Subscribe2 4.5

Version 4.5 of the Plugin is now available for download. (A little earlier than I’d hoped but WordPress 2.5 is out!)

Version 4.5 is for WordPress 2.3.x and 2.5.x users only! This version has been tested on WordPress 2.3.3 and 2.5RC2.

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Added Support for WordPress 2.5!
  • Fixed HTML typo in admin submission message
  • Fixed time display for cron jobs in Options->Subscribe2 when displayed on blogs using a time offset
  • Added Debug plugin to the download package
  • Improved descriptions of email template keywords in Options->Subscribe2
  • Display subscribers in batches of 50 in Manage->Subscribers
  • Fixed some XHTML validation errors
  • Improved admin menu layout for compliance with WordPress 2.5
  • Reverted to using wp_mail instead of mail to ensure proper header encoding
  • Improved mail header formatting – thanks to Chris Carlson
  • Add ability to skip email notification using a Custom Field (s2mail set as ‘no’)
  • Improved CSV export – thanks to Aaron Axelsen
  • Added some compatibility for WPMU – thanks to Aaron Axelsen
  • Added some error feedback to blog users if mails fail to send
  • Moved Buttonsnap due to far to many fatal error complaints
  • Added option to send notifications for Private posts
  • Improved handling of notification for Password Protected Posts

There is still one known issue caused by a glitch in the WordPress core files. A Fix is discussed here.

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder and buttonsnap.php file are uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

176 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.5

  1. Mads,

    I’ve just pulled down the release version of 2.5 and added my plugin – works for me. Make Sure you replace the entire subscribe2 folder as I’ve moved some files about. This may be contributing to the fatal error.

    Other than that it all looks fine from my side – if you can’t get it working at all can you let me have more detail.

  2. oki. I made a test. If you have subribe2 and cformII on your wp installation you have to disable cformsII before activating Subscribe2. When Subscribe2 is activated you can reactivate cformsII. They are working fine side by side once both are activated.

    cheers mads

  3. to me it seems it also conflicts with the “embedded video with link” plugin. i cannot run both of them regardless which one i activate first.

  4. John,

    Can you tell me how you uploaded the latest version? Did you use the WordPress built in upgrade function or FTP? What other plugins? Does it work when others are deactivated?

    I’ve got a test install of WordPress 2.5 and my plugin and it works fine.

  5. I was getting the fatal error as well for WP 2.5. I slowly tracked it down to this other plugin:

    Viper’s Video Quicktags, v5.2.3.

    With it inactive, Subscribe2 will activate. I upgraded VVQ to the latest v5.4.1 but it still conflicts with Subscribe2 (only one of these two plugins can be active at a time).

    Hmm, now that WP 2.5 has a full media library, I won’t need VVP?

  6. Subscribe2 4.5 works for me on WordPress 2.5. Have not noticed any problems after making 10 news posts. All subscriber emails are being sent.

    Thanks for the update.

  7. Oh man, I’m so happy!

    After Askimet and All in One SEO, Subscribe2 is the plug-in my clients and I are MOST INTERESTED in, and I’ve been struggling since day one to get it running corrently on WP 2.3 — esp. the tag in a WP page.

    I finally figured out today based on a hint in found here that despite the fact I was leave a blank line above and below that tag, the editor in WP, even in code view, was wrapping … around that tag, and I couldn’t figure out how to stop that. . . . I decided to try upgrading to WP 2.5 along with upgrading to Subscribe2 4.5 ( I tried upgrading to Subscribe2 4.5 first, but I got so many errors I couldn’t possibly document them, so all the more reason to try upgrading the full nine yards, as it were ).

    For the first time EVER! I’m actually seeing Subscribe to output being generated on my page with πŸ™‚

    However, I still can’t get Subscribe2 and CForms II to run side-by-side. Whichever one I activate first causes a fatal error when activating the other . . . . but for me, Subscribe2 trumps CForms II.

    I haven’t yet done a full kicking of the tires after these upgrades, but will be doing that now and then report back.

  8. I had the same issue with Viper’s Video Quicktags…whatever one wasn’t activated first would cause a fatal error when trying to activate. Also, I tried the new upgrade automatically feature…everything worked well, but it appears the zip file has an extra directory in it, causing the plugin directory to be too “deep” into it. Same thing when I downloaded it and and unzipped it. Anyway, thanks Matt…it’s working like a charm now.

  9. There’s also a conflict with the wp-table plugin – whichever is installed first causes the other to throw a fstal error when you try to activate it. They did not have a conflict before, and right now cannot be installed together.

    I use both plugins heavily – right now, I need wp-table more, so subscrive2 will have to be deactivated until this is fixed – happy to supply whatever info required


  10. Hi,

    regarding to Mads Christian Jensen’s post I have a problem at the activating Subsribe2 (I like this plugin very much), too. I have the cformII, as well. Unfortunately the method how Christian had activated his plugins is not working. I have to choose between the two plugins: this or that is activated.
    I would be really pleased to have the solution for this problem because I would miss this plugin very much.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Rob and Ken,

    It would seem the Viper’s Visoe QuickTags is not supporting WordPress 2.5 (yet…) according to the compatability page.

    Mads and Sean,

    I have Subscribe2 4.5 and CFormsII 8.02 running side by side on my test site. What version are you guys running?

  12. Matt,

    When I try to do one-click upgrade, it failed. I guess the previous version was not compatible with the 2.5 one click upgrade routine. I’ll wait and see how it works when you update your plugin again (not that it’s needed)

    great job! πŸ™‚

  13. Ouch. Thanks for finding that forum post, Matt. That’s a pain. OK, will check out a new solution.

    All the best

  14. Just upgraded to ver 4.5 (from 4.4) running under WP 2.3.3. Took a post that was private & pw protected, removed the pw and published it. Emails appear to have been sent to registered subscribers, but not confirmed subscribers, in so far as I’ve entered my own email a/c as a confirmed subscriber and received nothing.

    Can anyone confirm this is working before I dig a little deeper?

  15. Uploaded the plugin with the automatic upgrade function in 2.5 – fatal error.

    Tried to reload the old 4.4 version. Doesn’t show up in the plugin-folder.

    Deleted the whole plugin and reloaded 4.5 – still can’t see it in teh plugin-folder of the WP-dashboard, even it’s in the plugin folder …

    What could the error be?!

  16. Fixed! Plugin wasn’t recognized when the complete Subscribe2-folder uploaded – with the Subscribe2-subfolder things look smooth again.

  17. Frisco,

    This is expected behaviour – Private posts are only accessible by registered users who are logged in so it would seem pretty pointless mailing out to public subscribers who won’t be able to view the post.

    If you think it should work differently let me know how and why.

  18. Perhaps my comment wasn’t clear. The post started off as pw protected and private. Then I removed the pw and published the post. I gave the history of the post just in case that made a difference. So the post was published and available to everyone.

    The emails did go out to registered subscribers (registered users on the blog) bid did not go out to confirmed subscribers, at least not to my email a/c. I don’t know if this is because of the history of my post or not, but I’ve been writing/publishing posts this way for some time, and under ver 4.4 it worked fine where emails were sent to confirmed subscribers once the post was un-pw protected and published.

    I also don’t know if I’ve run into the BCC issues, which maybe with a different # of registered users + confirmed users I didn’t hit before. So my issue still is outstanding. Any suggestions of where to look next would be appreciated.

    Btw, I do agree with the expected behavior as you describe it, which again, isn’t my case. And to clarify, aren’t private posts only available to logged in users above a certain user level?

  19. Frisco,

    Hmm, so your post was private and password protected but you removed the password and published. Under WordPress 2.5 this would still be a private post but under WordPress 2.3.3 I think it may not be private any more – is that correct?

    If this is true then I think what you are seeing is down to a code change for WordPress 2.5.

    If you had the options set to not send posts for password protected and the password was not blank then no emails would send at all so I think the issue is related to the private status. If you want to change behaviour look for the comment line:

    // Are we sending notifications for Private posts?

    And change the $check from true to false.

  20. Here’s what’s confusing me…perhaps you can explain: why would the post be private under WP 2.5 since it is now published? Doesn’t publishing make it not private, or did this change under 2.5?

    I don’t want to send emails for private posts, but I think Subscribe2 and WP should reflect that the ‘private’ status is gone once the post is published. Under WP 2.3.3, a post could be either private or published, but not both. Maybe I’m missing something because I haven’t upgraded to WP 2.5, but can a post be both ‘private’ and ‘published’ under 2.5? My options are set to Not send emails for both private and pw protected posts. I’d be reluctant to change these options, since the only protection that emails wouldn’t go out would be the pw protection. If I forgot to enter a pw, emails would go out for these private (really draft/incomplete) posts.

    How is making the code change different from just changing the option setting in the admin panel?

  21. Frisco,

    As you righly point out, Published a ‘private’ post in WordPress 2.3.3 removed the private-ness and published the post.

    In WordPress 2.5 a post can be Published and Private.

    It sounds like you are using private to tag a post as draft. The key difference here is that a post saved as private is visible to registered users (on both version of WordPress) but a draft is only visible in the admin panel to registered users with authoring capability. This WordPress Codex page describers the options better than me.

    It sounds to me from what you describe that you would be better server saving posts as drafts (using ‘save’ or ‘save and continue editing’) to keep the post as draft until you are ready to publish.

  22. In worpress 2.5 I still get “fatal error” when activating the subscribe2 plugin. I have viperΒ΄s video tag running but I think it’s not the issue… help needed, please! Thanks

  23. Thanks for the info. On the codex page you provided, it says:

    “Private posts are completed posts that are never intended for public consumption. Only you (and anyone with direct MySQL database access) will be able to read the post.”

    It admits to being outdated info, and I admit to being confused. In reading some of the trac tickets, I think I should clarify what I did:

    I had a pw protected post that had a post status of private. I removed the pw, changed the post status to Published, and then clicked “Save” (rather than “Publish”).

    The other thing is that I did a quick test on a user’s role relative to seeing private posts. I logged in as a user with a role of Subscriber and I could NOT see private posts. I changed that user’s role to Editor, and I could see private posts. So, for me at least, running 2.3.3, I disagree with what you’re saying about a post saved as private being visible to registered users.

    How does a post have a status of published AND private. Wouldn’t that require another status of published-really published?

    I know clarifying/explaining this is beyond just supporting your plugin (which you do a tremendous job of, btw), but IIRC you weighed in on the issue on one of the tickets I read, and the interaction of post status w/Subscribe2 could be an issue for a lot of folks.

  24. Hi

    My bad… actually everytime I upload a new version of subscribe2 and make a post, gmail puts it into spam. I don’t know why it does this but I just need to say that “it’s not spam” and everything works fine till the next version comes out.

    Anyway the point being – This version works out of the box..

  25. Hi,

    Installation etc everything works for me. I can Go to write and email subscribers and it works too.
    But only my scheduled post or email per post are not working. I tried both settings. And when ever I post a new content, its not being sent out.
    When I have a daily digest set, that also does not seem to have any email sent.

    No one has received the emails including both registered and public subscribers.

    Need help.

  26. Frisco,

    I think the handling of Private posts has changed between 2.3 and 2.5 then, it certainly seems that a post can be private and published in 2.5. I’ve not had time to check accessibility of the post yet.

    In terms of what you did to edit the post – I think it may be because you pressed save rather than publish. I’ll keep looking and see if I can figure it out but my focus will be on WordPress 2.5 now.

  27. Saran,

    This sounds very much like emails are being blocked by your hosting server. Contact your hosting provider and ask them to check the server logs and about any limitations for outgoing emails.

  28. Kerry,

    Kimli hasn’t been updated for a while so I’m not sure that it fully supports WordPress 2.5. There does appear to be a conflict. If I get any spare time I’ll see if I can figure out where it occurs.

  29. Hi Matt

    Just wanted to update you (and others having fatal error with cforms plugin) that I installed latest cforms 8.1 and now both plugins work fine…

  30. And yeah, there is one problem I wanted to report. ON doing the one-click upgrade from WP2.5 for latet version of subscribe2, there is a problem that subscribe2 ends up being one level too deep in the plugins directory. It becomes (plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2/)

  31. Shantanu,

    Thanks for the information about CForms and the One-Click Upgrade. I suspected there may have been an issue there and I have now flattened the SVN structure so that upgrading should work.

  32. I upgraded to WP 2.5, and I haven’t had time to check what changed in the db on user status, but I agree with you that the UI makes it appear that a post can now be both Published and Private.

    However, keeping in mind that I upgraded to 2.5 after changing the post status from Private to Published and then saving under 2.3.3, that post shows up in 2.5 as Published without the Private check box checked off. That tells me that the post was not private, but Subscribe2 didn’t send out the emails. If the 2.5 Private check box was checked for that post after my upgrade, I’d say that this was a WP change.

    In a few days, I’ll take a post under 2.5 that is Published and Private, uncheck the Private check box, and then Save. I’ll let you know if Subscribe2 sends out the emails.

    Is it fair to say that it should send out the emails if I do that?

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  34. Frisco,

    My honest answer is I don’t know what will happen. Subscribe2 hooks into the transition API of WordPress and I’m not sure if the transition hooks are called when a post is saved. If they are called then Subscribe2 will send.

  35. Hi,

    All seems to be right in admin and I can send posts. But, please tell me how I activate that Subscribe-form in public pages? How that form code should be done?


  36. Arto,

    Insert the token into a page or use the Widget. The token can be inserted into a page manually or by activating the button in options and clicking on it when it appears in the toolbar under the Write menu.

  37. I upgraded to 4.5 after upgrading WP. Before both upgrades the plugin was working properly, but now on three different blogs on three different servers are not sending out emails. I did not use the auto update feature in the new version of WP, I did it as the instructions said in the readme file.

    Any ideas?


  38. hi

    i had a fatal error message when trying to activate subscribe2 4.5 in wordpress 2.5 – traced the problem to a conflict with another plugin, contact form ][ version 2.0.13. subscribe2 works if a deactivate the contact form plugin.

    now have to decide what to do as i need both!



  39. I confirm the results that klitscher reports. The automatic install from the WP admin plugin page put everything one directory too deep. I adjusted it manually and everything works great!!

  40. I’m a new user to WP and to Subscribe2. I saw on an old post that i had to change a line for to be able to send emails not only on publish but also when i am updating the posts.

    The code was to change the following line

    add_action(‘edit_post’, array(&$this, ‘edit’));


    add_action(‘edit_post’, array(&$this, ‘publish’));

    Is this valid to this new version? I am searching the code and i cannot find it.

    and for the plug in

  41. Dear Mr Administrator,
    I use the most Subscribe2 along with the most recent WordPress Release.
    When you were testing the new release of your great plugin, did you come across the profile page for subscribers? When I log in with the subscriber’s account i use to test my own blog, I cannot manage my subscriptions unless I browse to the subscribe2.php directly!

    Would you mind having a thought about that problem?

    Kind regards!

  42. Hi admin,

    When i auto subscribe my users to all categories. Non of them get their emails. The reason i found is i think due to by default.. Users have to login and select the format html or text and either full or excerpt of the post.. By default even when i made all users subscribed, the choice of html/text/full post etc is blank/unchecked.

    How do I make sure everyone single subscriber is checked with at least some setting ?

  43. Here are my latest results:

    Under WP 2.5 and S2 4.5 I took a post that was Published with the Private checkbox ticked and a pw set and removed the pw, unticked the Private checkbox, and saved the post.

    S2 did send emails (just like it did with WP 2.3.3) but I strill didn’t get one on an email a/c where I’m a confirmed subscriber rather than a registered subscriber. This was the same outcome as under WP 2.3.3, so I don’t think my problem is with the pw or private settings (which always worked before).

    Perhaps with new registered or confirmed subscribers I’ve hit some limit with my host? Perhaps my host has changed some configuration? Is there a way to see what emails S2 caused the server to send out, so I can count them and see if it matches some milestone?

  44. Yiannis,

    That line is not in the new code but can be inserted if you wish. It was taken out when the new transition hooks were introduced so I’m not sure if it will work or if it will continue to be supported by WordPress in the future.

  45. Frisco,

    Thanks for your continued efforts in debugging this issue. Can you confirm with your hosting provider that they are not blocking any emails. They may be able to provide a list of emails that were successfully sent and another list of any that were blocked.

  46. Frisco and Administrator,

    Today I installed, an instance of wp 2.5 and subscribe2 4.5, on a local machine, and remote host also(own machine). Got same problem, when create a new post, subscribe not sent email to list of confirmed subscribers, only sent email to first confirmed subscriber from the list. Also makes on the “Write->Mail Subscribers” menu.

    Any Idea!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  47. Mike,

    Sorry but are you saying that emails from β€œWrite->Mail Subscribers” don’t send either? Are ANY emails coming from either site? Check what the server logs contain about blocked emails.

  48. Hi,

    Widget is activated. I try to put it manually to template. Form seems so dead. What should I do more?

    Get rss to your email

  49. Is there a way to do a form in the sidebar so new users can simply enter their email address, click submit, and they are added to the email list?

  50. I can confirm what Mike reported. In ver 4.5, the email is only sent out to the first confirmed subscriber. My host has no BCC limit (only limit is 500 per hour per domain).

    Just to clarify, this is not a WP 2.5 issue so much as it appears a S2 4.5 issue, because this problem existed with WP 2.3.3 & S2 4.5, and WP 2.5 & S2 4.5, but it did NOT occur with WP 2.3.3 & S2 4.4.

    If I can provide any further info to help you track it down, let me know.

  51. I don’t want to use HTML email.

    How do I get rid of the OPTION to use HTML email, that appears during the subscription process and also appears in the subscription options in the User section?

    I don’t want my users to see even the suggestion that HTML email is possible.


  52. Dear Admin

    Yes it will be helpful for me to add again back the line to be able to send email even when i am saving a post. Is it just only a cut and paste from the old code to the new one or do i have to do something more?

    I understand off coarse that may be not work and the problem may be the wordpress but i want to give it a try. Otherwise i have to think about some other logic on how i will update my posts.


  53. (Now I’m Mike 2 :))


    Yes “Write->Mail Subscriber” only sent an email, exactly for the first subscriber confirmed from the list, subscribe2 worked also like when create a new post.

    Frisco and Admin,

    I,ll going to try resolve this bug, looking on the code, if have a news of this, I’ll post on here. And if you have any idea or try resolve by the code, please report on. πŸ™‚


    Frisco, you say that wp 2.3.3 and s2 4.4 worked well?

  54. Brady,

    Use the Widget, there is no way to override the Subscribe and Unsubscribe option though – the confirmation step is in there to prevent bulk subscribing by bots.

  55. Mike2 / Frisco,

    I’ve got a few suggestions for you to try:

    1/ Try using Subscribe2 4.4 under WordPress 2.5. (everything except the editor button should work)
    2/ Using Subscribe2 4.5, look in the code for the mail() function and change the 2 instances of @wp_mail to @mail
    3/ Try changing the line break in the BCC header in the mail() function (see here)

  56. Admin,

    I followed, the steps 2 and 3, and you know?, it works!!. a lot of thanks for all. However, it’s in an instance new of wp 2.5 and s2 4.5, but think this worked fine on an instance upgraded. I’ll tell you, if work like this.

    Thank you one more time

  57. Mike2,

    Thanks for the feedback – they were intended as different things to try so it’s good to know you are still on version 4.5. Perhaps you could revert one of the changes you made to see if one or the other fixed things.

  58. okay, since my first inquiry does not seem to solicitate any attention.. i’ll ask again:

    why can only the admin browse to the subscription settings by browsing via the Users link in the dashboard?

    and why does no newly registered user receive any notofication emails even though i chose to automatically subscribe every new user?
    they have to go to the settings (wich are unavailable from the dashboard) and choose what format they prefer to get, since the automatic subscription does not set anything..

    i’ll be glad if you would share some thoughts about this

  59. Carlos,

    Sorry I missed replying to your first comment – it’s been a little busy on here recently!

    People who register with your blog can manage their subscriptions at Users->Subscriptions. If you have chosen to automatically subscribe new users then anyone who registers with your site will be subscribed to your categories and your chosen mail settings.

    If none of your subscribers are getting emails you need to follow this up with your host provider. They can tell you if they have restrictions in place and also explain why your emails are being blocked if there are no restrictions.

    To check if auto-subscriptions are working look in Manage->Subscribers at the number of subscribers you have to each of your categories, then register a new user and look again, they should all go up by 1.

  60. Is there a way to make the Subscribe2 Debug plugin (or even Subscribe2 itself) give an option of sending the site admin 1 email with a list of the email addresses (maybe also include other info like title, email type, subscriber type, such as registered subscriber, confirmed subscriber, etc) for the last batch of emails that Subscribe2 sent out? This would be a faster way to resolve “did it get sent?” questions in shared hosting environments.

  61. Following the above step #2 seems to have worked for me! Thanks for the help and the great plugin!

  62. It does not seem to work with me for some very strange reason. Whenever I make a post, I get an email from my blog but it goes into my spam folder but none of my subscribers have an email – even in their spam folders. I don’t know what went wrong with this build

  63. Admin,

    didn’t mean no harm!
    Thanks for you answering, but unfortunately all of this is what i know and how it worked on my blog before WP2.5!

    Thing is, there is no Subscritions Tab on the user menu anymore, if registering as a Subscriber and NOT as Admin..

    And the thing is, newly registered Users DO appear in the Subscriber’s Manager as registered to all my categories, but DO NOT get any mail UNLESS they go to their subscription settings (which are unavailable in their profile settings) and check all the boxes manually!

    I cannot imagine this is not happening to anyone else.. Did you check Subscription2 as user, too? If you have 5 Minutes, you may want to register on and see for yourself…

    πŸ™‚ Yes i know!

  64. Let me elaborate in the issues I’ve been having on my WP 2.5 blog:

    New post notification emails (using the subscribe2 plugin) are not being sent to other users. For some very strange reason, only I seem to be getting new post notification emails and they somehow end up in my spam folder (in gmail). None of my subscribers have my blog notification emails even in their spam folders.

    My server does not have any BCC limits and as such, I’ve only got 41 subscribers.

    Other notification emails – like the one sent by spam karma are being sent fine to my inbox.

    Could it be because you reverted back to using wp_mail instead of mail?

    I know there might be an inherent problem with WP in general too (just like the ajax image upload problem)

  65. well, i disabled all plugins and start enabling subscribe2 and everything is working now (WP2.5 / Subscribe2 4.5). hope it helps!

  66. Vzx,

    Try reverting to using mail() on your subscribe2 rather than wp_mail. Open the subscribe2.php file and search for the 3 instances of @wp_mail( and change it to @mail(

  67. Correction – This did send out the email but it still end up in my spam folder.. On a good front, the mail was sent out to all my subscribers but ended up in their spam folders.

    Could it be because of the fact that I changed my blog name very recently?

  68. Vzx,

    The spam folder issue is nothing to do with Subscribe2 – I cannot do anything with the plauing to make an email more or less likely to end up in a spam folder.

    The change in name of your blog could be very relevant though, if the domain of your blog is not the same as the domain of the sending email that would look very suspect to a spam filter,

  69. I think so too… Just a sidenote here that even in prev versions of WP and subscribe the emails were being sent from the same address and server.

  70. Admin:

    4.4 Did the trick! Now automatically subscribed users get mail without having to look up their subscription settings.

    Still, user’s profile setting page does not show a link to the subscription settings, so i added following code manually to user-edit.php:

    <?php _e(‘Manage your subscriptions here.‘); ?>

    Without parenthesis of course!

    Thanks again for your time and love!

  71. Hi

    None of my subscribers are getting emails. I tried the suggestions above about changing the @wp to @mail……and that did not sort the problem.

    Please help

  72. Is there a way to see who has subscribed to posts?

    I can’t seem to determine who is subscribed?

    Am I missing something?


  73. Marc,

    Look in Manage->Subscribers and you can see you Public Subscribers and also filter your Registered Users by category subscription.

  74. Oh thanks, nevermind. Stupid me.

    They were in a drop down menu under confirmed, which I didn’t notice until just now.


  75. Hi,

    I’ve similar problem with activation like Mads Christian Jensen, could you please confirm that’s a bug with final version of WordPress 2.5?

    Best regards


  76. Carlos,

    Thanks for the suggestion – there appears to be a bug in WordPress such that you can’t add submenus to Profile any more. I’ve lodged a trac ticket and managed a work around for the next release.

  77. Bilbolodz,

    It is a conflict between the final version of Subscribe2 version 4.5 and some other plugins using buttonsnap as far as I can tell.

    Try the dev version for a fix.

  78. this plugin causes a “fatal error” under WordPress 2.5 (final!), by trying to activate the plugin (although debug plugin is activated!)

  79. I have upgraded both WP to 2.5 and subscribe2 to 4.5 and all seems to be well, with the rather large exception of my unregistered subscriber list. I have found the list in the MySql database, but I’d rather hoped I wouldn’t have to re-subscribe all those folks. Any ideas?

  80. CSign,

    Try checking out your other plugins for conflicts (see comments above) or wait for the next release – I think I may have a fix

  81. tbtrfa,

    I’m not sure what you mean by “unregistered subscriber list”. Are you talking about the emails in the subscribe2 table? These are the public subscribers and provided that they are confirmed they will get a notification sent.

  82. I’m writing to ask for your help about an issue I’m facing with using Subscribe2 4.5 under WP 2.3 and 2.5.

    In the official documentation you can read:

    “Registered Subscribers are users who have registered with your blog. They will have an additional option area under Users -> Subscription. This area allows them to choose which categories they would like to receive notifications about and also allows them to choose the email format”.

    I’ve tried both with WP 2.3 and 2.5, but never obtained such additional option area to be available in the control panel. This is a very big issue for me, since I need my registered subscribers to select the categories of interest.

    Is there a way to get this area working properly? I’ve checked the documentation so many times, without ending with a useful solution or a workaround. Am I missing something?

    Thank you for your evaluable help!!!

  83. Falco Stellare,

    I’ve just registered on your site (linked via your name) and the panel appears for me. You are apparently using the Digest functionality so you are limited to a Yes or No option.

  84. >> You are apparently using the Digest functionality so
    >> you are limited to a Yes or No option

    GREAT!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!! πŸ™‚ I don’t have words to thank you!!! Perhaps this feature should be listed in the documentation, just to make it clear for dumb peoples like me πŸ™‚

    I take this chance to ask another question: I deactivated the Digest functionality, so I can see the area with the Categories list and the checkboxes; I would also like to show the description for every Category, where do I need to make a modification in order to obtain it? I think that it’s somewhere near the line 1850 in subscribe2.php file, am I right?

    Thank you again for your help!!!

  85. Good morning.

    The email notification works great. One problem though. In a recent notification, it include the Γ‚ after each period.


  86. Falco Stellare,

    You’ll need to edit the code in the display_category_form function. You are in the right area and the array already contains the description at $cat->description.

  87. I did that. Changed the wp_mail to just mail. That’s how I got it to work initially.

  88. Gene Smirnov,

    I presume you are using the Digest functionality with your interval set more than daily. If you want it to go out every Monday simply Reset the schedule on Monday and it will set the timing from now (i.e. Monday) to repeat at your specified interval.

  89. Brady,

    In that case the issue is probably down to your blog using a different character encoding to your database. Check they are both using the same encoding and change them to match if they are not.

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  91. Matt, you’ve been busy here, but just curious if you missed or had any thoughts on the suggestion I made back on 4/4, which was to have S2 sent to the admin an email with the list of emails, title, subscriber type, email type, etc of the emails that S2 just sent out? maybe make this an option that could be turned off/on? It would make investigating some of the recent issues easier.

  92. Hi, I didn’t read the laters comments yet but my plugin does not send emails to my subscribers. Do I have to activate the debug plugin also ?

    “[email_freq] => never” this means that the plug in does not send emails ??

    I have the latest version of WP and Subscribe2.


  93. Frisco,

    It has been busy on here πŸ™‚ I’ll see what I can do with your suggestion in the debug plugin when I get time – it’s a good idea, I’ll just have to see if I can get it working!

  94. Admin I think I have the same problem as Mike2 and maybe the solution is the same, but where can I download the 4.4 version of S2 ?

  95. Hello!

    First, I really like Subscribe2 so far except I have a similar problem where Frisco mentioned regarding only can send out to registered users but not confirmed subscribers. So please forgive me if I missed one of these comments you might have explained how to solve this but I was unable to find an answer any on here.

    When I post, it was sent out to registered users only but I want to send out to all subscribers. How can I get around this issue?

    Thanks so much for your time and help. I am currently use WP 2.5. πŸ™‚


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  98. Hi!
    I love the plugin but am running into this very strange error where anyone trying to subscribe/unsubscribe will get the “server error” message after submitting their email. However, a confirmation message DOES get sent to their email and everything works fine!

    Any ideas what might be causing this?

  99. Fred,

    There is a small glitch in the code that I’ve fixed for the next release. You can apply the fix by looking into the subscribe2.php file for the filter() function. IT CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING LINE:


    Change this to:

    $status = $this->send_confirm('del');

  100. could you make it so its obvious that someone is subscribed to the blog or not? like put a green background on their text

    and make the default subscription _all_ catagories?

    maybe thats how it is, and maybe ive just broken my copy

  101. Joetwostep,

    Make it obvious where and to who? You as admin have a list of subscribers in Manage->Subscribers. And subscribers should know if they are subscribed or not as they opted in and should be getting email notifications.

    Public Subscribers are added to all categories apart from those you as admin except in Options->Subscribe2. People who register with your blog can be automatically registered or you can have a check box on the registration page – again these are options in Options->Subscribe2.

  102. Hi, I install the new version of your plugin on Wp 2.5 and everything works fine except the subscribe2 page on the admin menu. I can see the page and the options but I can’t save it, everytime I try to save new option my page become white. Have you ever run in a same problem? Thanks for your work and for the plugin, it helps a lot

  103. Francesco,

    I haven’t encountered this. Are you using any caching plugins? Also, are you using plugins like Bad Behaviour and are they on the latest versions?

  104. I have this plugin activate (akismet, all in one seo pack, lock out, quote rotator, share this, subscribe 2, video widget).before I wrote to you I tried to deactivate all the plugin expect your but the error continues. I noticed also a strange thing: there is a number 4 in the area of the subscribe 2 menu where usually I ahve to write the message to confirm the subscribtion or to delete it. Really don’t know what happens. Thanks very much

  105. Francesco,

    The message appearing as a number 4 is related to the same problem. You database entry for Subscribe2 appears to be corrupted. Try pressing Reset rather than submit to get back to the defaults and then make your changes.

  106. Is it possible to simply save an old post and NOT have the email list blasted with the changes made to that old post?

    For example, we have a post that we simply updated a few links. Upon saving that post all 500+ subscribers were blasted with an email, which really they did not need to receive.

  107. Peter Boyd,

    Subscribe2 only hooks into the transition hooks in WordPress so simply editing and saving a post should not generate notifications provided that you don’t change the published status of the post.

  108. Thanks for the update.

    Unfortunately, I edited an old “published post”, and it was blasted to the list again.

    Perhaps I should upgrade to the most recent version to see if that effects anything.

  109. Peter,

    Given that you’d commented under the post about Subscribe2 version 4.5 I had assumed that you were using this version. Upgrading would be a very sensible step to take if you are not on the latest version becuase bugs are fixed with each new version released.

  110. I noticed the version number on the debug and uninstaller part of the plgin is wrong so it always shows up as upgrade required when you have automatic plugin unpreader installed!!!

  111. True, we had just heavily modified it a year ago to send out HTML templates and connect to a SMTP server, so upgrading will kill some of those modifications we made.

  112. abidan54,

    The version numbers are actually correct as those 2 files are the first releases with that functionality! The issue is that WordPress thinks they need upgrading.

    Sadly, I think your solution of changing the version of these files to match those of the main plugin is the only current fix.

    Of course, provided you don’t want to uninstall the plugin and it is working as expedted for you, you can always delete subscribe2debug.php and subscribe2uninstaller.php from your plugins folder and the prompt will be removed.

  113. David and Zackdesign,

    I was running into the same problem and it was essential that I use both plugins. I found the problem and it seems that this could be the problem with a few of these plugins. It’s the buttonsnap.php file. Basically the button snap function is being called multiple times from multiple files. I took the easy way out and commented the button snap require from the subscribe2 plugin because I am inserting a custom form, so I don’t need the s2 button. It’s up to you which one is more important, or whether you can merge the files to make them work and redirect the require to the merged file.

    I got them both working together with the button snap, but it took down my WYSIWYG (which I also needed because it is a client blog). Hope this helps!

  114. Hi

    I have installed the plugin but it only seems to work intermitently and i cannot figure why?

    I am using most recent version of the plugin with wordpress 4.5.

    Emails send successfully to confirm subscribe and unsubscribe, sometimes when you click on the email it takes you to my site and correcly displays the message to the user thast they have subscribed / unsubscribed successfully. However the page it picks to display the message on for the user appears to be the first UNPUBLISHED PAGE? Furthermore randomly this doesnt happen either, sometimes it goes to another page, though i cant firugre out which, but it does not display the ANY message to the user and alos does not action their request to either subscribe or unsubscibe.

    Had anyone any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  115. Abi,

    Have you defined the S2PAGE variable in the subscribe2.php code? If you have a specific page you want to link to find the page ID in WordPress and define S2PAGE as this number and your issue should resolve, I’ll look into the Unpublished bug though.

  116. Yes thats the thing i have defines this, see code below:
    // by default, Subscribe2 grabs the first page from your database for use
    // when displaying the confirmation screen to public subscribers.
    // You can override this by specifying a page ID on the line below.
    define(‘239’, ‘0’);

    Thants why i cant understand what is happening? I defined this but it appears nto to pay any attention to it? If i remember rightly i think i had this same problem in the previous version also?

  117. Right then, I have replaced all S2PAGE references in the code to the actual page number as 239. IT WORKS ! Looks like for some reason the plugin is not using the page number i set in line : define(‘239’, ‘0’); I have had to manually go thought the code and set this page where relevant?

  118. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see πŸ™‚

    Will try that πŸ™‚ Thanks, perhaps i misread how to set it? ust a suggestion to acount for moneys like me perhaps the comments in the code could specify exactly what to put cos somehow i misinterpreted.

    Thanks muchly


  119. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see πŸ™‚

    Will try that πŸ™‚ Thanks, perhaps i misread how to set it? ust a suggestion to acount for moneys like me perhaps the comments in the code could specify exactly what to put cos somehow i misinterpreted.

    Thanks muchly


  120. Fatal Errors:

    This is most likely being caused by conflicts with other plugins that use buttonsnap.php. To fix this look at around line 50 in subscribe2.php for the following code:

    require(ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php’);

    And replace it with:

    if (!function_exists(buttonsnap_textbutton)) {
    require(ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/include/buttonsnap.php’);

  121. Hi,

    Is it possible to send HTML-mails to people who have not registrered as users?

    (I’d like to have no users, just the subscribe2 widget.)

    I found a fix in here somewhere, for the subscribe2.php-file, but it was for an earlier version. Tried it anyway, but it didn’t work.

    Thanks a lot! I’d really like to send HTML-mails. Makes a world of difference…

  122. I forgot to say that I’ve got subscribe2 4.6 and wordpress 2.5

    I also did the “wp_mail@ to mail@”-thing, and it worked. If that’s of any importance.

  123. There is no save option on my settings page, only the reset button. Obviously, I cannot save any changes. Latest version of WP & plugin. Please help. Thanks.

  124. Kyle,

    The “Save” button is called “Submit” and is about 2 inches above the reset button. If you can’t see it on the screen check the source code and see if it’s defined in there. I can’t reproduce your problem without more information.

  125. Please forgive my ignorance. Where do I find the source code for this? Is it in a specific php file or somewhere else? Thank you.

  126. Kyle,

    I mean the HTML code of the admin page. While viewing the admin page right click and select View Source or similar depending on your browser. The other thing you could do if you can is take a screen shot and save it to your web space then post a link to it on here so I can see what you mean

  127. Kyle,

    Thanks for that. That is very weird, the code for the Submit button is not conditional on anything so it should appear. Do you have other plugins running?

  128. I have quite a few other plugins running. I’ll probably have to disable them, see if that works, and then go one by one to figure out the problem. Any plugins in particular I should look out for? Any other ideas?

  129. The culprit was a plugin called Ajax Post Save. Without that activated, the submit button shows up. Thanks for your help.

  130. Wow, it was also messing up 2 or 3 other plugins. Glad I got rid of it. Thanks for your work on Subscribe2.

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