Subscribe2 4.15

Version 4.15 of the Plugin is now available for download. This version hopefully fixes the 3 issues that arose with the release of 4.14.

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

Version 4.15 is for 2.6.x and 2.7.x users. (Although it should work with WordPress 2.5 too!) This version has been tested on WordPress 2.7.1.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Fixed E_DEPRECATE warning caused by a variable being passed by reference to the ksort() function
  • Fixed called to undefined function caused by typo
  • Fixed a syntax error in the SQL code constructors affecting some users [Only occurred on PHP4 servers]

There are currently no known issues affecting this version ๐Ÿ˜€

To install correctly use the WordPress Auto Upgrade feature or:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder is uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

523 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.15

  1. Cannot get the new version 4.15 to activate.

    Get the following PHP error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘(‘, expecting ‘}’ in /homepages/30/d108588548/htdocs/thedailynigger/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 918

    Have ALL other plugin’s DEACTIVATED!

    Widget Plugin DOES ACTIVATE though!

    What be goin’ on?

    • Tommy,

      Can you double check the update and re-apply it via File Transfer Protocol. This error is highly confusing now as the syntax can’t expect a closing curly bracket ‘}’ when there is no opening curly bracket on that line.

      I’ve test this on PHP 5.2.6 and I see no syntax messages.

  2. I have installed the 4.15 version. I managed to activate it but now I have lost all my confirmed users!!!! And the widget refused to be updated! A bit complicated this time, sorry!

  3. “I managed to activate it but now I have lost all my confirmed users!!!!”

    Now that’s scary:-(

    Therefore the ghostly reminder of “thou shalt always backup data files before doing upgrades” something I’m remiss in doing me self;-)

  4. Here is the latest:

    Upgraded S2 by FTP. S2v4.15 now activates. No Errors!

    S2 widget is not upgraded to v4.15. Verified by checking code on server: <?php
    Plugin Name: Subscribe2 Counter Widget
    Version: 4.14
    Plugin URI:
    Description: Adds a sidebar widget to easily customize and display your Subscribe2 subscribers stats.
    Author: Matthew Robinson
    Author URI:

    Very strange behavior since the upgrading process for the widget should be the same as the S2 plug-in, should it not?

  5. BTW I did NOT lose my subscriber data after the upgrade, but I backed it up anyhow beforehand;-)

  6. Tommy,

    To fix the counter widget edit it and change the version number to 4.15 and the upgrade message will disappear.

    I’ve also applied the same fix to the trunk code so that auto-upgrades from now on should apply okay.

  7. Claude,

    If there are no Public Subscribers in the filter then your table must have got emptied in the Upgrade somehow (I hope you didn’t un-install at any time because if you did then the table is gone).

    As Tommy has said, there is nothing that can be done without a backup.

  8. Sure, I’d say I know it now ! I hadn’t done a backup! Could you tell which plugin is the best backup plugin for WP?

  9. I have the same as Tommy:
    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘(‘, expecting ‘}’ in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 918

    uh oh!

  10. I cannot make work the wp-backup plugin. It says that I don’t have the right do this!!

  11. Fixed code on server – Item closed

    I backed-up my data, the subscribe2 table, at server level using phpMyAdmin. I don’t trust remote MySQL server admin tools, they don’t always work perfectly;-)

    indigo, Read Matthew’s previous post to me about FTPing;-)

  12. Indigo,

    Please check your version number.

    This error should only affect version 4.14 on PHP4 installs. The latest version 4.15 passes syntax checks on PHP4.

  13. Just tried to roll back to 4.14 and got the same error upon activation! And 4.14 was working fine before. This is confusing. What could be causing it?

  14. Claude wrote:
    “I cannot make work the wp-backup plugin. It says that I donโ€™t have the right do this!!”

    And therein lies the other problem, some servers like the one I am on, will not allow remote access to admin functions;-)

  15. Claude,

    If you can’t get WP-DB-Backup to work for you please visit the plugin site. I have no input into the code and have no idea how it works, all I know is that it works for me and has save my skin a few times!

  16. Ok! All is well ๐Ÿ™‚
    I rolled back to 4.13 just to get it running again without the error. then read your response above where you said 4.15 should be fine. I thought, “what the heck, i’ll give it another try”. So i did and smooth as silk.
    It’s all fine now, thanks!

  17. Unfortunately even if he does find another plugin, it still may not work as many MySQL server operators will not let you do admin functions unless you are logged in through your “server account” Cpanel, i.e. phpMyAdmin, etc.

  18. FYI Matthew, I just tried using the automatic upgrade on another site and the same FUBAR as before. I run 10 or more sites that use this great plug-in, so it looks like for now I’ll have to use FTP to upgrade them all;-)

  19. I recommend this one for database backups:

    It does automatically sheduled backups and optimisations, and allows you to restore the datebase from within WordPress (so you don’t have to use phpmyadmin at all). However, make damn sure the dircetory where you back up your database is well protected, so people can’t steal all your data! (They provide an .htaccess file for this purpose, but I also stongly recommend disabling the viewing of directories, which I think is good practice anyway.)

  20. Hi Lee. I too use WP-DB Manager. It’s a great plugin.

    How do you disable viewing of directories?

  21. It’s an Apache rule. Ideally it should be in your httpd.conf file, but if you don’t have access to that, simply add an .htaccess file to your top level directory with the following text:

    Options -Indexes

    And that’s it! Now people won’t be able to view your directories (they will get a 403 forbidden error).

  22. Hey Lee ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you so much for getting back to me. Much appreciated…Sorry for the novice questions but where would I find the httpd.conf file? Is it the same as the .htaaccess file (I do have an .htaaccess file)? Also, does it matter where in the .htaaccess I add “Options-Indexes?”

    In advance, many thanks Lee!

  23. If you don’t know about httpd.conf, then you’d better not mess with it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fortunately though, adding .htaccess files is easy. Just create a text file with “Options -Indexes” in it (and nothing else, especially not any carriage returns), name it “.htaccess”, and upload it to the root directory of your web site. That’s it!

    Many web hosts these days pre-configure their servers without directory listings anyway, so you might want to make sure your’s isn’t already this way before you bother. Try to access a directory on your server without an index file and see what happens. If you get a listing, you need to add the .htacces file. If you get a “403 error access forbidden” message you don’t.

  24. OOPS! I just noticed that you said you already have an .htaccess file! In that case, DO NOT do as I just said, as you will overwrite it! You might want to contcat your hosting company if you don’t what you’re doing – .htaccess files can really screw up your server if they’re misconfigured.

  25. Lee wrote:
    OOPS! I just noticed that you said you already have an .htaccess file! In that case, DO NOT do as I just said, as you will overwrite it! You might want to contcat your hosting company if you donโ€™t what youโ€™re doing – .htaccess files can really screw up your server if theyโ€™re misconfigured.
    —end of quote—

    Thanks Lee….I’ll look into it. Many thanks for the input. Have a great weekend…

  26. Just wanted to say thank for fixing the bugs so quickly from the previous 4.14 release.

    This is one of my top 10 WordPress plugins, can’t do without it!



  27. Hello-
    Using WP ver 2.7.1 and your latest update.
    Can register and get e-mails, can send e-mails through the “mail to list” feature.
    However, when I add a new post or page, no e-mail is sent??
    I have adjusted the settings through the “settings” page to indicate the correct actions.
    I seem to remember having this problem with earlier versions of this program.
    I’m using this program on other blogs, same server with no problems.
    Any clue as to what to do to fix this?

    • Bruce M.,

      It seems like you’ve covered all the potential Subscribe2 issues. Have you made sure that your WordPress files are all okay (by erasing and re-installing) and also ensure that there are no plugin conflicts (by turning off all other plugins).

      Finally, it may still be work asking your Host provider for help because even though your sites are on the same server, some settings may be applied differently to different domains.

  28. The latest subscribe2 causes my MYSQL server to go bonkers and crash out. It seems to spawn a ton of MYSQL connections….

    • Ericdano,

      The upgrade function is the same as it always has been for regular WordPress. WordPress MU however has changed to allow for better integration between the plguin and the WordPress core. Your MySQL server should not crash though as the requests are all made via WordPress and should therefore all be valid.

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  30. Hi Administrator,
    thanks for your help, but I just can’t find the right line of code for creating this tiny form within the widget. Would be helpful if you tell me in which line of code the form is created. There are so many forms (backend, frontend), thus it is hard to get into it.
    I guess with finding the ‘echo “”;’ you mean just finding the right echo, because there is no single ‘echo “”;’ – displaying nothing is obviously obsolete.

    That is my site:

    Thanks for your help and best wishes


    >Administrator wrote:
    > “Bjoern,
    >Sorry for the delay, your comment was tagged as spam.
    >To fix your layout look in the subscribe2.php file for the following line:
    >echo “”;
    >And replace it with a straight forward div tag.”

    • Bjoern,

      Apologies, the often strips out HTML tags from comments and they don’t appear as they should. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      You need to look for:
      echo "<div class=\"search\">";
      And replace it with:
      echo "<div>";

  31. There’s a bug that needs addressing in subscribe2.php line 39:

    require(ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php’);

    Should read

    require(WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php’);

    The reason being that the WP_CONTENT_DIR by design can be located anywhere and does not have to be wp-content. This is an issue I have encountered with quite a few plugins after doing some custom mods).

    PS: You are hard to reach. There is no contact info in the readme/source/plugin homepage or googling your name.

    Cheers =)

  32. never mind, the issue has already been fixed.

    I was using 4.1.9 instead of the latest 4.1.15 (the former being listed last in alphabetical listing; 4.1.09 would be proper).

  33. Have just tried subscribe2, but it doesn’t seem to be saving any settings I set

    • Cloudmaster1111,

      What versions of WordPress and Subscribe2? Are you using other plugins?

      Also, there is a known conflict with the FireStats plugin.

  34. “The upgrade function is the same as it always has been for regular WordPress. WordPress MU however has changed to allow for better integration between the plguin and the WordPress core. Your MySQL server should not crash though as the requests are all made via WordPress and should therefore all be valid.”

    I am not running WordPress MU. Subscribe does spawn a ton of MySQL requests, and causes my site to tank. Removing it and going back to the 4.1.3 (I think) solves the problem.

    So, there is something going on there….

    • Ericdano,

      The upgrade function is called every time the plugin detects that a new version is being installed and also on a new installation.

      If you have installed or upgraded successfully in the past then I can’t say why you are seeing what you are seeing. On WordPress the upgrade function will conduct the following via MySQL:

      1/ Add a date column to the Subscribe2 table if needed
      2/ Collect a list of Registered Users from the WordPress user table and push them through the register() function
      3/ Collect any old Subscribe2 settings from the WordPress options table and convert them to the new settings name

      It is most likely an issue linked to the number of users on your blog. If you are sure they don’t need updating you could comment out this code or manually amend the version number in the settings to skip the upgrade code.

  35. “What versions of WordPress and Subscribe2? Are you using other plugins?”

    WordPress 2.7.1, Subscribe2 4.13. Upgrading to the latest one causes my site to become unresponsive and spawns all those MYSQL requests.

  36. Yeah, I dunno what happens, but it just kills my site. I’ve disabled it (4.15) now, and the site works just fine. There are only about 1000 people in the subscribe table, and about 8,000 people registered on the blog.

    Why Subscribe2 just kind of kills everything I dunno. But I keep getting multiple “SELECT * from wp_users WHERE ID=1362 LIMIT 1” type of MySQL messages (multiple ones that are the same), and “SELECT * FROM wp_usermeta where user_id = 1042 AND meta_key = ‘s2_autosub'”. Different values, but generally the same queries. And it never seems to stop, like Subscribe2 is stuck in a loop.

    • Ericdano,

      Those look like the Register functions that are called as part of the upgrade. Those database calls are mainly made using core WordPress functions rather than direct database queries so I’m not sure what I can change to make things better for you. This is even more the case as it seems to be working okay for most other people.

  37. I’m using WordPress 2.7.1 & Subscribe 4.15. A thought I’ve had though, my WordPress MySQL user is pretty locked down, does your plugin have to create new tables?

    • Cloudmaster1111,

      Subscribe2 only creates tables using the WordPress functions, so if WordPress managed to install okay I can’t think that MySQL being locked down is the cause of your problems.

  38. The Wordpree MySQL user was locked down after WordPress was installed, since I didn’t foresee any new tables being created.

    From what you’ve said this could be a problem which I’ll look into later

  39. Hello,

    I have updated subscribe2 but I have an issue with it. Each time a reader try to subscribe, he gets the message :
    “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.”

    Did I do something wrong ?

    • JFoulquier,

      Subscribe2 uses PHPMailer that is built in to WordPress. When an attempt is made to send an email success or failure is reported back to the calling function. In your case the PHPMailer function is reporting failure. You need to check with your host provider why this is happening as it is a server issue.

      And I’d also recommend moving to WordPress 2.7.1.

  40. I’m running wp2.7.1 and have just installed your plugin.
    Firstly, I love how it functions no complaints there, I’d just like to alter the widget slightly (remove the unsubscribe button) and find if there is a direct link for the submit.

    My situation is that I don’t want people to subscribe to the blog at all, only through the subscribe2 plugin – whether throught the widget or by redirecting them to a page that contains the subscribe form.

    I’d also like to incorporate the awesomeness of subscribe2 into a cform I’m making but I don’t know what code I need to send to where on post (assuming they’ve entered their email address).

    Any help or advice would be great and very much appreciated.


  41. I have been using this plugin for subscribers to receive a daily digest of posts. For a few / couple of weeks now the daily digest has stopped going out.

    On the Settings page, the “Next email notification” statement ends up in the past:

    Current UTC time is: March 25, 2009 @ 9:32 am

    Current blog time is: March 25, 2009 @ 5:32 am

    Next email notification will be sent when your blog time is after: March 24, 2009 @ 6:00 am

    Manually sent emails go thru; looks like the cron / simulated cron isn’t running.

    How is the plugin queued to perform cron /cron-like job?

    • Jim Boissonnault,

      The Subscribe2 plugin cron task is set using the WordPress core cron function called wp_schedule_event(). For the cron functions to work there must be traffic on your site.

      Keep an eye on the schedule time and check if it moves. If it doesn’t then there is an issue with cron. If it does move then either there were no posts meeting the send criteria or there is a core bug (possibly to do with servers connecting to themselves via the HTTP component of WordPress).

  42. Hi Tom:

    Yea, the plugin is great….Try to make a donation to Matt if you can….

    With regard to your question:

    —You wrote:
    …Iโ€™d just like to alter the widget slightly (remove the unsubscribe button) and find if there is a direct link for the submit.
    —end of quote—

    You can modify the plugin any way you want if you’re comfortable doing so. It’s open-source. Go to line 85 of the code and that’s where the code for the widget is. This can definitely be done, but you’ll have to play a little. In the next few weeks, I’m thinking about trying to do the same because it would make it simpler for subscribers (my opinion only).

    —You wrote:
    My situation is that I donโ€™t want people to subscribe to the blog at all, only through the subscribe2 plugin – whether throught the widget or by redirecting them to a page that contains the subscribe form.
    —end of quote—

    You can place the S2 token into the sidebar using the widget, or you can hardcode the form into a sidebar_page.php which is what I’ve done (instead of using the widget). I’m happy to give you the code, but HTML doesn’t show up to well on this blog, so I’m not sure what to do. With regard to not wanting people to subscribe to the blog, they can subscribe through the subscribe form (either the widget or if you hardcode it). However, if it’s important for you to have all your subscribers receive HTML email, you should be aware that they’ll only receive plain text. To have subscribers receive HTML email who are not registered to your blog, you’ll have to send Matt $40 for the code that allows that. Subscribe2 is developed and maintained for Matt’s websites and he provides the plugin free for the WP community to use as is. He has no plans to release the code to allow HTML emails to non-blog subscribers as part of the regular code.

    I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but in case you hadn’t, just a thought: if you do hack the code to remove the unsubscribe button from the subscription form, you might want to add an unsubscribe link in the emails sent to your subscribers, so they can opt out at any time. That’s very doable by looking at the code and playing around a bit.

    —You wrote:
    Iโ€™d also like to incorporate the awesomeness of subscribe2 into a cform Iโ€™m making but I donโ€™t know what code I need to send to where on post (assuming theyโ€™ve entered their email address).
    —end of quote—

    That sounds like a cool idea. However, you may have to become acquainted with the code in S2 and learn which part of it has to be incorporated into your cform. I’m not a coder, but it sounds like you may need to either understand a bit about the WP core as well or how to access the data (subscriber email address) stored in the database. All doable. That’s what I’ve found learning about this wonderful plugin. You can customize it the way you want if you know some code, and are patient in learning it.

    I hope this was somewhat helpful in answering you questions. If I can figure out how to get you the code for the form I discussed above, I’m happy to do so. Good luck and enjoy….

  43. I want people to be able to subscribe from within a particular post, so I hard coded it into comments.php
    Works fine…but it doesn’t display that nifty confirmation in place of the form. How can I fix this?
    Thanks for a great plugin!

    • Ericbeck,

      You haven’t let us know how you’ve hard coded the plugin into your comment.php page so trying to guide you is impossible. Have you used the Subscribe2 filter() function?

    • Ericbeck,

      Either link to a file on another server holding your code in text format or make sure to replace > &gt; and < with &lt; in the code you enter on here.

  44. &ltform method=”post” action=””&gt&ltp&gtYour email:&ltbr /&gt&ltinput type=”text” name=”email” value=”Enter email address…” size=”20″ onfocus=”if (this.value == ‘Enter email address…’) {this.value = ”;}” onblur=”if (this.value == ”) {this.value = ‘Enter email address…’;}” /&gt&lt/p&lt&ltp&gt&ltinput type=”submit” name=”subscribe” value=”Subscribe” /&gt &ltinput type=”submit” name=”unsubscribe” value=”Unsubscribe” /&gt&lt/p&gt&lt/form&gt

    • Ericbeck,

      I see. So you just pasted in the form as it stands then. If you do it this way you are not going to see any of the dynamic output that Subscribe2 provides. The better way, if you want the dynamic output is described here but please note that is it not a supported method so weird behaviour is for you to remedy.

  45. Andy,

    Thanks for you reply.

    I tracked down the line of code concerning the unsubscribe button and disabled it before I read your comment but that is the correct location for anyone else reading.

    Regarding the HTML to hardcode into a page, could you screenshot it and post it on photobucket or upload a text file to rapidshare or something and provide link?

    Regarding HTML email…I was unaware that it was text only. If you have them subscribeded to the blog do they get html?

    For the cform I was looking to emulate the subscribe function as part of a larger form…I think I may be able to work it out if I can get a look at your HTML code for the form.


  46. hello, just installed subscribe2 plugin and guess what no subcription box (i.e. place for people to enter their email appears either on my home page or subscription page I created. The only thing that happens is the profile link appears on subscription page, no email + this profile link leads back directly to my adim section. Which I am assuming means that any Tom, Dick or Harry would have access to my admin and dashboard.

    Is n’t there suppose to be a email form with this thing or do I have to add another plugin in order for it to appear.

    and no I am not a techie and I tried wp support and form-no related material.

    • Johnny G,

      You are seeing this becuase YOU are still logged in to your own blog. Log out and the form will appear and none of Tom, Dick or Harry will be able to access your blog unless they are registered.

  47. @ Tom:

    —You wrote:
    Thanks for you reply.
    —end of quote—

    Greetings Tom. You are most welcome.

    —You wrote:
    …Regarding the HTML to hardcode into a page, could you screenshot it and post it on photobucket or upload a text file to rapidshare or something and provide link?
    —end of quote—

    I’m not sure how to use photobucket or rapidshare. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sorry. If you have a website with a contact page and could leave that address, I can contact you that way.

    —You wrote:
    Regarding HTML emailโ€ฆI was unaware that it was text only. If you have them subscribeded to the blog do they get html?
    —end of quote–

    If they simply subscribe to the blog via the widget or by hardcoding into a php file, they do not receive HTML email; they only receive HTML email (and that’s assuming you’ve selected that in the admin panel > Settings > Subscribe2) if the person registers on your blog.

    —You wrote:
    For the cform I was looking to emulate the subscribe function as part of a larger formโ€ฆI think I may be able to work it out if I can get a look at your HTML code for the form.
    —end of quote—

    Actually, let me try to post the code if I can using a suggestion Matt has made in the past:

    <div class=subscribe&gt

    <form style=”border:1px solid #ccc;padding:3px;text-align:center;” action=”” method=”post” <p&gt<h1>Subscribe</h1&gt<?php
    $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, ‘<!–subscribe2–>’); echo $content; ?&gt</p></form&gt

    I hope the code above shows correctly. If not, you’ll have to leave me some way to contact you.

  48. @Tom:

    Well, it ALMOST worked ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me try again:

    <form style=”border:1px solid #ccc;padding:3px;text-align:center;” action=”” method=”post” Subscribe<?php
    $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, ‘‘); echo $content; ?>

  49. @Tom

    Aha! It worked!

    I hope this is helpful for you Tom. Let me know. Also, please be aware that Matt does provide support for this or for any problems with S2 that may arise as a result of your using this code.

    I’ve been playing and tweaking with the S2 plugin on a test site to get it to look and operate the way I want and I have not had a problem with it though. Enjoy!

  50. Hello Johnny G.

    Have you “Enable Subscribe2 Widget?” in the admin panel?
    (Admin > Settings > Subscribe2)

  51. @ TOM

    CORRECTION: my last email to you had HTML code to emphasize “not,” which didn’t show up ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    To clarify:

    Matt does NOT provide support for the solution I offered.

    My sincere apologies to you and anyone else reading the above post.

  52. Hi, I asked you once how to change the font and background color of the widget (not the counter widget) but I ended up finding how to change it on the stylesheet.

    My problem is I changed the theme and what I changed in the stylesheet doesn’t work anymore. I’d like to change the title font and background color to match other widgets but can’t find out how to do that. It seems like it has to be changed in the subscribe2.php file but I don’t know how nor where.

    Can you help?


    • Blandine,

      The Subscribe2 form widget currently uses styling information in the div class of ‘search’ but in the next version I’m going to allow users to define their own class name. In the meantime your CSS styling for the form should use a div class called search.

  53. DOH! It’s a Homer- thanks I was not aware that this might effect the process, but it makes sense. Everything is roses so far.

  54. I have over 2000 subscribers and I’m having a problem because of the speed at which it sends out the emails.

    Because there are so many queries all happening so quickly,, the mysql server stops responding & most of my emails don’t get sent out.

    Is there any way to queue the emails, or so slow them down, or something?


    • Paul,

      There is no built in delay or queueing facility in Subscribe2.

      I suppose you could try editing the code to add some sleep() commands into the publish() function in between the statements that pass to the mail function (lines start with $this-<mail).

      • Can you provide any extra detail about adding sleep() commands – I don’t want to break your code.

        Are you suggesting add, for example sleep(30);
        after every line with: $this->mail, for example, changing this:

        $this->mail($recipients, $subject, $message);

        to this:
        $this->mail($recipients, $subject, $message);

        Should this work?

        • Brant,

          I honestly don’t know if it will work but you can give it a try if you
          are having problems. All this will do is delay the execution of each
          mail command to allow your mail queue to clear a little. That said
          most servers should handle the emails generated with ease and such a
          fix should be entirely unnecessary. It really is down to poor server
          configuration or overselling of server space leading to excessive
          restrictions in what you are allowed to do.

  55. Hi, thank you for a great plugin. Could you please tell me why it is that when someone subscribes, the following message appears on the subscriber page?

    >Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.<

    These people are actually subscribed on my list. I don’t know if they’re getting emails because I deactivated the plugin when they told me they got that message. That threw me off so I deactivated the plugin for a while, but now it’s activated again.

    What to do? Is there an email address for contacting you with these problems, or what’s the best way? Thanks for your help.

    • Mrs. (Always) Right,

      The mail() functions built into WordPress return status messages after sending emails. This can be success, fail or something in between – like sent but with errors. It would seem that your site is sending with some errors and these are being passed back to Subscribe2 and reported as failures (because it isn’t a 100% success). You’ll need to ask your host to investigate.

  56. OK, thanks a lot for the sleep() tip!

    When I use the “email subscribers”, does it also use this function?

    Also, does it obey the “only email X emails at a time” setting?


  57. Bizarre issue with subscribe 2. WP 2.7.1 and S2 4.15 using the cutline theme.

    When I create an archive page in cutline all of the subscribe / unsubscribe links direct to the archive page and none of the transactions are completed.

    I removed the archive page and everything works fine!

    Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

  58. I’m going back-and-forth with hosting company, trying to get an engineer to call me. The scheduled time does not move; basically, it gets stuck in the past and does not seem to execute.

    Thanks for your responses already. I’m going to keep bugging the hosting company.

    In the mean time, is there any way to run the daily digest email send from a cron job, which I can execute directly?

    • Jim,

      There isn’t an easy way really. The best I can think of would be to run the Subscribe2 cron function on every page load for your site by adding it as an action to something like ‘shutdown’ or to write your own plugin to call it. to do the former add the following line to the subscre2() function in subscribe2.php.
      add_action('shutdown', array(&$this, 'subscribe2_cron');

  59. Thanks. I used some test scripts with wp-cron.php to create a crontest.php page and load errors to screen. The errors ended up showing a possible problem with subscribe2; I installed the very latest version and the errors disappeared. I will see whether things works tonight. I’ll post back if things get better.

    I have a question on the cron function with subscribe2. Basically, couldn’t I run a wget from another server to call either wp-cron.php or the home page of my site to? Say I have the daily digest scheduled for 11 pm ET (2 am UTC), can I have a server wget the home page or wp-cron at some time before or after the subscribe2 11 pm schedule to ensure the background processes run?

    • Jim,

      I’m not sure that calling wp-cron.php directly works. The cron function is called on every page load (normally) so it seems quite likely that your host admin has disabled it due to it hogging resources.

  60. Great widget – but I’ve done one small hack. It normally sends the emails out using the board admin email address and name – but I want to be able to specify a different one to send out the daily reports.

    It was easy to change the code to do that (hard coded!), but it would be nice if there was a proper edit box on the main subscribe2 admin page instead that you could enter the ‘from’ details in. Ten I wouldn’t need to re edit everytime I upgrade, and non techo people could change it as well.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And thanks for putting the time into this, it was the first thing I went looking for after I installed wordpress…


    • Ian,

      I get asked this quite a lot but allowing users to manually enter ‘From’ emails will, in my opinion, make this plugin more prone to spam misuse.

      You can always amend the from details for your fist admin users in the WordPress tables.

      • Sorry to chime in on this one late in the day, but I agree with Ian. WP admin has a box which asks you “email address” this will be the address used for mailing confirmations etc. Our blog has several users that are admins, there is the tech admin called Admin that does the clever stuff under the hood (the one I was bribing if you recall ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Surely there is a logic in using an email that is already in the WP system which has the assigned by the Admin to the emailing role?

        • SarahW,

          The next version will have a drop down selector in Settings->Subscribe2 that will allow you to choose for the email to come from the post author or from a specified admin level user of the blog.

          • Hi – did the change make it in, if it did I can’t see for looking. Thanks

          • SarahW,

            It’s on my installs. Look in Settings->Subscribe2 under Notification Settings. There should be a drop down selector box where it says “Send Email From:” that lists Post Author and all admin level users.

  61. Hi Matt,

    I’ve updated Subscribe2 to 4.15 version, but I’m having problems with the email confirmation. When someone registers, the email confirmation with the user and pass is not sent.
    This wasn’t happened before installing the new version. Any ideas??

    I’m using WordPress 2.7.1.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Jorge,

      I’m not sure if you are talking about WordPress user registrations or public subscriber sign-ups. If it is the former then this has noting to do with Subscribe2, it is a core WordPress function.

      If you mean the latter (no username and password is sent, just a confirmation link) then you need to ask your host provider why the emails are being blocked.

  62. thanks – but I did’t mean allow the ‘users’ to do it (change the from email address), only the sys admin, ie on the subscribe2 admin page have an extra field.

    The reason I have this (I have already changed mine) is that I have ‘admin’ messages coming from an obvious admin address ie, where the subscription content comes from an address saying it is content ie from “ update!” .

    If they are like me, and most users who will subscribe to my site are :-), they get hundreds of emails a day that aren’t spam.. So I have to make it pretty clear who and what is being sent from whom..

    • Ian,

      Ah, so you are using an admin address and an update address. I’m not sure how I could allow this in the plugin other than via a text field (which I’m not keen on – it’d have to pass some validation and be escaped) but I’ll see if I can think of a better way and maybe get it in for next time.

  63. I tried for a while to find this answer myself, so I’m sorry if this is a repeat question. How do I generate a confirmation link? This is driving me nuts. I have the emails set up, but without a working confirmation link, noone can sign up! Please please please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks!

    • Migs,

      If you have several Unconfirmed used and want to resend a confirmation link go to Tools->Subscribers and filter on Unconfirmed Subscribers and a Send Reminder button will appear.

      If you are talking about a single user this is automatically sent when they start the subscription process. If you have manually entered their email in Tools->Subscribers then they will automatically be entered as a Confirmed Subscriber and not need the link.

  64. hi.. i received this error upon activating the latest version on WP2.71

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7680 bytes) in /home1/momblogg/public_html/wp-includes/kses.php(1005) : runtime-created function on line 1

    • Mombloggersplanet,

      The error is telling you that you have run out of allocated memory. Given that you have been allocated 32 megabytes it does seem that something is hogging your memory. Ask your host provider to take a look, it may need the webserver restarted, or it may be a plugin conflict.

  65. wp-cron.php and subscribe2 follow-up.

    Thanks again for your responses; excellent support by you for your free plugin.

    Info below is meant to provide help to anyone else who has a problem with the wordpress cron sending out emails to public subscribers.

    1. WordPress cron stopped working out of the blue.
    After testing, I’ve concluded a change was made by the hosting service that blocks the native wp-cron.php calls back to the server on port 80.

    To test this, I used a socket test easily found on the web:

    I created a crontest.php file in my main wordpress directory on the server and called it from the browers:

    Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out) in /data/[path to my main directory/crontest.php on line 3
    Error: Connection timed out (110)

    I then changed the crontest.php file to use the local host ip instead of domain name:

    Success sending the GET.

    2. I created an alternate wp-cron.php after googling in which I commented out the line that checks to kick off the cron:

    /*if ( $_GET[‘check’] != wp_hash(‘187425’) )
    I did this by copying the original wp-cron.php, commenting out the line above, then renamed the file something like whatever.php.
    I then put the file in the main directory on the server and called it via the browser:

    This fired off the subscribe2 emails immediately.

    So, the solution is to choose one of the following:

    1. Work with the host to allow the original file access on port 80 (This is problematic, but I will keep trying to get a conversation with a tier-3 engineer at the hosting company)
    2. Use a cron job locally on my server to call my version of wp-cron.php (This will work; I can put the file somewhwere besides the web root and simply call it via admin panel by using “php /path/whatever.php”. By putting the file in a non-web location, this means nobody else can call the file, so I can’t get pounded by robots or other and run into problems with the hosting company. If I want a daily digest to go out to subscribers, I can set subscribe2 to 10 or 11 pm blog time, then run the cron for 11:15 or 11:30 blog time. There may be a need to tinker here to determine whether the cron reads the server or blog time. Anyway, this should work.)
    3. Modify the native wp-cron.php to include a hard-coded path to (I don’t think this is the best option, because it may create a new issue with the hosting service.)

    The only remaining question is what happens to the native wordpress wp-cron.php. Since it fails already anyway, I probably can just leave it alone.

    Finally, if I go with option 2, I will have to pay close attention to any changes that occur to the original wp-cron.php during any future upgrades.

    So, there’s my story; hope it helps somebody else…The problem, of course, has nothing to do with the plug-in or WordPress, as far as I can tell.

    If anyone else has run into this and tried one of the 3 options above or found another solution, please post back.


  66. Hello Matt,
    when the plugins send the mail,i can only select from 2 senders options but if i need to show totally different sender name for emails. can you pls let me know how i can change from the code.
    also it may be a good idea to add custom sender name option for your next version.

    • Mert,

      The easiest way is to amend the admin details for the first admin user in your WordPress database. If you want to hard code it then look at the mail() function in subscribe2.php or wait for the next version – I’m making some small changes that should keep you happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. So then one need to change the count everytime a new one start to subscribe if i put a simple text in the template.

    Maybe this could be a new function for the future.

  68. Thanks for a very nice plugin. Do you have any plans to make this plugin 508 or wcag -compliant? It would be very nice if you included the label-tag in your code.

    • Pรฅl,

      As far as I know the plugin is complaint but generates warnings due to it not using label tags. I guess I can look at this when I find time to read who to make it fully compliant.

  69. Great prugin. After upgrating to the last version the weekly digest now only is send out to subscribed users, not to registered user. Does anyone else experiance this?

    • Lowestoftcc / Paul,

      Have you got any Excluded Categories in Settings->Subscribe2? I have not changed any of the code in this area that I recall so there should be no reason for it to suddenly stop working.

      The only thing I can guess at was there was a typo in 4.14 that may not have been resolved by the automatic upgrade. Grab the 4.15 code and upload it manually.

  70. Hi,

    First: thank you for this GREAT plugin ๐Ÿ™‚

    Then my question: Is there any way to impose a delay between sending of e-mail batches? My hosting provider allows max 99 recipients per mail (which I can set in the options page just fine) but ALSO a limit of 200 per hour! I tried to use external smtp servers but apparently they successfully block any outgoing connections. I can only use mail(), wp_mail() or their mail relay server – which basically boils down to the same thing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    The only way I see to prevent e-mails being dropped is to be able to send in batches with a time interval – half hour in my case.

    Anyone know a way to do this? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • RavanH,

      There is no way to ‘choke’ the sending of emails from Subscribe2. This is not something that I currently need with my hosting provider and I don’t have time to set this up for users of more stringent hosting providers. There is an alternative that does this or there are server side solutions that work very well.

  71. I do not have any excluded catogories. I have the same problem on two sites I have. Also I have regestered all users to all catagories to rule out that this info might have been lost, but there is no difference. Thanks for your help already.

  72. I understand. Can you point me to such an alternative plugin? I have been using Subscribe2 for too long to switch but I am curious to see how the time-based choking is tackled and maybe write some hack for S2. Prepared to share the result, obviously ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. I am looking into installing Subscribe2. I am running ver. 2.7.1 WP hosted at Bluehost. Currently using Feedburner for Subscriptions to my blog. Also I am very new at this and don’t understand all things yet.

    Would like to have my subscribe box be located in side bar like it is now. At this time only interested in having one list of Subscribers and have them choose to receive full post and just a new post notice when they subscribe.

    Is there a way I can enter my current list from Feedburner and have them setup as existing.

    Thank you,

  74. TEXT CORRECTION: replaced and with or

    them choose to receive full post or just a new post notice when they

    Thank You,

    • JWLW,

      There is a Widget that you can use to put the Subscription form in your sidebar so it will work like FeedBurner.

      You can import the email addresses from FeedBurner is you can export them to a text list or a CSV file. They will import as Public Subscribers and all get post excerpt notifications. There is no way for Public Subscriber to choose the type of email the get. For this they must Register with you blog.

  75. I am using Subscribe2. Is there a way to allow the individual user to select the mail frequency?

  76. Thanks. Would that be a feature to be considered for a future upgrade?

    • Charles,

      That would require some fairly extensive re-writes to several areas of the code, so while it is possible it certainly isn’t something you should expect soon.

  77. Greetings JWLW:

    Subscribe2 is an awesome replacement for FeedBurner. BTW, your blog is very attractive! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck completing it.

    I want to encourage you to read the information that came with the S2 download, and then play with the plugin. In the admin panel, you will find areas to do what you want: (1) Admin > posts > mail subscribers. (2) admin > users > subscriptions. (3) admin > tools > subsciptions and subscribers. (4) admin > settings > subscribe2. Between all these areas, you can do what you want. You can customize the emails that are sent as well using HTML and some inline CSS–***IF*** your users are registered on your blog (versus just subscribers). All others get plain text. Register yourself on your blog as a recipient of your own email from the blog. Then create a test post as you envision your posts to be, and then play with the various settings as you re-post your test post to see what you’ll get. Hopefully this will be easy since your blog is being developed.

    The widget you want to put into your blog is found under admin > appearance > widgets. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to ask however, ***please*** search the Subscribe2 blog and all the posts for your answer first, as you will likely find your answers there.

    Hope this is helpful. Also, if you end up using the S2 plugin, please consider making a donation to support Matt’s continued development. He has created and maintained this extraordinary plugin for his own websites only, but has generously donated it to the WP community.

    Good luck completing your beautiful blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. I got the following error message when I tried to activate Subscribe2 4.15:

    Warning: require(/usr/home/c—–m/domains/m—– [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/home/c—–m/domains/m—— on line 47

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/usr/home/c—–m/domains/m—’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /usr/home/c——m/domains/m—– on line 47

    Any ideas? What have I done wrong?

    • Motherbydesign,

      If you know how to read the error message the answer is in front of you. The first section in the brackets gives you the path and name of a file – namely buttonsnap.php. Next it tells you that this file failed to open as there was no such file or directory.

      So, basically the include folder is missing or the buttonsnap.php within that folder is missing. Upload it and the plugin will work and the message will disappear.

  79. Can you let me know where I can hardwire the sender’s email in sunscribe2.php, so that a different one is shown for notification emails to the one in Admin? [Admin is a private email used for posting by cellphone and I don’t want anyone to know it!]


  80. Sorry for spelly in last post – should have been “subscribe2.php” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Two other questions …. how do I see a list of subscribers and can I change edit/delete these ?

    Thanks for a great plug-in, btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Hey Mazey!

    If you look above (~6 posts) to my post dated
    April 2, 2009 at 1:05 pm, that should help you with the locations. I encourage you to play with the plugin and try all the settings out to become familiar with it.

    Hope this is helpful ๐Ÿ™‚


  82. Subscribe2 working good. Just did a test and all went well. Will need to fine tune it a little but it does work well.

    Thank to Matt and Andy for the support.

    Will most likely be back some time for some thing don’t know what now but working on it.

    Thanks again,

  83. This may be in the wrong area, so please direct me if there is a better place to post.

    I have been looking into the subscribe2 module. Which seems to be working well. So congrats on a nice plugin.

    However, I was wondering if there was a feature (or way to adjust, I know a little PHP) to have personalized greetings.

    So when the person signs up, you can add extra fields to the widget so they can provide their name.

    Then in the emails for the updates, you can alter the message to say.

    “Hello John,

    for this weeks blah blah”

    Am thinking this would have been covered before but not finding much love.


  84. Thanks Andy, I’ve now found the subscribers list management but I’m still struggling with hardwiring the notification email address – can you advise me on that one (my post yesterday 8:32)

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Getting there … I’ve been able to hardcode the sender’s email in the headers but I can’t see the line where to hardwire the TO: email address (as it’s shown and is the same as the senders email). Can you point me in the right direction ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Mazey,

      The emails are sent to anf from the same address with subscribers addresses in the BCC header. Why do you want it to go to a different address that the from one?

  86. Indeed, your plugin is the best subscribtion plugin.
    Two questions
    – I would like to offer the mail to subscriber functionality only to Editors and higher. Currently also Authors can use it. Is that configurable somewhere?
    – Can I theme the page where the user sets its subscriptions?

  87. wp-cron.php kicking off subscribe2 daily digest resolved.

    Hosting service ssl policy is blocking the socket call from the host to its own name.

    The hosting service is reviewing to make global policy change.

    In the mean time, the following fix works:

    I modified the line in cron.php (somwhere around 181):

    $cron_url = get_option( ‘siteurl’ ) . ‘/wp-cron.php?check=’ . wp_hash(‘187425’); */

    And changed it to use a hard-coded path w/the bakdoor host name included:

    $cron_url = ‘http://[hostname/wp-cron.php?check=’ . wp_hash(‘187425’);

    Basically, the hostname can be 1) the ‘other’ host name generally provided by the hosting service, often referred to as the ‘vanity’ host, or 2) local host ip

    I didn’t try the, but I believe it would work too.

    Thanks again.

  88. Hi Administrator,

    Sorry for the mis-understanding … I want to use the same email address for BOTH the FROM: and TO: but this email address mustn’t be the same one as set-up in WordPress for the Admin. I have been able to find and change the FROM address in subscribe2.php but I can see where the TO address can be changed, as it doesn’t appear in the section along with the email headers. Can you advise me where it is? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mazey,

      Presumably you have changed this line:
      $headers = "From: \"" . $this->myname . "\" <" . $this->myemail . ">\n";

      But it would be easier defining the two $this variables a little further up the function.

  89. Admin:

    Yes, that line now says …..

    $headers = “From: \”” . $this->myname . “\” \n”;

    but where is the line for the TO: email?

  90. Email address part filtered out in above post …. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Try this … (the actual line has a proper email address) ๐Ÿ™‚

    $headers = “From: \”” . $this->myname . “\” \n”;

  91. Email address being removed before last backslash.

    Anyway, still looking for the To line – any guidance ?

    • Mazey,

      As I just posted, you’ll find it easier defining the two $this variables slightly further up the function.

      Look for where $this->myname and $this->myemail are defined and hard code it there, taking the if statement out. If you are struggling, either leave things as they are and wait for the next version of Subscribe2 (which should give you more options) or pay someone to sort if for you.

  92. A thought: when the bcclimit is set to 1, there are actual individual posts sent out. This could provide room for personalization like putting in recients name and such. So what about a Message substition tags like USERNAME or SUBSCRIBER can be very useful, provided that bcclimit is set to 1. Also to make the Confirmation and Reminder e-mails more personal, a tag like that would be very welcome… Well, just a thought ๐Ÿ™‚

    • RavanH,

      You are quite right that when the bcclimit is set as one the post goes to individual subscribers but this doesn’t overcome that fact that public subscribers don’t enter their name and registered users don’t have to either. This would mean that the vast majority of USERNAME and SUBSCRIBER variables would be empty.

  93. First of all, Thank you for the great plugin!

    I’d like to ask what can I do in order to have the subscription form in my the index.php of my theme.
    I know that you are not supporting this, you are only supporting the widget version. So What I do is widgetize the index.php in order to add your widget. But it fails… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The widget is working very well in the normal sidebar of my theme and this widgetized area of the theme is well coded because I’ve tested it with other widgets.

    In other hand I check your code in:
    and for me is not working either.

    I’ll appreciate very much your help.
    Kind regards,

    • Roy,

      This is why I don’t support use beyond the Token and the Widget, there are too many variables in the different themes and too many chances for things to go wrong or not work.

      Although I can understand your predicament ‘not supported’ means that I don’t have the time to spend with everyone who wants to employ Subscribe2 and sort out their problems for free. You’ll have to keep trying until you get it to work or rely in the in-built mechanisms for displaying the plugin.

  94. All the features of the plugin works great except when I try to confirm a subscription I get back 404 error find_us/?s2=1d426c03010923d26f86e771336e951802 I wish I knew where that baby was. I believe all I need to do is move it to the root folder dang

    Nice plugin thanks


    • Evan,

      Thaat link isn’t a file, it’s a $_GET request. If your site is producing a 404 error when you click the link it’s because you have redirects in place either in the permalinks, .htaccess or another plugin. Or perhaps something on the server.

      Rebuild your permalinks, make sure you .htaccess is not the problem, disable other plugins (particularly SEO ones) and check with your host about redirects.

  95. Thanks for the reply I’m pretty new to this.. Everything works except this 404 error. I can see the email is added in subscribers. I can send e-mails also. I’ll disable all I am using all in 1 seo, Im also using nospamnx I’ll disable that also. I’m wondering if I’m still getting the 404 error can I just change the h2 heading to “thank you for your subscription” lol.. I mean everything else works fine so far


  96. I just put the permalinks to default no 404 error but is the page suppose to say thank you for your subscription or something its just all white in the body

  97. Thank your for your reply.

    I added your plugin as widget, I understood that your plugin works as widget everywhere in the theme. Maybe I didn’t understood you very well, or you don’t explain it very well.

    For free you have done a lot with your plugin for all of us.

    So thank you anyway.

  98. HI: John back again.

    How do I send a post up date email to only myself ??
    This it to test and see what Email looks like.

    Thank You,

  99. ok Admin, I think you’ll be happy to know this.

    I tried again and now is working as widget in my index.php. I must have been doing something wrong in the implementation of the widget area.

    Now I can add the form more than once, always using the specific widget that I made up for your plugin as container.

    I hope this help for all the people looking a different implementation of your plugin.


  100. @Roy:

    I’m not sure if the following code will work, but you can try adding this:

    $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, ‘<!–subscribe2–>’); echo $content; ?>

    I have placed this in a sidebar_page.php. Might work in your index.php, though I haven’t tried it there. It works great. No guarantee it will work in your theme, but hey, give it a try. The code above looks very similar to the one you tried, but if you look carefully, you’ll notice it’s modified slightly.

    Good luck, and please let me know if this works for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. @John:

    Greetings John ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hmmm…I have a test sight that I use to check things on and that I work out all the kinks. Thereafter, I know how my emails will be. If you don’t have any subscribers yet, you could simply just subscribe to your own site (which by the way, I always think is a good idea). However, if you DO have subscribers, that wouldn’t work. There maybe a way to only send to yourself but I’m not sure about this. I’m not too sure if this was helpful. Maybe Matt will have a better idea….

  102. @ Evan:

    Good Evening….

    Yes, when someone has successfully subscribed, a web page opens up and there is a thank you message to confirm to the subscriber that they’ve been successful. On my website, it is a white page with the banner at the top and my sidebar. But the body of the page is blank (white)….I don’t know how it looks on other websites. If I understood your question, it sounds like you’re seeing what you’re supposed to. I hope this answered your question.

    Have a good evening ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. @Evan:

    Just thought of this: You could try and disable all of your plugins, then enable the S2 to see if that clears up the 404. If so, then there may be a plugin conflict. If so, I would suggest enabling each plugin one at a time until you find the offending plugin. Then again, sometimes disabling and re-enabling plugins for some odd reason clears up the problem all together. Anyway, hope this is helpful.

  104. Andy:

    What if I deactivate other subscribers run the test and them reactivate them ??

    Can I trigger a send notice without posting a new post??

    Thanks john

  105. ‘Morning John:

    Hmmm….That’s an interesting idea. Go for it. My thoughts would be if you can deactivate the subscribers (I’m assuming you mean block the subscribers and then unblock them afterwards) and run a test, that would be a fine idea. I’ve not played around with that before. As far as triggering a send notice w/o posting a new post, you could trying going into the admin panel > posts > mail subscribers. There you can select who to send an email notification w/o posting again. I’m not sure of another way (let me know what you come up with though ๐Ÿ˜‰ other then posting again (you just change the date/time in the WP admin panel under post/edit).

    I’m a user like yourself–I am not part of the developer. I have great respect for Matt and his work/generosity. I just try to help out on the comments when I can. However, my knowledge base doesn’t even come close to Matt’s. I’m able to offer support in the areas I’m familiar with on the plugin from my own use/experience. I also have some very limited HTML, CSS, WP knowledge. Again, all from experience and trial/error in designing/learning about my own theme/site. I don’t code for a living and consider myself a novice at best. But I share what I can ’cause I know what it’s like to not be sure how to make your site perform the way you want and need information. But it’s not much ๐Ÿ™‚

    My own needs were to replace FeedBurner with a solution that was reliable, and could produce nice looking emails–like FeedBurner.

    Anyway, I hope my feedback has been helpful. If not, you can address Matt in the comment section and I’m sure he’ll get back to you soon. That’s one of the awesome things about the developer of this great plugin: The support is fantastic!

    Have a great rest of your weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. @John:

    Just a thought: Don’t forget to backup your site before trying things you’re unsure of. I use the fantastic plugin WP-DBManager by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan. It is a great plugin in for backing up your site. I highly recommend it.

  107. Thanks for the reply Andy,

    I’ve been playing around with it by adding then deleting my own email address. I don’t get The 404 anymore, Fixed that my putting the permalink back to default. Everything works fine except when I click to conform the subscription I get my home page which is static and a theme the body still is a white box with nothing in it. Do you know the php mail processing script name? Perhaps That can be edited.

  108. ‘Afternoon Evan —

    I don’t know. Maybe Matt can help there….BTW, if you put the permalink back to default, versus “pretty” are you concerned about SEO?

    So sorry I am u/a to help you with your question. I’m a user like yourself–I’m not part of the developer. I continue to learn about this plugin and play with the code myself, but this area I am unfamiliar with currently. I respond to questions to help Matt out when I can out of respect and appreciation for his generosity in developing/maintaining this awesome plugin, and to give back to others. I’ve learned the little I know about WP, HTML, etc., from so many other generous souls who have contributed to my knowledge and learning. I try to help where/if I can.

    Re-post in the next day or so if Matt doesn’t pick up on this post. Good luck to you Evan and have a great day….

  109. Thanks for the reply Andy,
    I’ve been using WP for a few weeks now. I’m also trying to learn HTML, PHP and mysql. I’m not even 100% sure of what a permalink does lol..I have the all in one seo installed though and have read some on seo. I guess right now, I’m happy that people are not getting a 404 error thinking their subscription didn’t work. I’m not sure whats more important the all in one seo or setting the permalink back to day and name where it was before. when you say “pretty” what does that mean if I can ask Andy?.. I’ll continue to play around and maybe Matt can send another post. what took me hrs. to try to resolve he resolved it in 30 sec.’s Thanks again Andy

    • Evan,

      When you click the confirm link are you certain that Subscribe2 is staill active? Have you defined a page ID in the Settings->Subscribe2 page in admin?

      Any chance you can let me know your site URL and I’ll see what it looks like from my side.

  110. Thank you very much Andy, finally I achieve it widgetizing the index.php. And adding the widget as usual in the dashboard.

    Take care,

  111. @Evan:

    Well, the permalinks help with the SEO, but to be honest, its not that simple. As you’ve been learning, SEO is a whole lot of different things. Some small. Some not so small. And, its constantly changing by the search engines. In reality, how important it is and how much to put some consistent time and energy into SEO I think depends on what your aim is with your website. If its a personal blog and you don’t care that much about how much traffic you receive, then it probably doesn’t matter that much. If your site/blog is to market products or a service or to generate significant traffic (with or without the aim of making money), I think its pretty important then. Simply being on WordPress though puts you light-years ahead of many websites as it pretty much is SEO right out of the box.

    A “pretty” permalink looks like this: or (for example), versus:

    I recommend searching the WP codex for “pretty permalinks” and that will tell you lots. I found the following book immensely helpful learning WP:

    “WordPress for Dummies” by Lisa Sabin-Wilson. I personally think it’s a must have.

    Anyway take good care and have fun with your new WP site! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you can spare it, please don’t forget a donation for Matt’s efforts.

    Have a good weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. HI Andy: Not working on the blog today, doing outside projects like cleaning up from last winters Ice storm.
    See the post on blog.

    Will probably work on it some tonight.

    Enjoy your day,

  113. I use the tag to set my excerpts on posts, and only want subscribe to send out its notifications of the excerpts. However, I’m guessing it uses excerpts as defined in the Post creation box (i.e. the dedicated Excerpts box), and not the “more” tag. Any way to get it to use this instead?

    • Shilldiy,

      I’m please to tell you that you guess wrong. The plugin looks for a defined excerpt first, if it doesn’t find one then the post is split at a <–more–> tag with the first part being the ‘excerpt’ If this is not found either then the first 55 words are used for the excerpt.

  114. Hello,
    I have got the latest version of subscribe 2 installed and activated. but the problem is that people are not receiving the mails of the posts they have subscribed too. please help.

  115. HI Andy: If you are there, if not good morning to whom ever is.

    Posted a Test post and tried sending it to only 2 subscribers from my list. Tried several ways to send the notice but it only sent 0ne of the two, sent it to (admin or author which are the same). Also only sent in “Plain Text – Excerpt” no matter what I selected.

    I noticed that the Admin’s address was in the list twice, must have put it in second time when copying list from feedburner. Can’t find a way to delete the duplicate ??

    It’s now 8:10 AM here will be in and out here all day.

    Thank You,

    • JWLW,

      If the admin address is the sender then the address is not added as a recipient and you won’t get the email. Admin gets it anyway as the TO: address.

      As for the email format, you need to select this for a Registered User of your blog, if you only have Public Subscribers then the plaintext email will be all that is sent. Only Registered Users are given more options.

  116. ‘Morning John:

    My apologies in advance for asking something that may be obvious, but were the two subscribers different (different email addresses)? The reason I’m asking is you stated “…admin or author which are the same). I’m a little confused as to what you meant.

    With regard to the Admin address being in the list twice, the way you delete one is as follows:

    admin > tools > subscribers

    Under Current Subscribers, choose the one you want to delete by checking the box to the left of their name under the “X” column. Then press the button “process.”

    While the vast majority of what I’ve found to be important in the plugin (for me) is under the Settings tab, sometimes other features are scattered under other tabs.

    Let me know if that words.

    Have a really good day.

  117. Hi,
    whats about supporting of html tags in Mail Subscribers?
    And in settings to add one position

    Send Emails:
    For each Post

    Only When I want
    I want to send email to subscribers only when I want, not every day or every week or per each post.
    Is it possible?

    • Victor,

      HTML tags are supported in the paid version.

      As for on demand sending, set up per-post notification and Use the Subscribe2 override. The plugin is designed to send emails when you make a post though so the other way would be to disable sending for all posts and use Write->Mail Subscribers or find a plugin designed to do what you are after rather than using a close fit.

  118. hi,

    I am having problem with bringing up the default subsription form (the email field, subscribe and unsubscribe buttons). I have enabled the subscribe2 widget, created the page with s2 token, placed the page id where it says. But still the form isn’t appearing if I don’t use the following code snippet

    $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, ‘‘);
    echo $content;
    Is this actually required to bring up the form? By the way, I have one more plugin installed currently, tweet-this. Didn’t have any luck enabling/disabling it.

    Also, if I use this code snippet, the form appears but was having these issues.
    1) The user email which is being subscribed using it, is stored in the wp_subscribe2 table with “active = 0” and doesn’t respond back successfully (i.e. doesn’t reload the blog page).
    2) If I try to unsubscribe a user email, it’s not deleted from the table, and neither is inactivated (active = 0).

    Please give me some light.

  119. Ops, sorry…
    Some issues were solved as they are actually related to the emails being sent. Thanks a lot, it’s a great plugin!!

    I have only these queries now.

    1. Should I must use this code snippet to view the subscription form?
    $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, ”);
    echo $content;
    Or the form appears automatically in the sidebar if I enable the widget?
    2. I was thinking about modifying the look and feel so it matches to that of my site. I know, this is my own responsibility but, can you suggest me a way of passing CSS class names into the subscribe2.php or whatever the way is to do that?

    • Himel,

      It really should work with the token or widget unless you have a plugin conflict. The code snippet, if you need it is:
      $content = apply_filters(โ€™the_contentโ€™, โ€<--subscribe2-->);
      echo $content;

      As for modifying the CSS, the class name for the widget is ‘search’. If you mean the admin back end, this is not currently supported in WordPress.

  120. Hi, I accidently deleted the subscribe2 folder,
    and I forgot to save a copy of the subscribers,
    what should I do now,
    should I restore tha database of my site to an earlier date,
    or should I forget it all?

    • Kunduz,

      If you deleted the folder via FTP software then the table is probably still there, simply re-upload and activate and you should be okay.

      If you deleted from the WordPress admin screen then the table will be gone and you’ll have to restore from a backup of your database.

  121. HI: Matt Been working with Andy trying to resolve some problems. Have not been successful. Can not get subscribe2 to send to any one except Admin. Have tried
    many times with about every setting or way I could figure out.
    I think I will try Uninstalling the plugin and then reinstalling it. Not familiar with codes or css or that kind of stuff so need some help.

    Also would like to be able to send emails with HTML for selected or all subscribers. Anything available for that ??

    Thanks for you help. Hope Andy also sees this post.


    • JWLW,

      I think I’ve recently found a bug that may result in notifications not being sent to Public Subscribers if notifications are disabled for Private Posts in Settings->Subscribe2 so check that first.

      Next step might be to alter occurrences of Bcc: to Cc: in the subscribe2.php file. This will allow the admin to ensure that the email is actually being sent to the expected recipients.

      Final step, if the above seems to be correct, is to contact your hosting provider and get them to check the mail logs and see why the message was blocked to everyone but admin.

  122. Thanks: Send Emails for Private Posts: Yes No was set to no. Will have to create a new post to try already have viewers commenting on the last one so can not recall and post at a new time.

    dont know what you mean by “alter occurrences of Bcc: to Cc::
    Will try first thing first then move on as required.

    Thanks again,

    • John,

      If your settings was ‘No’ then the bug won’t have affected you.

      As for the second part, open up subscribe2.php in a file editor and search for ‘Bcc:’. You should find 2 lines like this:
      ('' == $bcc) ? $bcc = "Bcc: $recipient" : $bcc .= ", $recipient";
      Change them to:
      ('' == $bcc) ? $bcc = "Cc: $recipient" : $bcc .= ", $recipient";
      This will allow the admin user to see who the email recipients were. this can exclude the plugin from your bug hunting if they are in the list as emails are being blocked further down the line by the server or a spam filter for example.

  123. HI: Made the change from Bcc to Cc two places. Now my subscriber list shows only 13 insted of 14 it has dropped on copy of Admin’s Email id had 2 and I could not delete either one.

    Send Emails for Private Posts: Yes No is set to no.

    Will give it another try.


  124. HI: Made the change from Bcc to Cc two places. Now my subscriber list shows only 13 insted of 14 it has dropped one copy of Admin’s Email id had 2 and I could not delete either one.

    Send Emails for Private Posts: Yes No is set to no.

    Will give it another try.


  125. Feature Request:

    After the user clicks the link to confirm their email, I need the plugin to send out one more email. A thanks for subscribing type of email (customizable).

    I offer free downloads to subscribers so I have to manually send out the thank you emails, with the password to access the download area, to every subscriber. If this was automatic it would save me tons of time.
    Hope you consider it ~ Thanks

    • Ron,

      I seem to recall that a long time ago the plugin did just this and it was removed due to user requests! Funny how things go full circle ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. HI: It seems to have worked, all my test sites worked,
    have not herd from any subscribers yet but two of the test sites are setup a subscribers.


  127. HI: John again problem is that we are now publishing a list of emails of the subscribers in the header of the Email under cc:
    Can not do this that list is private and is not to be published.


    • John,

      Well, we now know the problem. Your host is operating a policy to block Bcc: headers in emails (or perhaps Bcc headers of a certain length). As you’ve already seen Cc: will show all your subscribers emails to all other subscribers so you can either set Subscribe2 to a limit of 1 recipient per email so they go out to one person or contact your host to resolve the Bcc: blocking.

  128. Hi there,
    2 questions for anyone who may know :
    1) Is there a way (either via S2, or via wordpress) to get a log or record of what emails were sent when?

    2) when sending 1 email per person, is it possible to use their name in the template? to personalise it?


    • Anmari,

      There is no record kept of sent emails in Subscribe2 or WordPress. It adds to the execute time and isn’t that accurate since the emails can be blocked anywhere between WordPress and the end reader so keeping a log won’t tell you where the problem arose.

      There is also no way to put the name in the template, it is not collected for Public Subscribers and is not compulsory to Register with WordPress so there it is more than likely going to be blank.

  129. hi again,

    I have been able to modify the look of the subscribe box, changing the $form variable in this way

    $this->form = ” \r\n”;

    Added the CSS classes needed in s2_user_admin.css file.. It went good this far. But now I need to add this subscribe functionality to a form of different look… To do this I created a new variable as below:
    $this->form2 = ” \r\n”;

    Have also modified the function filter($content = ”) to display the other form with just another token (). Now the form is coming up nicely. But just reloads the page on pressing the submit button.

    Dear admin, please provide some idea… ๐Ÿ™‚

  130. ops, the html’s aren’t coming up properly, my email address is, if you don’t mind please let me know you email address, and I could share the modified subscribe2.php file with you and you can point me where to fix, to make it working, thanks in advance

    • Himel,

      I’ll email you from home tonight when I have access to my smtp server without being blocked by works firewall. I’ll try to help but if you’ve made modifications it may not be fixable.

  131. Good Morning: Are you saying to set this to 1 ??

    Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited): 0 Edit Update Revert

    Will I need to change Cc back to Bcc ??


  132. HI: John again, Bluehost says that Bcc should work on their end and suggest that this may be a WordPress issue.


    • JWLW,

      Try setting the number of recipients per email to 1 until your next post and see if that works. Then revert the Cc: / Bcc: change. Bluehost would say it’s an issue with WordPress but it’s really weird how it works on other hosting providers but not theirs! That’s why I cancelled my hosting within 30 days some 2 years ago. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  133. Matt:

    With your comment regarding hosts above: Through the experience you’ve personally gained as well as what you have learned from the many, many users who use S2, would you have a top 3 list of hosting providers you can recommend?

  134. HI: Changed setting the number of recipients per email to 1 and that worked.

    Viewing the Email I noticed that the Link to the post is out of place. How do you correct that.
    See below.
    LIZA AND JOHN’S GARDEN has posted a new item, ”

    THIS IS A TEST PLEASE IGNORE and Delete Notice. Will be removed in a while.


    You may view the latest post at

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are posted.
    Best regards,


  135. HI: Changed template to this, it did not change Email same as before. Submitted the settings again and will try.

    BLOGNAME has posted a new item, ‘TITLE’


    You may view the latest post at PERMALINK

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are posted.
    Best regards,


  136. HI: John again OK Running ok for now. Will be addressing other issues at a later date.

    Also would like to be able to send emails with HTML for selected subscribers. Anything available for that ??

    Thanks again,

  137. Hi Sir,

    Thank you for your wonderful plugin. I love the thing that i don’t have to rely on feedburner and can customize the content and look of my subscription emails. I used this plugin for a website which is under development currently and modified code little bit for our purpose.

    The additions to the plugin that I thought would be useful are:
    1. Facility to enter enter and edit subject of the email templates. (I changed the subject in subscribe2.php file).

    2. Different templates for subscription mail and unsubscription email.

    3. html option enabled. (I have enabled html option in subscribe2.php)

    4. unsubscribe link in “new post email template”.

    Its a great plugin among all others for subscription. The above features might make it more easily managble plugin.

    Thank you for wonderful plugin,

    • Srilatha,

      I’m glad you find the plugin useful. In reviewing your suggestions:

      1. Facility to enter enter and edit subject of the email templates. (I changed the subject in subscribe2.php file).

      This is not a bad idea, I’ll see what can be done unless you are happy to share your changes.

      2. Different templates for subscription mail and unsubscription email.

      There are pros and cons to this, it allows more customisation but adds another template for new users to struggle with. I’ll think about this one.

      3. html option enabled. (I have enabled html option in subscribe2.php)

      This can be enabled by paying $40 for a different version. The time and effort I put in to maintaining this plugin has to be offset somehow!

      4. unsubscribe link in โ€œnew post email templateโ€.

      It will never be possible to put individual unsubscribe links into emails when the plugin is mainly aimed at sending one email to many recipients. However you can always add a link back to you Subscription page into the templates.

  138. Good Evening Srilatha:

    Yea the Admin has done an awesome job at developing this FeedBurner alternative. He develops and maintains the plugin for his own websites but is kind enough to donate them to the WP community. If you end up creating some modifications, and want to share with the S2 community, please feel free to post here on the site.

    Please consider leaving a donation for the developer, which helps him and continues the ongoing development.

  139. Thanks, database restoring worked for me,
    this is a very usefull plug-in, really..

  140. Great Plugin and thank you for your efforts in developing it.

    One question, is it possible to create an extra field for a new subscriber to fill in there name as well as their email address when they subscribe? Just curious.

    Thank you very much,

    • Visual Rhythm,

      It is certainly possible but would need an update to the database table, an update to the form and revision of the form handling. And then after all that it would be pretty useless if the plugin is sending emails to multiple recipients. (And this is the primary intention of the plugin).

      It would also still be restricted based on whether or not the data entry was compulsory, especially as the same information is not compulsory to register to get a WordPress user account.

      Overall, I am totally unconvinced that adding this feature will be an improvement.

  141. hi,

    I have been able to create a 2nd form in the subscribe class, with a different look, and made it working, you might be interested to see the subscribe2.php file now. But, I didn’t get any mail from you, so don’t know your email address yet.

    I have a new issue now, which is related to bringing up the page after submitting the form. I’m sure you know about hash(#), which is used to load the page, and takes the viewer to a certain part of the html page. I would like to hear from you in this regard, if you aren’t bothered. Thanks again.

  142. Feature Request:

    After the user clicks the link to confirm their email, I need the plugin to send out one more email. A thanks for subscribing type of email (customizable).

    I seem to recall that a long time ago the plugin did just this and it was removed due to user requests! Funny how things go full circle

    Any chance it could be added again as an optional feature?

  143. @Ron:

    Neat idea. But what about just creating the “thank you” in the email that is sent to the subscriber asking them to confirm? That’s pretty easy to do currently, simply by customizing the outgoing message?

    Just a thought….

  144. I, too, am having problems with the confirmation page. First, let me tell you I know nothing about html code and have set this up myself and am pretty impressed with myself for getting it to work! (after many hours of trial and error!) ๐Ÿ™‚

    My only problem is when a new subscriber clicks on the confirmation link it goes to a web page that says “Nothing found. Please try again.” Their email remains unconfirmed in the Manage – Subscribers page.

    Here is a confirmation link:

    Your help is greatly appreciated!!!

    • Jill,

      This is likely to be down to a plugin conflict or an issue in your .htaccess file (if you have one).

      Start by deactivating all plugins other than Subscribe2 and see if the link works. If it does reactivate plugins one at a time until it no longer works to find the culprit plugin.

      If, after deactivation, the confirmation link still fails it is likely to be something on the server side like the .htaccess file. You’ll likely need to get some help from your hosting provider to sort that out.

  145. With every upgrade of the Subscribe2 plugin that I have done, including the upgrade to 4.15, the setting to “Automatically subscribe me to newly created categories” is getting switched back to “No” for any subscribers who had previously set it to “Yes”. Is the fact that this setting is not preserved across upgrades a known problem?


  146. Wow, thanks for the quick response! Any idea when that next release will occur? Also, is the fix such that the upgrade to that next release won’t cause this reset, or will the fix not be effective until the next upgrade after that?

    • Nelson,

      No idea of a date for the next release yet, need to get a few other things sorted and I don’t know how long it will take – especially as I’m kept busy on a University course!

      The next release should not cause the reset so it’s fixed as of now. You can test (an upgrade early) by using the development code. However, this may mean an incomplete upgrade when you move from 4.15 to 4.16 unless you roll back again before installing the official release.

  147. I want to give you some feedback and some suggestions about this plugin.

    First, I want to suggest you to include translation files in released package. Problem is that after automatic upgrade, there are no translations so users need to manually download them. If you didn’t insert them because of size of package, then you could include only .mo files and not .po files.

    Further, I found one problem with form for subscribing/unsubscribing. I wanted to have separate forms for this actions so that users could more easily understand what they are used to. But any custom form won’t work until plugin’s widget is turned on, so it means that both forms should be on page. The only way to use custom form is to edit $this->form every time I update plugin.

    What I’m suggesting is that there is no need for widget to be turned on so that other custom forms are used. Also there should be separate shortcode for page where unsubscribing is done (again, users are confused with one form where are both subscribing and unsubscribing).

    I hope you’ll at least answer me about this issues.

    • Milan,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I can’t include translation files with the main plugin at the time of release simply because they don’t exist. The translation files are prepared by other people who take the time to translate the strings and then share their work. Adding these to the downloads at a later date may be an option but changing the content of the download file several times during a release is not good practice.

      It sounds like you have custom edited the code to create separate subscribe and unsubscribe forms. If this is the case then I’m not sure what you have change or how so why your amendments rely on the widget being enable is beyond me. There will be a way to produce 2 forms without requiring the widget to be enabled but the point of this plugin is that it meets my needs on my site and I then share the code for free on the basis that other may find it useful.

      I don’t believe that my sites or my users need 2 forms and this is why I implement a single form to handle both types of request. But, the code is open and shared for free so you can make any changes you see fit; these are of course at your own risk.

  148. Thank you for your fast reply!

    There aren’t files for that particular version, but as far as I saw in last several versions there weren’t many new introduced strings. So big majority of strings will work without problem and I think that it is better to have any translation then nothing.

    If you prepare some bigger release with many new strings you could make pot file from your trunk and send it to translators several days in advance so that they can prepare updated translations.

    Other plugins include translations with every release even though it is obvious that those translations are not updated for that particular version. I don’t know if it is problem to update content of download file several times, maybe you should check with other plugin developers how they do it, I’m maintainer of local version of WordPress and there is not problem with this.

    About custom forms: I actually have replaced value of $this->form with my custom code for form where only subscribing is enabled. Then on page (default Subscribe2 page) I placed custom form for unsubscribing and also shortcode for default form because on that place messages are shown (like “e-mail sent for confirmation” etc) after some action is done.

    I understand that this is made to suit your needs, but since this is very popular plugin I think that little modification could be done so that there is no need for hard-code customization. Problem is that widget must be turned on and I don’t understand why is there need for it. Users could make their own HTML code which would send necessary data to plugin (e-mail address and value for subscription/unsubscription)that would work. In that case there is no need for default widget.

    It’s not just about option to have separate forms for subscribing and unsubscribing, but also so that users could insert their own text. Many visitors are not tech savvy and there is need for better explanation of what that tool does.

    • Milan,

      All that you are proposing is reasonable with respect to paid-for software. But this plugin is free.

      The people who offer up their translations do so free of charge in their own time working to no deadlines and for no monetary reward. They change from release to release so I don’t have a huge group of regular translators working on this. Other plugins may not have quite some many strings or make changes as often as I do. This plugin is a more user sided plugin though with content aimed at administrators and blog readers so the number of strings to translate is large and is always being changed.

      As for your custom form, the plugin is designed to send out dynamic content, so it can be the form or messages to the user based on previous form input – like telling them an email has been sent or asking them to log in. If you create a custom HTML form you loose this dynamic output and this may be why you need the widget.

      You say you want to insert your own text, but if you use the subscribe2 token on a page you can input as much or as little text around the token as you like with no more ability than it takes to use WordPress. That said I can’t make the plugin idiot proof, every time I try evolution kicks in to create a better idiot ๐Ÿ™‚

  149. Deactivating and activating the plugins did not work. I’ll probably have to have someone help me as all of this is a foreign language to me! I tried to follow what Andy did, but the talk about permalinks and SEO lost me! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ My service provider is Yahoo!/AT&T and I have no idea where to start to get help from them. Maybe Andy resolved his issue and he can tell me exactly what he did.

    Thanks for your help and if I can get this part working, I’ll be a happy camper!

    PS. I commend you for offering this free plugin and taking the time to provide support!

  150. Jill: Some things you need to get established:

    1. What version of WordPress are you using

    2 Where are you hosted: At, Blue host, or some other hosting service. Are you self hosted on your own computer.

    3 Who is your Email Host “Provider”

    You need to know these things and know how to contact them and work with them.

    Looking at your blog and trying to navigate it to do things it is apparent you have some problems that are not related to Suscribe2


  151. John –

    1. WordPress v. 2.6.2 (Yes, I know there is an update, but haven’t had the time to figure out how to upload it.)

    2. Not sure what you mean here. AT&T/Yahoo hosts (and stores) my website and I am able to access via FTP all of my files, which include the blog files. Although I think WordPress hosts the blog?

    3. AT&T/Yahoo is my email host provider

  152. Jill: Not sure about where the blog is hosted, you are linked somehow to Also not sure about the At&T thing hosting blogs.

    You have two Widgets in the side bar, one is Subscribe2 and the other is Register. Both of these do basically the same thing and that may be where your conflict is. Remove the Register one and try again. Also Uninstall Subscribe2 and reinstall it.

    I looked at your theme home for how to get support and verify that the theme is compatible to your Version WordPress, could not do this there site is not in English and cound not find a english version.
    You may want to look into another Theme.

    I had a lot of problems with and who or where I was hosted. I reciently changed to self hosted at and things are much better.

    If you go to my blog and contact me by private Email we can discuss whats involved in the move.


  153. Using this at the mo, but before we can donate the TAGS that substitute for links and stuff in the e-mails do not work, they don’t sub links, or post titles or anything. What have we done wrong???

  154. I am using WP 2.7.1 and the latest Subscribe2. All installs OK – and I can send emails to the subscribers manually – but I cannot seem to get the plugin to successfully send an email out to both the Registered Users nor the Public Subscribers. I have tried sending email for each post and hourly.

    What stupid thing am I not doing, or where do I start looking for answers?

    • David,

      There is a bug in 4.15 that may be causing your problem. Check your settings and make sure that “Send notifications for Private posts” is set to No. This bug will be fixed in the next release. (Don’t ask when it will come out – I don’t know myself yet!)

  155. Hi,

    How can I insert the subscribe form into the header of a wordpress blog ?

    Thank you very much for your help !

    • David,

      In that case it is now worth checking with your hosting provider. ask them to review the server logs and see if they can tell you why the emails are not being sent. There may be some limitations in the email server application restriction certain email headers, recipients or emails per hour type restrictions that are stopping your notifications being sent.

  156. Strange – it does seem to be sending a notification to me as a Registered User – but the Public Subscribers are not getting any new notification of postings.

  157. Hi,
    I got your Subscribe2 latest version installed. I have 8 authors on my site and 70 public subscribers that have subscribed via the plugin, but the problem is that when the mails are sent by the plugin, the mails are only received by the authors and admin but not the Public subscribers. What is the problem?

  158. hi subscribe2 —

    after long troubleshooting i think i’ve determined why mail doesn’t go to “public subscribers” — the address string uses a comma separator between addresses, whereas our mail program (MS LOOKOUT) appears to require a semicolon separator. i’ve tried to search FAQs for this so excuse me if it’s covered already —

    is there an easy way i can change this in a file somewhere?

    thanks much,

  159. Moya: I just recently switched to Subscribe2 from another plug in. The only way I could get my subscribers from the other was to hand enter them in to Subscribe2. I entered them one to a line from the dashboard of WP at Tools/subscribers. Do not Cut and Paste the list from any other location, print it out and then hand enter each address.


  160. hi john —
    i’m not switching from another plug-in. i’m just using Subscribe2…
    via “send email to subscribers,” i noticed from the error string that when sending to multiple Public Subscribers, the (failed to: string of) email addresses are separated by a comma — they need to be separated by a semicolon.

    matty or the others — can anyone help tell me if i can fix this by editing a line somewhere?


    • Moya,

      According to the agreed internet standards for email ( emails addresses in a list should be separated by commas and not semi-colons, not surprising that M$ decided not to bother reading the standards!

      Try the following though to get it working, open up subscribe2.php in a file editor and search for ‘Bcc:’. You should find 2 lines like this:
      ('' == $bcc) ? $bcc = "Bcc: $recipient" : $bcc .= ", $recipient";
      Change them to:
      ('' == $bcc) ? $bcc = "Bcc: $recipient" : $bcc .= "; $recipient";

  161. Moya: Subscribe2 does can use a comma when entering subscribers by hand but it then puts the list in its format. You can view the list at tool/subscribers check it out and see if it looks good. The Failed to list you are seeing is from the Email program not from subscribe2.

    Are you saying that not all your subscribers are receiving the Email ?


  162. Matt: Subscribe2 working very good now thanks for the support. Question I have a subscriber who subscribed on 04/13 but has not verified the request yet its now 04/20. Is there any way I can tell if in fact the reply email was sent and how long does it take for the second notice to be sent. Will the subscriber be removed from the list if they never reply.


    • John,

      There is no way to make sure the email was sent although if your other emails are going there is no reason to suppose it wasn’t sent. Remider emails are sent instantly. The subscriber details will never be automatically removed but you can delete them manually at Tools->Subscribers.

  163. is there any way that when we export the emails to a csv file we can get the join date too in another column?

    Thanks and love the program.

    • Melanie,

      In Tools->Subscribers you can export users to aCSV file but this does not export the join date. If you need this export direct from the WordPress tables using PHPMyAdmin or similar.

  164. hi matt and everyone –
    thanks for your support. as much as i’d love to blame MS LOOKOUT the change from comma to semicolon didn’t fix the failed message address string. neither did just looking through the list and making sure addresses were kosher.
    i reverted back to the original subscribe2.php and then set “Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited)” to “1” — and in the end, that’s the only thing that worked.

    now i’m good to go at last.

    matt please post the link where i can drop you a 30-spot for your code and great involvement!


    • Moya,

      It’s possible that the line wrapping is also causing your problems on a Windows server, glad you’ve got it working though.

      You can make a donation by following this link.

    • Alex,

      I’m sure you are very frustrated by the lack of emails but the details (or rather lack of them) posted in your comment leave my totally helpless in aiding you.

  165. Ok, when I creatw a new post and publish it an email is automatically sent to users and subscribers of my blog that there is a new post. Since yesterday, this has not been happening!!

    • Alex,

      That’s more helpful If things were working as expected before yesterday then something must have changed to stop it working now.

      Have you upgraded WordPress, any plugins or added any new plugins in this time?

      If you have not changed a thing then it is possible that your hosting provider have changed some server side settings.

      So, if you have not changed anything take it up with your hosting provider. If you have changed some things, then start changing them back until it works again.

  166. Hi, I’ve been using Subscribe2 for a long time, but now I installed Postie to post images via email and when I do that, no emails get sent out. If I post via WordPress directly, the emails get sent out. I’m using WP 2.7.1, Subscribe2 4.15, and Postie 1.1.5.

    • Mike,

      Postie is very clever as a plugin but it completely bypasses many of the WordPress API hooks, instead using WordPress functions directly to provide its functionality. Subscribe2 is therefore unable to detect posts made using postie and notifications will not be sent.

  167. Greetings Sorin:

    If I understand your question, you are interested in having an unsubscribe link in each email, yes? If so, it is not possible to do this unless you are sending individual emails to each subscriber (versus a bulk, BCC email).

    That said, if you are sending individual emails to all subscribers, it is possible to place an unsubscribe link in each individual email but S2 is not currently designed to do this; you will have to invest the time to play around with the code on your own. This is not something the developer has a need for nor to my knowledge, any plans to change. The developer designed S2 for his own websites. He provides it to the WP community out of his generosity.

    If you decide to try recoding this portion of the plugin, make sure you back everything up before you do this and I suggest you do your development on a test site. Also, be advised that any changes from the “stock” plugin are at your own risk. The developer does not support these kind of changes.

    I myself am interested in what you propose and will invest the time to try and recode this, but it will be quite awhile before I have the time to begin to modify the code myself.

  168. I don t have very good php knowledge but i will try because i receive from user mail to unsubscribe and is ok to have this option in the mail and unsubscribe lonely and not by admin manualy.

    Thank you and sorry for my english.

    • Sorin,

      You can always insert a link back to your site into your email template that goes directly to the page containing the Subscribe2 form. Tell you users than can manage their subscriptions by going to the linked page.

    • Sorin,

      Then I’d recommend that you create one. Using the sidebar widget alone may be easy but having a page allows you to tell your users how to subscribe, unsubscribe and manage their subscriptions. You can also tell them what to expect in the emails and detail your site privacy policy.

  169. I am also struggling with this latest version of S2.

    Aparently, some subscribers do not get the e-mails they should. I have had ‘Restrict the number of recipients per email to: 1’ but also ‘Send Emails for Private Posts:’ and ‘Send Emails for Password Protected Posts:’ set to ‘No’ but it seems the Public Subscribers all get their emails… However, SOME Registered Subscribers do not! I have no idea how this happens but looking at the server mail log file, I see that indeed the complaining Subscribers are not listed among the outgoing mails.

    At first I thought it was my new hosting provider’s Spam blocking measures and fooled around with Swift Mailer in combo with Throttler and Anti-Flood plugins (to replace the WP mail function). But after a long support discussion, I conclude it cannot be the providers restictions.

    I have also had the Subscribe to Comments plugin running (now disabled) but that should not cause this, should it?

    Are there any other things I should be considering? I am reaching a dead end in debuggin this issue…

    • RavanH,

      If these are Registered Subscribers and they are not in the outgoing list then they are not being selected for the email. Are you sure that these sae users are registered for the categories that your posts are being assigned to?

  170. Admin- thanks for the explanation about Postie, if I use the built in “post via email” portion of WordPress, do I get that functionality back?

  171. I have taken a peek into the personal settings of some of the complaining subscribers to find they all should have been in the outgoing mails list…

    However, I notice (so far) that all these have their notification settings to HTML/Full Post while others that do appear in the outgoing list (and did not complain) have Plain Text/Excerpt Only ! I will be looking at more subscribers to see if this pattern hold out.

    Has something like this been reported before?

    • Moya,

      Forget what I said – brain was in neutral. WordPress updated to PHPMailer a while ago and this constructs the Bcc: header now so there is no need for line breaking in my code now. Leave your settings as they are if it’s working ๐Ÿ™‚

  172. So far, going through the settings per subscriber and comparing them to the mail log from the last post notification, I found the following:

    1. Public Subscribers (Plain text/Excerpt Only) all got their notification sent;
    2. Registered Subscribers got either NONE or TWO e-mails sent correlating with their user prefs:
    – Plain Text/Excerpt Only: TWO e-mails
    – Plain Text/Full Post: NONE
    – HTML/Full Post: NONE

    I have found only one user that had Plain Text/Full Post but still striking that that particular subscriber was also missing from the outgoing mails.

    Even more striking is the fact that those subscribers that do get notified, get so TWICE !

    • RavanH,

      You may well be on to something here but for the life of me I’ve no idea what.. yet. I’m not seeing this problem on my site at all.

      Is the admin address being sent each of the different email formats? Could you change to Cc: header for a while to review the message recipients?

  173. @moyawatson
    Have you tried with setting the S2 option ‘Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited):’ to ‘1’ to get around any ; or , issues? With this setting, one e-mail per subscriber will be sent out. Or do you really insist on using BCC recipients? If so, you might want to test with keeping that number limited to 99 or less. Your provider might have restrictions imposed (like mine) that conflict with S2…

  174. I have constantly used ‘Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited): 1’ because when I entered any other number there, ONLY admin received an e-mail and all BCC recipients where ignored. I have asked my provider helpdesk about this but they deny BCC recipients being blocked.

    In itself, this might also be a pointer to problems.

    Apart from that, admin (who is subscriber to) gets no HTML Full post. I will test with other settings somewhat more.

    My question: is there some way to force S2 to send Plain Text/Excerpt Only to all users, overriding their personal preference? For now, at least?

    I hesitate to start testing with CC on a live site. Some subscribers might not appreciate their address being publicly mailed to every other subscriber.

    Sadly, I do not have access to error logs. If I get around to setting up a test site I will try with CC instead of BCC.

    By the way, do I understand correctly that S2 no longer uses the WordPress internal wp_mail function but instead calls PHP mail() directly? If so, why is that path chosen over sticking with wp_mail?

    • RavanH,

      Subscribe2 did go through a period of accessing mail() directly but once the bugs in the WordPress core implementation were fixed I returned to wp_mail().

      I’m not sure about the impact of quotes in the text – I’ll look into it and see if there is a problem on my test sites.

  175. Just a thought (guessing since I do not have error logs): can it be that since 4.15 content in the e-mail template using double quotes, might cause conflict in the mail routine? For instance, code like might cause an error if unescaped…

  176. Matt: HI its john I have been following the comments and trying to learn a few things for them, I see a pattern in most of the strings that to make all subscribers get messages the number of recipients per email must be set to โ€˜1โ€ฒ and the for each post must be selected. I have tried to go to other settings with out success several times and never got it to work any other way. Also I still have Cc: selected but will try reverting back to Bcc for the next post.

    Still playing and trying different things with out changing any code yet. Let me know what you think.

    Use Private Email from my blog if you want.


    • John,

      Thanks for the update. I’ll keep an eye on this situation but I’m struggling to re-produce the same behaviour on my active or test sites. That makes bug fixing much harder!

  177. @Admin (sorry for late reply)

    Just to get back up to speed, the tags offered do not appear in outgoing e-mails.

    Umm, I am reluctant to turn off ALL plugins as it would kill my site, but in the interests of science I will do it. There are quite a few, but non I would feel could affect this working…here’s the list…

    Breadcrumb Navigation, Exclude Pages from Navigation, Google XML Sitemaps, Gravatar, kPicasa Gallery, Smart YouTube, WP-Polls, WP-UserOnline..

    and that’s it.

    Ok, killed all plugins, updated a post…and the links still do not appear. Do they need to be around “[]” or “{}”. They’re all in capitals as well…

    Hmm, hmm and more hmmm

    • Ian,

      You’ve lost me. You say you’ve updated a post but this won’t cause an email to be sent out but merely update the web side content of your post, only posts that move from draft status to published status will cause an email to be sent.

      The tags (like BLOGNAME, TITLE and POST) should be in your email templates in Settings->Subscribe2. There is also a ‘token’ (<!–subscribe2–>) that can be added to a WordPress blog page to handle subscription and unsubscription requests.

      Neither need to be inside any type of bracket. Other plugins that apply a filter to the content of your posts can impact on Subscribe2 so kPicassa Gallery is a possible problem.

  178. Hi and thank you so much for this plugin!!

    I’m having a weird issue. The site I’m working on uses the native WordPress “gallery” functionality to insert images into posts. We have Subscribe2 turned on to send HTML emails, so the images are included in the emails that go out. That works great.

    HOWEVER, it seems that the *same* images are getting sent out for every post. The text of the post changes, as does the link back to the site, but the images are old and remain the same for every email. They’re referenced by this style link:

    Which I pulled from an email sent out after this post went up:

    I can send you a full example if you’d like — I think the links will cause your comment-spam filter to reject the full text here. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you so much for any insight you can give me!


    • Michelle,

      I’ve fixed this as best I can in the code. If you use the [gallery] short code it should work but if you specify any attributes with the shortcode my fix will fail.

      The workaround is to specify an id in the shortcode, for example [gallery id="21"].

  179. I suggested previously that double-quotes (“) in my e-mail template might be causing problems but after changing them to single quotes (‘), I still do not see any e-mail sent out for those with HTML/Full Post preferences. I have not witnessed any double e-mails for Plain/Excerpt receivers anymore, so that might have been some kind of fluke before?

    Meanwhile my question remains: is there some way to force S2 to send Plain Text/Excerpt Only to all users, overriding their personal preference?

    • RavanH,

      The Excerpt post is sent first, then Full Text and finally the HTML one. It would seem that you may be running into an emails-per hour restriction.

      To force plain text excerpts only you’ll have to change the database settings of all your registered users or hack the code. The changes would be fairly extensive but if you want to look at this you’ll need to look at the last 20 lines or so of the publish() function.

  180. Hi Matt,

    I have now a lot of subscribers in my subscribe2 list. I place now more posts per day so its getting annoying for them.

    Is there a way i can make a personalisation page where they can select on basis of author or category which post they want to receive?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Satilmis,

      Registered user can opt in to certain categories. You, as admin, can exclude some categories form generation posts. Authors can exclude individual posts from generating notifications. Finally, you could opt to use the Digest style emails for your notifications so that they are sent periodically rather than per-post.

  181. Ok, so I understand that normally (when allowing unlimited Bcc) there are actually 3 mails sent out, one for each format. First Plain/Excerpt then Plain/Full and last HTML/Full.

    But since it appears to be impossible for me to send when using Bcc (no idea why yet) I have stuck to limiting addressees per mail to 1. This should actually put the subscriber address in the To field, right? And for each e-mail a new connection is made? So it would be very unlikely that I ran into some provider limit *exactly* upon the point where S2 comes around to sending the Full Text versions…

    Anti spamming measures by my hosting provider where the first thing I suspected of causing this but after extensive e-mail with the heldesk I can only conclude I should be well withing their limits.

    However, I will take another look into this possibility and also some way of getting some debugging messages out of the whole process before resorting to hacking the S2 code to force Plain/Excerpt sending to all.

    Thanks for the suggestions and thinking along with me. Will keep you posted ๐Ÿ™‚

  182. Tip for anyone else with problems sending:

    I ran into a plugin that was developed by Benedikt Forchhammer to allow testing with Subscribe2 without actually sending emails to subscribers but redirecting them all to admin. I have not tested with it yet, but it sound really neat ๐Ÿ™‚

    Please find it on

    • RavanH,

      Thanks for telling us about this. Ben has been working with me getting Subscribe2 working better on WPMU and has created this plugin as a diagnostic aid. I’m sure I’ll be recommending it a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  183. Admin,

    Sorry if I confused you. My terminology was wrong.

    Ok, just to clarify, we use the kPicasa Gallery plugin on just one page (not a post) on our website, but to satisfy curiosity, I have disabled it again and have completely removed it from the server.

    Secondly, I have also unsubscribed all of our members so only I get notifications during this testing period.

    Thirdly, I have added a new post, published it and have received an e-mail which contains the e-mail text, but non of the replace codes at all, like BLOGNAME, TITLE, POST, etc.

    I will continue testing by uploading the plugin again just in case there were any upload errors…

  184. S2 seems not to have sent out the usual weekly mailer to’s 242 subscribers.

    I seem to have a hazy recollection of updating S2 some days ago – might the two events be connected please? Or is some restriction likely to be the reason?


    • Gavin,

      In Settings->Subscribe2 when is your next email set to be sent. If it’s in the past then the cron function was not called. If it is in the future then the cron function was called but failed for some reason.

  185. Hi Matt,

    Thanks! So, to make sure I understand, this would work?

    [gallery columns="2" orderby="ID" id="21"]

    Or would the extra parameters break it anyway?

    Also, this is probably a dumb question, but how does the user know what ID # to insert?

    I’m working with end-users who don’t know any code and have been using the WYSIWYG functionality to put galleries in the posts, so whatever I ask them to do is going to be a stretch out of their comfort zone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Thanks again for your help!!


    • Michelle,

      What you’ve posted should work fine. I think you’ll be able to see the post ID in the URL window or by hovering the mouse pointer over the edit button near to the permalink, this will show the link in the status bar of your browser.

  186. The next is due on the 30th – it’s safely in the future.

    Pending finding the cause of the problem, is there a way I can send an email out manually please?



    • Gavin,

      You can send manual emails from Write->Mail Subscribers. You can’t send a repeat of the Digest email without amending (hacking) the code.

  187. @Andy

    “Neat idea. But what about just creating the โ€œthank youโ€ in the email that is sent to the subscriber asking them to confirm? Thatโ€™s pretty easy to do currently, simply by customizing the outgoing message?”

    I thought about this Andy, but people would get access to the downloads without verifying their opt-in.

    So, what I decided to do was to alter the landing page message that the subscriber sees after they confirm. I’m making a post about how I did it now.

    The only problem is when the plugin is updated, you would have to make the change every time, unless a configurable “You have successfully subscribed!” message was added into the plugin options.

  188. Love the plugin. A function suggestion (I don’t know if it has been made or not), I’d love to be able to schedule an email to go out to all my subscribers at a certain time/day each month/week. This would be useful for reminders of upcoming live shows. What I’ve done in the past is post something to the blog to generate the subscribe email and then delete the post so that my blog isn’t cluttered with “we’re about to go live” posts. Just a suggestion.

    • Tom,

      If you are using per-post notifications and you Schedule a post for future publication the email will be sent out when the post goes online. Or do you mean the ability to set a future date when emailing from Write->Mail Subscribers?

  189. Wow, “getting Subscribe2 working better on WPMU”? That is EXCELLENT news! ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know if I can help out in testing or anything… Uhmmmm, WPMU running at a weird hosting provider setup that is (see my earlier comments about regular WP on some server) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  190. @Ron:

    … what I decided to do was to alter the landing page message that the subscriber sees after they confirm. Iโ€™m making a post about how I did it now.

    The only problem is when the plugin is updated, you would have to make the change every time, unless a configurable โ€œYou have successfully subscribed!โ€ message was added into the plugin options.

    Nice….I’ll look forward to reviewing your work when you post it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  191. Thanks, I had already switched to the dev version to check whether the problems would remain (sadly, the same but still testing). Is this dev version for WPMU also?

  192. I’ve been having problems somewhat similar to those described by RavanH. The last two daily digest mails (we have one or two per week) haven’t been sent until 36 hours after the scheduled time. This happened twice, and the most recent one was sent in *six* copies to each registered user. Meanwhile, subscribed non-users didn’t receive any email at all. The default setting of “Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited): 0” is being used.

    • Duncan,

      The digest email relies upon the WordPress pseudo-cron functions which are only fired when you have site traffic. If you site is a low traffic site it may not work when scheduled. Email is also designed to ensure it is sent rather than to ensure avoiding duplicates.

  193. This plugin is great, other than the pain of finding the page ID (which was ok, just a bit of searching on where to find it) I have had no issues.

    I do have a question though.

    I would like to include adsense or other adverts in the email sent out if possible. Is this possible to add code to make this happen in the plugin, or is it not structured to be able to do that. I know if the person does not pick html its prob not doable, but I am referring to the html email.



  194. Actually now that I have thought about it, I would like to restrict people to only getting the html email if possible, that opens up more doors to do stuff with the emails. I can prob mod the code myself (I think, but I am a hack hehe) but I am not sure where in there I need to look to make sure I dont mess something else up.



    • Chris,

      It is possible to hack the code to send only HTML emails but I have an off the peg version that does just this at a cost of $40. I’m not sure if GoogleAds will work as these rely on JavaScript. However, bear in mind that many email clients don’t support JavaScript or cripple it heavily due to the email virus risks posed by this code.

  195. Write->Mail Subscribers beats me I’m afraid – I haven’t found anything that seems to be called that. Maybe it will all work neatly this week…



  196. Hi,

    To add a subscribe2 form in my template I used the
    <?php $content = apply_filters('the_content', '<!--subscribe2-->'); echo $content; ?>

    –> But it doesn’t display only the form but also “relative tags” and “relatives articles”. How can I only display the subscribe2 form ?

    • Jfoulquier,

      The plugin is designed to be dynamic in this way. If you simply add the form HTML code as defined in the load_string() function of the plugin code (subscribe2.php) you’ll get the form on your page but I’m not 100% sure it will work as expected. That would be up to you to test and fix though as it will be a custom hack.

  197. I’m not sure I understand what I have to do. I’m a beginner in developping with WordPress. Can you be just a little bit more explicit ?

    On a different topic, I’m currently translating the plugin in french. It’s just a matter of few minutes to get it done. If you’re interested, contact me directly.

    • Jfoulquier,

      I thought I had been pretty explicit!

      Look in the subscribe2.php file for the load_strings() funtion (near the top). The HTML form is defined as one of these strings. You’ll need to copy and paste that code into your template and then perhaps mess about with it a little to get it working. For this bit you’re on your own as I can’t support everyone who wants a hack due to time constraints.

      Post another comment when you’ve produced your translation and I’ll email for the files to add to the hosting site.

  198. Hi,
    From the ‘Subscription’ menu, a registered user once logged-in does not have any options apart from
    Receive periodic summaries of new posts?: Yes, No
    Nothing else.

    I was under the impression they could select categories to subscribe to?

    “Allow registered users to subscribe to excluded categories”

    • @ukroads,

      Subscribers can only opt in or out if you have set your blog for periodic notifications (digest emails) as you apparently have done.

  199. It is possible to hack the code to send only HTML emails but I have an off the peg version that does just this at a cost of $40.

    how do we get this version?

  200. Thanks again Matt – I don’t know how I’d never noticed it before. I’ve sent an email by hand, and will wait with interest to see what happens this coming week.


  201. Hi, I’m using WP partly on my website(just newspage – still testing, not launched yet),
    and I found this plugin as ideal plugin that I need.
    But browser says ‘The page cannot be displayed’ when I click the ‘subscribe'(or ‘unsubscribe’) button after email address entered.
    What kind page shoud come up?? and What’s the problem??
    I’m not an expert ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    p.s. If anyone can give me any tip please email me to ‘’, I will really appreciate.

    • Victoria,

      Having visited your site is appears that you are hosted on the Windows platform. I know absolutely nothing about this sort of hosting but it would seem that there is a configuration problem in the web server software or PHP. You’ll need to ask for assistance from your hosting provider.

    • Duncan,

      Exactly, the cron function built into WordPress won’t work reliably on a low traffic site. Either use per-post notifications or find a way to call the cron functions periodically (perhaps manually) yourself.

  202. I see, so subscribers can only opt-in or out of specific categories if we set “For each post”
    It wasn’t obvious to me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    In my mind I thought they still had this choice even for periodic notifications.

    In the meantime, there are a couple of issues I’m not sure how to solve.

    * Using the option to have subscribers register for the blog, it seems they are automatically subscribed to ALL categories. How can we set this to none by default?

    * How can we put a link to their subscriptions page, or WP profile page in the emails sent?

    * How can we hide the dashboard for all subscribers.

    * What is the file we need to call for cron, or is it enough to call the blog index.php?

    Appreciate your help, and sorry for so many questions.

  203. @ukroads,

    The following text is in the ReadMe:

    Registered users of the blog can elect to receive email notifications for specific categories (unless Digest email are select, then it is an opt in or out decision).

    In response to your questions:
    1/ Look in Settings->Subscribe2 under the Autosubscribe heading and turn off auto-subscription or allow users to decide at sign up.

    2/ Put in a link into your email template to the WordPress page that contains the form, for example:
    To change your settings or unsubscribe visit <a href="BLOGLINK/subscriptions/">BLOGLINK/subscriptions/</a>.

    3/ You can’t, that is handled by the WordPress core.

    4/ Directly call

    • Jfoulquier,

      Apologies, I missed you earlier comment thinking it was more about the plugin working rather than your translation being ready.

      An email has been sent to you off list.

  204. @ukroads,

    1. Okay so the check box is on the form and checked by default meaning that if someone registering doesn’t uncheck the form the will be registered to all categories. The Auto subscribe to new categories is exactly that – new categories, i.e. those created after registration.

    2. Yes it does because that’s what I use on my site, but it was listed as an example so you’ll need to change the link to work on your site and your WordPress install. The page may not be called ‘subscribe’.

  205. Hello-

    I’ve installed the plug-in and it appears to be working properly with emails automatically being sent to lists when new posts are published.

    However, I’ve noticed that the email thats recieved, when you view its full headers, the entire BCC list is shown- basically all the subscribers to that list with their emails!

    I think this is a huge security issue

    • Abbas,

      I could not agree with you more but the fact that you are seeing BCC headers on your emails will be down to a configuration error on the mail application on your hosting server and not the plugin.

      It works fine on my sites (and has done via several providers) so you need to take this up with your hosting provider and get them to correct the configuration.

  206. This is all very puzzling… I have tested and tested again, with SMTP plugin and Mail Debug (excellent tool ๐Ÿ™‚ ) but cannot lay my finger on the problem. When Mail Debug is enabled, all mails including HTML and Full Post get sent just fine to my admin and HTML seem to be dropped.

    Can there be some cause in one of the email adresses that are supposed to receive Full Text emails? Something that would make the plugin abort sending immediately which would explain Full Text and HTML mails being ignored?

    • RavanH,

      I guess it could be possible if an emails address somehow had a line break or space in it but then it should have failed the validation checks when it was submitted.

      But then again, if it is only one email then sending in batches would work and only one batch would fail if using a BCC set as something other than zero.

  207. Hi, this is Victoria agian (adove one had submitted by mistake while I was writting), sorry that bodering you.
    I’ve been contacted my webhosting’ technical support team and they said looked like a script problem.
    I’m sure that I installed totaly fine and seem like all others having no problem like this.

    Today I realized that this plugin is works totally fine when the URL is ended with full file extention like “…/workpress/index.php” or “../wordpress/index.php?p=39”, but not working if there is no file extention on the URL like “../wordpress” or like “../wordpress/?p=39”
    I had to add ‘index.php’file extention on my webhosting’s directory indexes of this domein in order to make the WP works.

  208. Hi there, a number of questions:

    1) I thought I saw somewhere the possibility of having a rich editor option(?paid perhaps), so onc can do headings etc for the “Mail subscribers” box, but cannot now find reference to it – does such an option exist?

    2) Any idea how to log/check whether emails are going out regularly ?

    3) I have started to get bounce backs due to what must be bad subscriptions (spammers?) on one of my blogs. While I know one can block domains, it is a pretty high level slap? Does anyone have any other ideas of how to avoid these?

    • Anmari,

      1/ Rich Text Editor capability comes as part of the paid HTML upgrade ($40 via PayPal)
      2/ Best place is the server mail logs. Subscribe2 does no logging due to the performance hindrance this would incur
      3/ It should be quite tough for a spammer to give a false email address AND confirm the subscription by clicking the link. Currently no other workarounds than blocking the whole domain or putting up with manual management.

  209. I’m delighted to be able to report that this week’s automatic newsletter to my site’s subscribers went out as usual.

    I’m guessing that something unexpected but fundamental happened last week – maybe the host was down at the crucial moment, or something.


  210. Anybody have my problem with Subscribe2 plugin?

    When I check the Enable Subscribe2 Widget? box, after some seemingly random period of time (on the order of hours), the box gets unchecked, thereby causing the Subscribe2 widget to get disabled. I keep checking the box and it keeps getting unchecked.

    I have unistalled and reinsntalled and still the same problem

    Is this a widget conflict problem?
    Any suggestions/fixes

    • Mark,

      Randomly resetting Subscribe2 options have been reported before but I’ve never been able to reproduce this problem or find a cause.

      I think it may be to do with the setting being unavailable when the plugin is initialised leading to the option values being reset to default. This is a pure guess though because you’d expect other weird behaviour if this is what was happening.

  211. Hi Matt, I like your plugin much but your plugin hasnt the ability to select categories to subscribe to for readers who want to get emails for their interest topic.

    To be clear, there are now 2 subscription possibility’s. One is from the regular wordpress registering. This option (wp-login.php?action=register) i didnt use but i instead i used your plugin. So i have now a lot of subscribers and my contentproduction is rising. I can make them all registering via de wp registering, but i dont want to bother them.

    Secondly i can send a daily newsleter, but i see no testing of the mail content i would send. Also i tried to send but nothing happened.

    I hope its an idea to have the ability to send a test mail have the option for readers to select categories they are interested in (your rival plugin WP-post notification has this option).

    Thanks in advance.


    • Satilmis,

      The ability to preview emails before sending is on the todo list in
      the roadmap.

      As for selecting categories, users can do this with Subscribe2 once
      they register. I’m not in competition with other plugins, I write the
      plugin primarily for my own use on my main site. As I understand it
      Post Notification has more features than Subscribe2 but is harder to

  212. 1)
    Re: paid html upgrade. Where / how does one do this – I could not find link anywhere –

    How are plugin upgrades then handled if have paid version?

    2) Broadcast emails working, although have yet to see a automatic post to email work on the windows server (works on my windows localhost) – 2 formal posts so far and I ended up sending a manual broadcast out. 1 post was a scheduled publish.

    • Anmari,

      1/ You can use the Donate link at the top of the page but I’ve sent
      you and email direct. Upgrades are free for a year if you contact me
      following a release.

      2/ I can’t really help you a great deal there, I steer ver well clear
      of Windows based servers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  213. can you contact me about setting up public registration to auto html email format. will donate for that service

    • @ukroads,

      Have you changed anything? If not then ask your host if they have
      changed anything that would restrict emails being sent.

    • @ukroads,

      What do you my by ‘setting up WP-Cron’? It is built in to WordPress
      now (and has been for some time) so there is no need for an extra
      plugin. Have you set up a antimatic periodic cron call to wp-cron.php?

  214. This is getting weirder and weirder…

    After last publication I noticed in the mail log that only Public Subscribers where sent a notification. When checking the usbcribers list in Subscribe2, I find that ALL suscribtions for Registered Users have gone: no category has any number of subscriber behind it in the brackets (0) ! Something went terribly wrong here.

    I decided to force subscribtion to all categories upon all Registered Users (despite privacy warning ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and after leaving ‘Action to perform:’ to ‘Subscribe’, hitting ‘Select All’ and ‘Submit’, I see numbers after each category in the dropdown list. But the funny thing is that the numbers are not the same for all, as they should be after forcing subscription to all categories upon all users (or am I mistaken?). If I repeat the procedure, or try this for only one category, nothing changes. But if I use ‘Unsubscribe’ for one category, it works: that cat has now 0 ubscribers. After that, forcing subscribtion of that same category suddenly results in a higher number to be shown behind that category (in brackets) but still not ALL registered users. I see Registered Users (285) but after the category (274) so somehow, still 11 of them are not assigned to the subscribtion of that category. Why would that be?

    Now I decide to perform an Unsubscribe for ALL categories and this seems to work. After every category I see (0) but… behind Registerd Subscribers I still see (14) ?!? Now if I use the filter to see these Registered Subscribers, I get a list of only 6 users. How bizarre :S When clicking the (edit) link for each of them reveals they are currently not subscribed to any category. Why would they appear as Registerd Subscriber, and in the wrong number??

    Did the options in the DB got messed up somehow in the last upgrade? The fact that all suscbribtions (except public ones) suddenly disappeared during the last week gets me worried.

    I do remember deleting an unused categorie from the WP install. Might this be related somehow? I should also mention I am using nested categories. Is this known to cause problems? Also relevant: I am using the dev version from two weeks ago.


    • RavanH,

      Sounds like something weird happened with your dev version of the code
      Try updating to the latest dev version and see if that solves the
      number issues. There are no problems that I am aware of with nested

    • @ukroads,

      Schedule a server cron call to wp-cron.php should not have any impact
      on the Subscribe2 plugin other than to ensure that the periodic
      functions in the code are called and work. Is your cron call still
      enabled and active? Your host may have disabled it for some reason.

  215. I exported all Public Subscribers (CSV) then disabled S2 and removed all related DB entries I could find (is there no comprehensive uninstall feature? what is that uninstall.php file for?) which showed some orphaned entries in the user meta table. These might explain the wrong numbers?

    Anyway, after clearing all I could find (lots of entries in user meta table, one entry in options table and the complete subscribe2 table – why is there a table needed for public subscribers?) and uploading + activating the latest dev version, all numbers appear correct. Resubscribing the list of Public Subscribers worked fine and I forced all Registered Users to be subscribed to all categories with Plain Text / Excerpt settings. All seemed to work fine except that I had preset ‘Autosubscribe to New Categories’ to be unchecked by default but it appears to be checked for all users now…

    Then I limited BCC recipients to 98 (to avoid SPAM restrictions imposed by the hoster) and did another post to see if sending would work this time. The mail log shows 3 mails being sent with each 98 BCC recipients and a 4th with 39 BCC recipients so in total 333 recipients. This is much better than before but… I have 335 subscribers in total! I would expect one missing recipient, namely myself (admin) but closer inspection tells me that the (aphabetically by email address) very last Registered Subscriber was not in the BCC list!! I noticed this fenomenon before when having trouble with the HTML and Full Post mails not being sent at all. At that time it was the last Subscriber that had opted for Plain/Excerpt, which was another User then it is now after forcing the same settings upon all users.

    Is this a known issue?

    I imagine a workaround for now would be to register a fake user with adress zzz@zzz.zz (or something) to come last…

  216. hey, i installed subscribe2 and it works not like i want. when i write a post, i don’t get any mail not as a registered user, not as a subscribed user. the function, that i can write to all user (“Mail Subscriber”) is ok and this works without any problems. but … where is the problem?


  217. Another thing I notice about the dev version (May 5th) is that new Registered Users will be subscribed to ALL categories even if some are checked as Excluded Categories in the S2 options. This was different before, no?

    Please double check if the users that you want to receive the email are actually subscribed to all categories. Go to Tools > Subscribers and find the users there, click edit and check all categories.

    Other tips:
    Did you set ‘Send Emails:’ to ‘For each Post’ or to one of the other options? If the latter, your blog needs a visitor to trigger actual sending – after the preset time has passed ofcourse. If you use the ‘For each Post’ option, try again with the options ‘Send Emails for Pages’, ‘Send Emails for Password Protected Posts’ and ‘Send Emails for Private Posts’ set to ‘Yes’… I remember reports about issues with those settings.

  218. Update: I had miscalculated the number of recipients. It appears that 6 more Registered Users where not included in the BCC list. I have checked them from WP backend and found no strange things at all. It seems totally random (except always the last one is missing too) and inexplicable… Except they seem to have one thing in common (excluding that last missing Registerd User again) which is only visible in the DB: these missing ones all have a value in the user_activation_key field (users table). What is that for?

    • RavanH,

      Thanks for your recent comments. I’ve done some checking and the last
      recipient in the array is always missed (it’s die to the code I’m
      using to step the array in a foreach loop since the foreach does not
      move the array pointer). That said I think I’ve hacked up a fix and
      have just checked it in to the SVN so try the latest code.

      With respect to your missing users, the none blank user_activation_key
      field will cause them to be excluded. This field is a hang over from
      previous version of WordPress but is used in some plugins to
      indication incomplete registration. As such these users are excluded
      from emails. If you are sure the users are valid remove the entry in
      the field and they’ll start getting emails.

      • I removed the user_activation_key value and reset all subscribers to receive the Plain Text / Excerpt version. Using the dev version (from a little while back now) I notice all users get an e-mail except still that last one.

        Also, when doing a renewed test by setting up two test-users one to receive HTML and the other Plain Text / Full Post, these two users are completely ignored when I publish to one of the main existing categories. However, when I create a new test-category (and make sure to unsubscribe all valid users except these two test-users) suddenly the HTML and Full e-mails are sent out just like they used to…

        The problem remains very weird. Can there be something wrong (after a WP upgrade maybe) with the category references in my database?

        • Try a more recent dev, the last subscriber not getting an email seems
          to be fixed for me with the latest code. As for your other problem –
          are you sure the existing categories are not blocked from emails?
          Problem may be in your database but are you seeing other weird stuff
          in your posts? May also be to do with those deleted categories you
          mentioned earlier.

          • After making an export of all Public Suscribers and disbabling S2, I have manually completely cleared all S2 settings (as far as I am aware of) from the DB: the public subscriber table, all options table entries related to S2 and all entries in user meta that were made by S2. I uploaded that earlier dev version and started ‘from scratch’ setting all options, importing public subscribers and forcing all wp users to become Plain Text Excerpt subscribers to all categories. This to make sure there is nothing left in settings from previous versions that could cause the problem of Full Text and HTML mails not being sent. I am completely at a loss about why it still happens… No other weird stuff happening there as far as I have noticed.

            Glad to hear the ‘last recipient’ issue is solved though ๐Ÿ™‚

            (BTW, I see your point now about the threading of comments. Maybe if you limit it to 3 levels deep?)

          • RavanH,

            I’m planning on changing the site them when I make the next release – that will hopefully sort the comment reply threading out.

            Are you still having problems after your reinstall then?

          • I will be testing the latest dev version tomorrow with a live post but I have already noticed something weird: I have several categories checkmarked as Excluded Categories (also the ‘Allow registerd users to usbscribe…’) but if I subscribe myself as a new user, I find I am subscribed to ALL categories by default !

          • RavanH,

            If the ‘Allow registered users to subscribe to excluded categories?’ is checked then Registered users can subscribe to Excluded Categories (including those who newly register)

          • I understand, but didn’t it used to be that new users (after they opted for subscription too at the registration form) would only be automatically subscribed to those categories that where NOT excluded?

            Now, new users are susbscribed to ALL categories by default? If so, I will have to re-think my whole setup…

          • RavanH,

            I don’t think it’s worked in the way you describe. What version have you used in the past and I’ll review the code (although I’ve looked back to 4.10 and can’t see a difference between then and now).

          • I’ve been using S2 since Skippy’s days. And I was quite happy with the fact that I could control the categories to which registered users where autosubscribed. No idea when this behaviour was dropped. Just updating to each new release, I was not paying much attention clearly ๐Ÿ˜‰ One time that resulted in a bit of a shock when suddenly the main theme CSS was included in the e-mails (what a mess gave that!), haha… Well, if you would consider reviving this old behaviour I would be very greatful but I understand if you do not see much need. I’ll rewrite some website texts to adapt and learn to live with it ๐Ÿ™‚

            The HTML/Full Posts issue is bugging me much more at the moment…

          • RavanH,

            I’ll try and see if I can add an option in time for the next release to choose if excluded categories are included in auto-subscriptions.

  219. @RavenH:

    Thanks for your help. I found where the problem was: There is an option “Allow registered users to subscribe to excluded categories?”. I deactivated it and noone get an E-Mail. I activated this, and i got an E-Mail. And I hope others too.


  220. Hi mate,

    Everything’s working beautiful with plugin / widget for me.

    I was just wondering, if you could let me know what part of your code can I modify to try and skin the ‘subscribe’ and ‘unsubscribe’ buttons, as well as the text field to where you enter your email?


    • Clint,

      The widget code is currently wrapped in a div tag with a class called
      ‘search’ although in the next version you can specify the name of the
      class. You can also add these same div tags around the Subscribe2
      token on your WordPress page.

  221. Hi,

    I’ve just skimmed through the comments here to check if this has been covered (i see right near the bottom it has)
    until recently i hadn’t upgraded from 4.13.
    I have registered users saying they weren’t receiving emails of Posts (set to ‘per-post’). i checked they were subscribed – all fine. I did a bit of a survey using the email subscribers and it seemed to work fine. i found Ben Forchhammer’s plug-in and gave that a whirl. using the results of that and a list of subscribed users and a bit of head scratching i found that there was three users who weren’t being sent to. they appear to be those whose address comes last alphabetically in each of three different format options (plain text-full, plain text-excerpt & html). hmmm, RavenH beat me to it.
    this seems to go along with what you say above about the foreach looping.
    seems you’re onto it, good news. i’ve looked at your code to see if i could hack together a fix – but my head started spinning – it’s hot today.
    i have finally upgraded to 4.15 – not noticed yet if it’s provided a fix for me.
    congrats on your excellent work, much appreciated by many!

    • Ndub,

      4.15 won’t fix the issue but 4.16 will. It’ll come out when it’s ready for release – I’m still working on some things and don’t have a firm date in mind yet.

  222. What do the digests look like? Is it just a mash of the
    “Blah posted foo on blarg” template repeated over and over?

    • Belg4mit,

      The Digests still make use of the template. It can be customised to appear containing details of the post title, content or links or a mixture of all these things. The best way to get things how you want would be to set up a test blog, customise the settings on there to your liking sending emails to yourself and then apply these same settings to your main blog.

  223. no worries mate

    at least you’re on to the issue.

    thanks again for your efforts – superb

  224. 1) The digest is sending out at noon. We see you say to use WP Cron for these scheduling to work. I see WP Cron is old and no longer activlty developed. Do we in fact still need this or is there an alternate?

    2) The digest emails come from the first admin created (not one wiht the name “admin” despite the setting checked to come from blog author. How would I choose the sender for the digest since I do not want this admin user to be the one oas the email sender?

    • Dan,

      1/ Cron is now built in to WordPress so you don’t need an extra
      plugin. You can change the time the email sends in Settings->Subscribe2.

      2/ Currently you can only send from the first admin account unless you
      hack the code but there is more flexibility in the next version.

  225. Hello

    your great plugin was working great till 3 days ago without doing nothing.
    what it does, after a user subscribe, he receives a mail to confirm. after they click to this link it tries to open a page but it’s turns itself to an non existing page of a blog. so nobody cannot confirm their request. can you guess where this can come from?


    • Mert,

      Something must have changed for things to suddenly stop working. Have
      you added a new plugin, changed some settings? If you have done
      nothing then check with your host.

      If the confirmation page is not working it is most likely a redirect
      plugin issue caused by SEO strategies. The other possibility is
      changes to server side redirects, in .htaccess for example.

  226. Thanks for the help on the cron and the admin. No matter how we set the time setting in the page the email goes out for the digest around noon? Any direction you could point me to investigate would be of great help.

    And here I go to put in another admin for the code.

    Thanks again

    • Dan,

      You’d have to do a lot of digging into the server clock time, your WordPress blog time (including offsets) and the cron scheduling. If it’s working I’d suggest you leave it alone ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mert,

      That looks like it’s coming from your WordPress permalinks. Try resetting them to default and then restore your current settings. Then try looking at plugins that affect permalink generation.

  227. Would it be possible (read: easy) to make an option to ignore these hangover user_activation_key’s ? In my case I had only a few of them to clear from te DB but I can imagine someone with large numbers being at a loss here…

    • RavanH,

      Possible – yes, easy – well not overly difficult but..

      It adds another pretty redundant option that could be cleared in a few seconds with a suitably crafted piece of WordPress or SQL code. The most likely outcome is that the option was be distracting and confusing if on Options->Subscribe2 and missed if put elsewhere.

      The SQL would be something like (after ensuring correct database names):

      UPDATE `wp_usermeta` SET `meta_value` = '' WHERE `wp_usermeta`.`meta_key`='user_activation_key'

  228. I was wondering what happened to the Subscribe2 Pro version? Did the project die? It looks like it was exactly what I was looking for.

    • SarahW,

      By ‘pro’ version do you mean the one that sends out HTML emails to all public subscribers? This is available off-the-peg for $40, if you want more details let me know and I’ll send you more information.

      • Thanks for the prompt response. If it makes things clearer, I ran across this: and I thought that it was connect to your current project. I had been struggling with MailPress, I deactivated it because it is not very non-tech friendly in the areas it need to be – message layout and formatting. I chose your plugin because I could edit the message template without bugging the IT department. Although in the end I had to add ask them to add the following functionality: we want to use the weekly digest function and we decided that we wanted the blog permalink at the bottom of the story not under the headline and also to reverse sort the stories so that the most recent was at the top. We also prettied up the TABLE by adding a * to act like a bullet point. If you would like the code to offer to others would be happy to oblige. Ideally for the weekly digest I’d like to be able to chose the day as well as the time as I know which day of the week my clients are least busy and more likely to read. Sorry for rambling. If you could shed some light that would be great. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Sorry I forgot to mention that it was the bulk import function which was also interesting because I am using SugarCRM CE and have a big Newlsetter Campaign mailing list to import and I didn’t want to get them to opt-in and confirm their emails all over again.

          • SarahW,

            You can bulk import your existing users into Subscribe2 at Tools-
            >Manage Subscribers but pasting in email address either one per line
            or comma separated.

        • SarahW,

          That site has nothing to do with the Subscribe2 WordPress plugin.
          Because of the way the cron facility works in WordPress it isn’t
          really possible to start offering day and time of sending because the
          cron functions rely on website traffic to run. So, I’d get someone
          setting it to run at a time and then saying it hsn’t worked when the
          email sent later.

          The 8 idea for the TABLE section is a good idea, I may add that to the
          next release.

          • Dang, that’s a shame, the functionality looked nifty. Not sure I understand your comment about “website traffic” I shall refer to the IT man, aka my other half. We use SugarCRM which allows scheduled mailshots and they are controlled through the cron.

            Glad you liked the ideas for the formatting. Don’t fancy typing 500 names or even ctl+c, ctl+v so bribes to the IT man will be required. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • SarahW,

            Basically, the cron that is built into WordPress is not a full cron
            but more of a psuedo-cron hack. Every time your site has a page load
            the API hooks are called and the cron events are hooked into one of
            these. So, if you schedule an event but your pages are not loaded (as
            in no one is visiting your site) then the cron event does not get
            called until such a time as some one does visit your site and load a

            I wish I got offered bribes for importing in 500 emails ๐Ÿ™‚ What a
            lucky IT man!!

  229. OK, so maybe then the numbers of subscribers (after each category) should not include these subscribers with a user_activation_key because they will not get an e-mail. Or *will* they get one when sending messages from the Posts > Mail Subscribers admin section?

    And maybe some small warning message when visiting this page and the Tools > Subscribers and Settings > Subscribe2 pages when there are users with a user_activation_key value like “Please Note: There are users found with an unactivated User Activation Key. This is a depricated WP feature but for backward compatibility, these users will not get any notification messages. Do you want to automatically clear the User Activation Keys and allow them to get notified? Clear / Ignore.”

    After which your excellent MySQL query would run or the message would be ignored and removed.

    Oh, and what about enabling threaded comments on this blog to keep all these simultanious conversations a bit organized? Just a thought ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • RavanH,

      Subscribe2 should not be including users with a non-null
      user_activation_key in the subscriber counts for categories. I’m not
      even sure they are included in the ‘All Registered Users’ count
      because I’m using the dev version on my sites for testing purposes.

      Your suggestions are all very valid but include a whole lot of work
      for me when the cause is straight forward to fix. Subscribe2 currently
      excludes users with a UAK rather than pulling them out, so I’d have to
      check for them and if there are some have coded some admin side stuff
      that allows this to be flagged to the user and for them to intervene
      and execute my SQL statement.

      Something that can be added to my list but not a quick and easy fix
      and not something a huge number will benefit from.

      Comment threading is now on for you but when I’ve tried it before it
      was a mess ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • I understand. No worries, I am pleased to have learned so much already ๐Ÿ™‚

        And please do not turn threading on just for me. Certainly not if it has unsatisfactory results. It was just a suggestion for consideration — a complete forum would be more suitable for these support discussions anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

  230. Apologies for posting my question about submit2 in the wrong place. We’re using version 4.15 and this is what we get when we try to activate the plugin.

    Error 500 – Internal server error

    An internal server error has occured!
    Please try again later.

    it’s on a wordpress 2.7.1 platform on web host.

    any suggestions would be appreciated.

    thank you

    • Paisano,

      This site is about Subscribe2! I have no idea about Submit2. Your version number appears to by for Subscribe2 however, so have you made sure you’ve uploaded all the files as detailed in the installation instructions in the readme?

      If you are sure you have then delete them all and start again as there may be a corrupt file. If not then upload the missing files and try again.

    • Paisano, if you are talking about Subscribe2 (not Submit2) you might be interested to know I am using too. I have also WP 2.7.1 and am now using the latest dev version of Subscribe2. All without an Internal Server Error… I do not know if this is relevant but have you ‘told’ your hosting platform to use PHP5 instead of the default PHP4? See for instructions on how to do this.

  231. @RavanH
    Thanks so much! it worked! Once I changed the .htaccess file to make php5 the default instead of php4 this and another plugin finally worked!!!
    I tried to find that instruction page earlier from 1and1 but it wouldn’t load. This looks great!

  232. Thanks for the great plugin. I have a strange problem. When i create a subscribe page and subscribe a user, the page gives an error saying ‘Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.’ Confirmation mail is send correctly.

    The strange thing is that when i try to do the same with the widget everything works fine..

    Any idea’s??

    • Marco,

      This is likely caused by PHPMailer that is built in to WordPress. It
      is due for an update in the next version of WordPress so if things are
      working I’d wait for the next release.

  233. I have had an issue since March 15th. I have searched wp and the net and have no idea how to fix my daily digest email issue. I am using wp 2.7.1 and the most up to-date s2. I am on Dreamhost.

    On March 14th a member asked me to unsubscribe her. Until that day all emails went out ok from my site. Since I have unsubscribed this member no other digest or hourly emails go out from my site. I have tried to rewrite the wp files, I have uninstalled s2 and reinstalled it. I have gotten rid of the extra plugins I am not using. I am new to wp. I have used other “forum” software. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • Dimestorebudget,

      How did you unsubscribe your user? Using the plugin front-end, backend
      or direct in the database? Are you certain that you still have active
      subscribers? Is the date for the email being moved forward?

      • I couldn’t find the user in the members list at first as they had used the subscribe thing to subscribe, not the register. I put in their email into the subscribe thing then used the unsubscribe option.

        I have active subscribers and I have even added a few of my emails through rss, registration and the subscribe method to test. I don’t get any email for the subscribe or register, but do for Rss.

        Yes, the date of the next email keeps moving forward.

        I did hear back from my host today. This is what they said:

        Unfortunately, this isn’t really something that we can help with, as it involves a 3rd party application/module. I did check your server and it seems to be processing mail just fine, so it doesn’t appear to be a problem on our end. You might want to try contacting the author of that plugin or posting on the WordPress support forum to see if you can get further assistance with this there. Sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you, but I don’t see anything on our end that would have caused this.


        Thank you for any other help you can give. Also, I have tried to correct the issue with another email program. That also did not fix this issue.

        • Dimestorebudget,

          If the date is moving forward then the Subscribe2 cron function is being called and is running. Have you tried sending test emails from Posts->Mail Subscribers (perhaps using the Mail Debug plugin at the same time).

          Then you can start to track if the problem is with the cron side or the email side.

  234. I can mail subscribers from Post>Mail. That one goes out just fine. I was thinking of only saving the members list and the posts then redoing the whole site with a new database. Can I do that?

    • Dimestorebudget,

      You can certainly do what you propose but make sure you back
      everything up well first in case you decide to abandon half way
      through – don’t forget you’ll loose comments, meta data, links etc of
      not done carefully.

      If I was you I’d try bug hunting a bit more first. If Post->Mail works
      then it may well be a cron issue. Also bear in mind that the cron
      functions now use a self connect (like pinging to run the
      functions and some hosts are blocking this resulting in failed cron

  235. Hello Admin

    I may a manipulation error and deleted the plugin from my blog. Is there any possibility to get back the list of the subscribers? is that list still saved somewhere on my server?

    Thanks a lot for your help

    • Xtfno44,

      If you deleted the plugin using FTP software then the table holding
      the list of subscribers will be on the server. If you used the Delete
      action in the Plugins menu then the information is gone unless you
      have a backup of your database tables.

      • I deleted through the Plugins menu. Is there a possibility to restore only the table with the subscribers without restoring the full database?

        • Xtfno44,

          If you deleted the plugin using the Plugins menu then the table is gone. Unless you have a backup somewhere (a CSV export, SQL dump or perhaps a WordPress backup plugin) then your data is gone and there is no way to restore it.

          • I had a backup file, you went through it and found all the email adresses, so i reinstalled the tool and put the addresses in like that. Thanks for your help

  236. As I could read, many users have my same problem:
    Subscribe2 does not send email to Public Subscribers.
    I’ve tried Mail Debug to check it and found only admin and Registered Subscribers should get the email.
    (no BCC restrictions on the server).

      • Dear MattyRob, thanks for replying.
        If you are talking about “Send Emails for Private Posts” it was set to “no” and then “yes”, and it didn’t work both times;
        I already try to chage BCC to CC, but still it only goes to Registered Subscribers (this time on CC).
        Am I missing something else?
        (I’m still using Mail Debug to check it)

        • DoZ,

          Where are you testing from? Are you making posts or are you using
          Posts->Mail Subscribers? Have you excluded any categories in Settings-

          • I did not exclude any categories.
            I’m testing on remote.
            I was using “Posts > Mail Subscribers” but I think now I’ve found the right settings:

            With these I got 2 emails:
            full text,
            TO: admin,
            BCC: Registered Subscribers.
            TO: admin,
            BCC: Public Subscribers.
            I hope it’s all done! Thanks for help

          • DoZ,

            If you were testing from Posts->Subscribers then you will note that
            you can’t send an email to Public AND Registered Users at the same
            time as this option is not available in the drop down list. Maybe that
            explains what you were seeing.

          • Yes, I was testing on that, but posts still did not arrive to Public Subscribers.
            Now they do.
            ๐Ÿ™‚ bye!

  237. Quick question: what will happen if unregistered users who were subscribed register on blog (with automatic subscription turned on) – will they receive two e-mails for each post or will plugin recognize that e-mail address is same and send only one?


    • Milan,

      Provided that the same email address is used the Public Subscription
      is migrated to the Registered Subscription, in other words the
      Registered account is subscribed and the Public one is deleted. So, no
      they won’t get 2 emails.

      • Thank you for both replies.

        My next question is will this (above) happen even in this case: I plan to merge WordPress and bbPress installations, so users registered on bbPress will become users registered on WordPress too, and some of them are public subscribers; will s2 recognize that they are now registered users since they are not registering actually?

        Thank again.

        • Milan,

          My honest answer is that I have no idea. I don’t use bbPress at all so have no idea what will happen. Make sure you have a good backup first and let me know how things turn out ๐Ÿ™‚

  238. A note: deleting a registered user causes the user deletion from the newsletter subscription list too.
    I was expecting it to become a public user.

    • DoZ,

      If a Registered Users deletes their account the assumption made by the
      plugin is they they want to unsubscribed, not downgrade to the status
      of a Public Subscriber. So, the account is deleted.

  239. i get this error when i try and sign up to the blog using subscribe2 4.15

    Call to a member function get_error_code() on a non-object in /mnt/local/home/justyp/ on line 228

    any ideas how to fix it?? anyone seen this before?

      • i am getting this when i try and register using the wordpress register page, i am not using the widget.

        • Shyam,

          I have just tried on my testing setup with WordPress 2.7.1 and Subscribe2 4.15 and I cannot reproduce this error. Things you need to check are other plugins (for errors in them and conflicts) and also re- upload the WordPress core files, you may have a missing or corrupt file that is causing this error.

          • i figured it out, it was a plugin called razcaptcha that was causing some conflict.. now its all good..

  240. OK so I set thh weekly digest to go off at 13:00. My blog time is set UTC+1 to reflect hte actual BST. The digest fired off at 14:00, 1 hour after I had scheduled it. Is that correct?

    • SarahW,

      The cron in WordPress relies on page loads from your site to fire so it is not a true cron. I have a low traffic site set to send at midnight and last week it send at 3:24am – so quite possibly correct if your site is low traffic.

      • Yes the site has only just launched and 1000 subscribers added for their first digest blast last week. so based on what you say it wasn’t that bad to only be an hour later than planned. Interesting that cron in WP can’t have tailored events added, which is what we are used to in SugarCRM, also using PHP. More bribery with coffee may be required me’thinks.

        • SarahW,

          You can add tailored events to the cron in WordPress, the challenge is getting them to execute exactly when you want. This is also possible though by linking server cron tasks to the wp-cron.php file. Best get the coffee on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  241. Hey. I just upgraded to the current version and my subscribers say they are getting the same “per post” email twice in their mailbox. I’m at a loss about what to do here. Any suggestions?

    • Ahni,

      How many times has this happened and is it affecting all users? Email is designed to ensure delivery so twice is better than not at all, meaning duplicate emails are not that uncommon.

  242. I finally got the email to work on my site. It took a lot of me banging my head on the keyboard and walks down the hall to cool off, not to mention the countless things I did on my site to trouble shoot.

    The emails were going out on my .net but not on the .com site. finally after everything else was changed (database, files, posts, emails, etc) the only thing left that was different between the two sites was the amount of members.

    To fix the email issue on my .com site I had to set the subscribe2 plugin to only email 75 emails at a time. I don’t know if my site stops at 100 or 120 or 150… but I do know it works at 75!

    So there you have it… after a month of tears, the fix was right there in the plugin… Set the limit to 75 (or what ever other number works for you)

    I do hope this helps others.

    Now back to happy blogging! Thanks for reading!

    • Dimestorebudget,

      I’m glad you’ve got things working. I suspect there is a server side restriction on the number of recipients per email which is exactly the problem that the setting you’ve used is designed to overcome!

  243. Hey I’d be more than happy to donate since I’m using this plug in as part of subscription news site. But I’m having a few little things I need to tweak. I can’t seem to set the emails up from the admin side so the users get only an excerpt and html link. I have to go into each person’s account and change the setting myself because it automatically sets them up for full post.

    • Nashvillechatterclass,

      In Settings->Subscribe2 is the option ‘Auto-subscribe users to receive email as:’ under the ‘Auto Subscribe’ heading set as Plain Text – Excerpt?

      • I’ve done that but whenever I go into someone’s account, it still shows up as full post

        • Nashvillechatterclass,

          I’ve just tested on the development version and it works as expected for me. I don’t recall fixing it for the next release either but see if the next version works as expected for you (I’m hoping to release it by Friday if everything drops into place).

          • Nashvillechatterclass,

            Sadly, I’m not a web developer and only code Subscribe2 in my spare time so I really don’t have the time for any custom work. If you have an idea about a change that may benefit many users please post you suggestion and I’ll consider it for future development.

  244. I understand … I’d just like a version perhaps that eliminates the option for full post in the email alerts. I’d love if there was a way for the subscriber to be able to choose how often they want updates. The widget shows up for non subscribers when they come to the site and they sign up for email alerts but since they aren’t paid subscribers they really get nothing. So it would be helpful if I could change how that shows up on the page or when they click on it it takes them to the subscription page where they could buy a subscription.

  245. OK Now I have an issue where some people are getting the email notifications and others aren’t. A test account I have was getting them and now isn’t. I can’t figure out what’s going on.

    • Nashvillechatterclass,

      Random variations in sending or not-sending of emails is usually due to server restrictions. Please check this with your hosting provider and ask them to tell you about the limitations in place. You may be able to change some Subscribe2 settings to compensate. They may need to review the email or server error logs.

  246. Hi. Thank you for a great plugin.

    Two (small?) wishes, if you have time and energy:

    1. Would it be possible to get Subject field also configurable? I’m now editing the BLOGNAME away from the code, but would like stop doing so…

    2. Would it be possible to develop a functionality (for an admin) to easily remove a person from subscribing any notifications? I’m using the auto-subcsribe feature, but get every now and then requests to remove them from the list…


    • AriK,

      1/ This will be available in the next version. I was hoping for that to come out this week but I’ve hit a snag so next week all being well.

      2/ You can already do this for Public and Registered Subscribers at Tools->Subscribers.

      • Hi,

        1) good to hear!

        2) totally missed this one, feeling a bit embarassed ๐Ÿ˜‰


  247. Hi there,

    I am trying to figure out if there would be a way for public subscriber to change their digest frequency themselves. Since there is already a way for them to subscribe and unsubscribe it think it would be easy to add a checkbox with the frequency of the digest. I guess the Mysql table also has to record that information.

    I would be interested in donating for such a function too, if this is a possibility, or have a custom built on it. The community that we are dealing with on our blog span from 80 years old yogini to teens so the needs are really different.

    I am also a php and Mysql beginner programer and would love to spend time on implementing this function but I would need a kick start or some guidance on how to go about it.


    • Gef,

      Subscribe2 is designed to encourage public subscribers to register to gain more control over their subscriptions. That said, currently only the admin of a blog can choose the frequency of digest emails, not the subscriber.

      I am not a coder or web designer in my day job and this plugin is coded in my spare time, what you are after is therefore beyond the spare time that I have. The code is open source so you are more than welcome to make custom changes and share them back if you like.

  248. Hi, thank you for this great pluguin. And thank you to be so supportive to people. Here is my question:

    I’m trying to modify how the widget reacts after a user suscribes. Instead of outputing the confirmation message in the same widget, where the form was, I think it is more ‘conventional’ to show those messages in a page. So, I have set the ACTION of the form to the same page where the users can suscribe (I have both the widget and the suscription page). The problem is: when you click the widget form and you’re taken to the suscription page, everythink is ok in the page, but in the widget, where the form was, the error message is outputed (Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server….), while in the page you can see the confirmation message sayin all is ok (the mail is sent actually)

    What I intend to do is to have a widget that only displays the form, and the confirmation/error messages are shown in the main content of a page, not in the sidebar. Before I mess up with the code, I’d like to know your advice.


    • Miquel,

      I think I understand what you are trying to accomplish. You could try the following as alternative solutions:

      * Hard code the form into your sidebar widget
      * Change your sidebar widget to a simple link to your page
      * Spends ages fixing the redirect so that both the form and widget work as expected

  249. Hi, I tried to install version 3.8 of the plugin (I’m using WP 2.2.3) and when I activate the plugin, I get:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Do you know why? Subscribe 3.8 is supposed to support WP 2.2.3, right?

    Besides that, I also get 2 subscribe2 folders when I unzip. When I upload the whole subscribe2 folder, the plugin doesn’t show on the Plugins Page. When I only upload the second Subscribe2 folder, it appears but when I activate it, I get the fatal error…

    Any idea?

    I can’t wait to get this great plugin to work! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Juka,

      WordPress 2.2.3 is almost 2 years old, you really need to update. That said I’m fairly sure that you are not uploading the buttonsnap.php file into the plugins folder when you upload the second subscribe2 folder. I can’t be sure though as I haven’t look at that branch of code for nearly 2 years ๐Ÿ˜‰

  250. Thank you for your response, that’s great to see you follow up the (dumb?) questions like mine ๐Ÿ™‚

    I uploaded the buttonsnap.php into the second subscribe2 folder and I got the same message when I tried to activiate the plugin… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    BTW, why isn’t the buttonsnap.php included by default into the second subscribe2 folder? I would be easier for people like me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for upgrading, I have the same problem many people have since WP 2.3: the latest versions are incompatible with my blog and databases… I still don’t understand why the WordPress developpers did that but now I can’t upgrade or I will lose everything… Like this guy:

    That’s why it’s very important for me to make your plugin work on my old-old WP 2.2.3 *_*

    • Juka,

      You should not have a second subscribe2 folder, your structure should be as follows:

      buttonsnap is in a different location in more recent versions but since the majority of users have abandoned WordPress 2.2.x for more recent flavours I am not developing and changing the older code. This is why I suggested you update but can understand why you are not moving up if you’ll loose data. The downside for you is plugins are developed for the latest WordPress so you will eventually get left behind.

  251. Fantastic! It works! ๐Ÿ˜›

    I didn’t try everything yet, because I have another little problem (yeah, I know… But I work hard on it!): 8.In the WordPress “Settings” area for Subscribe2 define the default page ID in the “Appearance” section to the ID of the WordPress page created in step 7. But I don’t see any ‘Appearance’ section in Options > Subscribe2 (old WP 2.2.3 admin tabs). Any idea? <:)

    Sorry to bother you with this old version of Subscribe2, and thanks for your patience, really…

    I was thinking of something: I seached all the comments about a function I could put in my header to allow my readers to 'quickly' subscribe entering their email directly on my home page, using just a form. Is it possible? Please don't tell me it is for the last version of Subscribe2 I can't use with WP 2.2.3 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Juka,

      Sorry for the delay, your comment got tagged as spam. In the version you are using you define the S2PAGE in the code directly. Edit the subscribe2.php file and look for the following line:

      define('S2PAGE', '0');

      Change the 0 to the ID of your page.

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