Subscribe2 v5.1

Version 5.1 of the Plugin is now available for download. This version has been tested on WordPress 2.8.4.

Versiom 5.1 contains the bug fixes and requested feature improvements listed below.

Obtaining Support:

Version 5.0 introduced a new support model for the plugin. Previous posts explain the issues and my proposed solution. To seek support read the support forum. If you have a bug, please report it on the forum.

If you have an issue that you can’t find an answer for then by all means post your question BUT if you get no response it is because the answer is already available or the problem is pretty unique to your install. In these cases be prepared to pay for assistance – ONLY the plugin is free!

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

This version also contains the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Add widget options to add custom text before and a after the dynamic Subscribe2 output – thank to Lee Willis
  • Add protection against SQL injection attacks to the data entered into the Subscribe2 table
  • Applied a fix for WP_User_Search on PHP4 installations
  • Collect IP address of subscribers either at initial submission or at confirmation as required by some hosts to allow relaxation of email restrictions. IP details are in the database or available when the mouse pointer is held over the sign up date in Tools->Subscribers
  • Fix for script execution time limit code for sites that have safe mode on or that have disable ini_set()
  • Display category slugs when mouse pointer is held over the name in the category form area
  • Fixed display of HTML entities in the subject of emails by using html_entity_decode()
  • Fixed substitution of the MYNAME keyword in notification emails
  • Added option to use BurnURL as an alternative to TinyURL to create shorter link URLs