Subscribe2 v5.0 [u]

Version 5.0 5.0.1 of the Plugin is now available for download. This version has been tested on WordPress 2.8.4.

Versiom 5.0.1 contains bug fixes for the menu system that were introduced by changes in version 5.0.

Obtaining Support:

Version 5.0 introduces a new support model for the plugin. Previous posts explain the issues and my proposed solution. To seek support read the support forum. If you have a bug, please report it on the forum.

If you have an issue that you can’t find an answer for then by all means post your question BUT if you get no response it is because the answer is already available or the problem is pretty unique to your install. In these cases be prepared to pay for assistance – ONLY the plugin is free!

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

This version also contains the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added links to online Subscribe2 resources into the Options->Subsribe2 page
  • Fixed Digest Time Dropdown to recall Cron Task scheduled time
  • Fixed code using updated Admin Menu Plugin API
  • Fixed foreach() error in widget rename function
  • Improved layout of widget control boxes
  • Improved identification of Administrator level users on blogs where usermeta table entries for user_level are low or missing
  • Removed avatar plugin support on WPMU due to processing overhead
  • Improved the layout of the digest email with respect to inclusion of unnecessary white space
  • Extended maximum script runtime for servers not using PHP in safe mode