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You may have noticed that there has been quite a gap since the last release based on previous release history. You may have also noticed that my response times to support comments posted on here is not what is has been.

The reason for this is that I am struggling with my health at the moment. One day I’m fine, the next I feel exhausted. I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease for some 10 years now and I’ve coped pretty well so far.

Unfortunately, over the last three or four months I have not been doing as well and therefore have not been able to spend much time on my hobbies (this plugin being one of them!).

Please bear with me, I fully intend to recover and get back to coding this plugin soon. Also, if anyone out there wants to offer some help offering support to users on this site please post a comment below and I’ll get in touch when I can.

Thanks for you patience πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi Matt,

    Sorry to hear you’re not so well. I’ve treated quite a few people with Crohn’s (over various years of doctoring) so know that it can be a vile condition to live with.

    Best wishes for a swift recovery.


  2. Thank you for your awesome plugin πŸ™‚ I’m afraid I don’t know very much about Crohn’s disease (will read the article on Wiki) but would like to wish you all the best regardless!

  3. Hello, Matt!
    I like subscribe2 plugin very much, and made russian translation for v 3.6
    But I cannot make it work. I think the best way is to send .mo and .po files to you, but I don’t know your email. If you are interested in it, let me know, please!

  4. Just wanted to say hang in there. I have terrible fatigue from my MS so I know it can be challenging. I doze off at my computer quite often. lol Hope you get better soon!


  5. Mate,

    I too was diagnosed and suffered for about a decade.
    And then – I met my wife – a nutritionist – who suggested that I refrain from all things dairy – no milk, cheeses, etc & also no alcohol.

    In about 2 weeks, it disappeared, and has not reared its ugly head again.

    Hope this helps u too.


  6. AJ,

    I’m already dairy free and virtually teetotal (very occasional beer or glass of wine). I guess I might be worse if I didn’t control my diet like this but it certainly hasn’t got rid of my Crohn’s 😦

  7. Hi Matthew, This is going to sound like spam or like “yeh sure, how much do make out of this” but, not kidding, my wife’s friend is very much into nutrition and getting your body to heal itself. Her friend’s sister had Crohn’s disease really bad but doesn’t have it anymore.

    Sorry, but I’m just bent on helping people. I don’t expect to hear back from you but if you’re interested (I’m trying NOT to sound like an MLM because I’m not) you can let me know.

    Hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I realize how painful crohn’s disease can be and just wanted to help.

    William Sinclair

  8. I’ve downloaded and installed v3.7. using WP2.2.2. Activated plugin successfully but I cannot see a widget on my widget page that I can move over to my sidebar area.

    I don’t have the plugins you mentioned as conflicting. Any ideas why I cannot see the widget?

  9. William,

    I only code at night, I’m a pharmacist by day and to my knowledge Crohn’s is non-curable! That said, I always try to keep an open mind so I’ll email you off list and you can tell me more πŸ™‚

  10. Crohn’s is curable. The best authority on the subject is Elaine Gottschall. The cure rate of those who follow her Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) is very high.

    Promise to check out her book at amazon. Read the 181 reviews and decide for yourself.

    Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet :

    I have no financial ties to the Author or the book.

    Please get well

    – Jan

  11. Thank you for a well written plugin. Sorry to hear about your bout with Crohn’s. I can relate and sympathize for the most part, since I have had Ulcerative Colitis for about 19 years now. I thought mine was bad…especially in college when the yeast in pizza and beer aggravated it. πŸ˜‰ I hope you can get it back under control quickly and find some good foods that bother it the least.

  12. I was diagnosed with Sever UC last November. I’ve been in out of the hospital had to have 6 blood transfusions. My weight dropped from 145 to 95 lbs. Couldn’t work, shop, or even stand up long enough to shave. They’ve had me on 40mg of steroids a day since Jan. That’s the only thing keeping out of the hospital right now.

    On the 11th of this month I go in for my pre-surgery physical. Yeap, they don’t think I’ll get any better, only worse. So they are taking out my colon. It sucks cause I’m only 25 and I’m very single! But for UC it’s a cure. I wont be sick anymore, no meds every day, no flare-ups. I’ll be normal. Except for that bag I gotta wear.

    I know that surgery is an even less attractive option for people with Crohn’s. Since it may cure you and it may not. Have you tried Asacol? It’s new and works with UC and Crohn’s. There is a few studies going on right now ask you GI doc about it. It’s like $300 with out insurance, but free in the study.

    Hope things get better for you real soon.

  13. Your work is awesome and I’m sending you positive waves to help you (may it be in a small way) cope with this condition of yours.

  14. I just read about yr condition & hope you’re doing much better now. My brother in law has Crohn’s & as someone said above, it sucks.

    Thanks so much for all the work you’ve put into this plugin & for the special work you put into for my own individual needs.

    All the best.

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