Subscribe2 4.13

Version 4.13 of the Plugin is now available for download.

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

Version 4.13 is for 2.6.x and 2.7.x users. (Although it should work with WordPress 2.5 too!) This version has been tested on WordPress 2.7.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Update weekly description
  • Improve layout in the Subscribe2 form
  • Fixed bug where registering users would not be subscribed to categories if using the checkbox on the registration page
  • Improved buttonsnap function checking to reduce PHP notices
  • Fixed typo when including CSS information in HTML emails
  • Fix ‘edit’ links in the Tools->Subscribers page for blogs where the WordPress files are not in root
  • Improved Tools->Subscribers page layout by hiding some buttons when they are not needed
  • Fixed glitch in default options settings file
  • Added option to include or exclude a link back to the blog theme CSS information within the HTML emails
  • Improve per-post exceptions to sending emails by introducing a separate meta-box rather than relying on a custom field
  • Fix for Gallery code in emails sending entire media library
  • Updated screen shots

There are currently no known issues affecting this version 😀

To install correctly use the WordPress Auto Upgrade feature or:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder is uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

339 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.13

  1. Greg,

    A small error in the SVN means that 4.13 briefly thought it was version 4.14. Fixed now though (I hope).

    I only support a Subscriber Count in the widget, if you want to use it outside you’ll have to view and hack the code yourself.

  2. Small bug fix for those of you using WPMU 2.6.5:

    When a subscriber goes to save their subscription settings, an error is thrown on line 1912 od subscrib2.php.

    To fix this, simply replace line 1912

    $posted_cats = $_POST['category'];

    with this

    $posted_cats = array($_POST['category']);
  3. Hi there,

    I’ve the same problem: The widget-part of the plugin still thinks it is 4.12, unless I updated the subscribe-plugin itself manually.

    By the way: the automatic update via the admin-panel of wordpress doesn’t work. I had to do it manually via ftp. Maybe that’s just a part of the error, we’ve seen.

    I’m using WP 2.7.


  4. Greg / Hervey / Timm,

    You are getting this because I forgot to increment the version number in the Counterwidget.php file. You can change it yourself or update again now that I’ve fixed it.

    You could also ignore it since there have been no changes made in that file!

  5. John Luetke,

    What error is thrown? the $_POST[‘category’] variable should always be an array anyway so casting it as one is perhaps over cautious.

    If the error with regards to an array affects MU though, it may affect non-MU WordPress so please can you tell me the exact error message.

  6. Hi,

    I changed the value in the “counterwidget.php” to 4.13. That fixed the problem. Thank you very much for the fast answer!

    Great job!


  7. I seem to be having a new problem, after using Subscribe2 successfully for 6 months on two blogs – On one of the blogs, I’m getting a server error problem when I publish a post (error 500 – internal server error).

    Deactivating/reactivating Subscribe2 doesn’t fix the problem, nor does waiting until later to see if the server’s less busy. My next step is to try an uninstall/reinstall.

    There used to be an Subscribe2 uninstall plugin that was selectable on the plugins page. I still see the uninstall.php file as part of your package but I don’t seem to have a way of activating it. Any suggestions? Am I missing something?

    1. Harvey,

      Go to the Plugins page in WordPress, check the box next to Subscribe2 (once deactivated) and use the ‘Delete’ action in the drop down menu and the uninstall.php file you’ve found will be called into action.

  8. OK. Just upgraded my subscribe2 and now i cannot send email messages to my public subscribers – only to registered users?? here is the message i receive when i try:

    Message failed! Check your settings and check with your hosting provider

    Language string failed to load: instantiate

    1. Nicolesica,

      I think this is down to an issue in the core mailing function of WordPress using PHPMailer but not including an error message file.

      If you download PHPMailer yourself you can access the error message files. Then try using the SMTP_Mailer but include an extra line as follows:

      $phpmailer->setLanguage( 'en', '../wp-content/languages/' );

      Where the fisrt variable is your language code and the second is the location of the file uploaded onto your server.

        1. Luke,

          I’m not sure what you mean. You can apply the same fix by hacking the WordPress core files but that will need done (or checked) each time you upgrade. The better long term way is via a plugin. If you only need that one line then delete all the other parts of the plugin apart from the add_action line.

  9. Thanks, Matthew, but I’m still not there. Looking at the dropdown menus:
    1) When Subscribe2 is still activated, my choice is js to deactivate it
    2) When S2 is deactivated, my choices are to activate or delete (not uninstall).

    If I select delete, the files in the S2 folder will be deleted. However, it doesn’t appear that the S2 table(s?) will be deleted from the DB, or do any other clean-up that’s required.

    Could I be looking at the wrong dropdown menu? I don’t see any others.

    FYI – I’m using WP 2.7 and S2 4.13

  10. If i activate the plugin the Wysiwyg-editor dont show up correctly, so i can write posts. I think this is a problem with Subscribe2 Notification Override feature. I i desactivate the plugin the editor does show up

  11. Harvey,

    Sorry, that should have said ‘Delete’ and not ‘Uninstall’. That action should also remove all Subscribe2 settings and the subscribe2 table from your database.

  12. Thx Matthew.

    I just ran the delete for both the S2 and the counter widget plugins. Files and tables successfully deleted.

    BTW – got this message, which was a little confusing:

    Plugin could not be deleted due to an error: Could not fully remove the plugin(s) subscribe2/counterwidget.php

    Nevertheless, the entire folder is gone. I suspect that the S2 folder was deleted with the first deletion, which included the counter widget. When WP tried to then delete the counter widget, it was nowhere to be found.

    1. Harvey,

      Glad the ‘delete’ functions worked – the counterwidget.php file would have been deleted along with the rest of the subscribe2 folder. A page refresh would have removed it from the plugin window.

      I’m thinking of adding the counter widget to the core plugin in a future release which will solve this glitch.

  13. re adding as a core, sounds like a good idea. It wasn’t hard to figure out what happened, but there *was* an unnecessary moment of confusion 😉

    FYI in case you come across this with other users – I tracked down the “internal server” problem. There seems to be a conflict between S2 and the latest version of WordPress stats (1.3.6) which was released 1/29.

    Deactivation of WP stats seems to have solved the problem.

  14. Hi Matthew!

    The comments are closed at the translation page, so I have to write here. I’ve started to make the hungarian translation, and I’d like share it. Please contact me so I can send you the mo.


  15. Hi Matthew, great job on the plugin and I so appreciate all you are doing.

    Going forward is it possible to add support for RFC2554 Authenticated SMTP, ie: CRAM-MD5? If that is something that can be added as an option that would help out with SMTP hosts configured with strict relaying.

    Again, thanks for everything!!!

    1. MysticHerb,

      Subscribe2 simply uses the built in mail functions in WordPress, these are in turn provided by PHPMailer which does support server authentication but I can’t easily see CRAM-MD5 support. You’d have to lodge a ticket in PHPMailer and then ensure a WordPress ticket is lodged to update the core files once it’s done.

  16. Matthew, the problems just started after the upgrade of the plugin. When i disable subribe2 then the problem is resolved. I checked it on different browers and got in all instance the same problem.

    1. Satilmis,

      But that still hasn’t ruled out a plugin conflict. You need to deactivate all other plugins and see if Subscribe2 still makes a mess. also try refreshing your browser cache (although testing in different browser should have excluded this)

  17. Hi

    We are using this on an internal WPMU site.
    We have a couple of use cases that we need to solve.

    1. We only want all subscriber to create/have accounts (be able to turn off email address subscribing). We use LDAP to login so accounts are auto created.

    2. We need to see a list of all public blogs in the /wp-admin/users.php?page=subscribe2/subscribe2.php page and then be able to swop between blogs to subscribe / un-subscribe etc.

    I am willing to help with the code for this, but a don’t want to fork the code can we work on this together?

  18. Matt, wonderful plugin. I installed 4.12 but that did not work. Then tried 4.13 and voilá – everything perfect. Really an asset to the site.

  19. Whenever people subscribe using the widget (top right corner of my blog, under the header area), they are getting “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.”

    However, they actually are subscribed – I get an email to that effect, and they show up on the subscribers list.

    How do I fix that, and/or what’s going on? This was true with 4.12, and is still true now that I have got 4.13.

  20. PS: The drop-down menu where the admin can select the time to “Send Digest Notification at” is not localized, as far as I can see. It is not a major issue, but I thought I would let you know that we do not use the am/pm-system in Denmark. This applies to many other languages as well.

  21. Matthew, i disabled all the plugins and the problem still existed. Only when i disable the subscribe2 plugin, then my Wysiwyg editor works correcty. With the previois version 4.12 I have no problems.

  22. Heya,
    I am using the subscribe2 plugin in a wordpress mu environment and I’ve done some adjustments that make it run smoother/better on wpmu; I’d love to contribute my code to the plugin (it doesn’t break it on single user installs); if you’re interested can you contact me via email please?
    Cheers, Ben

  23. I just upgraded this plugin and now all my new posts are automatically getting a custom field named s2mail. How can I stop this from happening?

  24. I have a problem, i make upgrade from 2.7 to 2.7.1 and i upgrade the subscriber and now the widget where the people insert the mail for subscribe or unsubscriber is don t show in the witdget page or plugin..where is?

  25. Hi gojigirl:

    Go to your Admin Panel > Tools > Subscribers.

    That will bring you to the Manage Subscribers list. From there, under Current Subscribers, you can use the drop-down menu to choose which group of subscribers you would like to review.

    Hope this is helpful!

    Have a great day 🙂

  26. Hello!

    Is it somehow possible to display the form from the theme? I used

    <?php $content = apply_filters(‘the_content’, ‘‘); echo $content; ?>

    but it causes some errors because it displays the content of the plugin “what would seth godin do?”, too…

    1. .wired,

      That’s why I don’t support the form outside of the widget or token methods. If you really must look in the code at the widget functions but you are on your own.

  27. Hello Matt!

    No problem….Really glad to help.

    I have an offer. Please send me an email So I can share it with you ‘offline.’

    Take care.


  28. Hi,

    I installed your plugin and it seems to be working fine.
    My only problem is for the widget. The text appears a transparent way and we can’t see anything (see for yourself:
    Is there a way to make all the text of the widget black please?

  29. Yes, sorry about that. After my comment, I went to something else and it then gave me an idea as to try where to change the font color so I tried and it worked.

    Everything is fine now. Great plugin.

  30. Matt, I got some more requirements from my user…

    1) they would like to see the email log, showing status of each sending,etc.

    2) they would like to know exactly who opened the email

    Do you have any comments?

    1. Julian,

      1/ This is best handled by mail queue software on the server as part of the MTA or Mil Transfer Agent. Adding this into Subscribe2 would duplicate this and add a massive processing burden for many users who simply don’t need it.

      2/ Not possible without tracking solutions and even these can be circumvented. Email is like regular mail or post – do you know who opens what you send?

  31. Hi Matt,

    I want to use your plugin and not Feedburner but I have a problem.

    I can’t get your subscribe icon to appear on my home page. When posting, it’s fine. But it won’t show up on my main pages. I would like it above the ‘about me’ and ‘search’.

    Is there any code I am missing that I need to add into those phps?


    1. Wrastler,

      Subscribe icon? I’m not sure what you mean. Follow the install instructions to create a WordPress page and insert the Subscribe2 token in the post content.

  32. Hi,
    I get these messages in WordPress if I want to write a message. And if i deactivate subcribe2 then these messages disappear.
    Is this a bug or problem of subcribe2 and what can I do about it?

    Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/nl.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/deb3867n3/:/tmp:/usr/local/lib/php/) in /usr/home/deb3867n3/domains/ on line 1187

    Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/nl_dlg.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/deb3867n3/:/tmp:/usr/local/lib/php/) in /usr/home/deb3867n3/domains/ on line 1190

    Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/en.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/deb3867n3/:/tmp:/usr/local/lib/php/) in /usr/home/deb3867n3/domains/ on line 1194

    Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/en_dlg.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/deb3867n3/:/tmp:/usr/local/lib/php/) in /usr/home/deb3867n3/domains/ on line 1199

    1. Kaj,

      openbase_dir is a restriction placed by your host that does not allow executable files in certain locations on your server space.

      You can try disabling the Subscribe2 QuickTag button or ask your host to resolve the problem by changing their server side restrictions for your space.

  33. Hi Matt,

    Just wanna let u know I have sent you 40 USD via paypal for the HTML paid version…

    For the requirement no.2, I heard someone used some sort of “image” technique.. means.. once a user opens the email, it will retrive the “image” from the server (our server).. and it knows “who” retreive the image also..

    Thanks for the great plugin again!

    1. Julian,

      Your code is on the way. There is an image technique but it involves basically sending HTML emails so can be circumvented by your reader if they set their client to block image downloads.

      My personal opinion of such tactics is that they are invasive to privacy and I will not be implementing any changes to the Subscribe2 code to implement this facility.

  34. Heya,

    Plugin looks good for me so far, save for one small problem.

    The sidebar text (You may manage your subscription options from your profile, et al.) is too large for my sidebar, and it’s gray. I saw this question almost answered earlier, and as I am a noob, I don’t want to go mucking up your lovely code when a simple fix is likely hiding in plain sight.

    Help please?


  35. Me again.

    Okay, thanks to Firebug, I figured out the text issue. Now, however, the input field, text, and buttons looks too scrunched together. This time, I may actually be unable to suss it out on my own. Help a nitpicking OCD candidate out with some code?


    1. Randy,

      You can either widen you sidebar in the CSS of your theme or edit the subscribe2.php code to insert a line break between the two options.

      If you take the latter path, look for the $this->form variable in the load_strings() function near the top of the code.

  36. I’ve read in the previous comments on this site how occasionally there is a user of Subscrbe2 who has wanted to insert images into their email notifications. This is something I too have been interested in and I believe I may have found a way to accomplish this. However, I want to first disclose that I am not a web designer or a coder. Through searching the Internet and through trial and error I have found a solution that has worked for me. It does not send an attachment in the email but places the image inline (which many users of Subscribe2 may in fact already know how to do). I thought I would share what I have learned in the hopes it will be helpful for others—particularly novices like myself.

    For those users interested in sending HTML emails with inline images, this may be accomplished by the following:

    1. Make sure Subscribe2 is set to deliver HTML emails (go into the admin panel, locate Users > Subscriptions. Change notification settings “Receive email as” to HTML);

    2. I chose not to include the CSS stylesheet in HTML notifications because I found the sent HTML emails look nicer without it (looks the same as FeedBurner email notifications if you’re familiar with these) which I prefer. The CSS stylesheet can be switched on or off here: Admin panel > Settings > Subscribe2;

    3. What I found helpful when uploading images, was to be sure to change the title to what I wanted it to say (which is probably obvious to most readers but I’m a novice at this) and remembering it, as the title goes in the alt=”” in the post. Then I clicked the “none” button to be sure the “Link URL” text disappeared as well as selecting the “none” button for the alignment. Then I saved the image to the library;

    4. After placing the cursor at the point in the post where the image is to appear, I went back to the library and inserted the image. You will have something that looks like the following:

    <img src=”http://YOURWEBSITE.COM/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/mountain-view-150×150.jpg” alt=”Mountain View” title=”mountain view” width=”150″ height=”150″ class=”alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-112″ />

    5. I modified the code above to the following:

    <img style=”margin: 18px 10px 0px 0px; float: left;” src=”http://YOURWEBSITE.COM/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/mountain-view-150×150.jpg” alt=”Mountain View” />

    You can play with the margins and where you want the image to float based upon how you want the image to look in the post….

    This has worked for me in getting the full-text post with images in my subscription emails without a problem. It looks very nice as do the posts on the website. Of note, I have Subscribe2 set to deliver individual emails to subscribers, versus bulk sending (in other words, I have “Restrict the number of recipients per email to” set to 1). This may be a problem (as already noted by Matt in numerous other posts) for websites that have many subscribers, due to limitations imposed by web hosting companies in an effort to control spam. However, each web hosting company is different and it will also depend on the type of server you’re on and the plan you purchased. Please check with your hosting company if you chose this option. This as yet, has not been a problem for me. I have not tried this solution with the setting on “0.” Also, RSS feeds look okay, but are not as nicely stylized with this method. I am still searching for the manner to code the posts so Subscribe2 HTML emails, RSS feeds, and the WP posts look pretty identical. Feel free to offer any helpful / supportive suggestions.

    I hope Subscribe2 users find this helpful. I would welcome feedback and easier methods of stylizing images for both WP posts, Subscribe2 email notifications, and RSS feeds.

    Have a great day 🙂

  37. Thanks for this great plugin!

    I want to place the subscription-button in myne sidebar, but i’dont want to use the widget. Can you tell me wich code i need…

  38. Hello AppleUser:

    Try this:

    $content = apply_filters('the_content', '<!--subscribe2-->'); echo $content; ?>

    Take care and have a great day!

  39. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the quick replay. I place this code in the sidebar, but get no button or text. I see only ” in de sidebar…

  40. Hello AppleUser:

    I goofed and made an error! So sorry!!

    Try this:

    $content = apply_filters('the_content', '<!--subscribe2-->'); echo $content; ?>

    Please let me know how this works for you 🙂

    1. Apple User / Andy, strips out HTML tags and so it is stripping out the subscribe2 token (<!–subscribe2–>). I’ve fixed this up in the affected posts 😉

  41. Hi Matt:

    Great! Thank you. However, there shouldn’t be the huge space between the word content, the equal sign, and the word apply.

  42. AppleUser:

    Glad to see it works–even with the large space I mentioned in the post above.

    Blog on! 🙂

  43. I see no large space in Safari/FF/IE6 or IE7. But the field/radio button and send button are verry close together. So i place a extra .

  44. Sorry if I missed this somewhere on your site, but how do I unsubscribe someone who has subscribed to my blog? And why are they not able to unsubscribe at any time?

    Please email me.


  45. Greetings Heather 🙂

    I’m not sure why they wouldn’t be able to opt out. They basically go to your subscribe page (or if you have the widget in the sidebar), enter their email address and click the “unsubscribe” button and send.

    You can unsubscribe someone by doing the following:

    Go into the admin panel > Tools > Subscribers. Scroll down to Current Subscribers area of page, and find the type of subscriber in the drop-down (or select all subscribers) and push “filter” button. Locate the individual you would like to delete and across from their name, select the box under the red ‘X’ Press the “process” button. Viola. Gone.

    Hope this was helpful. Have a great day!

  46. Matt,

    I installed the HTML paid version..(by activating the previous one and replace the file, then re-activate again)

    then I configured the setting from “per post email” to “Daily Digest”

    the email came but it was not in HTML format…(look like the unpaid version 🙂

    Any Suggestion? Something wrong with including theme CSS (it was “Yes”), I have changed to “No” ..

    Some more questions, I would like the daily digest to be able to include “Permalink” also (as Per post email)

  47. hi admin

    have some problem, have installed and everithing seams ok. then i have tak a csv file and ad my 700 email adresse into bulk, thats also ok, but now i have only 3 registered and over 700 into the middle of the column. who i can get now this 700 emailadress to the left side of the column? on the right site you have this two arrows and under the rigt arrow i have a lot of squares but on the left arrow (witch i need) i have only on square to out my email adresse from confirmed to registered subscriber? if i will send the newsletter weekly automatic with the new article, i need the whole emailadresse. thanks and sorry for my englisch

  48. Icesnake,

    If the users are in the middle column then they are subscribed as Public Subscribers and they will get email notifications. You cannot Register them all in one step – you’d have to individually add them all by registering them as Users of your blog.

  49. thank you, so all this users into the middle column will takes automaticly a email, when i have put the cross by digest to weekly?

  50. how i can test this bevor the automatic routine of your script will send for the first one this email on all 700 email adresse? is there a possability to test it what exactly the user are get into this email in a few of days?

  51. Icesnake,

    You can’t, just like you can’t be sure anyone gets email you send now (unless you use M$ Outlook but that’s another debate). The only thing you can do is use server side logging to ensure it was sent. You, as admin, will also get a copy of the email to assure you that it was sent.

  52. ok sorry about my questions, i’m not a programer 🙂 so i have to wait untill 24 february (it’s the weekly option) about the answer of my question. thanks for your assist!

  53. hi
    ı’ve been using your 4.12 without a problem but it suddenly stopped sending mail to admin and public subscribers. after i upgraded to the new release but no help on that to. but somehow i see a message on tops saying “Headers too large (32768 max)”. does it have anything to do with with the problem.
    also is there anyway to test the system if emails are going thru or not? thx

  54. Greetings Adrian….

    In the documents on this website, it describes how to find what you’re looking for. Also, in the future, if you play around with the plugin, you can frequently find what you need.

    If you look above in the comments on February 12, 2009 at 1:11 pm, you’ll find the answer to your question.

    I hope the tone of my comment is not off-putting or anything, but Matt has put a lot of time into taking care of the most FAQ, plus, if you can take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the admin panel in WP where S2 resides, it might make it easier and save a lot of time for everyone 🙂

    Take good care and enjoy the plugin….

  55. Dear Matthew,
    Thanks for the plugin – donation sent through.

    I am hoping to inspire you to take a few minutes to check out the minor code changes I have suggested. It is with regard to the subscription form. The code is all tested & validated and is live on a few sites. It is based on this latest version; Perhaps you could roll them into the next update, so I don’t have to reapply the changes every time there is a version upgrade.


    I also have some thoughts on minor changes in the admin subscriber list – would be happy to work on them on the same basis (IE: I’d test it all and can pass to you for inclusion) if no one is already working in that area.

  56. Hello Again,
    the problem also i’m having is that people are able to register but they don’t get confirmation email in order to confirm their mail address. when people fill and submit i see again “Headers too large (32768 max)” word on top of the page. they can also submit their addresses and i see them waiting to be confirmed. thx again

  57. Hello. Are there any plans to get the plugin to strip all shortcodes from the email? I use a gallery plugin for my images, and it shows the shortcodes I use to insert an image, in the email that is sent out 😦

  58. Anna-marie,

    Thanks for the donation and code change recommendations. I liked the idea about having 2 buttons so that will go into the trunk code soon.

    I’m not working any any major development to the admin pages at present so feel free to suggest some changes there and do some code changing if you have time (something I’m getting increasingly short of) 😉 What did you have in mind?

  59. Mert,

    Basically one of your email headers is ridiculously long. The only thing I can guess it might be is your user name or email address – something in the WordPress database is producing a long output.

    Check the error logs on the server and they may give you a pointer to where you should look.

  60. Jeronimo,

    The code already handles the shortcodes (or should). Which email are we talking about? Per-post or digest? Which format or all of them? What is the shortcode?

  61. Hi. It is for the per-post email (I haven’t tried the digests). It is for all the formats. I am using the NextGen gallery, and in particular, the shortcode, an example of which is [singlepic id=75 float=left].

  62. Jeronimo,

    Per-post sends out 3 types of email (HTML, plain text full and plain text excerpt).

    Shortcodes should be substituted for the expected content for the HTML email and stripped out for the plaintext content.

    The only reasons I can imagine that this is not happening are:
    1/ Your shortcode is not properly registered within WordPress (gallery plugin error)
    2/ The shortcode files in WordPress are missing or for some other reason shortcode functions are failing to load.

    Are you running the latest versions of WordPress and Subscribe2?

  63. Hi. I’m using WordPress 2.7.1 with Subscribe2 4.13, and NextGen Gallery 1.10.

    Is there a way to check any of the things you suggest might be at fault?

  64. Jeronimo,

    Basically, you’d have to pull the post content of one of your posts into an admin page to view it and then start running strip_shortcodes on it to see if the tags are removed. Also run the_content and the_excerpt filters on the content to check the tags are replaced correctly.

  65. Sadly that sounds too complicated for me. Is there a way to turn on some kind of debug, or logging that might show what is happening?

    Perhaps the plugin I have is at fault. Can you give me an example of some shortcodes you know for sure should be stripped?

  66. I love this plugin! Today I went from per post notifications to daily digest but sadly my daily digest didn’t get sent and I have no Idea why. Can someone shed some light on how I may be able to get that working?


    1. Todd,

      The cron functions rely on site traffic so if your site is low traffic the email may not get sent. Is the Settings->Subscribe2 telling you that it’s scheduled? Is the schedule date moving?

      Also, note that there does appear to be a glitch in the cron functions of the WordPress core that will be fixed in 2.8 so you may be stuck for the time being.

  67. WP 2.7 why do i get this error?

    Warning: require_once(/home/invest/public_html/blog/wp-admin/install-helper.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/invest/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 217

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/invest/public_html/blog/wp-admin/install-helper.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/invest/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 217

    1. Jaffasoft,

      The error messages tells you what is wrong. Subscribe2 requires a files called install-helper.php that is located in the wp-admin folder. Yours is missing, upload it and the message will disappear.

  68. Hello Matt
    thanks for your reply. when i check the error on the server i only see the following which i did not understand as i’m not very good coding..

    /web/cgi-bin/php5: Symbol `client_errors’ has different size in shared object, consider re-linking

    i also checked the my registered email and all registered users, they’re all in regular sizes. i can’t think anywhere else to check? any more suggestions

    1. Mert,

      First things to try are optimising your WordPress data in phpMyAdmin and then erase and re-upload your WordPress files and plugins (note don’t erase wp-content as this contains your uploads and leave wp-config.php alone too).

      If these don’t work request help from your host provider as they should be able to locate the error more easily.

  69. So this is an automatic subscription to every user in the admin not for individual posts by users? So every one person on the users list will receive an email notification?

  70. Jaffasoft,

    I’m not sure what function you actually want for your site but normally people read about plugins to find out what they do before installing them.

    If you want readers to subscribe to comments threads you are looking at the wrong plugin. I’ve also already told you which one you need to find.

  71. Hello,

    Yes the date does move… this is what it’s currently saying:

    Current UTC time is: February 19, 2009 @ 3:46 PM

    Current blog time is: February 19, 2009 @ 7:46 AM

    Next email notification will be sent when your blog time is after: February 20, 2009 @ 12:00 AM

    1. Todd,

      Since the cron relies on visits to your site it can go anytime from the scheduled time forwards.

      There is apparently a glitch affecting servers with firewall settings that don’t allow self connection ( I presume) so it may be that you are falling foul of that bug.

  72. Great plug-in – really like it!

    Can I run the “subscribe/unsubscribe”-part as a form(or other?) instead of a widget, and if yes, can you provide the text-lines I need to enter?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  73. Thanks… yes well L’l be on my way to fix it then.

    It’s worth noting that you made judgements that i did not read about the plugin(s) remind me never to ask questions about plugins if i feel confused or have some. Forgive me sir that you are so perfect. I read over your plugin many times and found it unclear in which way it subscribes people!

    We are supposed to be programmer gods that know everything i am not!

    I’ve employed the services of someone to fix it! I’ve had enough of the time wasting. Just saying the “subscribe to comments” does not do anything that could be a subscribe to feed comments which is lame as well. I researched through lots of plugins and it’s very good that finally the dumb search is making it better in WP as it was impossible before.

    There needs to be a professional that can make a subscribe to comments tick such as in this site in the wordpress core as it’s the very main and most important thing for the communications of my site and there simply is no easy solutions anywhere in WP.

    I cirtainly only come to the surface when i feel i need help. Otherwise i go out of my way to fix it myself.

    1. Jaffasoft,

      *sigh*. I do apologise as it seems that I have upset you but I’m still not sure why you are posting on here about features for you blog that have nothing in common with the features supplied by Subscribe2. I write Subscribe2 for use on my own sites and then make it available for free because others may find it useful. I get virtually no income for doing this and coding certainly does not pay my bills since I am not a programmer in my day job.

      This site is a hosted solution and as such I have no control over the code and plugins. On solutions, where you host the site yourself, you have total control. have taken ‘subscribe-to-comments’ and updated it. They are also supposed to be releasing it for wider use on site but just to emphasise this has nothing to do with me or Subcribe2.

      So, to summarise – if you want to allow your users to subscribe to comment threads Subscribe2 is not the plugin for you as it was never designed to provide this function. Subscribe-to-comments was but I have nothing to do with it’s development and I can’t help if it is lame. If you want a site exactly like this then maybe consider a account otherwise you’ll have to wait for subscribe-to-comments to be released, look for another solution or pay someone to write a solution for you.

  74. Hey Matthew!

    I like what Anna-marie suggested (February 18, 2009), but want to put my voice in for considering providing the option of maintaining the current two buttons and send button. On one of my blogs the current setup works best. Perhaps it would be possible for users to choose between either Anna-marie’s or the current oonfiguration.

    Just a thought….Have a great weekend.

  75. Just another thought for Mert (above): If you download WP-DBManager by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan.

    This WP plugin not only allows you to backup your WP database, but it also allows you to easily fix your database—I find it much easier then phpMyAdmin.

    Cheers! 🙂

  76. Hi, I am very knowledgeable about plugin functionality so sorry if this is a dump question.

    My blog has a black background with white text so when I my emails go out they are also black with white writing.

    I see it is using the style sheet of my theme. Is there any way to change this so there is no color?

    If so, how do I tell it not to sure the style sheet from the theme.

    Thanks for you help.

  77. Hello Angie—

    Your question is definitely NOT dumb. It is actually a great question. 🙂 In fact, I totally understand and appreciate how frustrating it can be if the plugin appears to not be doing what you want (or think it should do) and are not having luck getting things to display on your website (or in your case, the emails)—particularly if you’re not a webdesigner or know any HTML or CSS, etc.

    However, try reviewing the admin panel (and Subscribe2 areas scattered throughout it), FAQ, and searching the comments the next time first. It saves a lot of time for everyone. Then post your question.

    Try deselecting the CSS style sheet to see if this resolves your problem:

    Go into the admin panel > settings > 3rd line down under Notification Settings and you will see “Include theme CSS stylesheet in HTML notifications:” Select “No”

    I’m learning all about this great plugin too. Leave a donation if you use/like the plugin to support further refinements, etc. by the developer. I hope this is helpful! Have a great day Angie 🙂

  78. Angie,

    There are 2 ways to fix this:

    Easy way – turn off sending of the style sheet in Settings->Subscribe2 as suggested by Andy

    Hard Way – play around adding <div> tags to your templates to get the black background into your HTML emails

  79. A quick question…

    When the BCC limit is set to 1, will subscribe2 still send emails directly to each subscriber. I think an older version of subscribe2 did this.

    I’m having trouble with most of my subscribers on the same incoming mail server that’s now using stricter junk-email handling rules.

    Thanks in advance.

  80. Hi – Great plugin!
    I am having one small problem. When I get to the Subscription Confirmation page all the page navigation buttons in my header are now called Subscription Confirmation (as opposed to Home, Bio, Contact, etc…)
    Any idea why this is happening?

    Thank you!

    1. Nina,

      Could be one of 2 things then. Either it’s something to do with the subscribe2 page you’ve written being a child page or your theme is constructing your page links from within the_loop.

      Try making the subscribe2 page a parent or changing your theme.

  81. Hi – thanks again for your help. I tried making it a parent (it is now) and still no avail. The creator of the work just sent out an email yesterday to some of his subscribers so I hesitate to switch the theme to test.
    Is there another way? Can you point me to information on the_loop or show me a theme that works correctly and tell me where to compare the code for the_loop?

    Thanks again!

  82. Hi again,
    I had no luck…
    So I just ended up taking out the words “Subscription Confirmation from this code and now it leaves all the header menu links blank (but I have the pages listed on the side):

    Overrides the page title
    function title_filter($title) {
    // don’t interfere if we’ve already done our thing
    if (in_the_loop()) {
    return __(”, ‘subscribe2′);
    } else {
    return $title;
    } // end title_filter()

    I had another question: for some reason the automatic notification is not sending emails to the subscribers and we have to manually ’email the subscribers’. I checked that the settings were correct with the users and nothing was exempt. Also when we email subscribers should there be a option to send to “all” instead of seperately the public and registered subscribers?

    Thanks again Matt.

  83. Nina,

    A better way to accomplish this without getting blank page links would be to find the following line and comment it out (//):

    add_filter('the_title', array(&$this, 'title_filter'));

    If your automatic emails are not being sent on a per-post basis check with your hosting provider about blocked emails. There isn’t currently a manual option to mail ‘All’ but I may look at adding it.

  84. Hey Thanks! That worked!

    So if the manual email is working wouldn’t the automatic email work? Would the hosting provider block only one and not the other?

  85. My hosting company (GoDaddy) said this isn’t an issue with them blocking anything.

    It should go out automatically from any adminstration account when they make a post, correct? Or is it just from the admin account…

  86. I took a look at the ‘buttonsnap.php’ page and there are errors in it about halfway down the page (there’s a ?> tag and then it goes bad.

    Could this have anything to do with why the emails don’t get sent?

    1. Nina,

      If manual mails work then the automatic ones should work too. Are you using per-post or digest? I don’t think buttonsnap would affect it in any way as this library only affects the placement of the button in the QuickTags section of the post authoring screen.

  87. I am having a time zone/GMT/UTC issue with Subscribe2 4.13 on WordPress 2.71 and the digest scheduling.

    The web server is a windows server running Apache, and the time zone is set to CST (GMT-6).

    I have spent several hours working through the code, but cant find any definitive reason for the discrepancy between the times.

    The settings page shows:
    Send Digest Notification at: 1am

    Current UTC time is: February 24, 2009 @ 10:44 pm

    Current blog time is: February 24, 2009 @ 4:44 pm

    Next email notification will be sent when your blog time is after: February 25, 2009 @ 1:00 am

    That all looks good. The wp_cron.php file uses the local time for consideration:
    February 24, 2009, 4:44 pm

    The next run time for the ‘s2_digest_cron’ task is:
    February 24, 2009, 7:00 pm (should be February 25, 1:00 am)

    I started down the path of changing subscribe2.php to use “mktime” for scheduling instead of “gmmktime” since wp_cron is using local time, but figured I’d shoot a question out here first about this. Is this a bug, configuration issue on my end, or what can be done?

    1. Daniel,

      Are the digests not sending then? The details you’ve posted from the Options page are indication your -6 hours offset in the different between UTC time (essentially GMT) and your local time (CST). The next line is telling you when Subscribe2 thinks it is schedule to run next so I’m interested to know where you’ve got the ‘s2_digest_cron’ information from.

  88. Matt,

    The digests will actually send, just 6 hours off from when they are supposed to.

    The cron process uses the previous send time, and the current time (both local) appropriately to figure out what messages to send, so that’s a good thing.

    I have worked around the issue by scheduling the job to run 6 hours ahead of when I want it to. There are some other issues we had to work with in the mailers due to using the IIS SMTP service, and that attributed to the problem some… the scheduling created much confusion though so we had to look into when it was supposed to run.

    I use this line to tell me when the next cron task is scheduled to run:

    echo “s2_digest_cron will run: “.date(“F j, Y, g:i a”, wp_next_scheduled(‘s2_digest_cron’));

    The subscribe2 file uses:
    gmdate($datetime, wp_next_scheduled(‘s2_digest_cron’));

    wp-cron.php has:
    $local_time = time();
    and uses that for comparison.

    The output of that though (format “F j, Y, g:i a T”):
    February 25, 2009, 9:09 am CST

    I guess this is more a wordpress core issue created by running PHP/Apache on Windows?

  89. Hi – we got the auto notification to work but it sent out duplicate notifications to everyone. Is there a setting I may have missed?


  90. Daniel,

    In your general blog settings have you set a WordPress blog time offset? As you say though I think this may be more of an issue related to core handling of the times – local and UTC. I’ll double check my code though 🙂

  91. Nina,

    Did ALL of your subscribers get 2 emails? Admins should get a minimum of 3 emails one for each of the 3 possible formats for the email notification.

  92. Daniel,

    At least you’ve got it working. I’ve done some bug hunting and I can’t reproduce your issue locally. I can only guess that it has something to do with your server time and it’s offset from UTC.

  93. Nina,

    Admins are likely to get more than one email. More on that here. If your subscriber got no emails then you need to ask your host about email restrictions, this page indicates there is a limit of 100 unique recipients per outgoing server email and I’m willing to bet that there are other less-well publicised restrictions.

  94. Thanks. I read them both. We have a total of 17 subscribers. We admin each got 2 (not 3 emails as you mentioned would be the minimum).

    I have the BCC setting to 0 (unlimited).

    I am getting subscribe emails, confirmation emails, etc.

    Any other ideas what might be causing this?

  95. Nina,

    The 3 would be for plain excerpt, plain full and HTML. If you have no subscribers to one of the types of email then it doesn’t get sent.

    As for why it isn’t working for you – that’s really one for your host to answer now. You’ll need to log a ticket with GoDaddy and ask them to check the mail logs.

  96. I was getting an error 405 using IIS (v5 on win2k) along with Subscribe2. Specifically this occurred only on the widget, but not other aspects of the plugin. I could add new emails, and even send them out from the admin panel.

    Only thing I could find related to this was a post about making sure PHP was set to allow POST actions. Doing that, I still had the same problem.

    I fixed it by editing line 85 in the subscribe2.php in the the portion where it had the action of blank. I fixed it, by hard coding it to “index.php?page=subscribe2/subscribe2.php” which then allowed it to submit fine from the widget.

    This seems to work, which is great 🙂 But I was wondering if there’s something incorrect about my WP install that caused this problem to crop up. Or is it simply an issue specific to IIS? If it is an IIS issue, perhaps have it documented somewhere. I know I was racking my brains against this problem for a few days before getting it working, it may help some others out there.

  97. For some reason after the upgrade of the plugin (I’m on WP 2.7), every few days or so the checkbox for Enable Subscribe2 Widget? gets disabled and I have to manually go in there to check if it’s alright.

    Anyone else experiencing this problem? 🙂

  98. Aaron,

    If the action parameter on a form is left blank the results should be fed back to the originating page. In the case of the subscription form this should work quite happily as the index.php page as Subscribe2 hooks into this page.

    I suspect that since this works fine on Linux/Apache that it may be an IIS issue but at least you’ve found a solution. Thanks for sharing your solution.

  99. Jillies,

    I have had reports of options reverting in the past and spent a huge amount of time bug hunting. We have never found a way of re-producing the issue so if you can ever find out more details of why this is happening please let me know.

  100. Hello,

    I have problem sending mail using “Mail Subscribers” option. The form is submitted, but nothing happens! Got any idea?

    Thanks in advance!

  101. Pine,

    I’m going to need more details in order to help. What do you mean by ‘nothing happens’ – blank screen, original screen remains, message telling you that emails was sent but never arrives?

    Also, what versions of WordPress and Subscribe2 are you using, who is your host and what is the server software?

  102. Thanks for the quick reply.

    Nothing happens, it gets me back to the original form screen (just like when i clicked “Mail Subscribers”).
    I’m using WordPress 2.7.1 and Subscribe2 4.13.

    Strange thing is that when i publish a new post, it sends out the notifications. Only when mailing subscribers it does not send anything.

    I tried to user 4.12 version, but it has the same problem.

  103. Sorry. I got it work just now! I think it’s another plugin. I’ll post the name of the plugin as soon as i found out witch one it is.

  104. Ok, I found it.

    It’s a dispensable plugin that i was trying out 2 days ago:

    Add Logo to Admin 1.3, Adds a custom logo to your site’s Admin header and your login page. Por c.bavota.

    I have just a couple of questions, witch plugin are you using for comment subscribe?
    And i would love to help developing your beautiful subscribe2 plugin, how can i do it?

    Thanks for all the help, best regards, Pine

  105. Pine,

    Glad you found the problem and thanks for sharing your findings about the conflict.

    In answering your questions, this site is a free hosted account so I have no control over the plugins. According to the news pages on here though the comment subscription is an update of the subscribe-to-comments plugin. There was talk in the original post of releasing the code but I don’t think it’s out there yet.

    If you’d like to help develop then grab the trunk code from the SVN site and start playing with the code. If you find bugs or implement improvements let me know and I’ll review them for adding to the core code.

  106. I, too, still have not been able to get to the bottom of the emails not being sent either. Admins get them but no subscribers. GoDaddy says it’s not them…

    1. Nina / Alex,

      You’ve got slightly different problems here.

      Nina – emails are being sent but your recipients email addresses are added to a BCC header – although GoDaddy say it’s not them it really must be. If you are comfortable with code look in the Subcribe2.php file for the mail() function and change the BCC to CC. This way you’ll see if the email headers are constructed correctly – then you can take the matter up with GoDaddy again.

      Alex – If you are getting no emails at all, have you asked your hosting provider if they are blocking your emails?

  107. Hey ,

    I use your plugin a lot, it’s great. However I’m wondering how I can manage the size of the excerpts. Sometimes it sends just a few lines, sometimes almost the whole (or the whole) message is sent, but I want them to come to the site, not read it all in the mail. HOw can I adjust that?

  108. Hello,

    I believe that “excerpt” is the one you define on the NEW POST. If you insert nothing there, it wont send nothing from the post. If you insert the whole text from the post, well it will send it.

    But the Admin will help you out.


  109. Hello,

    I’m operating off of WordPress version 2.7, hosted by Go Daddy. I installed your plug-in seeminglyly correctly. Yet, when someone goes to subscribe to my blog, they get the following error message in return:

    Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.

    What is causing this error message?

  110. @pine: I never put anything in the “excerpt” square, maybe I should do just that to control the lenght of it. Still, I think in some way Subscribe2 decides on its own how long the standard excerpt needs to be. All I can find is subscribers can choose how they want to recieve the updates but there is nowwhere I can see or change that.

    1. Iwan155,

      If you define an Excerpt in the authoring pages of WordPress then that is what is sent. If now excerpt is defined then Subscribe2 grabs the first 55 words of your post. If you want to change this look for the following line and change the number:

      $excerpt_length = 55;

  111. I asked my hosting provider and they said they are not blocking e-mails. So, I still don’t know why my subscribe2 plugin is working

    1. Alex,

      Sorry, but if you aren’t getting any emails at all then the issue is with your host. Subscribe2 simply isn’t complex enough of a script that it will work for some and not others – the only difference is hosting providers so the problem is with your host if emails are not being sent.

  112. @Administrator – I’ve tried with the [gallery] shortcode, and with the [nggallery] shortcode, and the gallery one is stripped correctly.

    Can you add a feature to strip out code with square brackets?

    1. Jeronimo,

      That’s a potential solution but not a great one because writers may want content within square brackets and my new code may strip out other legitimate shortcodes. The issue is in NGGallery. If their codes are not being stripped by the core strip_shortcoes functions then either they are not registered correctly or there is a bug in the WordPress code.

  113. Hi Alex,
    Great plugin. I’m doing some testing prior to launch of a new blog.

    I have a lot of categories and using Enhanced Categories. There are 5 parent categories and under each parent are 10 or so subcategories.

    I have excluded the child categories from the subscribed categories because they will change and it would be too overwhelming for the user to select. I was hoping that if i created a new post with the parent AND the child category, the user would get the email but unfortunately, because one of the categories is excluded they don’t receive the mail.

    Is there a way for me to change the logic from AND to OR so that if ANY category is subscribed to then they get the message? Is there something I’m missing or do you have another workaround suggestion?


    1. Todd,

      Not sure if the following will work but best I can think of right now 🙂
      Find the following code in the subscribe2.php file:

      $check = false;
      // is the current post assigned to any categories
      // which should not generate a notification email?
      foreach (explode(',', $this->subscribe2_options['exclude']) as $cat) {
      if (in_array($cat, $post_cats)) {
      $check = true;

      Ad replace it with:

      $check = true;
      // is the current post assigned to any categories
      // which should not generate a notification email?
      foreach (explode(',', $this->subscribe2_options['exclude']) as $cat) {
      if (!in_array($cat, $post_cats)) {
      $check = false;

  114. @Admin: That’s strange you mentio 55 words, since it varies quite a lot how many words get sent. Sometimes it’s a really long “excerpt” (much more as 55), sometimes it’s a real excerpt (which could very well be 55 words) which is what I’m looking for. As you said, I can easily put something in the excerpt box, so my laziness should not give you more work 😉

    Brainfart: Is it possible I get a long one myself and others a shorter excerpt, since I’m subscriver to the complete WordPress site, while others just subscrie to the e-mails?

    1. Iwan55,

      Hmm, shouldn’t vary at all. Just ot check – admin gets sent the full text post, the excerpt and the HTML if there are subscribers to any one of these. Are you sure you are looking at an excerpt mail and not the full text mail?

  115. I have a page I placed the Subscribe2 shortcode on () and it is not showing the subscribe form.

    When I view the source of the page I see the shortcode just as it is above (as html comment).

    Im also using the EasySMS plugin shortcode on this same page.

    Any ideas on how to fix?


    1. James,

      My guess is the EasySMS is breaking my plugin becuase it has a higher priority in the WordPress filter system. Look for this line in the code:

      add_filter('the_content', array(&$this, 'filter'), 10);

      And replace the 10 with a lower number. Also, it might be worth raising this with the author of EasySMS.

  116. Having trouble subscribing with my work domain. In fact all employees at our company see to be prohibited from subscribing with their professional emails, but their personal addresses work fine. I’ve checked the blocked domains list and nothing is listed. What could potentially be the problem.


    1. Michael,

      Sorry for the delay, your comment got lost in the spam bin.

      I think you are running into a core WordPress but that affects some servers tat don’t like connecting to themselves. Can’t easily find the bug ticket in the WordPress track though so hopefully it’s fixed for 2.8.

  117. Hm, maybe I blindman, but in Settings I see only this
    Send Email as Digest:

    Per Post Email
    Every hour
    2 per day
    Every day

  118. Thank you! I’ll give it a shot.

    It took me a while to realize that the category visibility and selections are only relevant to registered users and not public, but how the exclusion is initially setup is fixed for public. Since this is Really for public I might as well exclude NONE since they won’t have the opportunity to be confused…;)

  119. Hi Matt!
    Thanks for the plug!
    I’m using WP 2.7.1 and Subscribe2 4.13 to Aeros 2.0 theme but do not get to see the text box where subscribers should put your emial.
    Could it help?
    Thank you very much.
    PS: You can look at my site

    1. Eduardo,

      Just been to your site and the text box is in your sidebar for me. If you are still logged in as admin you’ll see a message linking to your profile. Log out to see the text box.

  120. Ouuuh! Thanks Matt and apologies for the mistake! Again thanks for your plugin!
    Those who subscribe to the sidebar since I can see on the sheet suscribers!?

  121. Hi Matt!
    The subscription process apparently does well, and the email address I will “confirm” but I did not arrive by mail when I do a new POST!
    Could it help?
    Thank you.

  122. Matt!
    I read that you could have trouble with “excerpt.”
    I am using this syntax in the “index.php”.

    I do not use plugins for “excerpt.”
    This may be what you do not receive the mails of the new posts?

    Thank you.

    1. Eduardo,

      I’m not sure that I’ve understood you fully. I think you are saying that the confirm email arrived and you’ve clicked the link and completed your subscription but when you write a post no email arrives.

      If this is the case your hosting provider are most likely blocking BCC headers in server generated emails in an attempt to combat spam. Take this up with your hosting provider.

    1. Eduardo,

      Free hosting provision usually comes with limitations purely to ensure that individual accounts are not hogging large amounts of resource to the detriment of other accounts – especially as there are usually lots of accounts on one server. You need to take this up with your host yourself to find a solution.

  123. There’s no such thing as NO security risk – there’s only risks that are worth worrying about, and those that aren’t. I think allowing registered users to unsubscribe directly via the form firmly falls into the latter category.

  124. Hi,

    I hate to bother anyone, but with 4.12 and 4.13, wp 2.7.1, I cannot save any of the plugin settings. I’ve tried 3 different browsers, changing file system permissions on the plugin directories (777), but no changes get saved. The submit shows “Options saved” at the top, but if I click on the settings->subscribe2 again, I get all defaults, including the message format (e.g. changing BLOGNAME to AUTHORNAME is back to BLOGNAME).

    Any advice?


  125. Lee,

    As I’ve said, Subscribe2 is free and provided As-Is. I’m open to suggestions but if I don’t like them then they won’t go in. I’m not keen on your suggestion because I feel it’s too much of a security risk. It would also introduce overly complicated coding to allow registered users different mechanisms for unsubscribing.

    I’ve suggested a workaround by adding an unsubscribe link to your emails and also made it clear that the source code is free and open if you want to change it yourself or pay somebody to do it for you.

  126. Ben,

    Can you confirm that there are not 2 database entries for Subscribe2 in your WordPress options table.

    Are other plugins or core WordPress settings also affected?

  127. First of all, my apologies – it appears I posted my reply in the wrong thread!

    Anyway, I’ve followed your suggestion of setting up a page, and this – combined with your new “add link to meta” feature – has allowed me to execute the subscribe/unsubscribe feature on my blog in an elegant way, which also (I think!) makes it clear to everyone just what they should do. Still, I am often amazed at people’s capacity to misunderstand things. 😉

  128. Hi again,

    From my limited sql I believe that there is only one id for subscribe2 in the wp_options table. I approximately selected * from wp_options where option_name is subscribe2_options, and got results which confirm that my changes are definitely not being saved (email_freq = never, BLOGNAME still, etc.) Everything else seems to be fine with my installation and options, but I use only 2! plugins, subscribe2 and lightbox2.

    Other thoughts?

    Thanks for the help.


    1. Ben Hall,

      Are core WordPress settings being applied correctly then? Can you try uninstalling (via the WordPress plugin section) and re-installing a fresh copy?

  129. Hello,
    I’ve used Subscribe2 without any problems for years, but now suddenly no one is getting emails anymore.

    WordPress is sending out emails to me when users sign up, or post comments, but not when a new post is made.

    I installed WP-Mail-SMTP to try and remedy the problem, and it’s working. It has a debugger that gets triggered when I send a test email, and this is the result:


    The SMTP debugging output is shown below:

    220 ESMTP
    250-SIZE 30457280
    250 8BITMIME
    250 ok
    250 ok
    354 go ahead punk, make my day
    250 ok 1236280027 qp 23694 by
    221 Goodbye.

    In addition, I also tried your “Testing Email” plugin (, and that worked great too.

    What can I test that I haven’t already? I’m running Subscribe2 4.13 and WordPress 2.7.1 on a Godaddy server.

    1. Benjamin,

      For things to suddenly stop working something must have changed. New plugin? Moved hosts? Changed hosting plan? Is there anything you have changed?

      If not contact GoDaddy and ask them why your emails that were sending perfectly are now not arriving.

  130. WordPress people say it’s GoDaddy. Godaddy says it’s WordPress. I hadn’t done any updates, or changed anything at the time that they stopped.

    I’m trying to figure out how to get some kind of evidence to take back one of them so I can say for sure “It’s your fault!”. Because neither one is owning up.

  131. Benjamin,

    I understand your frustration. If you haven’t changed anything on your WordPress install then it MUST be something GoDaddy has done. WordPress is a fantastic piece of software engineering but it quite simply is not complex enough to be able to stop working one day just because the wind changes direction.

    GoDaddy don’t easily make their email limitations available but there simply must be some sort of restriction in place otherwise it would be a spammer haven!

    Ask them to check the logs for you email sending – give them the time and ask them what the server reported. Ask them about email restriction based on number of recipients, BCC header use, number of mails per day or per hour and authentication that is needed.

  132. Hi admin, you must be working ’round the clock. yes, i’m afraid that the lack of settings being applied prompted me to install 4.13- and i did so by deactivating 4.12, removing the subscribe2 plugin directory, and extracting 4.13 fresh. Alas, other wp settings are working correctly- general, media, permalinks, all seem to be working correctly. I did find mention online that people were having issues with saving plugin settings with 4.7.1, but the evidence is anecdotal. I don’t suppose there’s any sort of tracing I can enable to find out where the problem lies? I suspect it might lie with wordpress itself.

    thanks again,

  133. I have 30 registered users on my private blog and use this plugin to notify all the users when a new post is made. I am using WP 2.7.1 and S2 4.13. The drop-down menu on the Subscribers page shows “Registered Users (30)”. But two of my registered users are not showing up in the list of e-mails on the Subscribers list. Any idea how that can happen? I can’t be certain, but it seems to have broken around when I upgraded to 4.13 from 4.12. These two users were getting the S2 e-mails previously. I attempted to unsubscribe then resubscribe all users but it still left out the two users.

    A look at a dump of my SQL database shows that the two users in question aren’t subscribed to any categories. As an example:
    INSERT INTO `wp_usermeta` VALUES (1520, 8, ‘s2_subscribed’, ‘-1’);

    I hope you can help.

  134. A quick follow-up, I just noticed that both users have a value in the user_activation_key field in wp_users. None of the other users have anything in this entry. Sounds like it might be password related…

  135. Ben,

    You;ve done all the right things so far. If you no suspect WordPress then wipe the root files (except wp-config.php) and the wp-admin and wp-include folders and re-intsall WordPress.

    If this fails then we are going to have to go deeper into the Subscribe2 code.

  136. David,

    If I am remembering correctly the user_activation_key filed was used in WordPress 1.5 but has since been abandoned. Some plugins may use it but WordPress core does not.

    That said, I’ve been asked to ensure that users with a non-null entry in that field are excluded from sending emails by other users of Subscribe2 who use these plugins that use that field.

    So, your solution is to empty that field for those 2 users provided you are not aware of an over-riding reason for that field to contain some information.

    1. Hi, I had *exactly* the same issue of a subset of registered users (from the total population of users in the WP DB) that didn’t show up in the S2 list of registered users. And indeed: those few “missing” users had all in common that they had a value in the user_activation_key field (good find there, David – that’s some incredible detective work!) so I went in using phpMyAdmin and cleared those fields, after which the missing ones automagically showed up on the S2 list of registered subscribers, along with the rest.

      If I may put in a request: I understand that there was a good reason to exclude registered users from showing up in S2 wherever there’s a value in the user_activation_key but, frankly, I’d have *never* found out the issue, hadn’t it been for David’s sleuth job. So, if at all possible, perhaps a link to show in the administrator’s settings/options page to show a list of those “hidden” users, so as to at least give a clue where the problem is (and the solution: going into the DB and clearing that value).

      Previously I subscribed those “missing” users manually, but they showed up as “public subscribers” and could select categories… Plus, sending out a message to registered users (on a site closed for self-registration, as is our case) becomes a bit complicated having to fish out those “hidden” users.

      So, something to at least flag the existence of the issue (registered users with a value in that field) might be useful to others, who upgraded their WP site over the years (and thus might have legacy values causing trouble, as probably was the origin of our issue).

      Either way: I’m glad I now have all “real” subscribed members also showing up in the S2 subscription fields! Thanks for the explanation of “dropping” users with a user_activation_key value set.

  137. Hi,

    So far this morning I’ve tried 4.10,11,12,13 and reverted back to wp 4.7.0, since it doesn’t take too much time, I figured why not. I’ll try to give a fresh install a shot and see what happens too. I’m curious though, is the update to the options table handled by wordpress or by the plugin?

    thanks again,

  138. Hi again, a fresh install seems to have made no difference. I left the db intact of course, but also reissued the command to give my wordpress db user account full privileges with grant to the db in case. I don’t suppose it’s possible to just insert the right values for the settings I want directly into the db with some mysql commands? I tried earlier with a test copy of the db but failed very, very miserably.

    thanks again,

  139. Okay- this is quite interesting, I forgot that had also installed the firestats’ plugin (because it has a new version out, it displays a different colored panel below the entry under the plugins page, so I just kept looking right past it). D

    Deactivating the firestats plugin actually fixed the issue. Boggle’s the mind but happy to report it.

    I’ve disabled and re-enabled firestats about 5 times now and changes to subscribe2 settings are updated in the db so long as firestats is not enabled. I’m confirming this with the mysql client, not wordpress. I have v. 1.6.0 installed.

    Thanks again for the help and sorry for the trouble-

  140. Admin,
    The problems I was seeing appear to be from an incomplete password change request, using the Register Plus plugin.

    Can you clarify what you mean by this:
    “That said, I’ve been asked to ensure that users with a non-null entry in that field are excluded from sending emails by other users of Subscribe2 who use these plugins that use that field.”

    Keep up the good work.

    1. David,

      That may well have been the plugin that was originally discussed. Basically, some Subscribe2 users have this plugin too and didn’t want emails sent to people who had not completed their registration via Register Plus – which left a non-null activation field.

  141. Greetings Matt:

    My apologies for what may be a dumb question, but here goes:

    Currently I have “Include theme CSS stylesheet in HTML notifications:” turned off. When it was selected, the emails sent had the green padding/wrap on top of the white body (which isn’t how it appears on my site). It didn’t look so good. Short of changing the way my site looks with the themes CSS stylesheet, does Subscribe2 have a CSS stylesheet to adjust this? Other then the one line of code in the CSS folder in the tinymce3 folder, I was unclear in the main PHP code of the plugin where this might be. Could you point me in the right direction?

    In advance, many thanks! 🙂

    1. Andy,

      The only CSS that Subscribe2 uses is for the styling of the QuickTag buttons. The option to include CSS in your emails pulls in the CSS from your theme. The emails can be made to reflect the content on your site be careful addition of <div> tags into your email template to match those used by your theme.

      Since each different theme names the divs differently I can’t really set up a default that will help in any way. My suggestion would be to send one email including the CSS and then copy the source of the email into a file and play around with the positioning of your div tags until your content matches that on your site. Then apply these changes to your template.

  142. After using the page for a while, there is still one small suggestion I can make to improve it. Instead of the “login” link for registered users simply going to the login page, it might be better to link directly to the user’s subscriptions page. This way, WordPress will automatically prompt them to log in, and take them straight to where they want to be when they do.

    1. Lee,

      Nice idea and I’ve tried this before. There is a barrier within WordPress in the root page used. For admin level users the link would be:

      but for non-admin level users it is different:

      If I can figure out how to redirect before knowing the level of the user I’ll change the code.

  143. That’s a bummer! Personally I’d be happy if it just worked for non-admins (I think most admins will be logged in all the time), but I understand this isn’t a universal solution.

    Perhaps a compromise would be to take them directly to their profile page?

  144. Lee,

    Being taken direct to the profile page would fall foul of the same WordPress barrier.

    If you want the functionality you’ve requested above look in the subscribe2.php file for the load_strings() function. Then change:

    $this->please_log_in = "<p>" . __('To manage your subscription options please ', 'subscribe2') . "<a href=\"" . get_option('siteurl') . "/wp-login.php\">" . __('login', 'subscribe2') . "</a>.</p>";


    $this->please_log_in = "<p>" . __('To manage your subscription options please ', 'subscribe2') . "< href=\"" . get_option('siteurl') . "/wp-admin/profile.php?page=" . plugin_basename(__FILE__) . " />" . __('login', 'subscribe2') . "</a>.</p>";

  145. Actually, I’ve tested this and as far as I can tell the profile page is the same for all users, so this should be a universal solution.

    1. Lee,

      Do you mean linking just to profile.php or the subscribe2 subscription page for users? The profile pages exists for both but the difference is that for admins the profile is a child page of users.php whereas for non-admins it’s a root level page by itself.

      If I link to profile.php that may confuse matters as my links will not actually be linking to the Subscribe2 created pages. If I link to the subscribe2 page using the profile.php link this appears to work at the moment apart from admins menus not working as expected (current page is not highlighted as there should be no children pages of profile.php for admins) however this may change in future versions of WordPress and it’s not something I’d want to keep monitoring for changes to make sure Subscribe2 is still working.

  146. Matt–

    THANK YOU for the feedback and suggestion on how to adjust the email template to include the theme CSS more effectively. I really appreciate it! 🙂

    Have a great rest of your day…

  147. I meant the profile page is the same for all users (profile.php). I think linking to this is better than just linking to the login page, as there is a clear “Subscriptions” link at the top of the profile page.

    Also, as the profile page is profile.php for all users, it is odd that the subscriptions page is not. This implies that there might be another way for you to generate the subscriptions page that links it to profile.php for all users. However, I don’t know anywhere near enough to be sure about this. 🙂

  148. Lee,

    Sadly, there isn’t a better way to link the page because of the WordPress core imposed differences in the menu system between admins and other users.

    Linking to profile.php is an easy enough amend to the code in a similar way to what I specified above so you can make a local edit. I think linking to an unrelated page is less user friendly than linking to a login page.

  149. I am having trouble using categories and Subscribe2. I am using WordPress 2.7.1 and Subscribe2 4.13 for a blog with four groups: ladies, men, boys and girls. I want to use selective notifications based on categories. I would select the “man” category for Bill, and then “lady” for Jane. I take care to “Update preferences” after each update. After these two changes, when I then return to Bill, I see that his subscription category is now “lady”.

    To set these categories, I select “Authors and Users” from the left panel in the admin screen, hover over and select “edit” for Bill, and then select “subscriptions” under Users on the left panel and see a screen titled “Notification settings”. I then inspect and change as needed the categories and select “Update Preferences”. (That page does not present the name of the subscriber being edited and I suspect I may be changing default or global values and not just those values specific to a particular user.)

    I am also running Event Calendar and Private WP 1.1.

    Is there anything else I should be doing to avoid these shifting notification settings?

    1. MJ,

      To edit the subscriptions of other users go to Tools->Manage Subscribers, find the email address of the person you want to edit and click the word ‘edit’ next to their name.

  150. No problem – I’ve actually defined profile.php as the default admin page in Apache (as I block the dashboard from on-admins), so it already works that way for me. I just thought it might be a useful improvement for all users.

  151. Hi guys,

    I’m experiencing 2 issues with subscribe2, and I think it’s since I upgraded from 4.12 to 4.13. I’m running WordPress 2.7.0.
    Since the upgrade, mails are not being sent when I post a new article. I checked with my hoster : he’s not limitating the mail function this way at all (confirmed by others wordpress users with the same host).
    I tried to uninstall completely the plugin (desactivation in backoffice + delete folder by FTP) and reinstalling. Since, users can’t even unsubscribe, they’re getting the message “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.”.

    Can you help ?

    1. Julien,

      Have you tried reverting to Subscribe2 4.12?

      WordPress uses PHPMailer and this is reporting back that there is a problem which is why you are getting this message. Your host may be able to help you identify the cause of the problem by reviewing the error and server logs.

  152. I’ll check, thanks.

    I have another question : is there a way somehow to include the subscribe2 form “manually” ? I want to include the form at the right (but in the same column) of the comments from, so I’d like to edit comments.php and add the form there…

  153. Hi Julien:

    Refer to February 16th comment by me above. I think that will help. Let me know if it doesn’t

    Have a great day 🙂

  154. My webhosting company, ix webhosting said it is not them that are not letting the emails thru, I still don’t get e-mails when I post and I even tried reinstalling the plugin but to know avail!!

    1. Alex,

      Not sure who you spoke to but here is a transcript of my conversation with their Tech Support:

      Me: Can you tell me if you impose restriction on use of the php mail() command

      Me: For example, do you restrict use of the BCC header or limit the number of emails per hour?

      Agent: We have server side restrictions:

      Agent: 10 mails/sec

      Agent: 25 recipients/in one time

      Agent: 300 mails/day

      Agent: 5000 mails/month

      Agent: Please let me know should you need further assistance

  155. Good evening,
    I have lots of categories on my blog and I know that to edit the subscriptions of other users i must go to Tools->Manage Subscribers, find the email address of the person you want to edit and click the word ‘edit’ next to their name by when I do this, I just have this :

    Notification Settings
    Editing Subscribe2 preferences for user: Bruno

    Receive daily summary of new posts?:

    Yes No
    Update Preferences (button)

    On the screenshot in the zip files I can see categories but not in my page. I have uninstall an reinstall plugin but there is no change.
    (It s the same panel and issue in users->suscriptions.)
    Could you help me ?
    Best regards,

    1. Romain,

      You are seeing this because you have opted to use Digest format emails. If you choose digest then the email is opt in or opt out with no user side control over the categories. This is because the server load would be come impossible to manage.

  156. Damn. Thanks for your response. I really need that user can choose categories and receive one mail by day concerning the chosen categories, so you think that’s impossible (due to server load)isn’t it ?

    1. Romain,

      Not impossible but certainly not available in Subscribe2 right now. The server load would be potentially enormous if you consider a digest email in this way for many users on a blog with many categories.

      The number of permutations of subscribers to categories, each needing a slightly different email, would certainly run a high risk of timing out the server time limit for PHP scripts.

  157. Hi,

    I’ve been using your mailing list plugin for a while. It’s very good! I have a request–can you add tracking features into a future version? I’d like to track at least the number of people opening and clicking on a link when they see my emails. Any chance you can support this?

    1. Ashiq,

      Tracking is not something I’ve considered in the past. Email was never really designed to allow tracking and as such the methods employed are unreliable, can be easily circumvented and are far too often associated with spamming and phishing. (Wikipedia).

      Due to the unreliable nature and potential for being tagged as a spammer by using these methods I think it would be unwise to employ such techniques.

  158. Ashiq —

    You can get a idea by installing stat software on your WP blog that will monitor your site visits. It’s not as exact as you would like, but if you check your stats, you will be able to see what pages your visitors reviewed and clicked through, and it may provide a rough idea for you. The one caveat is depending on the software you install, if you’re having your subscribers become registered to your blog, I don’t know if some of the stat programs will capture those visits. Some stat software allow you to not monitor your own IP address. I may be confusing two separate things, so forgive me.

    You can search the WP site for plugins, or search the net for reviews and go from there. Two WP stat plugins I’ve reviewed that I liked were:


    I currently use Statpress and like it (it was a tossup with Wassup). There are also 3rd party software like Google, Woopra, others. I found a great review of WordPress stat plugins here:

    Hope this is helpful! Good luck and as a colleague of mine is fond of saying “blog on!” 🙂

  159. I have v4.13 with WP 2.71

    Today I had the plugin send a post which included a numbered list.

    First question is why would it send the entire post?

    Second is why didn’t the numbers show?


  160. Okay sorry I found the option to send excerpt instead of the full post.

    Some things that I would find useful for a future version…

    A way of assigning specific users to specific categories.

    How about a way of temporarily inhibiting a user from receiving posts?

    1. Wing1385,

      Your first suggestion is already available to Registered Users of your blog.

      Temporary suspension of a user can be accomplished in Tools->Subscribers but it requires manual reversal.

  161. I’ve tried many different options offered on this forum here, but I still get anything sent out!!

    1. Hey Alex!

      I really appreciate how exasperating–maybe even infuriating this must be. Kind of stinks to not have this work. I don’t have any suggestions but maybe Matt will. I really wish I had some answer. An alternative you might consider is to use FeedBurner. It’s free and will bypass much of the problems you’re having hopefully. FeedBurner may not be a perfect solution either, but it might get you up and running. I wish I could help more….

  162. OK. Finally got ahold of GoDaddy, and I asked them all the questions you asked me, and this is what they said:

    Incoming Mail Size
    There is a 30MB limit per email message you receive. Messages larger than 30MB are rejected by our incoming server and a bounceback message is sent to the sender. There is no limit on the number of email messages you can receive.

    Outgoing Mail Size (SMTP Relay)
    There is a 20MB limit per email message that you send using SMTP. Messages larger than 20MB are rejected by our outgoing server and you are notified.

    NOTE: The receiving mail server may have different size restrictions. Many mail providers and ISPs will reject mail larger than 5-10 MB.

    Outgoing Mail Size (Web-Based Email)
    There is a 20MB size limit per email message, which includes file attachments. Meaning, your message cannot exceed 20MB in size, including accounting for the size of your file attachments.

    Number of Addresses (SMTP Relay)
    You can send messages to up to 100 total addresses per email message. Even if you are below your limit of the number of relays per day, a message is rejected if you specify more than 100 unique recipients.

    Number of Addresses (Web-Based Email)
    Web-Based Email does not limit the total number of messages you can send per day; however, there is a limit of 100 addresses on a single email message. The 100 addresses may be included in any combination of the To, CC, and BCC fields. If there are more than 100 total addresses, the Compose window shows an error and the message is not sent. You must revise the recipient list and then resend your message.

    Counting recipients: Web-Based Email expands any distribution lists and aliases to their actual recipients. Any duplicate addresses in the To, CC, and BCC fields are removed.

    Address Book
    You can add up to 10,000 contacts to your Address Book.

    Address Book Importing
    You can import up to 2,000 contacts at one time to your Address Book.

    Distribution Lists
    You can add up to 100 contacts to a single distribution list.

    Do you if any of this would affect Subscribe2?

    1. Benjamin.

      You can send messages to up to 100 total addresses per email message. Even if you are below your limit of the number of relays per day, a message is rejected if you specify more than 100 unique recipients.

      This gives you half the answer, you can only have 100 recipients per message. This is handled in Settings->Subscribe2 by setting the number of recipients per message. BUT, this sentence also says there is a limit to the number of relays per day but the text you posted didn’t say how many. This will also restrict the function of Subscribe2.

  163. Thanks for your previous comments.

    I keep having a problem that a e-mail is sent for a post in a category I have inhibited.

    Under Users tab in the subscripted categories list this one is not selected.

    In the Settings tab the notification settings the category is selected as a excluded category.

    It seems like I can’t stop your plugin from sending virtually every post to everyone.

    1. Wing1385,

      If you have excluded this category then the email should not get sent to Public Subscribers but may still be in the preferences of some Registered Users. Check in the drop-down filter in Tools->Subscribers for the category name, filter on those users and unsubscribe them.

  164. Hi, just found this plugin and hoping it’ll do what i need – definately looks popular 🙂

    Is it possible to get the subscribe form working on the index page of a wordpress installation as apposed to placing the coding on an internal page?

    I’ve tried adding:

    Having already installed the plugin, but its obviously not appearing or working.

    Any suggestions? Think i’ve probably not defined the S2PAGE

  165. How can I mass edit users to change my entire email list from html to plain text. I have a list of 2500 and some get html and some get plain. I want everyone to get plain. Is there a way to do mass edit user preferences?

    1. Duron,

      You’d have to do this via PHPMyAdmin as there isn’t a bulk way in the plugin. I haven’t tested this statement by the following SQL should work:

      UPDATE wp_users SET s2_format=’excerpt’ WHERE s2_format=’html’;

  166. Hey Matt:

    I’m getting close to going live with Subscribe2.

    The only question I have is, how do I completely take back control of my entire RSS feeds from Google/FeedBurner? My concern is if I simply just delete my feed, either (a) my current RSS subscribers will be lost in space and/or; (b) Google/Feedburner will still be receiving my feeds.


    1. Andy,

      I’d suggest running Subscribe2 and FeedBurner in parallel for a couple of weeks to ensure you are happy to complete the transition.

      Then, post an article to advise your FeedBurner readers that they’ll need to migrate and delete your feed a week later. Final step after doing this is t close your FeedBurner account.

  167. Hey. First I love your plugin. It’s made my life (and my readers’ lives) all kinds of better.

    I’m using Subscribe2 4.13. I recently upgraded to WP 2.7.1 and now it seems as if the plugin is not sending out an e-mail for future-dated posts.

    I think it has been happening since the upgrade, but I’m not certain; I only occasionally future-date my posts, and I don’t want to annoy my subscribers with numerous test e-mails.

    1. Adam,

      I’m using the same versions as you and a notification for a scheduled post worked as expected for me on Wednesday. It might be worth scheduling a post for 10 minutes in advance to check your install.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve done two future-dated posts so far, and both failed to send an e-mail. Is there anything else I might try?

        One thing I do remember is that I forgot to deactivate my plugins during the upgrade (I was upgrading from 2.6.x). I don’t know if that would mess anything up. I don’t think so, but I guess it’s possible.

        1. Adam,

          I guess you could try deactivating and then reactivating all your plugins now to ensure the plugin areas of the database are correct. In between this you may also want to re-upload all the WordPress files to ensure noting was missed or corrupted.

          1. That solution worked (I didn’t reupload the files – I figured I’d try just the plugins first because it’s simpler, and reupload if that didn’t work). I don’t know why I didn’t try something so simple. Thank you for the advice.

  168. Hi,

    Not finding an e-mail and comments on “about” are closed, so I hope this will be seen here.

    I’ve done a little hack that sets up a custom css for e-mails, allows one to change bgcolor and all aspects of fonts and other things. All that is required is one change to subscribe2.php and addition of the new style sheet.

    I’d be glad to contribute the raw code to anyone interested.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    Paul Byerly

  169. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the great plugin and it’s working well and emails are being sent. I just have two questions in reference to users recieving html emails and I’m very new at this so pardon me if they are obvious:

    1. How can I get the thumbnails of my gallery images in the post to be sent out with the emails?

    2. I’d like to use a different style sheet for the emails but it’s unclear to me where to put the code to call up the style sheet. Can I put that and any tags right into the email template editor in the dashboard?

    Thanks for any info you can share.

    1. Mark,

      Gallery images will only get sent out in the HTML emails and as links back to the images to you site. The problems you are seeing are probably down to the shortcode codes within WordPress or poor registration of these codes by plugins.

      To use a custom CSS sheet you should be able to link this in you template and add in any HTML you want in there; it will get stripped out for the plaintext emails but should be used okay in the HTML ones. I’m going to contact Paul direct for his code and may publish a post based upon it.

      1. Thanks for the reply Matt. I’ll see what I can do, but it would be very interesting to see what Paul has. As for the shortcode problem with gallery thumbs the manual work around is resolving everything fine.

  170. Ok. Resolved my question number two. Seems that the shortcode in the post can only be [gallery] as apposed to [gallery link="file"] or other parameters. If it’s just [gallery] it mails the thumbs in the email, otherwise no thumbs. The thing is everytime I make a new gallery post it puts in words like link=file or order=menu, etc. Is there a way to resolve this other than manually changing the shortcode in every new post?
    I’m using WP 2.7.1 and subscribe2 4.13 and have a slideshow plugin Shadowbox JS

  171. Hello:

    I am sending email notifications with full-posts to each subscriber using HTML email selected and no CSS.

    Currently, I am trying to customize the email template using the as suggested in the above posts on this subject.

    For the life of me I cannot seem to be able to figure out how to have my TITLE be clickable from within the email that is received (so it takes the reader to the blog). I’ve tried several combination’s with the PERMALINK, but to no avail. I realize the permalink by itself will take a reader to the blog, but it doesn’t look very pretty in the the email. I would like to simply have the post title show in the received mail.

    Any ideas would be hugely appreciated. 🙂

    In advance, many thanks for your time.

    1. Andy,

      Try the following in your template:

      < href=”PERMALINK”>TITLE</a>

      The downside of this might be the presentation of the plain text emails but give it a try.

      1. Hey Matt!

        Many thanks for getting back to me! I really appreciate it.

        It looks like the word ‘TITLE’ is a link, but the code didn’t show along with it. Can you advise?

  172. —Administrator wrote:

    Try the following in your template:


    The downside of this might be the presentation of the plain text emails but give it a try.
    —end of quote—

    Hi Matt:

    Thank you so much for your assistance. I tried that. What shows up is:

    THE Final test

    Hmmmm…I double checked to make sure I wasn’t missing a bracket or anything, but no luck….I’m soooo close 🙂

    Any other ideas?

  173. Hi Matt:

    Here is the repost of what showed up on the received email (I’ve removed the website because it is a beta site):

    for < href=””>THE Final test

    Thank you so much for all your support 🙂

  174. Do you plan on adding in any anti-spam functions? like akismet? I think it can be added pretty easily by adding akismet:author_email to the email field when commenting. Some of the contact forms have done this now so they check the email name against the akismet database.


    1. Kkroc,

      It wasn’t on my list of things to add as there is already the option to bar domains from subscribing. It would also require code to check for the existence of Akismet as a plugin and submit the information to the Akismet API so a touch more coding than simply adding akismet:author_email to the email field. I’ll have a see how easy it will be to implement and what benefits it may add though.

  175. I have a bug that I don’t know if other people found. I have paging on my subscribers list since I have a lot of people. As soon as I click on a different page number it brings me to the home page for tools. It is as if there is a crash it is set to go that page. Is this happening for anyone else?

    1. Melanie,

      I can’t reproduce your bug. Please make sure you are on the latest version and check for a plugin conflict by disabling all other plugins and trying again. If the behaviour resolves then start re-activating plugins until it breaks again and you’ll have found the culprit.

  176. also a feature that might be good. I’d like to be able to sort my subscribers list by date so that I can see who the new people are. (I am not referring to registered users)

    1. Melanie,

      I suppose it might be a nice addition but it would only apply to Public Subscribers. If I implement for this I’ll bet someone will then ask for the same for Registered users 😦

  177. Hi,
    I searched thru the forum but can’t find the answer to this or I missed it. I’m running the latest version on my site. It looks great in Firefox but in IE nothing is lined up. How can I correct it for IE but not mess up Firefox?


    1. Diane,

      I’m not surprised to be honest, IE is a terrible browser when it comes to being compliant with agreed web standards!

      What exactly does not ‘line up’ though? The admin pages, the form or the widget, or maybe something else.

    1. Diane,

      There is an alteration to the form coming in the next version which will hopefully be coming out this week. That may solve your layout problems.

  178. That would be great. I really don’t want to start looking for another and any fixes are beyond my abilities. Thanks so much. I look forward to it.

  179. Quick question…There is not a lot of heavy traffic to this site because it is very localized. Is there a way to remove the unsubscribe button until you have the alteration done? Since I have the subscribe button already filled in all they have to do is add their name and click Send. Just temporary. Was looking at the code but not sure I wanted to try myself.

  180. Your last update solved the problem for me. Thank you so much. Now I can move on with the rest of the testing.

  181. How can I get Public subscribers to get the full post?

    I’m only sending 1 post per mail, i would really want to get public subscribers the full post.

    1. Daan,

      Public Subscribers only ever get Plaintext Excerpt posts. What you are asking for would require custom changes to the plugin code. I’m prepared to do these for you but it won’t be free. Post again if you are still interested.

  182. ‘Morning Daan:

    Try this:

    Admin > Users > Subscriptions. Under Notification Settings, select “Email contains: Full Post” Also, you will likely find many helpful hints and help throughout the blog. Simply do a search.

    NOTE: Only registered subscribers to your blog will receive HTML. All other subscribers will receive plain text. Hope this helps.

    Let me know how this works for you. If you like the plugin, please leave a donation for the developer.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  183. Hi,

    Thanks for a great plugin.

    Was at a loss as to how to contact you so I’ll try here. The issue I am having with Subscribe 2 is that my hosting provider limits outbound email to 200 per hour.

    Changing hosts is a last resort option as the WordPress installation is one of many of my clients who I resell shared hosting to.

    How tough would it be to code up a facility where I can set as a variable the number of of messages sent per hour? I guess this would entail a que of some sort to manage the outbound messages?

    We might be willing to throw a few bucks at this for a custom solution, or to partially fund the addition of this functionality to the main code base.

    We need a solution ASAP. Your thoughts and input are welcome.


    1. Chris,

      Thanks for the question. If you are reselling space there may be the option to use the WHM/cPanel Mail Queue Manager. This may need to be installed by your host or yourself.

      If this is not possible then you are looking at a queueing plugin. As you may know from reading around the site, I am not a web developer in my day job and I can’t spare any time to develop this solution for you. You could try post-notification as an alternative plugin to Subscribe2 – I believe it is harder to set up but includes a mail queue.

  184. Matt:

    Thank you for the plugin, it works great. How do you change who the email comes from for subscribers? Right now the sender comes up as “admin”, which will certainly almost always result in it winding up in someone’s junk email folder.

    Any suggestions?

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