Subscribe2 4.8

Version 4.8 of the Plugin is now available for download.

Version 4.8 is for 2.5.x users only! (Although it should work with WordPress 2.6 too!) This version has been tested on WordPress 2.5.1.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Removed unnecessary return statement at end of publish() function
  • Ensured posts in digest are listed in date order
  • Improved compatibility with other plugins by only inserting JavaScript code into Subscribe2’s own admin pages
  • Added BCCLIMIT and S2PAGE to options page with AJAX editing
  • Improved setting of CRON task base time
  • Improved handling of option values in the options form
  • Full XHTML compliance on all subscribe2 admin pages
  • Decode HTML entity codes in notification email subjects
  • Added Subscribe2 support for blogging via email
  • Work-around fix implemented for WordPress the_title bug

There are currently no known issues affecting this version ๐Ÿ˜€

If you use this plugin consider making a donation to support future development!

To install correctly use the WordPress Auto Upgrade feature or:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder is uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

215 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.8

  1. Hi, I have spanish translation for suscribe2 2.4.8 I will send you if you want to.
    Thanks for the improvements!

  2. Dear,
    This is truely a great plugin.

    One question though, how can i get the digest (weekly) to have the (perma) links of the posts/pages that were created during the last week….it seems that it only puts the excerpts and does not have the permalink if it is a digest….it only does that in the per-post emails.


  3. Nice plugin, thanks. Could someone fill me on what the Subcribe2 debug does? I have activated it on occasion and it creates a new item in the admin menu but clicking on it does nothing and I don’t see any sort of log or anything that it creates.

  4. Enalo,

    The permalink should be in the digest email right after the title provided you have the POST keyword in your email template.

  5. Aasorg,

    The debug plugin simply creates an Admin page that lists the database variables stored by Subscribe2. It is only required if you are having problems and need to feed back some information.

  6. hi all,

    i’ve recently upgraded a very large site from an old WP install (2.1 i think?) to 2.5.1. one of the very important components of the site is a heavily modified version of Subscribe2 – and obviously its an older one.

    the plugin seems to work nicely still, save one issue – its sending emails out on every post edit now, not just new posts. i suspect something has changed in how WP interprets an edit vs what S2 is looking for..

    so basically this code no longer has an effect:

    add_action(‘edit_post’, array(&$this, ‘edit’));


    Prevents notifications from being sent when editing posts
    function edit($ID = 0) {
    if (0 == $ID) { return; }

    $this->private = TRUE;
    return $ID;

    anyone else see something like this, or perhaps know what happened here with the edit_post hook?

    any help would be appeciated ๐Ÿ™‚ .


  7. I need to send the notifications weekly, but in a specified day of the week, and time. How could I get it?

    Thank you!

  8. Pete,

    A recent version of WordPress (2.2 I think) completely changed the hooks available for use when posts are published.

    To stop posts for edits you need to upgrade to the latest version of Subscribe2.

  9. Taote,

    The easiest way would be to reset the Weekly schedule at the exact time you want the weekly digest email to go out. The other way would be to figure out the timestamp for when your mail is due and manually edit this into the WordPress database – but do this at your own risk!

  10. Hi. Great plugin, as others have said. Thank you for it!

    However, I think you need to say more about what to do if the page continues to say “You may manage your subscription options from your profile” instead of showing the form. Just saying “Try logging out and see if it appears” doesn’t cut it. I’ve logged out, cleared my cache, waved a dead chicken… Nothing is making the form appear instead of that silly message.

    (*20 minutes pass*)

    Found it. By code inspection, ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I discovered that the form is only shown for not-logged-in users. This is ok. But I think your documentation (FAQ, or whatever) should make that clear(er).

  11. Jdp,

    I’m happy to make my documentation clearer but “Try logging out” is my polite way of saying “Log out of WordPress, become a non-logged-in user and the form will appear”

    Which part of the documentation needs a reword and what would you write?

  12. Hey guys, I have a suggestion for your next version.

    Problem: Many email hosts do not like Bcc. They tag incoming mail using Bcc as spam.

    Solution: Subscribe2 plugin users will set “Restrict the number of recpients per email to” 1. In subscribe2.php’s mail function, add four lines of code in the “we’re not on a dreamhost section”. If bcclimit is 1 then there is no sense using Bcc at all — send a personal email using To instead:

    if( $this->subscribe2_options[‘bcclimit’] == 1 ) { // added
    $bcc = “To: $recipient”; // added; note To: instead of Bcc:
    } else { // added
    if ( (!empty($recipient)) && ($this->myemail != $recipient) ) { // original code
    (” == $bcc) ? $bcc = “Bcc: $recipient” : $bcc .= “, $recipient”; // original code
    // Bcc Headers now constructed by phpmailer class // original code
    } // original code
    } // added

  13. Hello,
    Thank you for your plugin, that’s really great.

    I have just one problem, I want to integrate the subscribe form on my template without widget, can you give me please the code to insert it on my template?

    I see the form how it works but on the action I don’t find anything so when I do my <form method=”post” action=”????”…

    Thanks in advance.


  14. I like this plugin a lot, but am experiencing something weird with it (I’ve got 4.8 installed in 2.5.1). When I set it to send mails as soon as I post, it sends the e-mails. When I set it to Digest – oops, it refuses to send the e-mails. I am scratching my head at the weird behaviour right now. The mails are sent via my GMail address.

  15. Follow up to my July 12, 2008 at 8:05 pm comment:

    The changes I suggested only come into play when you use a digest option.


  16. Jim,

    I only recommend using te Widget to put the form in the sidebar. I you want to code it in yourself I suggest you look at the code the Widget employs and go from there.

  17. Sensei Michael,

    There was a glitch in the Digest code in early downloads of version 4.7. Are you using 4.8 or 4.7? If the latter then upgrade.

  18. Webmasterrothstein,

    Nice suggestion, I’ve made some changes in the trunk based on your suggestion. Take a look and if you have time test out the new code – I may have ironed out some of the issues you were having. The dev version is updated now.

  19. Very sure it is 4.8 (checked again just to be triple sure!), Matt. I upgraded it using WordPress’s “auto-upgrade” facility. I’m now testing it by trying out restricting the numbers to 100 instead of the default 0. I’d let you know if that helps. I am really very puzzled.

  20. Thanks for considering my suggestion. Here is an error message from the error_log:

    [client] PHP Fatal error: Cannot break/continue 1 level in /var/ www/vhosts/ on l ine 278, referer:

  21. I should add that this error occurred while in “Per Post Email” mode.

    I also notice that the next time to send seems to flip back and forth between UTC and local time. I don’t have a handle on it yet.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  22. Same error occurs with the hourly digest.

    The line numbers are off because of another mod I have. The error occurs on this line:

    if (!is_email($this->myemail)) { continue; }

  23. When I comment that line out and execute, I see that all addresses are appended together like this:

    : does not like recipient.

  24. You can’t see what I pasted but it was just one address after another with no separators.

  25. Webmasterrothstein,

    Whoops, coding error on my part. $recipients is passed as an array containing all the addresses so I’ll need to make some revisions. I’ll try to get the changes checked in tonight.

  26. hey, how do i translate this plugin? theres a .pot file, do i just have to edit that ? and then? upload a .mo file and it uses that automatically? or how do i do it? thanks in advance!

  27. Installed it on my site however when its active my administrator panel becomes really slow to react and quite unstable, any idea what causes this?

  28. @Alexander: We have over 10,000 subscribers and we do not experience the slow response time you describe.

  29. My page is closing in on 20,000 webmastererrothstein, but if you don’t notice any type of slowness with 10k I don’t I should experience the slowness on mine, either way I think its a comptaiblity issue with another wordpress plug-in. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I’ll have to find a replacement because its to unstable when it is activated.

  30. The save emails as CSV isn’t working in this version, looks to me like the form tags are missing. I tried copying the form elements from v4.6 but that still didn’t work. This was a really handy feature. WP 2.6.

  31. When attempting to use this plugin only 1 notification email,currently set at 25 subscribers, is being sent. With the number of subscribers we have, we cannot set the number of subscribers to(all).

    We are using WordPress version 2.5x, Subscribe2 version 4.8, and Yahoo Small Business as our web host.

    Any thoughts? Thank you

  32. Creasey,

    Rename the template (POT) file as *.po and then enter your translations using a text editor or an application like POEdit. Once you are done create an *.mo file using POEdit and upload this to see your translations.

  33. Alexander,

    Given the number of subscribers it may slow down during the initial upgrade. You may be noticing this more because of lower server specs. It may also be worth deactivating all other plugins to see if this helps at all.

  34. Mishka,

    I’ve been made aware of a bug with IE6 & 7 already and I am looking into it. The plugin works fine in Firefox 2 and 3, Safari and Opera. I’ll see if we can get things working in IE again but I’s also recommend you start using a decent browser ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. JTelson,

    If I’m understanding your comment correctly, you have many subscribers but only the first 25 get an email notification.

    Have you contact Yahoo and ask about email restrictions?

  36. Sensei Michael,

    Sometimes there are no changes that can be made to get Subscribe2 working with hosting restrictions. That’s why my main site is on a VPS host – it’s the only way I can get notifications to send.

  37. Hi,
    I need a better widget form structure.
    Please use label, for, class and id values for a better css forming.
    Specially id values for email, radio and button.


  38. I am writing a small JavaScript/PHP application that is not a WP plugin. The application stores options tied to the WP user id (because it is connected to my blog and I want to work with the existing accounts).

    It checks if a WP user is logged in by calling wp_validate_auth_cookie(). This works BUT it also generates a lot of SQL on each call: 7 selects on wp_options, 1 delete on wp_options, 1 gigantic insert on wp_options. The last query is “DESCRIBE wp_subscribe2”

    I uninstalled all plugins and restarted Apache but still see the problem. I don’t think it has anything to do with Subscribe2 (since the plugins are all uninstalled) but I thought I’d ask all the same.

    This is the PHP I’m testing with

    Please email if you have any ideas what could be going on?

  39. That PHP didn’t post – here it is without the PHP declaration…
    require_once getenv(“DOCUMENT_ROOT”).”/wp-config.php”;
    $userId = wp_validate_auth_cookie();
    echo “USER: “.($userId?$userId:”no user”);

  40. I did contact Yahoo and they do have a restriction on the number of recipients I can contact daily using this plugin (250), so I should have had 10 groups of 25 recipients sent before Yahoo cut us off rather than 1.

    Since we have over 500 subs though it looks like I’m going to be searching for an alternate solution. Thank you for you assistance.

  41. hey there!
    I just updated and posted on my blog, and i got a ton of emails back with the error: “Bad sender address syntax”
    I don’t think this is a 2.8 specific issue, but how do i edit the sender syntax ?

  42. okay, i think i see where the problem is. This is the header of the mail in question:

    Received: from VS1139236 ([]) by home with MailEnable ESMTP; Thu, 17 Jul 2008 20:07:09 +0200
    Subject: [BLACKBOARD] alte und neue news
    Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 20:07:09 +0200
    Return-Path: <carlos
    From: carlos
    X-Priority: 3
    Return-Path: <carlos
    Reply-To: “carlos”
    X-Mailer: PHP5.2.1
    Precedence: list
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
    Content-Type: text/html; charset=”UTF-8″

    any idea how that could happen?

  43. oh. sorry to flood you. i just saw that html eats most of the header. just delete my comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Andy,

    A DESCRIBE statement is made as part in the install or upgrade functions of Subscribe2. I think it could only be being called if Subscribe2 was installed and active. If you’ve deactivated all the plugins try moving the folder or deleting it and see if the query is still made.

  45. JTelson,

    If Yahoo have these restrictions in place they may be enforcing them hourly which would explain the limit you are running into. Nothing I can do to help – sorry but it’s a Yahoo problem. Upgrade your hosting or move providers.

  46. hey matt.

    and i have not yet resolved the issue.
    what i have found is that the Reply-to and Return-path that end up in the email does not come from subscribe2.php. instead, the adress that subscribe2.php returns in the “From:” column is dubbed to Reply and Return . somewhat difficult to understand? okay wait i’ll give you that with line numbers..

  47. here it is:

    Line 245 does seem to end up in the actual header of the sent email.
    Line 246 and 247 do not seem to be considered. Instead the email adress returned in line 245 is dubbed to the Reply-to: and Return-Path: columns in the final email.

    i found that by simply adding a char (“a”) to line 245 where it says “this->myemail”.
    the adress returned was then amail@ instead of mail@.

  48. how can i post plain text? wp always messes up my comments! there was not meant to be a smiley!

  49. Carlos,

    It looks like your server side mail application is altering the headers before sending the email. Try bypassing the server application by pushing the emails through an SMTP server by using this plugin.

  50. Hey Matt.
    PHPMailer does not help at all. I get an “Cannot modify Header…” Error.
    Instead, i tried to simply ban MailEnable off my server and to replace it with hMailServer. Unfortunately that, too, does not help: emails do not get send anymore, at all!
    Somehow SwiftSmtp did the job fine until WP2.6, but now i think i will be forced to send my mails over an external domain. wich is the worst of all cases..

  51. By the way, it looks like there are some minor teething problems with WP 2.6. Although overall functionality seems to be fine, the new “” tags inserted by WP’s image handling do not seem to be getting filtered out from the generated emails. The text of a recently-generated email looked like this:


    San Francisco Dad has posted a new item, ‘SFBaby is cut off!’

    [caption id="attachment_164" align="alignnone" width="100" caption="(caption text)"]

    Know when to stop before you start.

    While entertaining our Dutch friends earlier this week, we stopped by the
    famous Buena Vista cafe at the bottom of Russian Hill to get some […]


    It seems like something (I guess either WP or Subscribe2?) should be filtering out the contents of the from the plaintext email.

  52. I still having problem to send mail using 2.4.8 version. I change from wp_mail to mail, still cannot. It is not related to BCCLimit since I only have 4 subscribers.

    Any idea on how to fix this problem.

  53. Hey again, it seems all subscribers (I subscribed with 3 test accounts) get all the emails twice. Is there a fix for that? (I know I get the mail myself more than one time, but also the subscribers get it twice)

  54. Hey Again!

    Well I resolved the Problem by simply kicking out MailEnable (wich seems to be crap, although it worked fine for everything else) and replacing it by hMailServer, in combination with the “WP-Mail-SMTP” Plugin by Callum Macdonald. No faulty headers anymore AND i now have IMAP supported on my server!

    Thanks, dear Admin for being so helpful!

  55. and one more question.
    is there a possibility, to add the url to images in posts when sending the mails?
    usually if i add a picture to my post it doesn’t have the full url obviously (since not needed), just something like “/images/picture.php”. But when the post is sended by mail (html) it would need the url for the picture.. thanks!

  56. Hi!

    how do i edit the subscribe2.php file to show always the same email title? and not with the post titleโ€ฆ thatโ€™s because i have a multylanguage site and the plugin is sending a email like:

    [blogname] – ][lang_br] portuguese text[/lang_br] [lang_en]english text[/lang_en]

    and i want something like:

    [blogname] static text



  57. Creasy,

    Are you using per-post or digest emails? Has this happened more than once?

    As for your second query, do you mean you want the URL of the image in the post too?

  58. It is not the BCCLimit since I only have 4 subscribers. The subscribe2 works for me for 4.6, and it does not work for me for 4.7 and 4.8. But I hope to use the latest subscribe2 version.

    I have tried the SMTP plugin before. It does not work. Any advise?

  59. “Are you using per-post or digest emails? Has this happened more than once?”

    It hapened more than once, yes, and with per post and digest mails.

    “As for your second query, do you mean you want the URL of the image in the post too?”

    Well, not just for images I just realized.
    Also for links.

    When I post a post… with a internal link for example.


    Now, when I get the mail, the link obviously doesn’t take me anywhere (same for images), since it would need the URL ( Since you usually don’t add your url to links and images, it would be cool if there was an option to automatically add this to emails sent.

  60. Creasy,

    Try deactivating the plugin and then re-activate it, it is possible it may have hooked into the WordPress API twice.

    As for you links, I can only suggest that you put internal links into your posts including the base URL.

  61. Ang,

    The only thing that changed with the release of 4.7 was the BCC header handling was handed off to the WordPress core files. I suspect this is the problem. You can test this out by reverting the mail() function in Subscribe2 to the same as the 4.6 version on your install to see if that fixes your problem.

  62. thanks for the answer. when i deactivate then active it again, does anything happen to the preferences of the users or does everything stay the same?

    what exactly do you mean by including the base url (sorry, im no expert)?

  63. Creasy,

    Settings will only be removed if you use the Uninstall plugin, deactivating won’t remove any settings.

    By including the base URL I mean enter you links as the full URL link, so use:

    Instead of a relational link like:


  64. Hi!

    you said to hard code any $subject variables in subscribe2.php, but i donยดt have a deep knowleadge about php… arenยดt you planning to add this feature in the newx release?



  65. Hello,

    Thank you for the plugin; it was exactly what I needed! However, I’m having trouble unsubscribing people…

    Subscribe2 is the only plugin I’m using–v4.8 on WP 2.5.1–and when I click the ‘X’ icon next to a subscriber’s email address nothing happens.

    Am I missing something?

  66. Morgan,

    Looking at you comment again and having quickly viewed your site I think the issue is between Subscribe2 and your translation plugin. I wonder if the translation plugin is adding language data to each of your posts to indicate the language used?

  67. i-Vie Entertainment,

    I bet you are using MSIE or Opera. This is a recently identified bug that is caused by these browser not passing the same information to php as Firefox and Safari does.

    I’ve fixed it in the trunk code so adopt the dev version if this is a big problem for you.

  68. Argh. Subscribe2 has just stopped working for me and I’m at a complete loss to figure out why.

    Details: I have ~110 subscribers (including myself, just for testing), am on Dreamhost, have set the BCC limit to 25, and I’m using S2 version 4.8 and WP version 2.6.

    I’ve been using S2 for about four months on this site and it was working fine until a week or two ago (possibly related to WP 2.6 and PHP 5 upgrades?).

    The current situation is ugly: Nothing appears in the error log file for this site. No error message anywhere. And no e-mail getting through (at least to me — and nobody is complaining about spamming from test posts).

    Any advice on what it might take to get up and running again?

    My wife and I are having a baby Any Day Now, and I was counting on S2 to send out the announcement. I’m hoping I don’t have to go scramble to find another solution!

  69. Oh … and just to make the thing even more puzzling: I set up another test blog on the same Dreamhost account. With one subscriber (me), and exactly the same software profile otherwise, I immediately received the e-mail for a test post on that blog.

    It’s only failing where it counts. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  70. Escouten,

    There is a very strong whiff of blocked emails on your host here. You are probably running into an email limit issue on you main site account. Contact DreamHost and see if they can confirm this from their error logs.

  71. Yeah, I think it’s DH acting weird with them. It appears the messages weren’t blocked, but just badly delayed (in some cases, by several days). All of them appear to have been delivered overnight last night with no intervention on my part.

    So my loyal readers got lots of “testing, testing…” e-mails. Argh.

  72. Hi,

    I just recently upgraded to WordPress 2.6. For some reason, the Subscribe2 widget is still listed on the left side, even though it has been added to the side bar and appears on my blog, and there is now “Add” link so I can get it on the right side and modify the title of it.

    I tried uninstalling it with the installer, deleting it from the server, uploading it again to the server, and the activating it, but that did not work.

    I just want to be able to have it be listed on the right side of the DESIGN>WIDGETS section of the WP admin where the active widgets are listed so I can modify the title of it.


  73. dear,
    The plugin works great. I need a small modification that you might be able to direct me into solving.

    I need Authors to be able to mail subscibers if they need to (Through WRITE>MAIL SUBSCIBERS). Right now, it seems that only the Administrator role is allowed this functionality

    Is that possible?

    (btw, I still do not want anyone but the Admin to have view to the MANAGE SUBSCRIBERS tab or to have view to the emails subscribed.)

  74. Ian,

    I’m not sure why this is happening for you. Can you drag the widget from the left to the right? Is it appearing on both sides of the Design page?

  75. Thanks for this plugin! I love it. I did have two questions:
    1) All my emails are being sent as ‘plain text’ even with the HTML email enabled to registered users.
    2) Is there a way to add a logo or custom header to the html email being sent?

    Thanks again!

  76. I have been testing the 4.9 dev version. It is working but I am still running into load problems with our qmail server. We have approximately 8,000 subscribers. When we were using bcclimit=0, we found we could send about 4000 emails successfully. When we set bcclimit=1 with version 4.9, we still found that we could only send about 4000 emails.

    To help debug the nature of the problem, I added “natcasesort( $recipients );” at about the third line of the mail function. This will force the emails to be sent out alphabetically. On our next run, we should be able to see how soon the problem starts and how consistent it is.

    What do you think about checking the return value of the wp_mail function and possibly pausing, logging, and/or requeuing failures?

    I added sleep(2); after the @wp_mail function call to distribute the load over time so as to lighten the load on the server. (If this work, the delay could be added as an option.)

    I have another idea for the next release: Add hooks to place a Subscribe2 Subscribe/Unsubscribe link in the MiniMeta plugin.


  77. MS,

    Does your post have rich text formatting (bold, italic etc) if the post is plain text then the emails will be plain text too – Subscribe2 only sends HTML emails with your formatting.

    To add a graphic enter the HTML code linking to your graphic into the template in Options->Sibscribe2.

  78. Mitch,

    wp_mail only returns success or fail so it won’t be overly helpful if only half of the emails fail and BCCLIMIT isn’t 1.

    Adding a sleep will cause a delay in the return of the WordPress post page which may eventually throw a PHP non-response error in the browser. An option would be to add a server side mail queuing solution.

    I’ll look at MiniMeta and see what it’s all about.

  79. Hi!

    replying your post from july,24… the translate plugin use a [lang_xx] to specify the language text… like:

    [lang_en]english text[/lang_en][lang_br]portuguese text[/lang_br] so the email title become:

    [my website] – [lang_en]english text[/lang_en][lang_br]portuguese text[/lang_br]

  80. Morgan,

    Where are these language codes added to your post details? Which field?

    This may be fixed in the next release if these codes are officially declared shortcodes. Try the dev version and see if that helps.

  81. I’m guessing the following patch will fix a typo in include/options.php.

    — subscribe2-unpatched/include/options.php 2008-07-09 20:22:58.000000000 -0400
    +++ subscribe2/include/options.php 2008-07-29 09:58:19.000000000 -0400
    @@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
    } // option for default WordPress page for Subscribe2 to use

    if (!isset($this->subscribe2_options[‘pages’])) {
    – $this->subscribe2_options[‘bcclimit’] = “0”;
    + $this->subscribe2_options[‘pages’] = “0”;
    } // option for restricting the number of recipients per email notification

    if (!isset($this->subscribe2_options[‘pages’])) {

  82. Hi! I just found a possible clash with Invite Friends plugin. It seems that in get_registered function you are selecting all the user ids. Some of them can be still in mid of registration, so I have added “AND user_activation_key = ” ” to your “SELECT user_email FROM $wpdb->users WHERE ID IN ($ids)”, to not send post updates to users, who got to the DB w/o knowing about it (still have access key in db).

  83. Webmasterrothstein,

    The wp_mail() return could be checked if bcclimit == 1 but it would most likely bring your server to a grinding halt waiting for each response when you make a post. Server side solutions are the only feasible way here.

  84. Hi,

    Great plug-in and seems to work on my site. I have one problem. Someone has mentioned it before above but no solution has been provided. I currently use Gmail as my mail server and I installed the shift-This SMTP plug-in, which works well too. Only problem is when it runs together with Subscribe2, it doesn’t allow a user to subscribe from the sidebar (widget). It just says server is unavailable. Anyone found a solution as yet?

    Also when I did uninstall Shift-This it sends the emails without a problem, but it’s using my hosting server and doesn’t put the correct domain name in the email field. This is why I have setup SMTP..

    Thanks and would appreciate a solution.


  85. Hi!

    from your post on july,29… I tryed the dev version… just deactivate the old plugin, upload these new files and activate the plugin… but it not solves the problem… do i have to set any config?



  86. Morgan,

    Where are these shortcodes being added by the other plugin? Are they added to all aspects of your blog (blogname, titles, links, posts etc)

  87. Hi,

    I have read through your SMTP mailer and I don’t know how to implement it? Do I just copy this to a file maybe called wp_mail_smtp.php and then upload and load into as a plugin?


  88. Yes Admin…

    i need to put these shortcodes to specify different languages content… these shortcodes goes in post titles, categories, sidebars, links, tags, almost everything… that’s how the plugin recognize wich content to show acording the language the reader choose…

    thanks again in adverce for your efforts….

  89. Tyrone,

    Yep – that it. The code is a plugin so turn it into a file, name it and upload it. Then activate it. Just make sure you enter the variables you need to for your SMTP server account.

  90. Morgan,

    Due to the widespread use of the shortcodes throughout the SQL content of your blog it’s going to be a struggle to fix subscribe2.php for you without messing it up for other users.

    I’ll need to review the qTranslate code more closely and see if you could configure your way out of this.

  91. itยดs not possible to set something like… choose between static title or dinamic title…if a person selec static title there is a field to specify the title, otherwise the code runs as it run now?

  92. Morgan,

    Yes it is possible but there are already far too many options within Subscribe2.

    You really need to get to grips with some simple PHP. Open subscribe2.php in a text editor and search for $subject. You can then set it to whatever you like.

    The other way would be to look right at the end of the code for a line as follows:

    var $s2_subject = '[BLOGNAME] TITLE';

    And change this to:

    var $s2_subject = '[BLOGNAME] ';

  93. Hi;

    I use Hostgatos servers.The mail sending limits are 500 in an hour.I have 650 recorded members.I need to know if you can organize the sending options like 300 mails in the first hour and 300 mails in the following hour.It doesn’t necessary to be 300,may be we can decide the number ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don’t know if you can do it or not,but it would be wonderful,thanks,


  94. Hey, Matt.

    I modified subscribe2.php to add a bulk “Inactivate” function to Manage / Subscribers. I could have just used the delete function instead of a new inactivate function but I wanted to try it out for awhile. It works so please consider this as a suggestion for a future release.



    1. Added a function named inactivate (based on the toggle function but only inactivates)
    2. In the manage_menu function’s subscibers form, I added a button with value=’inactivate’
    3. Also in the manage_menu function, I added an elseif clause for _POST ‘inactivate’

    } elseif ($_POST[‘inactivate’]) {
    foreach (preg_split (“/[\s,]+/”, $_POST[‘addresses’]) as $email) {
    if (is_email($email)) {
    echo “” . __(‘Address(es) inactivated!’, ‘subscribe2’) . ““;

  95. Hello,

    Now that posts are actually being made in larger quantities, I got around using the tip you gave me on the comments page for version 4.7 about my question for notifications to include posts with a future timestamp:

    You could add this yourself by adding a few lines to the code, look for this line:

    add_action(‘future_to_publish’, array(&$this, ‘publish’));

    And add something like:

    add_action(‘new_to_future’, array(&$this, ‘publish’));
    add_action(‘draft_to_future’, array(&$this, ‘publish’));

    These 2 lines will hook the Subscribe2 publish function (the one that produces your emails) to post events when you transition a post from new or draft status to a future publish status. You users will get email again when the post goes from future to published.

    I’m a bit puzzled by your advice and options given, because all the posts (older or newer than todays timestamp) are published. So events in the future are also immediateley published and never set to a ‘future post’ status. I did this so I could use a query to display all posts newer than today and seperately a list of posts older than today.

    What line shouild I add so people will receive notifications of ALL published posts, no matter what the timestamp is?

  96. eylultoprak,

    There is no way to choke sending of emails in Subscribe2. You need to ask your host about a server side solution or maybe look at PEAR and Mail_Queue.

  97. Webmasterrothstein,

    I’ve already covered this angle in a different way for the net release. There is now the ability to bulk confirm, unconfirm and delete public users.

  98. Jack,

    Are you saying you can SEE posts on your site with a future timestamp? I can’t on my site. As soon as I put a timestamp beyond current the status of the post is set as future and the publish actions are called by a cron event built into WordPress.

  99. Matt:

    I wrote an external cron job in Perl to mirror the Send Mail as Digest: Daily option. In it, I am able to pause between sendmail calls. All 8,000 + of the emails actually go out now. Whereas before, if you will recall, our qmail process would only queue about half. The pause made the difference.

    So, here’s another idea/request: Allow an option for a “Never” option so that the external cron can leverage Subscribe2:

    Send Email as Digest:

    Per Post Email
    Once Hourly
    Once Daily
    Once Weekly
    Never (for External Cron)

    Thanks for your consideration and support. I consider your plugin very valuable.


  100. Matt,

    Subscribe2 4.8 has suddenly decided that its settings (Settings->Subscribe2) will remain only at their defaults. I can’t exclude categories, and the widget is disabled, so users can’t subscribe (my wife’s site was using the widget for that). I can make changes and hit “Submit” and they appear to have been accepted, but if I leave the Subscribe2 settings page and return to it, none of the changes I made are reflected. It’s all at the default.

    Oddly, looking through my recent email, I see that the site has had new subscribers as recently as Monday, July 28th, so the widget appeared then. That’s obviously well after 4.8 was released, and it’s well after I upgraded my wife’s site to WordPress 2.6 (I upgraded within a couple days of its release), so this wasn’t triggered by an update to either item.

    Do you have any clue what could have caused this? I can list all of my other plugins, but none of them appear to be anything that could even possibly affect this (the only one that comes to mind is WP SuperCache, which certainly shouldn’t do it, but if it screwed up and started caching admin options or something… anyhow, I disabled it and the problem persisted).

    Incidentally, I expect it’s unrelated, but over the last few months, I’ve occasionally noticed that WordPress is not on the list of enabled plugins, and I have to re-enable it. My wife isn’t terribly computer literate (or interested in learning), so her actions are basically limited to the “Write” and “Manage” tabs. I know she didn’t disable the plugin, and I didn’t either. I think this has happened two or three times in the last few months. I’ve never seen it happen with any other plugins.

  101. Last Friday I successfully had the subscriptions working exactly how I wanted them. ie: I only want my subscribers to be notified of the occasional feature post so I excluded all categories except one. (named Newsletter) so when I wrote a post and assigned it to that category (including a few others) it sent out the notification. For some reason, the newsletter still works (Write > Mail Subscribers) but the former method doesn’t – I’m sure I didn’t touch over the weekend! I had some initial issues with my host last week which were fixed. I asked if anything had been touched over the weekend and they said no.
    I’m running out of ideas why it would all of a sudden stop working.
    Do you have any ideas?
    (Awesome plugin btw!)

  102. Erik,

    I’ve only had this reported once before and despite hours spent debugging we could never find the reason for the problem.

    In the end we found the changing the contents of the options.php file in the include directory to match those that were customised by the user solved the problem so give that a try.

  103. Brad,

    If your post has been categorised in Newsletter AND other categories it won’t generate a notification if these other categories are excluded.

    Your best workaround without editing the code is to make your post initially to the Newsletter category and then edit the post adding in the other categories you want the post to be tagged under.

  104. Dear,
    For the digest mail that sends out. How can I modify the code to only show the title of the posts (and the link to the post) without having the summary?


  105. Enal,

    You could use the TABLE keyword which will list the post titles but not the link. Otherwise look at the subscribe2_cron() function and add permalinks to the $table variable in the fashion you’d like.

  106. Trying to get access to the list of emails that have subscribed and can not find them on the Options: Subscribe2 page. I am using WP 2.3.3 and can not find it. Any suggestions?

    I would also love to modify the content of the email that is sent in terms of setting the template to be a certain way. Any suggestion on which procedure in the codebase I should modify?


  107. oh, ok. Thanks for that.

    I have a question. I’m adding over 500 emails via admin to send out a newsletter. (Write > Mail Subscribers) obviously I don’t want to be blacklisted. My host suggested about 80 emails per hour.

    In Settings, at the top, where I choose number of emails – what does that do exactly?

    Thanks again.

  108. Sounds like I need to learn some terminology. I haven’t sent my emails yet.


    upon closer investigation I see above you said “There is no way to choke sending of emails in Subscribe2′. I also found where you suggested editing the subscribe2.php to set the BCC LIMIT. Then theres the setting I mentioned above. How are these different? Do you mean if I set the BCC limit to say 30 -only 30 out of my 580 subscribers will only get the email? Why would someone want to do that?
    As you suggested above I’ll ask my host about a server side solution.

  109. Sorry, don’t mean to choke up your page but…
    How do I bulk delete emails?
    I just imported 580 all at once seemlessly but say if I were to manually stagger them by: import 100 >send > delete>import another 100…
    Do I need to use phpmyadmin? If so what do I look for when I get in there?

    I will most likely only use the newsletter funationality in the initial stages. Later, I’ll assign the occasional post to the newsletter category (only :)) so they can be notified.

  110. Brad,
    lol….the problem ur talking about is what most of the comments above are regards….hosts do not allow you to send that many emails at once… no way in subscribe2 to define how many to send in each hour….

    I havent figured out a solution yet for my 1500 emails per day…. im trying to find an smtp server that would allow me to use it to send that many emails.

    If anyone found a solution, please let us know!

  111. just to add my 2 cents…its a shame that such a great plugin (actually, it was the reason i used WP to begin with) cannot be used due to the abuse spammers do…

  112. Well my host (who are excellent) has suggested I give the smtp option a go. I’ve asked how that is different but it looks like they’ve gone home for the day. Looks s bit scary for a non programmer such as myself but here goes…

    (is it… Matt? be great to have ‘subscribe to comments’ here)

  113. Brad,

    I hope I answer all your questions here, forgive me if I miss some ๐Ÿ™‚

    BCCLIMIT is the same as the first setting in Options->Subscribe2, I moved it from a hard coded setting in a recent release to make life easier.

    Basically, when Subscribe2 sends a notification it sends it to the blog admin and puts each subscribers address into the BCC header space. Some hosts restrict the number of BCC recipients allowed per email so the BCCLIMIT setting limits the number of subscribers per email generated by Subscribe2.

    As Enal has said this plugin often falls victim to antispam policies used by hosting providers. Some hosts restrict the BCC header, others restrict the number of emails per hour. If you push the emails through an authorised SMTP server for which you can supply login credentials you may be able to significantly up or even bypass the limit completely.

    If you want to manage users in bulk you’ll need to use phpMyAdmin or you could try the development version of the plugin.

  114. This plug-in (current and previous versions) only delivers mail to local users on my server. Any ideas what’s up?

    WordPress (proper) delivers various other emails to non-local users, so I don’t think it’s a problem with my server.

  115. Help Please – Its working great but my email is sending from “me” and I can’t find out where to change that. It shouldn’t be sending from a generic “me” account it has an actual name and email address. Any ideas?

    I’m also having trouble deleting a subscriber from the management consol. I see the arrow and “x” icon but nothing happens when I click either of them.

    Thanks in advance

  116. John Pannell,

    Sorry to disagree but I do think it’s your server. Emails are being sent as confirmed by the fact that local server address are being delivered. This points to a mis-configuration on your server that is blocking off-domain email addresses when using the BCC header rather than the TO header (this is why WordPress emails are working).

    Contact your hosting provider to investigate or try using the SMTP plugin to push the mails through an SMTP server.

  117. Scott,

    Have you set Subscribe2 to use Admin or Author details in Options->Subscribe2? Are all of the details complete in the Users section of WordPress for your users?

    As for the “X” not deleting I’ll bet you are using MSIE. Either switch to Firefox or use the dev version, I’ve fixed this problem for the next release.

  118. Quick question,
    When should we expect the new release where registered users with Editor authority can write emails that are sent immediatly to the subscribers (through write-mail subsribers)

    btw, i am going to try to send 1000+ emails at once, Ill lte you know how it will work

  119. I am trying to use the Subscribe2 plugin, but I get a 500 error every time I post a new article. When I deactivate the plugin, it’s fine. When I reactivate it, another 500 error.

    Is it because my default page ID is set to 0 for my subscribers page? Or, is it because it is conflicting with another plug in?

    Are there known plug ins that conflict with Subscribe2.

    This issue has been driving me crazy. I’ve been trying to use Subscribe2 for some time now, but this 500 server error is causing me so much frustration.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Tony Zeoli

  120. Here is my debug info:

    Current Server time is: 8/6/2008 @ 5:18 pm

    Current Blog time is: 8/6/2008 @ 12:18 pm

    Current Blog offset is: -5

    Anytime after 8/6/2008 @ 5:18 pm do_pings will execute
    Anytime after 8/6/2008 @ 5:36 pm polls_cron will execute
    Anytime after 8/6/2008 @ 6:11 pm recalculate_all_scores_hook will execute

    Current Subscribe 2 Options are:

    [autosub] => yes
    [wpregdef] => no
    [autoformat] => text
    [autosub_def] => yes
    [pages] => no
    [password] => no
    [private] => no
    [email_freq] => never
    [exclude] =>
    [sender] => author
    [reg_override] => 1
    [show_button] => 1
    [widget] => 1
    [barred] =>
    [mailtext] => BLOGNAME has posted a new item, \’TITLE\’


    You may view the latest post at

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are posted.
    Best regards,
    [confirm_email] => BLOGNAME has received a request to ACTION for this email address. To complete your request please click on the link below:


    If you did not request this, please feel free to disregard this notice!

    Thank you,
    [remind_email] => This email address was subscribed for notifications at BLOGNAME (BLOGLINK) but the subscription remains incomplete.

    If you wish to complete your subscription please click on the link below:


    If you do not wish to complete your subscription please ignore this email and your address will be removed from our database.

    [version] => 4.8
    [bcclimit] => 0
    [s2page] => 0

  121. Anthony Zeoli,

    I can’t see any problems in your configuration. Having the S2page as 0 shouldn’t be causing any issues.

    Internal Error Servers are pretty useless when it comes to debugging. Can your host provide any more details about the error? There are no conflicts that I know of that would cause an error like this)

  122. I didn’t see this mentioned in the commentary above.. But what about the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 which states that there must be an unsubscribe feature. Does the plugin provide such a method? Is this plugin-in (regarding it’s sending of emals) in complience with the law???

  123. I will check with the host about the error logs and see if they can tell me anything. Will report back. It’s working fine on my other blog on Go Daddy, but for this specific blog on 1and1 Internet, I’m having a problem.

    I guess I’ll also have to go through all the plug ins and see which ones are conflicting. Someone really needs to build a “conflict catcher” for WordPress plugins. I wonder if that’s possible?

  124. Okay…so I figured out which plug-ins conflict with Subscribe2, and the list is long:

    WP-AJAX Edit Comments
    WP-Spam Free
    WP-Contact Form

    I know you work really hard on this and I’m not an expert, but I unfortunately can’t use the plug in since it does not work with WP-Spam Free and WP-reCaptcha.

    Those are my lines of defenses for my blog.

    Now, I have yet to get the server error logs, but will look into it asap.


  125. They tell me that they don’t offer Apache error logs on shared hosting, but gave me these instructions. I’m not much of a php guy.

    Can you direct me on creating a php file (file.php) with the “include” they mention here:

    Please insert the following code in your PHP script (or create separate file and
    and add the code in it. Include the file using “include()”)

    $old_error_handler = set_error_handler(“userErrorHandler”);

    function userErrorHandler ($errno, $errmsg, $filename, $linenum, $vars)
    $time=date(“d M Y H:i:s”);
    // Get the error type from the error number
    $errortype = array (1 => “Error”,
    2 => “Warning”,
    4 => “Parsing Error”,
    8 => “Notice”,
    16 => “Core Error”,
    32 => “Core Warning”,
    64 => “Compile Error”,
    128 => “Compile Warning”,
    256 => “User Error”,
    512 => “User Warning”,
    1024 => “User Notice”);

    //Write error to log file (CSV format)
    $linenum\”,\”($errlevel) $errmsg\”\r\n”);

    if($errno!=2 && $errno!=8) {
    //Terminate script if fatal error
    die(“A fatal error has occurred. Script execution has been aborted”);

    Once I’ve done this, I can get the error log and figure out what’s going on.



  126. I have a quick question. Is it possible to add form fields such as Name, birthday, location, etc to the subscription form and then also have that information show up under the backend admin subscriber list?? This is the only piece I am missing. I don’t seem to be savvy enough to implement this idea myself. ANY help greatly appreciated. awesome plugin by the way. I will gladly compensate the amount it costs to purchase a similar “for sale” plugin if anyone can help me out.

  127. I’m having trouble with some of my registered users not seeing their email. Looking at the DB, I can’t tell if these users aren’t getting found, but from what I can tell it’s not getting caught in spam filters. I know my server’s okay, because most of the mail is getting out fine.

    FEATURE REQUEST: Can you put the BCC list into a separate email going to the admin? Or put this in the debug section somehow? I’m trying to make sure that these things are going out, and other than trying to re-create the queries by hand it’s not easy to tell.

    BUG REPORT: When you manually add subscribers to the categories on the “Manage Subscribers” screen, it doesn’t necessarily wipe out the previous categories correctly. If you manually unsubscribe ppl to all categories, and then re-subscribe them, you’ll see something like “s2_subscribed” = “-1,2,3,1”. It should remove the -1, but it’s not. Also, if you add categories more than once, you’ll see s2_subscribed with multiple values like “1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3” instead of merging them. I’ve manually cleaned up this, and I can’t tell if it’s affecting my problem direction, but I thought you should now. I’m thinking array_merge isn’t working fully.

    If there’s a better way to submit these, let me know. I couldn’t find a bug submission form. Thanks!

  128. Ill depoly the dev version and let u know…well. of course ill be using it with smtp mailer and seeing how that would work…

  129. Hi there,
    this plugin is amazing! i would like to know how to change the “user level who can send email” by the Mail Subscribers function.
    I’d like to let authors mail subscribers. What should i change in the php file?
    Thank you very much!

  130. Joel,

    This plugin does provide an Unsubscribe function for all users. The CAN-SPAM act only seems to apply to commercial emails whose primary function is advertising – so it would be the blog admin using this plugin and authoring the content who would need to ensure compliance (if based in America).

  131. Al,

    Try changing the header to CC: rather than BCC: as a temporary measure. You’ll be able to see all recipients in your header (but so will alll your recipients so remember to change it back!)

  132. Leland,

    Do you just want to collect this data? Will is need to be compulsory on the form? What do you need it for (i.e. customising email)?

  133. Admin – thanks for the fast response. I would need an option in the admin area to specify addition input fields for the form such as an input for “full name” “birthday” etc.
    My client would like to be able to send birthday notifications addressed by name. So admin area would then display resulting addition field info next to subscriber email address. Hope this makes sense. Let me know if that is unclear. This feature has been implemented on the “shiftthis newsletter” if you can view it on the admin panel screenshot on that site. Or I can take screenshots of it for you. Let me know.

  134. Thanks, yeah I could change the BCC to a CC, but that seems like a little bit of a security risk to me. Wouldn’t it be easier for you to debug people’s issues if this type of data was shown in the debug menu somehow? Seems like a lot of problems in these threads surround missing email…

  135. Hey folks

    I have been redesigning our football website, and I just came across subscribe2. I tried searching the archives, but could anyone help me out understanding a couple of options. I want to use subscribe2 just to collect email addresses for a newsletter, not really wanting to email out evertime there is a post, but I don’t know how to configure it to do that. I don’t really even know what it means by a Digest email. Any advice or links to a set of instructions would be handy.


  136. bob,
    there are other plugins on wordpress that owuld allow you to collect any information you want from users who register on your website.

    for subscribe2, it only collects the email address (no name, no phone, no nothing!)

    Digest means an email with a summary of all posts that were made on the website during the last day/week/hour, etc

  137. In the plugin page at the top there is this error when is activated:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /usr/home/dedalos/public_html/nosmeanylosdiariosdicenllueve/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1103

  138. Leland,

    I think using Subscribe2 to send Birthday greetings os over-complicating the plugin somewhat. Why doesn’t you client simply hold these details in a free calendar app like Google Calendar. He’ll get reminder to send the emails from the diary.

  139. Al,
    I agree it is a security risk. I’d also like to point out I’m not here to debug other users errors. I simply write this plugin and make it available for free. If I was aksing for large amounts of money then I’d be able to quit my day job and start debugging as a career ๐Ÿ˜€

  140. Bob,

    You could use Subscribe2 if you wanted to and simply exclude all your categories from generating and email and make sure registered users can’t over-ride this. Other options may be easier though as Enal has pointed out.

  141. Admin,

    I think you believe I am requesting too much added function. I would simply want the option in the admin panel to add additional input fields which would then show up associated with the user email account entered on the user list in the admin. I am not looking for any functionality for the newsletter associated with these extra fields. So when a user subscribes they would have the option to fill in these additional information fields (such as a birthday or name). Again, sorry if I am requesting for too much – I do really like this plugin and good job so far.

    My client would still have to manually manage all account information of subscribed users


  142. Admin –

    yes that would be very helpful for now until I can figure out something else. If you could add name a birthday text input fields that would be very helpful to me. Thank you so much for your help. Sorry for the trouble

  143. Leland,

    If you really want to keep it that simple I can help you out. When do you need it by (be realistic as this is not my day job) and what sort of price range are you looking at?

  144. Hello,

    I am really interested in making your plugin work for my site but I have a really weird error. I’m getting desperate now and I don’t know what else to try. I wouldn’t be bothering you if I hadn’t tried every other thing but anyway here’s my problem.

    I cannot even manage to get the subscribe form work. The token is replaced with the form, everything seems to be fine, but when I fill the form and click submit, nothing happens. Checking your code I found the problem is the $_POST array is null when entering to the “filter” function. The weirdest thing is when trying to print the array with print_r or var_dump inside the filter function it prints an empty array, but when debugging with firebug I can see the parameters are being sent, it’s just they seem to disappear somewhere in the process.

    I really don’t know what else to try. Any kind of suggestion will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance

  145. Albert,

    Can you tell me what version of WordPress and Subscribe2?
    What browser or browsers have you tried this on?
    Have you checked your .htaccess file for unusual rewrite rules?
    Are you using regular http or https?
    Have you disabled ALL other plugins?

  146. Hello,

    Both versions are the latest ones. 2.6 and 4.8 but I don’t think there should be compatibility problems as it says on wordpress’ plugins site it has been tested with 2.6

    I’ve tried it on Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and IE 7

    I haven’t checked .htaccess and I really don’t know where to start searching inside that file so any input on that would be great

    I am using regular http

    And yes, I’ve disabled all other plugins.

    Thanks for your help, I hope you have some idea of what could be happening.

  147. Albert,

    Can you post your .htaccess file here then? Also, have you ask your host about their PHP security settings and if these will impact on $_POST.

  148. Thanks for the awesome plugin. Just noticed one typo… under Manage –> Subscribers, “comma-seperated” should be “comma-separated.” I believe it’s line 1230 in subscribe2.php (but I’ve changed a few things). If you do add Name & other fields as Leland requested, could you please email me or post the addition? Thanks again.

  149. Michael,

    Thanks for spotting the typo. If Leland responds and supports the coding effort with hard cash I’ll make sure to ask if he minds me sharing the efforts with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. Hello again,

    I am actually trying your plugin locally before doing it for real, so just tell me which settings could be a problem and I’ll change, but I didn’t have other problems with this.

    Also, the .htaccess is quite large, I can mail it to you, but the form is in the page http://localhost/subscribe and I cannot see a redirect rule for that address (as it didn’t exist before trying your plugin). I don’t know if that is what you were trying to know, but anyway I’ll send the .htaccess to you.

    Thanks again.

  151. Hi,

    I’ve been using your plugin for a while now, it’s great plugin! But I’ve ran into a problem where a subscriber has emailed me to ask me to unsubscribe them but I cannot find any of their emails (or user-names) in my db (or at least any of the ones they have reported).

    Is there any way the recipient user name/email be added to the outgoing email template or some way to add an unsubscribe link specifically for that receiver of the email? Or is there some other way to debug it?

    Thanks in advance!

  152. Thanks a lot for your great plugin
    only a answer to notify that i had the same problem as somebody :
    daily or weekly digest does not work but single article notification works.
    In fact, planification seems ok, but no mail is sent..

  153. only to add some info :
    i’m using all lastest stable versions of everything ๐Ÿ˜‰

  154. Here I am again… couldn’t respond sooner…

    A reply to your reply:

    Are you saying you can SEE posts on your site with a future timestamp? I canโ€™t on my site. As soon as I put a timestamp beyond current the status of the post is set as future and the publish actions are called by a cron event built into WordPress.

    Yes, I can see any future post I make, but by using this plugin:

    You can see it in action on the site I’m referring to:
    As you can see in the sidebar on the right under ‘Verwacht’ and every post under the categories ‘Activiteiten’ and ‘Festivalplaatsen’ on the left, these are all future posts/events. The dates are the published dates and correspond to the date of the event itself. This way I was able to use queries to show future and past events by checking the current date.

    I really need all those future posts to be used as notifications like I said earlier, so that people are aware of upcoming events.

    I would really appreciate some help here :).


  155. No problem.
    I could be easier if you add something like a subscribe to comment function,
    in order to follow your answers ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great work anyway

  156. Hi,

    I have a website at WordPress lives in the /sbwfwp/ directory, but the blog homepage is set to the site root.

    I found your plugin after reading many recommendations on and installed it very easily.

    However, I test-subscribed (having logged out first), received the email confirmation request and clicked on the link ( This takes me to a page with a header, sidebar and footer and nothing in the content.

    I tried inserting /sbwfwp/ into the confirmation URL but that gave me a 404.

    The link to the mailing list form is in the header bar. If you would have a look and tell me what I’ve done wrong, I’d appreciate it. If you test it, I promise to remove your email address from the db (I’m sure you don’t care about windfarms in Brixworth ๐Ÿ˜‰

  157. Jack,

    The plugin you are using removed the future post hook and pushes future posts through wp_publish_post() instead.

    This is a core WordPress function that changes the status of the post to ‘publish’ and calls the transition function wp_transition_post_status().

    This function in turn should call the transition function future_to_publish which means that Subscribe2 should work!

    The only thing I can figure it may be is in the wp_publish_post() function. There are two lines as follows:

    $wpdb->update( $wpdb->posts, array( 'post_status' => 'publish' ), array( 'ID' => $post_id ) );
    $old_status = $post->post_status;

    I think these need to be swapped around and it may then work. If it does please let me know and I’ll submit a trac ticket.

  158. Does this work for protected blogs? I’m having an issue getting an email alert system implemented on my site b/c it’s protected.

  159. Ryeates,

    Depends on what you mean by ‘protected’. Subscribe2 can send notifications for password protected posts and also for posts marked as private (i.e. you need to be registered and logged in to view them).

    If you’ve put some other form of protection in place the honest answer is I don’t know – try it and see.

  160. My WordPress address is

    My Blog address is

    My /.htaccess file reads:

    # BEGIN WordPress

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule . /sbwfwp/index.php [L]

    # END WordPress

    and the edited line in /index.php is


    The file /sbwfwp/.htaccess reads

    # BEGIN WordPress

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /sbwfwp
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

    # END WordPress

    and /sbwfwp/index.php is unchanged.

    I assume the WordPress-generated 404 is a result of WordPress looking for a page whose slug is /sbwfwp, which doesn’t exist, as WordPress knows it is being run as though from the site root.

    It’s a mystery to me.

  161. Recent posts coming up as page id #s when subscription confirmation link is clicked. Any idea how to fix this?

  162. Kalessin,

    The issue is in the second .htaccess file. The plugin creates a link to domain/sbwfwp/?s2=something. In your case this URL is being Rewritten as /index.php. I’m not sure how you fix that since I’m not an expert in .htaccess but I hope that’s helped.

  163. Checked plugins. They’re fine. I’m sticking with WordPress 2.51 for now. If anyone else has a remedy for recent post appearing as page id#s (on subscription confirmation), I’ll send you a box of Cracker Jacks.

  164. Per your suggestion for a similar issue, I commented out line 2183 in Subscribe2.php, and that seemed to do the trick. Thanks

  165. hey there, where exactly is the user data stored for this plugin?
    Meaning where is it stored if a user gets a html or a plain text mail?
    i couldn’t find anything in the mysql databank (wp_subscribe2)??

  166. ps: i just saw, it doesn’t matter what you select for a user (if html or plain text).
    as soon as you change it at one user, it changes for all??

  167. Creasey,

    Public subscriber details are in the subscribe2 table, for registered users the data are stored in the usermeta table.

    I’m not sure what you mean by your second comment – there is no function to change individual users html or plain text preferences, only the default setting and your own setting.

  168. Hey, thanks,
    Well, every user can change their settings, if they want to receive as html or plain.
    And when I’m an admin and click on the users, I can select also html or plain text.
    But as soon as I change it for one of them, it stays the exact same for all users?

    The problem is, I think at the beginning I had “plain text” as default when people were registering.
    I want to have all the users to receive as html though, so I wanted to change their settings manually (the visitors to the site are internet beginners who don’t even know the difference).

    So, now I have changed to “html” at “Auto-subscribe users to receive email as: “, but in the wp_usermeta table it still says for most users “s2_format = text”. How do I change that in the wp admin interface?

    Thanks again.

  169. Creasy,

    Individual users who are logged on can set their own preferences. As an Admin you can set the default settings in Options->Subscribe2 and you can set YOUR OWN subscriptions settings, but not those of other users.

    You can’t change existing settings of other users using the Admin pages. You’d have to edit individual database values using phpMyAdmin to do what your are asking.

  170. Hi from FRANCE !!
    Thanks for this plugin !

    I have a problem. All the users receive the message without the excerpt/post, without title and without permalink…
    There is only my customized text.

    How can I make to resolve that ?

  171. Job,

    Are you using per-post or digest email and what does your current template look like? What other plugins have you got installed and what have you tried so far?

  172. I’m trying to see where S2PAGE is defined in subcribe2.php, but for me line 43 is this:


    I don’t see where to change the code to put the ID of the page that I created

  173. Len,

    I think you are reading the old install instructions. BCCLIMIT has been taken out of the hard coding variables and put into the Settings->Subscribe2 screen, it’s the first setting on the page.

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