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Many users of Subscribe2 post comments commending the outstanding support that is offered on the plugin and ruing the fact that this does not happen more. The sad fact is that a great number of the comments posted are either issues that have already been discussed many times over and the answers are already available, or they are requests for custom changes from the default plugin for an individuals benefit.

Recently, the folks at WordPress have reviewed their software licence and introduced Commercially Supported Themes on the main site. They have also introduced enterprise-level support for large-scale users of WordPress.

So, that leaves me wondering how to handle the continued support of Subscribe2. You see, much as though I think I should support my plugin and help people to use it as best they can I am often left bewildered that it seems to be overlooked that both the plugin and the support are currently FREE. And yet the level of functionality and support seem to be more consistent with that of software that has been bought!

Perhaps I should start acting more like other plugin authors and provide little to no support. Maybe I should direct everyone to the ReadMe and FAQ section of the website. Perhaps I should start charging for my assistance.

I really don’t know for sure what will happen next. I think I have decided already to start directing queries to the FAQ and ReadMe more however when I’ve done this in the past it really doesn’t save me any time – I still have to make the comment and I still usually get a follow up reply.

So, what would you do if you were me?


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  1. Probably not the place for this comment/feature request, but it is the easiest place..

    Have you though about adding the ability for utm tracking sources with google analytics. This would allow your newsletter viewers (those that clicked the link) to be tracked via a traffic source campaign, this is very useful and I do it for my rss feed currently..

    All you should have to do is create a field in the admin for the name of the source and then append the following to the url..


    Obviously its worth a brief read on how these variables work..

    Anyway just a thought on how you can make your plugin better. Until then I will probably modify the source to do this on my own site.

    • Unbelievable… this guy who’s worked hard to provide an awesome plug in for WordPress users free of charge. He posts to vent that he’s tired of dealing with idiots who don’t know how to check FAQ, forums, and documentation first.

      He also posts that he’s tired of people asking for special treatment without donating a little for all the benefit they get from S2.

      And low and behold… the first comment is a feature request from someone who doesn’t know what is for.

      The web gets dumber everyday. I don’t use S2, but I am considering it and if I do: Rest assured, I will donate!

    • Jonathon,

      I have never thought about adding this as a feature for the following reasons:

      I don’t use it
      I think tracking invades privacy at a basic level
      I’ve never been asked
      It might be the thin end of a wedge for people asking ‘can I track emails this way too’
      If I did add it, it would need to be an option that most people would turn off
      I don’t have much time to research and add new features that don’t provide a benefit for me (see 1)
      At the moment I’m pretty turned off about developing the plugin when all I get are complaints or requests
      I could earn more doing just one extra shift of 6 hours at work that I’ve had donations in a year

  2. I have the similar experience with support of my most popular plugin – almost no donations, (mostly small ones and 1 very generous one!), a fair number of compliments and yes people using it on commercial sites without acknowledgement or donation.

    There are no easy answers, unless one goes for a paid model, and I think if wordpress are making commercial themes available, the same possibilties should apply to plugins.

    I thought of charging a small ‘support’ membership fee – I like getting the support queries since occasionally it raises an idea for an improved feature and/or highlights an obscure bug or unintended ‘feature’, so am concerned (particularly with a new plugin) that paying for support may mean that you just don’t get the query.

    Or maybe a model where personal or non profits sites can use either a basic version or a ‘plus’ version for free or a token amount, and commercial sites pay? (lots of models there from license fees, to one off purchase costs, all with different implications.)

    S2 is well used, very popular and I think you should carve out some functionality to be more easily available as a purchased plus version (you have the html one, but I think one had to email you ? – (I did not end up buying as the client decided not to use it) – if you made it available as a pay and download straight away you may get more ‘sales’. )
    sorry a bit verbose – too late at night here.

  3. I am an avid user of the S2 plugin and it seems there is a lack of common courtesy on the web with arrogant expections of plugin owners. One path you could take if you choose to stay “free” is an open source help desk tool that prompts newbies before they contact you. Most commonly found on website hosting support sites they bug you “have you tried this” and “did you check that” based on keywords in their support request.
    Hopefully that would reduce the number of repetitive requests

    • Mitchcass,

      Good suggestion but I’m not sure where I’d host it. is a free blog. I think I spend enough time on the plugin already without starting to hunt for a domain to host the ‘help desk’ or ‘forum’ on.

      I’d host on one of my existing domains but I’d rather keep those entirely separate for the plugin. Your suggestion deserves some thought though.

      • I just came across this site while researching plugins. Yours looks great and if we end up using it I will definitely make a donation. In the meantime, you might like to consider for support – we’ve recently found ourselves with a huge increase in customers due to a change in business model (from having just a few big-ticket customers to many smaller ones) and that site completely saved my sanity. There is a free basic option, I highly recommend you check it out.

  4. I am trying to get this plugin working on my theme without the widget… It doesn’t seem to be working that well:

    Here is the code:

    I’m definitely interested in supporting your support, but I’d like to make sure it works as advertised first. It may very well be something I am doing incorrectly, but I really tried to follow instructions, and I have searched the site, FAQs, and Forums.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. (this may answer my question above)

    Does the subscribe2 token need to be inside the loop, or can I go ahead and have it outside?

    I am trying to display the form outside the loop right now.


    • Think It’s Correct,

      You once again prove my point. Getting the plugin working on your site when it’s FREE software IS entirely your problem and working on it for an hour and searching the internet may well be required.

      A little reading on this site and you would have found the Widget category and then this post and you’d realise that your request is not going to fit in with me ‘not supporting sidebar implementation without a widget’! So, no it won’t be going in the documentation.

      • I know what you’re saying about nt wanting to do free support and all, but a referance of something that is working for others with a disclaimer that it is not supported still is valuable.

        But it is your app.

        Thanks anyway for it, and as soon as we have it fully tested and running, we’ll contribute.

  6. Dude, Start charging for support and for the plugin. I understand where you are coming from.

    Way to many people out there with little or no knowledge, and are not willing to take the time to learn, that are trying to make a fast buck. They ask you a bunch of questions and 5 months later, after they’ve made .36 on adsense, there gone leaving behind a blog filled with nothing but ads and crap content.

    I think all plugins should come with a 10 day trail and after that, you have to pay for it. That would greatly limit the amount of people out there who are just doing this to make a fast buck.

    Anyway, Enough of my ranting…

    Good Luck and Thanks for the plug in!

  7. Ah yes, the Help Vampires. The wordpress forums are filled with them too. Sorry to hear that you’re getting overwhelmed.

    My personal recommendation is to just ignore the stupid questions and only work on the bug/feature requests that interest or excite you and fit within your view of the scope of the project.

    I can easily see people pushing you to end up writing a free version of Constant Contact for WordPress. Unless that’s your goal, resist the urge. If they’re so smart that they think you can “just add this little feature”, then that’s what GPL is about. They can add it for themselves.

    Good luck with your endeavors and thanks for S2 so far.

  8. How about a small wiki to document the features & FAQs (open enough to delegate the work to other users), then each section of the S2 UI sports a prominent link to the relevant wiki section – and a prominent link to ‘help support the author’ too!

    Once established, auto-delete support requests from blog posts that have an established answer in the wiki!

  9. I completely understand your frustrations and since starting to install and work with more wp sites we have actually started adding the cost of a donation to plugin authors to our design prices.

    We actually are in the final stages of installing your plugin on our own site to replace feedburner. You will definitely be recieving a donation for that install as well.

    Anyway, one idea, is to maybe add a paypal link on the sub2 options page or even the sidebar to this site to make it even easier for people to donate. It’s also a constant reminder for those who are just procrastinators and keep thinking they’ll “do it later”.

    It’s just a thought and hopefully you won’t get so frustrated you completely give up.

  10. I know this isn’t the right topic but all the other ones seemed to be closed and I have an important piece of info I found when debugging the “email out” issue with subscribe2.

    I’m still working on a resolution with the webhost provider ( but my issue was that during my testing stage I setup ‘forwarding’ email addresses to my own email address for test subscribers. This way I could count to make sure that they were all emailed which they weren’t.

    Well the issue seems to be in the ‘forwarding’. I made the email addresses all pop3 emails instead for the test subscribers and then I started getting all the emails properly.

    Duplicating this with Outlook, it works fine with the forwarders but not thru wordpress, subscribe2 and my webhost provider. I have them currently looking into the issue further.

    Hope this helps.

    • Just to follow up, the main server was recognizing that the forwarders were pointing to the same email address.

      Basically it wasn’t allowing duplicate email addresses to be part of the email which is actually a good thing for the subscriber and a bad thing for the way I was testing everything.

      Take Care.

  11. I have to tell you how incredibly THANKFUL I am for your plugin, and for anyone who develops such useful add-ons. I do not have the aptitude, nor time to write so much code – I’m a code-tweaker, not code-writer – and I could not do what I do without such hard work from great people like you.

    It’s totally ironic that people are asking for tech-support on this specific post; and verifies your frustration. I’d take the advice of a couple others here, and help those who help themselves. Don’t waste your energy on someone who isn’t going to put forth a little of their own effort.

    As a code-tweaker, if I can not find the solution myself in the read-me file, or by searching the WP forums, I’ll roll-up my sleeves and try to to fix it myself. I don’t get things handed to me, but I usually find the solution, and learn little more code in the process. In fact, developers like you are actually doing me a favor at times by letting me learn it the hard way. That’s not to say I don’t REALLY appreciate it when good questions are answered in the WP Forum by the developer himself. The WP Forum is my main support, and it’s usually the answer to someone else’s question that does it for me.

    So thanks, and take it easy; don’t forget to stop and smell — well, just enjoy yourself.

  12. I’d be glad to pay for support to get this thing running on my site. Once I get it to run correctly I’d be willing to pay for development of extra features, too. Right now all I can manage it to send is the Previews but for some reason it fails to send the regular post notifications… all of them. How about $20 per hour? All you would need is a tracker and a paypal account.

    • Stefano Maffulli,

      Subscribe2 is simply a PHP script – and it works for my on my hosted server. If it doesn’t work for you then you need to ask your hosting provider. They are likely implementing email restrictions and that is why it isn’t working. You could pay me all the money in the world but I can’t get it to work on a restricted server!

  13. How about implementing a Forum so that users and developers could chat more easily?

    You can see a very nice forum at Shopperpress, a plugin + theme for e-commerce wordpress sites. This is the URL:

    I enjoyed participating in the Forum as it made me learn much more than through comments.

    The plugin qTranslate also work with forums for development and support. Check them out. This could be a sollution to your actual headaches.

    • Luciano,

      The only draw back with your suggestion is that I can’t control this domain as it is a account and I don’t want to have to buy my own domain for Subscribe2 and add another domain to the list that I upkeep. I’m looking for less work not more with immediate affect rather than having to invest time now to save in the future.

  14. Hi,

    I know exactly how you feel regarding the issues of how you continue to support, and maybe extend this plugin.

    I suggest that you step back, even take a couple of weeks without coming near this site, and think about the most important thing – YOU.

    You need to be clear about your purpose in life, then your personal goals. Only that will allow you to put the plugin issues into context.

    I know that this might seem like a step backwards, but the only way you can make proper decisions about the best way forward is to know what you want to achieve. You do not owe anything to any users, but you owe it to yourself to turn this into an opportunity for your own fulfillment. This does not need to be monetary, which is why I suggest establishing your life goals before you consider what to do for the plugin.

    Personally, I went for a little adsense advertising income to cover server costs and a little pocket money to cover my time. This works out a fraction of minimum wage, but I enjoy it, so that is a massive bonus.

    If you do decide to continue, you will almost certainly need your own domain and self-hosted WordPress. I would be more than happy to let you share my server for nothing until you get established. Another option is that I can set up a support forum for you and you can either run it for nothing, or put your own adsense on it. Anything else I can do, just ask.

    Don’t rush the decision. Plan your life, then this plugin. Email me if you need to.

  15. Hi Admin,

    First of all, your plugin is defenetively the only one is doing what we need (well we haven’t not yet fixed the fact that we would like, send one mail a day with all posts days but we must check again the readme) once it will work we’ll give you a donation.

    I’m a guy thinking : Its now a couple of time (months, years..) i sue this tool so let’s buy it (unless the price is correct of course).

    Waiting that time like Keith, we can OFFER you a webspace on our hosting. What we can offer you is a webhosting with WP installed and PHPBB or PunBB forum. If you buy a domain name (by us or buy your own) we’ll do the forward to the… For details, our account is on

    Like Keith, think it at calm, but the WP give is a full access one with all ads you want integrate !!!

    Sometimes it easier to people to click on Google ads to “give you money” than send money as well.

    You have my email if needed.

  16. It seems pretty obvious to me that you need to create a support WordPress plugin that meets your needs. Possibly a simplified forum/customer ticketing wordpress plugin that you can incorporate realtime credit card transactions and recurring billing.

    When you’ve created that app you can use it to support and create a premium billing channel for customers… Offer a direct non-published number and IRC Channel.. all that.

    And then you should charge for the Support plugin. You know that the other plugin developers can realize its potential and I think you will get paid.

    Good idea?

  17. Speaking as one who made a donation to the developer for the combination of functionality I can understand his frustration with some of the ingrates who have posed here. Couple of thoughts. The Wiki, Forum ideas mooted above are a good idea.

    The next model is is to offer a free plugin but a Support Package subscription for say, 3 support questions per annum. The users will thereby be incentivised to use the self-help tools first. There would be an initial overhead on doing a more detailed write up but then that should lessen over time. With the forum idea then you could nominate “Power Users” to answer questions so that the honourable Admin only gets involved if a question goes unanswered for say a week?

    Any way I’m very grateful, so thanks.

  18. SarahW,

    The idea is more than nice regarding the forum section.

    for Admin: If you want with phpBB it exist a Google Ads plugin that insert a “post addGoogle” so users could also click on this add, it will give you a little money more.

    Give me a feedback and I lauch it this Weekend, it will take 10 minutes.

    • Enzo619,

      While the idea of a forum or wiki doesn’t sound such a bad idea I’m left wondering a few things. Like who would populate the thing with the FAQs, who would respond to new topics and who would resolve those same new topics. I’m left thinking that it would be mainly me again.

      There is already the possibility of using the WordPress forum to raise plugin questions and almost inevitably they go unanswered until they are answered my me (if they are related to Subscribe2).

      • Admin,

        Maybe yes, maybe not. Ofcourse a forum must be mainain that’s true by the admin itself, but main parts, users or moderators works on too.

        to give you an example, we have launch a couple of year a forum on the Belgium ADSL. Now the forum works by it self and the members regulate it too with tips and tricks.

        What could be done is a multi section regarding updates, suggesttions, and bugs…

        There some users will gave the solutions sometimes to the others such as : “I can’t receive mail on my box and box of my subscribers…” Answer : “It seems it’s a problem with the provider “Free” wich block it.

        And if no one answer after a couple of days, you can answered like “Saraw” said.

        • Enzo619,

          I’m more inclined to think yes – look at this site – been up for almost 3 years if you look back to the earliest post and has had almost half a million visitors if you look at the blog stats on the front page left sidebar. Subscribe2 has been download via over 170,000 times (okay some of those are just updates).

          Despite all of that there still isn’t really a community answering questions about Subscribe2. I’m forever grateful to Anmari, Andy, Ravan Ben and Paul. They have contributed code, answered questions and written documentation. But still the questions come and still I tend to be the provider of the answer.

          BUT, I’m not saying ‘no’ yet. I really need to think this through a lot more.

  19. Maybe it’s the case because its not so “organised” as well as a forum. Ok there is the search tool but for using forum for years, i must be honest that the system is not the same as well. But it’s like you want, in the mean time, like i said before with some google Ads…its more easier for people to click on banners than giving you money (bastard mentality but.. economy). I already seen on some sites, that they put a “you must click on the 3 banners” and the link for downloading file is on a refresh page, ok ok not so fun but…

  20. Hi Admin, I could not find another place to communicate with you. I have an update for portuguese translations. Please, contact me at luis.dillon -at-

  21. Hi all !
    First of all Thanks a lot for this plugin It’s very usefull ))

    But unfortulately I have problem with it in IE. The point is that Plugin Subscribe2 works correctly in all browsers except IE.
    As I noticed sent data from form isn’t processed in IE because if I inputed incorrect email I didnt see anything (no message like “Sorry, but that does not look like an email address to me.”)

    I show subscriber form at header of site with help of next code:
    global $mysubscribe2;
    echo "”;
    echo $mysubscribe2->filter(‘‘);
    echo “”;

    How can I fix this problem in IE ?

    Thanks a lot for reply in advance ))

    • Pascal,

      I was asked a long time ago about implementing the form outside the token or widget which is why I published the code to allow people to add the form wherever they like.

      However, as you’ll note from that same post – I did say that I would not support such implementations. I cannot possibly know how each person has implemented the form or whether it is done correctly so my only advice is to carefully read the above post and make sure you have the code correct.

      • Thanks a lot for your answer. Really It helped me.
        After I read your comments I tried to fix it by means of correction script and checking of $_POST data.
        I resolved problem with sending in IE. if it works in FF, SAFARI and doesnt work in IE It’s logical that problem with browser only.

        The point is that I changed type submit button from “submit” to “image”. As a result $_POST[‘subscribe’] variable which is related to transfer into subscriber script as empty in IE. It’s IE bug. In order to fix it everyone needs to add addtitonal to form. After it being added It works correctly.

        • In my previous reply some piece of code isnt shown because it’s HTML code. And Probably They were taken out in accordanse of securety.
          I added some words to prev comments. If you use submin button in form as IMAGE then IE will transfer this variable as empty. For fixing toy need add to INPTUT with type as hidden and name as submit buttom. It’s inly if you want to change type submit button from SUBMIT to IMAGE

  22. Hi there, i love your plugin and have been using it for 2 months now. i have other sites that I have collected emails through and added over 90 000 emails within tools and then subscribers. Once i added an other 27 000 emails, i now get a blank page when i go to tools and then subscribers. Doesn’t your plugin support more then 100 000 emails ? Can someone please help me out. i have tried disabling and then activating the plugin again but still blank page.

    Please help


    • make100dollarstoday,

      The plugin supports a limitless number of emails. The issue you are running into is the time taken to process these on the server. I suspect your hosting package has a script execution time limit that is being exceeded due to the large number of emails involved.

      You either needed a faster server or a longer script execution time. (Or perhaps a dedication mail list solution for that number of emails)

      • A suggestion (maybe one that has been considered):

        In an ealier version of my website in WP 1.2, I built my own email notification script. I had similar issues with the script timeout. I didn’t want to set a very high script timeout value site wide, however. What I did was at the beginning of the delivery script, counted the total number of recipients and then set a timeout for that script based on the number recipients * some per recipient time value, like 15 seconds. I had to play with the times to get a number that would allow the script to compltet.

        This ensured that the script had enough to process all the messages without setting a high value that would let any script spin out of control for too long.

  23. What is the limit ? 2000 ? Please tell me and please also tell me how I can delete a mass email list from your plugin since i cannot get to this page anymore.


  24. Let’s start with the most important thing. Thanx for making this plugin available for WP-users. I totally understand the hassle it brings giving support for something that is freely usable (or anyway, I try to understand and I probably couldn’t handle it).

    But anyway. I’m using Linux myself and see many times that people do not want to invest in finding the answer on the Internet. A friend of mine has a problem with her pc and addresses her questions to me (though I don’t have a clue what she has done just before that).

    So, I do understand if you’re thinking of getting paid for support, especially if big companies are using it (and it is a plug-in usable for that purpose). I wouldn’t like it myself, but that’s my problem. πŸ˜‰

    Though this plug-in seems like it’s just what I was looking for (my readers aren’t all that handy with Internet, RSS etc), at this moment I won’t be able to pay any amount. It’s just a hobby and no commercial site. But I’ll promise that, as soon as it is, I’d like to contribute something.

    As in my own experience, I do know how important it is to find time for family, friends, work and yourself. The rest of the world is just less important. So I wish you wisdom finding out how to handle this and all the best.


  25. Hey,

    I read your post. But I don’t know which person I should aks. I searched in the FAY and with your search:
    I want to notify my readers about new comments. Only if they want.
    Is such an option in subsrcibe2 possible? I don’t mean “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” They should get notify for ALL follow-up comments via email.

    Best Regards, (and thanks for this great Plug-In!)

  26. Hi Matt –

    Great, great plug-in, just what my customer was looking for. And thanks for the development and the time you have put in.

    I’ve searched your blog and the internet but can’t find the answer to my issue. I just want to rename the title of the plug-in in my right sidebar. Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.


    • Greg,

      You can edit the title over the Widget at Appearance->Widgets.

      Also, I don’t suppose that since you are working for a customer (and I’m presuming a paying one so forgive me if I wrong) that you built in a donation for my plugin to the fee you are charging – that would be a nice touch to support free software.

  27. Charge for support. Charge $20 per question. Dumb questions get charged the same as interesting ones. And if your reply is limited to “The answer is in the FAQ”, that’s still $20.

    I’ve got a stupid question and I’d pay $20.

  28. You’ve made a great product. I say if you’re totally up in the air about the situation, monetize it somehow.

    Micropayment – 20 bucks might be rare, but it’s worth a shot. Or a small up front fee perhaps.

    Recoup your time spent answering questions that are answered in the documentation- by taking yourself (and family if it applies), on a nice vacation away from your monitor.

  29. It’s a smashing plugin and many people rely on it. I think I agree with Rob about testing a small up front fee. Or have a tiered charge – with and without support.

    On that note – I’m trying to use your plugin for a client and need a solution for organising sub-categories in the manage profile page… I’d be happy to pay for your advice… if you have time – I could email you the details.

    Thanks again.

  30. I think you should provide fee based support and get a good return on your investment.

    I believe in the idea of open source being free as in free speech, not free ride. I would continue to provide the software for free, but charge for your time and knowledge to help people use it.

    This plugin is popular, field-tested and proven. The code is open, the FAQs and readme’s are readily available. If someone has a problem, they can spend some time doing research and figuring it out on their own.

    If they aren’t capable of resolving their problem, or prefer not to spend their own time figuring it out and would prefer to turn to you, then you should be able to get reimbursed well for your time and value.

    I would not set the support fee low. Just the opposite – I’d set it high, $75-$150 an hour with a one hour minimum.

    I think if you continue to offer your plug-in for free, it will continue to be popular. If you provide a support fee that is too low, you won’t solve your own problem. Setting the fee high will give users greater incentive to figure it out on their own before turning to you for support.

    If someone is willing to pay you for a solution that is readily available in the FAQs or readmes, but which you can provide them off the top of your head in one minute, then your margin will be very high.

    If someone has a specific feature request and it is applicable to a broad set of users, charge that person for the time to build the feature. If it’s important to them, they’ll pay, and they’ll be participating in the support of open source.

    • I totally agree with you. And the developer of S2 could possibly find someone he knew who could field much of the questions as an adjunct to that persons web design business, etc. and pay them to do this based on the income generated from the fees generated (maybe a % of the fees they would receive and the developer would receive the balance), adding extra income for to the web designer/coder who fielded the majority of the questions. Since this would only be a supplement to their primary business, if there were only a few questions/week or month, it wouldn’t be a big deal for anyone. Such a model could be potentially scaled up as needed and based upon the demand for support. Just an idea.

  31. Hi Matt,

    It is clear that you still have enthusiasm for this plug-in otherwise you’d have either disabled commenting or simply ceased development by now. But it is also obvious that you feel somewhat disenchanted by the incessant stream of help requests. While not a software developer, I do provide online support through a couple of fora and I know how frustrating it is to keep having the same queries come up repetitively from people who can’t (be bothered to) read FAQs or do a simple search.

    I hope you will continue to subscribe (pardon the pun!) to the concept of OS and provide the software under GPL. However, I would advocate charging for support. The easiest way to do this would be through PayPal as you already have that set-up and would be so much simpler than setting up a dedicated billing service. As for cost – that’s obviously your call. I’d charge a fixed amount for simple queries and an hourly rate for anything that requires more than a cursory response.

    Since most commenters just ask the same questions as have cropped up before, if they didn’t want to pay, you could always direct them to search back through the previous post and comments as a self-help manoeuvre.

    To close, I’ll add to the above Thank Yous. I’ve been using S2 for about 3 years now as it compensates for a prominent hole in the WP feature-set making it a must-have plugin.


  32. hi – I just donated, and I will probably donate some more because I use the S2 on a variety of websites that I host. I have a technical question – that I hope you can help me with. I have another admin on my site and he accidentally deleted Subscribe2 and he meant to deactivate the stats of Subscribe2 and not Subscribe2 itself… I had to reinstall Subscribe 2 – and all my subscribers are gone! We had 100 subscribers to the site (a band website) and now the list of users are only 8! Is my information of subscribers really gone or hidden somewhere that I just need to find the info in the database?

    Once again – I love S2 and will help donate to the cause for future enhancements and support.

    Thanks –

    • Susan,

      If you other admin choose Uninstall instead on Inactivate then your list of subscribers is gone forever (unless you had a backup). The 8 Subscribers will be WordPress registered users. the 100 or so other Subscribers were likely to have been Confirmed Public Subscribers whose details were in a different table that was emptied and deleted as part of the Uninstall.

      Can I recommend this excellent backup plugin that has saved me a few times.

  33. I’d have loved to donate right here if you had a donation button or tip jar, and I don’t even have your plugin (yet!)

    • GirlPie,

      There is a Donate page at the top of this screen with a link direct through to PayPal. There is also a donation link with each post announcing a new release.

  34. First of all, I want to say thank you, because this is a great plugin.

    About your post, I’m not sure of what would I do, but I suppose that the “FAQ” and “Read me” sections will be more and more complete as time goes by.. and then you could redirect questions more easily. But the fact is that certain functions that some users require as “help”, they are rated higher in “customizations”, and I guess this gives you the reason for charge for every customization.

    I will like to ask you something that I haven’t found in the Read Me & FAQ: it’s possible to give control of the Subcribe2 plugin to other Roles, like Author, Editors, Contributors?

    Thank you one more time.

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