Subscribe2 4.18

Version 4.18 of the Plugin is now available for download.

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

Version 4.18 is for 2.6.x, 2.7.x and 2.8.x users. (Although it should work with WordPress 2.5 too!) This version has been tested on WordPress 2.8 and 2.8.2.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Option to sort digest posts in ascending or descending order
  • Check that plugin options array exists before calling upgrade functions
  • Improved reliability of the Preview function
  • Extended Preview function to digest emails
  • Fixed a code glitch that stopped CATS and TAGS from working
  • Fixed incorrect sender information is emails are set to come from Post Author
  • Simplified email notification format options in Users->Subscriptions for per-post notifications
  • Added Bulk Manage option to update email notification format
  • Simplified the usermeta database entries from two format variables down to one
  • Removed trailing spaces from some strings for improved i18n support
  • Improved Bulk Subscribe and Unsubscribe routines to avoid database artefacts
  • Moved Select/Deselect All check box to the top of the category list in admin pages
  • Fixed small layout glitch in Manage->Subscribers screen
  • Added ChangeLog section to ReadMe to support development

There are currently no known issues affecting this version ๐Ÿ˜€

To install correctly use the WordPress Auto Upgrade feature or:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin folder and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder is uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

208 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.18

  1. I just downloaded this, and I notice the number is 4.19, yet your notes only refer to 4.18. What’s going on here?

    • Lee,

      It’s 4.18 for me unless you are downloading the development version. That has been bumped to 4.19 as that is likely to be the next release version number.

      • Unfortunately I’ve already deleted the last copy I downloaded from WordPress so I can’t check if I was imagining things, but I’ve just downloaded again and it is indeed 4.18 now.

  2. I just upgraded and something that seems to have happened: it no longer “remembers” the “Send Digest Notification” time. I have it set to send emails “daily,” but no matter what hour I change that pulldown to, it always goes back to 12am.

    • James,

      You are right, the pulldown is reverting to 12am but the time is being scheduled correctly on my installs. I’ll fix this for the next version.

  3. Hi Matt,

    My weekly digest didnโ€™t go out today as it has been faithful with previous versions. I also installed at a second blog and that one did not send either.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks and cheers,


  4. Hi Matt,


    I switched the setting to hourly to see if I could get it to send the digest. It did and copied me as it always does. So I have reset it to weekly and will wait and see what happens next week.

    On a funny note, when it sent out the digest it gave it the Once Hourly – heading … sooo .. I posted a note at both sites letting people know that they will NOT be getting hourly e-mails from me! LOL .. Live and learn!


    • Gil,

      Try installing WP-Crontrol. It gives you the ability to run cron tasks on demand if they miss their scheduled time. The email subject for digest mails does contain a description of the frequency as you’ve found.

  5. I just activated this plugin but the Send Digest Notification got stuck at 12AM even though I am choosing Send Emails > Once Daily.

    According to this “This option will work for digest notification sent daily or less frequently”, Once Daily should work to set the time to another hour, right? I want to set it for Once Daily > 6 AM…

    Can anyone help please?

  6. I used the version 4.15 until yesterday when I had to deactivate the plug in. And after the plug in was deactivate my user list was still able to receive notification for some posts categories.

    Is that normal that the plug in keep sending notifications after being deactivate?


    • Romain,

      I can only imagine that this might happen if you had set up digest based emails. It should not happen for per-post notifications, even those schedule for future publication since the API hooks will not be active with the plugin deactivated.

  7. Hello,
    i use the latest version of this plugin. It’s very good and works fine. The only thing is that i want to disable the “Send Digest Notification” because i only want to sent e-mails manually every 15 days, but it only has “For each Post”,
    “Once Hourly”, “Twice Daily”, “Once Daily”, “Weekly” choices. So i do not know how to disable it.

    • Panagiotis,

      Subscribe2 is written in order to send out emails automatically but with some careful configuration you can get the result you are after.

      Leave the settings as per-post notification, exclude all categories from generating and email and ensure you un-check the box that allows registered users to subscribe to excluded categories. Finally make sure that the auto-subscribe function is disabled.

  8. hi there, thank you for the PlugIn and giving this to everyone for free. #kudos

    I am using most current version without functional problems or hassles. The funny thing that bothers me a little bit, is the PlugIn is sending “Plain Text – Excerpt only”.

    The Preview I can use for the Mail-Templates is sending all 3 possible kinds of mail without any problems.

    I am able to switch this to preferred HTML or “Pain Text – full” after opening “Tools => Subscribers”, but after confirming my changes it is back to “Plain Text – Excerpt only”.

    To be honest, I have no idea how to deal with it. Maybe you have.

    best regards ruediger

    • Ruediger,

      What do you mean “after confirming my changes it is back to โ€œPlain Text โ€“ Excerpt onlyโ€.” Where is it reverting? The Plain Text – Excerpt Only setting is the default setting in the Tools menu, it does not indicate any current users setting. Have you checked you personal setting at Users->Subscriptions?

      • thank your for your reply.

        Japp, “Users => Subscriptions” is already HTML. I was checking that default setting for new subscriber is HTML as well. Then I tried to make changes for existing users (like i described), but whatever I am doing, I am receiving “Plain Text โ€“ Excerpt” on several Accounts, even on a Web-based E-Mail. I would say, it’s my server, but don’t ask me why and how. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Where is this in wp-options table exactly listed? Maybe I should try to change this here. Good idea?

        • Ruediger,

          Changing to HTML format will only apply to Registered subscribers. The settings are held in the usermeta table and I’d advise against editing the table directly unless you know exactly what you are doing.

          Are you certain that ALL of the email address where you are getting the plain text emails are those Registered Users and not Public Subscribers?

          • Japp, changing to HTML will apply to already registered Users.

            I was testing with one Public-Subscriber, and a registered one. None of them got a HTML, although I was changing the settings.

            usermeta table is already listing HTML. Well, as I said my server is driving me nutz. I will fiddle around a bit more, maybe I find something or I will learn to accept as it is. The PlugIn is great, aynway. Thanks again. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ruediger,

            If the registered user was also your Sender address (i.e. the admin or author) from whom the email notification should come then you will get 3 emails to that address. The way the plugin works is explained in greater detail in the ReadMe – reviewing that may help you resolve your problems.

          • Japp right, obviously I did read the ReadMe for install hints only. Sorry for unnecessary threading. But why HTML-Mails are not possible to receive for public subscribers as well? Don’t get me wrong, actually I prefer plain text anyway, but for the purpose I would like to use subscribers2, HTML for all would be more perfect. Because the Plain-Text version is loosing format and pics.

          • Reudiger,

            HTML email is highly dependent upon the email client used to read the email and therefore pretty unreliable. Think about the issues with browser compliance with HTML standards and multiply that by at least 100!

            All that said, if you really want HTLM emails for your public subscribers there is a paid upgrade. $40 will get you the code and updates for a year.

          • Hi,

            Great plugin but I too have the same issue with 4.18 where I can not alter the emails to full text and the emails keep defaulting to excerpt. I went to the Tools > Subscribers and then changed the ‘bulk update format’ to ‘Plain Text – Full’ then clicked the ‘bulk update format’ button.

            All subscribers are public subscribers and only the admin email is a registered subscriber.

            Any ideas how full text emails can be sent to public subscribers?


          • SawubonAfrica,

            The bulk change features only apply to Registered Subscribers which is why you can’t get it to apply to Public Subscribers. If you want to send HTML to these users you need to pay for the upgrade ($40).

  9. Hi,
    I’ve translated this version (4.18) into Italian. I look at your repository and the newset translation is the 2.9… a little old.

    If you desider, I can send you the .mo and .po file for your website.


    • Renรฉ,

      Perhaps some confusion about the version numbers. Version 2.4.18 is translation file set for the current. If you believe your files offer an advantage let me know and I can share them for you.

  10. Hi,

    I had a serious mail from my ISP ( that my domain was used by spammers… So we looked into this… and found the account in question subscribed via this plugin… somehow the spammer exploited an hole and got access to sending a huge pile of mails out!!

    I have banned the domain in question in the plugin…
    But before I delete the plugin… I would like to hear if it really is possible? and is there anything else I can do to blok this security issue?

    Have a good day


    • Peter,

      Subscribe2 allows for public subscribers and registered subscribers. The latter actually register through WordPress and Subscribe2 adds information to the user account.

      Unless you, or your hosting provider, can point more specifically at a security hole in Subscribe2 that allowed access to your domain for the purposes of spamming I’d have to say I don’t think it is possible. What version of WordPress and Subscribe2 were you using? Latest is always best as it ensures security holes are patched.

      • Hi,

        I always update my plugins! So I use the latest…
        I doubt that my ISP can / will supply the “hole” ๐Ÿ™‚
        But I wil send them this link to here and they ( can take over from here!!

        Personlly I like your plugin (but it conflicts with Registre Plus by Skullbit) — So yours stayed ON and Skullbit bit the byte!


  11. I see and fully agree to your position. But $40 is way to much for my private purpose, please understand. If I will use your PlugIn, you can expect a small donation for your work. Fair play is not a phrase for me.

  12. Hello! I love this plugin for WordPress and found it very easy to install and set up. I am having one issue I hope you can help with – I am only give one drop-down option for “Send Emails From” and that is “Post Author”. I’d much rather the email digests come from the site admin since I have several guest authors and it will get confusing for subscribers. I have just installed version 4.18 on WordPress version 2.8.1. Do I need to tweak the plugin code somewhere? Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks!

    • Jessica,

      I’ve encountered this before. Basically, in your WordPress usermeta table you’ll find that all of your Administrator level users have a table value for wp_user_level of less than 10 (in fact with the latest code less than 7). I think this may have come from a previous install of WordPress not setting the table values correctly or perhaps a plugin messing them up.

      Administrator level users should have this set as 10, if you change this in your table using PHPMyAdmin to 10 you’ll be able to send from admin.

      • Thank you – and I hate to be like this, but….I’m pretty new to WordPress. I get what you’re saying, but don’t know where to start. Where do I find the table in order to edit it?

        • Jessica,

          As I said above you need to use something like PHPMyAdmin. If you really don’t have a clue where to start get someone to do it for you (like your hosting provider), pay someone or do lots and lots of reading first and make sure you have a database backup.

  13. Is there anyway you can add some kind of throttle to when we send mass emails to our members? Some hosts have a limit of emails per hour and if the limit is say 500 and you send 1000 emails it will only send 500 out.

    • Joe,

      In my opinion, this is best handled by a server side application. Adding that functionality to WordPress would be best done by a separate plugin rather than adding it into Subscribe2 and I already spend more than enough of my free time support Subscribe2 ๐Ÿ™‚ Another option would be to use PEAR libraries and your existing database tables to store the mail.

      The reason that I go for the first option is you could run into all kinds of issues with a PHP solution due to script run times and resource limitations. The reason hosts implement choking is to restrict bandwidth and keep prices down for consumers. They always implement this in more than one way – so basically you are trying to circumvent the limitations of cheap hosting – you will struggle to find a solution that works and remains working by using PHP.

      So, in brief answer to your question, it is possible but I won’t be doing it.

  14. Hello.
    The plugin leaves the “sent from” field empty when sending digest notifications. This had happened in the past but was fixed in a version. Issue seems to be back again.

    • Richard,

      It isn’t doing this on my test site. Are you sending from the Post Author or an Admin level user? Are you using additional mail plugins?

      • Sending from an Admin level (since posts are by Admin). No other mail plugin installed. Other plugins using mail but working ok: Comment Reply Notification, Cforms, WordPress Database Backup.

        Hope this helps.

        • Richard,

          Just to double check – I was asking about who you have set as sender in Settings->Subscribe2. Have you picked a named user in the drop down list that is an administrator level user or does it say ‘Post Author’.

          • Richard,

            Okay,that’s explained what is happening. Some installs of WordPress have administrator level users based on ‘capabilities’ but not on ‘user_level’. You should have some admin accounts in that drop down and the fact that you don’t means your user_level settings are not as they should be.

            You need to correct these using PHPMyAdmin as explained here.

          • Richard,

            The ‘wp’ is the table prefix for your WordPress install so the setting should be there but might be under a different prefix name.

          • Just checked again and the wp_use_level is nowhere to be found. I have seen some wp_capabilities though. My guess is I’m using some other plugin that is doing its own job in managing the table. Might be my registration plugin. I’m not ready to mess up too much with my database since everything was doing fine until I upgraded to Subscribe2 last version. I did not do any other recent plugin update.

          • Richard,

            If you read my las comment again you’ll see that IF you are using a different WordPress table prefix, something other than wp_ (say mytab_ for example) then the meta key name will change to reflect this from wp_user_level to mytab_user_level. If you have nothing at all in there then you must be using a plugin that is changing the database contents (and not for the better in my opinion).

          • The prefix of my installation is still wp. Well maybe some other plugin is messing up my table but I have no sure way of knowing.

  15. It would be helpful to be able to define the size and content of the text that is in the email field before a user inputs their information. I have the left sidebar set to be relatively narrow and the email field spills outside the sidebar – which obviously looks bad.


    • Dave James,

      You can define a class for the widget in Appearance->Widgets for the Subscribe2 widget and then sort your text size etc. out with CSS in your theme code.

  16. Hi,

    Thanks for the great plugin.
    I was just wondering if it would be possible to convert the subscribe option to a check box (and then add that to an existing contact form)?

    • Phil,

      The plugin has implemented in this way before but due to demand was change to it’s current function. Because of the way the form variable are handled it is not easy to implement 2 different forms in one version of the plugin.

      • Ok, thanks for your reply. Just thought it might be possible to add, as it is on the ‘register’ page.

  17. Hi. Is there a code tag for placing the date Ec. [DATE] into the subject line? When sending daily digests is always a good idea to send subject lines that are different in nature, to avoid being marked as SPAM by email providers, as the email will always look different.

    Will appreciate it if anyone can help.


    • Miguel,

      Not available in the current version. You can hack it yourself though easily enough. In subscribe2.php look for the following line:
      $subject = "[" . stripslashes(get_option('blogname')) . "] " . $display . " " . __('Digest Email', 'subscribe2');
      And try changing it to:
      $subject = "[" . stripslashes(get_option('blogname')) . "] " . $display . " " . __('Digest Email', 'subscribe2') . " " . $now;

      • thanks! will try that later today. once that done it does what? it adds the date automatically into the subject line or do i need to add a tag of some sort into the newsletter template to make it work?

          • Thanks for the tip. it worked but I am concerned that it overrides the subject line that I want to use… with “Once Daily Digest Email 2009-08-07 07:00:02โ€.” This is fixed right? I cannot change it.

            Also, there are a few things I think are problems with the code or perhaps CRON.

            At the beginning of the blast it shows this:

            And at the end it shows this:

            – Error

            What could it be?

          • Miguel,

            The Digest email line is static rather than taken from the settings page. Amend that same line of code to get what you want.

            Your ‘error’ messages don’t appear to have come through correctly on the comments either. does not like angle brackets. Either take a screen shot and link to is or take care with the text you enter.

  18. Hi,
    I just have a very big problem with this plugin. I had a WP-blog that I cancelled (nothing anymore on the server) but your plugin is still functioning with sending email all around the world. Can you explain how this his possible?
    It’s really annoying for me and to the former subscribers!
    Thanks a lot for your response and solution!

    • Sparanoid,

      Thanks for sharing your efforts but your linked file is not a valid gettext mo file. I’d love to add a Chinese translation if you can provide a new link or correct the file.

  19. Is there a way to be able to see the subscriber’s list when you’re not an admin? I made a website/blog for my in-laws and they wanted ppl to be able to subscribe to it (btw, thanks for the plugin!)
    I only gave them author privileges bc I don’t want them to mess with the settings and/or pages… they’re only allowed to make posts. Then want to go and check who’s subscribed to their blog, is there a way of doing this without making them admins?


  20. I am running WordPress 2.8.3 and have installed/configured Subscribe2 4.18. I am running this on a Debian Lenny server running Apache. I have installed libphp-phpmailer and restarted Apache.

    I have full control over the server so please let me know what I might need to do to get this working. I am testing by going to Posts -> Mail subscribers and putting in an Email address and test message but it is not delivered.

      • I tried that test plugin as well and when I went to my site I did not get an Email either. So your plugin does not rely on SMTP correct, it uses PHP to mail it? If so do you know what dependencies a server would need or what kind of mis-configuration would cause it to not send out?

        I tried another subscribe plugin before yours and was also not getting Email so I suspect you are correct that I have something either misconfigured or not installed.

        • Relegated,

          My plugin uses PHP which in turn uses the PHP mail() function which is normally configured to use sendmail on the server. As I said before, I pay a hosting company for my site, they set up the server and configure it so I really have no idea. You might need to rebuild PHP with sendmail or install sendmail or similar but I really would not have a clue in telling you where to start.

  21. I am still testing S2 and I found something peculiar… I am receiving the digest (once a day) duplicated… getting the same message twice… what do you recommend?

    • Miguel,

      Is this happening every time? (or just once so far) Is it to the same email address? Are you seeing this at the ‘sender address’ and is it also subscribed to receive notifications on the site?

      • This is the 3rd time it happens since I added that specific email to the list… i have nobody else… i deleted the account and added it again to see if it gets fixed…

        • Miguel,

          Adding and removing the account is unlikely to change anything. Your better option is to remove the account and then subscribe again using a different email address.

          • You are correct but I am also receiving dupes in the new acct as well. I am adding accounts through WP and I have Subscribe2 catching those automatically. Could it be a problem in the cron? a server problem?

          • Miguel,

            Get yourself a copy of the WP_Crontrol plugin and make sure you only have the cron event scheduled once. Other than that it could be cron or server issue. Best checking that with your hosting provider.

  22. is there a way to customize the email that subscribers receives, i mean with some html, css, to personalize the look of mails that my subscribers receives?

    • Cazutdincer,

      You can customise the text in Settings->Subscribe2 but to add HTML and CSS to the emails for all users you need to pay for the upgrade ($40).

  23. I changed my /etc/php/apache2/php.ini so it has sendmail_path = /usr/bin/sendmail -t -i

    When I do a test message now I get the following error

    Message failed! Check your settings and check with your hosting provider

    Could not instantiate mail function.

    I have full control over this sever so please let me know what configuration changes I need to make to get this working.

  24. ah ok… so i guess by removing Digest Email and subscribe2?

    $subject = “[” . stripslashes(get_option(‘blogname’)) . “] ” . $display . ” ” . __(‘Digest Email’, ‘subscribe2’) . ” ” . $now;

    The errors I am mentioning are exactly what they show in my original post. The emails are being sent with two single quotes at the beginning and at the end it says (dash) error.

    will check the plug in… thanks!!!

    • hi. WP-Control shows that the subscribe2 cron is set correctly:

      s2_digest_cron [] 08/09/09 07:00:00 (23 hours 42 minutes) 86400 (1 day)

  25. hello… i just noticed that the code of your plugin adds excessive and unnecessary breaks into the emails that are sent in HTML, even within table tags… actually, in each and every line of code… what is the purpose of this? I only ask because emails sent in this way are useless….

    this is an example of the source of an email sent using html. the breaks were added after the email was sent:

    • Miguel,

      That code looks nothing mike anything I’ve ever seen the plugin send. Are you send html as a per-post or a digest notification? Does the same happen if you use another WordPress theme and have you compared that code with what is actually in your WordPress database table.

      Finally, email clients are even less compliant than browsers when it comes to web standards, have you tried another client?

      PS. Remember this is free software, you haven’t paid for it and telling me it’s ‘useless’ doesn’t make me want to help you.

      • right now i am testing per post and my code is a simple clean html table that is being disrupted by the code i am telling about.

        • Miguel,

          I’m guessing you mean you have some table code in the template – with line breaks in the text – which will be converted to HTML line breaks in the code. This has to happen as carriage return line breaks are not recognised by HTML so to fix your issue I’ll break the plugin for everyone else.

          Sorry, but your issue won’t fix.

          • OK. Now I def want say that your code is TOTALLY useless to me. thanks but no thanks…

          • Miguel,

            I don’t believe I ever forced you to use the plugin nor does the licence of the software claim that you will find it useful. Thanks for your comments though…

          • nope, thank god you didn’t force me to pay for the plugin if that’s what you mean…

          • not looking to pursue spending more time with this plugin… it’s been D&D… I’m back using phplist and they are already developing a nice integration plugin with WP.

  26. Hello,
    Subscribe2 was working fine on two blogs on the same host, different domains. I am not sure who is the cause, but with the current version of WP and S2, notifications no longer go out and when I change the time from 12a to 8a, settings are saved it said but it reverts back to 12a.

    Thanks you so much for a wonderful plugin,
    Eric Vogel

    • Eric,

      The time setting in the drop down is a know issue and is fixed in trunk for the next release. You notifications may be down to cron in WordPress core. Get the WP-Crontrol plugin and check your settings – this plugin also allows you to manually execute the tasks.

    • Cezille,

      I run Subscribe2 version 4.18 on WordPress 2.8.4 without problems. It should therefore be okay for you too but as this is free software there are no guarantees.

  27. Hi,

    I’m trying to install subscribe2 on a fresh installation of wordpress version 2.8.3. but get an error 500. I’m new to wp and havn’t got an idea what could be wrong.

    Perhaps I should mention that there’s no problem in installing the Subscribe2 Counter Widget, that works – but Subscribe2 fails and shows an internal server error. Another info you could possibly need is that I’ve modified the wp-config file to allow one installation for multiple sites meaning that the database table prefix is set depending on the domain (instead of using “wp_”).

    Any help would very much be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    • wpnb,

      Error 500 on a server is very non-specific and just tells you there is something wrong. It could be bad code, restrictions, ram or cpu cycle limits. Best contacting your hosting provider to review the error logs – they will give more detail.

      • Hi,

        thanks for your answer. I’m going to ask my hoster about the logs.

        By the way I noticed my description wasn’t exact. The problem is not the installation but the activation of the subscribe2 plugin.

        • Hi,

          I went on searching for a solution and found out that the wrong php version was running. After I switched to php5 the plugin could easily be activated.


  28. Hi Admin,

    I have the 4.18 subscribe2 version and I’ve just upgraded my WordPress platform from 2.7 to 2.8.4. Unfortunately, after a terrible night (the upgrade), I’ve just discovered that the activation of subscribe2 makes my WordPress crash. Each time I try to activate it.

    Do you have an idea of how I can get the subscribe2 plugin back ?

    • JFoulquier,

      Does this happen when you have no other plugins active and try activating Subscribe2? Do you get any errors reported? Have you asked your hosting provider to investigate?

      • Yes, it happens when I have absolutely no other plugin activated and when I activate subscribe2.

        I have an error log from Apache, which says :
        “Premature end of script headers: index.php”

        My hosting won’t investigate on this, he says that’s because of the plugin, or whatever that’s not in their perimeter :-/

        • I forgot to notice, but two other things :
          – I’ve used subscribe2 for a while now (I’m the guy who translated the 4.16 in french if you remember), so it’s not an installation and the tables in the databases already exists.
          – When I try to activate subscribe2 on the back, I get a page which reloads indefinitely. It causes the site crash and the hosting provider to stop totally my site because I use too much CPU.

          • JFoulquier,

            It sounds increasingly like you are a hosting plan that limits RAM and CPU cycles per account. When you update Subscribe2 it runs an upgrade function that cycles through each registered user checking their detail are correct for the current version. I have to do this for each version as I can’t be sure people upgrade every time I make a release. This process is obviously taking too many CPU cycles on your server and resulting in a crash.

            There is no simple solution. You could change hosts, change your hosting plan or bypass the upgrade. The former two options will cause you hassle and may cost you money. The latter option may result in unexpected behaviour from the plugin. Beyond that I can’t offer you any more ideas since your problems are a result of hosting side restrictions.

          • Thanks Admin, but I think there’s another explanation. I have “only” 509 subscribers in my subscribe2 list, and I have 32 MBytes of RAM dedicated for my purpose, and the script runs during about 30 min before crashing. It sounds very high for a “check before upgrade” thing isn’t it ?
            Anyway can you just tell me more about how the database should look like for the 4.18 version and how I can upgrade to this version without the upgrade feature ?

          • JFoulquier,

            The upgrade cycles through all registered users one at a time so CPU cycles will play a large part, as will script execution time.

            A description of the database is far too complex to cover in a comment made here, look in the code at the upgrade() and register() functions and you should be able to see what the database should look like from the entries there.

  29. I upgraded to the latest version and now two emails are sent to my subscribers when I add a new post.

    I also use Add Post Footer plugin

    One email contains the footer, the other does not

    Before the upgrade the plugin worked great. It sent one email to my subscribers without the footer, which was ok

    any ideas?

    • Steve,

      None based on the information supplied. What version did you upgrade from and to? What version of WordPress. Are you on the most recent version of Add Post Footer? What have you tried to resolve your problem?

      • Sorry, here is some more info.

        The problem started on August 13, 2009 when I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, 2.8

        I am using version 1.1 of Add Post Footer

        I am using version 4.19 of Subscribe2

        I deactivated Add Post footer and sent out a test message and two emails still went out.

        However there was a slight difference in the two emails.

        Both emails start with “… has posted a new item. ‘link’

        where ‘link’ is a url to the post.

        However when I read the email in gmail one of emails contains a clickable link whereas the other does not.

        When I turn Add Post Footer on again, then an additional difference occurs in the email.

        One email contains the footer and the other does not.

        The one with the footer attached has the clickable link.

        Before this problem occurred the email sent out by Subscribe2 did not contain the footer, and of course that was the only email sent out.

        I hope this is a more complete description of the problem.

        • Steve,

          I’m guessing here a little still but I suspect that the gmail address is that of the Sending account used on your blog and you are seeing the 2 formats (a plain text and HTML version) because you have different types of subscriber on your blog. This post may help you more.

  30. Hello, great plugin. My website is bi-lingual, for this I use xlanguage plugin. Would it be possible to use the language filter in the email send out by subscribe2? Thanks

    • Arnoud,

      I’m sure that it is possible but since I don’t use xlanguage and blog in one language I’d find it very difficult to make a patch and test it. Feel free to submit a patch to fix this problem and I’ll commit it to the code.

      • Thanks for your reply. I’m not really into code, but if you can tell me where the labels (like BLOGNAME, etc) are created then I can have a play. Thanks

        • Arnoud,

          The keywords are mainly handled in the substitute() function of the code. I guess you could introduce new labels for each language but that would not be a very scalable or elegant solution – that said it would certainly work on a single site very effectively.

  31. Hello,
    I have a problem. My host only allows me to send 500 emails per hour and your script has no option to turn off the “automated” emails that are sent out daily/by post/weekly/monthly etc.

    How can I make your script send out 100 emails per hour till it does the entire list? Or better yet, how can I disable this “auto update” feature all together while I still keep the “opt in” feature on my blog?

    I would much rather see an option to send X #’s of emails out per hour instead…on Saturdays if I have any new members they do not get emails because I reach my hosts limit and at the same time it will only email 500 of my 1200 members *and still growing*….

    Please help!

    • Marko,

      You are talking about ‘choking’ sending of emails. This is best handled on the server rather than by a script. The simple answer to your problem is to get a better hosting package that has less stringent restrictions, either by moving or upgrading your hosting package. I will not be implementing choking into Subscribe2 as it is not necessary provided you are prepared to pay for reasonable hosting.

      • Admin,

        Thank you for your reply, but why not give me an option to disable this auto email sending feature? I mean options you are giving me is go from a $9 a month hosting package to a dedicated $130+ package because I don’t want automated emails to be sent out on saturdays? lol…come on…be realistic here, it’s not like I make money from my blog, the .10cents I generate won’t cover the cost.

        So I guess what you are really saying is to just disable your plugin sine it will keep auto sending emails every Saturday and there’s NO WAY to disable this.

        IMO You should consider putting an option to NOT send any updates out at all since you won’t touch the “choking” issue.

        • Marko,

          I don’t really understand what you are trying to accomplish. You want a plugin to send out a newsletter but you want to disable the sending of emails – so why do you need the plugin then?

          Bear in mind that we have something in common – you make little money from your site and I make little money from this plugin. I write it for use on my sites. Why then, do you think that I should make changes to my plugin, free of charge, so that it works on your site?

          • Admin,

            It’s easy to understand. If you refuse to put in an option to send out 100 emails per hour then why not put in a simple option to DISABLE the automated emails for those of us who do not want to spend $130 for a dedicated server to overpass our hosts limit of emails per hour? Make more sense?

            I’m sure you still make more from your site(s) than I do…would a simple option to disable “weekly digest” or any type of automated “email updates” hard to put in? This way if we cannot upgrade our host we can at least control our updates with phpmail that allows you to send 100 emails per hour.

            This option is not just for me, I can’t be the ONLY one who has 1300 members and on a host limiting 500 emails per hour server…No need for the attitude, if you don’t want to help don’t….


          • Marko,

            Your request makes perfect sense but you are still missing the point that this plugin is GPL, provided for free and AS-IS. It works for me on my site and that is the plugins primary function. I share it because I think others may find it useful but nowhere to I give any undertaking to ensure the plugin works for other people.

            Bottom line is it’s your site and your responsibility to get a workable solution. If you are asking for changes to the code then put your money up – the plguin is only free in it’s current format. My time and code changes are not free.

  32. Hi,

    Is there a way to add fields to the subscribe widget?

    I would like to have two fields, one for first name, and the second for last name. Doable?

    Any help is appreciated.


    • ‘Evening MM,

      It is not possible to do this with the S2 widget. This question has been asked a number of times in the past as well. Unfortunately it’s a no go.

      At risk of sounding crass (which is totally not my intent) please try to search this blog for answer to your questions before asking. It is specifically because of questions like this that the developer is considering how to proceed with support since this is a free plugin. That said, if you enjoy the plugin and find it useful, please consider making a donation.


    • MM,

      Doable – yes. Going to happen – No. The information is redundant in the plugin – you can’t use it to individually tailor emails. Additionally, to collect this data would require significant amounts of additional code to collect, process and store the data in a table. And given that you then can’t really use it for anything it’s not worth the effort.

      • MM,

        what you are asking for does not require changes to s2. It is achievable by getting people to register (like a normal wordpress user) and setting S2 up to auto subscribe newly registered people.

        You can use a text widget to make the register link interesting and you can use the Register Plus plugin to make additional fields mandatory on registration).
        As Matt said – it does not make any sense to try to add additional fields to the S2 widget ! – the whole point of it is to make it simple, quick and easy for people to subscribe without the additional hassle of “registering”.

        Asking for too much information upfront can be counter productive. Web owners sometimes think that they can then offer a more personalised service – but unless it is truly “personalised” does it really add value?
        More thoughts on that here:

        – actually your S2 users if they absolutely insist on doing so, can attempt to personalise S2 emails (or any wordpress emails for that matter) by using amr-personalise plugin – shortcode in email. Of course only useful if the info is available (ie: registered users), otherwise default text applies.

  33. Hi there

    Thank you for your great plugin, your efforts and for your prompt support (I already solved some issues with your help).
    I am having a small problem again. A subscriber of mine told me that he did not received a subscription message today. I also checked one of my email I am subscribed with and did not received either.
    It seem that the messages were only sent to public subscribers and not to registered subscribers.
    It worked fine until now…

    What could it be?
    Also, what’s your experience on sending speed to hundred/thousands ? After I click ‘publish’ I get into a loading state for a lot of time.

    Thank you again!

    • Liviu,

      Have you checked spam folder and also asked your hosting provider about email limits / restrictions. As you already know the plugin does send email – it simply isn’t clever enough to stop sending emails to individual users where it has been successful in the past – it is most likely you have encountered a server side restriction imposed by your hosting provider.

      In terms of speed – this is highly dependent on the CPU and RAM in the server that you are hosted on and the number of accounts that are sharing that server. Again, this is an issue to raise with your hosting provider.

      • Hi

        thank you for your help. I investigated the problem and also asked my registered users for feedback and it seem that none of the registered users got the message. Only public subscribers did. Today it went fine and message was sent to everyone.
        I use the wp_mail function along with the Cimy Swift SMTP plugin to send through an external SMTP server, dedicated on a machine. I have to do that because I have better control over the postfix daemon. Sending through PHP is not an option as I am on a shared hosting server therefore I have no control over the deamon, can’t use reverse IP lookup, custom SMTP headers (like unsubscribe link, precedence BULK and DKIM signatures etc).
        I notice a high delay when hitting the “Publish” button on a new article. I also watched the postfix daemon on the SMTP server and noticed that messages are sent one by one by subscribe2.
        Isn’t a better solution to build messages by adding more/all the addresses on the BCC field so it will be sent a lot faster, by connecting to the SMTP daemon only twice or a few times (depending on mailing list size) ?

        Thank you for your support. Do you also offer custom improvement on the plugin as a paid service? I am interested on such thing, to support your hard work and make the plugin even better.



        • Liviu,

          The number of BCC recipients is controlled in Settings->Subscribe2. Is suspect that you currently have the number of recipients per email set as one. If you increase this number on your current set up you should find the email is sent to your admin address with your recipients in a BCC header – with the number of recipients per email as per your setting.

          • Liviu,

            I suspect that your Swift Mailer plugin is breaking up the BCC headers into individual emails then as a setting of 0 in Subscribe2 will add all subscribers to a single BCC for each email type. Have you tried a solution like this.

          • Hi

            Your suspicion was correct. I tried with other plugin (Configure SMTP) and it worked fine. WP did not connect to the SMTP daemon for each message and every mail was sent.
            I will continue the tests throughout the coming days.

            Once again, thank you! You’re my hero ๐Ÿ™‚ … just saved me from some countless hours of testing and debugging

          • Liviu,

            I’m pleased to have been able to help you to help yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚ A number of people who are posting comments on here at the moment seem to be under the impression that my only purpose is to get their site working for them free of charge and preferably by yesterday!

  34. I’m using this plug-in to attempt to create a monthly e-mail newsletter based on a category-specific subscription which the user submits.

    I’m not sure if that’s even possible, but the instructions are lacking…

    Okay. That’s not exactly an in-depth exploration of the power of the plug-in. Of course I know what pages are, but how do I configure an e-mail subscription? How does e-mail –> submit trigger a registration with Subscribe2?

    • Also, I don’t want to split hairs between types of users. There’s only one kind of user. One willing to provide an e-mail address.

      If that makes them a registered user, that makes them a registered user.

      How do I disable any other kind of user?

      • Sabbry,

        Making two comment on here with a few minutes of each other with nothing but criticism, and you really think I’m going to be inclined to help you?

        • It’s not exactly criticism. It’s a real-world scenario. And don’t think I’m taking it out on you. The WordPress developers have come up with 100 different ways to integrate Twitter with it’s 30% user retention rate but there is not 1 workable image gallery solution. Even when you create the nicest, carefully worded post, they’ll deride you for ever asking such a stupid question. “Who uses images on the internet, let alone more than one,” and “Can’t you see how great WordPress is a CMS, even though we don’t count images, videos, or any other files?”

          Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. Is it possible to present elements of the registered user’s UI as a subscription form? Can the subscription be whittled down to:

          [x] Category 1
          [x] Category 2
          [x] Category 3



          That’s all professionals have time for. It seems paradoxical that professionals have short attention spans and limited time to follow your online presence, but it’s absolutely true.

          • Sabbry,

            I think perhaps we did get off on the wrong foot.

            To clarify, are you asking that the page presented at Users->Subscriptions is simplified to just the list of categories?

        • Registered users have the ability to refine their subscription if I’m looking at the included screenshots correctly.

          The problem is, I don’t support registration on my blog because I don’t support commenting. That and I don’t have the market presence to warrant the creation of accounts. I’d be turning away potential subscribers by complicating or stretching out the subscription process.

          What I’d like to see is this:

          New user goes to a subscription page which is a simple form:

          Which Brand would you like to follow in a monthly newsletter?

          [x] Brand 1
          [ ] Brand 2
          [x] Brand 3


          Essentially, I’m looking for a painless form that allows users to choose the content they want to receive. My biggest gripe in signing up for newsletters is the content a month from now isn’t even relevant to my industry (ex: CreativeCow newsletters), and I’d like to avoid that pratfall by allowing users to choose their news at the time of sign-up.

          I’m not sure if Subscribe2 can meet that purpose, but I sure hope it can because the other e-mail solutions out there rely on feeds, feedburner, etc.

          • Sabbry,

            Subscribe2 does meet that purpose but ONLY for Registered users. It is not possible in the current code for users who simply enter their email address. I agree with you in principle that some subscribers need a simple process which is why there are Public Subscribers. You seem to be asking for a level between Public Subscribers and Registered subscribers. This would involved sizeable additions to the code to construct a form to collect the data, process it and store it and then use it when posts are made.

            It’s something I could look at but since I work 45+ hours a week in a job which does not involve computer coding and only do this in my spare time I wouldn’t expect the change any time soon.

          • Admin,

            You should definitely consider bringing that functionality to market. Many people, myself included, would pay for a product that could save my users time.

            Let’s try changing it up. Is the following possible?

            User goes to a subscription page, enters an email address and clicks subscribe, and now will receive a monthly newsletter.

            Monthly newsletter composed of the last month’s post titles and their category, with a permalink href.

          • Sabbry,

            Already possible. Set the email notification as a periodic email with an interval of monthly. The mail sent contains the title, link (perhaps the date and time too) and an excerpt of the post.

          • I have a custom page template named subscribe.php active and I’ve included the S2 token on its own line with extra lines of padding.

            The plugin is active, but I don’t think the token is being recognized. I’ve tried using the insert S2 token button from the page editor, too, and it doesn’t seem to work.

            Your instructions don’t dwell on it, but why am I using as opposed to (for example)? Just curious. First time using what the instructions refer to as a “token.”

            This is the code:

          • Sabbry,

            The <!–subscribe2–> is the subscribe2 token and it must be placed within the content of one of your WordPress pages (see the WordPress codex). The ‘token’ is replaced with dynamic content depending on the situation, normally it’s the form but if you have just subscribed you get a confirmation message, if you are a registered user it takes you to your profile page via a link and it may also display error messages.

            When you say ‘it doesn’t seem to work’, I’m willing to bet that’s because you placed to token and then viewed the page while still logged in. You didn’t see the form becuase you were logged in – that is covered in the FAQs.

          • Admin,

            Thanks for the response. I double-checked that I was logged-out and we can safely rule out that being the source of the problem.

            The Page ID matches up, too.

            Now when you say “within the content of one your WordPress pages,” my page doesn’t have much on it, other than a header.php, sidebar.php, and a preface to the form along the lines of: “To subscribe to our monthly digest, please provide your e-mail address.”

            I was led to believe the token would generate some subscription options, much like the widget.

          • Sabbry,

            The token needs to be in a WordPress page, this should not be calling header.php or sidebar.php explicitly but should be authored in the WordPress admin pages at Pages->Add New. Is that what you’ve done or have you hard coded a page in PHP?

  35. Admin,

    Such an option would simply be a good addon to your plugin overall. I guess if you’re simply saying “go head hack my plugin and do it yourself” then fine, will do…I find it funny tho you have claims of being “so helpful” yet all I hear is “it’s free, pay me pay me pay me, don’t expect anything unless you pay me” even additions that will make your plugin for effective and better are black listed by you due to “i’m not here to make this work for your site…” It works for all sites, not hard to activate a plugin, wordpress IS pretty idiot proof. Failing to even give your users a way of disabling automated email updates is pretty…well…fail.

    Time to change the code and modify it so it’s better I guess…

    • Marko,

      You can disable the sending by Excluding all categories from making a post and ensuring the Registered Subscriber cannot over ride that setting (See Settings->Subscribe2). I guess you would then send your own news letter out via Post->M<ail Subscribers but that won't get around the choking issue on your server.

      As I've said before, choking issues are best overcome by a server side solution. But you are absolutely tight, the code is GPL so you are free to hack it and improve it – if you make some good changes then share them back – at the moment there is only really me developing the code so I'll take all the help I can get.

  36. Hi – thanks, thanks and thanks again for providing not only this plugin, but support for it. That right there proves you’re one of the good ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m having an issue with people subscribing/unsubscribing via the webpage, however. Here’s what happens: if someone subscribes via the webpage, they get their confirmation message with a link that looks like “[great big long hash at the end].” If they click the link, they go to that address, which is basically a page that doesn’t exist on the blog–not a 404 error, just the basic blog page with no content in it. If I go to the Tools->Subscribers control panel, I’ll see that the new address is in there but not confirmed. (I can confirm it from there, though.) If someone tries to unsubscribe via the website, they get the same kind of confirmation email with the same kind of link, but clicking the link does not unsubscribe them–if I go to the control panel the address is still there and nothing has changed.

    I’m using WP 2.7 and Subscribe2 4.18. Can you steer me toward a solution?

    • Tracy,

      Are you using any re-direct plugins (Like SEO stuff) or do you have some custom entries in your .htaccess file (if you have one). Sometimes these redirect requests and they divert my $_GET requests incorrectly resulting is failed actions.

      Try deactivating plugins and see if you can get it working. The reactivate them one at a time until it breaks.

      • Okay, here’s what I did, and here are the results:

        1. I cleared out my .htaccess file so it’s now blank.

        2. I had been using the Disable Canonical URL Redirection plugin to fix a problem, but then found another solution and hadn’t disabled it. When I did, hitting the email confirmation link took me to a 404 instead of a blank page. New subscriber email address still didn’t confirm.

        3. I disabled the rest of my plugins (Events, SpamShiv Lite and YouTuber), but unfortunately nothing changed – still a 404, no confirmation.

        4. I disabled permalinks (my custom structure is just /%postname%) – that got me back to the blank page after hitting the confirmation link instead of the 404, but still no confirmation. Putting the permalinks back brought back the 404.

        So…what can I try now? ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you need any other info about my setup?

        • Tracy,

          I presume you are back in a situation where you get a 404 error. (If not then get to that stage). Ensure that you have at least one WordPress page (see WordPress codex if you aren’t sure). Make sure that the ID of this page is defined in Settings->Subscribe2.

          Also, is your blog in the root or a subdirectory? Are you settings at Settings->General right for WordPress URL and Blog URL?

          • Dude. It’s solved, and it was an Error Between Keyboard And Chair problem.

            When you had me check that a page had been defined in the settings…and it knew it had. Only when I rechecked, I realized the number I put in was the number I’d chosen for the page ORDER, not the number of the page ID.

            Hopefully this information will save you some time in case some other blockhead reports the same problem.

            Thanks for your help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I have several page templates, one of which is subscribe.php.

    They’ve all been added via Pages –> Add New.

    Only subscribe.php references the token.

  38. Admin,

    I use page templates to make custom pages. Subscribe.php is one of those and is the only page to reference the token.

    All of these pages were manually added via Pages –> Add New.

    • Sabbry,

      I’m still not totally with you. If you are using Pages -> Add New I can’t see how the page would be called ‘subscribe.php’ unless that is the title you gave it. A WordPress page is almost identical to a WordPress Post. These are not called *.php.

      The ‘token’ needs to be called correctly from within ‘the_loop’ otherwise it will never work. If you are adding your own pages other than by using the WordPress administration and authoring system then the token alone will not work. I think you have better post a link to your site so we can take a look.

        • Sabbry,

          Okay, that IS NOT a WordPress Page. It has not been authored in the admin panel of WordPress in the same way as you would right a blog post. Please read the WordPress Codex about posts and pages so that you can understand what you are supposed to be doing.

          • Ah, okay. You want the content derived from input on the admin site.

            Is there a reason in particular why my confirmation link points to

            I would like to change the confirmation link to a state of the subscribe page (ex. Thank you for subscribing).

            Where may I do this?


          • Sabbry,

            The confirmation link takes it’s root from your WordPress URL and Bog URL settings at Settings->General.

            The output of Subscribe2 is dynamic, it already thanks users for subscribing if you deploy the token correctly. I think you would be wise to just get it working first.

          • It says the confirmation message is on its way.

            When I click the link contained in the confirmation e-mail, I’m directed to my site’s Contact Us page.

            By clicking on that link, I have not confirmed my subscription. I know this because the address appears as Unconfirmed in the Admin control panel. I have to manually confirm the e-mail address as an Admin.

            I would prefer the user remain responsible for activating his or her subscription.

            The form itself is working, albeit to a point.

          • Sabbry,

            The WordPress page that contains the Subscribe2 token will have a WordPress ID assigned to it. You need to enter this value into the Settings->Subscribe2 under the Appearence heading where it says “Set default Subscribe2 page as ID:”

            You also need to make sure that you are not using any redirection plugins like SEO plugins that can hijack and redirect the Subscribe2 confirmation request.

    • Bobly,

      Can you explain more what you mean. Auto updates for the plugin code when a new version comes available? Auto-sending of emails?

      Remember that this is free software that I write to use on MY sites. I then share it based on other people maybe finding it useful If people want me to make changes then it really needs to be a really simple change to make or something that will be of benefit to me. If it won’t benefit me and involves large changes to the code then what is my motivation?

  39. Admin,

    Is there a guide available for creating HTML Digest e-mails? Looks like all the elements are there that I want: post date, post title and permalink, post category, and post tags — just need to know how to place them in a table.

    Also, can I set email_freq to 30 for a monthly digest? Weekly is the largest increment available out of the box.

    Thanks for your help. That e-mail form is pretty slick.

    • Sabbry,

      There is no guide as such other than the details given in the admin page at Settings->Subscribe2. You could amend the code in the subscribe2_cron function but custom amends to code made by you are your own responsibility.

      As for adding different cron schedules, you can add as many as you like. Have a look at this previous comment.

      • So the content of the Digest e-mail is derived from the same “New Post email” field in Settings -> Subscribe2

        • Sabbry,

          The content of all the emails (digest or per-post) is based on the template and the post content but they are handled slightly differently for layout reasons.

  40. I just upgrade my wordpress-mu from 2.7.1 to 2.8.4a and I upgrade my subscriber2 from 4.16 to 4.18, but my subscribe2 “send emails once daily” does not work in the new wordpress-mu.

    I tried “mail to subscribers” and “send emails for each post”, these two works perfectly well but “send emails once daily” does not work in 2.8.4a.

    Is there any way for me to check what is wrong with my plugin or what is wrong with my wordpress-mu?

    Thank you.

    • Ivy,

      Have you installed the WP-Crontrol plugin to check that cron tasks are being scheduled and that they are being run? You can also try reverting to the pre-2.8 cron by adding: define('ALTERNATE_WP_CRON', true); to your wp-config.php file.

  41. Does this plugin work with wp Version 2.8.4? I have a fresh install of wp with an issue using subscribe2. Everything seems to work fine, except the confirmation email comes from an unknown sender. I searched your previous posts, and read there may have been changes to wp_usermeta. In phpMyAdmin I tried to locate the user_level in the table, but I can’t locate it. Is this a known issue? Thank you.

    • Mike,

      I’m running it with 2.8.4 so in short – yes, it works. WordPress, by default, should send all emails from WordPress@your domain if the sender is unknown. Check you usermeta table and the user_level entries will be prefixed with your table name prefix (normally wp_).

  42. Hello,

    The daily digest looks pretty good. Just wondering if I can manually set the date and time for monthly digest e-mails to be sent (so I don’t have to wait until the end of the month at 12am to receive a test monthly digest).

  43. What do the R’s and check marks mean by the subscribers names?
    Registered users and confirmed public subscribers?

    Also, is there a way to bulk update the users to select yes to automatically subscribe them to new categories?

    • Kurt,

      Yes, the R means Registered User and a tick means Confirmed Public. A red exclamation means Unconfirmed Public.

      There is currently no way to bulk update all users to have them automatically subscribed to new categories.

  44. Is there a way to check if a subscriber can view the post? I don’t want subscribers that aren’t allowed to see private posts to get a notification when I post a private post.

    • Hey CJ:

      I don’t think that will happen, but to be sure, why not register a dummy subscriber (assuming you have other personal emails), and the send a private email and see if your test subscriber (i.e., you) gets the private email. Hope this is helpful.


    • CJ,

      If I remember correctly, only people who have registered with your WordPress blog can read posts marked as Private. In this instance you can work around to make sure Public Subscribers re not informed about the post by excluding a category (in Settings->Subscribe2) in which the post is filed (perhaps Private Posts for example if you need to create a new category).

  45. Hi – I just want to ask a question for clarification, to make sure I understand correctly. I also want to make it clear that I am asking NOT complaining! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I understand that public subscribers do not have a choice about what form of email they receive. I’m gathering that this also means that the ADMIN does not have a choice as to what form of email to send them, yes? Meaning, there’s no way for me to go in and say “send all the public subscribers the full post instead of the excerpt.” I can do that for registered users but not public ones.

    Am I correct? If so I’ve solved my mystery. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tracy,

      You are correct. Public subscribers only ever get plain text excerpt messages (unless you pay for the upgraded HTML version and even then they don’t get a choice – just HTML)

  46. MattyRob,

    Just installed Subscribe2 ver. 4.18. It looks like a great plugin that would do just about everything we need done… Everything worked on my several tests (other than the drop-down time-set window that you’re already aware of).

    Here’s my problem: We cannot use either Admin or Author as the sender of outgoing emails and would like to know how/where to hard-code a different email address (from same domain name) as the From address of all Subscribe2 emails. I do not expect to need to change this much in the future, probably never.

    I think that adding another sender option – like ANY user name (again, from same domain name), of any level, including subscriber – would be very useful. We do not wish to go near the Admin email address for security reasons. I can imagine there are others who would benefit from the ability to create an alternate user/email address, to be used for subscriptions only – like:

    In the meantime, it would be great to know where I can hard-code a sender or email address.

    Many Thanks!

    • Josephus,

      Why not create an admin level user account with the alternate email address? If you hardcode the email address you’ll have to go through the hard coding process every time you upgrade the plugin.

      • Thanks for your quick reply!

        I don’t mind doing this, but… based on looking at the SUbscribe2 settings, my impression is that the “Admin” profile is a singular profile, not one of several with Admin rights. Am I mistaken on this? Would the ‘Send Email From’ drop-down list all Admin users? If so, I’d be happy to use it.

        Of course hard coding fixes is not ideal, for the very reason you mentioned, and I’m hoping to be able to address it in another way. If all Admin users are listed in the drop-down window, that’s already close to where I’d like it to be.

        Ideally, a lowest-permission-level user should be included as a Subscribe2 email choice: this will increase security because if someone tried to take advantage of knowing the user/email address they’ll have very few rights. No?

        If you could clarify your earlier advise and explain how it will actually work – would it replace or add to the current Admin email address – I’d be very interested in trying it. And, of course, I’d like to hear your thoughts on adding to the existing program, along the lines mentioned here, in future updates.

        Many Thanks for the plugin and for taking the time to discuss it!

        • Josephus,

          Admin is not a single profile but is one of you admin level accounts. If you add additional accounts you will get a longer drop down. Add a new admin level account with the email you want to use for notifications. Set a strong password on this account and then choose it from the updated dropdown in Settings->Subscribe2.

          If I were to include the lowest level of WordPress users into the drop down, then on some sites the drop down list would become unmanageable. Security is always going to be a trade off with usability.

          • Thanks very much. Your replies are thorough and well reasoned – obviously, you have had plenty of experience and dealt with most questions already.

            Following your instructions, I added an admin class account and selected it for subscribe2 use. However, when using the Preview feature (twice), the plugin stays with the original Admin account and ignored the selected account (which is displayed on the drop-down, and the settings were saved). Maybe Preview is not programmed to abide by the Send Email From choice. I’ll find out tomorrow which email address was used for the actual email. Of course, I hope it will take the new address – this will address our needs perfectly.

            Thanks again!

          • Josephus,

            The Preview emails are sent To: and From: the currently logged in user. I suspect you were logged in as your main admin account so all should be well for tomorrow.

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