Subscribe2 4.3

Version 4.3 of the Plugin is now available for download.

Version 4.3 is for WordPress 2.3.x users only! This version has been tested on WordPress 2.3.1

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Fixed bug where digest emails were sent to unsubscribed users – Thanks to Mr Papa
  • Stripped slashes from Subject when sending from Write->Mail Subscribers – Thanks to James
  • Ensured all admin pages created by Subscribe2 are valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional code
  • Added default mail templates and other missed string values to i18n files to allow easier first time translation – thanks to Kjell
  • Added option to set the hour for digest email notifications provided the schedule interval is one day or greater
  • Moved option variable declaration to ensure better caching
  • Fixed bug where cron tasks were not removed when options were reset
  • Fixed email notifications for future dated posts
  • Fixed QuickTag Icons and mouse-over floating text

There are still 2 known issues caused by glitches in the WordPress core files. Fixes are discussed here.

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder and buttonsnap.php file are uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

62 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.3

  1. Thanks for the update! Just an FYI, to fix the 2nd “known issue,” the line to comment out is now on 2183, rather than 2166.

  2. Hi and thanks again for this great plugin.
    It seems that there’s a problem with WordPress 2.3.2, i’ve this warning both in back and front :

    Warning: require_once() [function.require-once]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(../wp-config.php) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/www/9d4f3154f6729aff6bfa5f5074b74197:/tmp:/opt/php/lib/php) in /home/www/9d4f3154f6729aff6bfa5f5074b74197/web/blog/wp-admin/install-helper.php on line 2

    Warning: require_once(../wp-config.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in /home/www/9d4f3154f6729aff6bfa5f5074b74197/web/blog/wp-admin/install-helper.php on line 2

    And one fatal error :

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘../wp-config.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/php/lib/php’) in /home/www/9d4f3154f6729aff6bfa5f5074b74197/web/blog/wp-admin/install-helper.php on line 2

  3. I do hope Subcribe2 have a “subscriber counter”, so visitor know, how many visitor are there. I have try it many time to make “subscriber counter” on widget. But, couse I don’t know php, it always faild.
    Please.. make it a counter.
    Thanks for your plugin. because of you, I have more than one thousand subscriber. Thanks alot.

  4. When my visitors subscribe to this service, they are not receiving emails asking them to confirm their subscriptions, so they are only listed as “registered” and not “confirmed.” I don’t see that I have the power to this, either.

    Can you help me figure out how to confirm my registered subscribers?

    Thank you!

  5. Okay, so I figured out that if I entered the emails myself into the “Subscribe Addresses” box, it confirms the people who have subscribed. But do I have to just keep checking to see if anyone new has subscribed in order to keep that updated, or is there another option?

    Thanks–I appreciate your help.

  6. HI, thanks for the great plugin! I looks pretty cool.

    I’m having a problem with the Digest versions not being sent out.

    – I tried the Testmail plugin you created and it worked fine.
    – Per Post Email notifications are working fine.

    However, the Hourly, Daily, and Weekly notifications don’t send anything out.
    I only have 3 members subscribed to the notifications, so I know it’s not a sendmail bcc limit problem.
    I’m using the newest version of subscribe2 (4.3) with WP 2.3.1

    Any help you could provide would be great. Thanks again!

  7. Hi, this has been a great plug in for us – we appreciate it. The new version is not sending mail and I think I may have found the problem. I upgraded to the newer version and made no changes. My subscriber list is still intact. However, when I go to the subscribe2 options and then look at the section on “Exluded Categories”, all of the categories are checked “on” to exclude. It’s odd, next to each check box the name of the category is missing. So there are 6 checked boxes and no categories beside them. I tried to uncheck them and save, but they come back as checked. Finally, I tried adding a category and removing a category hoping it would reset or fix it, but no luck. Any ideas?

  8. Help!,

    Registered users have registered with your blog and appear under Users->Authors & Users. Public Subscribers have submitted their email using the Subscribe2 form. Only the latter will get a confirmation email from Subscribe2 and become confirmed subscribers.

    It sounds like you are in a muddle over subscriber types and may have subscribes some users twice. In answer to your question, no you don’t have to keep checking.

  9. Andy,

    You’ll see this if you are using the wrong version of Subscribe2 for your WordPress install. Please ensure you are using the correct version.

  10. Hi,
    thanks for the great plug-in. I have one question: How can I view a list of the subscribers of my newsletter? I just want to see how many people have subscribed and what there email adresses are.

  11. Hello, wp-db-backup is working. It automatically sends me a copy of my db everyday.
    I’ve also tested Lester Chan’s wp-email plugin and that works for sending mail as well.

    Is there anything else I can try? Thanks again.

    >HI, thanks for the great plugin! I looks pretty cool.
    >I’m having a problem with the Digest versions not being sent out.
    >- I tried the Testmail plugin you created and it worked fine.
    >- Per Post Email notifications are working fine.
    >However, the Hourly, Daily, and Weekly notifications don’t send anything out.
    >I only have 3 members subscribed to the notifications, so I know it’s not a sendmail >bcc limit problem.
    >I’m using the newest version of subscribe2 (4.3) with WP 2.3.1
    >Any help you could provide would be great. Thanks again!

  12. I’m not sure that’s the problem. The subscribers I’m talking about have been registered users for years, and just this week went to their Profile –> Subscribers and checked “Notification Settings” to receive emails. But none of them (including me–I tried it, too) have received confirmation emails.

    Since I updated my plug-in last week, I no longer can find a subscribe form, only a check box under Profile and an option to receive emails when a new user registers.

  13. Also, the “All Subscribers” and “Public Subscribers” I’m referring to is the drop-down box when I go to Manage –> Subscribers. What is the difference between these categories? The All Subscribers is not the same as Users of my blog, because it includes everyone who has ever subscribed to the email service. The “Public Subscribers” has the same people as the “confirmed” list, which is smaller than “All Subscribers”

  14. Help!,

    People who have Registered with your site (via a WordPress registration) will have a user name and password to manage their email settings (among other things). No emails are sent to the users each time they change their settings – this is expected behaviour.

    For more details on the different Subscriber type as listed in the drop down please read the documentation that comes with the plugin.

  15. Yes, definitely user failure on my part. I upgraded to the latest version of wordpress and everything is working fine. Thank you for the quick reply!

  16. Hi,
    Thanks for the response. I’ve checked the date/time settings and the db server and apache are in sync.

    Is there anything else I can try?

  17. Hi,
    Just tried that and the “hourly” notifications aren’t working (haven’t tested the weekly or daily).

    I’ve also tried de-activating/deleting and then uploading and activating the plugin, without success.

  18. Eliot,

    Installing WP-Cron won’t help.

    Let’s see if the cron event is even being called, look for the Subscribe2_cron function in the code and add a line that mails you when the code is called:

    @mail('your@email', 'Cron debugging', 'Cron Event was called');

  19. Hi,
    I deleted the wp_subscribe2 table from the mySQL db and the hourly digest worked.

    I’m going to test the weekly one now.

  20. Eliot,

    That’s strange, by deleting the subscribe2 table you’ll have forced the plugin to re-install the table and then call the reset function – the same a clicking on the reset button in Options->Subscribe2.

    I’ll keep checking the code but I can’t explain why this happened 😦

  21. Thanks again for your help. Perhaps another plugin added something to the wp_subscribe2 table (although I can’t see why).

    Or maybe it was because I made numerous changes in the Options > Subscribe2 page? This seems to have been the cause of some problems, as I’ve read elsewhere on this site.

    I’ll let you know whether the other digests get sent properly. I don’t suppose there’s a way to set the exact date of the weekly digests (so that i can make it send sooner than 1 week from the reset/install date?)

    Many thanks.

  22. hi, I think this is a good plugin to manage mailing lists too.

    I have some suggestions:

    1) customize “from:” address and name

    e.g: when I send a mail throug “write -> Mail Subscribers” instead of using
    “From: myname ” I can use

    2) send “new subscriber’s mail” only to site’s administrator and not to all users with administrative privileges.

    3) disable notifications at all (so you can use this plugin only to send emails manually)

    I’m working on an italian translation of subscribe2, it’s almost complete but I need some feedback.

    If you are interested mail me at subscribe2 [at]

    sorry for my english

  23. edit:

    1) customize “from:” address and name

    e.g: when I send a mail throug “write -> Mail Subscribers” instead of using
    “From: mywordpressname ‘my_wordpress_email_address’ ” I can use
    “From: ‘do-not-reply@mydomain[.]com’”

  24. Hi,

    We plan to use the weekly digest feature and want to test this out (especially since we utilize many future scheduled posts). What is the best way to artificially trigger this to work rather than making a change and having to wait another week?

    Thanks for the great plugin!


  25. g t,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll add them to the list of things to consider for the future. I’ll also email you from home later about the translation you are doing.

  26. Patrick,

    The process used for weekly digest posts is the same as for any other interval. So, for testing purposes use the hourly interval and get things the way you want them and then switch to weekly posting.

  27. I have upgraded to 4.3. In the past I have has problems with getting emails to send with future posts. Now, I set it for hourly. No go. The only way this works for me is to configure it for one email per post.

    Any ideas?

  28. Patrick,

    Cron is a scheduling service on unix computers that allows the computer to perform the same event repeatedly.

    Since Version 2.1, WordPress has provided an integrated pseudo-cron service that, upon the loading of a page from you site, checks to see if any scheduled scripts need running and runs them if they do.

  29. Perhaps we should take this offline, but I would like to know your objectives throwing another plugin in my WP site. Are you saying that I might need this plugin for the functionality to work going forward, or is this just for testing purposes?

  30. Patrick,

    I did some in depth bug checking on the cron functions in my plugin last night and found 2 bugs – one of which might explain your current issues. I’ll update the code and make a release of version 4.4 in the next day or two.

  31. Hi,

    I have experienced some issues with Registered Users not receiving daily digests. I fixed the problem using a different algorithm to calculate the union of two arrays:

    $union = array_unique(array_merge($array1, $array2));

    instead of merging the array with the difference between the two of them.

    Doing this to obtain the union of $all_post_cats and $post_cats in function subscribe2_cron() at line 2077 fixed the issue for me!


  32. Jorge,

    I think there may be more to it that that; the second array variable in the merge can sometime be a string rather than a variable which causes the merge to fail. That said I like the array_unique method and will get that into the upcoming release.

  33. Hi,

    I just installed the plugin, on WP 2.3.2, with this copy of Subscribe2. It is behaving properly when logged in, it displays this text:

    “you may manage your subscription options from your profile.”

    But when I log out, it gives me a post not found error. Any ideas?


  34. Is there a widget or something to add in the sidebar to show the number of subscribers like feedburner does?

  35. Mike,

    Use the <img> tag in your template and link back to a graphic on your server space – this will be stripped out of plaintext emails though for obvious reasons.

  36. do you mean something like this : , if not please be a little bit more explicit because i`m not that good on codes. i already tried this code in the settings options where the text is, if i should put it somwhere else please do tell me, thanks.

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