Subscribe2 4.1

Version 4.1 of the Plugin is now available for download.

Version 4.1 is for WordPress 2.3.x users only! This version has been tested on WordPress 2.3.1 and 2.3.0

Users of WordPress 2.0.x should download Version 2.22 of Subscribe2. Users of WordPress 2.1.x and 2.2.x should download Version 3.8.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Fixed sending of notifications for Pages
  • Fixed password protected post bug for Digest email notifications
  • Fixed blank email headers if admin data is not at ID 1

There are still 2 known issues caused by glitches in the WordPress core files. Fixes are discussed here.

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder and buttonsnap.php file are uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

48 thoughts on “Subscribe2 4.1

  1. Great !

    May I ask for a new feature? I would appreciate to have an option which could deactivate the notification for messages already published. I want to inform my subscribers I made a new post on my blog, but not that I corrected a message.

    Sometimes I forget to deactivate the notification, and my subscribers receive several notifications I wrote a new post…


  2. Psykotik,

    Is this happening with version 4.1? It should not be generating email notifications for edits to messages provided you don’t change the status of the message from published to draft and then back again.

  3. After upgrade to version 2.4.1 (from 2.4.0), I got a big problem under IE7. There´s no chance to open WP, when subscribe2 is activated. When subscribe2 is deactivated, there are no problems. Also under FF there are no problems!
    Now I have “downgraded” to version 2.4.0 and everything is wonderful 😉


  4. Hello,
    I’ve a problem with the last update’s plugin:
    plugin activated, my comment area disappear and replaced by the message ‘the coments are closed’. plugin disable, my coment area is back….

    If someone has an issue?

  5. UbuntuUser,

    Subscribe2 does not hook into any part of WordPress related to comments. I’m not aware of any other users having this issue either.

    Are you sure you aren’t looking for the Subscribe-to-comments plugin?

  6. Regarding the notifications for edits to messages : I’ve not yet tried with the last release. Happy to read you changed this behavior, I’ll let you know if I go through any issue.

    Thanks again!

  7. Hi!
    Just thought I’d give you my results since I asked a few questions earlier.
    The latest plugin is working good for me. No errors and I’m able to subscribe/unsubscribe users. So it’s basically working great.

    The only strange behavior I’ve encountered is that when a person subscribes or unsubscribes , the Admin is no longer getting an email notification. Any one else having this issue?

    (Other emails are working, though. Including the confirmation of request emails that go out to new subscribers.)


  8. Is there a way I can hack in to send an Update mail if I update a Page (not a Post). It will only send on new pages or posts.

    And maybe an idea to send an Update mail when post new pictures in to my NextGen gallery.


  9. Arnoud,

    Look for the subscribe2 function and try adding:

    add_action(‘publish_page’, array(&$this, ‘publish’));

    Note that this may send 2 emails for new pages if you leave Send PAges as ‘Yes’.

  10. I am also having the same issue that I am not receiving notification emails when someone registers or signs up on the blog. Any suggestions?

  11. Hello. Notifications are not being sent when someone registers because of an error in line 688 of subscribe2.php. This section of the code:

    $wpdb->usermeta.meta_key=’$wpdb->prefix . user_level’

    should be replaced with:


    also, on line 687, there should be a space before the word “subscribed”. Here is the corrected code:
    $message = $this->email . __(‘ subscribed to email notifications!’, ‘subscribe2’);

    otherwise, when you receive the notification, the mailto link will include the word “subscribed” stuck together to the e-mail address of the person who subscribed.

  12. Hi. Another comment. Not sure if this is by design or a bug, but the “Mail Subscribers” form (from admin page: Write->Mail Subscribers) does not parse HTML content properly. When I paste an HTML page and send it, what appears in the e-mail is the CSS code, followed by the text in the page, without HTML formatting.

    Maybe you could implement something like the Email Users plugin, with an option to send the message in plain text or HTML.


  13. Oh, I forgot to mention that there doesn’t seem to be any implementation of an e-mail notification sent to the admin when a user UNsubscribes.

  14. Monfresh,

    Your proposed fix will work provided the WordPress table prefix defined in wp-config.php is “wp_”. There is a bug in that code though that I’ve fixed for 4.2. I’ll get that space added though, thanks.

    The Write->Email Subscribers was only ever implemented as a simple emails bolt on to handle plain text – not HTML. I’m not going to expand this section of the code but go ahead and amend the code if you want that function for yourself.

    Admins are not emails when someone unsi=ubscribes but again you could easily add it by copying a few lines of code in the confirm fuction from the if loop where $action is checked for being 1 or 0. Simply take the mailing code for where $action is 1 and add it to where $action is 0.

  15. Problems with posts where are planned for future.

    Hi, i use subscribe2 since a long time. Now, i’ve upgraded to wordpress 2.3.1 and subscribe2 v4.1. Since then i have the following problem:

    When i write a new post and publish it instantly, then subscribe2 send a mail to the subscribers… this is normal and ok. BUT, when i write a post with a date/time in the future, then subscribe 2 do not be send a mail to subscribers, when the post will be active at planned date. (With old versions wp 2.2.1 and subscribe 3.x has this worked…)

    Do you have a idea, how i can solve this problem?

  16. Huwi,

    Are you saying that future posts produce no notification at all?

    They are supposed to be notified when the post becomes active. If this is not happening you need to check your CRON activity on your WordPress install. WP-DB-Backup is a good way of testing. Search for it using google.

  17. Hi,

    Tried the fix for new registered members as proposed by Monfres, but it doesn’t work for me. So i have to take subscribe offline *for now* until these little bugs have been fixed…

    Hope they will be in 2.42

  18. Hello – I have upgraded to 4.1 but still having problem getting email notifications.
    I have worked with my ISP and it seems their email server does not like the format of the BCC field. The behaviour we are currently seeing is that email addresses in the BCC filed are separated by a comma and a return character. The email server seems to only parse the first email address in the the BCC list and completely eliminate the others. Moreover, even for the one email address that seems to be parsed correctly in the BCC list, the person still does not receive the email.

    Has anybody experiences this behaviour before? Any idea what’s wrong?


  19. Hi Administrator

    First, thank you for the hints. But, it was not sooo helpful:
    WP_DB-Backup works without problem. The weekly backups was proceed in the last weeks. I think, CRON is not the reason and my problem with not sendet notifications of future dated posts still exist. Any other ideas?

  20. I have been using this program since v2 and its great. Now that I’ve just upgraded, things don’t works as they did. I have a questions in hope of getting it back to great again.

    Under *Options > Subscribe2* section *Exclude Categories*, I have a bunch of checked boxes with no text next to them. I’m guessing that these categories are not showing due to a conflict with another category plugin. So since i want all categories to mail on, i uncheck them all and save….. Darn the boxes all come back checked again and no mail get sent on new posts. Any Ideas?

    I was also unable to get test emails out using your test email plugin. I comments on this in that post.

  21. update… i have deactivated all plugins except *subscribe2* and i still see no cat names in *Excluded Categories*. I still am unable to save them unchecked.

  22. I’d like to make a feature request for Bulk Moderation for unconfirmed subscribers. I have a ton of spam email addresses (e.g. or that were never confirmed by the subscriber. Is it possible to put a checkbox function next to each subscriber to allow a user to simply check all the boxes of spam addresses and bulk delete vs. spending an hour doing this one by one?

    Super Thanks!!!!!!!!

  23. Cesarcesar,

    If you can’t see category names it’s because you are using the wrong version for your WordPress install. Please download the correct version as detailed in the post above.

  24. Sonme,

    If you can access PHPMyAdmin execute the SQL statement and see what is returned.

    DESCRIBE wp_subscribe2

    Also, check with your host that your host supports the DESCRIBE command.

  25. thanks for your work.
    i tried to use the plugin v4.1 with wp 2.3.1 and so far everything worked out allright until i received the first mail. the TABLE argument in the plain mail is not substituted. any hint? do i have to send html mails to make it work? thank you!

  26. ‘DESCRIBE wp_subscribe2’ in PHPMyAdmin goes, also ‘SELECT * FROM wp_subscribe2’ goes… I don’t understand…

  27. Hey. Thanks for your great plug-in. It works for me as expected.

    The thing is, I need one more useful option to make it perfect. I need to be able to attach an image for the general public subscribers. That seems like reasonable item. Any way I can write this in?

    Again, thanks so much for the plug.

  28. Sonme / Michele,

    The next thing to try is putting the ‘if’statement into one of my menus and adding an echo t report success or failure. Like this:

    if (!mysql_query(“DESCRIBE ” . $this->public)) {
    echo “Done”;

  29. Hey. Thanks for your response! I want to add an image to the email.
    The very best situation would be to use the WRITE —> MAIL SUBSCRIBERS, and write a plain text email with one image. (I send event information, and I want to add an image of the performer). Without the image, my success rate (the people who attend the events) drops significantly.

    So plain text + one image. Does plain text mean no images? I thought it meant no codes….

    Again, thanks so much for this plugin. If you know a solution, it would be MUCH appreciated. I’m pretty good with changing PHP from instructions (I understand only vaguely how it works, but usually I can follow programmers’ instructions to change the PHP with no problem).

  30. thanks for your answer.
    the time i tested it the setting was digest. at the moment its per post.
    im trying to use a clean v4.2 now and see if it works. maybe i messed up something trying to translate the interface into german.

  31. The output of ‘mysql_query(”DESCRIBE wp_subscribe2” )’ is “Resource id #2” (or #3, or #128, or any other number).

    The output of ‘mysql_query(”DESCRIBE wp_subscribe3” )’ is “” (wp_subscribe3 doesn’t exist!).

  32. Love the plugin! Works perfectly. Thanks for this contribution. Now for the “but”…

    Before I go poking around in your code, can you suggest a way to have emails sent out when comments are added to a post?

    – Chris

  33. Bird,

    You can add images to plain text emails as an attachment. I’ve no idea how I’d get that into the plugin though. My HTML images link back to the originals on the website blog.

    Try looking at the code in WP-DB-Backup as that generates an email with an attachment.

  34. Sonme,

    Only when the mysql query returns a null (“”) would the install routine be called. Everything seems to be working from all that you’ve posted. Can you debug some more.

  35. Uhm… different PHP versions (in my case, PHP Version 4.4.4) could be the cause of a different/unpredictable behaviour of your ‘if (!mysql_query … ‘ code?

    Thanks for your perseverance. 🙂

  36. Sonme,

    I don’t think differing versions of PHP will make any difference. I test using 4.4.7 on a laptop sometimes and haven’t seen this issue.

    Try debugging using:

    die(print(“Break Point!”));

  37. Excellent plug-in. Need to make it work in a way that it not only notifies everyone of a new post, but also when a new comment has been added to an existing post. Any ideas?

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