Subscribe2 4.17

Version 4.17 of the Plugin is now available for download.

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

Version 4.17 is for 2.6.x, 2.7.x and 2.8.x users. (Although it should work with WordPress 2.5 too!) This version has been tested on WordPress 2.8 and 2.8.1beta2.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Tested for compatibility with WordPress 2.8.x
  • Added TAGS and CATS keyword for per-post notification templates
  • Fixed bug where confirmation emails may have an empty sender field if notifications come from post author
  • Fixed a bug in WPMU CSS
  • Added option to exclude new categories by default
  • Fixed a bug where emails may not be sent to subscribers when a user subscribes or unsubscribes
  • Improved accessing of ‘Admin’ level users on blogs where user_level is set below 10
  • Added ability to send email previews to currently logged in user from Settings->Subscribe2
  • Styled admin menu form buttons to fit with WordPress theme
  • Improved handling of confirmation sending to reduce errors

There are currently no known issues affecting this version 😀

To install correctly use the WordPress Auto Upgrade feature or:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin folder and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder is uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

161 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.17

  1. Hello!

    First, thank very much for the update ^^

    But I already have a problem with the plugin.

    First: I’m a WP 2.8-FR user. I need to remove ALL my plugins before installing Subscribe2 or I get an Error 500 page. That done, I get an Error 500 when I try to activate if I don’t remove the Counter Widget First. -> When Counter Widget removed via FTP, the activation works ok but I get another Error 500 page if I try to consult my entries’ list (/wp-admin/edit.php).

    Then, it prevents TinyMCEadvanced to appear when I write an entry (empty Visual field). I didn’t test with any other plugin for the moment.

    Do you have any idea of what is the cause of my troubles? Or tips to fix them, please?

    1. Utopia,

      Error 500 is an internal server error. I suspect this may be something to do with running out of memory with your current set up but your host will be able to confirm by reviewing the error logs.

      1. Thank you for your fast answer.
        We are about ten blogs using the domain, that might explain why there’s a memory issue. Unfortunately I’m not the account’s owner, do you think it could possibly solve the problem if other users manage to remove extra themes weighing on the memory?
        Sorry to bother you about that 😡

        1. Utopia,

          Removing themes that are unused won’t affect the amount of RAM used by WordPress. You’ll need to reduced the number of active processes by removing little used plugins and perhaps asking the host to up your RAM limit.

          1. Hi Matt!

            I just wanted to tell you I found the solution to my problem, and it came from my host (1and1), but has nothing to do with running out of memory.

            For other 1and1 users who might get the same problem, here’s the solution:

            Those who host their blog at 1and1’s might have problems of errors 500 : “Error 500 – Internal server error”

            It happens in these cases :

            * Activation of a plugin
            * While uploading a image

            It also happens that the plugins list becomes a white page when you have a big number of plugins.

            The problem is linked to the php version installed on 1and1 domains at the creation of the blog. If the blog has been created one year ago or more, it’s the version 4 of php, except that now, several wordpress plugins need php5. In order to use php5 son a 1and1 domain (recommanded for WordPress users), you’ll need to insert (via FTP) the following lines in the .htaccess file loxcated at the root of your domain.

            AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
            AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php

            Source: tranlated by me, so I hope I didn’t make too many translation mistakes.

            It perfectly worked for me 🙂

  2. Hi Mathew

    I’ve just upgraded to this version (using WP2.8) and immediately emails have started using the Admin name in the “From” field, even though it is still set to come from the Post Author.

    1. John,

      Fix one issue and create another 😦 I think I know why too!

      In the subscribe2.php file there is a function called get_userdata(). Try reverting this function back to the one in version 4.16 and see if that fixes your problem.

          1. I have the same problem, email author is admin instead of the author’s name. I looked in subscribe2.php file and found several get_userdata functions, which one do I have to change? And what’s the code I should replace it by?

            Thanks for your help, I’m not good with coding but this is important the emails are send with the author’s name so I’m willing to make the necessary change for it by myself 🙂

          2. Grassia,

            No editing needed, download and use the Development Version using the Plugin Development Version link at the right of the screen.

          3. Thanks for your reply. I installed this last version of the plugin but unfortunately, the sender is still the admin and not the author of the post like it used to be… Problem isn’t solved. Any idea why?

          4. Grassia,

            Have you checked Settings->Subscribe2 to make sure the plugin is configured to send notifications from the Author and not admin. Also are you using any other plugins that may over ride the sender information.

          5. I double checked the plugin settings and the plugin is configured to send notification from the author (which is different from the admin, of course). I didn’t install new plugins, it worked perfectly until I upgraded Subscribe2 4.16 to 4.17, and then to 4.18. But since my upgrade to 4.17, the sender is always the admin, whatever I do.

            Sorry to insist, but it’s important, your plugin is so great. Am I the only one with this problem? <:)

          6. Grassia,

            Try reverting to 4.16 and see if that fixes things. Are you seeing this when per-port or digest notifications are sent? What other plugins are active?

          7. I just re-installed 4.16 and it works fine, the sender is the author’s post, not the admin. So something changed after 4.16…

            I hope it will help you find the problem introduced by the later versions. Thanks for being so interested in the users of your plugin which, again, is great 🙂

  3. I have two issues with the latest versions of the plugin.

    First, my website has an apostrophe ‘ in its name, and so does my admin user. This apostrophe gets rendered as “'” in any email “From” address or subject line field my subscribers receive.

    Second, I run the following plugins: Akismet, All in One SEO Pack, AZIndex, Contact Form 7, Google Analytics for WordPress, Google XML Sitemaps, KB Robots.txt, PingPressFM, Really Simple CAPTCHA, Redirection, Robots Meta, SEO Smart Links, StatPress Reloaded, Subscribe2, Stats, WP-Optimize, WP-Print. With all of them enabled, my WordPress General Settings page renders everything up to but not past the Timezone option, and doesn’t render anything below including the “submit” button. When I disable Subscribe2, the General Settings page renders fine. I spent two hours trying different combination of plugins with absolutely no predictable duplication of effort, meaning one set of plugins with Subscribe 2 may fail, but the same set of plugins in another group does not fail.

    For example, all plugins enabled (including Subscribe2) and disabling either one or the other following plugins also fixes the issue: Askimet, All in One SEO Pack, AZIndex, Contact Form 7, Redirection, or StatPress Reloaded.

    Yet when I disable all plugins except these above (and except Subscribe 2), the General Settings page renders fine. I know plugin compatibility is hard to guarantee with so many plugins, but everything else works fine, except the General Settings page just does not render properly and I can’t make changes. This also happens with a fresh install of everything too. It doesn’t break until Subscribe 2 is added to the mix.

    1. The Jerusalem Council,

      With respect to the apostrophe query, are you saying that a single quote is enclosed in quotes or that a curly quote is replaced with a straight one? Are you also saying that this did not happen in previous versions?

      I suspect that your second issue may be to do with execution time for scripts. The new TimeZone function in WordPress 2.8 are pretty complex and running with many plugins may be reaching a limit on your server for script execution – like time or RAM limits. Either check the error log or ask your host if this is the case and if so, ask how it can be rectified.

  4. Hi Matthew,

    Subscribe2 has been great for me but recently have had a problem. I’ve been using Subscribe2 4.11 (on WP 2.6.2) since November 2008 to send digest notifications to subscribers on a per post basis. I only have 35 confirmed, public subscribers (the only registered users are our two administrators) and it worked fine through June 1st. After my June 1st blog post, the digest notifications arbitrarily stopped being sent. Now they only get sent to one of our two administrators and no one else. I hadn’t made any admin changes whatsoever other than just add new posts before June 1st.

    Here’s what I’ve done so far:
    1. I’ve read through all relevant posts in the WP forums and on the Subscribe2 website.
    2. I’ve tested the server mail function by sending and email using the “Send an email to subscribers” function under Write >> Mail Subscribers and it worked.
    3. I confirmed in the database that all of the subscribers are active and they are.
    4. I upgraded Subscribe2 to version 4.16 and it still wouldn’t send the digest notifications.
    5. I’ve thoroughly checked my Subscribe2 Settings in admin and everything looks right.

    I’m at a loss at this point. Any support would be appreciated.



    1. Barre,

      Several users have found the WP-Crontrol plugin to be useful in sorting these sorts of issues if they are related to cron. The other thing to check is any limitations imposed on your emails by your host. Is the only recipient on the same domain as your blog but all others on another domain? Did you get a few new subscribers that may have pushed you over a limit in the number of recipients per email?

      1. Thanks Matthew. I’ll try a few things. How do I test the notifications without actually sending emails out to all of the subscribers? And if I add a value (say 15) next to “Restrict the number of recipients per email to” is that going to send batches of 15 emails at a time? Is that how that works?

        Thanks again.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the plugin. Your plugin stopped working and coincided with 2.8 release so I assumed it is an issue with 2.8 but I also received a new subscriber on the same time I upgraded and that pushed me over the limit, so I tried your tip to restrict the number of recipients per email and worked perfectly.
    Thanks Again

  6. Hi and thanks for a user-friendly email solution!

    I upgraded to 4.17 (on WP 2.8) and now the option to chose categories as a subscriber (or registered user) has disappeared. The only option you have as a subscriber (or registered user) in Notification Settings is:

    Receive periodic summaries of new posts?:

    Yes No

    Where did the categories option go?


    1. Oliver,

      That’s what you should expect to see if you have Digest (periodic) emails selected in the Settings page. To get back the other view you’ll have to revert to per-post notifications.

      1. 🙂 ahaaa.

        I must have fiddled around and pushed the wrong radio button. Now everything is just fine. Keep up the good work. Mine is now to convince my web hotel to raise the bcc recipients from 5 to something more.

        Have a nice summer. Oliver.

  7. Hi Mathew,
    I’ve been using Subsribe2 plugin for some time and it used to work perfectly for me. However after last update had been done I’ve started to experience some problems. All of my settings (content of the digest e-mail, options of notifications etc. have been reverted to default option. Each time i try to change the settings and save them they’re set back to default again.

    1. I have the same problem. The settings revert to default, after someone subscribes using the widget. The widget disappears then, and I have to reactivate it from the settings.

      1. Pozytywnakuchnia / Marc,

        There is a know issues between Subscribe2 and the FirsStats plugin that can interfere with the options. Are either of you using that plugin?

        1. hi,

          I’m not using this plugin, but I think I tracked it down to the WP SuperCache plugin.

          Whenever I enable caching in the WP SuperCache settings, the Subscribe2 config is reset to default.
          Disabling caching is ok, but once I re-enable it, the settings are gone.

          1. Marc,

            WP SuperCache seems to turn the PHP output from your files into static HTML. That may well explain why Subscribe2 can’t access database variables and therefore resets them as if it were a fresh install.

          2. Hi Matt,

            thanks for looking into it…

            regarding Super Cache, I tried hardcoding the “enable widget” setting into the config file, now everything seems to work perfectly from the widget, subscribing, unsubscribing, etc.

            The only issue with Super Cache is that Subscribe2 resets itself to the default config, thus the widget dissapearing. Maybe the re-install function is a bit too eager? 😉 I don’t exactly know how Super Cache works, but I don’t think it interferes with database access, because I got a load of plugins installed, also dynamic ones, and there are no problems.

          3. Marc,

            So, are you only making a change to the Widget setting based on the defaults or are you saying that only the Widget setting is affected? The install / upgrade function check for the existence of a single database value that contains an array of all the plugin settings so if it is those functions it should be affecting all settings.

            If you still think it may be the upgrade / install function look for line 3139 of the code: if ($this->subscribe2_options['version'] !== S2VERSION) { And try changing it to: if ( (is_array($this->subscribe2_options)) && ($this- >subscribe2_options['version'] !== S2VERSION) ) {

        2. Hi Matt,
          No, I don’t use neither FirsStats nor SuperCache. And the disappears the same as Marc’s widget does. Moreover, it disappears (and settings are reset) even though there are no new subscribers registering at the same time.

          Generally: for me the settings are being reset everytime I sign out from WP admin pannel.

          1. Pozytywnakuchnia,

            Okay we can eliminate those two plugins but from here you’ll have to start bug chasing on your own site. Disable all plugins except Subscribe2 and check for the problem. If it isn’t there start re- activating each plugin one at a time until the issue recurs. Let me know the culprit but I can’t guarantee that I can fix the problem as it may lie with the other plugin.

  8. Hi Matthew, as a follow on regarding the get_userdata() issue raised above, has the fix now been incorporated into version 4.17?

    1. Kym,

      The fix will go into the next version (4.18). You can accomplish pretty much the same by reverting the function to the same as was in 4.16 or download the development version using the link at the side.

  9. Hi,
    This is a useful plugin. But I have a small issue. Not sure whether it is a bug on this plugin or “Page Links To” plugin. When a new user uses the confirmation link to subscribe to my blog posts the page that they are taken to shows “Subscription Confirmation” for all the menu items (though their URL is still fine). You can try subscribing to my blog and see the effect. Also how can a user unsubscribe? I didn’t get any emails offering me unsubscribe link (when I confirmed my subscription)?


    1. Hi,
      I kinda figured out the unsubscribe part (I overlooked the instructions)! But please do let me know on the “menu-messed-up” part…

      Just to add up- this issue happened with chrome browser, not sure about others…


      1. Rajesh,

        Your menu issue is likely to be down to your theme. Make sure you pages are lists using the wp_list_pages() function.

        An easy way to conform if it is your theme is to revert to the default WordPress theme and see if the issue remains. If not then it will be your chosen theme that is the problem.

  10. this an great plugin… but after I upgrade to wp 2.8, if i submit new post, there’s no email sent, and I try mail to all subscriber, that is not working.

    help and give me an advice please


    1. Nugroho,

      Have got the latest version of Subscribe2? Have you disabled other other plugins and re-tested? Have you contacted your hosting provider and asked them about blocked emails? Are you getting any error messages?

      1. waw, thank for fast response, I always update your awesome plugin. I use subscribe2 Version 4.17.

        If someone subscribe He got an email notify and admin too. but if I submit a new post or mail to all subscribe it’s not sent.
        I am not geting any error message,

        I don’t yet contact hosting provider and i don’t yet disable other plugin. I will do that.


      2. hi matt, I have ask to my webhost admin, they said that email send limited per 200 subscriber, can subscribe script take this ?

        thq somuch

        1. Nugroho,

          Subscribe2 can be set to restrict the number of recipients per email in Settings->Subscribe2. Perhaps use a setting of just below 200 to make sure. The other potential issue though is how your host impose the restriction. It may be based on recipients-per-email or email-recipients-per-hour. Subscribe2 can be set to cope with the recipients-per-email restrictions but server side solutions (like a mail queue) are the best solution for email-recipients-per-hour restrictions.

          1. and how to set up “email-recipients-per-hour restrictions” ?

            is this “Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited): 50 Edit ”
            Send Emails:
            x For each Post
            v Once Hourly
            x Twice Daily
            x Once Daily
            x Weekly

            like this?

            thank you very much.

          2. Nugroho,

            As I said in my comment above, Subscribe2 does not handle “email- recipients-per-hour restrictions”. You need to find another solution, preferably a server side one because, in my opinion, scripts are too slow to make a viable solution.

  11. Hello Marc,
    You are a rarity! You provide an excellent plugin that serves a useful purpose, and provide free, timely customer support right here on the web. I’ve answered lots of questions I had by referring to this site and seeing what others had. Now, I have a couple questions, and I hope you have a sec! [I just donated ~6 GBP to the cause, equal to 10 USD, in hopes that you can help me and continue to support this great plugin! Of course, the donation wasn’t under this secret, alter ego.]


    First, I have made the boo-boo that I’m sure others have before me. I exported all of my Registered Users to a CSV and resubscribed them. I thought I was adding Post Notifications under every Category, rather than the one or two they signed up for, instead I dual enrolled them. Is there an easy fix to either go back a few days or delete the doubles? I know I can do it manually, but I have 400 unique subscribers…:-/ That’s what I get for doing what you said specifically not do to concerning subscriber privacy.

    Secondly, I would like to modify the Plugin a small bit…pure aesthetics. If you see the post at ( you will notice that I am using the S2 Token in the middle of two paragraphs. I would like to center it, give it an orange border (to match the rest of my site), and perhaps give it a specific heading to let people know the purpose of the input field. I could do some of that in text but not all of it. I went through the plugin editor trying to find that piece of code (I was quite certain it was in TinyMCE3 based on the Source Code of the token in the text editor as well as the output in the actual post). But, I was unsuccessful. Can you point me in the right direction? Is what I want to do possible, or would I be better off creating a transparent GIF to give me the border (It crossed my mind).

    Thank in Advance,
    The Angriest Pharmacist

    PS – I am using the most recent version of WP and S2.

    1. TheAngriestPharm,

      In answering your questions:

      1/ If you stall have the original CSV file, drop or empty your subscribe2 table using PHPMyAdmin or similar and then resubscribe the contents of you CSV file. If you don’t have the original CSV file or a backup then it’s a manual task and one that might be slightly quicker in PHPMyAdmin.

      2/ You should be able to accomplish this with <div> tags around the token on your WordPress page, perhaps something like:

      <div style="text-align: center; border: 4px solid rgb(255, 168, 0);">

      And finally – my name is Matt 🙂

  12. Matt, thanks for the plugin, I have been a happy user for a while now.

    I have a feature request. I would like to be able to track how many people visit my site by clicking on the links in the mails sent by your plugin. Could you add the potion to append fields to the URL (e.g. utm_source=subscription) so it can be tracked in Google Analytics?

    1. Alberto,

      That’s not a bad idea but needs a little consideration about how to implement it. The plugin currently sends plain text and HTML emails so the tracking code would need appending to the link. In the plain text emails this would be visible to the user while it could be hidden in the HTML ones.

      At the moment the link is based on substituting the PERMALINK keyword. How about adding a TRACKLINK keyword that would add a tracking variable. Also, would a default link string be okay or does it need to be user definable?

  13. Hi,
    And thank you very much for this great plugin !
    I just wanted to ask if it’s possible to insert a tag, or a function, in the mails sent when a new post comes, for the catégory of this post -whith or without link to it ?
    (sorry for my english)
    Thank you again, even if it’s impossible !!!

      1. Well, I have used the CATS keyword, and it doesn’t works : mails are ok, but nothing appears at CATS’ place…
        I don’t know what to do with it…

          1. Done, and it works fine now : tahnk you very much.
            I have updated the french translation of you’r plugin : if you want me to send you .mo and .po files, please contact me (I don’t know how to send them to you here) !
            Thanks again !

  14. Hello Admin,

    I’m the author of the french translation of the 4.15 version. Is there a way to use at least a part of this previous translation or must I translate the 4.17 completely once again ?

  15. Matt;
    Thanks for the good work, I just sent a donation to keep you in coffee and doughnuts for a bit 🙂

    Questions: We’ve got the From address working fine but in the weekly digest it is sending the message ‘To’ the Admin address, how can I get it to send it to the ‘From’ address instead for consistency of branding. IT dept insists on having the Admin user so they can clear up my messes (ahem). NB we use wp-mailfrom plugin

    Secondly, without fail the messages are going out, very reliably, exactly one hour after the blog time. Any ideas why that would be? NB using Crontrol

    Lastly; would it be possible on the weekly digest for it to either default to the most recent stories first rather than current which is most recent last or have it as a choice?

    Observation: Weekly digest, sometimes the posted on data is underneath the headline, sometimes in-line with the headline, does not appear to be headline length dependent.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. SarahW,

      Subscribe2 sets the ‘From’ and ‘To’ addresses as the same. I suspect the issue is coming from the wp-mailfrom plugin.

      The hour difference may be to do with British summer time. If you go to Settings->Subscribe2 the cron event details are printed there – are emails being sent consistently with that information?

      You option for ascending or descending emails is a possibility. I’ll see what I can do for the next release. Would you be able to test?

      1. Subscribe2 Timing Details:

        Current UTC Time is 10th July 2009, 14:46
        Current Blog Time is 10th July 2009 15:46

        My “Send Digest Notification” is set to Noon, per your drop down, it was actually sent at 13:01 my PC time this week and the same last week. Crontrol has definitely improved the reliability of sending, now just need to sort out this timing difference.

        Sort Order: Happy to be a test buddy – any thoughts about why the heading/blog post time is not consistent in layout?

        From & To Addresses: I used the wp-mailfrom to get round the Admin address problem. We have a “friendly” email for branding which is more recognisable than “Admin” who also don’t want to handle any bounces, that’s my problem. I don’t mind how we get to the goal of one name in both fields but am clueless how best to get there.

        I do have another suggestion to make which I hope you will like; don’t know how much work it would be for you, but some WP plugins create an additional menu link in the left tool bar so that all the settings and functionality can be accessed without jumping from menu to menu. It makes for a better user experience I think and makes the plug-in stand out more.

        1. SarahW,

          I’ll have to look at the timing issue on my test site. I’ll see if I can figure it out.

          I’ll send your the testing code as soon as I’ve done it.

          If you want the From and To addresses the same then set up a new Admin level User in WordPress using that address and then choose that User as the sender in Settings->Subscribe2.

          You are describing Top Level Menus, the WordPress API documents advise against plugins using such a strategy – imagine how cluttered the screen would get if all your plugins did that. 🙂

          1. Send Name: Fixed 🙂 thanks
            Top Level Menus: Point taken to a point, not all plugins have multiple options
            Code: Pls feel free to mail it separately as and when

  16. Hello Admin,

    I’m the author of the french translation of the 4.15 version. Is there a way to use at least a part of this previous translation or must I translate the 4.17 completely once again ?

    1. Julien,

      I don’t use any translation software myself so I really don’t know the answer to your question. It seems that POEdit (a popular translation application) has the ability to update using previous translations though

  17. Thanks for a great plugin!

    Wonder if it’s possible to place the form tag in the right sidebar instead of as an page?

    I have another page placed in the left sidebar with a special code for linking page to sidebar, but it’s not working with this plugin.

    Best regards

  18. New question – I’ve tried using this with a registration widget, in order to get more information in the profile, which seemed to work really well at first and actually let me choose which categories to subscribe to. Then, it just disappeared and I don’t know why. Is there a way to set it so that subscribers can choose categories? My husband and I have both tried to do it and can’t.

    1. Kkingins,

      I’m not sure what you mean by ‘it just disappeared’. Do you mean the registration widget (presumably another plugin), subscribe2 as a plugin or just the category page? Perhaps you mean the Subscribe2 widget though, which has never handled categories directly but prompts registered users to login in and manage their subscriptions from the profile pages.

      1. At one time, there was a way for those registered to choose the categories. A couple days after I got it to do that, the option to choose the categories was no longer available. You could find it by going to profile, then choosing subscriptions. It pulled up a checkbox menu where you could select which categories you wanted to subscribe to.

        It’s not a big deal because there are ways around it. Just still frustrating that I can’t get exactly what I need, though.


        1. Kkingins,

          I have never implemented code in Subscribe2 to allow newly registering subscribers to choose their category subscriptions at the time of registration. I can only guess that this was a side effect caused by another plugin and that this side effect has now stopped working for some reason – possibly an upgrade.

  19. Hello,

    Thank you for the wonderful plugin. Could you direct me to a link where I can download the Sidebar Widget for the Subscribe2 plugin?

    Thank you,


    1. Emily,

      No download needed. Just enable the Widget in Settings->Subscribe2 under the Appearance heading and then add it to your Sidebar in Appearance->Widgets.

  20. Would it be possible to have an option to disable sending any mail? I’d like to be able to turn off the mail sending but still collect email address’s. Thanks!

    1. Drew,

      That sort of defeats the entire object of the plugin really. It’s like asking the authors of Akismet to have an option for it to not filter comments for spam.

      You can achieve what you are after by excluding all categories from sending emails and ensuring that you don’t allow people to register with your blog though.

      1. I see what your saying, but for me I only use your plugin to collect email addresses, then use the mail out feature to mail out a custom newsletter every now and again (in fact I’d love it if it allowed me to send these in HTML!).

        1. Drew,

          So my previous suggest still holds true, turn off blog registrations and Exclude all categories. You’ll only have Public Subscribers and they won’t get notifications sent as all categories are excluded.

          To enable HTML sending you need to pay $40 US via paypal or the donate link and I’ll send you the amended code.

  21. Dear All,

    the plugin subscribe 2 V.4.17 is wonderful, and I use it with WP 2.8.1

    The only one problem I have is that the system doesn’t send my any e-mail when an user subscribe/unsubsribe.
    could you help me on that ?

    1. Cedric Darvaldebayen,

      Have a look in Settings->Subscribe2 at the “Send Admins notifications for new:” options. You can choose to get notifications for new Subscriptions, Unsubscriptions, Both or Neither. If the settings look okay but you still don’t get notifications check with your hosting provider and ask them to check the server email log to identify why the email is not sent / blocked.

      1. The box is checked on “both” and the e-mails aren’t in my spam filebox.

  22. Hi,

    I would like to do a Danish translation. What is the best way to do this? I can see there is a subscribe2.pot file. Is that just for information or is there a tool that inserts the translated strings into subscribe2.php?

    1. Per,

      You need to use an application like POEdit to create a *.po and *.mo file for your native language. Upload the *.mo file to the subscribe2 folder to see your changes live – no further tools needed.

  23. I’ve read that categories are now available to display in the per post notifications. I’ve done this text and now it does NOT display the category.

    AUTHORNAME hat einen neuen Beitrag auf BLOGNAME veröffentlicht. Der Beitrag in der Kategorie CATS hat den Titel “TITLE”.


    Sie können den Beitrag unter PERMALINK einsehen.

    Sie haben diese Email erhalten weil Sie Benachrichtigungen zu neuen Beiträgen abonniert haben.


  24. Hi Matthew,

    I’m having the same problems as Grassia. 4.17 sends email from admin not author, even when selected in the settings.
    I’ve tried modifying the code as you mentioned above but it didn’t seem to make any difference. (Not sure I modified the right bit.)

    Also, I can’t get the CATS or TAGS to show up in the emails. It just leaves a space where they should be.

    Any ideas?



    1. Mannix1000,

      Same question to you as Grassia then – do you publish immediately or schedule? Or digest?

      As for the TAGS and CATS – there is a string typo glitch in the current code that I’ve just found. I’ll fix and test tonight and then update to development code.

          1. Thanks.

            I won’t be able to try it until tomorrow but I’ll let you know how it goes.


          2. Just tested the development version and it works perfectly.

            CATS and TAGS are now appearing and the ‘From’ is showing up as the post author.

            Excellent work.

            Thank you very much.


  25. Firstly thanks for a great plugin as a standalone it works fine however if I post via another plugin (postie) the posts are not recognized as new, as WP is not my speciality could you please point me in the right direction in order to have WP recognize the postie posts as new.

    Thx in advance

    1. Mantis,

      Postie publishes posts by directly inserting information into the WordPress database rather than using the WordPress API. I therefore cannot makes the two plugins work together; this is an issue that won’t fix until Postie uses the API.

  26. I would like to know, if there is a setting to control how many emails to send out an hour with your plugin.


    1. Make100,

      What you are referring to is commonly called ‘choking’. It is not part of the plugin as I feel it is best handled with machine level code solutions on the server. A PHP code would either be very slow and likely over run the code execution timeout or would require use of databases to store emails.

  27. Great plug-in.

    Here’s a feature request: category based notifications, where the user can request notifications for new posts only in specific categories (or all categories).


    1. Ed,

      This is already in the plugin but is only available to people who register with your blog. They can then manage their subscriptions on a category basis at Users->Subscriptions.

      1. I thought from reading the docs that it should be the case, but I’m not seeing the categories listed on the “subscriptions” page.

        When I log in as a registered user and select Subscriptions under Profile, I see only the “Receive periodic summaries of new posts?” question and the submit form. I don’t see a list of categories. I’m on WP 2.8.1.

        1. Ed,

          You are seeing that particular screen as you have opted for digest based periodic emails. Because of the way they are constructed they are opt in or out only.

  28. Question ? Is there any setting within your plugin to control how many emails go out per hour ? Please let me know.


  29. I publish immediately (looks like my comment is not sent…)

    Third time I try to send it…

  30. Matt;

    to confirm, the new code for ascend/descend order of the weekly digest has worked just fine in the “Live” environment. The update went out at 13:00hrs on the dot (although it is set to go at noon!). Am still trying to get an admin user created so that the From name and email are the same but WP keeps throwing a wobble and overiding the user name I give it.

    1. SarahW,

      Glad the Digest sorting works. I checked in some changes last night that I hope will fix the scheduling offset. Please give the current Development Version a try to back up my testing.

  31. First, here are results of this issue. I migrated new users by importing needed fields in wp_users and wp_usermeta tables, and after that they become users of WordPress but were not subscribed. Since at time I used version 4.15, I disabled it, uploaded new version via FTP and enable it, and it that point those users became subscribed. Also I saw that there were less public subscribers at time, which is I guess because some of them are new users.

    Here are some of mine suggestions for Subscribe2:

    There should be option on profile page for registered users to choose do they wish to receive notifications or not. On Subscriptions page users could only choose format of their notification and categories, but not do they wish to receive or not. For example, at registration, user didn’t check field for subscription, but later he wants it and doesn’t have were to choose that.

    There is now option for overriding settings on witting post/page, but I suggest its expansion. There could be option to choose that by default notifications are sent, and that they are only sent if checkbox is choose on witting screen. For example, author maybe wants to send emails only for some posts but that those posts don’t need to be in single category. By current option, author must check box on all posts where he doesn’t want to send email.

    There could be option for mass editing of registered subscribed users to move them all to some format of email (html or plain text, full or excerpt) just like there is option for categories

    You should use printf for localization since it is proper way of localizing variables. You could read more here and here. There is problem now especially with some strings which ends with space and translators can’t see them so they don’t include it in translation, and we later get two words joined in one.


    1. Milan,

      Thanks for your suggestions.

      Registered users can manage their subscriptions at Users- >Subscriptions after logging in. For per-post email set ups, they can choose categories and format and if no categories are checked they get no emails. For Digest email set up they can opt in or out only.

      The plugin is meant to be used to send emails. If users only want this function periodically then deactivate the plugin until it’s needed or remember to check the box for each new post. You are kind of saying that you’ve added a piece of software that you don’t want to use most of the time and then asking for me to somehow provide a fix – if I add steps that a user must complete to ensure sending of emails that would really annoy the vast majority of users who use the plugin every day to notify subscribers of new posts.

      Fair point, I could add bulk management of email type in that section, I’ll see what I can do for the next release.

      I had a read of the documentation and reviewed the code. I found just 4 strings ending in spaces and I think I’ve managed to fix these for the next release.

      1. Registered users can manage their subscriptions at Users- >Subscriptions after logging in. For per-post email set ups, they can choose categories and format and if no categories are checked they get no emails. For Digest email set up they can opt in or out only.

        How about placing checkbox with text like “Subscribe me to e-mail notifications” which would function same as Select/Deselect all checkbox, meaning that if it is checked, user will be subscribed to all available categories (if it wasn’t subscribed before) and if it is unchecked then it will be unsubscribed from all categories?

        It would be easier to tell users to use that checkbox than to tell them to go below list of all categories and to check/uncheck current button. (problem is even more when there are many categories, tens or hundreds of them)

        The plugin is meant to be used to send emails. If users only want this function periodically then deactivate the plugin until it’s needed or remember to check the box for each new post. You are kind of saying that you’ve added a piece of software that you don’t want to use most of the time and then asking for me to somehow provide a fix – if I add steps that a user must complete to ensure sending of emails that would really annoy the vast majority of users who use the plugin every day to notify subscribers of new posts.

        You didn’t understand, I didn’t tell that this should be default, instead I said that it should be optional.

        For example, placing option on settings page like this “Notification override for disabling e-mail is checked by default” in which case that checkbox on writting screen would be checked and when author wants to send notification he will uncheck it.

        This option wouldn’t be turned on by default, so only users who choose it will have checkboxes selected.

        Finally, here is Serbian translation of version 4.17

        1. Milan,

          I’ll move the Select/Deselect All checkbox to the top of the category list and this will reduce the scrolling required.

          I still can’t really understand the latter request – you are certainly explaining how it could work but why would someone install a plugin and activate it and then essentially want to switch it off most of the time? What you are asking is already possible in a way by excluding all categories from generating an email and then manually sending messages from Post->Mail Subscribers.

          Finally, thanks for sharing your translation files, I’ll add them to the SVN site.

  32. Ok, im probably a NOOB! but… I use Safari, is this plug in only for FireFox? I am trying to find a way that my viewers can RSS & or Subscribe so they get notifications when I post something new. I am basically using twitter and facebook to notify of my blogs

    1. Danny Casler,

      Erm, this plugin is for WordPress, web browser. Your subscribers could use Safari, or Firefox with a plugin to view your RSS feeds from a WordPress blog or you can use this plugin to set up a mailing list.

  33. Hello,

    at first, thank you for this plugin!
    I’ve done a german translation for Subscribe2 – 4.1.17. But I don’t know whether there are differences to the older version or not, because I only use this one. This translation is not a perfekt one, but all things to translate are translated. If anyone want to make a better one, please tell me if you done so.

    Pleas contact me, for putting the *.mo and *.po file on the server because I do not how 😛

    1. BigMoe,

      This article may help, but you need to put the plugin mo file in the same folder as the rest of the plugin files and ensure that you have defined your language in wp-config.php as stated in the article I’ve directed you to.

  34. Hey

    I recently installed this plugin. However when anyone tries to sign up I get the following error “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.” I’m not sure what is wrong with the server to produce that error.

    1. Krystal,

      What version of the plugin and WordPress? Do you get emails from your blog already (following comments for example). Can you send emails from Post->Mail Subscribers?

      Have you read this article and this one?

  35. I’m having the same problem with all messages going out as the Admin, not the sender.

    I’m going to revert to 4.16.

  36. Is there any way to make the settings page clearer which clock the system is using? It shows both local and UTC time, and then asks when you want the digest sent. One naturally picks a local time, but apparently works in UTC instead.

    1. Bob,

      There is a bug in the current version as a result of some cron changes in the core following the last big WordPress release. It should be fixed in the Development Version now and will be in the next release of Subscribe2.

  37. I just installed subscribe2. I’m also running the SUMA plugin (which blocks users from seeing posts unless they are paid subscribers). I’d like anyone to be able to register to receive a daily or weekly digest with links to post titles and automatic excerpts, but I don’t want them to be able to see the whole post. Is there a way I can do that with this plugin? I have been trying to look around, but I’m not sure. Any help would be great. Thank you!

    1. YSadan,

      I’m not sure how SUMA works but if you define an Excerpt while writing your content in WordPress or user a <–more–> token then Subscribe2 will send out only and excerpt of the post, otherwise it will snip the first 50 words or so.

      Basically, depending on how SUMA works what you are after sounds possible – give it a try.

  38. To the great author of this plugin:

    Hi! I have been using your plugin for months and love it! I have several authors on my site and a nice sized readership. We had the plugin set to send the email from the post author. I’m not sure when but within the most recent upgrades (I’m running the most current version), all of the posts are sent under my email not the other authors. If you have any idea how I could fix this I would greatly appreciate it.

    -Dovid Boruch Kopel

    1. David,

      Can you please try downloading and installing the Development Version (link on the right) and see if that fixes the problem – I think it may have been introduced by a change in the way I am generating the email headers and I also believe I’ve fixed that in the development code.

  39. Very pleased to report that the current development version looks as if it has solved the timing problems, weekly digest went out exactly on time, no time shifting and the ascend/descend option OK too. 🙂

  40. Hi,

    I’ve been looking for a newsletter plugin like this for ages, and it seems i’ve finally found one!

    I have a couple of questions though. I’m very new to the plugin so these may sound like silly, lazy questions:

    1) What is a digest notification? I see people talking about it but I don’t understand what it is.

    2) Is there a way to send an email once a day with excerpts of all of the posts from that day and links? We make 3 or 4 posts a day on our blog and we dont want to send 4 emails to our subscribers every day. We’d rather send one email a day containing all the posts from that day.

    3) After making a couple of “fake” accounts to test the plugin, it seems by default the preferences are set to view emails as plain text. Can i change this default setting to HTML?

    Thanks in advance!

    – J

    1. James,

      1/ A digest email is a summary of all the posts made in a specified period as selected from the options given in Settings->Subscribe2. Posts made during that period are summarised in the email with titles of the post and links back to your blog.

      2/ Seems that this is answered in question 1 😀

      3/ Default function of the plugin is to send emails in plain text to public subscribers. Registering users can opt for different formats for per-post notifications. You can pay for an amended version that defaults to HTML for per-post notifications and also for the digest emails.

      1. Ahh, so digest email is what i want 🙂

        I dont see any settings for the digest email though. All i see is:

        Send emails:

        For each post
        Once hourly

        Send Digest Notification at: This option will work for digest notification sent daily or less frequently.

        What do i do to set it up to send a digest email at the end of each day?

        Thanks for the quick response!!

        1. James,

          Pick the ‘daily’ option from the list under ‘Send emails:’ and then pick a time in the drop down list next to where it says ‘Send Digest Notification at:’

          1. Oh ok, i thought i was missing a whole other section of options.

            Thanks for your very quick responses, much appriciated!

          2. James,

            I do try to make it as easy as possible 🙂

            You may want to play around with the template for the email notification. Send some previews and they’ll go to the address of the logged in user. This is available on the same Settings->Subscribe2 page.

          3. I have set up my email template like this:

            Today at BLOGNAME:


            You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are posted.
            Best regards,

            Instead of showing a list of posts it just shows the word table in the email, what am i doing wrong?

          4. James,

            The digest emails are pushed through a different set of filters when they are sent and the preview button sends posts through the per-post filters. That’s why the TABLE keyword is not being replaced.Your templates looks good though and will work on a live site.

          5. For some reason the digest email isnt sending. I’ve scheduled 2 at different times and neither have sent. Any ideas on what i’m doing wrong?

            The normal emails were sending fine.

          6. James,

            WordPress cron relies on site traffic and page loads. Can you get other cron tasks to work? Have you installed WP-Crontrol to check the cron tasks are properly enabled?

  41. I’ve installed Crontrol after doing a bit of reading. So how do i get these plugins to work together?

    Sorry for the amount of questions, i really appriciate your time.

    1. James,

      To find out more about cron and the WordPress pseudo-cron have a search around on the internet, basically it’s a method of scheduling tasks though.

      You don’t need to make the plugins work together, WP-Crontrol will tell you if Subscribe2 has scheduled it’s task correctly and will allow you to ‘Run It Now’. If the ‘Run It Now’ option fails then there is some problem on your install or server that you’ll need to get your host to investigate.

      1. I clicked Run It Now and got this error:

        Warning: Missing argument 1 for spawn_cron() in /hsphere/local/home/carlbroo/ on line 163

        Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at ……./wp-includes/cron.php:163) in ……/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 850

        Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at ……/wp-includes/cron.php:163) in ……/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 850

        But the email still came through. However it then edited the template in Settings > Subscribe2 and tried to run again, i’m getting the same error but them email is not coming through.

        Any ideas what could be wrong?

        1. James,

          Those errors are all coming from WordPress files and not Subscribe2. The mail sent first time and updated the database values, there won’t be anything to send now unless you’ve posted another article. Try using the Preview button instead.

  42. My first mailing after updating to 4.17 has gone out and I just noticed that my options seem to have reverted back to default.
    I created a backup through phpmyadmin before the upgrade. Is there anyway to look through the backup and basically “pick out” the sub2 settings so that they can be restored?

  43. I’m sorry for my last question. I just looked at an older backup and apparently hitting the “backup now” button in my host’s control panel doesn’t quite give me as complete a backup as when I do it directly from phpmyadmin.

    Found the line for the sub2 options settings, imported it and all is well again.

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