Subscribe2 4.2

Version 4.2 of the Plugin is now available for download.

Version 4.2 is for WordPress 2.3.x users only! This version has been tested on WordPress 2.3.1

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Added translation capability to user feedback strings – thanks to Lise
  • Corrected some other translation strings
  • Fixed bug in notification emails to admins when new users subscribe
  • Updated default options code

There are still 2 known issues caused by glitches in the WordPress core files. Fixes are discussed here.

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder and buttonsnap.php file are uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

165 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.2

  1. I’m not sure if this is specific to Subscribe2 or an interaction between S2 and the WordPress Role Manager plugin; I’ve noticed that if you edit a published post, S2 resends all the emails saying “There’s a new published post!” and indicates the post you edited. Is this a bug? Can you fix it, or suggest a fix?

  2. This plugin is working great so far, but I am wondering if a small change/addition can be made for a specific purpose.

    I am looking to hold a prize draw, selecting from the first 100 subscribers. However the subscriber list sorts alphabetically and only appends the date. Is it possible to add the time of subscription as well? Or ad a subscriber number?


  3. Peter,

    Only the date, not the time, is collected as part of the sign up. However if you want the first 100 you can select the first 100 entries in your table using SQL in PHPMyAdmin. The following should work.

    SELECT * FROM wp_subscribe2 LIMIT 100;

  4. Aha 🙂 you probably did fix it in 4.1 … but I was on 4.0! Hopefully everything is fixed now, I updated both plugins. Thanks for the prompt response!

  5. Hello,

    I wonder if I am misunderstanding something in the operation of the plugin…

    I have some users on one site that dont want to receive email updates… They have unsubscribed themselves from all cats and such… yet, they are still receiving email daily digest updates…

    Sorry, but time has been short this week with all the guests around and I havent yet dug into the code to see what I can…

    I did do a quick look into their db data and this particular user has their usermeta data for s2_subscribed set to -1 which if I remember, should prevent the emails…

    btw, using 4.2 and wp 2.3.1


  6. okay, thanks, will try to see whats going wrong this afternoon or evening… dont know if its an issue since I upgraded, but received emails from two users/members who this was upsetting…

  7. okay, just me again… I am a bit confused – having hard time seeing in the code where it ignores an s2_subscribed = -1 in the user meta data… probably, just missing it, but…

    its a daily digest, so assuming I am interested in the subscribe2_cron() call to get_registered() to generate the list of registered users to get the digest email… no args are passed, so the cat specific join stuff is bypassed…

    which leads us to the SELECT par t of the sql statement… its also the place where you check for the meta_key s2_subscribed but it appears to only check for the existence of the key in order to add the user, not making sure it doesn’t contain -1 in the meta_value…

    Am I reading that correctly?

    Thanks again!

  8. Mr Papa,

    That’d be a bug then 🙂

    Try replacing the call to get_registered in the subscribe2_cron function with these 2 lines:

    $sql = "SELECT a.user_id FROM $wpdb->usermeta AS a WHERE a.meta_key='s2_subscribed' AND a.meta_value<>'-1'";
    $registered = $wpdb->get_col($sql);

  9. I stand corrected. You must disable the related posts plugin if you don’t want the email to go out when a draft becomes “Pending Review.”

    My poor subscribers 😦

  10. okay, will try… kinda hard to test though until the daily digest goes out…

    isnt that code missing an “=” betweeen the meta_value and the -1?

    lol, glad I asked… my first try at a fix would have been to add the meta_value part into the sql statement inside of get_registered…

    $sql = "SELECT a.user_id FROM $wpdb->usermeta AS a " . $JOIN . " WHERE (a.meta_key='s2_subscribed' AND a.meta_value='-1')" . $AND;

    actually, why wouldnt that be the proper fix? Doesnt this fix ignore folks who have subscribed to specific cats only?

    Thanks for the help!

  11. sorry to be a pest, but after some more research, it looks like the daily digest is just sending an email for a post in any category to any registered user…

    I guess my thoughts are the call in subscribe2_cron to get_registered() should look like this:

    $registered = $this->get_registered(“cats=$post_cats_string”);

    and the sql statement in get_registered() should look like this:

    $sql = “SELECT a.user_id FROM $wpdb->usermeta AS a ” . $JOIN . ” WHERE (a.meta_key=’s2_subscribed’ AND a.meta_value!=’-1′)” . $AND;

    However, I am far from an expert on your nice little plugin, so I would appreciate your feedback and/or corrections…


  12. Hi

    I am using your plugin on the above site. It works well, but when a user clicks the confirmation email it displays the message – you have successfully subscribed in the sidebar, but I also get the standard WP message – Sorry, no posts matched your criteria. I am using WP MU. Is there any way to avoid this, Sorry no posts…message appears?



  13. Mr Papa,

    I’ve corrected my comment above as was stripping out some pointed brackets. As you have pointed out there there are other fixes. I’ll put the most efficient and elegant one into the next release.

  14. Robert,

    I guess this is because you are using it with WPMU. I have done no testing of Subscribe2 on WPMU and have been unable to set up a test install of WPMU locally to carry out testing.

    I am hoping to develop a version specific to WPMU in the future so stay tuned.

  15. Hi Admin

    Yes, Maybe its a WP MU issue. Is there any way to redirect the confirmation to a specific page?

    Many people chat about your plugin on WP MU – an MU version would be lovely. Although it already works quite well with MU.

    Ill read the BCC header link you suggested and see if that helps



  16. When I activate S2, I get a warning on the footer of all my admin pages–“open_basedir restriction in effect”. Any idea what that’s all about? (It goes away if I deactivate S2…)

  17. I try to install the 3.8 to the WP2.1.3 but the S2 button doesn’t appear on the Write Page section. This is a bug?
    Can I put into the sidebar the subscribe box? Where can I find the code of this?

    Why You don’t use your plugin on your blog? This would be a good example.

  18. Zoltan,

    The S2 button should appear but there are many issues with the TinyMCE editor, try clearing your browser cache and check from a different computer if you can. I’ve had problems on one computer that I’ve never managed to fix while on other machines everything works fine!

    You can put Subscribe2 into the sidebar with the Widget.

    I do use the plugin on my blog but I can’t use it on this blog as it’s a free account 🙂

  19. I started to translate to Hungarian language.

    I try to send some e-mail and the e-mails subject encoding was bad, and the body was good. I used UTF-8.
    What can be the solution?

  20. Zoltan,

    Try adding this line into the Mail() function:

    $subject=”=?” . get_bloginfo(‘charset’) . “?B?” . base64_encode($subject) . “?=”;

    I am English so I can’t easily test this, please let me know if it works.

  21. Thanks, I try to add this line (at then line 248) and I get this:

    Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘=’ in /hsphere/local/home/tillz1/ on line 248

    I have an other question too: Where can I see the subscribers e-mail addresses?

  22. Thanks,
    I try, but the chars remained bad.
    I try this too: $subject = iconv(‘utf-8′,’ISO-8859-2’,$subject);
    and this is also not good.
    Do you have any other solution?

  23. Zoltan,

    Have you tried using a different email client program? Sometimes these characters don’t render correctly in MS Outlook and Outlook Express.

    Also, have you checked what character encoding you are using on your blog and in your database.

  24. Thanks,

    This solved the problem for the normal posts:

    $subject=”=?” . get_bloginfo(’charset’) . “?B?” . base64_encode($subject) . “?=”;
    $subject = iconv(‘utf-8′,’ISO-8859-2’,$subject);

    The subject encoding problem remain in the confirmation e-mail now 😦
    The encoding is UTF-8 in the .po file.

    For example the blog name in the confirmation msg subject is bad encoded, but the same blog name in the normal post msg subject is right.
    I think this is a constant. I don’t understand.

  25. The Subscribe2 plug-in seems to be working fine in the early going for me and I like the way it functions, but the code does not validate so I worry about its proper operation on the widest number of platforms. The single error that comes up is about not allowing the indicator “form” where it is located, needing to replace it or surround it by one of several others mentioned. Any comments would be appreciated. I am using the early November release on the latest WordPress version I believe. Thank you very much.

  26. Zoltan,

    Thanks for the feedback – I’ll try to incorporate this into the next release.

    To fix the confirmation emails you’ll have to repeat the above in the send_confirm() function.

  27. Tammy Hart,

    For the S2 button to show you’ll need to enable it and then you may need to clear your browser cache as the WYSIWYG editor is not 100% reliable when it comes to extra buttons.

    If the token isn’t working make sure you have it entered correctly (see ReadMe.txt file) and ensure it’s on it’s own line with a blank line above and below.

  28. Bill,

    I presume you are talking about the admin pages being valid XHTML. I’ve had no complaints about poor browser compliance but I am always on the look out to make the HTML code compliant – I’ll take a look when I have time or will accept any suggestions!

  29. I have wordpress 2.3.1 and I am not getting any emails after subscribing, could it be that I signed myself up and that is why?

  30. Hello,

    I’d like to make a suggestion for your plugin. Allow the HTML email to be customized. Email me if you wish, and I can send you the code I have added to your plugin on one of my sites, to allow a custom HTML email template.

    Also… bug report: You may want to run strip-slashes on the subjectline when sending out an email manually to the list. I found that when I tried, slashes in front of quotes and apostrophes remained.

    Finally, I’ve been looking around your site trying to find up-to-date info on wp-cron and can’t find much. According to Skippy, it is not supported in WP 2.1+ Any suggestions on other options?

    Thanks a bunch.
    Keep up the good work.

  31. James,

    I’ll email you for your HTML code and add it in if I can. Also, thanks for the suggestion about stripping slashes.

    As for WP-Cron – it was incorporated into the WordPress code in 2.1 so there should no longer be a need for the plugin. Subscribe2 has used both methods but now relies upon the core cron implementation.

  32. Translated from Polish it would be something like that:
    Plugin can’t be activated because it causing critical error.
    Any idea why?

  33. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot a problem with subscribe2 notices not seeming to go out to all users. I emailed my host (1&1), and found out that their mail server will only send messages to 99 users at once (normally a reasonable limit, but not when you’re using it for something like this). Since I specifically asked about both the PHP mail() function and normal emails, I assume their response applies to both. Is there a feature, or can you add a feature, that will set a per-email limit, where subscribe2 will send out messages to subscribers in blocks? I.e. if I set that limit to 75 on a list of 140 users, I’d like Subscribe2 to send the message to the first 75 users, generate another message, and send that one to the remaining 65. Perhaps a user-specified delay could separate the messages, for servers that have some sort of flood limit on the PHP mail() function.

    Even without this, Subscribe2 is useful, but only as a step in a manual process – visitors subscribe via subscribe2, but their subscription is not applied to ANY categories of posts. When the appropriate post categories are updated, my wife has to export the subscriber list and then manually email the updates to the people on that list (in blocks of 99 or less addresses at a time). Naturally, that’s a bit tedious. 🙂 I’m in the process of shopping around for a new web host, but there’s no guarantee I’ll find one that meets all of my requirements and also doesn’t place similar limits on its mail function.

  34. Erik,

    What you describe in your first paragraph is already in the plugin and covered in the documentation. Look for BCCLIMIT in the subscribe2.php file and edit the 0 to your number of choice – in your case 75.

    Subscribes entering only their email address will become public subscribers (hopefully confirmed) and are notified of new posts to ANY category. Only Registered Users can opt in and out of specific categories.

  35. Awesome! Thanks for the quick response! The BCCLIMIT is exactly what I wanted. Any chance we could see this as an option in the plugin’s options in the admin panel? I often have a hard time remembering all of the edits I’ve made to individual plugins when I upgrade them.

    As for opting out of specific categories… Doesn’t “Excluded Categories” under Options->Subscribe2 apply to all subscribers, whether registered or not? My temporary solution was to exclude ALL categories. Am I not correct in understanding that this applies to public subscribers as well as registered subscribers? (In my case, this is a website running on WP, not a blog running WP, so the only registered users are my wife an I as admins. No one else has the ability to log in, register, comment, or do other things that’d be appropriate on a blog)

  36. Erik,

    BCCLIMIT and S2PAGE are defined in the hard code as they should be set and forget options. I accept what you are saying about upgrades but having them in the admin panel creates the possibility of much more work for me with support requests. Sadly, this doesn’t pay enough for that to be a viable option 😦

    Excluded categories can be over-ridden in the Options panel to allow Registered Users to subscribe to those categories. It will still apply to all public users though. In your case excluding all categories would effectively stop emails being sent to all buy tou and your wife.

  37. i am having a small problem, perhaps someone can help. i would like to use the Daily Digest feature of this plug-in but it never seems to send any mail. i tested that mail works just fine and also when i sent the plugin to send a mail for every post it works just fine but i would much prefer to have it do the Daily thing. is there a bug or perhaps some issue on my side? i don’t see the mail being sent in any way in my logs.

  38. Anthony,

    When you select to have a Digest mail does the Options page update and tell you the current time on your server and when the email is scheduled for delivery?

    As for throttling, there is no direct way from the plugin to throttle but there are server side solutions for this issue such as PEAR::Mail_queue.

  39. yes, it says it will send the mail at 7 pm every day. i wait until 7, 7:10. 7:30, 8 and nothing goes even though there are new messages.
    thanks for the help

  40. Hello!

    First, your tool subscribe2 its beatiful! Very nice! But, i have a question: how to categorize my subscribes in my website, only subscribe, not register user in my website? It´s possible?

  41. Anthony,

    The message you see on the screen is pulled from the WordPress cron schedule events so Subscribe2 is setting the event up correctly.

    Ask your host to review the server logs and see it an email is being generated around 7pm and if it is being blocked.

  42. Rodrigo,

    If you only have Public subscribers it is not possible to assign them to specific categories. You can exclude some categories from generating email notification in Options->Subscribe2 though and that might be what you are after.

  43. hmm…I’m running wp 2.3.1 and getting this error wehen activating:

    Warning: require_once(../wp-config.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/xxx/wp-admin/install-helper.php on line 2

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘../wp-config.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear’) in /var/www/xxx/wp-admin/install-helper.php on line 2

    worked well before. any ideas?

  44. We’ve been trying to figure out if my wife’s newsletters are going to all of her subscribers or not, and without creating a few hundred dummy addresses that all forward back to us, it’s impossible to tell. She tried sending a note to all of her subscribers earlier today, and got the errors listed below. Any idea on what its significance is, and if there’s any way to tell which, if any of her subscribers received the message she sent? She’s always seen indicators that people are receiving the messages (e.g. visitor counts spike on pages listed in her newsletters), but she usually doesn’t receive them herself, though I know she should. I wasn’t here when she tried sending the message that generated the errors below, so I can’t say for sure exactly what she did, but the steps for sending a message to all subscribers are straightforward enough…


    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT t.*, tt.* FROM wp_terms AS t INNER JOIN wp_term_taxonomy AS tt ON t.term_id = tt.term_id WHERE tt.taxonomy IN (‘category’) ORDER BY ASC

    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT COUNT(id) FROM wp_subscribe2 WHERE active=’1′

    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT COUNT(id) FROM wp_subscribe2 WHERE active=’0′

    WordPress database error: [MySQL server has gone away]
    SELECT COUNT(meta_key) FROM wp_usermeta WHERE meta_key=’s2_subscribed’

  45. Erik,

    This error occurs when the timeout on a query sent to the SQL database is exceeded before the query completes. This is usually caused by script restrictions in place on the hosting server. Ask your host about the SQL timeout.

  46. Thanks for the quick response. Hopefully that issue will go away when I choose a new web host within the next month or two. Two more questions:
    – How does subscribe2 determine which admin account to send messages from? My wife wants the messages to come from her account. I thought it was sending from the lowest account number (we deleted the “admin” account #1), which was mine, so we deleted my account and then re-created it. Now she’s user #3 and I’m user #4, but the messages (subscriber confirmation, etc) are still listed as coming from me. Aside from editing the plugin file each time a new version is released, is there a way around this?

    – Is there a relatively simple edit I can implement to make subscribe2 send full posts to non-registered users?

  47. Erik,

    If your wife is writing the posts then set Subscribe2 to send from the post author rather than blog admin in Options -> Subscribe2.

    There is an edit to enable sending full posts to public subscribers. You can figure it out for yourself by reading the code or I have an edited version available for a fee of $30.

  48. I’m referring to the generic system messages – notification that someone has subscribed, messages to subscribers asking them to confirm their subscription, etc. Those messages are going out with my name on them (Used ID #4) instead of my wife’s (User ID #3). My understanding was that for the last few versions, Subscribe2 was sending those messages from the lowest-numbered admin user, which isn’t what is happening.

    Thanks for the info on the enhanced version. After we get our domain issues worked out, I’ll see if my wife wants to spring for that (since it’s her site), unless I learn PHP in the meantime. 🙂

  49. Hi, first of all, I want to say that I’m really sorry about doing what I think it’s a stupid question. I’m WP 2.3.1 and I use your Subscribe2 4.2., It works nice, it sent e-mails you know, but no user, neither the admin, can select the categories wich they are subscribe. The only thing that appears on the subscribe panel under the profile is “Notification Settings: Receive daily summary of new posts?: Yes / No” And that’s all. What have I’ve made wrong?

    I apologyze about my poor english. Thank you very much, even if you don’t know what happens to my website, of course 🙂

  50. Erik,

    I would expect the lowest user_id to be used for the system messages too. I’ll check the code but another reason may be WordPress query caching.

  51. Lydia,

    If you have set Subscribe2 for digest emails then user can only opt in and out. There will be no option to select categories as it is too complicated and time consuming on the server to generate emails for each possible outcome when there are many subscribers and categories.

  52. Matthew,

    Thank you again for your quick response. I searched on-line, and found something about Persistent Object Caching in 2005, but nothing about it since then, and the file that implemented the feature doesn’t exist in the current version of WordPress. I checked my host’s FAQ, and it insists that the MySQL cache on the server side never returns stale data, and that the cache for an object is flushed whenever that object is updated. Where is the WordPress query cache you mention, and how do I clear it?

  53. Hi there,

    First thanks for the plugin. It looks like it’s going to meet all my needs. Unfortunately, I’m having the “No emails for posts” problem.

    The installation worked fine, the email test plugin works and email subscribers receive the confirmation email. So at this point I’m a bit stumped.

    Any suggestions for what to check next?


  54. Hmm. Just tried a new post and it worked. Could there be an issue with time stamps? I.e. What if the mail server time zone is ahead/behind the time zone setting in WordPress.

  55. Stephen,

    There may well be an issue here. My setup has the MySQL server, PHP and mail server all running on the same machine. Solutions that have different servers may very well encounter issues if there are 2 or more servers and the time settings are all different.

    Basically, that’s poor server set up though – not much I can do about it.

  56. No I don’t think the server(s) have different time zones. I was referring to the Time Zone setting in Word Press Options. What if that is set to a zone different to that of the physical server?

    Since my last post I’ve managed to receive a couple of the posts to two users (admin and a non-registered, confirmed recipient). The other registered user (Subscriber) has yet to receive a post.

    Still investigating.


  57. OK figured out a couple of things:

    1. Only posts entered through the WP Admin panel appear to get posted. Posts that I enter using Windows Live Writer (I’m assuming emailed posts are the same) do not generate a notification.

    2. For some reason I needed to re-subscribe the subscriber.

    3. My email server seems to have a delay of up to 1 hour on any email.

    4. The HTML emails look very much like regular text emails.

    Is there anything I can do to resolve 1?

    I saw 1 person came up with some code to customize the HTML. Is that code shareable?

    Thanks again for the great plugin.


  58. Hi, this plugin is fantastic!
    Just one small question though, after I send emails to csv, I can’t find the csv. Just to complicate things I am running wordpress in the root and have your plugin in a WPMU install in a subfolder. Does the file get written to a default path?

  59. It is very possibly me there’s something wrong with, but I can’t find anywhere where my subscribers are listed. I believe I have seen this before, but I need to check if someone has been subscribed, and I can’t find the list anywhere. Where to look?

  60. Hi again,

    I’m also having trouble with the Digest posts (I tried Hourly). Am I correct that the extra plugin is no longer needed for that feature?


  61. That’s what I thought. Any other ideas or tourble shooting tips that may help me figure out why Digests are not getting sent?


  62. I can’t see the logs themselves, but according to my hosting service nothing appears to be wrong on the server end. I asked them to check for blocked mail at specific times to specific email addresses. They suggested the following:

    “At this time, we suggest that you review your application’s configuration to ensure that it is using the following server:”

    Does Subscribe2 even need to know this? Or is it handled automatically by the mail() function?


  63. One quick correction. I am able to view PHP error logs and didn’t see any. I am not able to view the email server queues or logs themselves.

  64. I just checked the SMTP variable in php (version 4.3.11 and 5.1.4) core and it does have the correct server.

    Is that what Subscribe2 is using?

    Forgive me if these are silly questions. This level of detail is all very new to me.


  65. Still troubleshooting and researching on this side.

    I noticed Matt Laney (another user of Subscribe2) experienced a very similar issue. He discussed replacing wpmail with mail. Not sure I understood it all, but am wondering if this might be something I should try or if perhaps he was using a different version of the plugin.


  66. Ah! Perhaps this is it. Does subscribe2 still require someone to be accessing the site and loading a page for the cron job to execute?

    Right now I’m in “set up” mode so I’m the only one accessing the site.

    What happens if the site is not accessed until after the “next post time” has come and gone?


  67. Stephen,

    The WP-Cron functionality does require a visitor to your site to work as it’s hooked into a page load. Also, try editing the Subscribe2.php code using @mail and @wp_mail.

  68. Might need some help here. 🙂

    If I’m understanding correctly, I see that all the calls in the local mail function call the PHP @mail function. Correct?

    If so, are you suggesting I merely find/replace @mail with @wp_mail?

    I did try to initiate some test emails in the cron function by declaring some global variables inside the function and calling this->mail at various places throughout. Not sure I got the code correct, but I didn’t receive any emails regardless.


  69. Hmm … just checked my email and found that I did indeed receive an email when the Cron job kicked off. However, I didn’t receive one after subscribers were found. So it appears that the code may be exiting unexpectedly.

    Will keep investigating.

  70. Stephen,

    The @ simply supresses error messages but where I’ve called mail with @mail you could try changing this to @wp_mail.

    Don’t replace all instances as $this->mail is an internal call to my own mail function in the Subscribe2 code.

    Sounds like you are bug checking the code well anyway – add in a few mail() function calls to send emails to your own address with break point 1, break point 2 etc as the subject then you’ll be able to track down where things stop working.

  71. Thanks.

    I think I found it. I actually decided to send myself the previous and current timestamps and the times sent in email were 3 hours ahead of timestamps applied to the posts written in the prvious hour. I.e. I think my first theory was correct. The time zone setting in the WP Options panel needs to be the same as the server on which WP is running.

    I will let you know in 20 minutes if I’m correct 🙂


  72. Yep. That was it.

    Thanks for all the help.

    2 final questions.

    1. Any future plans to support posts written outside of the admin panel?
    2. Any plans to support custom HTML emails?


  73. Stephen,

    1/ If there is a WordPress hook for this then adding it would be dead easy.
    2/ Not yet, although another user has done this and has said he’ll to send me the code.

  74. I have been using subscribe2 for a year now, butr on upgrade to WP 2.3 I have had a few problems that are impeding use:

    1 – I have over 1200 subscribers, when I try to list them in ‘manage subscribers/filter – all’ My browser crashes, both firefox and safari.

    Second, if I try to save subscription list as a csv file, no file is written and I get the following errors in the WP interface:

    Warning: fopen(/usr/home/sustain/www/wpblog/wp-content/email.csv) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /usr/home/sustain/www/wpblog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 640

    Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /usr/home/sustain/www/wpblog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 641

    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /usr/home/sustain/www/wpblog/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 642

    Any ideas on how to remedy this???

    Thanks, A

  75. Andy,

    1/ That’s very strange. I’ve never had a browser crash from a WordPress site. Have you tried from a different computer?

    2/ This is a permissions issue. Try putting a file called email.csv into the path specified (wp-content) and change the permissions to 777. Once it’s working play with the permissions until they allow the function to work but enable maximum security.

  76. Quick question… Love this plugin! I do want to change the appearance of this plugin on my sidebar (such as size of email text box, text box border color, size of send button, etc). Can you point me to the proper location to do this?

    Easy I am sure… BTW – Hope you are feeling better.


  77. Hi
    I am a new blogger thru 1and1 host and love your plug-in 2.4.2


    2- what is the difference within the wordpresS between the Author & User- subscribers list and the manage subscribers list? Do input the same info for the same subscribers both places? WILL THE SUBCRIBERS and AUTHORS & USERS RECEIVE AN EMAIL WHEN A NEW POST IS MADE.


  78. I do not understand if it is possible to make “confirmed” all “registred” users (as author, subscribed, etc.) by the usual WP procedure, in order to send them the notification mails.
    Thanks in advance.

  79. Hi again,
    I guess what I am trying to ask is…how do I make sure a LINK back o my blog site appears in the email notification when my subscribers get it….

    Sometimes when they get the email it has a bit about the blog entry and then that is it. sometimes there is no link in the email……

    Thanks alot

  80. Patrick,

    You can change the appearance by editing your theme CSS or look at the HTML code for $this->form in the load_strings() function in the subscribe2.php file.

  81. Cleo,

    1- The word LINK should be replaced by a link to the post you have just written. Check your permalinks if the link is sometimes blank. Rebuild them by changing to default and then back to your preferred setting.

    2 – Authors & Users is used to manage your WordPress Users – adding, editing and deleting them. Manage->Subscribers allows you to edit public subscribers and the subscriptions for registered users.

  82. Claudio,

    If you want to sent email notifications to all Registered Subscribers you’ll need to subscribe them using the Bulk Manage section in Manage->Subscribers.

  83. Probably an easy question: What is the way admin can remove a person from subscription list?

    I’m running version 3.8 of this plugin.

  84. AriK,

    If the person is a public subscriber you can removed them in Manage->Subscribers.

    If they are registered you need to delete them from Users->Authors & Users.

  85. I am using subscribe2 successfully within my 2.3.1blog.

    Having moved my wordpress install within the server, I installed the redirection plugin to manage any 404s and 301s.

    I have noticed that I get a 404 registered from the subscribe2 plugin in the admin section when writing or editing posts.

    The error generated calls for:


    In the tinymce/langs/ folder is only 2 js files en_us and nl_nl

    Is there somewhere in the plugin I can change to call the right js file (i.e. en_us.js instaed of en.js) or is there another workaround?

  86. I’m from Quebec city and my english is not very good. Excuse me.

    I have your plugin version 3.8 and the plugin 404 notifer. I receive many email from 404 notifer like this

    This link not exist but this one exist
    and this one exist

    Your plugin add /abonnement-aux-nouveautes/ after my link and create many 404 error.

    You can make a correction on your plugin please?

    Excuse my english.

    Thank you

  87. France,

    Are subscribe2 emails being sent with the incorrect links? Try rebuilding your permalinks by reverting to default and then returning to your preferred permalink layout.

    Can you tell me, are you sending per-post emails or some form of digest?

  88. I send a email for each post but I think it’s not a problem.

    I have remark the 404 error with add /abonnement-aux-nouveautes/ after my link it’s when the User Agent is Mozilla/5.0 like this one

    X-Mailer: PHP/5.2.5

    Erreur 404 – une erreur a été enregistrée sur votre site.

    404 URL:

    Référée par:

    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +

    or like this one

    X-Mailer: PHP/5.2.5

    Erreur 404 – une erreur a été enregistrée sur votre site.

    404 URL:

    Référée par:

    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Twiceler-0.9

    or this one

    X-Mailer: PHP/5.2.5

    Erreur 404 – une erreur a été enregistrée sur votre site.

    404 URL:

    Référée par:

    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Yahoo! Slurp;

    Each time is’t User Agent Mozilla/5.0

    The problem it’s Mozilla 5.0 or Subscribe2 ?

    Thank you very much and excuse my english.

  89. I installed the plugin and I have 6200 subscribers. I host my own server.. but should I worry about the BCC limit?

    I mean.. are you sending out each email with 6200 email addresses BCC’d in the header? Actually, I don’t really know how BCC works but is one email going out with 6200 BCC addresses? Does that cause any problems if it gets bigger and bigger?

    Just curious!


  90. Peter, language settings here build on the general wordpress language settings:

    The basics for translations, which work for this plugin too, is found in:

    Just place the final .mo file for subscribe2 in the homedir for the plugin and then if you’ve followed the naming standards and configured wordpress to your language it will automatically change to your language in the plugin (and the rest of the admin).

  91. France,

    The 404 errors you are seeing are coming from (ro)bots crawling you site looking for links to list on search engines. The User Agents being declared are coming from these bots and not from my plugin. They are nothing to do with Subscribe2. Try asking the authoer of the 404 plugin.

  92. Hotforwords,

    If you are hosting your own server and have not imposed any limits on emails then you have no worries. BCC essentially functions to tell your mail agent on the server to send identical but separate emails to each recipient.

    The issues arise when hosting providers (rightly) restrict this to stop spammers.

  93. You have reason. Your plugin is ok. A friend have found the error. The error was a simple / that I forget.

    Excuse me!

    Have a nice day!

  94. Hi Matthew,

    I’ve got a Norwegian translation for your subscribe2 plugin (view it installed at – where do you wan’t it e-mailed (I’m assuming you can get ahold of my e-mail from the comment :-)?

    Great plug-in, just some comments to improve for other users:

    – I’d recommend a separate page on translations. A tad bit complicated for people how that’s done – both how existing translations are installed as well as how to translate. If you’re interested I can write a short text.

    – The database defaults are not part of what’s translated. Is this something that can be modified easily? Most importantly to have the e-mail templates into the correct language when activating the plugin.

    Thanks for great work,

  95. I just noticed that I have 3900 registered users yet only 3100 show up in Subscibe2 as total registered users. Any idea why? Any way I can get them to all show up?

  96. Charles,

    What version of WordPress and Subscribe2 are you using? Everything is working on my install1 as expected but I don’t have as many users as you.

  97. 2.3.1 WP and 4.2 of the plugin. I did do a subscribe all and then an unsubscribe all about a week ago… not sure if that messed it up. Should I perhaps unsinstall the plugin and delete the table in my mysql? And then install it again? It’s a new site so I don’t mind doing that.

    What do you think?

  98. Charles,

    Only public subscribers are stored in the database table created by the plugin. Registeres users are stored in a core WordPress table and the subscribe2 information is stored in the usermeta table.

    We need to get the Subscribe2 upgrade function to be called to see if that fixes things. Look in the subscribe2.php file and you’ll find VERSION defined. Change this up a version while the plugin is not active. If this fixes things make sure to change it back again afterwards.

  99. My comment was in response to the problem above that Charles was having.. he was asking for me.


  100. Is there some incompatibility with wordpress 2.3.2?

    I know subscribe2 v4.1was working properly with wordpress 2.3.1 but now that I swithced hosting services, and installed wordpress 2.3.2 I can’t get, v4.1 nor 4.2 to send out any notification emails.

    Can anyone help?

  101. When I try to activate Subscribe2 v4.2 in wordpress v2.3.1, activation fails due to a fatal error and the following error log is displayed:

    Warning: require(/home/…/wp-content/plugins/buttonsnap.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/…/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 48

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/…/wp-content/plugins/buttonsnap.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/…/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 48

    Any suggestions?

  102. Nevermind, replacing the @mail calls with @wp_mail and using one of the SMPT plugins worked.

  103. Got the plugin installed and it works great! Just noticed that when we schedule posts to “publish” at a future date and time the plugin does not automatically generate an email for those – even once they automatically publish on our site!! Apparently, the plugin only sends email if you (a human) clicks the PUBLISH button.

    Are you aware of this issue? I would love it if this plugin worked for those future scheduled posts as well.

    Thanks for your thoughts!


  104. I was thinking of integrating Subscribe2 with SMS messaging by taking a number out of Cimy User Extra Fields, and using an email to SMS gateway, for posts to a specific category. is this something you have ever thought of? Is there a better/ more obvious way of doing this?

    Thanks for any thoughts

    By the way, I was deeply involved with Eclipse for many years, and yes it is cool.


  105. Patrick,

    Having just looked at the code it would seem that I’ve removed the future post code by mistake at some point (whoops) I’ll get it added back in for the next release.

  106. Mike,

    I’ve never considered adding SMS to Subscribe2 – it’s not something I’d use. Feel free to amend my code as you need- it is license so you can make any changes you like.

  107. “Having just looked at the code it would seem that I’ve removed the future post code by mistake at some point (whoops) I’ll get it added back in for the next release.”

    Is it possible that you can give the the code/instructions and I will update my V4.2 plugin for now? Thanks for the quick response.

  108. Patrick,

    It’s not as simple as I first thought as the functions were deleted a while ago as they were no longer needed following changes in the WordPress core. With the release of 2.3 some of these changes have been reversed but not totally back to the way they were.

    I have some code now that I think will work in most areas – would you care to test it for me?

  109. I love your plugin. It worked fine, but then i updated to newest wp release and got error’s, even with your plugin as the only plugin. Now i’ve taken a backup, wiped all wp files including the db files, and even changed subdomain i have installed wp to. your plugin is still the only plugin, haven’t loaded any backup files and i get this error:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 77824 bytes) in /usr/home/web/******/mimi/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 1345

    Any idea why?

  110. Hello-
    I love your plugin. I am using WordPress 2.3.2, your version 4.2. I am interested in having the program send out a weekly e-mail with all of the newest posts for the week. I have set the settings in the admin for Send Email as Digest: to “once daily” (to test this feature) and added the “TABLE” substition to my default e-mail template under “New Post email”. However, when I received the e-mail it just shows “TABLE” where the new posts should be. Am I doing something wrong?

  111. Mimi,

    Your setup is only allocating 8Mb of memory to the running PHP process, the default is 32Mb. Either edit your php.ini file or contact your host and ask them to up the limit for you.

  112. Bruce,

    Does your template text only contain the word TABLE or is there other text in there too? Does the word POST get replaced? TABLE should produce a list of Post Titles only.

  113. I have noticed the same thing as Patrick did. My blog is hosting a series of 7 articles this week for the Assemblies of God national Week of Prayer (starting today one article will be posted each day.) I would like to have the posts set to a future date and be published and emailed at 8:00 AM CST. I am willing to test the code that you have come up with to solve the problem of future posting during this week so that way I, hopefully, don’t have to be sitting at my computer at 8:00 AM to publish the post.

  114. Here’s the end result of what the template looks like when I receive the e-mail:

    ///////////////// has posted a new item, ”


    You may view the latest post at

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are
    Best regards,

  115. Here’s the template text:

    BLOGNAME has posted a new item, ‘TITLE’


    You may view the latest post at

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are posted.
    Best regards,

  116. Bruce,

    Only the keywords POST and TABLE are replaced when emails are set to Digest. It would appear from your posts above the BLOGNAME and TITLE and PERMALINK have been replaced which would indicate that you are on per-post emails.

  117. Here are how my options are set. At first, I had it to once weekly, and the results looked like the above example. Then, I changed it to once daily, so I could quickly see the results of any changes. However, I have not changed the template, yet.

    Here’s the screenshot of my settings

  118. In the above screenshot, all I did from the default was replace “post” with “table”.

    Do I need to delete “title”, since all of the titles should be listed in the table?

    Maybe you could show an example of the template for tables + the necessary settings in the admin area?

    Thanks 🙂

  119. Bruce,

    Set it to daily and try something like the following:

    ‘Get A Website on the NET’ has posted the following new articles this week:


    Read below for more or visit our cool site



  120. OK, I’ll try the above and let you know what happens tomorrow. By the way, is there a way for someone to un-subscribe from my list by clicking a link in my e-mail to them, or will I just have to direct them back to my “subscribe” page for now?

  121. Bruce,

    Subscribers need to be directed to the page you created – it handles subscriptions and un-subscriptions.

    Once Daily is the default daily event – I think you must have another plugin adding the Every Day event. I’d guess they are the same but I’d use the Once Daily event.

  122. Here’s the results:

    If I set the results to “per post”, I get TABLE and POST (as expected). However, now I cannot get ANY e-mails sent to me when the settings are set to hourly or daily, even though I post new “test” posts. I can send broadcast “one time” e-mails manually through the program. I guess I’ll just have to play around with it some more and read all of the other post questions on this site. Thanks again for your assistance!

  123. I will be adding a discussion forum to my site soon, and I will be requiring registration to access. I am using the subscribe2 plugin to auto send a weekly digest to all registered users. To keep things simple, I will not give viewers the ability to access their WP “My profile” tab to adjust their email preferences… Bummer in some ways I know. (I do this to keep people out of the “Blue default WP login world”.

    Question: Is there a way I can keep emails from going to a particular person who is registered on my site? I do not see that I have the ability to access their profiles via my admin session.

    Any thoughts?

  124. Patrick,

    You can only carry out bulk administrations as admin. Of course you have the ability to reset a users password and then you can log in as them and change their settings.

    The other way is to directly edit your database entries but I wouldn’t recommend that approach.

  125. Do you know of a solid plugin that enables the Subscribe preferences page (in the dashboard) but hides all the rest that I do not want users to see or get into?

  126. Hey, I’m back again. Just wanted to let you know that I finally started getting digest e-mails sent to me again… out of the blue! I didn’t do anything to start it. I just had it still set for “daily”, from my testing a few days ago. The e-mail that I got still showed “TABLE”, but POST was replaced by an actual post. I have since set it to send to me “weekly” (my original goal), so hopefully i’ll get one sent to me next Saturday night.

  127. Bruce,

    I’ll check into the TABLE issue on my test install. I can’t explain the cron issue you encountered and I’ve spent quite a lot of time looking at the cron events in the last few days.

    The only thing I can think is that the cron is a pseudo-cron that requires a visit to your site to get things started – perhaps your site is a low traffic site.

  128. Bruce,

    I’ve found an error after much looking and it’s a dumb mistake 😦 Line 2126 of version 4.2 is:

    $body = str_replace("TABLE", $table, $mailtext);

    And it should be:

    $mailtext = str_replace("TABLE", $table, $mailtext);

  129. Before I add the TABLE code back in, can you give me(us) an example of what the output is?

    It seems like POST added a list of the posts for the period, with the title of the post and a link to it below. What would TABLE add, or better yet, look like?

  130. Bruce,

    TABLE does the same as POST but only the titles of each post, not the content and not a link. It may be useful to put at the top of a notification to give the reader an idea of the total content if the post is lengthy.

  131. Dear Sir,
    I had a little problem with the subscrube 2 in that it sends 4 e-mails in the name of the admin to the e-mail address I use as an administrator with slightly different content automatically when I publish a post. I want to be sent only one e-mail per post… would you help? Thanks!

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