Support for Subscribe2 – Update

If you saw my post from about a month ago then you are already well aware of my increasing frustration with respect to supporting the Subscribe2 plugin. In my musing over what to do about this situation I stumbled across this old post from Skippy. This post announced the transfer of Subscribe2 from his stewardship to mine and he makes the following comment:

As an aside: useless bug reports — those reporting “It doesn’t work!” with no other details — contributed greatly to my abandonment of subscribe2. Please don’t wear Matt down with the same.

Well, this got me thinking, you see I gave Skippy (Scott) my word that I’d support the plugin and I have always hope I’ve been principled enough to keep my word. So, support will continue BUT it will no longer be free. I’m hoping that demanding a fee to provide support will encourage people to read the documentation provided and spend more time searching for an answer to their question.

I’m still astonished that so many people apparently have virtually no understanding the free software does not also mean free support, free customisation or free fix-my-problems.

So, the next release of Subscribe2 (Version 5.0) will be available shortly. At that time this site will become an announcement site only, comments will be disabled. A support forum is already online and I will be monitoring it to populate it with more questions and answers and this will also be the place to report bugs.


6 thoughts on “Support for Subscribe2 – Update

  1. Nice….Makes total sense. I checked out the forum page and it looks like it will be quite useful for those needing to find info, etc.

  2. I’ve just now found this plugin. I just want to tell you, that I appreciate your effort, and that of all plugin creators.

    There is a growing epidemic on the Internet, of people who are lazy, selfish, rude, and have a sense of entitlement that everyone owes them. Certainly not everyone, unfortunately, many if not most of the comments you receive will be these.

    Many times people (myself included) that are happy with a plugin, or whatever it might be, will never tell you anything. I try to thank the writers of all useful plugins I use and donate when I can, link to them if they are very useful.

    If a plugin is not useful, or has problems, I usually leave the author alone, unless I am able to fix it, then I pass along the info to the author.

    I urge others, who happen to read this, to think of those who provide them something of value, freely. It’s easy to forget them, or to not realize what even a thank you can do for someone’s morale.

    I look forward to trying this plugin out, thank you for maintaining it. Hopefully people will starting showing you the appreciation that you deserve.

    • One of the ways people could show their appreciation if they like and use the plugin, would be to leave the developer a donation, even if all they could afford was a small one.

  3. I agree with louizoot’s comments. Thanks Matt!

    And FWIW, it would have driven me crazy a lot earlier, trying to be polite to people who post “it doesn’t work”, with no further explanation, and clearly without their having done some basic problem-solving/reading first.

  4. Great news! Thanks for hanging in there and continuing to maintain this great service, despite all those who’ve taken it for granted. Looking forward to 5.0!

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