Subscribe2 4.16

Version 4.16 of the Plugin is now available for download.

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

Version 4.16 is for 2.6.x and 2.7.x users. (Although it should work with WordPress 2.5 too!) This version has been tested on WordPress 2.7.1.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Correct minor layout issue in Settings->Subscribe2
  • Allow users to define the div class name for the widget for styling purposes
  • Select from a greater number of notification senders via dropdown list in Settings
  • Improved efficiency of newly added WordPressMU code
  • Added ability to manage across-blog subscriptions when using WordPressMU
  • Fixed bug whereby Public Subscribers may not have got notification emails for posts if Private Posts were blocked
  • Added ability to define email Subject contents in Settings->Subscribe2
  • Sanity checks of email subject and body templates to ensure they are not empty
  • Introduced s2_html_email and s2_plain_email filters to allow manipulation of email messages after construction
  • Amended handling of database entries to simplify code and database needs
  • Improved the layout of the Subscriber drop down menu
  • Added bullet points to the TABLE of posts
  • Ensure database remains clean when categories are deleted
  • Added new option to manage how auto-subscribe handles excluded categories

There are currently no known issues affecting this version 😀

To install correctly use the WordPress Auto Upgrade feature or:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin folder and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder is uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

217 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.16

  1. I have a question regarding how many emails are sent and how often they’re sent if I have it set to use Per Post Email.

    I have over 16k registered users and when I send a mass email out it seems like it takes forever for them to get sent. A better understanding of how it works would help out a lot.

    • Greg,

      The emails are sent at the time the post is made if you are using per-post emails. There is no in-built time delay or ‘choking’ as this is best handled by server side mail queue software.

  2. On the Manage Subscribers area…
    I think the process section for current subscribers is broken. The plugin is working fine on my site, but I cannot manage subscribers from the admin. I have checkboxes at the top of the list, but not out beside the email addresses. I get a list of emails, but I cannot do anything with them (confirm, unconfirm, delete)

    • Reece,

      Is there an (edit) next to the email address and does it have an R in a circle (®) before it? If so then you are looking at a Registered user.

  3. Yes, they are registered users. Here is my situation. I have a private blog set up for my family memebers. I subscribe them automatically and wordpress sends them their username/password info. I also was using subscribe2 to send them email updates (automatically when I set up their accounts). However, some of the users will be older and might not understand how to unsubscribe if they wish. So, I was foreseeing a time when I would need to go into the admin and remove their emails from the list if they wish to unsubscribe. Is this possible?

    Also, thanks for the quick reply

    • Reece,

      Yes, it is possible. Click on the (edit) and you’ll be taken to a screen where you are actually changing that users subscriptions and not your own as clarified in the red, bold text near to top of the page.

  4. Quick ? Is there a way to admin your subscribers? Like an overview to delete, or export the email list subscribers? I couldn’t seem to find any documentation…Great Plug-In BTW!

    – Kevin

    • YuBe,

      This is not currently possible but seems like a good idea to me. How would you expect this information to be presented in the case of multiple categories or tags? Comma separated with a comma and a space between each entry?

    • YuBe,

      Okay, that shouldn’t be too hard to add to the plugin. I’ll have a go and get it in for the next version, I’ll email you the amended code if you want to test it out for me.

      • > that shouldn’t be too hard

        I think so. I know how to do this. But hacking is not my way 🙂

        > I’ll email you the amended code if you want to test it out for me.

        Avec plaisir

      • Sorry to jump in on this but I was just wondering if the amended code would be available for me to test?

        I’ve been looking for a way to get cats/tags in the emails.

        If not I’ll just wait until the next update but just thought I’d ask.


  5. When the system sends the confirmation request for subscription, the received email haves no sender. So, the email is tagged as spam and removed from the new emails queue. Is there a way to set a sender for the system? Thank you!!!

    • Falco,

      In Settings->Subscribe2 are you sending emails from the Post Author? If so then I think you’ve identified a bug and I’ve applied a fix for the next version. In the meantime send notifications from an Administrator and you should get a sender for confirmation request emails.

  6. Hi,

    Congratulations on the plugin. Is there any option to avoid automatically sending emails to subscribers? My intention is to send an email to subscribers at the time that I want and with the posts that I want.

    • Juan,

      In Settings->Subscribe2 you can disable post notification for all posts by excluding all categories and then manually send emails from Post->Mail Subscribers. Alternatively, there is a meta box option on every post and page authoring windows to exclude that particular post from sending a notification.

      • One followup to this: is there a way for the plugin to exclude any newly created categories by default? I’m doing some work on a blog in which multiple users will be posting (and may create new categories for their post), but not all of them will be dealing with the mailing list settings.


        • Tobias,

          There is no way to do this in the current version but I can look at this for a future version. Where the Settings page currently has an option to allow Registered Users to auto-subscribe to new categories I can add another option. Perhaps: Registered Users have the option to auto-subscribe to new categories: * Yes * No * New categories are immediately excluded

          I would imagine a Yes will display the option AND process the auto- subscription when a new category is added. No will do neither (currently it doesn’t display the option but does process the requests for existing users with the option set) and the exclude will not display the option or process the additions AND will add the category to the excluded list.

          Does that sound like reasonable logic?

    • Lupi,

      If a subscriber registers with your WordPress blog you can collect this information but it is not compulsory to enter it. For the Public Subscriber category in Subscribe2 there is no facility to collect these details. Since the emails are mainly intended to be sent to many recipients at the same time collecting this data in order to personalise each email is pointless.

  7. Hi!
    Its ridiculously clear you’ve built the best plugin ever.

    Q: Where do the emails come from?
    I really expected to enter my outgoing server info and all so they could be sent from my account…? – & what happens if someone replies to their notification email? (No Reply right?)

  8. Greetings Synth:

    The emails come from your posts; make a post, voila! Whoever has subscribed receives an email based upon the settings you have allowed and/or if they’re registered users, what they want to receive.

    Excellent question w/regard to replies: S2 uses the admin email address you already have in WP and so as I recall, replies are sent to that address.

    I hope this was helpful. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask, however, I encourage you to search this site as more then likely, the question may have already been asked and answered.

    I agree totally with you on this plugin: Matt for sure has created an absolutely awesome plugin. As he does not make his living designing websites or plugins, etc. (rather, he designs and maintains this plugin for his own work but generously donates it to the WP community), please make a generous donation through this website to support his continued development of this plugin.

    Have an awesome day! 🙂

  9. Matt,

    First time I’ve been back on this site in quite awhile….Nice job with the new redesign of the blog/site.

    Clean, easy on the eyes, and loads very fast! 🙂

    • Andy,

      Glad you like the new look 🙂 I’ve gone for a flexible width theme to allow better presentation of threaded comment replies., but tried to keep it as blue as possible like the old theme!!

  10. Wow… quick reply!
    What I’m asking is, what email server is being used to send the emails and relay them out to the world? Any idea? If it were actually coming from my email account, it would have needed my actual outgoing email server info. No?

    • Hello Synth:

      Sorry for the misunderstanding 😦

      The emails are sent from the server where your WP (i.e., your blog/site) reside.

      Hope this is helpful!

      • Synth,

        As Andy says, the emails are sent from your hosted server. PHP included a mail() function and Subscribe2 uses this. You can add any headers to an email using this PHP function which is why Subscribe2 users face so many problems with hosts who block mail() functionality to circumvent spammers.

        • Ok… that’s about the best thing ever.
          Very cool.
          And thanks you guys!
          So — my fears of some third party mail server in Bangladesh collecting my subscribers emails to sell them Viagra can be put to rest? 🙂

  11. Hello again,
    There any way to insert some code using the widget in any part of my theme? What I want is to put the option to subscribe in a place in my theme (header.php). Also see if i can insert into the page profile.php the option to subscribe / unsubscribe.
    Thank you.

  12. Hi Juan!

    You can insert the token where you want:

    For more information on this topic, please search the S2 website under “token.” You will find answers to your questions there.

    Hope this is helpful…Have a good day.

    • Oops….The HTML code did not show up Juan…Sorry. Let me try again.

      You would want to put the token <!–subscribe2–> (place an open bracket before the “!” and a closed bracket after the two hyphens following the “2–” in the page you want.

  13. Hi Andy,

    The token is only (I think) to insert content into a post or a page, but in the code of a file.php does not work.
    thanks for answering

    • Greetings Juan,

      My apologies for misunderstanding you.

      I thought you want to be able have someone have the option to subscribe in your header.php page? If that is so, you can add the token there; I have it working fine on a test site. You have to wrap the token in php tags. You can search on this site “PHP tags” and scroll down to “Sidebar without a Widget,” dated September 19, 2006 and you can find what you need. I’d post the code but HTML doesn’t show up in this comment section to well.

      I hope this helps.


  14. Has subscribe2 been tested with WP 2.8-beta2?

    The subscribe2 widget is displaying incorrectly and I was wondering if there’s an incompatibility with this version or if I have other issues.

    Thanks for a great plugin!

  15. Oops! Operator headspace (between ears)… I’ve figured out what I messed up (of course: stare at it for an hour, then figure it out 30 seconds after posting ).

    • Billsmithhem,

      I haven’t done much 2.8beta testing but it should wrk fine. Seems like you got things working too so that’s good 🙂

  16. Public subscribers (they non registered on site!) receive only announce of new post.
    But I want to send them full text.
    How I can do that?


    • ‘Morning gv:

      If I understand your question correctly, I don’t believe this is something you set on S2; you set it in your WP control panel:

      Settings > Reading. Then select full-text.

      Hope this is helpful. Have a good day!

      • Thank you!
        The problem was with “Limit Posts” plugin.
        But it make problem only for S2 (now everything it’s O.K.).
        All RSS worked perfect.

  17. I am having problems installing the widget. In the sidebar I get this message..

    You may manage your subscription options from your profile.

    and when I follow the link I don’t see how I can put a subscription form in the sidebar.

  18. I am having problems installing the widget. In the sidebar I get this message..

    You may manage your subscription options from your profile.

    and when I follow the link I don’t see how I can put a subscription form in the sidebar. How can I get it to work ?

  19. Is there anyway to integrate a unsubscribe function in the footer of the email. I also want to disable the confirmation email.

    Is this possible?

    • Marino,

      You can edit the email template at Settings->Subscribe2 to contain a link to your Subscription management page but since the emails are sent to multiple users and each unsubscribe link is user specific there is no way to add an unsubscribe link to notification emails.

      The Confirmation email cannot be disable, it is a vital part of the sign up process so that users are double opting in. This helps reduce spam email subscriptions and fosters good privacy.

  20. Thanks for an excellent plugin works beautifully for comment notifications.

    Sorry if this has been asked before (couldn’t find it anywhere) but is it possible to be notified of new posts as well as comments?

    *I’m using TDO Mini Forms so users can post directly on the page* not sure if this makes any difference.



    • Mannix,

      I think you have the wrong site. Subscribe2 notifies subscribers about new posts. Another plugin (Subscribe-to-comments) provides comment notification functionality.

      • Thanks for the quick reply.

        I’m definitely using Subscribe2. Could I be doing something wrong? When I submit a post I don’t get an email but when I comment on the post I do get an email.

        Sorry I’m pretty new to WordPress etc so I could be doing something stupid.

    • Hey mannix1000:

      If a person signs up for either your RSS feed (I’m assuming you have one on your site) or subscribes to your blog via the S2 plugin, they will be notified whenever someone creates a new post.

      As far as being notified of comments, I use “Subscribe To Comments” plugin and it works great: if a commenter checks off the box when they leave a comment, they will stay up-to-date of comments. I am aware other site designers provide the ability to have visitors subscribe to comments via RSS feeds. I’m sure if you Google something like “how to allow people subscribe to comments” or something like that (as well as check the WP site for ways to do this), you’ll be able to learn how to do this.

      Hope this was helpful.


      • Sorry I don’t think I’m being very clear.

        I don’t actually need people to be notified about new comments but this seems to be happening anyway.

        I do need people to be notified about new posts but this isn’t happening.

        I have got an RSS feed which does seem to be working but I want people to be emailed as a backup.

        Hope this makes more sense.

        • Mannix,

          You are being very clear but it still doesn’t make sense because you appear to have Subscribe2 doing something that it was not designed, programmed or intended to do! Is your site at or hosted yourself? Have you uploaded lots of plugins and activated them? Which ones?

          • It’s hosted locally on an internal network so unfortunately isn’t visible to the outside world.

            I thought something was odd as the description of S2 was exactly what I needed it to do.

            The plugins installed are:

            Folding Category List (FoCaL) 1.0.2
            Peter’s Login Redirect 1.6.1
            Register Plus 3.5.1
            TDO Mini Forms 0.13.1

            and obviously

            Subscribe2 4.16

          • It looks like I made an error when I said S2 was emailing me about comments.

            I just realised in the WP settings I was set to be notified of new comments.

            Sorry for the confusion.

            Unfortunately this still means S2 isn’t emailing notifications of posts. I presume it’s something to do with my server setup.

            I can email addresses from my server (using sendmail) and I also found and ran a simple PHP script which sends a test email from the server and that worked perfectly.

            Obviously S2 is a lot more complex than this and therefore has me stumped.

            If the answer to my problem can be found elsewhere please let me know and I’ll stop bugging you with stupid questions.



          • Mannix,

            That’s cleared a few things up then 🙂

            I’d suggest you try the Mail Debug plugin mentioned on this site. Install it and see what happens when you try to send an email from Posts->Mail Subscribers.

          • I’ll try that but I just tried something else and got a bit of a result.

            Under Manage Subscribers I added an email of someone who isn’t registered and the email got sent as soon I did a test post.

            In the current subscribers list the email address appeared with a little tick next to it. All the registered users have a little R next to them. Also, the registered users don’t have any tick boxes to confirm/unconfirm/delete.

            Any thoughts.

          • Mannix,

            All of these answers to the questions you are no posing are in the ReadMe. I suspect the reason it hasn’t worked until now is that you had no active subscribers until you added this most recent email address as a Public Subscriber. The existing ones (with the R) are Registered users, the difference is explained in the ReadMe.

  21. Thank you for clearing that up but I still have a problem that I can’t find the answer to, even in the readme.

    Public subscribers get an email notification when a new post is added.

    Registered subscribers don’t get an email when a new post is added.

    I’m guessing that registered subscribers’ email addresses are automatically confirmed when they register but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be working.

    At the minute I have 4 registered subscribers who don’t recieve emails and 1 public subscriber who does.

    • Mannix,

      In Tools->Subscribers there will be the word ‘edit’ next to each Registered User. I think you’ll probably find when you click on this that your Registered Users are not subscribed to any of your blogs categories.

      • Sorry I wish it was that easy. Everyone is subscribed to everything and they’re automatically being subscribed to new categories.

        I’ve been through all the settings but can’t figure out where it’s wrong. I can’t see why it would work for public but not registered subscribers.

        • I’m sorry for being an absolute c***, I’ve just realise that ALL my test emails WERE sent and your plugin DOES work beautifully (as stated in my first post). Unfortunately I was trying to receive them in MS Outlook an whilst I regularly get emails for viagra or making my penis bigger in my inbox, genuine emails were being sent to the junk mail folder with no notification whatsoever!

          I apologise again and will no longer bother you with things which didn’t need mentioning in the first place.

          Thanks for all your help


  22. Hi. I have the newest version (4.16), and when user click in mail to confirm subscription, on confirmation page everywhere I see “Subscription confirmation” – all page titles are changed. I thought it had been resolved.



      • Hi, now works. It was my mistake. But i have 2 another problems.
        1. error message (Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.) when subscribing (it was described here). But message goes to user and he can subscribe or unsubcribe.
        2. second error is more problematic. When user confirms subscription or unsubscribe he receives page with no confirmation, but only form to unsubscribe and subscribe. The action is successful, but no confirmation on page.


  23. Hey there,

    I noticed the following change that came with that update:

    Earlier, the FROM header contained the name and email address that is defined in my wordpress user configuration (profile). That’s how it should be!

    Now, the FROM header is made up of my blogs name and the associated emailaddress is my wordpress username with as extension -> This emailaddress does not exist, though. The settings made in the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin are not used. I think that’s a little buggy right there… Any advice?

    • Bjou,

      In Settings->Subscribe2 there is a drop down list of options for who the email should come from, have you checked that setting?

      • Indeed I have. The setting was set to Post author. Now I changed it, but it did not change anything on the FROM header – strange enough. When I send test emails from the WP-Mail-SMTP Plugin, I have the same thing: Message comes from instead of the mail address I provided in my profile and the WP-Mail-SMTP Plugin

        • I checked the database itself. does not exist as email address. nowhere! but it is somehow used in all the emails sent via wordpress. this change came suddenly. even test mails sent directly thru WP-Mail-SMTP have that issue. so it is not specific to your plugin. Anyone with an idea?

  24. Hi there,

    I have been using your plug in for a few months and plan to donate. It’s been working very well for me. The weekly digest works perfectly.

    I have a problem though since the last update(s)

    The plugin had been sending me a notification when someone subscribed/unsubscribed. It no longer does that. It does send confirmation to the subscribers so that’s working fine.

    Any thoughts? I have the settings set to “Send Admins notifications for new:” set to both. The “Send Email From:” option is set to admin.

    Many thanks!

      • Hi again,

        To the best of my knowledge 4.16 yes tough I am not positive. I noticed something was wrong after some people had told me they had subscribed. I never saw a notification so I decided to do a few tests myself. Same result. Confirmation notes go out but no notice to admin.


        • Gilnamur,

          Can you confirm the following:

          1/ You are the only admin (level 10) user on your site.
          2/ You have limited the number of recipients per email to something other than 1 or 0

          • 1) I have 2 admin (full privileges) accounts but only use one of them. Have had all along. One is admin, the other gilnamur. Should I set the “e-mail from” field to gilnamur? It is set to admin right now. It had been working the way it is set though.

            2) Mail recipients is set to 30.

            Thanks for looking into this!

          • Yes they do. Is that the issue?
            Its always been that way. Easy to change though!


          • Gilnamur,

            It’s not the cause but it’s a reason why you are getting no emails even though you have 2 admin accounts. I think I know the cause and maybe have a fix. Are you willing to test?

          • Hi,

            Sure, so long as it doesn’t take my blog down LOL
            Let me know how I can help 🙂


          • Gilnamur,

            Okay, I’m still figuring out a good fix, once I’ve got one I think works I’ll email you the code direct and you can beta test it for me 🙂

  25. I am desperate for help! Subscribe 2 just stopped emailing my subscribers posts AND won’t allow me to email them. I get: “Message failed! Check your settings and check with your hosting provider”
    So I was on the phone with my hosting provider (Go Daddy) TWICE insisting it must be them… they insisted both times it’s not. Help? Why did it stop sending out my posts? Why can’t I email my subscribers?
    However, someone did a test “subscribe” to the blog and got an email back asking for the request to be confirmed. Why is this working, but no longer my ability to email out or posts being sent. Please don’t say my hosting provider… they keep saying it’s WordPress.

  26. How about including language files, so that we don’t have to translate everything after a update…

    • Anders,

      If the developer was a full-time software developer that might be much easier to accomplish. However, the developer is not a full-time coder or software developer/website designer. He creates S2 for his own use. However, out of his generosity he contributes the plugin to the WP community. Those in the community who benefit and use S2 and are able to translate the files do so, and then they too, contribute the translated files to the WP community. This is open-source. And, the basic plugin is free (though donations are helpful to the developer and really appreciated). You can check through this site and find other translations that folks have donated.

      • Andy, thanks for the lecture on how the WP community works!

        I’m how ever well aware about such details from the WP community and about this plug-in. And I wasn’t writing a complaint!

        If you think that this excludes the option of feature requests or suggestion to how the authors can make their projects even better. Then I think you must have misunderstood the concept of open-source or my suggestion to how the author can make this project better.

        • Anders,

          I welcome your suggestions but I have one simple question – How? I’m a little embarrassed to say that I only speak English.

          But that means I rely on others to make the translations of their own free will and at no charge. To make a variety of translations available at release I’d have to press these people into making the translations prior to release (thus holding up release dates) or pay for it (which would I’m not prepared to do when I make the plugin available for free).

          If you have any recommendations on how to fit translations into the release time frames, I’d welcome them.

          • Administrator,

            English is my fourth language. So perhaps my suggestion is easy to misunderstand? It wasn’t my intention to ask for translated language files before every new release or anything like that.

            There is not that much text to translate in Subscribe2. So perhaps it would be an easy solution to do it just like you have already done with the e-mail templates text?

            That text does not change when you run an automatic update of the plug-in.

          • I’m talking about the text the visitors will see. And not all of the text in the admin section.

          • Anders,

            Being an English only speaker, I was under the impression that the translation files used fuzzy logic and therefore the strings won’t change if you retain the old translation files when upgrading. Obviously, you can update them when newer version become available.

            Are you saying that the upgrade process removes these files? If so are you using the WordPress in-built upgrade functions?

          • A little much effort if you only want to change the text the users will se and not all of the text in the admin area.

            So perhaps those few lines of text that will show on the site could be separated and placed under the settings area instead of in a .pot file?

            just a suggestion…

  27. Hi,

    (sorry posted in the wrong area before, so this is a double)

    I am using this plugin but have an issue where at the top of my email postings the following is being sent:

    X-Priority: 3
    X-Mailer: PHPMailer ( [version 2.0.2]
    Reply-To: “Me”
    X-Mailer: PHP5.2.5
    Precedence: list
    List-Id: My Blog
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”UTF-8″

    Does this mean I have a setting wrong in the configuration?

    I am also getting the “subscription confirmation” in the menu items error. I have tried the suggested method in the install, making the page and using the ID in appearance setion… is there other methods to fix it?


    • BDiddy,

      That information is intended to go into the email header so either PHPMailer is not working properly on your server or your snedmail configuraion on your server is not correct in handling header information.

      • Thanks a lot for the help, I have passed that information to my server.

        In regards to the “subscription confirmation” in the menu items error. Is there a listing somewhere of all the methods to fix this? I have tried to follow the ones I could find (but I think some are also for older versions of the plugin). So not sure what I can try now.


        • BDiddy,

          Check whether this happens in the default theme. If not it’s a problem with your chosen theme. It’s then a case of taking it up with the Theme Author or editing the code yourself. (Or using a different theme)

  28. Hi all,

    Thanks for your work, it’s a great work.

    I would like to suggest a couple of possible improvements:
    – Offer the possibility in the admin panel to hide the “Subscribe” and “Unsubscribe” buttons in the widget.
    – If the first one is not possible, please offer the possibility of changing the Subscribe and Unsubscribe text (as you have done in this version with the subjects of the mails) so that I can show it in a different language.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jose,

      The buttons can’t be hidden, the text is process depending on which button you press. The text can be translated by application of a translation file for your language. Someone may have already contributed such a file and if they have it will be here.

  29. Hello, one question.

    This plugin works fine for me. I have one question tough. When the confirmation email is sent it’s sent from an unknown sender this is not very cool. When a notification is sent or when I mail my subscribers everything works fine.

    Is there a way to put as a sender of that confirmation mail. I am not finding it in the php code.

    All help is appreciated.

    • Marino,

      The emails should be sent from you admin user account but it seems that some WordPress installs don’t place a level 10 user any more. Can you confirm this on your install? What user_level (in the usermeta table) is your administrator user?

  30. I’ve been using your plugin for a while and it works great, however I’m now testing video plugins for my site that will embed flash movies and I can’t figure out how to get the urls in the emails to subscribers to work.

    I’m hosting and posting flash (FLV) files and the file isn’t hyperlinked correctly in the email update users recieve. Most of the flash plugins I’m testing have me insert a piece of code like this into the post: [flv][/flv] And in the email update clicking that gives the user a 404 page.

    This is one of the plugins I’m testing:

    Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

    • Dave,

      I suspect that the XHTML Embed Video plugin is doing something dynamically to the flv URL on your web pages in order to allow it to play correctly. This is almost certainly not happening when Subscribe2 sends the email notification. Is this affecting all 3 emails types?

      • Great question, I thought it was set to html but turns out my email was set to text. So html email works fine, but people getting the text version get the code that doesn’t hyperlink correctly. The text emails show this to the user:


        It makes sense but not ideal, any suggestions on a way to help users getting text versions? Thanks.

        • Actually I just changed autosubscribers to html so they should all get an html version now correct? Or since they have already signed up for text version they still get that? I didn’t see an option for users to select thier preferance of text vs. html.

          • Dave,

            Emails will be based on historic settings and Public Subscriber will get a plaintext emails by default anyway in the unpaid version.

            The code in the email actually looks like a shortcode that is a central implementation in WordPress, that said the XHTML video plugin is not registering the new code as such and therefore my codes attempts to strip it out are failing. I’d therefore suggest you take this up with the author of your video plugin to get the shortcode correctly registered within WordPress.

  31. Hi all,

    I would like to enquire how it is possible to portray it how how the users HTML format e-mail get? He has 2 administrators one obtain the text e-mail for the web page the other one HTML evening text one too, the users receive text one on the other hand.
    Why is this?
    Thanks the help forward.

    • SworD!,

      This is answered in the ReadMe and th FAQ section of this site here.

      Only Registered users can choose to get HTML emails. If you want this for Public Subscribers to it costs $40.

  32. Hi,
    I’m having trouble with the email confirmation. When the user clicks the hyperlink n the email, it dispays my subscription page with a Error 404 file not found.

    When I’m under Tools, Subscribers- the email address is listed but unconfirmed.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jim,

      Are you using an SEO type plugin? Try disabling it. Also, change you Permalink structure back to default then return to your favoured settings to see if that helps.

      • Hi, and thanks for the reply. Newbie here. I don’t know what SEO type is, but I did change the Permalink back to default and reset the settings on S2 to default and those two things did the trick.


  33. hello,

    thanks for the great work. i need some help about one small issue. i need to send notification mail to my subscribers when a certain page is updated. to be exact, i am a broadcaster and i want to send my broadcasting schedule to my subscribers every week without having new posts. there’s a page called “broadcast schedule” in my blog and i want my subscribers to be notified each time i put my new schedule online.

    once i read it’s done by a code added to the php file but i can’t happen to find it now.

    could you help? thanks in advance.

    • Daghanirak,

      Your best way would be to ‘Unpublish’ the page by making it a draft while you make your amendments and then re-publish it when your done. This would send a new notification each time.

  34. Do we still have to install the WP-cron plugin for this to work or now WP has a wp-cron.php program is that enough?


      • Thanks for answering when you are supposed to be on vacation?

        Some feedback … Took me a while to work out that you can only select Categories when the site is set to send a per post email. Maybe I overlooked that one in your write up. But if not, it might help people to say that. Also having the Mail Subscriber dropdown show the Subscribers by Category list when Daily is set is a bit misleading (and cluttered).

  35. Somebody help.

    I accidently erased my Subscribe2 plugin. When I restored it, my subscriber emails were deleted. Ugh!

    My host backs up my site. And I have located the Subcribe2 folder on my server.

    Is there a way (a folder within the Subscribe2 folder on my server) that I can open that will have a backed up list of my email subscribers?

    • If your host backed up your entire site (including your MySql database), you should be able to get the S2 emails. While I’m not entirely sure, I’m pretty sure the data should be on the database. You can also look in the c-panel under “MyPHPAdmin” and look in your database.

      While the following suggestion will not likely be useful for your current situation, I highly recommend you download Lester Chan’s WP backup, WP-DBManager. It is much easier to work with for most things versus MyPHPAdmin….

      I’m not sure if my suggestion above will be helpful, but I hope it is. If you have a decent host, they may also be able to help. Also search the the S2 forums.

  36. Hi all,

    I have started using “Subscribe2” just yesterday, I find it amazing, but I have noticed something strange on the “cron side”: emails are sent always some hours later than declared on the configuration panel, and the number of hours is exactly equal to the difference between “UTC time” and “blog time”.
    Or, which is more simple, it seems that the plugin compares the cron trigger with the UTC time instead of the blog (localized) time.

    I’m from Italy (btw: sorry for my English) and, in my case, emails are always delivered 2 hours later than expected: actually my local time is UTC + 2.

    Does anyone share the same problem?
    I hope I have not wasted your time…

    • Roberto I am testing timing too, I has mine set to 9:00 and they turned up at 5:38 AM. So mine was out by the offset as well (basically).

      Looking at the mail header it said

      X-Message-Delivery: Vj0xLjE7dXM9MDtsPTA7YT0xO0Q9MTtTQ0w9MQ==
      X-Message-Status: n:0
      X-SID-PRA: admin
      X-Message-Info: yilqo4+6kc6+FmOlz+ZasDsWqnfCRTY5ty2bTzgSEYQSCRrujMRdb6jT305dic0ANlK3F0kwQ/eJbyafDwgzu6P4a3CMXbdI
      Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.3959);
      Wed, 17 Jun 2009 02:38:25 -0700
      Received: from holy by with local (Exim 4.69)
      (envelope-from )
      id 1MGrb5-0003B6-7x; Wed, 17 Jun 2009 05:38:23 -0400
      Subject: [xxxxxxxxxxxxx] Once Daily Digest Email
      X-PHP-Script: for
      Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 05:38:23 -0400
      From: admin
      X-Priority: 3
      X-Mailer: PHPMailer ( [version 2.0.2]
      Reply-To: “admin”
      X-Mailer: PHP4.4.9
      Precedence: list
      List-Id: XXXXXXXXXXX
      MIME-Version: 1.0
      MIME-Version: 1.0
      Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
      Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”UTF-8″
      X-AntiAbuse: This header was added to track abuse, please include it with any abuse report
      X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname –
      X-AntiAbuse: Original Domain –
      X-AntiAbuse: Originator/Caller UID/GID – [504 32003] / [47 12]
      X-AntiAbuse: Sender Address Domain –
      X-Source: /usr/php4/bin/php
      X-Source-Args: /usr/php4/bin/php /home/holy/public_html/wp-cron.php
      X-OriginalArrivalTime: 17 Jun 2009 09:38:25.0857 (UTC) FILETIME=[5CF10310:01C9EF2F]

    • Hi Roberto:

      The admin/developer of Subscribe2 is away for ~2-weeks….

      I wish I could help you but I’m unsure of the solution. If you know the time is 2 hours later, I wonder what would happen if you set your WordPress post to 2 hours earlier when you create it? I’m sure there’s a better way to work around this but i’m unsure. Maybe the WordPress help forums?

      BTW, your English is fine 🙂

      • Hi Andy, sorry if I answer you so late, I have lost your comment somehow! :-S
        Thank you for your hint, actually that is the way I am currenctly working around the timing problem… and It works 🙂
        I’m sure this issure will be solved in the early future.
        Thanks again, have a nice day!

  37. I have been testing the dailydigest.

    I have found that I get email for every post in the digest. So if there are two posts then the email has both in it which is correct but it send it twice instead of once.

  38. Hi,

    I’ve been working with this plug-in (v4.16) on both WP 2.7 and now WP 2.8. I’m getting that “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later” message. The emails ARE being successfully sent.

    While debugging, I noticed that the function filter() is being called once for every blog post on the page. The first time, the $status is true, but every time after that, it’s not. (Which is good, since that would mean the email was being sent multiple times.) But when it actually comes time to display the message in the widget, the $status is false, so the error is displayed.

    The code in widget_subscribe2widget() is only being called once. Any idea why the filter() function is being called for every post rather than just when the widget is being displayed?

    • are you trying to use the daily digest or one of the other options? I am having problems with the daily digest.

      • This is actually just the subscribe/unsubscribe process I’m having problems with. But yes, it’s for the daily digest.

      • Thank you! 🙂 To be clear (if it wasn’t obvious from the question), this is happening on the page listing all of the blog posts. I did a quick hack changing the error message to read the same as the success message, but obviously that’s not the fix we want. 🙂

        By the way, I’m not getting notification emails for responses to my comment. (And it is telling me I’m subscribed.)

  39. I’m using Subscribe2 v. 4.16 & WP 2.8. I noticed daily email notices are not being sent. When I looked over the settings I see this display:

    Current UTC time is: June 20, 2009 @ 9:15 PM

    Current blog time is: June 20, 2009 @ 2:15 PM

    Next email notification will be sent when your blog time is after: June 8, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

    If S2 was working wouldn’t it have a more recent date than June 8th? Can anyone suss out what may be wrong?

    • From what I have worked out it is sending it out using UTC time and not blog time. I am still trying to adjust the time to send it out to get it to arrive blog time …

      • to kym:
        I have experienced the same problem: UTC time instead of blog time, all my newsletter where sent two hours too late, since I’m in the UTC+2 timezone (Italy).
        I solved this with a kind of “brutal” approach:

        1. I transform my target date in milliseconds (you can find utillities over the web for this)
        2. I divide it by 1000, to get seconds
        3. I force this number inside the “cron” option in the wp_options table on the database (its sintax is quite clear)

        In this way you force the first sending time, and the plugin keep on following the right period (daily, weekly etc.), but in the exact hour and minute you have chosen.
        It worked for me, hope it may help you.

        • I tried that and now the date/time of when it will send the next daily digest looks correct if it is meant to be in blog time.

          But nothing was sent.

          I switched it back to For Each Post and still nothing. No emails being sent at all 😦

          • As for the time, the one you have set is still to be intended as “UTC time”: you must manually set an “offset” that depends on your timezone, for instance I set always 2 hours less than desired, since I’m in UTC+2.

            The sending problem may be related to your mail transfer agent: which one are you using? Postfix? Did you take a look a its log files?
            If your running your WP installation on your local(host) machine, pay attention that Postfix (and many other agents) will refuse to send anything, being your domain not validated against any public DNS.
            Anyway: take a look at your agent log files.
            Good luck 🙂

          • I get email ok. Just the wrong time. Since I played with the cron time, I am not getting any email at all.

            My UTC is -4.

            It now says

            Current UTC time is: 23 June, 2009 @ 10:41 AM

            Current blog time is: 23 June, 2009 @ 6:41 AM

            Next email notification will be sent when your blog time is after: 24 June, 2009 @ 2:00 PM

            Which is tomorrow and really should be today.

            If I change it back to Immediate Post and post something nothing gets emailed. So looks like I have completely upset the cron program but I don’t know how. Maybe I put the date in the wrong place? Which date in the cron record did you actually change?

          • Kym, I don’t think you have broken the wp_cron functionality: when you switch to “Immediate Post” the publishing of a new post become the trigger for the email sending, so wp_cron is ignored with that setting on.

            Anyway, if you choose “Daily” or “Weekly” and you set a specific time using the normal interface the plugin provides, the “cron” option inside the DB will be overwritten, within any change you may have applied. That should recover the old state.

            On my installation I changed the value of the “cron” option inside the “wp_options” DB table, in particular where you find


            I replace “1246233600” with the rappresentation in seconds of my target date and time.
            After that, I can see *exactly* the date I have chosen displayed on the subscribe configuration panel… so It surprise me that you find the they after the one you expected…

            I have tried this “trick” many times, without any corruption…
            Sorry if you have come into problems following my example… 😦

          • Ok so I changed it in the wrong place. I fixed that now. But I don’t understand what the first date is for

            a:3:{i:1245797787;a:2:{s:17 …

            That date says Tue Jun 23 18:56:27 EDT 2009 which is not UTC time and not Blog time. I don’t know where it is getting that from.

          • Well, EDT stands for European Daylight Time, that is UTC-4, it’s just a different notation, subtract 4 hours and read it as UTC time.
            Actually also “blog time” is another way to say “your localized time”, that depends on your timezone.

            As for what I have realized till now, the “cron” variable collects timings for many kind of “events”, not just the subcribe related ones. The date you have changed probably refers to a “look for update daemon” or something similar, I don’t think you shuould be concerned with that.

            Do you have your emails regulary sent now? Hope yes…

  40. Anyone to hardcode the signup field in html? I want to place it next to my navigation bar.

  41. The post above mentions WP 2.7.1 but does this plugin also work on 2.8? I like the look of it but only if it wll work on 2.8 as I’ve updated my blog already.

    • Hi Tashword:

      The developer indicated in a prior post if I remember correctly that the S2 plugin does work with 2.8. However, user experience may vary (as has always been the case to a certain degree, even in past versions of S2) depending on the theme you’re using and additional plugins installed. In general, it seems the vast majority of users don’t have any problems but there are times when either a users theme (because of how its been coded) and/or a specific plugin(s) a user has activated on their site does cause conflicts that require troubleshooting.

      I don’t know if this is helpful, but hope it is. 🙂

    • P.S. If you have a test site, it might be helpful to test the plugin on your theme before going live in a test site, if you have one.


  42. Great plugin! Is it possible to make a feature request? I’d love to have multiple lists that people can subscribe. For example, they could subscribe to one list if they want information on upcoming events, and another for information on sales.

    Otherwise this is great!

    • Greetings Drew,

      Have you considered setting up specific categories on your blog for the different lists you have (e.g., information on sales, upcoming events, etc.)? I’m pretty sure if a user registers to your blog and wants updates, they can then choose the categories they want to subscribe to.

  43. I saw an earlier post about paying $40 for the ability to send HTML formatted emails. I would be interested in doing that if there is an ability to change the background color, insert a graphic header, make the font bigger etc…

    Could you please post/email a description of what’s possible, and the details on payment? Thanks
    PS – great plugin – it worked great once I read the instructions.

  44. Is it possible to send an email if a comment is made on a post? I don’t see the option, and didn’t find it on your site…

  45. I had a problem recently, which I think is an easy fix. For some reason, some of the settings defaulted in Subscribe2. For example, I have it set for a weekly digest, but suddenly it was set to send an e-mail for every post. And all the text in the e-mails revert to default. No big deal. I fixed it all.

    My problem is, the date the next digest is set to go out is seven days from today. It’s supposed to go out on Monday, two days from today. How can I set the DATE for the digest (not the time).



    • A few of us have had a problem with the Daily Digest time.

      I have found the easiest thing to do is install the wp-crontrol plugin I mentioned in another post.

      It will show you when it is next going to run and you can change it from there.

  46. Hi there

    Excellent plugin! Just one single issue:
    if someone subscribed (public subscription) and someday decides to register on the blog, after the registration – his subscription preference won’t be updated to receive full posts via HTML, as a registered user should. is there any way to ‘upgrade’ automatically his subscription from public to registered used without his manual intervention on the Notification Preference page, where he should check the “receive email as HTML” option?
    Thank you in advance

    • Liviu,

      Public subscribers who later register have their subscription transferred to a plain text excerpt subscription with the ability to alter it as they see fit. If you want to change this then you’ll have to hack the code.

      Look in the register() function for these 3 lines (around line 1020):

      update_usermeta($user_ID, 's2_format', 'text');
      update_usermeta($user_ID, 's2_excerpt', 'excerpt');
      update_usermeta($user_ID, 's2_autosub', $this->subscribe2_options['autosub_def']);

      And change to this:

      update_usermeta($user_ID, 's2_format', 'html');
      update_usermeta($user_ID, 's2_excerpt', 'post');
      update_usermeta($user_ID, 's2_autosub', $this->subscribe2_options['autosub_def']);

      • it worked!
        Thank you very much for your prompt reply! it saved my evening 🙂

  47. hello again

    do you have any suggestion on how to change the subscribe and unsubscribe buttons to some custom pictures, for styling purposes? 🙂
    changing to <input type=\"image\" src=\"… image source" from <input type=\"submit\" would actually cause some problems with IE as it won't pass the input so nothing will happen if you enter an email address into the input field and press the subscribe/unsubscribe picture button.
    I guess it should be done via css… what do you think?
    Thank you

    • Liviu,

      CSS is one way, another would be to give the form a name and use JavaScript to submit the form data when the graphic is clicked – I hate having to program around IE suckiness!

      Maybe something like this but remember to give the form the same name.

      <a href=”javascript:” onclick=”document.S2Form.submit()”><img border=0 src=”submit.gif”></a>

    • Chelsea,

      Short answer is no. Administrators can choose to send periodic digest emails but the frequency is chosen by admin not the recipient.

  48. Hi,

    I have a problem with the suscribe2 plugin and I hope that you can help to me…

    The problema is when I add new post, the mail is sent to the administrator (it’s correct!) but the suscribers accepted don’t receive any mail…

    I try to deactivate and activate the plugin ( but it not work for me.

    Some ideas?



    The problem isn’t in the plugis (this is fantastic!!!). The e-mail address that I suscribed for test are from the same domain of the administrator and for some reason don’t receive this email (the TO admin yes, but the BCC for the same domain no).

    I suscriber a yahoo and hotmail address and it’s work fine.

    All is correct! Thanks.


    The problem isn’t in the plugis (this is fantastic!!!). The e-mail address that I suscribed for test are from the same domain of the administrator and for some reason don’t receive this email (the TO admin yes, but the BCC for the same domain no).

    I suscribed a yahoo and hotmail address and it’s work fine.

    All is correct! Thanks.

  51. Some idea to future updates:
    Possibility of mark in the suscribe2 section of a new post the suscribers to the notification will be sended.

    Now only appear the option for “no send” notification, but if we can select whole of the suscribers will receibe the notification this will be perfect!

    Thanks and very good work!!

    • Netelbcn,

      The section that is added to the authoring pages allows you to over-ride the default function. In other words a notification will be sent (if the plugin is active) unless you tell it not too.

      • Yes, thiaction is correct, if te control is checked don’t send the mail anb by default the mail is sended, but I’m refering about the possibility of select the receivers of the mail betwen the suscribers (for example, if you have 20 suscribers but inly like ti send one or two, You can select only these suscribers in the post page).

        • Netelbcn,

          I understand your request better now but consider other Subscribe2 users who have over 10,000 subscribers. Adding this amount of information to the authoring pages would make them terribly slow to load and over complicate the page layout.

          By designing your blog with several categories and having users subscribed to those appropriate categories you should be able to get close to the functionality you desire. Equally, if you only have a limited number of subscribers and don’t want a global notification I’d suggest you disable sending of the notification and inform your chosen contacts directly of the new post.

          • OK, I understand this… it’s totally logic that you says.

            Thanks, and GOOD WORK!

  52. Hi – need some help. using 2416 in WP 2.8

    In the setting page there is an option of ‘send email from:’ and a pull down menu. My only option is post author. I’d like the email to come from the admin and not the author.

    What am I missing??


    • Mark,

      This is down to a database issue in your WordPress install. It’s cropped up before and I can’t explain how it happens as I check a fresh install of WordPress and can’t reproduce the problem.

      Bascially, Subscribe2 is looking for Administrator level users as those with level 10 privileges in your usermeta table. I’m willing to bet that you have no level 10 users. Can you check and let me know?

      • Can you point me in the right direction please. Where can I find the usermeta table?

        BTW I reinstalled WP and it didn’t help.


        • Mark,

          You can access it with PHPMyAdmin on your server but if you are not sure what you are doing you’ll need to enlist some help or at the very least make sure you have a good backup before you start.

          • Found it thanks. I assume the metakey is WP_user_level. If so there are no level 10 users. My admin user does not have that meta_key listed at all.

          • Mark,

            Have you used a Role or Capability plugin at anytime? Did you erase the first admin user after you installed? I can’t imagine where this database glitch is coming from that is affecting my plugin, I’m only reading the data so I know it isn’t me but why some users have no level 0 user based on user level but still have capabilities listed I really don’t know.

            To fix the error you need to create an entry in the usermeta table with your admin userid the metakey as given and a meta value of 10.

          • Got it! Here’s the scoop it seems that the first user registered – user ID 1 – which would always be an administrator does not get assigned a user level number however all subsequent administrators are assigned a user level. So I just created a different admin user.

            Thanks for the help

  53. This may sound crazy, but here goes. I had downloaded Subscribe2 to use on my site for parents of the kids in my class. I was testing it and had problems, so I deleted it. Then, I realized it was my email address I was using to test it, not the widget, so I went to reinstall it. Only now, even when I activate it, it doesn’t show up on my list of widgets or on my website. I was really hoping to use it for my parents to be able to subscribe to certain categories in order to keep up to date with classwork, but now I’m ready to SCREAM!

    Any suggestions?

      • Okay, well now I just feel stupid… I could have sworn I clicked all the right buttons. And I’ve asked my internet developer husband to look at it for me a hundred times, but he’s just “yeah, yeah. Don’t worry, I’ll whip something up.” See, that’s the way it is. Just like a plumber who always has the leaky pipes, it’s the techie person’s wife who has to get help from someone else.
        I’m really hoping I can do most of this on my own. He loves to help me, but sometimes, he helps too much…other times… If I continue to have problems with this, I’ll be in touch. But right now, it’s showing up so I can test it. The only thing I’m really concerned about is being able to have them subscribe just to certain categories and not the whole site because I update so often to keep my lesson plans and such current, I’ll be bombarding them if I’m not careful. And with parents, you get a wide range of abilities, so I didn’t feel comfortable using an RSS feed, though I’ll probably have that available as an option.


        • Kkingins,

          If you are worried about email overload make sure to use the function in Settings->Subscribe2 that allows you to exclude certain categories from generating an email and also be aware of the option in the authoring windows that allows to you set individual posts to not send an email notification.

          • Okay, so it’s working, but not the way I had hoped. You see, I teach 5 different sections of science, which will not all have the same homework. My hope was to be able to have it so that parents/students could subscribe to only the categories that they needed. My 7th graders don’t need to know what the 8th graders have for homework, if that makes sense. Nor do they need to know what another class has for homework. Just what applies to them.
            I’ll have to think about this a little more. It looks like the best option will be to set up a distribution list in email for each class.
            Sorry to be difficult…

          • Kkingins,

            People who register with you blog can choose which categories they subscribe to but I can see your problem. This plugin was not really designed to exactly meet your needs but is written to meet my needs and made available for free on the basis that others might like it.

            I guess your users may struggle with registration and account management based on your previous emails so perhaps an alternative solution (like a full powered mailing list application) would be for the best.

        • For my school site I used the daily news because the instant post will bombard them with emails. The downside is they get all categories rather then just the ones they are interested in but that is not nec. a bad thing.

          I went that route because of what you said – different abilities. I doubt their ability to even register properly so I did not want them as registered users just subscribers. Also we get their email addresses when they sign up at school so we can add them to the subscriber list ourselves.

          Also I set it to go out after 2:00 PM each day so it’s there when the kids get home.

          • That’s a thought. Although, I’m still thinking that I may just be better off doing a distribution list. I hadn’t thought about having them register. Like you, I just want them to subscribe. And at that, it’s still not guaranteed. But you’ve probably got the best idea.

            I agree it’s not necessarily a bad thing for them to see more than they need. I’m afraid they’ll get confused with the homework since I’ll stagger who has homework on which nights and what the homework is. Still, there’s that part of me that says it should be possible to do this. My husband tried, but he’s determined they should do the RSS feed. But he’s a techie and thinks everyone should be as well.

            Have you had any complaints about seeing more than they need?

          • We are still in test phase. School opens this September,

            Our process is that parents and older kids will subcribe to the site and get a daily email excerpt. Subscription is a simple process which we figure most people can handle.

            So they will get a daily update which has excepts only. They will need to go to the site to see full details of each post.

            Each teacher posts to their own Class Category. The procedure will be to title the post as follows “Grade 2 Homework” for homework posts and whatever they like for other posts.

            I agree it could be confusing in the daily Digest to see all the Homework posts but for parents we just expect this to be a reminder and they will go to the site to actually look in detail at the posts.

            We want people to keep coming to the site. In fact we want children to visit the site every morning to check the weather and look for school notices. Plus we added some games to keep them coming back later on.

            So really the daily digest is just a reminder to check the site.

            If you want to talk directly about this then go to the site and contact the webmaster and that will put you in contact with me.

            We are using RSS as well. We’ve also made it iphone friendly.

  54. I’m sure its not you but a WP glitch as it appears that the original admin was never assigned a user level. I added a new admin that worked fine with 2416 and it appeared on the pull down. I deleted and then added back the old admin user and it worked fine. Good app

  55. Ok, so things were going so well. I needed a bit more time today to finish some posts and so I changed the TIME of the weekly digest. And bless, it changed the WEEK and the time. I did the change with about 40 mins before the scheduled time and when I saved the changes I checked to see that it had taken – it had, with correct date and time. 2pm comes around, no digest. Check settings and low, a week has disappeared. What’s going on. Is this just a cunning plan to make sure I finish my posts on time!!!

    • SarahW,

      If you set a digest or change the time for a digest it takes now as the reference point, so it will send a weekly email starting in one weeks time. To overcome your current issue get the WP-Crontrol plugin and this will allow you to manually run the cron task on demand (so you can run it now).

      • Thanks we did indeed push the “Do it Now” button and hey presto all went smoothly. It just seems counter-intuitive. I have learned my lesson and will be less tardy in future. Keep up the good work. How’s the weekly HTML digest idea coming along?

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