Subscribe2 4.11

Version 4.11 of the Plugin is now available for download.

Version 4.11 is for 2.6.x users. (Although it should work with WordPress 2.5 and hopefully 2.7 too!) This version has been tested on WordPress 2.6.2, 2.7-almost-beta and WordPress MU 2.6.2.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Works in WordPress 2.7-almost-beta!
  • Fixed a bug in the mail() function that meant emails were not sent to recipients if the BCCLimit setting was greater than the total number of recipients for that mail type – thanks to Harvey and Techxplorer
  • Ensured that the array of recipients was cast correctly in the reminder function
  • Fixed display of html entities in the reminder emails – thanks to Helena
  • Fixed a bug in the SQL statements for WordPress MU installations – thanks to Techxplorer
  • Corrected a typo in the message displayed on the WordPress registration page if subscriptions are automatic – thanks to Marina
  • Several layout and inline comment changes

There are currently no known issues affecting this version 😀

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

To install correctly use the WordPress Auto Upgrade feature or:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder is uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

212 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.11

  1. I used automatic download and install and for some reason the debug and the uninstall plugins didn’t seem to update. Instead they moved from active to inactive and stayed at 4.10

  2. It’s not a bug, just a silly typo / minor version info oversight thingie, easily resolved.

    It’s due to the fact that the files named “subscribe2debug.php” and “subscribe2uninstaller.php” have the old version number (i.e. “4.10”). You can remedy it by manually editing those files and change the version number in both to 4.11 and that’ll be the end of it.

  3. A counter Widget? That sounds ominous. Is that something to combat Widget Overkill? Or is it more for Prescribed than Over the Counter Widgets? The mind reels…

    Nevermind: thanks for the quick version fix – much appreciated! 😉

  4. NV1962,

    Sadly it really isn’t externally very exciting – it just displays your Subscriber Count on your Sidebar via a Widget!!

    Your ideas sound much better 😉

  5. Hey Matt,

    Based on a previous conversation I REM’d out the following code to prevent the date/time variable from appearing on the email:

    $message .= __(‘Posted on’, ‘subscribe2’) . “: ” . mysql2date($datetime, $post->post_date) . “\r\n”;

    Are you planning to add this as a variable that can be added/removed more easily?


  6. Patrick,

    I’ve added a new keyword (POSTTME) to the trunk code that will add the time and POST will revert to previous function. You can get the code now from the SVN server or wait for the next release.

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  8. Hi
    First of all thanks for a great plugin.
    I need some help regarding it..
    I want to add links to twitter and facebook below the subscribe form and the link to rss feed of the site above it where should i edit the plugin to include it?
    Help Appreciated Thanks,

  9. Hi Matt.

    Thanks for the previous instructions. I changed the email output to 1 and email notifications went out to my subscribers. That was yesterday. Today, I noticed that the Subscribe 2 plugin is deactivated and when I try to re-activate it, it’s giving me this message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘ in /home/imagin12/public_html/ on line 85

    Do you have any recommendations as to where I can proceed from here? It will not let me re-activate the plugin.

  10. James / Sparsh,

    If you mean on the WordPress page where you have the form entered simply entered the link in the normal way using the WordPress editor and save the page.

    If you want these links in the email then edit the templates in Settings->Subscribe2.

  11. first time user question:

    does this plugin support _replies_ via email? (i.e. will replies to email messages sent using this plugin be viewable/posted as blog entry comments?)


  12. Is there an easy fix to switch the frequency to bi-weekly or monthly even?


    Is there any good”templates” or something that could format it. I think I could figure it out, but if someone has an easy fix or it’s been answered (I did do a search) I’d love to start there first.


  13. Joshua,

    To have a different frequency for mailing you need to add a new scheduling time to WordPress. You can do this in the Subscribe2 code, look for the add_weekly_sched() function and add something like the following:

    $sched['fortnightly'] = array('interval' => 1209600, 'display' => __('Every Two Weeks', 'subscribe2'));

    Change the interval integer and description to suit your own requirements.

    The templates are defined in the Settings->Subscribe2 window. I include one by default but these are simply the ones I use – you’ll need to change these around to suit your needs.

  14. I searched but could not find the answer to these questions: Can you send HTML email by pasting HTML into the Mail Subscriber form? If so, how? If not, this is a feature request,


  15. Hi Matt,

    I’m using the subscribe2 plugin form on my blog’s MAIN (home) page. I’ve modified the way the form looks, but the form code still retains the same values.

    Since I’m doing this, what should I “Set default Subscribe2 page as ID:”? Is there a default value assigned to a homepage in WordPress?



  16. Mitch,

    The ability to send HTML email to public subscribers and from Write->Mail Subscribers is part of the paid version of Subscribe2. It is $40 via PayPal, post another comment if you want to go ahead and I’ll email you direct.

  17. John,

    I’m not sure what you mean by “the form code still retains the same values”. do you mean an email address in the text box? If so these are stored in AutoFill caches in your browser and have nothing to do with the server side code.

    If the site you are discussing is the site you’ve linked you name back to then it doesn’t appear that you have a subscription page defined in WordPress and you are only using the sidebar widget. In this case leave the setting as 0 and the plugin will do the work.

  18. Matt,

    Yes, the site I’m discussing is the site that I linked back to. You are correct in saying that I don’t have a subscription page defined in WordPress. By form values, I mean that I have a hidden radio button, so that the form values are the same upon submittal. I kept the default Subscribe2 page as ID:0. But it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?



  19. John,

    I can only image that it isn’t working because the form is ‘broken’ by you hiding the radio buttons. The form is designed to hand subscribe and unsubscribe requests. Any changes made by you to that processing and I can’t start to help debug because I don’t know what you changed or how.

  20. I’m not sure who to direct this to…but if anyone out there can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I set up my first wordpress blog: for a non-profit a while back and and all was well until I tried installing the Subscribe2 plugin. It is the first and only wordpress plugin I have ever installed anywhere. The site is hosted on an outside service provider’s windows server – I’m not sure if that matters or not. Anyway – here is the error I get when I upload:

    Warning: main(\\NAWINFS02\home\users\web\b694\rh.alcoholpolicypan\sdcappblog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in \\NAWINFS02\home\users\web\b694\rh.alcoholpolicypan\sdcappblog\wp-content\plugins\subscribe2.4.11\subscribe2.php on line 47

    Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘\\NAWINFS02\home\users\web\b694\rh.alcoholpolicypan\sdcappblog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php’ (include_path=’.;c:\php\includes’) in \\NAWINFS02\home\users\web\b694\rh.alcoholpolicypan\sdcappblog\wp-content\plugins\subscribe2.4.11\subscribe2.php on line 47

    This is ine 47 of the subscribe2.php file:
    require(WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘\plugins\subscribe2.4.11\include\buttonsnap.php’);

    Again, I’d be very grateful for any advice…

    Many thanks,


  21. Laurie,

    Although those error messages look incomprehensible and scary they do actually tell you what the problem is. The key parts are:

    No such file or directory



    So, the problem is that the buttonsnap.php file has not been upload or is not in the correct place. It is a required file for Subscribe2 to work so you need to put it onto your server.

    As an aside it also appears that your server is running on IIS, I would recommend using a unix host if you can change over.

  22. Hi Matt,

    Please take a look at the form on my site. The hidden value should replicate the values of your form. Here is my form code.

    Are you sure the 0 works, if the form is on the home page? Is there code tweak in the plug-in that I can make?

  23. Hi there – just install subscribe2 onto WordPress 2.6.3 – forgive me for stupididty but I cannot unsubscribe people on the list. Is this because WP2.6.3 not supported yet? Thanks!

  24. John,

    The form works just fine without any custom alterations. Your issue may be something to do the a checked parameter being invalid in a hidden input element. Try taking it out and try again.

    If that fails then you’ll have to start bug tracking the code on your install to capture the posted values and from there you may be able to figure out why it isn’t working.

  25. Bruce,

    2.6.3 is fully support and on my installs (x2) it is working flawlessly. What ‘list’ are you talking about for unsubscribing? What browser?

  26. I am not seeing the subscribers listed properly in the admin under Manage>Subscribers (WordPress 2.6.2)

    I see two green arrows and an X box… then, on the next row, I see “Select / Unselect All” plus a row of checkboxes (3)… below are the email addresses of the test subscribers but to their right, nothing. No checkboxes, no name, no nothing.

    How do I do anything to this page? What’s it for? I realize I can go to the actual users page and delete subscribed people, but is the Subscribe2 and the WP Subscribe integrated at all?

    It looks the same in Firefox (latest) and IE6 on windows.

  27. Hmmm… reading my post and the 2.6.3 post above — this is what I am experiencing in 2.6.2

    No way – other than the actual WordPress Users pages in the Admin — to unsubscribe anyone from the PLUGIN’s Manage>Subscribers page

    Missing checkboxes or something? I’d give the site, but you cannot see it unless you have admin access anyway.

  28. What is the registered, confirmed, and unconfirmed references on the Manage>Subscribers page for?

    My page doesn’t look like the #2 screenshot — it’s missing the arrows and x by the subscriber emails.

    I’ve tested turning off the very few plugins I use… no change. I have everything uploaded and have tried deactivating and reactivating a couple of times.

    Feel free to contact me using my email address and I can provide more information. I’d love to get this fixed.

  29. Hi,

    I am using a plugin that allows my site them to be used for login and registration pages.

    CYC –

    It makes those pages look like part of my site, but it does not include the option for subscription that I was getting with Subscribe2. I am pretty sure it generates its own registration page that does not include what ever subscribe 2 added to registration.

    So, how can I make these two plugins play together?

  30. I am seeing exactly what Casey describes above – it might be correct, just don’t know how to use it to unsubscribe people. Under Manage -> Subscribers, first there is a box to enter email addresses, then a “Subscribe Button”, then an area to Filter, Search Subscribers and Save to CSV, then a list of subscribers with left arrow, right arrow, cross but no checkboxes for each subscriber, then a “Process” button, then a Categories section with Subscribe and Unsubscrive radio buttons and a list of Categories, then a Submit Button.

    I think the form probably works properly, but I can’t figure out how to use it to unsubscribe people. Also, what exactly do the “Registered”, “Confirmed” and “Unconfirmed” categories mean?

    Thanks for this plugin and your work and help!

  31. David,

    To make CYC and Subscribe2 work together the CYC plugin needs to have a hook that Subscribe2 could make use of to pull in your CYC setting for Subscribe2 generated pages OR you can amend the Subscribe2 pages to utilise code from the CYC plugin.

    Either way will require some site level hacking of the plguin files.

  32. Thanks for the info. I may give it a try, but I think it will be pretty hard to get it right.

    I do have a few qeustions:

    1) For HTML email, is there a template for it?
    2) Can you send me info on the version that allows HTML and full post for non registered subsribers?


  33. David,

    1) HTML doesn’t have a template, it simply uses any HTML styling added to the original post content. You can add further information by using HTML tags in the template but as these are so individual I leave leave it all down to site admins.

    2) The version that allows HTML simply sends HTML formatted emails to public subscribers rather than plain text excerpts. You also have the ability to send HTML emails from Write->Mail Subscribers. It is $40 for the upgrade.

  34. PiRoman,

    The user emails are on the Right. That means they have Registered with your WordPress blog and their email preferences are set by the individual users. With 4.11 you cannot edit them but this is a future development and will hopefully be in the next release.

  35. Hi,

    Thanks for you resposes.

    So if I want the HTML verson what do I need to do? If I buy it am I licenced to use it on more than one site?

    If I want to update the template for the emails that are sent out for a compilation of postings is that the New Post email? Is there a CCS style for the individual postings that are listed?


  36. Feature Request.

    It would be nice on the unregsitered subscribers to be able to get a little more information about them. First Name, Last Name, City, State.


  37. David,

    If you buy the HTML version you are free to use it as you like on as many installs as you want. No fancy EULA here!

    The Template you need to change for the notification emails is the NEW POST email template. The CSS styling on your site will come from your theme. I guess you could pull that into your outgoing emails – I’ve never tried since I prefer plain text email.

    I’ve been asked about collecting more details about subscribers in the past. It is very possible but not something I’m likely to pursue. My question is what do you need it for? Having that level of data in some countries might start to bring data protection laws into play. Why do you need the data, what are you going to do with it, how long will you keep it, etc. etc. From my perspective, less is better.

  38. What do I need to do to buy the HTML version? make a donation and you email the zip file?

  39. As far as uses for the addtional data. Some examples:

    1. One of the sites I am working on is for a book author that makes school visits. So knowing where the subscribers are from is interesting to him. He could know to arrange a visit in a town where he has several subscribers or know if he got subscribers from a town where he visted.

    2. You could add the name as substitute fields to the email to make it more peronalized. People respond better to thoses.

    I understand your concerns but there are real uses for it.

  40. If a post is in two categories and one is exlcuded and another is not. Will the email notice go out for the post and will it be inlcuded in the digests?

  41. I think I see the answer to the above on the exclude catagories settings section comment. if it is in any exclude categories it will not be sent.

  42. If a user subscribes, but is not registered what categories do they get? all the ones that are not exculded at the time they subscribe?

    if autosubscribe me to new categories is checked by default then do subscribed users get subscribed to new categories when they are added and not excluded.

  43. David,

    Okay, Public subscribers get mail from non-excluded categories based on current admin settings.

    Registered user may be given the option to subscribe to excluded categories (a potential bonus for registering) depending upon admin settings again.

    If autosubscribe is on then Registered users will be subscribed to newly created categories. Having double checked the code (I wrote that bit some time ago) it would seem that even if the category was excluded after creation then Registered subscribers would still be subscribed to it. Maybe something for me to work on there!

  44. When you say public subscribers get mail from non-excluded categores based on current admin settings is that based on how the setings are when they subscribe or how the settings are when the email is generated?

  45. I just upgraded to WP 2.6.3.

    Downloaded and attempted to install Subscribe2.1 v4.11

    I am getting the following fatal error on install:

    Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘/blog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php’ (include_path=’.:/include:/usr/lib/php’) in /blog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2.1/subscribe2.php on line 47

    I had deleted Subscribe2 previous version (2.0, I think)

    I have deactivated all other plugins.

    I am somewhat confused about where buttonsnap.php is supposed to be. Different install instructions place it variously in the /plugins directory and the Subscribe2/include directory. (I’ve tried it in both locations and that doesn’t seem to fix anything).

    I have examined subscribe2.php and it says this:
    / use Owen’s excellent ButtonSnap library
    if (!function_exists(buttonsnap_textbutton)) {
    require(WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php’);

    I gather from other hints in comments that users have experienced this before. I couldn’t gleen a corrective action from those.

  46. Some Suggestions.

    1. It would be nice to be able to predefine a html head and footer for html mail. This would allow to a nice looking email in a standard way.

    2. It would also be nice to have a way to inlcude a CSS reference in the html mail both to the site style sheet and an email stlysheet. Then you could format the email like the site and have special style for email.

    3. It would be nice to have a substituion for a specific post (like POST=5) to use in the Write emai funciton. This would allow creaton of a newsletter from posts.


  47. Do the message substitutions work in the Write to users function? It would be great if they did.

  48. I hope you can help me with a problem:

    I have manually added a bunch of subscribers using the subscribe addresses form in the Manage–>Subscribers page.

    I have 341 in “all subscribers”. 324 “Public Subscribers”, 324 Confirmed, 17 Registered Users, and 17 in the category which I’d like the users to receive updates from.

    My question is, how do I get all subscribers to receive updates from the category? Currently, it seems only 17 users will receive emails.

    Thank you in advance for your help. It’s a great plugin!

  49. Roger,

    You need to upload the subscribe2 folder into wp-content/plugins on your server. The subscribe2 folder should contain a file called subscribe2.php and a folder called include among other things.

  50. David,

    1. You can define a HTML header and footer – just add your information to the email template. I personally don’t like HTML email, I think it uses unnecessary bandwidth and poses a security risk so I don’t dabble in that area but the plugin should support any changes you see fit to make.

    2. You should also be able to reference back to your theme CSS by using the normal HTML tags – again I don’t dabble in this area but it should work.

    3. The Write function doesn’t support keyword substitution or pull in post content, it was originally intended to send quick notifications to subscribers. I’ll add your suggestions to the feature request list.

  51. Eric,

    Provided that the category is not excluded then your Registered users who are subscribed to that category (17) and all of your public subscribers (324) will receive an email notification.

  52. i have always this problem with 4.11 version : When a Subscriber confirms a subscribption the webpage shown will replace the names of all your pages with “Subscription Confirmed”.

    i edited line 2509 line with :

    Change it from:

    add_filter(‘the_title’, array(&$this, ‘title_filter’));

    //add_filter(‘the_title’, array(&$this, ‘title_filter’));

    no problem after

    thank you

  53. jpg001,

    I thought I’d fixed this 😦 I’m using 4.11 with a few code additions for the upcoming 4.12 but this code is not commented out and it is working for me – without changing the names of all the listed pages.

    Can you double check for me and maybe give me some more details?

  54. In regards to the previous question I asked, My email address is listed as confirmed. I checked the box next to the category that I want subscribe2 to send emails to, and clicked submit. I do not receive emails when a new post is created. Is this how to add all confirmed users to be able to receive updates from this category? If not, then how?


  55. First of all thank you for this plugin.

    Is it possible to controll in what name the mail goes out in?
    Like now if i have the option of the admin as the sender is says that it is from admin, would it be possible to choose something else there in some way?

    Like the name of my site?

  56. I got my subscribe form working on a wp page associated with my website.

    I am trying to insert the email submit form on another non w-p page and get method not allowed errors.

    Can the form be tweaked to be inserted onto other non w-p pages on my site?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  57. Eric,

    If you email address is Confirmed this will mean you are a Public Confirmed subscriber. That will mean you don’t have any choice over what categories you get notifications for so where are you checking boxes on a form?

  58. Damien,

    The form code is a PHP Class. I’m sure that there is a way to get it into a none- WordPress page but I don’t recommend it. the output of the form is dynamic and is handled through the WordPress API, using the form outside WordPress is very likely to cause unexpected behaviour or it may simply not work at all.

  59. Hi,

    First of all, thanks for that great plugin and the effort of developping, and commenting any question here.

    Only the administrators sees the categories on their profile page on my site.
    the regular “subscriber” users of the blog don’t see any category on their “your subscription page” …

    did i mis-setup something ? what could i do ?

    i have wordpress 2.6.3, version 4.11 of subscriber2, and additional plugins like phpexec, rolescoper and role manager.

    Thanks for any help,


  60. Jean-Philippe,

    Firstly, thanks for your donation!

    Now, to your question. I think there may be a plugin conflict with Role Manager or RoleScoper. I have Subscribe2 4.11 on an install of WordPress 2.6.3 as a test install. I created a Subscriber level user in WordPress, logged in and I can see the site categories in the Subscription page.

    So, try deactivating these two plugins and see if the categories appear. Then reactivate them one at a time and see which one breaks Subscribe2.

  61. You say: “The user emails are on the Right. That means they have Registered with your WordPress blog and their email preferences are set by the individual users. With 4.11 you cannot edit them but this is a future development and will hopefully be in the next release.”

    Question: So how can I as administrator unsubscribe a user, without deleting his acount?

  62. Hi Matt,

    Well, i deactivated alternatively Role scoper and role manager …
    i must have smelled the issue when i listed those plugins : it’s indeed role scoper which prevents a regular suscriber to see the list of categories, as when i deactivated it, the list appeared.

    Now, may i ask, why is that ?
    and who from role scoper or subscribe2 can fix the matter ?
    I’ll get in touch with, who develops role scoper and warn him of the issue.
    I hope we can fix this, as i need the CMS capability of role scoper, and find subscribe2 a real great and simple plugin …

    Thanks again for your help and the follow up.


  63. Jean-Philippe,

    I too suspected one of those plugins. I don’t use either of them so I no idea why they conflict. If I ever find time I may take a look but since I don’t use them it really isn’t a priority for me. Sadly, this plugin doesn’t get anywhere near paying my mortgage and that comes first.

  64. I totally understand, Matt.

    By any chance, could you (or anyone else ?) tell me of another plugin that would do what role manager does (i.e. a cms access rights, regarding the reading of certain categoris, for instance), and would work with subscribe2 ? maybe you use one ?
    I wish you a good week,


  65. Jean-Philippe,

    I don’t use any role manager type plugins, my site is an open blog really with no CMS. Hopefully some one else will give you some ideas.

  66. Hey, everybody.

    I wanted to share that I just purchased the HTML-enabled version of subscribe2 from Matt for $40 USD. I really like it.

    Please consider the upgrade. You will get a nicely enhanced version as well as the good feeling that you are supporting future development of this great plugin.


  67. I have a huge problem with this plugin, if I program a post to be published for the next day, the Subscribe plugin sends not one but two e-mails as a notification for that post, how can i solve this ?

  68. Mike,

    I don’t get this problem on any of my blogs. Are you running other plugins that affect scheduled items? Have you tried disabling other plugins to identify a conflict?

  69. In regards to your question:

    If you email address is Confirmed this will mean you are a Public Confirmed subscriber. That will mean you don’t have any choice over what categories you get notifications for so where are you checking boxes on a form?

    I’m logged in as an administrator, checking the checkbox of the category that should generate the emails.

    Is this how it should work? Will users by default only receive emails from that category?

  70. It seems that no email confirmation email is ever sent. Is it possible to disable the email confirmation feature all together?

  71. I don`t use any other plugins to schedule a post, i just set the time and date when i write it.

  72. Eric,

    If you are logged in that would make you a Registered Subscribers. All of this is covered in the ReadMe and online.

    If you are getting no emails your first port of call is your hosting provider to ask about email restrictions and get them to check the error logs.

  73. This plugin has been great, I appreciate the hard work! I was wondering, though, if there was a chance the break tag and the special character spaces would be removed in future releases? They serve no semantic value, and we can control these elements with CSS (especially defining block level elements so they break). Not a huge deal, but limits my control save editing your plugin:). Thank you!

  74. Hi.

    I was wondering where I can format the digest emails?
    I’d like to insert seperators between the different posts…

    I can also edit the php file… but I’m not a programmer, so it’s difficult for me to figure out, where I should edit. ;)=


  75. Brady J. Frey,

    You’ll need to give me a clue where to look for these. Are they coming from the template for from the inserted blog content in the emails or are you talking about the form on your blog pages or maybe even that admin pages.

  76. Weekly Digest Formatting?,

    What sort of separator are you talking about – there should be an empty line between each post. If you want something in addition to this I can point you in the right direction.

  77. Aditionally to the space I wanted to create a line (

    with normal characters..
    with just the space and no html formatting it isn’t so clearly arranged…
    so I just need to know where in the php file I could add this line.

    And I was also thinking about adding another link to the post at the end of the post.
    So if you could tell me how to do that too, that would be grand.


    and obviously my name is not Weekly Digest Formatting?… though that would be an interesting name, wouldn’t it?

  78. Gracious admin, oh wise one,

    When you said:

    You need to upload the subscribe2 folder into wp-content/plugins on your server. The subscribe2 folder should contain a file called subscribe2.php and a folder called include among other things.”

    What I really needed to do was ensure that the Subscribe2 folder was named, Subscribe2, not Subscribe2.1 .

    Wise one, you cannot preserve users from their own lameness. They must learn to walk on their own.

    Sorry to bother…

  79. Sean.

    To accomplish what you require you’ll need to look for the following lines in the code:

    $message_post .= $excerpt . "\r\n\r\n";
    $message_posttime .= $excerpt . "\r\n\r\n";

    To add a dashed line try:

    $message_post .= $excerpt . "\r\n-----------------\r\n";
    $message_posttime .= $excerpt . "\r\n----------------\r\n";

    And adding in the following will add a permalink provided to use the correct syntax, so maybe:

    $message_post .= get_permalink($post->ID);

  80. Roger,

    Many thanks for the funniest comment I’ve had posted on here ever 🙂

    I forgive you your lameness and I am pleased that you have found the path!

  81. It woks fine with all the plugins enabled if i just publish a post instead of schedule it, so I don`t see why other plugins may affect it and even if they did, I need them as much as I do this .

  82. Mike,

    I don’t really know what you want me to do then. It works just fine for me and you don’t seem to want to provide me with any additional information to track down a conflict or a bug. This leaves me in a position where I can’t really help.

  83. Can someone please tell me how i would give subscribers the option to unsubscribe directly. Also, can I let users control how they would like to receive e-mails?


  84. Bob,

    The Subscribe2 form handles subscribe and unsubscribe requests. You can add a link back to your WordPress page holding the Subscribe2 form in your email template if you like.

    Users can have some control over how the receive their emails of they register, that can pick categories and the format of the email. All of the above is described in the ReadMe.

  85. Is there any way to manage what categories are assigned to individual registered users? Public subscribers? I can only seem to manage them as whole groups.

  86. Scott,

    The short answer is ‘no’.

    The longer answer is that you will be able to individually manage Registered Users with the next release of the plugin. Public subscribers can’t choose what categories they get notifications for – these are defined by the blog admin in the settings by excluding categories.

  87. Scott,

    It’ll be in the month, possibly around the same time as WordPress 2.7. Certainly before the end of December. In the meantime you can test out the improvements if you are brave enough to use the dev version.

  88. Thanks allot.

    You pointed me in the right direction and I got those seperators working.
    Though in my version it’s not $message_post .= $excerpt, but $message .= $excerpt …


  89. Great plugin! Is there a way to entirely disable notifications so I can use this plugin mainly to collect subscribers’ emails?

    I don’t want to send them daily or weekly digests, I want to send custom newsletters myself and disable anything automated.

    So what do I do in order to turn off digests completely but keep the subscription process enabled (members subscribe, get their confirmation, and then I want the rest to be up to me and not up to the plugin.)

    I love this plugin and want to use it in this specific way, so what to do?

  90. Heather,

    You’ll need to edit the code for this, look for the confirm() function. It contains the following line:

    $this->mail($recipients, $subject, $message);

    Comment this out as follows:

    //$this->mail($recipients, $subject, $message);

  91. Esra’a,

    You’ll need to exclude all categories in Settings. Registered uses should not be allowed to override this setting. And it should work as you are wanting.

  92. I just sent a message though the Write > Mail Subscribers tab. The email went out like 6 times to my subscribers.

    I am not sure what is wrong with my settings but can you please advise as to how to fix this so it doesn’t happen again?

    Also, in the daily digest, is there a way to attach make the TABLE post titles as links instead of just as titles?


  93. Duron,

    Have you had duplicate emails like this on more than one occasion? I haven’t seen this myself or had it reported for ages. Email is designed to ensure delivery (more than once is better than never) so it may have been a glitch on the server.

    You can amend the table to include report links instead by editing the code. In the subscribe2.php file look for:

    $table .= $post->post_title . "\r\n";

    And change it to:

    $table .= get_permalink($post->ID) . "\r\n";

  94. Thanks,

    I think it was a glitch, so please disregard the multiple email part.

    I appreciate the help on the table digest tweak; would it work if I changed

    $table .= get_permalink($post->ID) . “\r\n”;


    $table .= “<a href=\”” . get_permalink($post->ID) . “\”>” . $post->post_title . “” . “\r\n”;

    to turn the post titles into hyperlinks?

  95. Duron,

    That would work for subscribers who get their emails as HTML but the <a> tag will be stripped out of the email for those getting plain text notifications.

  96. Thanks! However the last time I excluded all the categories, it sends blank digests to the list of subscribers. So what should I do in this case?

  97. Esra’a,

    Either use per-post notification settings rather than digest or use the latest version of the plugin with the settings described above. There are some checks built in that aim to ensure blanks messages don’t get sent.

    If a blank message is sent based on these setting previously then it’s a bug, but I can’t fix it if I don’t know about it. If you try it again and it still sends a blank email let me know.

  98. Hi there, is there a way that people will also see the images posted? Instead of just html text with a link? And what about styling the “newsletter” with some CSS?
    If this is possible, how should or could I do that?
    Thanks in advance!

  99. 24k,

    I presume you are talking about recipients of the HTML emails? At the moment I haven’t got a solution to sending inline images so they will link back but it’s on my list of things to do with the plugin.

    As for CSS, you can link back to a CSS file on your server using the html link tag to style your email content.

  100. Erik,

    The email is sent TO admin and recipients go into the BCC header. This means the plguin sends one email to many people which should be faster then sending individuals emails.

    Provided that you are on a fast server without many restriction sin place you can set the number of recipients (In Settings->Subscribe2) to one and emails will be sent to individual subscribers using their email address but this may take longer to complete on your server.

  101. Thank you for the answer.

    One more i have, if the blog got more then one admin, is there any way to controll so that the mail goes out from the third admin instead of the root admin?

  102. Erik,

    If you know the ID of the admin user then you can edit the subscribe2.php code to select that user. Look for the get_userdata() function. Within it you’ll see the following code:

    if ( (empty($admin)) || $userdata->{$wpdb->prefix . "user_level"} != 10) {
    $admin = get_userdata(1);

    Simply change the integer on the second line from 1 to the ID of your chosen admin account.

  103. Hi!

    When an email notification about new posts is sent, the list of all recipients is visible (every recipient sees all other recipients), although they are listed in BCC. Is there any way to avoid this?

  104. isn’t is possible that just as when a user signs up, the admin gets notified… when when a user unsubscribes, admin is notified too?

  105. MarkB,

    Yes, it’s possible. But for everyone who wants it there is someone who doesn’t 🙂 You can amend the code yourself to add this function.

    Look in the subscribe2.php file for the confirm() function. Change the following:

    } elseif ('0' == $action) {
    // remove this subscriber
    $this->message = $this->deleted;
    $this->filtered = 1;

    To this:

    } elseif ('0' == $action) {
    // remove this subscriber
    $this->message = $this->deleted;
    $subject = '[' . get_option('blogname') . '] ' . __('Someone unsubscribed', 'subscribe2');
    $message = $this->email . " " . __('unsubscribed from email notifications!', 'subscribe2');
    $recipients = $wpdb->get_col("SELECT DISTINCT(user_email) FROM $wpdb->users INNER JOIN $wpdb->usermeta ON $wpdb->users.ID = $wpdb->usermeta.user_id WHERE $wpdb->usermeta.meta_key='" . $wpdb->prefix . "user_level' AND $wpdb->usermeta.meta_value='10'");
    $this->mail($recipients, $subject, $message);
    $this->filtered = 1;

  106. Hi again,

    I contacted my hosting provider and he asked, which of the settings should be changed. Can you be as specific as possible?

  107. PiRoman,

    I honestly have no idea, I don’t have any problems with my host and have never needed to get involved in the configuration of sendmail.

    Additionally, although the server application may masquerade as sendmail there are many options and each is likely to have slightly different settings.

    Your host provider needs to ensure that BCC recipients are removed before sending or you need to change hosts!

  108. site is protected — email me for keys if needed, but…

    PROBLEM! subscribe2 is NOT emailing updates to subscribers! I have future-dated posts (events-calendar) but the categories for these are blocked in subscribe2. subscribe2 settings screen indicates that blog-time is Nov 19 and next email scheduled to be sent after Nov 13 — there have been numerous posts but no emails…

    What can I do???



  109. Can you point me to the readme file. I hate to be a pain, but I can’t find it. We love this plugin, but are still trying to figure out how to give users control over their subscription form the e-mails and are stuck.


  110. Mike Lyon,

    I presume you are using .htaccess and .htpassword to protect your site. This may be affecting the internal WordPress cron functions. Try access wp-cron.php directly and this may fire the cron events.

  111. Bob,
    The ReadMe is in the plugin folder, usually at wp-content/plugins/subscribe2. If that doesn’t help manually download the plugin and it is in the zip.

  112. Just invoked from browser — I assume that’s what you intended?

    A look at subscriber2 settings shows (in part):

    Current UTC time is: November 19, 2008 @ 10:29 pm

    Current blog time is: November 19, 2008 @ 4:29 pm

    Next email notification will be sent when your blog time is after: November 13, 2008 @ 8:00 am

    So… It didn’t seem to affect the problem.

    Next suggestion???

  113. OH! And subscribe2 debug is installed and reports:

    Current Server time is: November 19, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

    Current Blog time is: November 19, 2008 @ 5:11 pm

    Current Blog offset is: -6

    Anytime after September 16, 2008 @ 7:59 pm do_pings will execute
    Anytime after September 16, 2008 @ 8:00 pm do_pings will execute
    Anytime after September 16, 2008 @ 8:01 pm do_pings will execute
    Anytime after September 16, 2008 @ 8:08 pm do_pings will execute
    (…removed 336 similar lines…)
    Anytime after November 19, 2008 @ 1:06 am do_pings will execute
    Anytime after November 19, 2008 @ 3:50 pm do_pings will execute
    Anytime after November 19, 2008 @ 3:52 pm do_pings will execute
    Anytime after November 19, 2008 @ 3:52 pm do_pings will execute

    Current Subscribe 2 Options are:

    [autosub] => wpreg
    [wpregdef] => yes
    [autoformat] => text
    [autosub_def] => yes
    [bcclimit] => 0
    [s2page] => 0
    [pages] => yes
    [password] => no
    [private] => no
    [email_freq] => daily
    [exclude] => 15,60,61,46,44,45,47,43,55
    [sender] => admin
    [reg_override] => 0
    [show_button] => 0
    [widget] => 1
    [barred] =>
    [mailtext] => BLOGNAME has posted a new item, \’TITLE\’


    You may view the latest post at

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are posted.

    Best regards,
    [confirm_email] => BLOGNAME has received a request to ACTION for this email address. To complete your request please click on the link below:


    If you did not request this, please feel free to disregard this notice!

    Thank you,
    [remind_email] => This email address was subscribed for notifications at BLOGNAME (BLOGLINK) but the subscription remains incomplete.

    If you wish to complete your subscription please click on the link below:


    If you do not wish to complete your subscription please ignore this email and your address will be removed from our database.

    [version] => 4.11
    [last_s2cron] => 2008-11-12 13:51:42

  114. Rahzilla,

    If a user registers with your site and opts to get HTML emails then the email will include links to the pictures but not attachments. Only these users get the pictures. If you want everyone to get HTML emails with linked pictures you need to pay for the upgrade version.

  115. Hi Matt,

    Although I have not used your plugin yet I would like to say it offers great functionality to get readers back to my blog! Thanks for making it available.

    I’m trying to use your plugin in combination with wp-mail.php to send a notification when a post is published by e-mail.

    Your plugin works fine when I publish a post manually but it does not send notifications when a post is published by wp-mail.php.

    Is there a function that I should call to make Subscribe2 send a notification? If so, where do you recomend to call this function?

    Thanks in advance,


  116. Sybren,

    wp-mail.php bypasses almost all of the internal WordPress functions but has an action called publish_phone that Subscribe2 hooks into. This should cause emails to be sent out when wp-mail.php is called. What version of WordPress and Subscribe2 are you using?

  117. Hello Matt,

    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I am using wp v2.6.3 and subscribe2 v4.11.

    I see the publish_phone action but I’m a little bit lost on the ‘hooks into’ part.
    Do I add a line of code to this action in the file ‘wp-mail.php’ to trigger Subscribe2?

    Once more, thanks in advance,


  118. Sybren,

    You don’t need to do anything, it should work.

    I don’t blog by email but if I understand the process correctly, you send an email with your content to an email address known to WordPress and defined in your settings. Then you access the wp-mail.php file in a browser which then checks the mailbox, creates the posts and should fire the publish_phone action. Subscribe2 links into this action and should then send a notification.

    Am I along the right lines?

  119. For future reference in getting cron jobs (and subscribe2) to execute when WordPress is installed behind .htaccess authorization, the solution turned out to be quite simple — just add the following section to the .htaccess

    <Files wp-cron.php>
    allow from all
    Satisfy Any

    That allows ANYone (even the host server ) to execute wp-cron.php — no danger in that according to WordPress.

    THANKS SO MUCH for your VERY PROMPT attention and responses — MUCH appreciated!!!

  120. SOOO sorry — the above code snippet got the tags deleted — substituting [ and ] for lt and gt:

    [Files wp-cron.php]
    allow from all
    Satisfy Any

    So replace [ with < (I’m so sure there’s an easier way to do this but I don’t know what it is)!!!! etc.

  121. Mike,

    Many thanks for getting back to me with the solution to the problem, I’m so glad I managed to point you in the right direction 🙂

    I’ve also edited your original post so the code is correct.

  122. Hi. I’m new to wordpress and need help with Subscribe2. I have a theme already selected. I activated Subscribe2 and enabled the Display as Widget option, which shows a small text-box with a SEND button at the bottom.

    Is there a way to change the color of the button, the text box, and the text color of the button? The reason for this tweak is that the theme has made the button color and the text color almost same, and the textbox color is the same as the background color. This results in a plain grey box as a SEND button, and have to guess the position of the text box.


  123. When I first set up my blog, WP was not sending any emails. I got that resolved by installing the WP-MAIL-SMTP plug-in (by Callum Macdonald). That got the WP emails working.

    I installed your plug-in, and the notification emails aren’t going to anyone, and no errors show up. In some earlier troubleshooting, you gave a method so all emails would go through SMTP, but that’s what the above plug-in does, so I didn’t try your method.

    “Forgot my password” type emails are still working. Not sure what to try next…

    My host is GoDaddy.

    Thank you.

  124. adnanbh,

    The form on the Widget is wrapped in a <div> tag with a class of search. You just need to ensure your theme includes styling information for this.

  125. TerryD,

    The first port of call is asking GoDaddy if the mails are being blocked on the server. If they can’t see anything then it may be down to a conflict between the two plugins. Subscribe2 constructs many of the headers required for sending the emails.

    You could try the SMTP-Mailer solution I’ve recommended in the trouble shooting pages.

  126. Hello,

    I love this plug in but I have a couple of questions that a couple of hours playing around and searching the web but I just can’t find the answers.

    1. No matter how large I make my side bar the widget does not format properly. Please take a look at

    2. How can I allow those who subscribe to be able to select only the categories they want to see?

    3. Is there a way to customize the look of the digest the subscribers get each week?

    Thanks again for a great job,


  127. Sorry I did see the answer to question 2 I had above but om terms of some of the feature of allowing subscribers to select when you say next release how often do these happen because this and formatting the digest would be killer features and make this a total solution. I also see you sort of answered my question one but I am not sure how to add the code you are referring to. Is it possible for you to provide me a cut and paste solution.

    Once again an awesome job with this plugin,


  128. Hello Matt,

    I am the administrator and content manager for the District Dispatch, a blog for the American Library Association. We recently discovered that only a limited number of our subscribers are receiving notification e-mails each time we post content. We are currently using the Subscribe2 4.11 plugin with WordPress 2.6.3. — Dreamhost is our server. I am thinking that Dreamhost my be the problem with some type of restriction on blast e-mails to prevent spaming. Any and all advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks,

  129. Cliff,

    1/ It looks okay to me in Safari, are your refreshing your browser after you make changes to ensure you don’t just use a local cache file?

    2/ People who register with your site can control their category subscriptions in the current version. This is not going to be available for public subscribers.

    3/ Yes, just edit the templates in Settings->Subsccribe2.

  130. Alston,

    I agree with you that DreamHost is most likely to be your problem. You need to contact them and ask about sendmail email limitations or restrictions on your hosting plan. You may need to change plan, push the email through SMTP using the solution in Trouble Shooting or even change your hosting provider.

  131. I am learning WordPress and installed this right off the bat! Everything seems to be working beautifully, with two exceptions.

    First… when I view unconfirmed subscribers, and click the box to send reminder emails… nothing seems to go out. I click the box, click “Send reminder email” and the page reloads, but I’m not receiving anything when I test it with my own email address. All of the rest of the emails come and go perfection, except that one. Do you have any ideas on what might be wrong?

    And second, when I:
    1) subscribe a new email address, and
    2) Click on the link in the email to confirm it…
    The resulting dynamically-created page loads find EXCEPT that the “Recent Posts” widget doesn’t list my recent posts by title. It lists them by number instead. I can’t find that it does this on any other pages anywhere, and I can’t figure out what might be causing this. It’s not a huge deal… but it looks funny.

  132. Kathleen,

    I see what you mean about the reminder emails – the good news is I found the bug and squashed it – it’ll be fixed in the next release.

    I can’t reproduce your issue with the Recent Posts widget when I test using my development version and the 2.7 beta of WordPress. I’ll do some more hunting but can you let me know your version numbers.

  133. Quote:


    If you know the ID of the admin user then you can edit the subscribe2.php code to select that user. Look for the get_userdata() function. Within it you’ll see the following code:

    if ( (empty($admin)) || $userdata->{$wpdb->prefix . “user_level”} != 10) {
    $admin = get_userdata(1);

    Simply change the integer on the second line from 1 to the ID of your chosen admin account.


    This worked very fine until i upgraded to the latest version of WordPress.
    Now this no longer work, not the mail goes out from the root admin.

    How to fix this?


  134. Erik,

    Have you checked that the code amendment in the subscribe2 file is still in place. Also check to make sure that the record ID for your chosen admin account has not been changed by the WordPress update.

  135. Everything looks fine in the file, also the ID of the admin i want to send the mails is the same ID as it was before the upgrade.

    So i dont really understand this.

  136. hi Matt,

    I’d like to receive more info on the public html version of Subscribe2 for $40
    Could you email me please? Thanks much.

  137. Does this plugin make it possible for non-registered users to apply their e-mail and get notifications about updates in my blog?

    I thought I could enter a “enter your e-mail” form with this plugin, but all I get is a simple line of text – no form to enter any e-mail.

    I don’t get it.

  138. Hi, firstly absolutely brillaint plugin…it is just what I needed. If I ever get an adsense payment, I will hopefully be able to donate!

    Just a quick question, I have noticed that when a user signs up on my blog, I get three notifications in my email saying they have signed up.

    I thought I would do a trial run with another email address of my own, and I’ve noticed that my users are actually getting 3 copies of my latest post!

    Is this a known error, or is the plugin clashing with one of my other plugins?

    All the best


  139. Sam H,

    You may get more than one notification if you have the widget in the sidebar but it is unusual to get 3. That said email is designed to be delivered rather than not so duplicates are not unknown.

    If your subscribers are always getting 3 copies it is worth debugging other plugins and also ensuring that there is only one copy of subscribe2 on your server.

  140. Thanks for the reply (on that note, you offer a brilliant serive on here as well as a brilliant plugin!!)

    The setup I have on my server involves 5 individual blogs all networked through one main one. I have subscribe2 installed on most of those – could that be the problem?

  141. Matt, I have another odd WordPress MU issue that I hope you can help me. I’m using the latest WordPress MU and Subscribe2 releases.

    Imagine a WordPress MU install with two blogs: Blog-A and Blog-B. Each blog has a ‘news’ category.

    Now imagine that I’m a registered user on Blog-A and Blog-B. On Blog-A I want to be subscribed to the ‘news’ category. On Blog-B I don’t want to be subscribed.

    I’ve noticed that I can’t do it. I can either be subscribed to the ‘news’ category in both blogs, or not to the ‘news’ category in both blogs.

    I think this is due to the way WordPress MU shares category IDs across blogs.

    Could you look into this for me?

  142. Sam H,

    That’s an unusual setup for WordPress. Are you using WordPress or WordPressMU? If you have Subscribe2 on each blog then that may be the source of the problem if all the content is then tunnelled through your central blog too.

    As it’s an uncommon setup I would be struggling to suggest where you start looking. It seems to me that WordPressMU might suit your needs better if you aren’t using it already.

  143. Techxplorer,

    You are quite right. WordPressMU shares the categories across blogs. Subscribe2 looks for registration to the blog and subscription to the category. It is going to be tricky to check these things together because of the way that WordPressMU stores the user meta data.

    I’ll have to have a think and see if I can figure it out, in the meantime it will work exactly as you describe above.

  144. I have a little problem. I installed and couldnt get it working so for the time being uninstalled.

    Now when i make a draft and schedhule post, when its published am getting a duplicate content issue shown in webmaster tools

    ie i get

    this is the identical page to domainname/post/

    has it left some code in files when umistalled casuing this. If you can help will happily donate to your charity.


  145. HIP,

    Subscribe2 only places files in the subscribe2 folder in wp-content/plugins so if you have removed these it won’t be affecting your site.

    The plugin may have left some database table entries behind but these again won’t be causing what you are seeing (becuase the plugin dose not use those $_GET tags and the setting are only called by the plugin.

    They can also be easily removed by running the Uninstall plugin.

  146. Thanks for such a speedy response.

    wp-content/plugins does not have Subscribe2 any longer.

    Is it worth running uninstall? If it is no longer in files mentioned.

    If not any ideas on what maybe causing this? seems it must be a coincedence happened at same time as your plugin.

    They are not listed when i run a sitemap, but are being identified as pages in webmaster tools in errors

  147. HIP,

    It might be worth running the uninstall tool to clean up your database of the subscribe2 entries to be 100% sure that it is not my plugin.

    After that is done, if you are still getting the same problem I’m afraid I’m at a loss to explain what you are seeing. You may want to check that your database isn’t corrupt if you can.

  148. Does the bcclimit workaround work with 4.11? In the FAQ, you mention

    “To enable this feature, edit subscribe2.php in a text editor and go to line 35: define(‘BCCLIMIT’, 0); Change the 0 to the number of allowed outgoing email recipients as set by your host.”

    I don’t see this code in my subscribe2.php file–has it changed or can you direct me to the correct place to edit?

    Thanks for the help!

  149. Timothy,

    Sorry, the FAQs are a little behind the time. Look in Settings->Subscribe2 for ‘Restrict the number of recpients per email to’ and enter your limit here. Easier than editing the file don’t you think 🙂

  150. Why are there coming 3 mails to the admin mail when someone starts there subscription?
    And is there any way of limit it down so i only get one mail when a person signs up?


    • Erik,

      Quite possibly it’s because the user has clicked on the confirm links several times. Subscribe2 is coded to send one email per click. There are some changes coming in the next release, I’ll see if can can ensure an email is only sent once in the amendments.

  151. Thanks for the plugin! Any news on being able to customize the search bar – or placing it in the sidebar via CSS rather than via a widget? Or am I totally missing where this can be done.

    • Seowriter,

      Since the output of the plugin is dynamically produced using PHP I can’t think of a way to place it in the sidebar using only CSS so I’d recommend using the Widget.

  152. Sounds great to hear Admin.
    Thanks for your work with this, one of the best plugins for wordpress.

    Will it work for WordPress 2.7?

  153. Hi, firtsly: I love this plug in. The only one, which works huzzle free and allows a simple round.mail to all registered users with no effort.
    My Qustion:
    In a thread on wp-support ( you mentioned to look around here to find a solution on the “admin” sender. I tried a lot, but could not find anything. Can you give me a more detailed reference where to look ?

    Many thanks and again: Thanks for the work

  154. hi, plugin is great, I have on prob, I use tabs in my index page and try to place token there, but it doesnt work, is it possible to call subscribe2 alternatively? or with php code?
    Thank you in advance

    • Gio,

      I don’t support the use of the plugin token outside the WordPress content functions. If you know your way around PHP look at the widget code in the subscribe2.php file and it should be enough to tell you how to add the form into your tabs using PHP code.

  155. Is there any way to give non-admin users access to the mailing list features? Our editor users are the ones who need mailing list sending/management control, while our admin user (ie me!) looks after the technical stuff.

    • Roger,

      Editors should be able to see the Write->Mail Subscribers page, are you saying you need them to access the Manage->Subscribers page too?

      If this is the case you’ll need to edit the code in subscribe2.php in the admin_menu() function. Look for the add_management_page command and change ‘manage_options’ to ‘publish_posts’.

  156. Hello,

    I use your plugin to send emails automaticaly about the posts that users write on the blog. Now my provider only allowsus to send 20 emails out at a time .. can you tell me if your plugin supports this ?


    • SmarterDimensions,

      Look in Settings->Subscribe2 and try setting the number of recipients per email to 20. This may help depending on how your host are applying the limitation.

  157. Hi i’m new to this plugin, and i noticed that to use html in WRITE > MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS and all notifications, i have to purchase $40 for the paid version via paypal. Could you email me about the info of this paid version? About the features i will get and so on.

    I also want to collect more detail of my subscribers such as first name and city. Is this possible via the free or the paid one?


    • Ferdian,

      Basically with the paid version you just get the ability to send HTML from Write->Mail Subscribers and all public subscribers get emails in the HTML format.

      I don’t collect any additional data and I don’t plan to add this at any time in the future. Privacy laws here mean that personal data collected must have a reason for the collection and that subjects can view it at any time so it could cause legal issues where I live.

  158. Thanks for the info … Is there a way to see in a log or something who was sent a mail ?

    Also if it does not work. Can i use another system lets say like windows live ?

    How would i set that up, just enter the windows live email address ?

  159. SmarterDimensions,

    Your hosting provider should be able to access the mail queue and tell you who has been sent the email and who has not.

    You may be able to tunnel the outgoing emails through another service again depending upon your host, it may depend upon firewall settings or even require a different MX entry for your domain. The latter will usually need you to pay for an emailing solution with another provider.

  160. Hi all,

    I’ve added the categories on the version 4.11. Now you can send customized emails depending on the category. Great !

    How to install
    1- download susbscribe2.txt here:
    2- replace .txt by .php
    3- replace old file
    4- create html emails by placing custom design images in /CATEGORY/ folder

    It’s gonna boost your conversions !



  161. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    Thanks for noting the remind problem. As for the other… I’m using Subscribe2 Version 4.11, and WordPress 2.6.3. I’m hesitant to upgrade to 2.7 until after it’s been out a little while and had more bugs worked out… but I will eventually.

  162. I like this plugin a lot.

    I have a suggestion for the subscribe2 plugin, Have a setting so the subscribed user can determine when they want the email digest sent to them instead of having it that same for all subscribers.

  163. Ziggyjr,

    That’s a reasonable suggestion but could place an enormous load on a server depending on variables like the number of posts and the number of subscribers. Given the number of problems already raised about emails not arriving due to hosting restrictions I can’t see it being feasible at the present time.

  164. Hello, thanks a lot for this plugin. it’s very useful. i have few question.

    – i have changed most visible part to users to Turkish language. Will the changes i’ve done be back to English if upgrade to the new one?

    – Also how can i make your plugin to be able to show some turkish letters such as ” ğ ü ş i ç ö ı ”


  165. Mert,

    It depends how you translated the code. If you edited the subscribe2.php files than you changes will be lost. If you have used a translation *.mo file then you should be okay.

    The plugin should handle international character sets if you’ve set your blog up correctly.

  166. Hello, thanks for your reply.

    i did upgrade and did the visible translation from beginning as i don’t know how to create .mo files

    but as i said before i doesn’t accept the characters i wrote. the blog overall is able to show all correctly with utf-8 .
    when try to edit your subscribe2.php in dreamweaver it says western European on the bottom of the window as character code.

    if i edit the same working file on notepad saving as uft-8 codes, it starts to give some errors with other plugins.
    any help will be appreciated..

  167. Mert,

    I’d really recommend that you find out how to create an .mo file (use poEdit) to make future upgrades easier.

    As for the character encoding, I’ll send you a UTF-8 encoded plugin file, see if that helps.

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