Subscribe2 – the next version

As I’m sure you know, WordPress 3.1 is now available on general release. This new version has made a couple of changes that are affecting Subscribe2.

Firstly, in version 3.0 of WordPress the usermeta() functions were all deprecated and replaced with user_meta() equivalents (so update_usermeta() is now update_user_meta()). The other change is that these functions now return an array rather than a string by default.

Strangely, in WordPress 3.0 this didn’t seem to be a problem but some users are seeing errors in WordPress 3.1.

Secondly, WordPress 3.1 replaced the WP_User_Search class with WP_User_Query. Now, I can’t find any documentation about this new class which is of course a great help when writing a plugin! (If you can find any please let me know!)

Again, this seems not to be affecting all users who are on WordPress 3.1 but it would be sensible to drop use of a deprecated class.

Subscribe2 currently requires at least WordPress 2.8. But I’m wondering how many people I’m leaving behind if I make the minimum requirement 3.0. So, please use the poll below and tell me what version of WordPress you are currently using on you main blog.