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Ben Forchhammer has just released a new plugin called Mail Debug.

This plugin could be of great assistance in finding out why emails are not being sent when using Subscribe2. The documentation states:

This plugin when activated automatically redirects all email sent through wp_mail/phpmailer to the user currently logged in.

The redirected email contains information about where the original email would have been sent to.

Use this plugin if you want to test email-sending features without actually sending emails our to anyone but yourself. I wrote this plugin to ease debugging with subscribe2.

So, if you are having problems with Subscribe2 then give this plugin a try.


28 thoughts on “Mail Debug

  1. Whenever we try to activate the plugin for submit2 we get an internal server error try later error!
    what can we do? We’re using the latest wp 2.7.1

    • Paisano,

      This plugin is called Subscribe2 and you’ve asked this question under
      a post regarding a plugin called Mail_Debug. All that said you are
      asking about ‘submit2’ so I really have no idea which plugin of 3
      possibles you are actually having issues with!?!

  2. My subscribe2 stopped emailing out as of this morning. And it will no longer let me send an email to subscribers under “mail subscribers”. I’m WordPress 2.7.1
    I noticed the upgrade and did so but the issue is still not resolved. I called my hosting company (Go Daddy) and they said that it is not on their end. Help!

  3. this is the message I get:

    Message failed! Check your settings and check with your hosting provider

    Language string failed to load: instantiate

  4. I’m in the exact same boat as Chelsea – also getting the “Language string failed to load: instantiate” and none of my subscribers are receiving the new updates.

  5. Are you guys saying you upgraded Subscribe2 or Mail Debug? These are two different plugins! if it’s mail_debug which you upgraded try deactivating it… it’s only for debugging anyway πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi — I was talking about Subscribe2. My posts were emailing out regularly every day absolutely no problem. Then yesterday not only did the email not go out, but I couldn’t “mail subscribers” either. I then upgraded Subscribe2. Still could not mail. I added Mail Debug and didn’t get those messages back either — that’s why I left the comment in the wrong place.

    • Chelsea,

      If emails just stopped sending BEFORE the upgrade then the problem certainly lies with your host (despite what they say). As them specifically about email restrictions on the server and try setting the number of recipients to 75 in Settings->Subscribe2.

  7. Hi — I had asked them about email restriction. Asked them if I had been flagged for Spam, too. The answer was no in both cases. I did set my recipients to 30 (as the readme.txt suggested) and still couldn’t email my subscribers. That being said, for some reason today it emailed out the 30 at a time. I think it was strange from one day to the next before that though that the emails stopped, two different hosting people assured me over and over it wasn’t because of them. Odd. The only thing I can think of, was that was the first time I had been logged into WordPress when the emails were supposed to go out. Today, while not logged in they went out. Still didn’t make sense that I couldn’t email the subscribers. I’m baffled, but as I mentioned, it worked today. Just scared that it will drop a day again. Obviously our traffic took a nose dive without the email going out.

    • Chelsea,

      What you’ve just posted confirms my suspicions even more! Hosts will block your account for 24 hours if you break their ‘rules’ and will drop all your emails until the period has past, then all of a sudden they start sending again.

  8. Okay — I just think it’s so strange that they wouldn’t tell me when I called and specifically asked them to check if I had been flagged for some reason, etc. I appreciate your time on this and am very grateful for Subscribe2. We actually are going to finally get a check next month and will donate. Thank you again!

    • Chelsea, I’ve run into the same problems previously with other hosting providers and they tell you there is no problem their side, no restrictions and no limitations. Then you speak to someone ho knows what they are talking about an all of a sudden there certainly are restrictions and limitations! Hosting providers simply cannot allow shared hosting environments that are limitation free. This would potentially allow one hosted site to practically monopolise the server resources thus blocking access to all other hosted sites on the same server.

  9. This plugin (Mail Debug) is pretty cool. I’ve been looking for exactly this.

    So I have the latest versions of both (Subscribe2 4.16, Mail Debug 1.3… and WP 2.7.1 while I’m naming versions). For a while now, Subscribe2 has not been sending e-mail notifications for future-dated posts. I tried it with Mail Debug and received no e-mail at all (whereas I received a debug e-mail for a regular post).

    Pretty sure this isn’t a server problem. What can I do?

    • Adam Heine,

      Do other future dated actions run on your blog as expected? Backups for example? Can you see any issues recorded in the Error Logs (or can your host provider)

      • Backups work fine, and of course the actual publishing of the future-dated post.

        Yes, there is an error in the error log, though I don’t know how to fix it:

        [08-Jun-2009 04:49:43] WordPress database error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND post_password = ''

        ORDER BY post_date DESC
        LIMIT 10' at line 6 for query
        SELECT ID
        FROM wp_posts
        WHERE post_type = 'post'
        AND post_status = 'publish'
        AND post_author =
        AND post_password = ''

        ORDER BY post_date DESC
        LIMIT 10
        made by do_action_ref_array, call_user_func_array, check_and_publish_future_post, wp_publish_post, wp_transition_post_status, do_action, call_user_func_array, wordbook_transition_post_status, wordbook_publish_action, wordbook_fbclient_setfbml, wordbook_fbmltext

        • There’s your problem. The “post_author” variable for some reason is not set on the sql query; have you tried disabling the “wordbook” plugin?

          • The first time I disabled the WordBook plugin, the same thing happened. I’ve been activating and deactivating plugins all over the place though, and now it seems pretty stable: if I deactivate WordBook and Mail Debug, future posts e-mails work. If I activate either, it stops working (though if WordBook is not activated, there is no new error in the error log).

            Is there anything I can do other than get rid of the WordBook plugin, do you think?

          • I’d recommend forwarding that SQL error message to the WordBook developer(s) and have them debug/fix it πŸ˜‰

            “Mail Debug” redirects all emails to the blog administrator (blog email address) when activated, which means if you have an invalid email address there then you won’t see any emails any more. It does not do anything on the post publish event nor mess with any SQL…

  10. Hello, I have a problem, and I don’t really know where to put my question…
    The plugin was perfectly working when I was writing a new article… everyone received the e-mail. But on the other hand, it was not working for the “newsletter” possibility…
    While I was trying to fix that playing with the code and smtp ports etc… I obviously changed something… because after my little try, nothing worked anymore at all !!

    So I tried to uninstall and reinstall the plugin… (even deleting all the folder on my ftp, and deleting my sql line wp_subscribe2)… but my problem is that even now, after installing again, fresh brand new, nothing is working !! even the function that used to work (email for a new post)…
    and I’ve got the feeling that the plugin is not really uninstalled because for example, each time I try to reinstall it (I’ve tried ten times in think :)), my subscribers are already in the list, whereas the first time I installed the plugin, I had to put them manually…

    So, sorry to be so long, but one simple question… how can I uninstall properly the plugin to start again…?

    Many many thanks !!

    • Lola,

      To completely removed the plugin and all the database settings go to Plugins in the admin area of WordPress. Deactivate the plugin in this area (if it isn’t already deactivated) and then choose the Delete option from Bulk Action drop down menu.

      • Thnaks for your quick answer…
        But when I try this way, it says something like : “fatal error occured, impossible to delete entirely subscribe2/subscribe2.php”…
        and when I look trough ftp, there’s no file subscribe2.php…

        • Lola,

          Sounds like a permissions error. Upload Subscribe2 by FTP and then try again. If that fails then delete the plugin by FTP and use PHPMyAdmin to drop the subscribe2 table and also delete the subscribe2_options value in the options table.

          • It still doesn’t work… even with deleting all files by ftp and the two things you mentionned in phpmyadmin, the new installation is not clean… all my subscribers are already mentionned even if I just re-installed… they should not be there isn’it ? (in current subscribers section)

          • Lola,

            Just switched my brain on! I think what you are seeing is Registered users of your blog. Go to Tools->Subscribe2 and in the dropdown filter hopefully all of your categories will have a zero next to them and you’ll have no public subscribers. this is normal immediately after installation of Subscribe2.

  11. Ok, so now I’m really getting confused… πŸ™‚
    I was about to tell you that it was actually my problem, that even after a normaly clean install the number next to my categories in this dropdown menu, is already 29 (I’ve got 29 subscribers)… and not zero…

    but I just try a new install and it works (a little…!!)
    I mean, the numbers is not 29 but 1 now (me), so I guess my install is ok… (very strange !! I’ve tried the same things during hours and it didn’t worked !! computers… strange world πŸ™‚ )
    but I still don’t get any mail on new post… and it’s weird because the first time I installed the plugin, it worked…

    and now, suddenly I realize that there’s another problem, maybe linked… I don’t receive an email from wordpress when a comment is post on my blog anymore… argh !!

    but it’s strange because I didn’t anything…
    the smtp things I tried to fix for the newsletter function, were, as told here >> only in the plugin code…
    I didn’t change anything else…
    And I’ve be reinstalling the plugin like 15 times since that…

    Help !!
    thanks so much for your patience πŸ™‚

    • Lola,

      Emails going missing is likely to be an issue with your host, ask them about limitations or restrictions on sending of emails. If you’ve been re-installing Subscribe2 a lot and perhaps sending check emails then you may have gone over your limit.

      Also have you tried the mail_debug plugin to test for correct sending?

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