Subscribe2 v6.1

Version 6.1 of the Plugin is now available for download. This version has been tested on WordPress 3.0.1 and requires at least WordPress 2.8.

Version 6.1 contains the bug fixes and requested feature improvements listed below. This version also introduces a Subscribe2 shortcode that allows greater flexibility in the way the Subscribe2 form is deployed. See the ReadMe for more details.

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

An HTML version of the plugin that emails an HTML email to Public Subscribers is available here.

Need help or support:
Try the Documentation:

  1. Check out the ReadMe installed with the other Subscribe2 files or here.
  2. Look through the FAQs on this site
  3. Consider buying the guide produced independently by My WP Works LLC. The guide is 40+ pages long and it provides an in depth set of instructions and descriptions of Subscribe2 features.

Need to do some troubleshooting:

  1. Try the FAQs and Trouble Shooting categories on this site
  2. Try the FAQs on the site
  3. Try searching the forum or the getsatisfaction forum

Still no joy? :

If you still really want my direct help then make a donation. In the last year I think I’ve spent over 300 hours (about 2 whole weeks without sleep time) supporting people for free and I simply cannot continue to do this.

This version contains the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed a glitch in the HTML tags in the Subscribe2 Widget that affected drag and drop functions in WordPress – thanks to Marty McOmber
  • Improved detection of Multisite installs – thanks to Nada Oneal
  • Fixed precontent and postcontent in the Widget to retain entered HTML tags – reported by Rob Saxe
  • Fixed a few small typos in the inline code comments and email subjects
  • Fixed a bug where Bulk Management changes to move all users to Plain Text Full content would result in blank settings – reported by Sean @ GetSatisfaction
  • Fixed issued with TIME and AUTHORNAME keywords in digest emails – thanks to Robert @ GetSatisfaction
  • Introduced a more flexible Subscribe2 shortcode – thanks to Milan for the patch code

One of the new features in WordPress 3.0 is custom post types. These are defined using code by developers and bloggers with a knowledge of PHP to allow WordPress to be extended to more of a CMS solution.

Subscribe2 can be enabled to send notifications for your custom post types with the code below. I’d suggest you add this code to the plugin you are using to create your custom post type.

function my_post_types($types) {
	$types[] = 'my_post_type';
	return $types;

add_filter('s2_post_types', 'my_post_types');