and fallback when link generation fails
  • Fixed bug where {DATE} was left blank in the subject field for future scheduled post notifications – thanks to Steve Savoy
  • Added a filter to allow on-the-fly alteration of the size of the {IMAGE} in the paid version
  • Fixed a warning message for a core function ready for WordPress 3.6