Subscribe2 2.21 and 3.7

Versions 2.21 and 3.7 of the Plugin are now available for download.

Note: Although I am feeling somewhat better, I’m not 100% so please check this site fully before posting a comment for support

Version 3.7 is for WordPress 2.1.x and WordPress 2.2.x users only! This version has been tested on WordPress 2.2.1.

For users of WordPress 2.0.x, please download Version 2.21 of Subscribe2. As previously stated, Subscribe2 for WordPress 2.0.x is no longer being actively developed. Only bug fixes will be back ported.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Change from deprecated get_settings -> get_option
  • Fix for confirmation links not working for custom installs
  • Abandoned wp_mail due to core bugs [Version 3.7 Only]
  • Added Digest Table feature (untested) [Version 3.7 Only]
  • Added icons to manage window (Thanks to [Version 3.7 Only]
  • Fixed Bulk Manage bug when using i18n files
  • Fixed bug in cron emails if tag present

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

Download Version 3.7, recommended for users of WordPress 2.1.1 and above.

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Ensure that the complete subscribe2 folder and buttonsnap.php file are uploaded
  4. Activate the new version of the plugin

128 thoughts on “Subscribe2 2.21 and 3.7

  1. Hi

    I’ve upgraded to new version. My problem, i see ever in each places the same option-screen (screenshot-2.png from your documentation)… the other pages (screenshot-1/3/4.png) are never shown. Is it possible, that your version 2.3.7 is incompatible with new wordpress 2.2.2???

    Best regards

  2. Huwi,

    I get this problem reported fairly frequently and yet I have never been able to reproduce it. Are you using any plugins that interact with the WordPress admin menu system, like drop down menus?

    The 4 links should be:

    Each link is created by a function linked in the code to the specific menu heading so you shouldn’t be seeing messed up menus.

  3. Hi

    I have an issue with the page that subscribers are sent to when the click the email link to confirm.

    Firstly, I have specified a page to use for confirmation and created my own, but it does not seem to link them to this page even though I have the correct syntax:
    define(‘S2PAGE’, ‘7’);

    Instead they are taken to this page:
    Which has errors. The page names in the header are changed to “Subscription Confirmation” (other than the ‘Home’ page) and the title of the post “Subscription Confirmation” links through to my own created page, which doesn’t help much…

    Would be very grateful if anyone can figure out why this would be the case!



  4. I tried the two lines of code in the sidebar but Subscribe2 was still invisible. Is there another code to use for a “Subscribe to my blog” type of link? Thanks!

  5. Since my last upgrade from 3.6 to 3.7 I’ve been getting double notification emails for each and every post on my blog. I’ve double checked it with my subscribers and they seem to be getting double emails too… One of the email is an excerpt and the other is a full text.

    Is is something wrong with the plugin or am I screwing up with something.. BTW am using WP 2.2.2

  6. Vishwas,

    This is strange behaviour. I can’t imagine how you could have got 2 instances to Subscribe2 operating so I’ll discount that possibility. Are you using any form of caching (like WP-Cache) on your site?

  7. Thanks for the cool plugin!

    Do you have a plan in mind that whenever a user registered, he will automatically added in the subscriber’s list?

  8. Ooops sorry for my last comment, I thought it wasn’t supported.

    I’ve got a question: When a user click on the Subscribe/Unsubscribe link, it shows two PAGES NAVIGATION labeled “Subscription Confirmation” while the other PAGES NAVIGATION of my blog disappeared.

  9. Dave Joyce,

    Sorry about not replying sooner, your comment got lost in the moderation queue.

    Looking at your post I think you may need to check the quotation marks you’ve used as the final one looks like a smart quote. They should all be simple quotes as follows:

    define(‘S2PAGE’, ‘7’);

  10. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. When editing the line, I simply changed the number, and didn’t edit the quotation marks. I think it just looks incorrect when pasted on this page – your post shows this in the same way as mine…

  11. Dave Joyce,

    I have never seen this issue before so I can only think that it’s an issue in your theme. To stop this happening look for line 2080:

    add_filter(‘the_title’, array(&$this, ‘title_filter’));

    and comment it out to:

    //add_filter(‘the_title’, array(&$this, ‘title_filter’));

    This will stop any dynamic changes to page titles.

  12. Dave Joyce,

    The confirmation page is created dynamically by the plugin, you don’t need to create a special page. That is why it isn’t being shown.

    The plugin is open source so feel free to change it if you know how to get confirmations pointing to your custom page.

  13. How do subscribers “register” for my site? Is this another plugin that I need?

    I am able to move subscribers from unconfirmed to confirmed, but not onward to “registered”?

    Am I missing something?

  14. Is this plugin something we can set to just manually email users ? like a mail list
    and a way to disable the auto send feature and of sending posts,

    Only want it for manually sending email to users

  15. Hi,

    Great plugin. But I cant seem to get it to show. It installs fine and I can see when I view source. Perhaps its the space needed above and below, but WP seems to always strip it…

    Ive changed subscribe2.php to say define(‘subscribe’, ‘0’); and ive tried define(‘subscribe’, ‘6’); and define(‘S2PAGE’, ‘0’); – which should it be? “subscribe” is the name of my new page with an ID of 6.



  16. Hi – I’m also getting double emails sent out for every post since I upgraded. I’m using WordPress 2.2.2, no caching. Any suggestions?

  17. Alias,

    You can manually send emails from Manage->Options but those users will still get post based emails. You can edit the code to stop this happening but that’s not really the point of the plugin so I won’t be implementing this as an option.

    You’ll need to look at where the plugin hooks into WordPress in the subscribe2() function.

  18. Robert,

    You need to find a way to get those lines in above and below the token.

    And the line you are looking for is:

    define(‘S2PAGE’, ‘6’);

  19. brj4,

    In all honesty I’ve no idea why you are seeing double emails for every post. What’s even more strange is that I haven’t amended any part of the code that sends the emails out!

    Maybe try making a post with the plugin disabled and then re-activate it.

  20. Hi

    Really awesome plugin!!
    I´m experiencing a strange behaviour: I want to send HTML messages. If I choose “Per Post Email” in the digest settings everything works fine. But if I choose “Once an hour” only plain text messages are sent out.

    Any idea how to solve this issue?

    thanks a lot


  21. Phillippe,

    HTML emails for digest is a non-standard feature in the plugin but I do provide this as a cost upgrade ($40). Post another comment if you are still interested.

  22. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I got “Users” turned on now, but it didn’t fix my subscribe2 problem like I thought it would.

    I am not getting any emails when I Subscribe. I’ve tried the Widget, the Subscribe2 page that I made, and I even selected “Subscribe” when I registered. It only says that a confirmation email was sent.

    Also, I didn’t forget to: define(‘S2PAGE’, ’15’);

    I understand that there is a BCC problem with some hosts, but I am only asking it to send out one or two emails. Besides, I am not getting anything at my admin email address which I read that uses the CC field.

    My host for WordPress is Yahoo.
    WordPress 2.2.2.

    Thanks again

  23. I hope you are feeling better.

    I wanted to ask if it’s possible to log all outbound email either in a table or in a flatfile. The point is that I have no idea of the frequency of outbound email and if it actually works. I’m eager to implement this but don’t know much about how email is handled in Subscribe2. I noticed you use wp_mail() for confirmations but am unsure what you use for other outbound email. Your help is appreciated

    Thank you for a great WordPress Plugin.


  24. Hi

    For those having troubles with getting the form to appear like me – I went to Users – your profile and unchecked “Use the visual editor when writing” and re-added the token and then it worked – then turned the visual editor on again. All is ok now



  25. Nasser Ahmed,

    All outgoing email should already be logged in your server logs – ask your host.

    There are ways to log it in PHP but these are very likely to make the plugin slow to a crawl so it’s not something I’m going to start implementing, especially when the server logs should do the trick.

  26. HI

    I am having a similar problem as Mike – when I subscribe all I get is a message that says: “To manage your subscription options please login.” but no email is sent and nothing is added to the subscriber list in the admin panel


  27. Robert,

    If you are getting that message it’s because you are already a registered user. If you click on the link you’ll be able to manage your subscriptions from the resulting administration window.

    Try adding a brand new email address if you want to check if public subscriptions are working.

  28. Hi,

    Actually, I am using WP mu and the email I am using is already in the database – as the admin of another blog so maybe thats why. But yes, I tried an email that has not been used on the site and it worked.



  29. Hello,

    I’m testing your plugin 3.7 on WP 2.2.1. I found a strange behavior … 🙂
    only the last email of my public subscribed user is receiving the notification email when I add a new post. I’ve try to send an email through “mail subscribers” and again the same behavior.

    any idea of what is going on ?


  30. JLS,

    The sort of behaviour you describe is almost definately down to email blocking on your server. Have you contacted your host and asked them to look at the server logs?

  31. Hi,
    I did a French translation for a previous version of Subscribe2. Would it be possible to have a .pot file for this new version? I could update my translation. Thanks. Lise

  32. Hello,

    Thank you for the plugin. However, there seems to be a problem with the plugin in my WordPress. In my Users >> Subscription page, I don’t get the same page as screenshot 3. All I get is

    “Receive daily summary of new posts?: Yes No”

    This doesn’t allow any of my users to be able to unsubscribe or choose what type of e-mail they want to receive. Do you have any idea of what could be the problem?

    Thank you!

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  34. Yingna,

    This page is expected if you have set the plugin to send digest emails. Digests are opt in or opt out because it’s far too complicated to construct individual emails based on each users subscriptions.

  35. Thanks for the reply.

    Is there a way to change from digest e-mails? Or if not, is there a way for people to at least unsubscribe? When I go to that page and select the “no” radio button and click submit, the next page has my selection go right back to yes and my e-mail is still on the Manage >> Subscribers list. (I’ve tried this with other user accounts, but they do the same thing).

    Is the only way possible for people to unsubscribe (even if they are registered users) through the unsubscription form (where they put in their e-mail and select unsubscribe)?

  36. Yingna,

    You can change from digest emails to per-post emails in Options->Subscribe2.

    Users can certainly unsubscribe – public users by using the form with the Unsubscribe option selected and Registered Users by using Users->Subscriptions.

    Your email will ALWAYS appear in Registered Subscribers – change the filter to one of your categories while unsubscribed and you’ll see your email address is not listed.

    I’ll change the description from “Registered Subscribers” to “Registered Users” to hopefully avoid this confusion in a future version.

  37. Hi, thanks again for the reply.

    Just one last question: Even if the registered user unsubscribed, am I supposed to still be able to e-mail them when I write a message in “Mail Subscribers?” Because even when a few of my users unsubscribed, they were still able to receive my e-mails.

  38. Yingna,

    You can mail all Registered Users from Manage->Subscribers depending on which option you choose in the drop down Filter. Choosing Registered Subscribers will email all Registered Users.

  39. Lise,

    Many thanks for the translation, I have added them to the SVN i18n files.

    Also, the 2 expressions you say are not translated are not part of my plugin! Are they in the POT file I sent you?

  40. No, they are not. But they are in the Subscribe2 admin panel 😉
    I deactivated/reactivated the plugin, but the two options are still present! They look as files from the WP-DBManager plugin.

    Thanks for your answer. It seems, that your health is better. I hope, that all the bad things are behind you!

  41. Hello, I have installed this plugin in my website. I think to do all correct about installation, but I have a problem with confirmation page. When user subscriber email, he receive email with confirmation link, but he isnt able to confirmation registration because link shows home page of my website. I dont undestand where is the problem. Sorry my bad english, I hope to write correct my problem. Thank you 🙂

  42. Lise,

    I wonder if these are CRON event options that WP-DBManager is adding. Subscribe2 displays the CRON options pulled from the existing schedules; so if WP-DBManager is adding events and naming them Subscribe2 will pull tese names out and display them as CRON event options.

    Are these phrases appearing in Options->Subscribe2 under Delivery Options?

  43. Tony,

    Your English is just fine!

    Look for line 498 in subscribe2.php

    Change it to:

    $link = get_option(‘home’) . “/?s2=”;

    Note, the original was:

    $link = get_option(’siteurl’) . “/?s2=”;

    Does it work now when a new user subscribes?

  44. Yes, they are appearing under Delivery Options:

    Pour chaque nouveau billet (for each post)
    Une fois par heure (once per hour)
    Une fois par jour (once per day)
    WP-DBManager Optimize Schedule
    WP-DBManager Backup Schedule
    Une fois par semaine (once per week)

  45. thanks for your fast response!
    I have changed in subscribe2.php about line 498, but I have same problem, when user click link confirmation in email, shows home page —> homepage/?s2=18963be25a0baa2eed1084cd1777fb7e92.

  46. Lise,

    Those 2 strings are coming from the WP-DBManager plugin, they are defined on line 148 and 149 in the cron_dbmanager_reccurences() function. They are not i18n enabled so cannot be translated – perhaps something you should point out to the author of that plugin 🙂

    I could unset those as part of my plugin but that would stop WP-DBManager working – so I don’t really want to go there!

  47. Tony,

    I presume your WordPress install is not typical and that you have moved index.php out of the default WordPress install folder. The above fix should work if your settings in Options->General are correct for your install under WordPress Address and Blog Address.

    The only other thing to do is play around with the link until you get it working in your browser then hard code it in the file. For example:

    $link = “”;

  48. Thank you very much! I have resolved the problem. I had created a html page as index (disclaimer page) and this cause the problem. I have removed index.html page and plugin run without problems. Thank you very much for your patience with me and good assistance!

  49. I have everything working fine except I’m doing some core improvements (adding pages) and my subscribers are getting emails when I add pages. The problem is I have the “Send Emails for Pages” option set to NO in the options page.

    I never want email sent to subscribers for new pages, only posts. Am I missing something?

  50. I currently have a form on my sidebar from an old version (I think 2.1). I am wondering if the new version needs any adjustments. Is there anything you see out of place? it is currently not working to subscribe people.

    Enter your email:   subscribe unsubscribe  

  51. I am not getting any emails when I Subscribe. I’ve tried the Widget, the Subscribe2 page that I made, and I even selected “Subscribe” when I registered. It only says that a confirmation email was sent.

    Also, I didn’t forget to: define(’S2PAGE’, ‘15′);

    I understand that there is a BCC problem with some hosts, but I am only asking it to send out one or two emails. Besides, I am not getting anything at my admin email address which I read that uses the CC field.

    My host for WordPress is Yahoo.
    WordPress 2.2.2.

  52. Viscouse,

    Newer version of the plugin require the latest version of the widget in order for it to work correctly. The site you’ve linked back to appears to be using WordPress 2.2.2 so use Subscribe2 3.7 and Widget 1.3 – both available via links from this site.

  53. Mike,

    Conduct a simple mail test by creating a simple plugin. Try creating a plugin file with the folowing, it should email you (provided you enter your own email as the $myemail string) each time your site is loaded. If this doesn’t work you’ll need to contact Yahoo! about them blocking emails.

    Plugin Name: Mail Test
    Description: PHP Mail Function Tester
    Author: Matthew Robinson.
    Version: 1.0
    Author URI:

    function mail_test() {
    //Define the following as your email address
    $myemail = '';
    // Leave the following alone
    $subject = 'WordPress Email Test';
    $mailtext = 'This email was sent from your WordPress blog by the Mail Test Plugin - your emails are working for simple mail';
    $headers .= "MIME-Version: 1.0\n";
    $headers .= "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=\"". get_bloginfo('charset') . "\"\n";
    $headers .= "From: " . $myemail . ">\n";
    $headers .= "Return-Path: \n";
    $headers .= "Reply-To: " . $myemail . "\n";
    $headers .= "X-Mailer:PHP" . phpversion() . "\n";
    $headers .= "Precedence: list\nList-Id: " . get_option('blogname') . "\n";
    @mail($myemail, $subject, $mailtext, $headers);

    // Run our code after the plugins have loaded.
    add_action('plugins_loaded', 'mail_test');

  54. When setting the digest email options, is there a way to keep it from resetting the time when the next email notification is going to be sent out? I need to change the email format, but we still need it to be sent out today (every Friday). If I change the email format, it won’t send out till next Friday.

    It would be nice if you could actually select the date and time to have notifications sent out.

  55. Matt,

    The CRON actions in WordPress happen periodically but I’ve never figured out a way to have a period set other than by the interval. So, you can have “once per week” but I can’t figure out how to do “every Friday”.

    If I ever figure this out I’ll add that functionality.

  56. Well, I figured out how to keep it from resetting the interval when clicking “submit” in the options. I commented out lines 1282-1295 in subscribe2.php. This code clears out the CRON and schedules a new one when you’ve submitted the options. At line 1291 the new CRON is scheduled (I think). The code is: “wp_schedule_event(time() + $interval, $email_freq, ‘s2_digest_cron’);” In that case the new CRON is scheduled for the current time + the interval. If you had a date selector, you could use that line to schedule the event for that date and time instead of current time + interval.

  57. Matt,

    Since my last comment I’d figured out that I’d have to use something other than the current time for the timestamp variable to allow fixed time cronning. I’ll see what I can sort out for a future version.

  58. Sounds good! If I get the spare time (which is unusual), I’ll try to work on something myself. If I get a good version, I’ll send it your way.

  59. Nice plugin …. but only the Uncategorised category is showing as a selectable category to choose to receive emails from or to exclude

    Other categories do exist in my WP

    Obviously all other categories should be displayed so the subscriber can choose to receive email of posts to a particular category only.

    This is the last jigsaw piece for my site!!

  60. emoo says sorry bout that ….

    categories need to have at least one post in them before being displayed as subscriber option

  61. One my friend have telled me that he was stopping to use subscribe2 because this is not good for email list of over 1000 users, ad now he is using it is real that with more of 1000 users I could have problemsusing subscribe2? y friend is using dreamhost hosting, I’musinggenerally another more cheap..

  62. Matteo,

    There will be a limit to the number of subscribers that Subscribe2 can handle but the limitations will be based upon the hardware and software configuration of your hosting server.

    DreamHost are known to have software restrictions in place. Just because your host is cheaper doesn’t mean they will be worse! Try it and see would be my advice.

  63. Hi

    After a week of fiddling around I still don´t undersand the registration process completely.

    So I guess every user has to register via: wp-login.php?action=register
    If I do so I get mailed only a password and a username, nothing more.

    What could be the problem?



  64. Hi, I installed the latest version and can’t get the general public subscribers to receive e-mail notifications of new posts. For some reason, they are excluded from all of the categories even though none of the categories are selected under the Excluded Categories list. These categories do have posts by the way, so it’s not an issue of categories not having posts. Can you tell me how to fix this?

  65. Theresa,

    I’ll presume you have more Public Subscriers than Registered. This will mean a larger number of recipients in the BCC header which means a greater chance of your host blocking the email.

    Check your server logs or ask your host to check them for you to find out why the email has been blocked. Setting a BCC Limit may help.

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  67. Hi Admin… this answer is relatet to the first two comments… (my and yours 🙂
    You’ve right, the reason of my problem was a Plugin named “Admin Drop Menus 2.2” from Andy Staines. I’ve deactivated and now, no problems.
    Thanks for the great hint

  68. Admin….

    Have subscribe2 installed and was working flawlessly for over a month and all of a sudden sent on multiple emails on the same day. I received 5 and some users received more. I am currently using the once daily digest with version 2.3.5 with wordpress version 2.2.1. It is very important that we fix this as we do not want to lose subscribers. I have disabled subscribe 2 for now until we can pin point the issue. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. we have 538 subscribers right now and i don’t know if that is playing into anything. Also i just recently … possibly before the last blast changed the admin email address could this play into the problem i’m experiencing.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  69. Jeremy,

    The Digest email functionality relies on WP-Cron – this provides psuedo-cron suport, psuedo because it’s not a true cron in that it relies on outside activity to fire the actions – namely the loading of a page from your site.

    Now, this can mean that if a robot is crawling your site it may be possible for the cron fucntion to be called more than once before it completes for the first time.

    Also, email is designed to be heavilty redundant in the first place – it was considered a better option to deliver email more than once rather than not at all.

    By closely examining the raw email headers you should be able to identify if the emails were identical duplicates sent several times in a server blip or if they were different emails constructed and sent seconds apart by an over called cron function.

    Either way I’m afraid I have found no way to avoid this happening within the Subscribe2 code – there are workarounds that you can implement if you have server access to cron and know what you are doing. You can call a script to fire the cron activity and remove WP-Cron from the equation in this way.

  70. I’m having the same problem a few others have mentioned in that when someone registers it creates a “404 Error” on the page.

    The script is creating the following url: I have know idea where the “/blog/maillist/” is coming form as I have changed the SPAGE as suggested and I even tried commenting out the line noted in a previous comment.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  71. i have wordpress sending email correctly.. the same when i try to send manually an email to people registered in the newsletter.. the problem is that i can’t find how to send them automatically an email when i post a new article on my blog.

    I have a message i can’t understand in the administration panel of newsletter “Consider User Privacy as changes cannot be undone”. Maybe it is for that? it is written in red and looks like an error 😛

    Thank you


  72. Gabriel,

    When you post a new article the email should be sent automatically if the plugin is activated (and it must be activated if you are seeing the admin panels).

    The message you are seeing is not an error, it’s in red to draw your attention to it, but Bulk Subscribing users you could be infringing on your users privacy by basically spamming them – that’s the reason for the warning.

  73. the plugin is activated but it doesn’t send any email when i publish a new post. Instead if i manually send an email to registered addresses it is correctly sent. How can i try to solve the problem?

  74. Gabriel,

    Manual sending and automatic sending both use the same function so it’s strange that one way works and the other does not. Do you have public subscribers as well as registered subscribers?

    My guess would be that there are some public subscribers that are being notified when you make a post and these extra subscribers are taking you over a limit imposed by your hosting server. Ask your hosting provider to review your email logs to see if some outgoing emails are being blocked.

  75. Hi!

    Love the plug in. I have an email distribution list that I would like to import into wordpress for this plug-in. Had any luck trying something like this?


  76. Do you remind my problem (2 comments ago)? I think the problem is in categories… Because i’ve seen that when i go for sending manually an email i can see the categories with (0) registered emails. How can i do to register people who fill my newsletter form in all categories?

    Thank u again


  77. Eric,

    If you can get the email addresses into a comma separated format you can paste them into the text box in Manage->Subscribers to add them all as public subscribers.

  78. Gabriel,

    Public subscribers are subscribed to all categories. Registered subscribers can choose which categories they subscribe to but this can be changed by using Bulk Management in Manage->Subscribers.

  79. Bonjour,

    My english is not well. I’m from Quebec city and I speak french.

    I want to know if is possible to have a listing a person to subscribe my site?
    I receive a email when a person subscribe but I don’t see in my admin a listing about the subscription.

    Excuse my english

    Thank you

  80. Just upgraded wordpress to 2.2.3 and the 3.7 Subscribe plugin stopped working 😦

    When enabling the plugin i get the following error:

    ! Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

  81. I have set the options to send emails once a week. First week it did send out the emails. However, lately it is not working anymore. My hosting support does not impose any limits on BCC and I am told that the mail log does not show any recent emails being sent out. This leads me to believe that the plugin (version 3.7) may be causing the problem.
    Can you please help?

  82. I upgraded to WP 2.2.3 and Subscribe 3.7 and the notification emails stopped once again. If you / Martin can tell me what’s wrong – It’d be great.

  83. Sudipta,

    Periodic email notifications rely upon the psuedo-cron functionality built into WordPress – it’s not a true cron and therefore sometimes doesn’t fire when you expect it to. That said I have made no changes to that code recently so it is puzzling to say the least. What version of WordPress are you using?

  84. I have the same problems that some comments … sometimes my subscribers receive 2 or 3 copies of the same mails.

    I don’t know where is the problem 😦

  85. Hi Admin,

    Was looking over the code and we want to remove the except from the daily digest and just have the title and link, i think i found out where this is located however was wondering if you had programmed a way in the back end to send a test email. This would help in many other circumstances too. Also in future versions which i know you are incredibly busy as are most of us. But when you do go into further development it would be nice to be able manually set the tiime the daily digest goes out without having to mess with the server clock. Anyways appreciate all that you do.


  86. I am using WP 2.2.1.
    I tried the test plugin and it works. So does “per post” notification. The weekly digest worked only once.
    Does your plugin still use WP_cron? It seems this plugin has been discontinued.

  87. Jeremy,

    There is no backend email test function. I’ll look at improving the substititions for digest emails in the next release though.

    Setting CRON times is already improved for the next release. Not manual setting because that’s a nightmare to validate the input but I’m sure you’ll find it better in Subscribe2 version 4.0.

  88. Sudipta,

    First I’d suggest you get yourself on WordPress 2.2.3 as versions since 2.2.1 have fixed some security issues.

    WP-Cron is discontinued as it’s now built into the core files for WordPress. Try using another CRON plugin like WP-DB-Backup. If this doesn’t work either the issue is with CRON in your WordPress install.

  89. I tried pasting the code into a new php file and uploading > activating the “test mail” plugin. But it returned with a fatal error during activation and did not get activated.

    One interesting thing that I noticed about my admin interface is that I did not see the same settings as you have posted in screenshot-3.jpg file.

    When I go to users > > Subscriptions, all I get is whether I want to “Receive daily summary of new posts?” and no other settings. Even more strange is the fact that when I change that setting to yes or no and select “save” – the setting remains unchanged. Am I doing something wrong over here?

  90. Vishwas,

    The screen you are seeing in Users -> Subscriptions is correct – it is changed for periodic emails.

    Also, see my latest post regarding Testing Email – your error is probably down to there being smartquotes inserted into the code by I’ll look into the setting not sticking issue.

  91. I upgraded my wp install to 2.2.2 (hosting service does not offer 2.2.3 yet) and also installed the WP-DB-Backup plugin.
    However, the digest emails still do not get sent out.
    Is there a way to test the CRON in my wp install?

  92. Continuing on my previous email.
    Can your test email plugin be modified to test CRON too? Is it too much work?

  93. Sudipta,

    I’ve just realised there may be an issue in the Subscribe2 implementation of CRON if using WordPress 2.2.x and relying on the WordPress core files for CRON functionality.

    A workaround is to downlaod and use the WP-Cron plugin that should still be available ablthough not developed or supported.

    As WordPress 2.3 is due in a few days time I am not going to fix this issue as I’m focussing my efforts on developing for WordPress 2.3.

  94. Hi,

    I am using S2 on WP mu, and is working fine with just a few issues:
    I am using the latest S2 widget. The confirmation email is working and shows the correct “you have successfully subscribed” but always sends to a “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” page

    Ive tried changing

    $link = get_option(‘siteurl’) . “/?s2=”; to
    $link = “”;
    but that gives and error. If I try

    $link = “”; the double forward slashes in the URL makes it a comment.

    Ive tried in the admin panel changing LINK to, but the confirmation email is only sent as /?s2=1b117b42edfd75604da6edbd2d2c788359

    Ive read the comments above as well. How can I get it to go to a specific page – my site uses mainly pages. Or just how to avoid the “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”



  95. Rob,

    Apologies for the delay in replying – your comment got lost in the Spam queue.

    I can’t understand why entering a http:// in double quotes is being interpreted as a commented line. What editor are you using?

    Try using NotePad++ on your local machine and then upload your changes.

  96. HI,
    My name is Guido, and I write to you from Naples (Italy).
    I make excuses myself for my English, I hope that you will understand to me.
    I have inserted Plug-in Subscribe2. A single thing works well does not succeed to make: How I make knowing which number I must insert (‘ S2PAGE ‘, ` N ‘) in place of N?
    thanks you so much

  97. I’m not too technilogically savvy, and I’m proud of myself for getting this installed after trying for 4 days on and off! Everything seems good, except the confirmation email has a Subject line of: [The Stuff I Live For] Please confirm your request
    and NO link or ANYTHING else in the email body.
    Did I miss a step? Seems odd to me that it has a subject, but no text other than that.

  98. OK, I got further. I did miss steps and have created the necessary page. Now my problem is that when the confirmation email comes, it brings you back to the “subscribe” page, and not a page that says ‘you have successfully subscribed’. Can you help? thank you!

  99. Elexisb,

    You need to make sure that the word LINK is in your email template for Confirmation emails in Options->Subscribe2. This word is substituted in the sent email for the actual link that will hand the subscription request.

  100. Thanks for your reply!

    Also, please tell me, what is the difference between registered and confirmed?

  101. Elexisb,

    Registered users have registered with your blog at wp-register.php, confirmed users have just entered their email address. By registering users get greater control over their subscription at the Users->Subscriptions admin menu,

  102. OK, but how does one register at wp-register.php? Is that a different set-up than what I’m using? Thanks again for your help. I’m excited to have gotten this working.

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