Subscribe2 4.12

Version 4.12 of the Plugin is now available for download.

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

Version 4.12 is for 2.6.x and 2.7.x users. (Although it should work with WordPress 2.5 too!) This version has been tested on WordPress 2.6.5, and 2.7.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Works in WordPress 2.7!
  • Added new option to remove Auto Subscribe option from Users->Your Subscriptions
  • New POSTTIME token for digest email notifications
  • Preserve mail after sending from Write->Mail Subscribers
  • Introduced the Subscriber Counter Widget
  • Use Rich Text Editor in Write->Mail Subscribers for the Paid HTML version
  • Per User management in Admin
  • Added support Uninstall API in WordPress 2.7
  • Add support for ‘Meta Widget’ links
  • Subscribers are sorted alphabetically before sending notifications
  • Added ability to bulk unsubscribe a list of emails pasted into manage window
  • Define number of subscribers in Manage window
  • Added options for admin emails when public users subscribe or unsubscribe
  • Fixed bug that prevented sending of Reminder emails from Manage->Subscribers
  • Amended confirmation code so that only one email is sent no matter how many times users click on (un)subscribe links

There are currently no known issues affecting this version 😀

To install correctly use the WordPress Auto Upgrade feature or:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder is uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

329 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.12

  1. This sounds really great to hear.
    Thank you for your work on this plugin, had not survived without it.

    Going to upgrade after work tomorrow.

    Thank you. 🙂

  2. I used WordPress v2.7 to automatically upgrade to Subscribe2 v4.12 and got 2 warnings:

    The plugin subscribe2/subscribe2uninstaller.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.

    Ditto The plugin subscribe2/subscribe2debug.php

    Was this supposed to happen?

    1. Both of those files have been removed in 4.12 so if they were active before you upgraded you will see this error.

      The uninstall functions are now handled in WordPress in another way so a plugin isn’t necessary and the debug plugin is only occasionally useful to me with the information it provides so I’ve pulled it from the file collection.

  3. Are we able to select the “Subscribe2 Uninstaller” and “Subscribe2 Debug” plugins in the Inactive Plugin section (of plugin management) and then select delete? Will that just remove these two, or will it remove all of Subscribe2? (Meaning don’t do that).

  4. Label-elemtns can be used for better usability, but the subscribe2-form which visitors use to (un)subscribe is missing label-elements. May I suggest changing line 85 in subscribe2.php to something like:
    `$this->form = “” . __(‘Your email:’, ‘subscribe2’) . “” . __(‘Subscribe’, ‘subscribe2’) . “” . __(‘Unsubscribe’, ‘subscribe2’) . ” \r\n”;`

  5. hello, where i need to insert icon to show in the front widget where people can subscribe..
    i icon with a Mail photo in the line with the widget title..

    ICON + JOIN to our newsletter .. you understand what i ask?

    Thank you

  6. Are there changes to the language file also?
    Because I manually edited that to suit my needs (in German), and so I have to know if I have to edit the new one again. Btw would there be any possibilty that I can use a “second” extra language file, just with my edits and the original one?

  7. I am currently using this plugin without problems, except one thing, I can’t figure out is how to insert some special meta data in to the post. I have it set as the full post but it will not include the meta data. I have taken a look in the code and haven’t found a suitable place to insert the “” that I would put on my index.php/single.php. Thanks for the help.

  8. Hi and thanks for a very nice plugin!
    I have just one tiny question. Is there a way to make Subscribe2 work on multiple widget sidebars? Right now, I can just add the widget to “sidebar 1”, not to “sidebar 2” etc.

    Thank you!

  9. My gratitude Matt for your efforts.

    One thing to consider…Changing the name from:

    “Once Weekly Digest” to “Weekly Digest”

    I believe the Once and Weekly are redundant. Thoughts? If not, I will just keep removing it myself from the PHP file. Thanks!

  10. thanks for your info a few days ago … from what i can see your code works for limiting how many emails can be sent at a time, however .. as an admin it does mean i get X number of emails per split eg .. .if my total count of subscribers = 30 and i have a 10 email limit i get 3 emails about the post .. not to me as an admin .. i dont care about the content , however i do care about who was sent what .. so if i got One email , ( instead of three ) saying .. this is who i sent to … it would be more helpfull ..

    also .. .if i acidently post something … ( i am in a hotel , with slow internet ) … your system emails straight away .. now chance for error .. so it would also be good to provide an option to delay the send … even if just by 5 minutes or so …

    All that said … Love your work … it has definately increased the hit rate to out site .. wiithout me doing anything ..

    keep it up

  11. I have a fresh 2.7 install of WordPress on which I installed Subscribe2 version 4.12. The setting called “Send Email From:” is not working… I need all posts to be sent by the Blog Administrator and while I have made that appropriate choice in the radio box control, all posts are coming from the Author, thereby exposing my authors email addresses to our subscribers.

    Please advise.

  12. I took an even closer look. Here’s what is happening. I have two Admnistrators; one “admin” (the real Administrator), and an author that needs Administrator role access. When he (the author with admin rights) authors a post, the email comes from him and not the “real” Administrator.

    How can I force the email to come from the “admin” user?

  13. Where did the subscribe2 sidebar widget go (the one with the subscribe to registration and de-registration function).

    Also, the counter sidebar widget doesn’t work either.

  14. Andrew,

    When Subscribe2 sends out the e-mail in HTML format, it is picking up the background image for the blog (which is quite dark) and if the image loads with the e-mail, the e-mail is unreadable.

    Where is the best place to resolve this, Subscribe2, or the style.css file?


  15. Instead of using the counter widget is there a way to get the plugin to return just the number of subscribers so I could use elsewhere in my blog, such as “100 subscribers….”?

  16. I find he upgrading instructions not very clear – am I to delete the new version of subscribe2.php prior to installation (from the files I get from you), or am I to delete the version of subscribe2.php that’s already on my server?

    Thanks, and forgive my lack of understanding.

  17. I’m seeing two problems after the upgrade — both the email background bug and an issue where two messages are sent for every post that’s fetched from the incoming email box (two for the admin and two for all recipients). Only one message is sent for posts made using the web interface. Does anyone have any suggestions?


  18. The grey background color affects outlook and other clients too. It seems to ignore the text/html option and always send html. This is the source of a message (if only I knew css better):

    [JAKESN] Test 8 for color

    JAKESN has posted a new item, ‘Test 8 for color’
    Test 8 for color
    You may view the latest post
    received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are
    posted.Best regards,

  19. sorry — forgot it would render the html. here’s the source in a comment…


    [JAKESN] Test 8 for color

    JAKESN has posted a new item, ‘Test 8 for color’
    Test 8 for color
    You may view the latest post
    received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are
    posted.Best regards,

  20. Hello,

    I’m using WP 2.7 and i get the following error message when i try to post (i don’t get the message when Subscribe2 4.12 in deactivated.

    Error message:

    Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/nl.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (/www/a/l/f/ in /www/a/l/f/ on line 1187

    Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/nl_dlg.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (/www/a/l/f/ in /www/a/l/f/ on line 1190

    Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/en.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (/www/a/l/f/ in /www/a/l/f/ on line 1194

    Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/en_dlg.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (/www/a/l/f/ in /www/a/l/f/ on line 1199

  21. Feature Request:

    Can we have an unsubscribe link setting that would be include in every email that Subscribe2 sends out? I’m wanna use Subsribe2 for my newsletter and blog post.

  22. I am using the plugin for the first time on a 2.7 installation. I am trying to add my existing user base to a list of weekly notification emails. I have about 350 subscribers. For some reason, Subscribe2, shows it in its own list as over 500 subscribers, though. Why is that? When I export the CSV of my subscribers from Subscribe2, it shows the correct number of subscribers.

  23. Why did the version start over? 4.9 -> 4.1 ???? The number after 4.9 is 5.0. 4.10 is after 4.09, 4.08, 4.07… 4.00 ???

    I was concerned that ANOTHER developer had taken over the project again.

  24. JP / Lise,

    The grey background is probably down to adding in the stylesheet information for HTML emails. This should only go into HTML emails (not plaintext).

    Try adding <div class=”post”> and </div> tags around the PST keyword in your templates.

  25. Chrisma,

    I can’t put the direct link into all emails as it is particular to each email address but you can add an unsubscribe message into your template in Settings->Subscribe2.

  26. English-Lessons,

    I’ll look into the Registered User count code – are you using MU or regular WordPress? Never heard of Adminize but I’ll take a look at it if I get the chance.

  27. Brandon,

    Look for the get_userdata() function in the subscribe2.php file and edit this line:

    $admin = get_userdata(1);

    Replace the ‘1’ with the ID number of the admin user you want to use.

  28. Cornelia,

    Update – I’ve tested out the plugin using a 2 sidebar theme (<a href=””Disciple) nd I can get the widget into both sidebars (but only one at a time)

  29. Does this plug-in allow for users to subscribe to specific authors? If not, does anyone know of a plug-in that supports this feature? Thanks!

  30. Matthew,

    This plugin does not do what you are after. If you know your way around PHP and the WordPress database tables I imagine it may be fairly easy to hack a fix to ensure that only posts made by a certain author generate a notification but beyond that you need another plugin (sadly can’t tell you of one though).

  31. Well I was think you could just create a link that will basically do the same function as the unsubscribe/subscribe form. Then in that link you could just have a variable (same one being used when the header is being generated) for the email address so that every individual email would have and unsubscribe link unique to its own email address. Haven’t looked at the code this is all based on assumption so take it for what its worth. You still got a great plugin even if you don’t change a thing. For now I will place and unsubscribe message in the header.


  32. Chrisma,

    The subscribe and unsubscribe links in the emails are constructed from the recipients email address. Since the actal notifications are sent using the BCC email header and therefore sent to many (sometimes hundreds) of recipients at a time it isn’t possible to include the fucntion you are requesting.

    If you get time to look at the code and can figure out how it could be done please feel free to submit a patch.

  33. You skipped over my question :(.

    I still can’t seem to figure out how to include the meta data in the email. I’m assuming that this will take a lot of code/work then.

  34. Drath,

    Sorry for missing your post, I took a week offline and got loads of queries! 🙂

    What sort of meta data do you want to include? I’m not sure I understand what you mean really, I have the addition of images to the outgoing email on my list of things to do but it is not a priority for me. Other than that can you tell me what you want more specifically.

  35. Eric L,

    You’ll have to edit the subscribe2.php file. Look for the publush() function and the following line:

    array_push($words, '[...]');

    And amend the quoted text to meet your requirements.

  36. So I just upgraded to WP 2.7 today, and I have installed Subscribe2 4.12.

    I manually entered a bunch of email addresses, with the thought that perhaps anyone who doesn’t want to receive the emails can unsubscribe after the first time.

    However, before I sent anything out, I went to test and see if I could manually unsubscribe. I don’t think it worked. So then I tried to subscribe a different email address, and that didn’t work either.

    1. Christopher,

      I presume you mean you tried subscribing and unsubscribing using the form. Was this done using an email address not already registered with your blog? I’ve tried to check myself by your whole domain is unreachable for me.

  37. Hi,
    Nice widget. However on 2.7 i can’t add any new subscribers – 405 error. Current subscribers are not receiving email of new posts.

    1. Julian,

      It looks like your site is hosted using IIS. A 405 error is being returned because of the server configuration regarding PHP scripts that POST information. I don’t use IIS myself so I have no idea where the configuration settings are held but I hope that is a useful pointer for you.

    1. Drath,

      Looking at the link you gave you might try a line like this in the publish() function:

      $my_meta = get_post_meta($post->ID, $mykey);

      Where $mykey is that name of your meta key and $my_meta should be the value assigned to that key in that post. Then use this new variable in your emails for example you can append it to your post with something like:

      $plaintext = $post->post_content . "\r\n" . $my_meta;

  38. Sorry… another quick question…

    Where exactly is the data in the database which contains information to who is subscribed and who isn’t. I couldn’t find any relevant values in the wp_users.

  39. Hi, I think it’s a mistake to have the “Mail Subcribers” form as part of the Posts editing section.

    I’m using Role Manager to give limited access to people to edit posts on our site (i.e. to add translations) and the problem is giving somebody Post editing capabilities also gives them the capability to email all subscribers, which I think deserves a different level of security than Posts because emails, of course, can’t be ‘unpublished.’

    Thanks as always for a great plugin.

    1. Christiaan,

      I get just as many people asking for access to this as those asking for it to be admin only and I can’t keep you all happy without yet another option!

      I happen to think that if an admin trusts a user enough to let them write and publish posts on the blog then there should be no problems with mailing subscribers direct.

      You can change the function yourself by editing the following line of code:
      add_submenu_page('post-new.php', __('Mail Subscribers', 'subscribe2'), __('Mail Subscribers', 'subscribe2'), "publish_posts", __FILE__, array(&$this, 'write_menu'));
      Changing the “publish_posts” to “manage_options”.

  40. Ah yes, but that was my point. With the use of Role Manager I’m not giving anyone access to publish or edit anything on the site. I’m only giving them access to create translated posts for me to review before being published. The problem being this limited access also gives them access to mailing subscribers. I’d be tempted to offer other option.

    Thanks for the code though. That’ll satisfy me (until I update Subcribe2 and forget to change the code again of course!!)

  41. In my HTML emails i get our website banner at the top of the email, colors only, no images , and it is over the first three or 4 lines of the content making it unreadable. It was not there in .11. It would seem it is pulling info from a style sheet somewhere, anyway of correcting this ?

    Any thoughts ? i can send an emaple if required.

  42. SmarterDimensions,

    It is an update to the HTML mails to use the stylesheet as requested by a few users. To reverse this look for the mail()function in subscribe2.php for this line:

    $mailtext = "<html><head><title>" . $subject . "</title><link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"" . get_bloginfo('stylesheet_url') . "\" type=\"text/css\" media=\"screen\" /></head><body>" . $message . "</body></html>";

    And revert it to something like:

    $mailtext = "<html><head><title>" . $subject . "</title></head><body>" . $message . "</body></html>";

  43. Well, everything looks fine. The only problem: Nobody gets any e-mails – ever. Period. No error messages. Just no email. It’s a major bummer. If I can’t figure out what’s going on pretty quickly, I’ll have to remove the subscribe option I guess. 😦

  44. Pagani,

    Have you ever had emails from WordPress when new users register or when comments are submitted?

    Try asking your host about email limits and if they can check the log file to tell you why emails are not being sent.

  45. The plugin has worked great for me until recently. The emails go through but they are now blank…completely blank. The subject will say “PQ Nation Twice Daily Digest” but the body of the email is blank…

    What could be the cause for this?

  46. Hey! Thank you very much for this great plugin 🙂 But I’ve a question: Is it possible to send the e-mails immediately after publishing a post?

  47. Please excuse me for the doublecomment, but I got another suggestion. Would it be possible to let the e-mail come from a smtp email or another predefined mail adress?

  48. .wired,

    The email notifications will come after each post is published if you have used the per-post setting in Settings->Subscribe2. If you choose a time frame (like daily or weekly) then a digest post is sent out at that frequency.

    If you want the email to go through SMTP you’ll need an additional plugin. To define different senders either send from the post author (again in Settings) or edit the code if you want it from a different admin account. Look for the get_userdata() function for the following line:

    $admin = get_userdata(1);

    And change the 1 to the ID of the admin record in WordPress that you want to use.

  49. I’m currently using your plugin and it’s brilliant. I have a question for you. I tested and tested to see if I can send email to my subscribers (well, i tested on my email), and it worked great.

    Because I have over 8k of subscribers, will there be any problem with this plugin? I dont know if they receive my message.

    Maybe I should discuss this with my host? please help

    1. Dylan,

      There are no limitations built into the plugin but you should certainly check with your host before trying to send out 8,000 emails. They may have limitations in place depending on your level of service (how much you are paying!).

  50. Admin: “Have you ever had emails from WordPress when new users register or when comments are submitted?”

    Yes, comments, new users – all works fine. I also get e-mails sent from cformsII, no problem. So obviously WP *can* send e-mail in other circumstances. I’d ask my web host about it but they’d just tell me to stop using your plug-in. 🙂

  51. hey admin,

    Reply from my webhost:

    The maximum number of mails that a domain is allowed to send in an hour is set as 200 on all our shared servers. Exceeding this will cause heavy load on mail service and also there are chances for the sender domain and server IP to be blacklisted for potential spamming.

    So we have set this limit server-wide and can’t be changed for a single domain. Please split the list in to a number of lists with lesser number of contacts and sent mails accordingly so that only 200 mails will be sent from your domain in an hour.

  52. Pagani,

    I’ve got messages from your site on my testing but you seem to be using some sort of redirect (either .htaccess or a plugin) that is stopping Subscribe2 handling the confirm requests in the emails correctly. Are you using an SEO type plugin?

  53. Dylan,

    Subscribe2 does not provide the ability to ‘choke’ emails to an hourly rate and even if it did you are still no nearer to a solution. 200 per hour over 24 hours is 4800 emails which is still a long way short of your 8000 subscribers.

    I think you’ll need to change your host or your hosting plan if you want to use Subscribe2 or you’ll need to consider alternative solutions (FeedBurner maybe)

  54. I don’t know how to get this to show up correctly…(pulled from screenshot image #3 inside v.4.12 folder)

    Receive email as: HTML or Plain Text
    Email contains: Excerpt Only or Full Post
    *Note: HTML Format will always deliver the full post
    Automatically subscribe me to newly created categories: Yes or No

    All that shows up on my version is this…

    Users>Notification Settings>Receive daily summary of new posts?: Yes or No

    What am I doing wrong? I really want the full post to show up when emailed out, not just a small note saying there’s a new post. Thank you for your time!

    1. Peter,

      You aren’t doing anything wrong. You have Subscribe2 set to send out notifications in a digest format so your readers can opt in or out only. There are no other preferences for the digest setting for your end users.

  55. I’m using subscribe 2 version 4.12 on WordPress 2.6.3, and IIS server, and having a problem where the settings get reset to the default periodically. I read on the wordpress support forums that maybe there was code glitch but since this is the latest version, any ideas?

  56. Doug,

    I haven’t had this issue reported for a very long time. I was never able to reproduce it and trawled through the code several times, each time failing to find a cause.

    I still have no idea what the cause might but but the work around would be to copy your individual settings into the options.php file in the include folder as this is the basis for fresh settings.

  57. Hi there.

    I have the 4.12 v. of your plugin. Nice work. My question is;

    I am sending an email to all my subscribers every time I add a new news to my blog. But they only get a text message. I would like the email (newsletter) to contain thumbnail images (the first image of the post) of the news. Is there a way for this?

  58. Really great plugin. thanks for all your work.
    I am using WP 2.7 and your latest subscribe2 plugin. I am confused about how to use the subscribers page located under “Tools” and then “Subscribers”. I have a list of subscribers listed on the left under Current Subscribers and the dropdown box showing how many “registered users”. Then there is the text that states “Registered on the left, confirmed in the middle, unconfirmed on the right”. My problem is I do not have any check boxes so I can “confirm” or “unconform”. All I have is a list of email address with (edit) on the end.

    It may be that I do not understand how the terms confirmed and unconfirmed apply to the plugin. I am testing the plugin and it seems to do what it is designed to do but I do not have conclusive results yet. I have read the FAQ and looked through your site but could not find any documentation for this page.

    Thanks for your help.

  59. @ALAN

    For the changes that u want to make to “registered users”, you have to go to User Control Panel of Word Press. There u can modify the settings mentioned.

  60. Askin,

    There is no way to send images with the email (currently) but people who Register with your blog can opt to get HTML emails that can link back to images on your site.

  61. Alan,

    You are seeing entries for Registered Users of your test site. If you add a Public Subscriber (using the form or the top section of the Tools->Subscribe admin area) you will see an additional part to the drop down filter.

  62. Ok. Hmm. Can we change the format of the HTML email so that it won’t be a full post, but a excerpt like the ones that go to the subscribers (but It should still have images included). If not, do you think about making this available in the next version? Tnx.

  63. Hi! How can I change the subject line? I’m using per post digest option and all the mail’s subjects start with

    [WEBSITEBNAME] My Post Title

    I found another comment where you advised someone to change this line (in subscribe2.php I presume)

    $subject = ‘[‘ . stripslashes(get_option(‘blogname’)) . ‘] ‘ . $display . ‘ ‘ . __(‘Digest Email’, ‘subscribe2’);

    I changed it but still the same thing? How can I just show the post title as the subject line with out the preceding [WEBSITENAME] part?

    I’m using 4.12

    Thanks in advance.


  64. For some reason, messages are not going out in HTML format except to the administrator. I manually added a couple of email addresses and have 2 registered users (admin and a subscriber).

    The registered subscriber gets text-only excerpt messages and is set up under the profile to receive HTML messages.

    The admin gets 2 messages (HTML and text-only excerpts).

    The confirmed non-registered subscriber gets text-only excerpts.

    The default setting is per-post-email with auto-subscribe defaulting to HTML.

    Any idea why this is happening? I need to be able to import/manually add a large batch of email addresses and have all of them automatically subscribed to HTML emails.

  65. @Administrator: Thanks for the great plugin and for maintaining it so well! 🙂

    I’ve just tried to view the list of subscribers, and have received this error

    Warning: array_chunk() [function.array-chunk]: Size parameter expected to be greater than 0 in /home/DIRECTORY TO/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1318

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/DIRECTORY TO/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1333

    which no one seems to have mentioned, so am thinking it’s probably my setup. Any suggestions would be really appreciated! 🙂

  66. OK, I figured out the no-HTML-messages thing (it’s a built-in limitation….) And I tried manually changing the code while waiting for a response to my inquiry about buying a solution to this issue. But, alas, I am inept and now neither text excerpts nor HTML emails are going out to my registered subscribers.

  67. Hi!
    First of all, thank you so much for your work! Subscirbe2 is an impressive piece of software and your work in maintaining it (and helping us solving our problems) is priceless!!
    One (easy?) question: since the main reason for me to use your plugin is handlyng a newsletter (i.e. manually send email notices to subscribers), is it possible to prevent it from sending email notifications (even weekly) when publishing a new post? Apart from excluding every category I have not found any solution…
    Maybe your plugin is not designed for this but please don’t tell me I have to search another one… your is so smootly integrated! 😉
    Thanks and best regards,

  68. Askin,

    I can’t do excerpt in HTML format as splitting the post content may split an HTML tag and mess up the message format. Getting an options for images sent as attachments is on the development list but it certainly won’t make the next version unless I come into a lot of money so I can spend the time developing code instead of working!

  69. Ray,

    The comment your read was about digest emails. For per post look at the very end of the code for this line:

    var $s2_subject = '[BLOGNAME] TITLE';

    And, for what you want, edit this to:

    var $s2_subject = 'TITLE';

  70. Flick,

    To fix this go to Settings->Subscribe2. Under the Appearance heading make sure you have defined a number of records for the preference “Set the number of Subscribers displayed per page:”.

  71. Hi,

    How does your plugin treat previously registered users to my blog? Will they start receiving updates automatically or will I need to do something to make that happen?

    Also, in the subscribers page, there’s two “Process” buttons, what do they do?


  72. Andrea,

    The easiest way to get what you are after is to exclude all categories from generating an email in Settings->Subscribe2. The plugin isn’t really meant to work this way so there isn’t really another way without editing the code and this would break with each upgrade unless you remember to make the same code amends.

  73. Rafael00,

    Previously registered users will be subscribed as per the plugin settings. If this is a first install this would be based upon the default so they won’t start getting emails. You can Bulk add them in the Tools->Subscribers page.

    The “Process” buttons are for public subscribers (they will action confirmation, un-confirmation and deletion) if you are viewing public subscribers.

  74. Hello again,

    I was wondering if there was a way to include a link in the Email Templates to allow users to one click unsubscribe?

  75. Thanks for your prompt answer Admin….actually, when I “Manage” “Subscribers” i can see that there are several listed as “Registered” subscribers (from before i installed the plug in)…so shouldn’t they also start getting emails the next time that a digest is sent out (what i set it to do ). Or do I need to bulk re-register them ?

    I have a new question.

    I’m a bit of a novice to all of this, so please, forgive me if this is a stupid question, but – what are you using to actually send the email? Are you using WordPress’ service somehow?

    I ask because I subscribed myself (one of the many email accounts I have) and nothing came telling me I had been subscribed. I’m wondering I missed something somewhere and haven’t found a documentation section on here to dig through…just these posts. Let me know if I need to go read something somewhere…I’m happy to put the work in.

    And kudos on an excellent idea that seems to be well implemented…I’m just looking forward to seeing it in action.



  76. Hi,

    I am currently using your widget to allow people to subscribe and unsubscribe, however I have found there is one problem. People who have registered for our blog but who are not logged in sometimes try to unsubscribe using the unsubscribe button. Of course, when they try to do this they are told to log in, but it seems some people don’t notice this, then they complain that they are not unsubscribed. Would it be possible to:

    1) Remove the email address of registered users from all categories automatically when they do this without them having to log in first, or
    2) If they have to log in, redirect them to the login page, so the process is more obvious?

  77. Hi, I just tried to donate to you by clicking the link you provide above and got the following message:

    Sorry, an error occurred after you clicked the last link

    If you were in the process of buying something, or sending money to family or friends, we recommend you check both your PayPal account and your email inbox for a transaction confirmation after 30 minutes.

    If you came to this page from another website, you may want to return to that site (we advise that you don’t just use your browser’s back button) and restart your activity.”


  78. Hello, Just tried to implement v.4.12 in my site powered by WP 2.7. Just downloaded from WP site. When trying to activate, I receive the following warning:
    Warning: …. www/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /… wp-content/plugins/suscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 47
    Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/… wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /… wp-content/plugins/suscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 47
    I supposed a corrupt download, but seems same after retry.
    Can you suggest me a solution ?
    Thank you

  79. The Plugin doesnt work for me: After activating the Plugin, I get an Error 500 from my Server and I am not able to connect to my wordpress dashboard anymore.

    To get access I have to erase the plugin via FTP from the server.

    Any suggestions?


  80. Zane,

    You can include a link to your subscription page but not an unsubscribe link that will automatically work because the plugin uses the BCC header to send emails to many users and the unsubscribe link is different for each user.

  81. Rafael00,

    You will probably need to subscribe previously registered users using Tools->Subscribers and scroll down to the Bulk Manage section.

    For sending emails, WordPress uses PHPMailer as an inbuilt library and places a function wrapper around it called wp_mail(). I also make extensive use of the WordPress API – more details of this are on the site.

  82. Bassoon,

    It may be a corrupt upload or if you are using FTP yourself it may be that you have not uploaded the include folder. Certainly that error is telling you that the buttonsnap.php file is not in the include folder and that the entire folder is missing.

  83. KC,

    No suggestions based on such scant information. What version of WordPress, what version of the plugin? How did you get Subscribe2 and upload it? Are you on linux or Windows hosting? Have you tried grabbing a fresh copy and installing via FTP?

  84. Thank you for your prompt answer. In fact, the exact path required was false: I just spelled the whole folder in /plugins/ “suscribe2” instead of “subscribe2”. Renamed and … lo! Plugin installed.

  85. Actually, it would be ideal of course if they could be redirected specifically to the subscriptions page on their profile (although they would obviously be prompted to log in first).

    1. Jenn,

      Since the widget is the same as the form on your page, you can’t remove the Unsubscribe option without major edits to the code. To customise the format use CSS or wrap the widget in div tags.

  86. Hi

    I have just installed your plugin on my second WP install, running on WP 2.7 and Subscribe2 4.12

    I generated a public subscription, but I cannot find the “Manage -> Subscriptions” Admin page anywhere ???
    Also my user with Administrator role only sees his OWN Notification Settings there.

    Am I just missing the right spot where to Administer the Public Subscribers in WP 2.7, or is the original Admin user in some way hardcoded maybe?

    I have deleted the original admin account (id=1) in my WP install (mainly for security reasons) and I am instead working with a regular user having the administrator role.

    Any hint, idea or help would be highly appreciated – Thanks in advance!


  87. Hello Everybody

    I have a question, how could I just only put a sentence “join the list” on my home page to redirect to the subcribption form??



    1. Francois X,

      Depends on where you want the link, you can add it to the sidebar, use a Page link strip or simply put the sentence into your page and the use the WordPress link button to add an HTML link to your own subscription page.

  88. thx for the answer, I m not a quite good specialist but here’s my site, I jut want to put a sentence under the feature in my home page, and when you click on it it redirects you to the subcriptioon form.
    I s that possible

  89. Francois X,

    What you are after is entirely possible but you need to learn some basic HTML if you are going to be running your own website otherwise you are going to find it very hard work.

  90. > In WordPress 2.7 the ‘Manage’ menu is now called ‘Tools’ so look in ‘Tools->Subscribers’.

    OMG – how embarassing – “Tools” was indeed the ONLY menu I didn’t double check several times .. :oP

    AND: incredibly fast answer – thanks a real lot!

    :o) Harry

  91. Sorry for the lack of information:
    I am using WordPress 2.6.
    The Plugin is the latest Version 4.12.
    Unfortunaltely I don’t know on which OS my Hoster (1&1) is running my Site.
    I downloaded the plugin fom the plugin page.
    I always upload plugins and all other stuff via the implemented FTP-Service of Coda.

    I have no trouble with any other Plugins.
    After activating theSubsricbe2, I get an Error 500 from my Server and I am not able to connect to my wordpress dashboard anymore.

    To reget access I have to erase subscribe2 via FTP from the server.
    I hope these informations will help to solve this problem.



  92. KC,

    Error 500 messages are next to useless for debugging. Have you tried several time with fresh uplodas? Can you try a different FTP client (maybe CyberDuck or FileZilla).

    If all that fails then ask your host to check the error logs and give you more information as to why it is failing with this error.

  93. No Chance to get it running.
    Tried to upload idt with three different FTP-Apps.
    Everytime I try to activate the plugin i get this annoying Error 500.

    1. KC,

      There are 3 possibilities to investigate now:
      1/ Are you uploading it correctly? You need to upload the ENTIRE subscribe2 folder to your plugins folder.
      2/ Have you deactivated all other plugins to check for a conflict?
      3/ There is a server configuration issue that needs to be rectified by your hosts.

  94. The solution for my Problem ist PHP5! My hoster uses PHP4 as default. After switching to 5 everything seem to run well.

  95. Hi,

    This is a bit late, but I run a rather heavily modified version of Subscribe2 to integrate it with Gengo (and send emails in languages depending on the language the blog post is in, and sending the ‘right’ language to each subscriber; that is, for each subscriber I have added a language field in the db).

    Anyhow, I decided it might be good to update my version (which was made against .10) to the latest and greatest, and used diff + patch to do this. Diffing from .11 to .12 shows me:

    if (!isset($this->subscribe2_options[‘pages’])) {
    + $this->subscribe2_options[‘bcclimit’] = “0”;
    +} // option for restricting the number of recipients per email notification
    +if (!isset($this->subscribe2_options[‘pages’])) {
    $this->subscribe2_options[‘pages’] = “no”;
    } // option for sending notifications for WordPress pages

    from options.php

    Are you sure that’s right? I’m not sure what the idea behind it is, but it seems wrong to me.


  96. I have built many websites using WordPress and the Subscribe plug-in, and usually it works fine, but today I am building a site using WordPress 2.7, and I downloaded the latest version of Subscribe today, and after I install it and try to activate it, I get the following messages:

    Warning: main(/home/solution/public_html/beta/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/solution/public_html/beta/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 47

    Warning: main(/home/solution/public_html/beta/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/solution/public_html/beta/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 47

    Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/solution/public_html/beta/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/solution/public_html/beta/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 47

    I have tried a number of things and nothing seems to work.

    What am I missing?

  97. When I want to change the individual subscription settings for individual registered users (WordPress 2.7 > Tools > Subscribers) and click on the edit link, I’m sent to
    and not to

    The result is an error (page not found).

    I installed WordPress to the subdirectory /blog/ a couple of versions ago and think I didn’t have this problem before. All other things seem to work OK.

    How can I solve this issue?


  98. Hi,

    Great Plugin! However, I get an error with the plugin enabled and trying to edit my posts :

    PHP Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/en.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (D:\www\;c:\php5\pear;c:\windows\temp;) in D:\www\k\l\a\\public_html\wp-admin\includes\post.php on line 1187

    PHP Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/en_dlg.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (D:\www\;c:\php5\pear;c:\windows\temp;) in D:\www\k\l\a\\public_html\wp-admin\includes\post.php on line 1190

    Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot!

    Kind regards,

    1. Allard,

      openbase_dir is a php restriction that stops executable files from working if they are in certain directories. You’ll need to request your host provider to add all root directories in your WordPress install to the list.

  99. Hi!

    I have the latest versions of WP and S2. Everythink is OK, when I use
    Send Email as Digest: Per Post Email in Subscribe2 Settings. But when I use Once Daily, e-mail doesn’t sent.

    PS. When I use Per Post Email, I have in Users/Subscriptions all categories and smoe options. But when I use somethink else (Once Hourly, Twice Daily, Once Daily, Once Weekly) I have in Users/Subscriptions only:

    Receive daily summary of new posts?: Yes No

    Why? Is it OK?


    1. Pablo,

      The digest emails (those send periodically rahter than after each post) rely on the WordPress pseudo-cron functions which in turn rely on some site traffic. If you site is very low traffic then the email may not send.

      In Users->Subscriptions you will only see an opt in or out option when you use Digest emails. The ability to subscribe to individual categories is not possible for digest emails because of the level of complexity this would introduce.

  100. Hi Administrator,

    the comments are closed in the “Translations” section so I have to comment here.

    Since the German language file currently available here seems to be both outdated and, well, somewhat suboptimal, I took the chance of creating a decent German translation for Subscribe2 4.12 from scratch. Please contact me at so that I can mail it to you for sharing it with the community. Thanks!

  101. Matt,

    i recently wrote a post i didn’t intend to publish, and set the s2mail custom field to no, but the post has been sent to the subscribers anyways …
    i created another test afterwards to be sure and be able to confirm.

    how is it possible, and what can i do ?

    i use subscribe2 4.12, wordpress 2.7, rolsescoper 1.00rc8, role manager 2.2.2.

    as another feature, i just suggest that a website admin could be able to edit registration of users individually – you’ll consider if it has any interest or not. ^^

    Subscribe2 wrote:
    > You can exclude a post from sending a notification by creating a Custom Field of s2mail and setting it as ‘no’ on individual posts.
    > To send for updates, you can un-publish and re-publish the post as a workaround. I’ll see if there is a more long term solution possible for a future release.

  102. Hi again 🙂

    “The digest emails (…) rely on the WordPress pseudo-cron functions which in turn rely on some site traffic.”

    I should install some special plugin for this? 🙂

    “If you site is very low traffic then the email may not send.”

    Even, if I wrote many posts every day, but my site has very low traffic, it can be doesn’t send?


  103. Once more – HTML doen’t work in digest emails but in after each post – yes. Is it OK? :/

    Thx 🙂

  104. jpwagnon,

    Regarding the s2mail custom field setting – are you using per-post or digest emails?

    You can already edit the setting for registered users by clicking ‘edit’ in the Tools->Subscribers admin page.

  105. Pablo,

    The pseudo-cron is built in to WordPress, you don’t need to install anything extra. And yes, even if you write a lot of posts your site still needs visitors for the psuedo-cron function to work.

    HTML emails are not possible in the digest email unless you pay for the upgrade version.

  106. Bonjour,

    J’ai mis les fichiers langues .MO et .PO dans le dossier “subscribe2” mais le plugin reste en anglais? pourquoi?

    1. Herve,

      I think I understand you but I won’t even attempt a reply in French since it’ll probably be an utter mess.

      You need to set your language code to fr_FR in wp-config.php and the files needs to be in the wp-content/plugins/subscribe2 folder.

      Then force refresh your browser cache with shift or control and click reload.

  107. Bonjour,

    J’ai plusieurs sites,sur l’un pas de problème,il est passé en Français, mais sur l’autre rien à faire,mon site est tout en français,j’ai fait comme vous l’indiquez mais malgré
    “désactivé” puis “activé” plusieurs,le plugin reste en anglais.
    Je vois qu’il y a dans Tinymce/langs pourquoi ne pas mettre les autres langues dans ce dossier?Ce n’est pas plus simple??
    Mon problème,je pense c’est que j’ai installé le plugin puis je me suis aperçu qu’il existait des fichiers de traduction.
    Merci de m’avoir répondu

  108. Thanks so much for the subscribe2 plugin. I would like to make a donation for your time and effort.

    I am using subscribe2 on a new blog but running into a small issue you might be able to help me with. I’m running wp 2.6.3 with subscribe2 version 4.11. My blog is setup to send daily digests and it works if I publish immediately but not if I save as a draft and publish in a couple weeks time, the email simply does not go out. I’ve tried this on a unpublished post I saved about a month ago, when I published it I left the publishing date as is (about 30 days ago) and nothing was sent out. When I tried to change the published date to tomorrow, it came and went as well with no email send outs.

    Is there something else I should be doing? Should I set the date published to an advanced date prior to publishing the post? Can I unpublished and publish a post to have it resent?

    Your help is much appreciated. Thank you again for a great plug in.

    1. Ryan,

      You can donate using the link in the top menu 🙂

      As for your posting issue, if you work on a draft and then just hit publish a few weeks down the line the post is entered into your site with a time stamp for 2 weeks ago. Try amending the post date to the current date and time before publishing. The plugin should collect any posts published between the last execution of the script and the time the script is executed. (This is daily in your case) So past posts will be missed if they were dated before the last run time and future dated posts would be sent once that date is no longer in the future.

  109. Hi, your plugin is amazing! But I have a question and a request:

    Question: How can I change the sending name in the email name? It’s always admin, whatever I do. :\

    Request: Would it be possible to create a new menu in the Admin so every action could be manageable from a single menu? For the moment, there are a Mail Subscribers, Subscriptions and Subscriber2 in 3 different submenu, it’s not easy to work with it. Maybe there is a simple way to do so, I tried to modify the add_submenu_page in your plugin without any success… Any idea how I can do that by myself maybe? Plus it would be fantastic to add a capability name so it could be added to the Role Manager… 🙂

    Again, thanks a lot for this great plugin!

    1. Gontran,

      If your emails always come from Admin then I guess you are the admin AND main author for your blog. To change the name either change the user name list under your user profile or you’ll have to edit the code.

      The Subscribe2 menus could go under a header menu but the WordPress authors advise against using this method if possible. If you want to change the layout you better read here.

      I don’t use Role Manager myself but if I find time I’ll see if there is a way to hook into it to create a custom capability.

  110. Herve,

    You are really testing my language skills 🙂

    I can’t include the language file at release because they don’t exist. I have to wait for international users to translate for me and submit their files for sharing.

    Have you refreshed your browser and got things working now?

  111. Thanks for the quick reply. When I click on donate I get this “Sorry — your last action could not be completed”. Here is the url. http : // www (dot) paypal (dot) com (slash) cgi-bin (slash) webscr (questionmark) cmd (eq) _s-xclick (amp) hosted_button_id (eq) 2387904

    Hope that helps. Let me know when I can donate, as I appreciate your help.

    One more thing: How can I resend a post? Can I unpublish then republish?

  112. Ryan L,

    Damn, a borked link 😦 Fixed now, thanks for pointing that out.

    To resend a post Save it as Unpublished and then hit Publish again – but note that you may need to change the date on the post if using Digest notifications.

  113. Sent! I was hoping to send $50 but our blasted Canadian dollars are only worth 1/2 of a GBP. So $25 GBP = $45 CAD. Anyway, it helps. Thanks again!

  114. Hey just wondering is there a way to disable the auto email posts updates. I would like to harvest the subsriber database using subscribe2 and use another emailer application to send out my mass mail

    1. Krftd,

      This is not really the aim of the plugin but if you go to Settings->Subscribe2 and alter the settings to exclude all categories from generating a notification you’ll essentially get what you are after.

  115. I have several sites and on the one impossible to put in French,
    if I have erase the plugin then if I him(it) reinstalled,
    how to save the list of the subscribers??
    Thank you

  116. can subscribe2 be configured so that some of the registered users can subscribe to certain categories while other users cannot?

    iow, there doesn’t seem to be a way to limit which categories a registered user can subscribe. if someone is registered then they can choose to subscribe to any category. is this true?

  117. thanks for the quick reply.

    are you referring to the “Allow registered users to subscribe to excluded categories?” option? if so, this appears to be a global option. i would love for this option te be a per user option.

    some background.

    i’m using the role scoper plugin to limit the access that some users have to specific categories. some other users have access to additional categories. preventing users globally from subscribing to certain categories takes care of the more limited access users. and it leaves the users who have access to more categories (via role scoper) only able to subscribe to the categories that the more limited access users can subscribe.

    any chance that subscribe2 might provide a solution to this scenario?

  118. David,

    I don’t use any role modifying plugins on my sites so I have not explored adding this type of facility into Subscribe2. It would depend on the role plugin and whether it provided any API to make linking in easy.

    So, to answer your question clearly. Subscribe2 does not work with roles and capabilities beyond those built into WordPress. It cannot currently provide the solution you are after.

  119. one more quick question.

    how can i disable the “Mail Subscribers” link on the Write page? i’m willing to hack a php file.

  120. Is there any way to get a log of what subscribe2 does? The latest version doesn’t send out anything for me. I’ve tried everything on this site. The test php file does send out mails, i know php mail() works on the server and using SMTP also works but none of these helped. The blog is hosted at 1and1 and I’ve already called them a few times. Is there any way to troubleshoot what’s going on? thanks in advance.

  121. Hi! Thanks for your work! I’m using Subscribe2 on my blog and it works really fine. But if I’m here is not only for compliment! Yes, I’ve a question to you!
    In the page where I’ve all the subscribed users (the users inside WordPress in my case) I only see the emails and no other descriptions (like the name for example). There is a way to display other information of the users? I’ve about 100 users and I’m not able to remember all of them only by email, I would be aided by a short description.
    Can I implement by myself this variation on the page or not? Could you help me?
    Thanks again, good work!

  122. Legacy Daily,

    There isn’t a logging feature. You’ll have to keep hassling 1and1. Ask them specifically about blocked emails sent through sendmail. Tell them that the email uses the BCC header and ask about emailing limitations or restrictions.

  123. Fabrizio,

    The plugin does not collect that data in the SQL query so it won’t be easy to implement yourself. If I get a few spare minutes I’ll see what I can do for the next release.

  124. I’m sorry after trying some more, I have to switch to Post Notifications Plugin. That works without issues. I’ve deleted the table and deactivated/deleted Subscribe2 folder. Is there anything else that I should do to uninstall? Thanks again.

    1. Legacy Daily,

      If you uninstall the plugin using the WordPress system all database entries will be removed for you otherwise you can either leave them as they shouldn’t cause any harm or risk manually deleting them.

  125. I’ve just discovered that the bug I reported earlier – which you fixed in 4.10 – is back!

    Once again, the option to subscribe on the regsitration form doesn’t work, so none of my recent sign-ups are subscribed! Thye all think they are though, as I have the option checked by default. This is a major headache – I’ll have to manually subscribe all my recent sign-ups and hope that they didn’t choose not to be!

    1. Lee,

      This is fixed (again) in the trunk code for the plugin so it will be in the next release. You can either revert to a previous version, try the trunk code or keep doing as you are at the moment and wait for the next release.

  126. The plug-in is terrific and has been working great except that the unsubscribe link sent by email does not open a page when clicked. When the link is pasted into the address bar it brings up the archive page. What could I have done wrong?

  127. Lee,

    I’ll release it next I think. I just need to double check that I’ve squished a particular big and once I’ve done that I’m happy with where I’m at in the development cycle for a release. The current trunk is very likely to be the final code unless I find any more glitches 🙂

  128. Merrick,

    It would be very weird for the unsubscribe link to not work if the subscribe link does! Have you got and redirect plugins on your site? SEO solutions are included in this as they normally redirect error pages and $_GET requests to other pages on your site.

  129. Merrick,

    Having just look at your site I entered you URL and added ?s2=1 and ?s2=0 on the end. This should throw a Subscribe2 error about the email not being recognised (as there isn’t one coded into the request).

    Instead on your site I see your archive listing so you must have a redirect somewhere. Perhaps it is in your .htaccess rather than a plugin.

  130. I found the issue. Sheesh…. Somehow the page ID in the plug-in settings has reverted to an ID of 0, rather than the correct ID. Thank you very much for your hands-on assistance. It is appreciated!

  131. Hi,

    I have set up the latest version of subscribe2 on our wordpress 2.7 website at It has a sidebar subscribe. When someone subcribes. I got an email about the subscription. I can seen them in the count of public subscribers, but they don’t show int he list of users.

    Where can I find a list of public subscribers?

  132. Hey this looks like a great plug-in but something isn’t happening quite right for me. I have installed it ( and uninstalled it twice) on my site after I set the options and submit I can see the next time an email will be sent and the options save properly, however if I leave the settings page and come back to it they are all lost. I am not getting any errors nor can I see anything that woudl be causing this. Any ideas? Thanks, again it looks great hpoe I can get it working.

  133. Help??????? A friend helped me set up my site and install this widget. However, it drives me crazy that you see radio button – subscribe – radio button on one line and then the next line shows the word unsubscribe and the send button. I wish the radio button for unsubscribe would show up on the next line next to the word unsubscribe. Would it help if I moved it to the left side? I would just like it to look cleaner. Right now it looks jumbled. Sorry Im pretty new to all of this. Hoping someone can help.

  134. Can you tell me the tables I should be looking in and any fields that might be a key indicator as to if the changes are applied I would appericate it. Also, we are not running any caching plugins. I took a look thinking this might be permission related but all these files are set 755 do you know of any issues running like that? I would think not but I figured I would ask. Thanks

  135. Claudia,

    To ‘tidy it up’ you will need to know some HTML or CSS code to alter that layout of what appears on your site. I’ve amended the code slightly for the next release (hopefully die next week) so if you can wait until then it might just fix things for you.

  136. thx. i’ll look for the next release. if i replace the old with the new will the people who already subscribed need to re-subscribe? maybe i can find some twitter friends who are willing to help with the html . thx.

  137. JHeyman,

    You’ll need to look in the options tables for the ‘subscribe2_options’ entry. It’s an array so might look quit complicated. Install and copy the original into a text document and then make your changes and compare.

    If the changes stick then your database is being re-written with the defaults again for some reason. If there is no change ten your database is not being updated at all.

  138. Claudia,

    Subscriber details are all retained after upgrades. No need to re-subscribe although good practice dictates that you should have a good database backup before any update just to be safe.

  139. Hi again,

    The “digests” is still sending out empty emails despite me wanting it to send none. When I exclude all members from the category, it sends this:

    [My blog] has posted a new item, ”

    You may view the latest post at [my blog]

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are
    Best regards,

    How can I have it not send any emails whatsoever? Can’t we use Subscribe2 for merely storing the emails?

    1. Esra’a,

      I’m not really sure what you mean by

      When I exclude all members from the category


      If you want to just collect emails you need to go into Settings->Subscribe2 and Exclide the CATEGORIES from sending emails and ensure that Registered Users cannot override this setting. Then you also need to unsubscribe all existing Registered Users from all categories using Manage->Subscribers.

  140. Hello,
    This will be my first blog. Totally new at WP and blogging, I can already say this is a great plugin because it can be integrated manually anywhere into a theme with just a link. No widget, no pain.

    Q: is it a simple hack to give public users the same privileges as registered users (HTML email, subscribe to categories)? I’ve looked at the code, but it’s rather dense for a newbie to WP and PHP (though if it’s simple, and with a few pointers, I could manage.)

    Maybe I’m wrong in asking this. I just don’t see the advantage of requiring registration. The important thing is the email address, and public subscribers do provide that… Does a list of registered users have some weight I’m not aware of?

    1. Christian_R,

      The honest answer is it’s easy if you know what you are doing. So, if this is your first blog and you’ve never touched PHP before you are likely going to struggle. Public Subscriber cannot easily be allowed to choose categories but there is an off-the-peg solution to allow HTML emails to be sent to them for $40. Let me know if you are interested.

      Registration does have advantages in terms of comments made on posts and the process tends to mean more re-visits rather than one casual visit.

  141. OK, thanks for the quick answer. For the moment, I’m looking at all options and testing before to go live with the blog, so I’ll contact you again if I need anything.

  142. Hi there,

    I’m getting pretty close to getting the plugin to work, but some test subscribers are still not getting the emails. I receive a notification of a test post as the admin and author, and my test yahoo email does as well (although it gets sent to the spam folder). But my other test emails arent getting anything, which suggests a spam filter issue? I have tried turning off all the spam filters on my hosting account, but still nothing.

    I have also used the Post Notification plugin which works fine for all emails, no issues with spam or anything. But I’d rather use Subscribe2 as the weekly digest is a good option vs every post.

    Would switching to send mail via SMTP be better for spam issues? Or is there something else I can try to get this working?


  143. Darryn,

    Post Notification uses database entries to queue your mail and send them later. I suspect it is this function that is causing it to work as you host is most likely blocking the bulk emails generated by Subscribe2 (I don’t use any queuing techniques – but I may get around to it one day if time allows).

    Try asking your hosting provider about the blocked emails.

  144. how much for upgrade to HTML for digest email?

    and do u have any snapshot and some more detail on additional features like templates or CSS style configuration things like that

  145. I checked re blocked emails and my ISP said there were none. Weird: my test yahoo account gets a new post email from Subscribe2 but my ‘normal’ POP mail accounts dont!

    Would the SMTP mail fix make any difference?


  146. Darryn,

    Just to check – your ISP is your internet provider, your host is the company who provide your webspace. These may of course be the same but you should be checking with your hosting provider not your internet provider if they are different.

    If this is what you have done then trying out SMTP sending may indeed help.

  147. Hi,

    My provider says that the forward slash in (/en.js) causes the error. Can you tell me where I can modify this in the plugin?

    Thanks again!


    ps. below you’ll find a copy of the error message

    PHP Warning: is_file() []: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/en.js) is not within the allowed path(s): (D:\www\;c:\php5\pear;c:\windows\temp;) in D:\www\k\l\a\\public_html\wp-admin\includes\post.php on line 1187

    1. Allardheld,

      The error message is actually coming from a core WordPress file when it tries to add plain English descriptions to TinyMCE buttons. One possible solution is to disable the Subscribe2 Editor button in Settings->Subscribe2. That should completely avoid that code being called and the file being included causing your errors.

  148. HI-

    I have added this and I thought it was working.. it acts like it is. I have wordpress 2.7 and everything installed great. I use the “send an email” to subscribers… and it says SENT with no problem.

    But nothing is happening. No one is receiving mail, no one is getting it. Posts are made and no one is notified.

    I am not sure what to fix when it doesn’t give me an error message. I am stuck. I been reading everything I can and there isn’t a whole lot out there about this plug in with 2.7 as it is all new. So I am not sure what to change/do.

    Thanks so much!!

    1. MB,

      I’m a bit confused by what you’ve written as you seem to be talking about 2 different parts of the plugin. To clarify Write->Mail Subscribers reports that emails are being sent successfully but they never arrive and when you make a new post subscribers don’t get emails even though the settings indicate they should.

      If this is the case your first port of call is your hosting provider as they are most likely blocking your emails from being sent on the server hosting your site.

  149. Hi
    I installed your wonderful plugin a few days ago and it looked great on my sidebar (used the widget) but when I visited my site today, the box titled ’email’ is a lot longer in size and is blocking some of the content.

    Do you have any idea why this might be happening and how I can fix it?

    Thank you.

  150. Addition to my message from a few minutes…

    I just check my site on a different computer & the ’email’ box looks fine. It’s just on my laptop it seems to be wrong (I checked both on IE & Firefox).

    1. Jules,

      The email text box is specified at a size of 20. The only thing I can think of that may be causing your problem is that the screen resolution on your laptop is such that your webpage is being rendered differently and the sidebar area is not large enough to accommodate a text box that size. You can either amend your theme files to better suit your laptop or redefine the size of the text box in the subscribe2.php file in the load_strings() function.

  151. how can i manage the subscriptions of a particular user?

    iow, i want to be able to edit the categories to which a user is subscribed.

    1. David,

      There is no way to auto-exclude newly created categories.

      The paid version simply enables sending of HTML emails to public subscribers and is $40.

  152. i think i’m noticing references to a pay version of subscribe2 in various comments on this blog. but when i look all over the site i don’t find any official mention of a pay version.

    is there a pay version of subscribe2? and if so, how is it different than the free version?

  153. Belated Happy WP Plugin Developers Day (see the Dev blog on for more details).

    A rather long time ago I commented that older versions of Subscribe2 worked for me flawlessly but newer ones don’t.

    Eventually I’ve sifted through the code (albeit not knowing very much at all about php) and found a key difference. The way the mail is handled and composed is identical but in older versions you call the “function publish” with “posts” whereas newer versions use “ID” to pickup new posts.

    I don’t know whether this is important or not, but it seems to be the most significant code alteration my non-developer eyes can see. Just for reference I am using the latest stable build of WP.

    This doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme, as legacy versions of Subscribe2 do the job (using 4.2 now), but it would be nice to be able to test drive your later creations.

    Thanks again for continuing to work on this plugin.

    1. Risk,

      The publish() function changed when the core WordPress functions altered. The latest revision of Subscribe2 has not materially changed the publish function from 4.2. If you are using the latest version of WordPress then it should work (that’s certainly my setup and it works for me) so I suspect it may be something else.

  154. Hi, and thanks for a plugin that gave me much needed functionality.

    I have one issue though. When mail is sent out as html, it picks up the background from my page, which is pretty dark. meaning that the html-mails are hardly readable.

    Is there any way to make it not do that?

    This was in my Outlook express. In g-mail it’s fine.

    1. Iskwew,

      I’ve added an option to change this in the next version. I’ll release it as soon as I can but at the moment I’m answer more comments on here rather than getting time to fix bugs 🙂

  155. I have two questions about the Subscribe2 plugin for a potential project I’m working on.

    First, is it still a requirement of the plugin that only registered users receives HTML formatted emails? If so what would it take to have this requirement changed.

    Second, is there any way to “style” the HTML emails that are sent by the plugin. For example adding in colours, a background image, static HTML etc.

    Thanks for continuing to work on, what is for me a critical part of my WordPress installs.

    1. Techxplorer,

      There is an upgrade version that sends public subscribers HTML emails. It costs $40 via PayPal. The HTML mails also include the CSS style sheet from the blog so styling is possible if you include div tags for example in the post template.

  156. Thanks, Administrator – I’ll keep it as plain text while waiting for a new version 🙂

  157. On January 29, 2009 at 3:24 pm, Administrator wrote:

    > There is no way to auto-exclude newly created
    > categories.

    does this mean there is currently no way to auto-exclude newly created categories, or that there is no way to add this feature to Subscribe2?

    1. David,

      It means currently as it is likely to be possible. There is a way to link in to category additions but I already link into that for auto-subscriptions. I’m not certain how to overcome linking into this hook with 2 actions that are mutually exclusive or at the very least counterintuitive.

  158. [wordpress 2.51/ sub2 4.8:] I just realized Dec 10 was the last time a post was auto-mailed to subscribers. I haven’t changed anything. (I may have emptied two categories and created two new categories around that time–but the new categories are not “excluded”). Any suggestions? Do I have to upgrade? If so, will it transfer subscriber data, or do I have to manually re-enter all addresses? Thanks.

  159. Also–it’s not letting me send manual emails to subscribers; only to registered users (me). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Avecchioni,

      From December 10th until now is a long while to recall not having changed anything at all. Based on the fact that you can’t make things any worse or loose any data, I’d get a good table backup and upgrade if I were in your position.

  160. Having discussed it with the project sponsor they’re willing to go through with the purchase of the additional functionality.

    With this in mind do we just need to us the donate form? Is there anything else we need to add?

  161. Hi again!

    The Digest email (once a day). Last newsletter was sent ex. 28th. Today is 30th. When I wrote news on my blog with date before the latest newsletter (ex. 27th) it will be not send. How can I avoid it? 🙂

    1. Pabloe,

      Sorry for the late reply, your comment was in the spam queue.

      There is no way to do what you are asking without massively increasing the likelihood of sending duplicate notifications. If you publish a post with a publish date and time before the time when the Subscribe2 cron function was last run it won’t be included in a notification. The way to avoid this is to stop posting articles as if they were written in the past.

  162. Hello,

    I understand that Subscribe2 dumps in all the email addresses in the BCC field.

    We have 40,000 subscribed users on our blog. How would Subscribe2 handle these many users?

    Is it easy to modify Subscribe2 so that a single email is inserted into the email field? and the loop would itereate 40,000 times for every user.


    1. Andrew,

      In Settings->Subscribe2 you’ll see a line that says:

      Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited):

      If you change this to 1 subscribe2 will generate 40,000 emails to individual subscribers. The limiting factor will be the muscle power in your server.

  163. I upgraded to 4.12 per your recommendation. Unfortunately, I’m getting this message when I mail to subscribers (but not when I mail to registered user):
    “Message failed! Check your settings and check with your hosting provider
    Language string failed to load: instantiate”

    I tried comment out line 2183 with no luck. Any other fix you know of? Thanks.

    1. Avecchioni,

      The error is down to PHPMailer. I get around this by adding to the default wp_mail() function and calling the English language error message files:

      $phpmailer->setLanguage( ‘en’, ‘../wp-content/languages/’ );

  164. Also–talked to host (yahoo). The only recommendation they gave is to uninstall and re-install plugin, which I have done.

  165. Thanks for the update on the 40,000 emails.

    I have been trying to change the behavior so that the email is inserted into the TO field and not the BCC. I want to disable the BCC altogether.

    I need to make these changes in the mail() function correct?

    I tried removing the $bcc from this line:
    $newheaders = $headers . “$bcc\r\n”;

    I haven’t figured out yet the TO field though.

    Thank You.

    1. Andrew,

      You don’t need to mess with the code – just change the setting I talked about before to 1 and you’ll get 40,000 emails sent to individual emails.

      If you mess about by using TO: all your subscriber email addresses will be visible to each other – not a good idea.

  166. I restricted the number of recipients per email to 15 and the problem is resolved. The issue may have originated in an upgraded wireless router with new settings. Anyway, I assume posts will simply go out in batches now. Thanks.

  167. Hello,

    My goal is to send out these emails like a normal email.

    I need to disable the BCC so that the subscriber can see his own email address in the TO field.

    I am afraid of being flagged as SPAM. The normal method is to insert the recipient email into the TO field.

    I’ve set it up so that one email is sent per user. I am now trying to disable the BCC and insert the email into the TO.

    The email addresses would not be visible between subscribers since the BCC will be disabled and each user would receive one email.

    Thank You

    1. Andrew,

      Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. Setting:

      Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited):

      to 1 will use the To: header instead of the BCC: header. You don’t need to edit the code.

  168. WOW! This is PERFECT!

    I changed the setting to 1 earlier and it has been that way all day. I had no idea this would insert the email into the TO.

    Maybe you should think about changing this bit, “Restrict the number of recpients per email to (0 for unlimited)” to “Restrict the number of recpients per email to. The email is inserted into the TO field. BCC is disabled. (0 for unlimited)”

    There could be a lot of users who are unaware of this hidden attribute.

    Thank You for your time!

  169. Is it possible to insert the subscribe2 signup box outside the wordpress blog system?

    I have this HTML file that is stored in the root and I need to insert the subscribe2 box in there. I copied and pasted the subscribe2 box. To what file do I point the POST action to?

    Thank You

    1. Andrew,

      The Subscribe2 form is actually a dynamic output that is sometimes the form but quite often another message confirming a subscription, unsubscription, an error message or a login in prompt.

      As such trying to include it outside of the WordPress PHP is very likely to cause unexpected errors. I do not recommend this route, if you choose to take it you do so as your own risk and under your own endeavour.

  170. Is there a way to add an unsubscribe link to emails sent to subscribers? I want it to be as easy as possible for people to unsubscribe.

  171. LOL, foot in mouth 🙂 Thank you! I forgot even writing that in Dec!

    Just out of curiosity what is the subscribe page? Are you talking about my blog in general and telling users to use the widget or is there a page that shows users only subscribe2 information?

    Is there any way you can pass a variable in the next version in the settings area where I say something like SUBSCRIBER_EMAIL and get the email address of the user subscribing? Therefore allowing me to create links to unsubscribe?

  172. Final question, is there a way for me to change the look of the widget? If you visit my blog and look at the sidebar you will see

    () Subscribe ()
    Unsubscribe [Send Now]

    where () is the radio button.

    I want to make it

    () Subscribe
    () Unsubscribe
    [Send Now]

  173. Zane,

    The WordPress page should be created by you on your site for the plugin to work fully. See the WordPress Codex for more.

    It’s easy to create the unsubscribe links but who gets them? The link is individual to each subscriber and can easily be requested via the form and choosing Unsubscribe. Adding it to an email that is sent to many people simply won’t work for obvious reasons.

    As for the layout – this may be better in the next version.

  174. Hello
    I’m experiencing the same problem as JHeyman. I’ve used the prugin successfully for quite a while but after the last upgrade had problems with the plugin settings being reset to default settings. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks, this is a great plugin!

  175. I’ve had a further look and I do not seem to have a wp_subscribe2_options table. Can you tell me how I can create one? Thanks

  176. Arnoud,

    I haven’t changed any of the upgrading code for ages so I’m not sure why this has happened for you. The options are stored in an array in wp_options so you should not have a wp_subscribe2_options table anyway.

    Can you check your error log for WordPress function error and let me know if there is anything about calls to undefined functions?

  177. hello!

    any idea what’s the php code if I were to insert it manually at the front page only?

    thanks! great plugin!

    1. Af,

      If you have implemented your static front page by using a WordPress page and appropriate setting in Settings->Reading just use the normal token in that WordPress page content.

      If you have uploaded your own static file and hacked it to work with WordPress then Subscribe2 is not supported. You may be able to get it working but it’s at your own risk and endeavour.

  178. under 2.7, i can’t seem to manually manage users. I’m seeing a control panel that looks like this:

    i’ve followed the instructions and have no idea why this is happening. The token is also not working…thanks!

    1. Matt,

      You’ve blurred out the names but next to them they should have the word edit in brackets. Have you clicked this? The users on that screen are registered users, for other users change the filter in the drop down.

      As for the token – what exactly does not working mean? It works just fine for me and that description is next to useless in asking for help.

  179. Hi together,

    I user WP 2.7 and the subscribe2 4.12 together with the plugin wp-mail-smtp. Sending test-mails from wp-mail-smtp works fine, but if I or somebody else leaves a comment no email goes from subscribe2. The admin mailadress is the same like in wp-mail-smtp. The settings in the WP-Admin are to send me an email if somebody leaves a comment or writes a new article.

    Are there some known problems between the both plugins? Do I have the possibility to check a debug-log?

    I have a server-account at – wordpress is installed in a sub-directory.

    Greets from Germany, Jens

  180. oh, sorry. Really? I seem to be a little stupid 😉 I was looking for a plugin which sends a notification to subscribers for new posts AND comments. Then I have to look again, sorry.

  181. Long time user, first time caller here:

    Have installed Subscribe2 for a long time – and have used it successfully on my 2.6 installation: with version 4.10.

    I migrated the site from my old server to a new server with a WP install of 2.7. I migrated my data (added Public Subscribers) and added my Registered Users and set my Daily Digest as before.

    Still have been unable to get digests updated for the past week. I have tested the email capability (comments, new users, new Subscriber2ers) all work fine – and can even send messages out to the community (Public and Registered Users) no problem. But the “cron-job” is not happening.

    Any idea where to look for the issue? There is no limit on the SMTP server – as far as I know.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Sanford,

      If Settings->Subscribe2 is telling you when the next Digest email will send, and this is changing around that date and time then the cron functions are working and there is an issue in the email. If the cron dates are not changing then it’s a cron issue.

      If you have changed server I’d start by looking at the server configuration.

  182. Okay, so I’ve installed Subscribe2 today and am making my way through the install instructions in the readme file. I’m flummoxed by step 7, which seems to direct me to Pages to create a page that contains the subscription form. This seems like a likely solution for a WordPress-hosted blog, but I’m hosting mine on my own server. Do you have specific (as in dead simple for beginners like me) instructions for folks like us?

    Also, in step 8, there is a reference to the page created in step 8. May I assume you really meant step 7?

    1. Randy,

      Why is it that you think Step 7 applies to There should be a Pages option in your WordPress (self hosted) install. Step 8 should refer to the page created in step 7. I’ll get that updated 🙂

  183. “If Settings->Subscribe2 is telling you when the next Digest email will send, and this is changing around that date and time then the cron functions are working and there is an issue in the email.”

    Matt – confused here.

    The Admin page tells me when the email is going to be sent – so the cron function is working. Gotcha.

    Issue in the email? Specifically, the content of the email or the email server (e.g. SMTP server)?

  184. I remembered that your plug-in supported autowrap at 80 characters – but if the email content exceeds it, I would assume that it should work anyway, right?

    Here is the content of the email for the Digest:

    BLOGNAME, brought to you by the Bravo Group:

    The following is a digest of all new posts today on BLOGNAME (BLOGLINK). If you would like to learn more about the issues below, simply click on the associated links.

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are posted.

    Thank you for being part of the HealthPoint PA Community.

    Best regards,

    Megan Shelley

    1. Sanford,

      Okay, sounds like the cron scheduling is working and the task is being run (because the time only updates once the task is run).

      Reasons for non-sending of emails is either that no new posts have been made between the last time the event was run and the current execution of the even or there is a problem with the emails SMTP server. The wordwrap should have no effect on sending and your template looks great.

  185. Matt – thanks. Will look into the SMTP server again. Only challenge is that the other emails ARE going out (we sent an email to the subscriber list via your Mail Subscribers function). And we get all other emails – and posts have been added.


  186. Hi,

    I have WP 2.7 and Subscribe2 4.12 on my site.

    On the Manager Subscribers page

    I get this error at the top of the page.
    Warning: Division by zero in /home/davidbo3/public_html/michellecooks/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1251

    And this error in the middle of the page after the cNext Page >> link in the current subscribers selction. (There are no subscribers show in the list)
    Warning: array_chunk() [function.array-chunk]: Size parameter expected to be greater than 0 in /home/davidbo3/public_html/michellecooks/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1318

    Select / Unselect All

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/davidbo3/public_html/michellecooks/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1333

    I would like to be able to see my subscribers and get rid of these errors.



  187. Hi,

    Second issue,

    I have set to send HTML emails for each post.

    I get some posts with HTML email and some posts sent text only email.

    Any ideas on what to check out on this?



  188. Matt – turns out that setting the bccs to 0 was the threshold. Once we set it to 1, it worked. Whew.

    Thanks for the guidance.

  189. Sanford,

    By setting the BCC to one you are using the TO: header and not the BCC: header. I suspect therefore that th issue is on you server setup with respect to handling BCC header in emails. Glad you’ve got it working though 🙂

  190. David,

    Your first question is already covered in the comments above.

    Your second and third issues are related. This plugin sends different types of emails based on subscriber settings. HTML emails are only an option not a default. Please read the ReadMe.txt information or see the FAQs (linked in the sidebar) for a fuller explanation.

  191. I’m having the same problem as PQNation mentioned above. New post email message is blank. My New Post email template is not blank. It has a message. What else could the problem be? Thanks.

  192. Greetings Matt!

    What an outstanding plugin! And your support is just awesome! Great job and thank you for all your efforts.

    Our finding this plugin is timely, considering all of the increased problems lately with FeedBurner….I am testing this plugin for our needs and once completed, will be very interested in purchasing the extra code for sending html emails to the public. However, I am having one pressing problem:

    I have a test client registered on a beta site, and the plugin set to send an html email. The email is received, but the background is green (the background on the site is white). I saw back in January that another reader had a similar problem, and you indicated this would likely be addressed with the next update. As it appears the update occurred on 2/7/09, am I not setting a parameter correctly or were you unable to include this at the present time?

    Last question: Will purchasing the extra code allow me to customize how images in the post are wrapped in text? The test post downloaded the image but the text was a bit off from how it looks on the blog.

    In advance, many thanks for your input and help.

    1. George,

      Sounds like your theme has a white section on top of the green. By not including the theme you still get raw HTML information in the HTML emails.

      At the moment images and linked, not included inline. If you can find an easy way to parse the image location and inline-embed in into the outgoing emails I’d be happy to adopt your code changes 🙂

  193. UPDATE:

    I resolved the problem with regard to the green background I reported in the html emails.

    Under Notification Settings (Admin Panel > Settings > Subscribe2), I selected “No” to “Include theme CSS stylesheet in HTML notifications.”

    Now the html email looks great with the one exception of the images from the post. I think I have an idea for this fix and will post ASAP if it works. I believe it has to do with how the image is coded into the post (e.g., inline html or CSS, versus using the auto-insert from WordPress). I had the same problem with FeedBurner feeds.

  194. Greetings Matt:

    Thank you so much for you’re post.

    Actually, the site doesn’t have a white section on top of the green (although it was a Revolution Theme from Brian Gardner—but we’ve been through the theme top to bottom; over 1000 hours customizing it and I’m pretty sure about that).

    However, selected “No” to “Include theme CSS stylesheet in HTML notifications” did seem to solve the problem nicely.

    We’re definitely working on the inline image problem and will report back ASAP if we resolve it.

    Thank you again for all the work you have done Matt. Outstanding.

  195. Andy / George,

    Just checked your site and you have the green background with a white front section containing the text. Some div tags in your template should reproduce that look if you include the CSS with a little playing about 🙂

  196. Matt, you are so right! Embarrassing 😳 Apologies.

    I thought the green background you were referring to is called the padding or trim (I’m not a designer, so forgive me for not using terms correctly).

    That makes good sense what you’re suggesting. Thank you. However, with the CSS turned off, except for the image, the post comes through nicely. We’ll keep playing around and keep you posted on developments–especially if we can resolve the image issue.

    Take good care, and thanks again 🙂

    1. Veganpower,

      I’m not a web designer either so sorry if we were talking across terms 🙂 I hope you solve the inline HTML issue – it’ll save me the work 🙂

  197. hi…
    thanks for the great plugin…
    i’ve got it working to my requirements…

    since i intend to manually send mails to subscribers, i have selected all categories in Settings->Excluded Categories…

    the problem is that I also have a custom field to be displayed with each post using the_meta template tag… and in doing so it always displays the s2mail field also… after much looking for help i read that there is something to do with removing add_action hooks… im familiar with html and css but not php… could you please specify as to how i can remove the s2mail field…(if its to remove code, please specify i could do that)

    my second is more of a feature request… there are very 3 very well designed templates for notifications but i was wondering if it is possible to use some of those tags like [BLOGNAME] etc which are available in the templates while sending a mail manually? not that i cant do without it but perhaps if it is easy to integrate them with the manual mail as well, it would be a great feature…

    awaiting reply

    1. Guru,

      Hope you are enjoying the beer 🙂

      I’ll fix the S2mail filed issue in the next release. You can try the trunk code and see if that helps if you are desperate to fix this now.

      I also like your feature suggestion so I’ll bake that into the next release too.

  198. i dunno the trunk code stuff ur talking about(not much of a coder)…
    like you said i really am desperate to get this fixed…
    a little guidance would be really appreciated…

    its been almost 3 weeks past the date i wanted my site to go live… been ironing the small tit-bits here and there…im stuck at this now after i’ve gone insane getting so many other things done…

    please help

  199. thanks… i can try that…
    but can you tell me if my current subscribers will remain, if i switch to the dev version… also how stable can i expect it to be? if it has any major stability issues then i can do without using the_meta for a while… until the next upgrade

  200. hi… i upgraded to the developement version… the s2mail field still shows… i am for now gonna use a category to have all my posts in and then unsubscribe that cat…

    1. Guru,

      I’m not sure what you mean by “the s2mail field still shows”. The s2mail field is a custom field and it will still be present in the database. You can manually remove it from any currently affect posts if you want to though using th epost edit page or PHPMyAdmin.

  201. Using latest s2 with wp2.7. Register page works, email is sent out, but when I click to confirm it takes me to a page with “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” The page it’s trying to find is mydomain/?s2=11fb2eeccecb6eae843c4dff7b13ed2e41. The page I have s2 loaded on is mydomain/register. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  202. Peter,

    Have you got any plugins that rewrite page requests for SEO purposes or some htaccess rules in place that may be redirecting requests to your site?

  203. Not that I’m aware of or knowledgeable enough to detect. Active plugins are ContactForm7, EventCalendar, MyPageOrder, NextGenGallery, WPCumulus, WPShoppingCart.

    1. Peter,

      In that case deactivate all plugins except Subscribe2 and see if it works as expected. If it does, then reactive your plugins on at a time checking each time to find which one breaks your install.

      If you can’t locate a plugin try asking your host about redirects on the server.

  204. Having trouble on the confirmation page when you click the confirm link in the email – On the confirm page, all the categories on my blog turn to “Subscription Confirmation”. Any idea how to fix this?

    1. Drew,

      Have you followed all of the install instructions including creating a WordPress page and defining that same page ID in the Settings->Subscribe2 page?

      If you have then it’s an issue in your theme.

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