Subscribe2 4.6

Version 4.6 of the Plugin is now available for download.

Version 4.6 is for WordPress 2.3.x and 2.5.x users only! This version has been tested on WordPress 2.5.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Fixed mis-reporting of server error when unsubscribing
  • Fixed fatal errors involving buttonsnap library
  • Improved database entry management for new subscribers
  • Fixed issue where Subscribe2 grabbed the first page from the database even if it wasn’t published
  • Fixed upgrade reporting for Debug and Uninstaller plugins

There is still two known issues caused by glitches in the WordPress core files. A fix is discussed here and the second issue (Profile pages) is fixed for WordPress 2.5.1.

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder and buttonsnap.php file are uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

91 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.6

  1. Matt – installed S2 4.6 on WP 2.5. I have Ozh’s Admin Drop Down menu (which is great) and I’ve tested with and without. If I look at Manage->Subscribers, I see in parentheses different #’s (subscribers) for my categories. But if go to Users and examine each user, and click on Subscriptions, all subscriptions are the same (all cats are checked except the excluded cats). On Manage->Subscribers, one cat has a very small # of subscribers, and if the Users->Subscriptions is returning the subscription info for that user, it’s pretty easy to prove that either it isn’t the subscription info or the subscriber count is wrong. Is the User->Subscription menu the right place to examine that user’s subscriptions?

    Also, what happens to new cats? Are users auto-subscribed to new cats? I could have sworn seeing this somewhere, but it’s not on the Subscribe2 settings (unless I missed it).

    Any advice?

  2. Frisco,

    Are you logging in as each of your users to check subscriptions? If you go to Users->Subscriptions it will only display your settings.

    The automatic subscription to new categories is an option for individual users in their subscription settings.

  3. First of all. Thanks for a great plugin, and hope you are good.

    I am starting up a webpage for a rollerskating club. So there a many writers/editors. These are not very tech, so giving them admin rights is not even a question.

    But changing settings for all users could be a nice tool for an admin. As it is now, the existing users in WP get the standard settings. When setting up Subscribe2 for the way it is meant to work on the page, then it does not touch those initial settings. And the users can not see the settings page, as they are not admins.
    So now i can go in the database and change the settings in usermeta. But some sort of admin control could be cool.

    This folloews closely to friscos question, as the intention is that it is to be used for newsletters. ie. private messages with a newsletter category.

    And writers/editors are to make new categories as time goes on.

    If i was afraid to do work in the database my work would have been this:
    1. change users to admins and password
    2. login as each user, change the settings
    3. change users back to previous level
    4. ask them to change their password

  4. If I go to Users->Users & Authors & click on a username, shouldn’t there be a way to edit that user’s subscriptions? There’s no menu choice to do so, but I thought that I’ve done this in the past under WP 2.3 & S2 4.4. If I’m mistaken (which is very possible), what do you think of adding this? An admin can edit other user info, and the only way an admin (afik) could log into a user’s a/c would be to change the user’s p/w to something the admin knows, which isn’t a good solution.

  5. Studo / Frisco

    You can bulk manage subscription options under Manage->Subscriptions. This would apply the change to all registered users.

    There has never been a option to micro-manage individual users settings from an admin account – I’ll consider adding this to the list of todo features.

  6. The 4.5 version contained the buttonsnap.php file. 4.6 does not. After I upgrade, do we need to keep the existing buttonsnap.php file or delete it from our plugin directory??

    A bit confused as to what we do with this particular file from previous versions…

  7. I think the Automagical Subscriber2 WP plugin update fails to delete this buttonsnap.php file from outside of the Subscribe2 directory from previous versions.

  8. Ok, that is fine. But the options for HTML/plain text, Full text/short text and subscription for new categories is missing on that page. There is no way to manage these settings on a macro scale.

    And thankyou for considering!

  9. What is the default for automatic subscription to new categories for a new subscriber?

    If the default is false (or has ever been false), that may be why there is such variation among subscribers to different categories. That’s in part what triggers the need for an admin to manage a user’s subscription.

  10. I just checked an old test a/c I created (not sure under which ver of S2) and nothing is checked on the “Automatically subscribe”.

    Also, using Ozh’s menu system, no Subscriptions submenu is available to the user. This is after I applied the patch to menu.php you provided in trac. If I de-activate Ozh’s menu system, the Subscription submenu appears and shows that user’s subscription settings.

    When I look at this old test a/c, 1/2 of current categories are not subscribed to, since they were created later and there is no “automatically subscribe” setting. Maybe this helps to explain users not getting emails?

    Is there a way to update all users to “Automatically subscribe” set to true? Even if you can explain what to change in phpMyAdmin, that would be great.

  11. Matt – With S2 4.6 I just completed a little test: I registered a new user, and there is nothing at all checked on that user’s “Automatically subscribe me to newly created categories:”

    This should default to Yes, or if the Admin is given a global default, to whatever that value is.

  12. Frisco,

    I’ll look at the default settings applied to the database when a new user subscribes. Obviously I’m missing some.

    With respect to the Admin Drop Down plugin, I’m using version 2.1 and it works for me.

  13. Hi! I need this plugin to send invitations to events. I use eventcalendar plugin for managing my events. So I post them as soon as I confirm them (we have events every week), in no chronological order (my theme orders them by the start date, pretty clever!). So, for example, I might post an event that will take place, lets say, in 4 months (the events are file under “next parties” category). So, there is no use for me to send via email the events right when I post them. I need to send the invitation one week before the event date, so people can remember them (makes sense?).

    Of course i can create and “invitation” category and copy-paste the event info and make the post one week before, but it would make me work twice.

    I thought that maybe if I mark the “next parties” posts as an “invitation” post the mail would be send, but it wasn’t. I don’t want to use future events because I need to show the event post on the blog.

    Any ideas? I have a few.

    What about a “send now” button on MANAGE POSTS list? Or the category idea: What If you update the post to be included in your “non exluded” categories so it can be send right away?

    Or better yet, an integration with eventcalendar so you can schedule your mails.

    Well… I thought this might help you to know other uses for your plugin.

    If I found any solution i will let you know.


  14. Hi!

    Just wanted to second the request to micro-manage individual subscribers’ categories/options from the admin panel in a future version. My subscribers are *not* web savvy and I’d love to be able to help them out without having to reset their passwords and login as them.


  15. Thanks for keeping this plugin updated Matt.

    Unfortunately the old bug in which only the admin receives notifications and none of the subscribers do has resurfaced.

    I’ve tried all the usual bugs fixes that have worked before, but to no avail this time. My host report nothing out of the ordinary and that their smtp server simply hasn’t been getting anything to send out to the subscribers.

    This happened after I updated to WP2.5, which is surprising that changing @wp-mail to @mail didn’t fix it. I’m at a loss for what to do which is a shame since it seems I will have to cope without Subscribe2 for a while.


    P.S: for info: server runs Linux (64bit), Apache 2.2.8 and PHP 5.2.5.

  16. Rick,

    Take a look at the mail() function in the subscribe2.php file and try stripping back the header information to an absolute minimum of detail. If things start working add the headers back in slowly until things break again and let me know where things start falling over.

  17. No working with Lyceum (Word press multi user)

    I am reporting this, there are something no making this nice plugin not to work with Lyceum



  18. Pat,

    Subscribe2 4.5 was the first version to make any claim of supporting WPMU. Since I don’t use WPMU and I am unable to set up an install to test on I am heavily restricted in developing this side. I have no idea about the database structure or what works and what doesn’t in the current set up. Sadly, I also lack the time to invest in this area so I don’t look at it a great deal.

  19. I have setup the Susbcribe page with the S2 option on separate line with one blank line above and below it. However the form doesn’t show up on the site in subscribe page. Please help.

    Also could I show the subscribe form on the right side bar instead?

  20. Hi,

    is it possible to change the Sender’s name? Subscribers have emailed me saying my Newsletter end up in the Spam filter, probably due to the “admin” as a Sender’s name.

  21. Shubie,

    Just visited your site and it works for me. Make sure you log out to see the form – the display is dynamic. See the Options->Subscribe2 page to enable the Sidebar Widget.

  22. it would be quite difficult for me to test it and im kind of a noob in php so is this the right line to replace:

    $headers = “From: ” . $this->myname . ” myemail . “>\n”;

    replace with

    $headers = “From: Schnäppchenfuchs\n”;

  23. Hiya,

    I’m having the same problem like Rick. I’m getting notifications, but apparently no one else:( I’m pretty new to WordPress and I’m not really knowledgable when it comes to php – has anyone found a fix for this already? I must admit, I’ve no idea where to start with this.

  24. hi,
    i am trying to activate this plug in but i get this error message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/misscrew/www/www/blog/wp-content/plugins/Subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 89

    i looked on line 89 but i’m not a code person so i’m not sure what i should be doing. any help would be most appreciated. thanks!

  25. Dear Subscribe2 author/maintainer (I couldn’t find your name, sorry),

    First of all, thanks for maintaining this excellent plugin!

    I’ve got a possible bug report for you. I’ve been having a bit of trouble with Subscribe2 emails not getting through, so I started digging through the code a bit (and contacting my hosting provider, but it seems that in this particular case, they do not deserve any blame 😉 ). This is the issue that I found:

    In subscribe2.php, we find s2class->mail. The BCC headers are built up, ending each line with \r\n. This is then submitted to wp_mail as one big string.

    wp_mail is defined in wp-include/pluggable.php. The current stable wordpress version has the following snippet of code:

    } elseif ( !is_array( $headers ) ) {
    // Explode the headers out, so this function can take both
    // string headers and an array of headers.
    $tempheaders = (array) explode( “\n”, $headers );
    $headers = array();
    // If it’s actually got contents
    if ( !empty( $tempheaders ) ) {
    // Iterate through the raw headers
    foreach ( $tempheaders as $header ) {
    if ( strpos($header, ‘:’) === false )

    As far as I can see, the header lines (as separated by \n) are assigned to $header, one by one, and if there’s no ‘:’ in a line it is thrown away. That will kill all but the first BCC line.

    I’m reverting to mail instead of wp_mail for now; that should help.


    Erik Postma.

    PS: I already submitted this to your contact form at, but that complained about problems with the mysql server. So you might want to check that. And if the earlier message did come through, sorry for the spam 🙂

  26. This is a terrific plugin…or at least an idea for one since I can’t seem to get it to work on my blog.

    I have a blog set up with 5 subscribers (all of mine, all to test out). 4 of the addresses are registered directly with my wordpress blog (not done through the Subscribe2 plugin). The 5th address is subscribed through the Subscribe2 plugin.

    First off, all 4 of my registered accounts are subscribed to all of the categories. But the 5th is not. Why is that?

    The only emails I receive are to my admin email address. No others are getting them. Any reason why this is?

    Beyond that, it looks like it would help out a lot of what I need, but I just can’t seem to figure it out. Any help?!?

  27. I’ve just tried the fix you suggested and after a first test I fear it’s still not working. The email was delivered to the admin account (twice!), but my two test email accounts did not get a notification:(

  28. AT,

    Read through the comments above and try some of the fixes relating to the BCC header and the use of mail() instead of wp_mail.

  29. I noticed that the blog time is not calculated correctly. In my wordpress settings I have -6 as my timezone. It looks like subscribe2 is just subtracting 6 hours from the server time and calling that the blog time. Unfortunately, my server time is not at UTC, instead it is at -5. This means I am actually getting -11 as my blog time.

    What you should be doing is taking the server time, figure out what timezone it is at, then subtract the difference and use that to subtract from the server time. In my example above you would find that the server time is -5 and my setting is -6 so the difference would be -1. You would then subtract -1 from the server time to get the blog time.

    By the way in the word press settings where I select the timezone it gives me the correct times right there. If you could use the built-in wordpress times it would be correct.

    Here is what wordpress gives:
    UTC time is 2008-05-02 20:18:28
    UTC -6 is 2008-05-02 14:18:28

    Here is what subscribe2 gives:
    Current server time is: May 2, 2008 @ 3:18 pm
    Current blog time is: May 2, 2008 @ 9:18 am

  30. One other thing. I tried changing the “Send Digest Notification at:” dropdown and it would not save. So I tried changing something else and the dropdown at the same time. This time it saved. The code must not recognize changes to the dropdown as valid.

  31. Thanks, will try that as well!

    Just to make sure. I replaced the string of code you suggested in two instances. Is that correct? Maybe I simply missed one and that’s the culprit.

  32. Ryan,

    Can you change the 3 instances of date() to gmdate() in the display_digest_choices function and let me know if that fixes you time issues.

    Also, the time can only be changed if you tick the box immediately underneath the time drop down

  33. Changing from date to gmdate seems to have worked. Except now where it says server time it is actually UTC time, but the blog time is correct.

    WordPress time:
    UTC time is 2008-05-04 4:43:28
    UTC -6 is 2008-05-03 22:43:28

    Subscribe2 time:
    Current server time is: May 4, 2008 @ 4:43 am
    Current blog time is: May 3, 2008 @ 10:43 pm

    Clicking the check box does save the time change, but changing the radio buttons above the time also saves the time. I changed from daily to weekly digests and changed the time from 12pm to 11pm and everything saved.

  34. I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (2.5) and it my old version of Subscribe2 broke. Since that time, I’ve updated to 2.5.1 and just found out about your latest release. I downloaded, unpacked and uploaded to the plugins folder, but am still getting a 500 server error when I try to activate. I looked at Line 50 of the code as suggested for fatal errors and the line you suggest changing to exists already. So, I just can’t figure out which plugin it’s not meshing with. Do you have any ideas of which ones don’t play well with yours. I sorely need your plugin to update my users and am losing traffic without having this solution in place. Thanks.

    Tony Z.

  35. Forget it…somehow I just got it to work. I deactivated Twitter Tools, activated Subscribe2 and voila, no 500 error. Weird.

    They should really have a plugin that exposes conflicts so you don’t have to do these things by trial and error.

  36. Ryan,

    Thanks for the confirmation, I’ll patch a fix for the next release.

    The scheduled time for CRON events would need to change if the interval between notifications was changed. If you just want to change the time you need to check the box.

  37. Tony,

    Glad you got it sorted out. I guess the problem may lie in the Twitter Tools plugin. There are so many plugin variations out there it’s difficult to do any extensive compatibility testing. It’s often hard enough to get your own plugin working with the WordPress core file changes, nevermind other plugins too! That’s the fun of free software!

  38. I’m using version 4.6 of your excellent plugin and all is working fine…except…I am the only one receiving full-text versions of the notifications. Everyone else only receives excerpts of the post.

    The only thing I can see is that everyone else on my list is a Public Subscriber (I do not have registered users, apart from myself).

    The only option I can see in the admin for type of post is for registered users and I have set this for HTML (I have also tried Plain Text-Full). How can I set it so that my public subscribers receive a full version of the post in the notification each time instead of having to go to the website first to view the full post?

    Also, where do I go to set the style for the HTML emails? They are only appearing in Times New Roman, and I would prefer to change the font.


  39. Thanks for the prompt reply. Yes, this is the nature of free software. I’m actually now getting a 500 error when posting. I just sent out a test to see if subs would get an email from the system. Haven’t seen an email come through yet after seeing the 500 error when I hit “publish”. Might take a while. Even though I got a 500 error, the post still went through. I usually just hit the back button and reload the “manage” page if that happens.

    So, things are still a little touch and go. I guess I have to figure out which plugin is now causing the conflict. Whether that be Twitter Tools or not.

    These are the plugins I’m running:

    Add to Any: Share/Save/Bookmark Button
    Ajax Comment Posting
    AJAX Login
    All in One SEO Pack
    Ask Apach RewriteRules Viewer
    Bread Crumb Trail Generator
    Clicky Web Analytics
    FLV Embed
    Google Analyticator
    Google XML Sitemaps
    NextGEN Galler
    Related Links
    Shortcode Autolink
    ShapShops for WordPress
    Subscrbie2 Debug
    Subscribe2 Unintaller
    Targana’s mp3 Player Plugin
    Twitter Tools
    Wordpress Theme Manager
    WP-Contact Form

    I’m wondering if AJAX Login has something to do with the issue. Will test, but I’m waiting for my web designer to post the widget code to my sidebar so I can have the Subscribe2 widget working.


  40. Peter,

    Public subscribers only get excerpts of your post. If you want to change this you can hack the code or pay me to do it for you.

    As for the HTML posts, the HTML is at a pretty simple level in that the post notification contains all the tags in your original post. The solution to your problem would be to specify the font in your post perhaps using the <font> tag.

  41. Ah, ok. That explains it then…no problem, I will look into changing the code slightly – I do PHP coding anyway, so not a problem for me to work out.

    Thanks for the HTML post tip…I will try that out 🙂 Many thanks!

  42. Peter,

    Yes, if you could figure it out, that would be great. I don’t know why others aren’t having the same problem. It must be a competing plugin, it’s just very difficult to turn them all on and off and figure out which one is causing the posting issue, because I would also have to continue to send out test posts, and i don’t want to do that.



  43. Hi,

    I have a problem with Subscribe2 v4.5 and the guys who upload my blog can’t figure out what’s the problem. WordPress v2.3.1 is installed. If I want to use subscribe on my blog , after I introduce the name, e-mail i receive this message : “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria”. Maybe it’s a simple question but for me would be a great help if you can help me with solving this problem.



  44. PJDany,

    If you are entering a name and an email then I presume you are registering a user using the WP core files.

    Have you tried updating to the latest in the WordPress 2.3.x branch?

  45. Matt, thanks for providing such comprehensive support for S2. I hope it isn’t at the expense of time with the family etc.

    I’ve tried all of the recommendations you made including stripping non-essential lines out of the headers but the problem with only me (as admin) getting mails persists.

    I even tried changing the BCC_LIMIT to 1 in the hope this would make S2 effectively send out individual emails to each subscriber. For some reason this didn’t work either which makes me suspect there is a problem with the generation of the BCC itself.

    As a temporary measure I’ve rolled back to version 4.2 which works perfectly. If I have time in the next few days I’ll sift through the code of 4.2 and 4.6 respectively and see if I find any differences that might be responsible.

  46. Rick,

    It does seem that there is a problem with the headers. Back at 4.2 the BCC headers were wrapped after each recipient and the email was pushed through mail() rather than wp_mail().

    Let me know if you figure out the choke point.

  47. Excellent plugin, and one I have been using for quite some time now! I have just upgraded to version 4.6 and while I was at it I thought I would pop a comment and ask if there is anyway of removing the ‘subscribe’ ‘unsubscribe’ radio buttons from the widget?… It would be great to simply have the ‘send’ button there and defaulted to ‘subscribe’… Is there any options i’ve missed to take these out or code I could take out to remove them or even a possible development idea for the future?

    Thanks once again for an excellent plugin!


  48. Richard,

    The radio buttons allow the plugin to send out the email with the link to activate the request. I won’t be changing this process as having automatic activation would allow email addresses to be subscribed without the email owners necessarily being involved. It would potentially open up your blog to spam email subscriptions and that is not something I am prepared to consider doing.

  49. Is there some way of attaching that link request to the ‘send’ button? So that it would work in exactly the same way but with only the option to subscribe?

  50. I am fairly new to blogging and want to install S2 on my new blog. How do I find out what version of WP I have so I can download the appropriate version. Also are there any ‘idiot proof’ directions for doing this and managing the S2 – I am swimming in jargon here!

    Thank you

  51. I guess you could play about with the default form in the code and remove the unsubscribe option and check the subscribe option by default – you’d have to apply that as a user level hack though.

  52. Telos,

    You WordPress version is given in every admin page at the bottom of the screen. As for installation instructions, check the full post for each version and the ReadMe.txt document included with the files. It’s all in there about how to install and get it working and you’ll learn a lot about WordPress and Subscribe2 by doing it yourself.

  53. I have used a few previous versions of Subscribe2, and am now having a common issue I suspect. I have read over numerous comments, but frankly, there are so different theories, I thought i would just throw it out there again.

    Here’s the issue: My Weekly Digest does send, but NOT to all my subscribers. I have never adjusted the Subscribe2 PHP file in the past, and it has never been an issue until now. When I ask my ISP, they can only tell me that there is a 25 recipient limit per each email. (I do not think that has ever caused me a problem before.) And, they have no additional information for me, logs, etc. And, I have no return receipts.

    Matt, give your best tip to get this resolved!

  54. Patrick,

    A solution to this is built in to Subscribe2 🙂 Find the subscribe2.php file and open it in an editor, find the following line:

    define('BCCLIMIT', '0');

    And change it to:

    define('BCCLIMIT', '24');

    This will tell the plugin to send individual emails to a maximum number of 24 recipients in the BCC header (plus the To address which is you). Hopefully, providing there are not other limitations on the server you’ll find that your emails are delivered.

  55. Thanks Matt. In order to further troubleshoot this, what order does your plugin send emails from the subscriber list database? Alphabetic? Trying to determine who did/did not receive the digest.

  56. Patrick,

    The subscribers would be sent to in the order they are pulled from the database. Best bet is to have a look at the Subscribe2 table in phpMyAdmin.

  57. There should be a better management of email template. Unfortunatelly this is too simple and although i have set to HTML emails it is sending plain text. Anyway, at least is sending :).
    Maybe a record of sent emails and body of email would be a good add-on.

  58. Olimpiu,

    The HTML emails are only sent to registered subscribers and essentially the HTML just retains the formatting of the content in your original post – although you can add fancy stuff in the template area, such as graphics as these will be stripped out for the plain text emails.

    Sorting a record of ‘sent’ emails is easier said than done. WP-Mail() and mail() may return a true once they execute but the email may still not truly send if it is blocked on the server. Adding something like this would simply have even more people blaming subscribe2 for non-sending emails when it is entirely the server side that is the problem.

  59. Danilo,

    If the emails are in different formats this is expected behaviour, a copy of each of the 3 email types (plaintext excerpt, plaintext full and HTML) are sent to you as admin and each subscriber is added to the BCC header.

  60. Great plugin! Is there any way to email only certain Roles? For example if I wanted to message only Authors or only Subscribers?

  61. Michael,

    This is not available in Subscribe2 at the moment. I may look at building that in at some future point but I’m far to busy with work and family at the moment,

  62. Hi!

    First of all a BIG THANK YOU for this plug in! I upgraded to ver 4.6 today and oops, something went wrong.

    I am able to subscribe, receive an email with the activation link. But when I click the link it takes me to a page I did not specify in “define(‘S2PAGE’,’4′);” As you can see, I specified a page number 4 but it seems to take me to page number 5…

    I moved back to 4.5, which is working fine for me at the moment.

    Any hint welcome 🙂

    Thanks again and keep up the work!


  63. I have been using this plugin for about a year on a server that did not have any smtp limitations. I have about 740 subscribers. Unfortunately, the server had other major problems and we have decided to move the site. I have hosted the site on since you list it here I figured it would be the best place for it thinking you would be most familiar with their services.

    Anyway, according to hostican support if I set the BCCLIMIT to 100 it adds 100 reciepients to the email (this is my understanding) support is telling me that this is considered 100 emails and would be blocked. They recommend that the emails get staggered so that only a few go out every minute. Is there any way to do this? I do not want to upgrade to VDS because I really cannot afford it.

    I had also looked at Dreamhost as a possibility, but they have the same limitation as hostican. I have already tried a couple of smtp plugins so that I could try using gmail’s smtp but could not get any to work. Any ideas? What do other people do since it seems all hosts are putting these types of limitations on their plans.

  64. Great plugin

    Hello, I need to insert a form in the home, which is the code ?

    There is another question translation into Spanish plugin?


  65. Marilyn,

    Not many hosts offer cheap hosting packages without restrictions – that’s why I use VPS for my sites.

    I’m looking at the core WordPress files and there may be a way to channel email via SMTP so it might get around on server limits – but it might not. If you are up for a challenge would you like to test some code?

  66. Thank you (as usual) for your quick response. A challenge sounds like fun!

    Unfortunately, in the time that I made my post I’ve decided to move from hostican to my regular host who said they would work with me. I still would love to help you improve this plugin, but I need another day to setup on the new host. I will let you know as soon as I’m all yours!

  67. Correct question

    What is the php code to put the call to the download table in a template?

    I tried but it doesn’t work….


  68. Nicolas,

    The plugin is not intended to work like that. Please use the token in a page or the SideBar widget. If you want to hack it to get it working that’s fine but you are on your own.

  69. Ok, I’ve got the site up and running on my new host, but noticed that you have just added a post regarding this exact SMTP issue. Do you want me to give that a try?

  70. Marilyn,

    I was going to ask you to test that plugin before I released it into the wild but I tested it on one of my own sites. Certainly give it a try and see if it fixes your issue – let me know if it does please.

  71. Matt,

    I have the benefit of having a dev site which is running V4.6. I only have 3 subscribers entered. When I attempt to send an email to my subscribers, only the site admin gets an email. So, now I know it’s not a BCC limit issue, etc.

    On my production site, I dropped my BCC limit down to 20. The result? I (admin) receive numerous duplicate emails, and no subscribers receive emails.

    So… what do you make of this information?

  72. Patrick,

    Have you tried amending the subscribe2.php code to remove the \r\n from the BCC headers or tried using mail() instead of wp_mail?

  73. Ref: ‘David, are you using any caching plugins?’

    I am using the WP-Cache plug-in but it is deactivated at the moment as I am working on major updates…

  74. I can’t seem to unsubscribe from emails. If I uncheck all categories in the profile page, either for myself as the main admin user (and main writer of posts) or as a dummy account I created- I still am listed under “manage subscribe2” section under “registered users” and still get emails about each post. Any ideas?

    Mainly, as I write all the posts, I don’t need to get emails about them so I’d just as soon turn that off.

  75. Aasorg,

    You are still a registered use of the site so you will appear in that list! You get emails because you are the admin, they are sent to you with your subscribers in the BCC header.

  76. Hi

    Installed the plugin and widget and when I enter an email to register and click the send button I get a “The page cannot be displayed” message and no confirming email is sent.

    I am using a smtp mail plugin WP-Mail-SMTP… is it compatible? Could that be the problem.

    Thanks for your help looking forward to trying out the plugin and donate $.


  77. Rich,

    The error is occurring much earlier than the WP-Mail-SMTP plugin. Do you have other plugins on your install? Any that deal with re-directs?

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