WordPress 2.9 compatibility

Since the release of WordPress 2.9 about a week ago I’ve been doing some testing looking for issues. Subscribe2 appears to work pretty well with WordPress 2.9 but there are some issues with the cron periodic email events on some servers with WordPress 2.9. This is not an issue in Subscribe2 but a bug in the WordPress code.

I found more details and a fix here as well as details of some other problems.

The bug in Susbcribe2 will be apparent if, and only if:

  • You are using Subscribe2 on WordPress 2.9
  • You have set Subscribe2 to email notifications periodically on a digest basis rather than per-post
  • Your server configuration makes your site prone to the WordPress 2.9 bug

You can try the following fixes:

  • Apply the files link at the site above
  • Replace wp-includes/http.php with the version in the WordPress trunk code
  • Wait for WordPress 2.9.1
  • Add define('ALTERNATE_WP_CRON', true); to your wp-config.php file

I compared the files in the first and second options and they look identical to me but you may trust files direct from WordPress more.