Subscribe2 4.7

Version 4.7 of the Plugin is now available for download.

Version 4.7 is for 2.5.x users only! This version has been tested on WordPress 2.5.1.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Added admin control over default auto subscribe to new category option
  • Improved Cron code to reduce the chance of duplicate emails
  • Fixed a string that was missed from the translation files
  • Improved time variable handling for cron functions, especially when UTC is different from both server time and blog time
  • Completed code changes to allow WPMU compatibility
  • Fixed some issues with the email headers now that Subscribe2 is using wp_mail() again

There is still two known issues caused by glitches in the WordPress core files. A fix is discussed here and the second issue (Profile pages) is fixed for WordPress 2.5.1.

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder and buttonsnap.php file are uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

121 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.7

  1. Hello

    Thanks. I had a problem since I installed wp2.5. The emails didn’t send, as was discussed in the comments on v4.6. With this versions, my plugin is working again and all my e-mail is now delivered.

    Thanks for the real great support and quick updates of your plugin.

    a satisfied user of your plugin!

  2. Matt, saw the notice for ver 4.7. Does this version incorporate the changes we went back and forth on via email that you previously labeled 4.7b relating to autosubscribing to new cats? I see the reference to added admin control for this, but I thought the admin control was there in previous versions.

  3. Matt,

    I was able to get emails working with V4.6 using BCCLIMIT=20 and removing the “\r\n” from the code as well. With version 4.7, do I need to worry about these anymore?

    Thanks for clearing up the confusion – and THANK YOU for all your help!!

  4. I have WordPress 2.5.1 and I have the latest version of your plugin installed. Everything worked fine except the Define S2PAGE on line 43 part. I’ve tried to put in the number of the page where the subscribe2 is at, but it doesn’t work. That’s because I have my blog on the day and name permalink option I intend to keep. How will I fix the S2Page so it can read the day and name as well as a number?

  5. Crazyharp81602,

    The page ID is fixed and does not change based on your permalink structure. What have you entered on line 43 and what do you mean by “It doesn’t work”?

  6. Good morning,

    I’ve just installed Subscribe2 in WP 2.5.1, and I’m afraid the subscribe form is not displayed on the page I’ve created. Instead, I see the following:

    You may manage your subscription options from your profile.

    I believe I’ve followed the instructions, including modifying the php file to indicate the page ID, putting buttonsnap.php in my /plugins directory, etc.

    I wonder what I could be missing?

    Best regards,
    Skip Lombardi

  7. I’ve entered 189 on the line. When I tried using the plugin in the correct way, it became invisible and I didn’t see it. I think it probably is in conflict with another plugin Sociable. I may have to deactivate it and see if that’s the problem.

  8. Back again. I’ve finally got the thing to work! The problem was the Diggit plugin that’s conflicting with S2. So I deactivated and removed the plugin and now the subscribe2 plugins works! I guess I’ll have to stay away from that plugin from now on.

  9. CrazyHarp81602,

    I’m glad you’ve solved the problem. I’ll bet there are alternative Digg plugins out there, I’m sure one will work without conflicts.

  10. Thanks. But now I have one problem. I’ve decided to test the email by subscribing to my own blog only to get no confirmation email response. My only conclusion I can make is it has to be the server blocking my email addresses from being sent out. I may have to pay to allow the emails to be sent out. Otherwise I’ll just stick to other ways of offering subscriptions such as Feedburner and Feedblitz.

  11. Hi, ive a problem, after a user is registered, it send an confirmation email, when u click on it, it say confirm ok etc… but my page is not well, becouse my header menu is replaced with the Name of PAge (‘ive 5 pages, and all replaced link, PAge of confirm) my lateral menu is deleted and the last news is replaced like the ID of the news and not the name, i use permalink… if u want see my page can u contact me on email?? Thanks.

  12. Alessandro,

    Doesn’t a guy get a day off? πŸ˜€

    The problem you are describing is a known issue caused by the WordPress core files. It’s explained here and work around options are discussed.

  13. Sorry Administrator… πŸ˜€ Another thing, is there the possibility to use only personalized email and not for send news email?? I want use only for say information to my users and i not want send them the news or other, only text that i write… Can i disable the send post news function??

  14. Alessandro,

    There are a few ways to accomplish what you are after:

    1/ Exclude all categories in Options->Subscribe2 and don’t allow registered users to over ride this setting.
    2/ Add a custom field to every post, s2mail set as ‘no’
    3/ Hack the code to remove this function by commenting out all add_action hooks to the publish function in subscribe2

  15. I am trying to send the emails daily but does not work. ONLY the “per post email” works. I tested Scheduled db Backup and works ok. The cron time changes, but does not send emails…

    Thank You,


  16. Anartisi,

    Some weird characters crept into the code in the cron functions if you were an early adopter of version 4.7. Try grabbing a fresh copy and uploading this to your server and then try again.

  17. It it is the first time i use the the plugin. The only that I did, was the translation to Greek (mo file, which is not yet full translated).

    I will try it again. One more question, if i change the cron time from mysql, it is ok if I dont want to wait to see the results?

    Thank you for your response

  18. I tested without any changes to your code.
    – The cron time changes when it is the same with UTC time, but is not a big problem.
    – The problem is that is not sending mail again.


  19. Hi,

    Could you explain how the digest functionality works?

    For example does the digest option only work for public subscribers or registered users as well?

    If it works for registered users, how does it deal with a registered user who has selected a subset of the available categories to be notified about?


  20. Techxplorer,

    The Digest function works for all user types (Public and Registered)

    If Digest is enable Registered users only have the option to opt in or out. The plugin would need to generate an enormous amount of emails if Registered users had opted in and out of a different subset of categories so the friendliest way to deal with this for your servers is to treat all users the same when generating the digest.

  21. I found that every time I save the options, the “last_s2cron” time change to the current date an time.
    So, I moved a line (1402 to 1399) and now the “last_s2cron” changes only if I have checked the “Reset the schedule time…” and not every time I save the options.

    There is also another “bug”, in line 2017 I change the “gmdate(” to “date(“. This way, the next cron time (If you are in a different time zone) is correct.

    Thank you all for the responses.


  22. Anartisi,

    Having looked at the cron code in the options menu it could do with some tidying – I’ll have a clean up for the next version.

    As for the Scheduled Time – are you using the WordPress time offset for you blog to correct your blog time compared to your server time? Using gmdate should give you an accurate time if this is the case.

  23. Now I dont have any problem. I fixed the problem with the β€œlast_s2cron”.

    Yes. I am using the time offset because I want the posts have the local time. In other case, the time will be -3 hours (for Greek summer time zone).

    The “problem” is that the code tells that “Next email notification will be sent when your blog time is after…” and NOTE “when your server time is after…”.

    Changing theβ€œgmdate(” to β€œdate(”, I think it will work in both cases. If the server time is the same with the local time, then it will display the same time.

    It is better to schedule the notification according to the local time, so changing the code I dont think that I will have any problem…

    πŸ™‚ Many thanks

    PS: I also changed the code to send emails daily, with all the posts (full story) in one email (in html format) and not only the digest. But I dont have the time to put a check box to options form.

  24. hey, just wondering if it is possible to insert the sign up form directly into the template files. i mean, i’m sure it is possible, i just was hoping to find out what i needed to input for it. Does the plugin have a template tag option?

  25. Thanks for this great plugin. Quite easy to set up and configure.

    Anartisi is right about the the “Next email notification will be sent when your blog time is after” datetime. I guess wp_next_scheduled(‘s2_digest_cron’) is returning a value relative to the selected timezone or the machine timezone. When you set the hour for the scheduled mail digest, this hour must be interpreted as UTC.

    I would recommend that on the digest generation you add an order by clause to your query to make sure the posts are returned in the right order.

  26. Anartisi / Ramon,

    You are quite right about the time configuration. I’m not using the UTC string for the CRON function so it should be date() and not gmdate(). I’ll update for the next release.

    Also a great idea about using ORDER BY – I’ll get that in there too.

  27. I’ve been talking to the support guys for hours now trying to get my emails to work…..

    The admin email address gets the e-mail and I can see the 2 BCC recipients but they never get the email. I’ve tried all the fixes I can find on this web site but still no joy.

    WordPress 2.5.1 and latest Subscribe2 plugin,

    Any ideas?

  28. Tommy,

    Try using CC headers instead of BCC or adding your recipients to the TO header. Do they arrive then? Can your host provider not shed any light on why the emails don’t arrive? Are they being sent and blocked or just not sent?

  29. Could you make the BCCLimit function an input in the options page so we don’t lose it every upgrade? I forget to go back and change it each time.

  30. Hello! Thanks for all your work on this plugin. I’m trying to get it set up on my blog which is on Yahoo hosting. I’ve changed the S2PAGE to the appropriate page number, the token above and below it, but when I try to submit an email for subscription I get this message:

    “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.”

    The email address I’ve submitted shows up in the subscribers page, but I don’t actually receive a confirmation at the test Gmail address I’m using. Using WordPress 2.5.1 and Subscribe2 4.7.

    Could it have anything to do with the sometimes crappy Yahoo hosting? Tried to read any documentation I can online before bugging you with this and haven’t turned up anything. Thanks,
    – Nathan

  31. correct that – “the token above and below it” should read “The token has blank lines above and below it.”

  32. Nathan,

    It sounds like your hosting doesn’t allow sending of emails. Try this test plugin and see if that works. If not double check with Yahoo! if they are allowing you to send emails or not.

  33. Thanks for the quick reply. Looks like it’s a no-go. Email address edited, plugin installed successfully, but I don’t receive any messages after loading my site. I enabled the PHP/Perl email in my Control Panel for the Yahoo hosting as per the instructions on this page:

    Is there a specific term I can use to ask Yahoo support about or search for that Subscribe2 uses to send mail with? I was looking up “sendmail” and ended up on the above page. Is it at all relevant that it says “You will also need to indicate the path to the Yahoo! mail program, Sendmail. The path to Sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail.”.

    Thanks again. Sorry to be a pest.

  34. Nathan,

    You just need to ask them if your hosting package supports the sending of email via the php mail() function through to sendmail.

  35. I have been getting the administrative emails when I post but not the ones to registered users. I have used a category with the email posts, and the test email posted in a different blog here worked fine. I emailed my hosting provider (GoDaddy) about hosting issues with it, but they said there were no problems on their end and to check with you guys. As far as I can tell I’ve done every solution I could find on this forum. I am using WP 2.5.1 with S2 2.4.7. Any suggestions would be great πŸ™‚ I also posted this over in the SMTP Mailer thread, but then I realized that it didn’t really have much to do with that. I’m a little out of it right now, sorry πŸ˜›

  36. Alex,

    I’m glad you tried to post so much detail about your issues but I can’t really make head or tail of what you’ve actually done and what your problem is. Are you saying that you have subscribed with a totally different email address, as a registered user, and that this account does not get email notifications?

  37. Haha… sorry, I was a bit tired when I wrote this. But yes, I did register a separate email as a registered user, and that one (and everyone I’ve talked to who is also a registered user) hasn’t been getting it.

  38. Alex,

    You need to go back to your host and specifically ask about BCC headers and if they are allowed. The problem is not with the plugin – it works fine for my and many others. Your problem in recipients not getting emails other than admin will be down to BCC restrictions put in place by your host.

  39. Matt, while you are putting the BCC limit into the options/settings, could you put the S2PAGE in there as well? It’d be most helpful…thanks!

  40. Matt,

    My host say they see no attempt to BCC any emails?

    I replaced BCC with CC in the plugin code and now the admin email receive an email and I can see all 8 recipients in the CC area of the message but still no one gets the email.

    Any other thoughts?


  41. Tommy,

    If you are seeing CC headers but there are still no emails reaching your subscribers you should go back to your host. Get things working with CC headers and then switch to BCC and keep your fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  42. Matt,

    Can’t complain about free things in life. This is no exception! But, I CAN provide feedback that may help this product evolve into a more reliable and robust plugin.

    Here’s my newest dilemma. I recently upgraded to 4.7 – set my BCC limit to 20 (which worked perfectly before) and now I’m toast once again. Two weeks, and no emails. I was advised earlier that I did not need to remove the \r\n switches from the 4.7 version as I did from version 4.6.

    Same host, same ISP – same everything except Subscribe2 plugin version…..

    These upgrades tho meant to help are constantly hosing me with a new set of issues.

    Whew! I feel better. Got any ideas as to how I can spank this back into functionality?

  43. I’m going to replace my existing 4.7 version with your current 4.7 release. I ran WINDIFF against both .PHP files and I do see the strange characters that somehow crept into your code… I suspect this is a MAJOR reason many are having difficulties. I will let you know if this resolves the issue. Did the issue affect anything more than just the Subscribe2.php file?

  44. Patrick,

    Version 4.7 doesn’t insert and \r\n carriage returns into the Bcc header, let me know if it was those weird characters that crept in.

  45. Hi

    After upgrading to Subscribe2 4.7 and WP 2.5.1, I cannot send out email. Previously I have no problem.

    I used the stmp mailer, still no avail.

    Any idea what happens?

  46. Hi

    I realize there is a some difference in the bcc coding between 4.6 and 4.7. I re-install the Subscribe2 4.6, but I still cannot send out email notifications. strange. Previously I have no problem.

  47. Angsikod,

    Were you using 4.7 with SMTPMailer? You should not need the latter plugin now so try Subscribe2 alone. If that doesn’t help try editing the subsribe2 code to use mail() instead of wp_mail().

  48. I tried replacing wp_mail() to mail() in 4.7. Still cannot send email. Then I tried to replace wp_mail() to mail() in 4.6 for WP2.5.1, it works. I suspect there is no \r\n in 4.7 for the bcc but there is a \r\n in 4.6.


    if ( (!empty($recipient)) && ($this->myemail != $recipient) ) {
    (” == $bcc) ? $bcc = “Bcc: $recipient” : $bcc .= “, $recipient”;
    // Bcc Headers now constructed by phpmailer class


    if ( (!empty($recipient)) && ($this->myemail != $recipient) ) {
    (” == $bcc) ? $bcc = “Bcc: $recipient” : $bcc .= “,\r\n $recipient”;
    // Headers constructed as per definition at

  49. Angsikod,

    WordPress now includes the phpmailer class for the wp_mail() function so it is a lot more reliable. It should be capable of handling all of the header needs of subscribe2 so you should not need to use other email plugins.

    If you are having problems with 4.7 then moving back to 4.6 if it work well for you is probably the best solution.

  50. Hi,

    This is great. Finally a real newsletter plugin. Thank you so much for this…

    I do have one question though πŸ™‚

    How can I send the complete content to public subscribers as well (instead of just the excerpt)?

    Looking at the source code of the plugin, would it be enough to change this in line 2358:
    $message .= $excerpt
    $message .= $content

    Or is there a way of doing this more smoothly…


  51. Harry,

    For the full content to go to public subscribers you will need to hack the code. There are 2 areas where this needs looked at – the publish() function and the subscribe2_cron() function depending upon your settings for the email notifications

  52. Matt,

    Just wanted to tell you that removing those “junk” characters in your early release of V4.7 resolved my email sending issue. Better spread the word to have those early 4.7 adopters with issues to re-download the code. Thanks Again!!

  53. Hi-

    I’ve searched through all the comments here (and in codex help forum) looking for answer to my question. No luck (–May 23rd comment in this forum was close). So, if you’ll oblige me: Your installation step 8 for S2 4.7 says to define S2Page. . .in subscribe2.php. Now, subscribe2.php asks for a page id where it says: define(‘S2PAGE’, ‘0’); I can’t find my page id. It’s nowhere in manage pages area of the administration panel. The name of the page is Subscriptions. Additional pages are Front Page, Archives, About. I’m using WP 2.51. Also, permalinks are set to custom (/%postname%/). How can I find page id to complete step 8. Is this necessary?

  54. Tony,

    Either mouse over the Page name or click on it. If you mouse over the link the ID will be in your browser status bar, if you click on the link it will be in the address bar. The link will will say something like ?action=edit&post=1. The ID you are looking for is the number listed by the word post, in this example ‘1’.

  55. Thanks! That worked fine. Where is the subscription page supposed to show up? Right now I have Subscribe2 widget on my left side bar. It allows visitors to enter their email address. Is there supposed to be a subscription page that gives options to the visitor? (I followed instructions in installation step 7to display the subscription form). If it would help to look at my site. Much appreciated, T

  56. Tony,

    The Subscribe page is for 2 things really, firstly it’s a WordPress page on your blog to tell your readers about how to subscribe and unsubscribe and it’s another place to put the form (other than the sidebar).

    Secondly, it ensures that you have at least one page on your blog that Subscribe2 can hijack and use to provide your users with subscription messages.

  57. This plugin is pretty sweet … but i’ve noticed a few issues…

    1) my “BLOGNAME” has an ampersand character in it … that appears HTML escaped in all of the emails. I changed the email templates to hardcode the blog name to correct the problem in the body of plain text emails — but the subjects of the emails have no templates. solving the HTML escaping problem would be nice; being able to specify a template for the email subjects would be nice as well.

    2) For auto-subscribing, if you set “Subscribe new users registering with your blog:” to “Display option on Registration Form” then it doesn’t seem like the user winds up getting auto-subscribed to any categories even when they do pick the option. They have to go into their profile and pick categories from the “Subscription” page. Using the “Automaticly” option doesn’t seem to have this problem.

    3) The S2PAGE option and the bug with filter replacing of the title seems …. odd. why reuse the subscription page (or the first page found) for the confirmation screen? why not just let people create a page explicitly for the confirmation screen and place a magic token in the body of the page just like they do for the subscription form?

  58. Hoss,

    1) Hmm, I’ll look at that ampersand issue. Does your ampersand appear as expected in the SUBJECT of any email and does it appear as expected in the BODY of any email?

    2) This works for me, are you sure our users are checking the box on the registration form?

    3) It’s done like this because the form output is dynamic, it can actually return 10 different outputs so a user defined page for each of these is not really workable.

  59. OK, thanks close to what I thought, but I can’t quite get it to work yet.

    The subscrine2_cron() function only applies for daily digests, is that right? – I have it set to “Per post email” so that would not apply here.

    For the publish() function, would it be enough to remove the complete if (” == $excerpt) condition and apply the two values of the $content variable (apply_filters and str_replace) to $excerpt?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  60. Hello,
    First of all thanks for your plugin and for taking your time to answer to the comments πŸ˜‰

    I’d like to know how I could put a “unsubscribe link” a the end of each sent email which would directly unsubscribe the user (maybe a bit complex to do) or simply leading to an Unsubscribe page..

    This would permit to only display a “Subscribe button” in the sidebar πŸ˜‰ and you know that’s space in the sidebar is limited and important…

    Thanks !

  61. Mika,

    You could put a link to your WordPress page created as part of the Subscribe2 install process in you email notification template. Actually creating custom unsubscribe links for each email would require a significant re-write of the plugin.

    If you add this link you’d then have to hack the code for your form to display correctly in the sidebar.

  62. Thanks again for the plugin and for your tireless support. If it’s not too much trouble, could you edit out my site name on my June 12. . .9:14 pm post in this forum. I’m kind of new at this and I didn’t know it would show up in a google search.

    Thanks Again!

  63. Hello, thanks for the answer…
    “Actually creating custom unsubscribe links for each email would require a significant re-write of the plugin.”
    Yes I understand, okay so i’ve just created an invisible page for subscribe 2. So now I’d like to be able to just delete the 2 radio button ‘subscribe and unsubscribe” in the sidebar/widget and just let instead a submit button… But it seems that widget and pages are using the same code, so I think i can’t modify just one of them ?

    (I hope you see what i’d like to do :))

    Thanks again

  64. Mika,

    The form is pulled into both pages and the sidebar from the same source. The code would need hacking to add an additional form that called the correct functions to provide what you are after. It’s possible with a bit of work though.

    Personally, I don’t like the idea because my sites get a lot of spam email addresses submitted so the verification process stops me getting loads of rejected email notices.

  65. As promised, I am able to tell you that the reason my V4.7 plugin was not sending email was infact those strange characters in your early release of 4.7. For anyone having basic issues, might want to make sure they re-download the plugin.

    Thank you for all your hard work Matt!!

  66. Kristian,

    Off-the-peg Subscribe2 only sends excerpt to Public Subscribers.

    If you want to give Public Subscribers a choice it’s a huge change to the core code.

    If you want to send HTML emails to all Public Subscribers a;; of the time it’s a moderately simple change. If you PayPal me $40 I can send you the code or you can spend the time figuring it out yourself.

  67. Hello, great plugin. Worked like a charm. We have created a Greek translation which I’ll send you this week.
    I had just one problem, with multiple administrators working, the ‘from: ‘ always is the first admin in line (line 1020: $admin = get_userdata(1)); instead of the logged in administrator. In my cases the first administrator is me, and not the site owner, resulting in false from: emails.
    Quick fix: add $userdata to the global and change line 1020 to
    $admin = get_userdata($userdata->ID);

  68. I uploaded version4.6, with wordpress 2.5.1 tested it as a per post email and it worked no problem. It sent out two emails one to the admin and the other to a subscriber. Then added 264 subscribers, changed the settings to weekly email and nothing worked. I have done every thing suggested with no success: BCC header code changes, SMTP test, uploaded version 4.7, and emailed the host to see if it was on their end. Here is their response: “The security setting prevents inclusion of BCC headers in the ‘headers’ parameter of the mail function. If you know of a different way to send the message with a BCC, you can do so.” Is there a fix for this? Also why would it work initially with two people and then stop working when 264 emails are added to the list and settings changed? Thank you for your time.

  69. Sarah,

    It sounds like there is a limit to the number of recipients given that it works for 2 recipients but not over 200. Try using the BCCLIMIT parameter hard coded in the current versions of Subscribe2.php.

    Beyond that, my only suggestion is to take it up with your host again and if that fails then move host.

  70. I appreciate your help. Still couldn’t get it to work. It doesn’t even work with just two subscribers now. *sigh* I am bummed. I know people who are using this and LOVE it. Thanks again for your contributions to WordPress.

  71. Hello!

    You have a great plugin and I recommend it to a lot of my clients. But as most of them are business sites, I was wondering if it would be possible to have additional options in the Subscribe2 settings under ‘Send Email as Digest’ for MONTHLY and even QUARTERLY??


  72. hey is it possible to use subscibe2 even we have disabled new user registration. We’d only wish to have subscribe page with subcribe form and unsubscribe link to posts or unsubscribe page? Can it be done? I’ve only managed to display this so far “You may manage your subscription options from your profile.”…

  73. Thanks a lot for your help regarding my questions above. I got it to work that way, and it works like a charm πŸ™‚

    You’re doing a great job supporting the plugin in this manner. It’s not so often to be found. Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and I hope enjoy your holiday πŸ™‚


  74. ok everything is now running smoothly sorry for the lack of patience.

    BUT there is still one HUGE problem, at least for us. Blog items that are posted via email to wp are not included in to the email list or sent at all.. do you think it could help if we’d make a cron that would fetch the posts before and fex a daily digest??

  75. I loaded this plugin on to my system which also uses SWIFT-SMTP and could not get it to send any e-mails. I was able to find the problem and figured I’d share in case it helps anyone else out. The SWIFT WP_Mail function replacement does some error checking on the return address of e-mails that are being sent and was bombing out when it looked at the $from field. It turns out the $from field was listed as ‘admin’ and not ‘’ which is the format SWIFT expected. I hard coded my site e-mail address into the SWIFT send function in swift-smtp\Swift\lib\swift.php and subscribe2 seems to be working for me now.

  76. Ok I figured things out with crons and tips from justaguy cheers. I’m still deeply annoyed and I know so will be the customers from the email title “once hourly digest email” but despite the effort I cannot seem to find where and how to change it.. any help would be appreciated. thx

  77. I used this plug-in successfully until I upgraded to WP 2.5.1. I uploaded and installed the latest version, and have noticed that the widget in the sidebar does not appear to work. I disabled and removed “Share This” as you suggested, but still it does not appear to look right or work.

    As a metter of fact, people who subscribe as users appear to get the notifications, but those who have previously subscribed just for the more limited email alerts are not getting them.

    Can you offer some suggestions when you return?

    Thank you.

  78. As a matter of fact, it appears that the only subscribed users who are getting emails are those who have subscribed since I installed the new version. My previous subscribed users are still not receiving them.

  79. Pooski,

    Look for a line as follows:

    $subject = '[' . stripslashes(get_option('blogname')) . '] ' . $display . ' ' . __('Digest Email', 'subscribe2');

    and change it to:

    $subject = "What ever you like";

    Note: Posted from holiday hotel wifi! πŸ™‚

  80. Jeffrey,

    Are you older subscribers still listed in the database? Can you see them in Manage->Subscribers?

    Note: Posted from holiday hotel wifi! πŸ™‚

  81. Christina,

    You can set the CRON events as infrequently as you like. Look in the code for the add_weekly_sched function and add a new line to define your time frame.

    For example:

    $sched['monthly'] = array('interval' => 2419200, 'display' => __('Every 4 weeks', 'subscribe2'));

    Note: Posted from holiday hotel wifi! πŸ™‚

  82. I’m running a website for a small festival, using the option to post future posts. The subscribe2 plugin works fine for regular posts like news articles, but new planned events won’t show up in the newsletter.

    Is it possible to include a checkbox which says ‘Include future posts’?

  83. Jack,

    If you are using the latest Subscribe2 and WordPress 2.5.1 then Future posts will be notified once they become visible on your site. this is done using the Cron feature built in to WordPress. It would be counter intuitive to notify subscribers of posts that aren’t visible yet.

  84. Hi there. Very nice plug-in. Much appreciated. A couple of quick questions, please.

    Can I change the From address and/or the Subject line of the confirmation and/or digest emails?

    For HTML subscribers, would I just put HTML code into the new post email box in the settings?


  85. It would be counter intuitive to notify subscribers of posts that aren’t visible yet.

    I know what you mean, but in case of this site it is important to have an option to enable future posts inside notifications right away. When writing a post (which is an event), this post receives the date on which it will occur. But notifications of upcoming events should be immediate so that visitors can see what is planned for this month of next and can add it to their agendas. So in this case it would be very intuitive ;).

    If it is possible I really would like to suggest this feature added to the options menu. πŸ™‚

  86. Jason,

    You can hard code it, look in the Subscribe2.php file for the subscribe2_cron function and edit the line starting $subject and also have a look at the $user entries for changing the sender.

  87. Jack,

    You could add this yourself by adding a few lines to the code, look for this line:

    add_action('future_to_publish', array(&$this, 'publish'));

    And add something like:

    add_action('new_to_future', array(&$this, 'publish'));
    add_action('draft_to_future', array(&$this, 'publish'));

    These 2 lines will hook the Subscribe2 publish function (the one that produces your emails) to post events when you transition a post from new or draft status to a future publish status. You users will get email again when the post goes from future to published.

  88. Howdy. I think I found the correct lines, but not certain what part I should replace. I tried it, but fatally killed and had to reinstall. Thx.

    $subject = ‘[‘ . stripslashes(get_option(‘blogname’)) . ‘] ‘ . $display . ‘ ‘ . __(‘Digest Email’, ‘subscribe2’);

    $user = $this->get_userdata();
    $this->myemail = $user->user_email;
    $this->myname = $user->display_name;

  89. Jason,

    It really depends on what you want the notification to say! πŸ˜€ In summary define each of the strings using double quotes. So:

    $subject = "My Subject Wording";

    You can comment out the $user line and then do the same as above for the email address and user name you want the email to come from.

  90. I must echo chris gillespie’s comment and ask that you incorporate the BCCLimit param into the main options page. I didn’t remember that I had to update this in the code until I saw his comment. I had assumed it was part of the options and couldn’t understand why my upgrade to 4.7 wasn’t working (i.e. emails were not sending).

    Also, I thought you were taking a vacation!!! You do phenomenal work at supporting this plugin. Take some time off…and disconnect for real ;-).

  91. Jooosh,

    You should be happy with the next release then – BCC is now in the options page for you πŸ˜€

    I’ll try to take your second suggestion too!


    Line 2292 at subscribe2.php contains a non-standard character:
    $now = Êcurrent_time(‘mysql’);

    That is cuasing a race conditin that ends causing and error and logging it to the php error log:

    [29-Jun-2008 20:00:38] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: current_time() in /home/ACCOUNT/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 2292
    [30-Jun-2008 20:05:17] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: current_time() in /home/ACCOUNT/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 2292

    Please delete the beginning char so the error can be avoided πŸ˜‰
    Best regards

  93. Dryerbuzz,

    Nope. Make sure your host allows you to send emails from your site. There are plugins that aim to push any emails generated via an SMTP server instead of the usual PHP route but you should only resort to them if the plugin alone fails to work.

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