Known Issues in Subscribe2 4.5

Well, it seems that WordPress 2.5 and Subscribe2 4.5 are being used massively judging by the rapid number of comments on the release of the latest version of this plugin 🙂

There appear to be 4 major problems people are running into:

  1. Fatal Errors
  2. Missing Profile Page
  3. Missing Emails
  4. Altered Page Titles

Fatal Errors:

This is most likely being caused by conflicts with other plugins that use buttonsnap.php. To fix this look at around line 50 in subscribe2.php for the following code:

require(ABSPATH . 'wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php');

And replace it with:

if (!function_exists(buttonsnap_textbutton)) {
	require(ABSPATH . 'wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php');

Missing Profile Page:

This is a bug introduced by the new menu system in WordPress 2.5. Either use a Drop Down Menu Plugin or apply the fix I submitted to the trac.

Missing Emails:

I’ve gone back to using wp_mail() in this release and it’s working fine for me. If you are having problems go back to mail() by replacing instances of @wp_mail( with @mail( in the subscribe2.php file. Also, read this post and contact your site host about email restrictions and ask them to look at the server logs.

Altered Page Titles:

Again, this is a bug in the WordPress code files. See here for the fix.


39 thoughts on “Known Issues in Subscribe2 4.5

  1. Thanks for this post. I logged on to your site for support regarding the Fatal Error and WHAM! the answer was right in front of me before I had to do anything.

    I haven’t had a chance to use the plugin yet, but I think it’s exactly what I was looking for. I only wish you’d let even unregistered users opt for a HTML email. A lot of the people I expect subscribing to my blog probably don’t have the time (or patience) to register on the site.

  2. Hi

    Tried doing all your changes, even reverted back to my original blog name… and yet somehow subscription emails are being tracked by gmail as SPAM. So either I think there is a fault in the way that subscribe2 sends out mail headers (I highly doubt that) OR most likely, WP 2.5 just screwed up.

    Is there a way to revert back to WP 2.3.3?

  3. Have been messing with this for around 2 days. It appears to me that subscribe2 is only sending out the first email in my subscriber list. I have read the information on 998 characters and the wrapping issue. I am very concerned of implementing the wrapping fix due to the character limitation.


  4. Brandon,

    Have you tried using mail() instead of wp_mail and have you tried amending the bcc: header construction using different line breaks?

  5. I have Subscribe2 4.5, in the plugins section it says there’s updates available for the following:

    Subscribe2 Debug 1.0

    Produces Debug Information for the Subscribe2 plugin. By Matthew Robinson.
    Inactive Activate | Edit
    There is a new version of Subscribe2 Debug available. Download version 4.5 here or upgrade automatically.
    Subscribe2 Uninstaller 1.0

    Uninstalls the Subscribe2 plugin from Manage->S2 Uninstaller. By Matthew Robinson.
    Inactive Activate | Edit
    There is a new version of Subscribe2 Uninstaller available. Download version 4.5 here or upgrade automatically.

  6. Great Plugin! I am using it with WordPress 2.3.1 and it works great. One question: I would like to send a notification email that allows to do a direct download of files that are uploaded on my post. So far I can only see e.g. “” in the email but it is not possible to download the .zip directly without entering my blog. Is it possible to send a notification mail with a direct download link?

    I hope I could make myself clear…:-)

  7. Moritz,

    If you want to place a link into your email notification you will have to specify the full link in the post. So rather than you’ll have to enter

    If you want the zip attached to the email this is on my long list of things to add to Subscribe2 when I find the time – and that isn’t likely to be soon 😦

  8. I am having an issue with the distribution to confirmed subscribers (not registered). I changed the @wp_mail back to @mail and that seemed to work, my subscribers received a notification. Later in the afternoon another admin level user made a post that I received a notification for, but none of the subscribers received the the post. Any ideas?

  9. I should add that before the upgrade to WordPress 2.5 / subscribe2 4.5, I was not experiencing these difficulties

  10. Eric,

    In Options->Subscribe2 have you set notifications to come from the author or the blog admin. If it is the former try changing to the latter.

  11. Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.

    The above message shown while i try to unsubscibe my earlier email.

    Pls help. TQ.

  12. Eric,

    Try setting the notifications to come from blog admin, it is possible that the author had an email that is being blocked by the sending mail agent for some reason.

  13. It’s not that consistent. For instance, as admin, I sent out a notice yesterday morning that was distributed to the subscriber list successfully. As I noted in a post above, another admin level person posted later in the day without the distribution happening. Late last night, I posted again, and this time my post failed to generate notification messages.

    It’s all quite confusing.

  14. Eric,

    This is beginning to sound more like a restriction issue on the server, check with your host if they are blocking your emails. They may have a policy that you can send so many emails per day and you are maybe exceeding that limit which would explain why it works early in the morning but not by the afternoon.

  15. Possibly, but I didn’t have that problem before the upgrade, and I have been using your plug in for around 6 months. I will check with my server.

  16. Eric,

    I understand what you are saying but any upgrade can upset the apple cart. It’s worth upgrading for the security benefits but there are often teething problems with new releases. It may also have coincided with a change of policy by your provider purely by chance.

  17. I’m getting the following error when trying to subscribe a new (un-registered) user via the widget..

    “Sorry, there seems to be an error on the server. Please try again later.” Any ideas to what may be causing this?

  18. with what file and where in that file can I change the size of the public accessable email address input box?


  19. Mike,

    Please try to not cross post comments when asking for help.

    You should look at the code in Subscribe2.php in the load_strings() function at the $this->form string. It defines the size of the text box as 20 – change it to whatever you like.

  20. Eric,

    If emails are being sent to registered users but not to public users then the issue is on the server. Subscribe2 is a pretty simple plugin when you get to the email stage – it either sends or is doesn’t. Some sending is a sign of limitations or issues on the server. Please take this up with your hosting provider.

  21. hello administrator

    really usefull plugin. nice work. the only thing that kills my happiness is the look of the form. where can i change the look of the form?


  22. superdesignblog,

    The Form uses your themes CSS so have a look at your theme code, also if you want to tinker directly with the form layout it’s in the subscribe2.php file defined as $this->form in the load_strings() function.

  23. OK, I surrender. I just can’t get Subscribe2 to send mail to anyone but me.

    I’m running WordPress 2.5 and S2 4.5. The problem is textbook: I have four users, three of whom are different e-mail addresses of mine (for testing purposes); the other is my wife’s. Two of my addresses are even registered.

    When I add a post, only one message comes through to me.

    I reinstalled. I changed the three “wp_mail”s to “mail.” I came up with new curse words. No joy.

    I am running three other plugins: Akismet, WordPress Automatic Upgrade, and WordPress Database Backup.

    Any ideas? Any suggestions? I know this has come up a lot, but I’ve tried everything I’ve found here — maybe I missed something, though.


    (Oh, and you can subscribe yourself at

  24. Oh, and “Mail Subscribers” also only goes to me, not to the other addresses on the list. If that makes a diff.

  25. Thanks for the quick response. And yes, sir, I made the changes. The lines now read:

    if ( (!empty($recipient)) && ($this->myemail != $recipient) ) {
    (” == $bcc) ? $bcc = “Bcc: $recipient” : $bcc .= “,$recipient”;

    I note that in the example on the page you pointed me to, the characters before “Bcc” is a double-quotation mark (“), but in the file I see two apostrophes (”). I doubt it makes a difference, but I figured I’d point it out.

    Still no joy. Only I get the messages.

    Is there some diagnostic or experiment I could run to test for something?


  26. (Funny — both the quotation mark and double apostrophe appeared the same in my post above. It should be ” and ‘ ‘.

  27. Andrew,

    The next things to check are as follows:

    Try changing the Bcc: to Cc:. This will use Carbon Copy instead of Blind Carbon Copy. Subscribers will be able to see each others email addresses but you will then know if the issue is limited to the BCC header usage in you mail transfer agent.

    Then provide the results of your testing to your hosting provider and ask them about the restrictions and limitations they put on emails being sent out by your blog.

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