Next Version – the votes are in

The poll for how the form should look in the next version has been up for just over 2 weeks now so time to count those votes!

  • 5% of the votes asked for a totally different look without bothering to post a comment telling me what they had in mind!
  • 23% voted for an option for both of the alternatives given
  • 24% voted to retain the current form
  • 48% voted for the new two-button form

So, the clear winner is the two-button form! Look for it in the next version due soon… And thanks to all who voted.


25 thoughts on “Next Version – the votes are in

  1. By any chance, have you fixed the lack-of-finess feature whereby all Write -> Mail Subscribers messages are sent from the Admin instead of the currently logged in admin/author? πŸ˜‰ here’s my hack:

    // Set sender details
    if ((” == $this->myname) && (” == get_profile(“user_email”))) {
    $admin = $this->get_userdata();
    $this->myname = html_entity_decode($admin->display_name);
    $this->myemail = $admin->user_email;
    else {
    $this->myname = html_entity_decode(get_profile(“display_name”));
    $this->myemail = get_profile(“user_email”);

  2. I just installed this plugin on my band’s website and I have to say that I really like it except that I really wish it would send HTML emails to public subscribers. Is that planned for the next version? If not, would you consider it?

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    • Dan,

      Glad you like it. I’m not planning on ever making the plugin send HTML to public subscribers but if you want this functionality you can buy it for $40 US. Post another comment if you are interested and I’ll sort things out with you directly.

  3. Hello

    I was curious to know how to setup the template of the email to be HTML. Do i make a html design of the newsletter and insert in the “template” page of the setup or is there any other option?

    Right now the emails are sent plain text and for this reason they show quite lame. The font is times new roman and looks very ugly.

    Also, if i setup html code inside the email template, is this made direclty text and html or i have to setup the full body of the email to include both text and html version of the email?

    Also is it possible to extend the template page to include both text and html version of the email?

    And maybe create some default design for the html version that looks nice?


  4. Olimpiu,

    HTML emails are only sent to registered users who have opted to receive HTML notifications.

    Any HTML (bold italics etc) included in your original post is sent in the email. To add further styling you’ll need to include your them stylesheet and experiment with <div> tags in the email templates to generate the desired look.

    These tags will be stripped out of the template for plain text recipients.

    The easiest way to experiment with your tags is to get the source code of the HTML email into an editor and preview it in a web browser. When you amend the content update the preview until you have the desired output, then update your template accordingly.

  5. Just got the plugin and it is a really awesome tool. Great job!

    Quick question. Can I view a list of public subscribers? if so where?

  6. hi —
    (i’ve been reading through as much troubleshooting as i can find, so apologies up front if you’ve given tips about this somewhere)

    first, thanks for your plugin.

    my symptoms:
    1) the famous “confirmation email not arriving” for Registered Users
    2) “confirmation link in email leads to page not found”

    my config:
    – windows box (not my above blog), behind-firewall, WP-Mail-SMTP installed as well as latest Subscribe2
    – verified email sends from wordpress

    confirmation email *DOES* arrive to unregistered users — but the link in the email goes to “page not found.”

    confirmation email *DOES NOT* arrive to registered users — this may be by design?

    sorry if this is unclear but i’m at the hair-tearing-out stage and i’m really hoping you can point me to some existing simple troubleshooting info somewhere.

    thanks, thanks thanks.

    • Moya,

      Confirmation emails don’t get sent from Subscribe2 to Registered Users. If you are a registered user when you enter your email address you are prompted to login to manage your subscriptions.

      If the confirmation link leads to an unfound page this is usually caused by SEO plugins redirecting the link I’ve generated. Turn off all other plugins and try again. If it works reactivate plugins one at a time until it breaks to find the culprit.

  7. one more question: under “Barred Domains,” can i enter syntax that bars all domains except one? for instance, if i only want people to register who are from, could i enter something like:

    thanks again

    • Moya,

      No. The barred domains simply allows for the specified domains to be blocked from subscribing. There is currently no way to use wildcard operators to block all domains but one.

  8. thanks so much for your quick response.

    the only other plugin that is active is the WP-MAIL-SMTP plugin, which i activated specifically so i could use Subscribe2. yet you’re right, the link is being redirected — could it be related to my permalink setting? (“Month and name”)

    the refresh does happen to be inserting my blog’s first post’s month/name thusly:

    from — [domain]/wordpress/?s2=[key]
    to — [domain]/wordpress/2009/03/post-name/?s2=[key]

    one question on registered users — so it’s ok that registered users can never get into that “confirmed” middle column? (may be an obvious question, sorry)

    feature request for operators in barred domains? (i will have paypal handy!)

    thanks again, this is the MAIN plugin i want to use…


  9. Question about email. My host is having trouble sending email that is auto generated. I created an email address with my host to use for this purpose but I still seem to be having trouble.

    Is there a way I can set up a default email address for subsribe2 to use?

  10. Moya,

    If you have no other plugins you may need to check your .htaccess files for redirects or speak to your host provider.

    Registered users won’t get to the middle column, their registrations are handled differently from Public Subscribers.

  11. Norm,

    Set the email address as your first admin users email address and ensure that Subscribe2 is set to send from blog admin in Settings->Subscribe2.

  12. You have been providing awesome support! Thanks.

    I’m still having an issue and I don’t know what to tell my host. Here is my error message:

    Language string failed to load: instantiate

    I’ve created a custom email address and the problem persists.

  13. thanks anyway for the help —
    i think what my main problem was is that somehow the ID for my Subscribe page changed. when i toggled permalink modes, i noticed it, changed it back, and now the link works.

  14. If 48% voted for a two-button form then 52% voted against it. So the winner had more votes against it?

    • I knew I’d end up getting a comment like this! The other way to look at it is that 71% would be happy with the two button option. Either way you are about 2 weeks to late and the change has been made πŸ˜‰

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