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I’m hoping to release a new version of Subscribe2 in the coming week but I would like a few volunteers to test the new version first.

In this latest version I have:

  • Changed the Manage->Subscribers screen to show subscribers in batches of 50
  • Updated the QuickTag button code to work with WordPress 2.5
  • Added an option to not send a notification on a per-post basis

The last of these involves using a custom field of “s2mail” set to “No” (case insensitive).

All of these features need a little testing in a wider audience before being released in the wild so if you are interested and comfortable testing code and debugging please post a comment below.


18 thoughts on “Next Version

  1. Hi – I would be happy to do some testing for you
    as I have an application that would suit the plugin


  2. Tom,

    Subscribe2 doesn’t work great with WPMU but I’m looking at porting or amending the code to sort this out in the future. Are you able to test on single user WordPress?

  3. Hi, I’m using version 3.8 due to older WP version. Is it already possible (in newer versions) for an admin to manage subscriptions manually?

    In some cases a person, who has registered to blog does not want to receive mails any more and it would be easiest for him if admin could remove his subscription.

  4. AriK,

    You can only bulk manage subscriptions for registered users. To micro manage them login in as the user (after resetting their password) and change their settings or get them to do it.

  5. “Added an option to not send a notification on a per-post basis” …

    Does this mean that they will be sent as a digest in one day? This is what I need, actually. The regular digest isn’t working for me, however.

    What I would really like is for the user to be able to select different categories and have them all go into one digest per day. For example, the user selects Category 1, Category 4, and Category 6. Once per day (if any post exists), a digest of all the posts from those categories is sent.

    Is this going to be possible? This is what I need, and so if it isn’t possible, I might pay a coder to do it (if it isn’t too expensive). Then I could share the code with you to see if you might want to use it, of course.

    My problem is I need it asap – like by the end of the week. But if this is how the next version will work, I will try to hold off.

    I would be willing to help you with any testing if it’s still needed.

    This is a great plugin, by the way. One of the most useful ones I’ve come across.

  6. Trivum,

    The Not-Sending option allows you to set a post to not send a per-post notification or be included in the digest.

    The functionality you request could result in huge numbers of emails and a massive server load. Consider 500 users with 500 different preferences for how they get their email and what categories they are subscribed to.

    If you really want this level of customisation you’ll need to adapt and add to the Subscribe2 code. I’d be happy if you want to share the code back as I may be able to adopt some or all of the changes. (I don’t admit to being a professional – much more a bungling amateur!)

  7. Thanks to all of those of you who put youselves forward as testers – I think I have enough now so comments are closing.

    Can my testers let me know about any issues that crop up and also let me know if things are working smoothly and I’ll aim for a release next week 😀

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