Subscribe2 2.20 and 3.6

Versions 2.20 and 3.6 of the Plugin are now available for download.

Version 3.6 is for WordPress 2.1.x and WordPress 2.2.x users only! This version has been tested on WordPress 2.1.3 and 2.2.1.

For users of WordPress 2.0.x, please download Version 2.20 of Subscribe2. Note: Subscribe2 for WordPress 2.0.x is no longer being actively developed. Only bug fixes will be back ported.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Fixed a typo in Content-Type mail headers
  • Fixed Auto Register functions to obey Excluded Categories
  • Added option to check WP-Register checkbox by default [Version 3.6 only]

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

Download Version 3.6, recommended for users of WordPress 2.1.1 and above.

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Activate the new version of the plugin

138 thoughts on “Subscribe2 2.20 and 3.6

  1. I am having trouble using this plugin on my wordpress blog version 2.2.1. I have update the wordpress version and the subscribe 2 plugin on my ftp site as indicated in the install section of the wordpress plugin site and the to activate this plugin has still not shown up in my admin section under plugins. Can you help at all? I don’t know how to get it to activate. I had the 2.2.2 version and then deleted it without first deactivating it. Maybe that is the problem.

    Let me know. Thanks.

  2. Phil,

    Are you sure you uploaded the files into the correct place? Have you tried deleting the plugin files and re-uploading to make sure they are not corrupted somehow?

  3. Two notes:

    1. there is a bug in the send_confirm() function that will affect people who’s blog runs in a different directory than wordpress is installed. For example, if a someone installs WP in ‘’ but they’ve set it up to be accessed by the public at ‘’ then the confirmation link sent by send_confirm() will not work. To fix this, in the send_confirm() function, I replaced this line:

    $link = get_settings(‘siteurl’) . “?s2=”;

    with this:

    $link = get_settings(‘home’) . “/?s2=”;

    2. get_settings() is depreciated and should probably be replaced by get_option()

  4. Hi, i’ve download subscribe pluigin 2.3.6 but it doesn’t work, it send e-mail only to me!In WP panel control > manage > subscriber, only my address is in the left column, all other e-mail adress is in the middle. Is this the problem?


  5. It seems the changes to WP’s handling of mail from v2.2 onwards is still to blame for many of the issues we’re still getting. I wonder if putting a legacy version of wp-mail.php into an otherwise new WP install may help. While it may rectify problems with Subscribe2, I suspect it would break WP.

    Another possiblity would be to have 2 versions of wp-mail installed. One as the supplied latest version for WP to use and another older version for Subscribe2 to use. This would mean changing some of the code on subscribe2.php to call the alternate wp-mail file instead, assuming Subscribe2 calls it directly and not through the plug-in API.

    Matt, perhaps you can provide a comment on whether this is feasible or not.



  6. Michael,

    The addresses listed in the middle are confirmed public subscribers – they should be getting emails. If they are not you need to contact your host to find out why your emails are being blocked.

  7. Rick,

    As far as I know the wp-mail.php is for blogging via email and this file does not handle out going emails.

    If you are having problems with the wp_mail() function (still) in WordPress I’d recommend using the PHP mail() function instead. Subscribe2 does construct the email headers fully so this bypass is safe.

  8. You are right. The docs say it’s class-phpmailer that handles outgoing mail. I don’t know enough php to figure out why it is stripping out your wrapped bcc lines.

    I will try the fix you suggested. Presumably all that is required is to change instances of “wp_mail” to “mail” in subscribe2.php.

  9. Justin,

    Many thanks for you bug spotting AND for providing solutions. I’ll get your suggestions incorporated into the next release of the code.

  10. I’m having difficulties with this plugin since upgrading as well. Over the weekend, I upgraded three sites to the latest 2.2.1, and then upgraded Subscribe2 to 3.5. No emails are being sent for new posts, so I came back here, upgraded to 3.6 and still no emails are being sent (except to the author).

    Any ideas on what I can do? I’m hoping I can go back to 2.3, which is the version I had before, however, it might be the WordPress upgrade that messed things up and not the newest version of the plugin anyway.

    Any suggestions? I’m just going to set one of my sites back to the old version, but suggestions are welcome.


  11. A little more info, when I upgraded WordPress from 2.1.x to 2.2.1, I had turned off all plugins, then when I turned them back on, I ended up with two Subscribe2 options and two Subscribers. Thinking something was whacky, I upgraded the plugin altogether.

    Perhaps that sheds some additional light.


  12. I’ve gone back to the older version of the plugin, and it is still not sending notifications out with the newer version of WordPress. I do get the subcribe messages.

    Any ideas? I don’t want to go back to an older version of WordPress.


    Oh, and the doubles are back of all the menus and the subcribe notifications get sent twice… four times actually, probably because I’m an admin and an author, or some other such reason, they’ve always come twice, now it’s double.

  13. To avoid confusion, I was logged in with my sister’s WP account, durhamregionbaby. All of my posts above refer to WordPress as a stand-alone application, not the .com version.


  14. Michele,

    It’s a very bad idea to downgrade WordPress – get yourself back on 2.2.1 as soon as possible.

    Also, in the subscribe2.php file change all instances of @wp_mail to @mail and see if that helps (there are only 3 changes you need to make)

    If that fails you need to speak to your host as the email logs on the server contain the solution to your problem.

  15. Oh no, I didn’t downgrade WP, that would be disasterous, I just did the plugin. 🙂

    It looksl like your suggestion of changing to @mail has worked.

    Thanks as always.


  16. Curious about the new version since I haven’t played with S2 for a bit.

    Since new subscribers will be “registered” with WP by default with the plugin, does this mean that I have the ability to have posts sent out as full-text HTML straight away?

    Thanks…still exploring my options here.

  17. Pardon the extreme newbie question.

    I’m using WordPress and Subscribe2 on a Windows server. I just noticed that Subscribe2 requires sendmail. Am I outta luck?

  18. Velanche,

    New users registering with your WordPress blog can be set, by default, to receive HTML emails. These users will be able to change their subscription options though.

  19. John M,

    Subscribe2 actually uses the PHP Mail() function. This function can be set to use several different mail transfer agents depending on the server configuration (mine uses Exim). So, you should be able to get Subscribe2 working.

    I have no idea how you would set this up on a Windows server – google will be your friend in that respect!

  20. I’ve just installed Subscribe2 for the first time. It seems to generally work quite well — thanks for the effort putting it together!

    The one problem I do have is that HTML formatted messages show up to recipients with all the HTML source code displayed, rather than interpreted. That is, the messages start with:

    [Ruminations] …

    Any idea why the messages would be displaying thus? I’ve seen the same thing both in GMail and

    Thanks for any help!

  21. Sean,

    This is due to a glitch in the WordPress mail function. Search the code in the subscribe2.php file and replace the 3 instances of @wp_mail with @mail and everything will work.

  22. I’ve installed the 3.6 version in my wordpress 2.2 blog. It’s working GREAT (thanks) except the HTML emails show up in “code mode” you see the html tags as well as the text in all my email clients and web mail sites. Any idea whats causing this. In reading the comments no one else seems to be having the same issue.


  23. Never mind Sean. I just read your answer to the same question (posted just above mine)….Shheash…Thanks for a great program 🙂


  24. For Phil Scoville: i think you can upload only the dir “subscribe2” (that has tinymce) that is in the folder “subscribe2”. let me know.

  25. For Phil again 🙂

    Copy buttonsnap.php into your /wp-content/plugins directory

  26. I’ve also had problems with emails since the upgrade, but mine seem to be unsolved by the @mail fix.

    When using @wp_mail, emails are only sent to me.
    When using @mail, no emails are sent at all.

    I am using the shiftthis smtp plugin so I figure this might be why @mail isn’t fixing the issue. Does this sound right?

  27. Looks like the bug report for this got closed as ‘non-reproducible’:

    I’m keen to investigate more (as subscribe2 is now completely broken for me). Is there a way to get some sort of debug messages to appear when a new post is submitted and subscribe2 does it’s thing?

  28. Marc,

    It looks like wp_mail is fixed in the trunk code but that doesn’t really help you until the next release (and assuming that the trunk code is back ported)

    If using @mail results in no mails being sent at all you need to contact your host and ask them to check the logs to find out hy your emails are being blocked.

  29. The emails were working before I upgraded wordpress and subscribe2, so I’m pretty sure it’s not an issue with the host. (The host for my email is gmail which I access via the shiftthis smtp plugin).

  30. When using the “weekly digest” option, how would I reset the date to some time in the past? I believe I had the problem of not sending out mail based on @wp_mail and, now that I have changed it to @mail, I would like to send out the digest for the preceding time period…

    Thank you!

  31. Hi,
    I’ve changed all instances of wp_mail with mail. My problem though is that subscribers don’t seem to change status to confirmed even when the emailed link is clicked. What might be the cause of this?

  32. Erock,

    There are two ways:

    1/ Get into the database and recode some entires by hand for that to work. Given that you’d be tinkering around with the database I’d have to say you are on your own.

    2/ Make a temporary edit to the subscribe2 code to search from a fixed date forward to now for your digest. Look in the subscribe2_cron() function and hard code $prev until your email sends then revert to the existing code.

  33. Make Wicked Money,

    When you click on a confirmation link do you get a message saying “Subscription Confirmed”?

    If not then the code is not being called so either:
    1/ the link is broken in your email client
    2/ mod_rewrite rules are overly aggressive
    3/ some of your blog settings are not correct

  34. Thanks for the quick reply. When I click the confirmation link, I don’t get any “subscription confirmed” message, just the normal subscribe page.
    1) Which link would this be? I changed all instances of wp_mail with mail, could this be a possible cause?
    2) I’ve never dealt with mod_rewrite before. What exactly would need to be changed on this file?
    3) Which settings do you mean? For example, what is the recommended setting for registration of users?
    Thanks for the help so far!

  35. Make Wicked Money,

    I’ve just tried subscribing and the link is being made as expected: string of letters and numbers]

    but to work for your site it needs to be: string of letters and numbers]

    Look in subscribe2.php for line 495:

    $link = get_settings(‘siteurl’) . “?s2=”;

    And try:
    $link = get_option(‘siteurl’) . “/?s2=”;

    $link = get_option(‘siteurl’) . “/subscribe/?s2=”;

    $link = get_option(‘siteurl’) . “/subscribe?s2=”;

  36. I’m not seeing the problem I’m having in the questions above. I’m getting emails but the TO and FROM headers are blank. This pretty much guarentees the emails go to a spam folder. I’m running WP 2.1.2. Thanks for the help.

  37. Tom,

    Emails are sent from Admin by default and this is assumed to be record 1 in the WordPress users database.

    Check in Users->Authors and Users to see if you have an account with an ID of 1. If you haven’t you’ll need to amend the subscribe2.php file looking for instances of get_userdata(1) and changing the number for that of your admin user.

  38. Thank you!

    Based on the date/time format I see in other functions, I used:

    $prev = “2007-06-30 09:45:00”;

    Is that the expected syntax?



    There are two ways:

    1/ Get into the database and recode some entires by hand for that to work. Given that you’d be tinkering around with the database I’d have to say you are on your own.

    2/ Make a temporary edit to the subscribe2 code to search from a fixed date forward to now for your digest. Look in the subscribe2_cron() function and hard code $prev until your email sends then revert to the existing code.”

  39. Hi,

    thank you for this great plugin! After upgrading I noticed that
    a) on the subscription confirmation page, my WP categories are replaced with the string “subscription confirmation” – this text is shown several times in my sidebar!
    b) German umlauts are not supported

    Any hints?

    Thank you and best regards,


  40. Bernhard,

    a) That’s very weird – have you defined S2PAGE at the top of the subscribe2.php code file?

    b) Umlauts unsupported? Where? Do you mean in the tempaltes or the outgoing emails?

  41. Thanks for the hint, I have now defined
    define(‘S2PAGE’, ‘http://xyz.mysite.tld/?page_id=30’);

    But still my confirmation page looks like this:


    * Subscription Confirmation
    * Subscription Confirmation
    * Subscription Confirmation
    * Subscription Confirmation
    o Subscription Confirmation
    o Subscription Confirmation
    o Subscription Confirmation
    o Subscription Confirmation
    o Subscription Confirmation
    * Subscription Confirmation

    The umlaut problem ist when e-mails to subscribers with new posts are generated – there are strange characters in the body like “präsentieren” instead of “präsentieren”.

    You can take a look at the site if you click on my name here.

  42. Hi,

    I’m using subscribe 2.20 on wordpress 2.0.2. Since a while I have a weird phenomenom. When subscribe2 sends out an email to notify the posting of a new article 2 mails are sent out: 1 with a clickable link, the other with a non clickable link. I’m getting complaints of users saying they are ‘spammed’. I searched this site, the wordpress forum and the internet and found some people with the same problems, but not really a solution. I’m getting quite desparate! Does anybody have a clue what is going on?

    Thanks in advance

  43. Hi,

    I upgraded from the 2.something version (2.1?) to the latest 3.6. The subscriber list dissapeared (which is no big deal as I backed it up before), except for 2 addresses 9twice mine – the blog admin).
    I reloaded the subscribers and these two addresses are kinda weird — they do not display on the subscriber’s page like the other ones. Graphically this looks more or less like this:

    aaa@… -> [X]
    xxx@…. -> [X]
    asada@….. -> [X]

    This is the view when choosing “All Subscribers”. Please note that is left-justified and that there are no controls (the arrow or the ‘X’). They are correct mailto:links

    It look slike these two addresses are “registered addresses’, each for one of the categories (widly guessing here).

    I had a look at the database and the subscribe2 table is empty (it exists (4 fields) but is empty (no records). I wonder where the subscribers are stored, then.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


  44. Frederick,

    Can you update WordPress to the latest release in the 2.0.x branch?

    Also, try changing wp_mail in the code to mail and see if that helps,

  45. Wojtek,

    The users on the left who are registered are registered WordPress blog users (viewable in Users -> Authors & Users. The Subscribe2 settings for these users in in the usermeta table.

    The rest of your users should be in the subscribe2 table created by the plugin.

  46. My subscribe2 3.6 install on WP 2.2.1 seems to have stopped working a few days ago. I still receive emails from WordPress (notification of new comments, for example), and I am still receiving new subscription confirmation emails from Subscribe2. But I’m not receiving new post notifications either to my admin account or any of the 12 email addresses which are either registered or confirmed on the Manage –> Subscribers list. Last week, they were receiving notifications.
    Also, I’m not receiving messages sent through the Write –> Mail Subscribers option. I’m using Yahoo Webhosting, but as I said things seemed to be working up until last week.

    Any suggestions for debugging?

  47. One more datapoint on my prior post, I’m actually receiving _two_ emails to the admin account confirming each new subscriber. I don’t remember if this is new.

  48. Stuwest,

    Fisrt thing to try is contacting the host about blocked emails. If it has been working and presuming you haven’t made any changes to the code it can’t be the plugin.

    (I know you may think I’m some fantastic coder but there is no AI in the code to change behaviour of the emails – honestly!)

    You could also try changing instances of wp_mail to mail in the subscribe2.php file just in case it might be something to do with the in-built mail function.

  49. Hello-

    Probably a common problem, but only my first 3 subscribers are receiving e-mail alerts out of a list of 25. I am using blue host, and checked the logs, and there are no e-mails being blocked or anything – they are just not being sent. Please help, I have a lot of angry readers!

    Thanks so much

  50. AB,

    The problem is common but the causes are often not the same. There have been some reports that wp_mail is malforming email headers so try changing the 3 instances of wp_mail to mail.

    The other thing to do is contact bluehost anyway, I was hosted with them for a while and there are email sending restrictions in place.

  51. Hi,

    Hope your holidays were nice !

    I just updated to release 3.6 (from 2.3.5), and the widget doesn’t link to the correct page.

    I updated “s2page” option according to the page ID (obviously the same as previously used with 2.3.5), but s2widget still links to the administration page (inside wp-admin) instead linking to the page incidentally created.

    Any idea ?

  52. Admin-
    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, no luck. Blue Host insists that they have no restrictions in place that would stop the mail from being sent out. I’ve even tried changing the sending e-mail address to my gmail account and installed the SMTP plug-in, but no luck– it’s still only sending out e-mails to the first few subscribers. Switching wp_mail to mail also didnt do the trick. Any other ideas? I really don’t want to have to resort to feedburner or manual e-mail lists…

  53. Psykotik,

    I’m not sure that I am understanding your issue.

    The Widget is designed to put the output from the Subscribe2 form into the sidebar – something not supported from within the plugin. As such the output from the widget will be dynamic and should be the same as the Subscribe2 form.

    If you want a link to your subscribe page in the sidebar you can add this in the usual way by using a blogroll link.

  54. AB,

    I’m not sure what level of hosting you are on with BlueHost but there were restrictions only 3 months ago on the $7 package when I tried them out.

    They don’t directly restrict any email headers but there are restrictions on the number of emails per hour – this shouldn’t cause problems except for the fact that they seem to measure emails per minute and ech BCC recipient is counted as a separate outgoing email so after just a few recipients in a BCC header my emails were being blocked – much the same as you are getting.

    I spent ages trying to use PEAR Mail_Queue to sort this out and in the end just changed host and got a VPS deal. Much more expensive but much less hassle! 🙂

  55. Hi there!
    Great plugin! 2 questions though:

    1. When I choose the option to send notifications “Daily”. The users or I can’t choose what categories we want to subscribe.
    Only if “we” want them daily or not.

    Should it be like this, or have I done something wrong?
    I would like to send 1 e-mail/day (if any post of course), but also that users can choose categories.

    2. When users mark that they want notifications by html. Hotmail and other e-mailprograms show a lot of html tags in the mail. Why.
    How do I “unmark” the option HTML?

  56. Mathias,

    1/ This is expected behaviour, it would cause too much of an overhead to generate a digest email with content that could be different for every user depending upon their category subscriptions so the option is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

    2/ This may be down to the bug in wp_mail. Try replacing the 3 instances of wp_mail with mail in the subscribe2.php file.

  57. Thanks for the fast response.

    I’ll try doing that…
    What happens if Admin chooses Plain Text, but Users HTML.
    Will Admins option override the users?

  58. I’m having a problem with Subscribe2 3.6. When I click in the User menu and choose the Subscribe item, I get the right form, but wordpress goes to the Manage menu (subscribe item)automatically. Then I tried to click on that item (Manage->Subscribe) and I get anothet form which is the right one. The problem is why wordpress goes to that menu automatically?

    A doubt:

    In the Users->Subscribe form, how do I know which user I am updating? Or better, how do I choose the user to update his subscribe options?

    Thank you.

  59. Imendes,

    Are you using any plugins that alter the menu system in WordPress. While some work well others are buggy when dealing with plugins that add several admin menu panes.

    In Users->Subscribe you are editing the options of the currently logged in user. To amend another users options you have to log in as them or you can bulk manage all registered users in Manage->Subscribe2.

  60. No, I’m using 2.1.1 version, but in this site you said that version 3.6 is for 2,1,1 and above.
    I’m wrong?

  61. Hi again. I’m having some doubts. I’ve search here for answers but I didn’t find anything.

    1 – The new users are automatically subscribed (in my case). But they aren’t confirmed (they appear on the left). How can I confirmed, so they appear in the middle? I don’t see anything to do that. (Manage->Subscribe2 form)

    2 – To resolve the above problem I used the first field in that form (Manage->Subscribe2). I insert the emails separated by commas, and the emails no are in the middle. No email were sent to confirm. Now if I have lots of users, I must fo that routine everytime a get a new user? It’s not very friendly and easy.

    3 – Why no emails were sent?

    Thank you again.

  62. Hello,

    I’m using Subscribe2 along with the ShiftThis.Net SMTP plugin (GMail server); the SMTP plugin seems to be working fine as I can send a test message and also other mails from the blog are properly delivered.

    However, I tried to ‘write an email to subscribers’ and all I get a lengthy error in my web server log – I’m pasting that on

    If I change all the “@wp_mail(” occurrences in subscribe2.php to “@mail(“, it works but instead of using the SMTP plugins, the mails are delivered through the MTA of the server. Twice.

    Other than that I cannot subscribe all of the registered users to all categories from the Options page. I’m using WordPress 2.1.3 with Subscribe2 3.6.

  63. Furex,

    The error you posted looks to me like its a socket error in the Swift_SMTP plugin. Not sure why emails are delivered twice through mail() though. Are you getting 2 emails to ALL recipients or just admin? Admin would expect to get more than one email based upon subscriber types and BCCLIMIT settings.

    I think I may have found an issue in the Bulk Manage section that applies if you are using a translation file (i18n). I’ll look into a way to fix this for the next release.

  64. Thank you for replying. I am using a translation file, indeed, and I’d be happy to test the fix for you when you have fixed it.

    On the double mails, I think it was not sent to the admin account, but I will check again later.

    Regarding the ShiftThis SMTP error, I cannot send anything from Subscribe2 when it is enabled (and when using wp_mail); OTOH I’ve tested another (simpler) newsletter plugin, and it sends fine with ShiftThis SMTP. All the other mails seem pretty fine.

    I would guess there is some kind of conflict between the two plugins, but how do I debug that?

  65. Furex,

    I’ll email you a ‘fix’ file over the weekend for testing.

    As for the ShiftThis SMTP plugin, I think you should start debugging using your simpler newsletter plugin and add in the subscribe2 features and email headers until it breaks. Let me know if you can narrow down the issue.

  66. Greetings,
    Thank you for making this publicly available plugin. If I can get this to work, I will definitely send you beer money. 🙂 I am attempting to move my blog from Blogger but am having a difficult time replacing the Send to Email feature that works so easily in Blogger. I am running WordPress 2.2.1 and S2 3.6 on a local Ubuntu Server (ver: Fiesty Fawn). My domain is hosted by GoDaddy and am using DynamicDNS to host the site off my Ubuntu server.

    I installed ShiftThis Swift SMTP and have successfully sent e-mail from the test page. I was able to get the S2 plugin installed and activated. I got my Subscriptions page created and it’s working, too. I changed `@wp_mail(` to `@mail(` in my Subscribe2.php file. Now I am able to successfully create posts and use the Write | Mail Subscribers features without getting any errors. I get success notes, in fact!

    However, I’ve never actually received any email from posts or the Mail Subscribers feature. (I have one registered and two confirmed user signed up.)

    I know you suggest that we contact out hosting service to see if our outbound email is getting blocked. Does that mean I need to have some sort of mail service established with my hosting service, GoDaddy? When I set up my domain, I simply pointed it to
    the DynamicDNS servers of the service I provided. I didn’t use any of their other tools.

    I am a novice with all of these products (WP, Ubuntu, etc.). I feel like I’m missing some essential, vital, obvious piece of information, like I need to have Exchange installed, hahaha!

    I would love any troubleshooting suggestions you could make about why mail is not getting sent. (I’ve checked spam folders and mail’s not being diverted.) Thanks, in advance, for your help.

  67. JeniQ,

    Firsty if you are using a local server to host your blog you really shouldn’t need to use Swift SMTP and by changing instances of wp_mail to mail you are bypassing it anyway.

    If your emails are not arriving then I can only presume that sendmail (or an alternative) is not running on, or is blocking, your emails on your local server. To solve this I’d guess you need to check in the Ubuntu forums or post a question.

  68. Hi there,

    Thanks for your work and support for Subscribe2. I’ve been testing it for a couple of days, and I was also affected by this wp_mail bcc: problem. Therefore, I followed your advice of changing all calls to the function from wp_mail() to mail(). Now all mails are delivered, but a newline is inserted between each text line in the mail.

    I’ve read in the php site ( that it is a known problem between php mail() and some mta (I’m using postfix). Therefore I would prefer to use the wordpress function. I hacked your subscribe2.php as follows:

    if ( (! empty($recipient)) && ($this->myemail != $recipient) ) {
    (” == $bcc) ? $bcc = “Bcc: $recipient” : $bcc .= “, $recipient”;

    basically, i took out \r\n, in the last line, since it seems that wp_mail() is taking care of it. Now it works perfectly!

    Hope this helps

  69. mdr13 / justted,

    Thanks for your efforts in looking into this. The line wraps I’ve put into the BCC header are standards compliant but still appear to cause a great many problems.

    Email headers are allowed to wrap, this is because only 1 BCC header is allowed per email but the length of the header is restrict to about 900 characters. Have either of you noted if wp_mail is correctly wrapping the BCC header at this limit? Are you latter BCC recipients still getting their notifications?

  70. Ok so I set the “Send Email as Digest” to “Once Weekly” and I received the email a few minutes ago, problem is there was NO links or title displayed… all it says on the email was this…

    Title: ”

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are


    Any idea what’s wrong?


  71. My template looks like this …

    Title: ‘TITLE’

    You received this e-mail because you asked to be notified when new updates are posted.


  72. RE: BCC wrappping, I think so. I actually initially made a mistake and set BCCLIMIT to 0, so only one message went out for 80 recipients. I checked in with a few and they were getting them. I found this mistake and set it to 15. I suppose at some point it would be nice to create a debug mode so we could see what the formed message looks like. It’s hard to tell what’s happening without asking people individually. Hope that helps!

  73. I’m using this version of the subscribe2 plugin with digest email sent once daily.
    I get only the excerpt of the last message, while all the other posts of the day is shown as a simple permalink.

    How can I modify this behaviour? is there a way to change the template of the digest email?

  74. I’m having a doubt about subscribed categories. I have two Registered Subscribers and I have 4 categories. In three of them I have 2 subscribers which is correct, but in one of them I have only 1 subscriber. This is the general category which came with WP along wirh blogroll. I’ve subscribed that two users to all categories, but I still just have one user in thar category. What seems to be the problem?

    Thank you,

  75. ahemblah,

    Only the POST token is replaced if emails are set to digest. The digest function will automatically add a title and permalink to the excerpt for each post in the digest. (I think that may need added to the documentation)

  76. Alessandro,

    Please see the comment above. It may answer your question.

    You can modify what happens by editing the subscribe2_cron fucntion in the code.

  77. Yes, I’ve subscribed to all categories on that form, but I’m still not subscribed in that particular category. My WordPress uses a portuguese translation file. I don’t know if that helps.

    Thanks again.

  78. Admin-
    Thanks for the feedback. I installed postfix and restarted my server, and now it appears to (sort of) be working.

    I can’t tell if the email is being sent because I’m still connected to my Blogger account, which sends post updates to an email I specified, or if it’s because Subscribe2 is working. I’ve gotten some emails going out to confirmed subscribers and some not.

    I’ll have to investigate the Blogger connection this weekend.

    Here’s my thread at Ubuntu:


  79. Our BCC messages for subscribers appear to include colons or semicolons in the email addresses which render them invalid. Can I fix this in one of the Subscribe2 php files?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  80. Mike,

    This seems to be an issue on WordPress that has been reported, unfortunately they have been unable to re-produce this in the trunk (development) code so closed the ticket.

    In the meantime a workaround is to replace all three instances of wp_mail with mail in the subscribe2.php file.

  81. Pingback: Sonika’s blog » Плагин для WordPress subscribe2 — подписка на новые посты, письма юзерам

  82. I’m sorry, I should have mentioned that I’m using Subscribe2 with wpPHPmailer. When I replace @wp_mail with @mail, no email works, not even if wpPHPmailer is deactivated.

    However, I found a work-around which seems to have fixed the problem:

    Thanks again. I hope you’re feeling better.

  83. Mike,

    Glad you got it working – although now I’m confused as I though PHPMailer was built in to the core files in WordPress 2.2, so why would you need to use wpPHPmailer?

    Still, if it’s working don’t break it by trying to fix it!

    [Feeling a bit better but nothing like 100%]

  84. I’m having trouble updating the category subscriptions for all my subscribers. I’m using Subscribe2 3.6 on WP 2.1.

    When I I go to Manage>Subscribers, and scroll to the bottom of the page, I should be able to select all my categories and force all my registered users to subscribe to all the categories. (I find this is necessary because I keep adding new categories, and unless people have checked the box that says “Auto subscribe me to new categories”, they don’t get the updates.)

    But, on the bottom of the subscribers page, I don’t see a list of my categories. Just one box with a blank space next to it. Then, a box under it that says “Select/Unselect All”.

    I’ve checked with my web host who installed the WordPress account, and they see the same thing. I’ve tried just checking the “Select All” box and it does check the blank category box also. Then, I click “Subscribe”, but nothing happens. When I look at my dropdown list of subscribers, the numbers don’t change. Also, I tried registering myself as a new user, then logging in as Admin, adding a new category, then going through the same process. But nothing happens. The new category is not checked when I logout and log back in as a regular user.

    I’ve also checked your support pages and tried clicking the “Filter” button next to the dropdown list before I go through the “force subscribe to all categories” process, but that didn’t do anything either.

    IDEALLY, I would prefer to just have the radio button that says “Automatically subscribe me to newly created categories” be auto-checked upon initial registration.

    So, I guess I have two issues.

    Please help! I’m tearing my hair out over this.


  85. Figured out my own problem. I asked my web host to upgrade my WordPress to 2.2.1, and now it works just fine.

  86. I’m back. Now that my other problem is fixed, it seems a new one has cropped up. Today, when I posted a new article, I received two emails. One was fine; the other was text-based, but showed all my HTML markup.

    Now what’s happening?

  87. Alessandro,

    You need to check with your host why emails are being blocked. Also, if you are getting 5-6 emails per notification – this could be expected depending upon your BCCLIMIT setting. If it is zero you would expect between 1 and 3 emails per post you make.

  88. Ugh. Back again.

    After upgrading to 3.7 and upgrading my WordPress to 2.2.1, I thought everything was working fine, but it’s not. Now whenever I write a post, I’m getting three emails sent to me (as a subscriber) — two excerpt-style emails and one full-text HTML version.

    What’s happening?

  89. JB,

    Everything is working fine! You’ll get 3 emails sent to you and BCC’d to your subscribers, one for each of the email options HTML and plaintext as excerpt or the complete post.

  90. Hello All,

    I am not able to install / run this properly. I am struck regarding the subscription form(what is action) and s2 button. Please let me know detail instruction and code.

    Please help me………

  91. Hi,

    I have read that and I am struk on step Number 9.

    I have created a form in a page and when I click on s2 button, wordpress says it will navigate to other page and asks whether to save or not. If I say save the subscription form goes and if I say No the page does not save.


  92. Vinay,

    Are you saying you are creating a form manually yourself using <form> tags? You just need to input the token by either clicking the S2 button in the QuickTag toolbar or manually entering the following (in the code tab)


  93. Thanks much for quick reply….

    I tried both the ways…

    1) One was clicking s2 button

    2) and second was maually putting

    But I got the same error mentioned in my previous post. Please help

  94. Many Thanks,

    It worked when the I turn the Rich text editor off. But what sould I do for this thing to work with Ruch Text editor On.

  95. Vinay,

    Once the token is in your page and you’ve saved it you shouldn’t need to edit the page again. Simply turn the RTE back on and things should work just fine.

  96. Yes I guessed that….

    Now one more problem…both subscripton confirmation mails and mails when I publish new post are not going. There are no errors on apache console also. The Mail server works fine..

    Any clues???

  97. Vinay,

    Check if you can send mails from Write->Mail Subscribers. Check you server email logs for blocked mails. Check with your host if they have email restrictions on BCC headers or number of emails per minute etc.

  98. Thanks much for your constant support…..

    The only thing which is not working is that whenever a new post is published not all the subscribers(Confirmed-names in the middle) are getting mails. Only the administartor is getting a mail. No other users are geting mails.

    Any clue on this……

  99. Hello,

    I am using your great plugin.

    The thing is that I using Hebrew – a language that align to the RIGHT.

    My question id: is there a way to align the message body text to the right?

    Thank you very much for everything.

    Keep smiling,

    Itay 🙂

  100. Itay,

    The outgoing emails pull the character encoding directly from your blog settings. Are you using UTF-8 or ISO-8859-8-I?

    Also, your recipients must have Hebrew fonts and installed and have set up their email client correctly.

  101. Thanks for the quick repaly.
    I actually wanted to ask how can align the body text of the email message to
    the RIGHT.
    The Hebrew language is written from left to right.
    (I checked character encoding and it is set to UTF-8).
    Many thanks,

  102. Itay,

    I’m at a disadvantage as I only speak English (ad not very well either) 🙂 I have no idea how to sort this out from the email side as I thought it was all down to client configuration.

  103. I don’t speak (or read) English very well either.

    I’ll try to be as clear as possibly.

    I had few attempts to make subscribe2 send emails with Right-to-Left messages.

    1. I tried to change all @wp_mail(…) occurrences (3) to:
    @wp_mail($this->myemail, $subject, .$mailtext., $headers);
    Of course it didn’t work.

    2. Instead I tried to use CSS: style=”direction:rtl;” near the above code.
    Some result.

    3. When I visited you site few days ago I downloaded the “mail test”.
    When I added the HTML tags to the $mailtext row:
    $mailtext = ‘……’
    I finally received to my Thunderbird a RTL message.

    Is there a solution for Subscribe2 too??

    Thanks in advance.


  104. Itay,

    Subscribe2 mainly sends emails as plaintext with HTML being an option for registered users only.

    The formatting of plaintext emails relies on the email client program – like Thunderbird or Outlook. BiDi can be used to ‘right-to-left’ plain text emails in ThunderBird.

    The other option is to sends ALL emails from your blog as HTML, however this is frowned upon by some (me included) who think emails should be in plaintext. It is also a cost upgrade.

  105. Hi administrator, you’ve created quite a storm of discussion! Thanks for being so responsive, I’m sure everyone appreciates it.

    I’ve been struggling this WP, the SMTP Plugin & Subscribe2 for a while. I had to use the SMTP plugin, which now sends test messages fine, and now users who check the ‘Subscribe Me’ checkbox at registration get the registration confirmation email (previously, it only arrived if they didn’t check the box – I think defining the S2PAGE fixed this).

    However, using the form on the subscribe page, I now get the error, ‘Message failed to send to [address] from [adminName]. While I also get ‘A confirmation message is on it’s way’ below this, the email never arrives. The address is listed, however, under ‘Unconfirmed Subscribers’.

    I think the log record for the email is:
    09:32:23 [[my ip]][65941746] rsp: 220 [my mail server]
    09:32:23 [[my ip]][65941746] connected at 10/8/2007 9:32:23 AM
    09:32:23 [[my ip]][65941746] cmd: HELO localhost.localdomain
    09:32:23 [[my ip]][65941746] rsp: 250 h06 Hello [[my ip]]
    09:32:24 [[my ip]][65941746] cmd: AUTH CRAM-MD5
    09:32:24 [[my ip]][65941746] rsp: 334 PDc1NzYwMjA0Ni42MzMyNzQzMjc0NDA1NzAwMDBAbWFpbC5pbnRyYXNwaW4uY29tPg==
    09:32:24 [[my ip]][65941746] rsp: 235 Authentication successful
    09:32:24 [[my ip]][65941746] Authenticated as [my email]
    09:32:24 [[my ip]][65941746] cmd: QUIT
    09:32:24 [[my ip]][65941746] rsp: 221 Service closing transmission channel
    09:32:24 [[my ip]][65941746] disconnected at 10/8/2007 9:32:24 AM

    If you can think of any troubleshooting steps, I’d appreciate some pointers.


  106. Iain,

    The log record you’ve posted looks to me like a successful send. The Confirmation Email message you are seeing is generated by Subscribe2 but will be displayed even if the email is rejected on the server – it’s too complicated to check the email was sent as it may have been queued and might send later.

    You need to check through you logs for errors (either in the mail or error log) and find out why the email to your new subscriber isn’t being sent.

  107. Can’t beat that for response time! 14mins! :0)

    Other emails’ logs have the following:
    10:03:57 [][30127978] cmd: RCPT TO:
    10:03:57 [][30127978] rsp: 250 OK
    Recipient ok

    Should the subscribe2 email log not also show the recipients? The test recipient’s address (a mailbox remote to the server) isn’t anywhere in the SMTP log.

    Where is that error message (‘Message failed to send…’) generated?

    I think the only other log I have listing email-specific info is the delivery log. For a hotmail address, I think the below is the log for the test email. For a gmail address, I appear to get nothing – the term ‘gmail’ doesn’t appear in the log subsequent to the test send.

    08:49:57 [13473] Sending remote mail for
    08:49:57 [13473] Connecting to
    08:49:58 [13473] Connection to succeeded
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 220 Sending unsolicited commercial or bulk e-mail to Microsoft’s computer network is prohibited. Other restrictions are found at Violations will result in use of equipment located in California and other states. Mon, 8 Oct 2007 06:49:50 -0700
    08:49:58 [13473] CMD: EHLO [my mail server]
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: ( Hello [[my ip]]
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250-SIZE 29696000
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250-PIPELINING
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250-8bitmime
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250-BINARYMIME
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250-CHUNKING
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250-AUTH LOGIN
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250-AUTH=LOGIN
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250 OK
    08:49:58 [13473] CMD: MAIL FROM: SIZE=668
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250 [my address]….Sender OK
    08:49:58 [13473] CMD: RCPT TO:
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250 [my test recipient]
    08:49:58 [13473] CMD: DATA
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 354 Start mail input; end with .
    08:49:58 [13473] RSP: 250 Queued mail for delivery
    08:49:58 [13473] CMD: QUIT
    08:49:59 [13473] RSP: 221 Service closing transmission channel
    08:49:59 [13473] Delivery for [my address] to [my test address] has completed (Delivered)
    08:50:02 [13474] Delivery started for at 8:50:02 AM
    08:50:02 [13473] Delivery finished for [my address] at 8:50:02 AM [id:40713473]

    I’m at a complete loss. If it offers any clues, the Subscribe To Comments doesn’t work eiter, reporting the following (with the latter warning repeating for lines 68, 69, and 327):

    Notice: The sender parameter must either be a valid string email address or an instance of Swift_Address. in [path]\wp-content\plugins\swift-smtp\Swift\lib\Swift.php on line 403
    Message failed to send to [test recipient] from International Society Glasgow Message failed to send to [another test recipient] from test3

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at [path]\wp-content\plugins\swift-smtp\Swift\lib\Swift.php:403) in [path]\wp-comments-post.php on line 67

    Sorry to clog up your comments with logs – feel free to delete them if they offer no one any value. Thanks very much once again,

  108. A wee update – I sent first log i wrote above to my host, and they say:

    …the webform in IIS, running locally on the server, is connecting to SmarterMail’s SMTP port (hence why it HELOs as localhost.localdomain). It seems to authenticate as you ([my email address]) using as a local IP address which allows it to bypass your relay restrictions.

    This particular connection does not appear to have sent anything, since there was no CMD: RCPT TO: nor CMD: DATA.

    There may be an issue with the code regarding the post subscriptions, possibly its own port configurations for SMTP.

    Useful? Thanks again.

  109. Iain,

    Given that Subscribe to Comments and Subscribe2 are not working I’d have to point the finger at the SMTP Plugin. Have you tried sending without using it?

  110. Hi Administrator, I’m still trying to resolve this problem. I’ve set up a blank wordpress installation, and put on Subscribe2. In the below, log from my delivery log, i’ve only changed the lines 6 and 15, putting in replacing actual values with ‘mydomain’ and ‘testaccount’.

    Is there a syntax error (as reported line 12) with the from address? it’s always <admin, instead of ‘admin’ or‘.

    Continued thanks,

    03:31:45 [43083] Delivery started for <admin at 3:31:45 AM
    03:32:00 [43083] Sending remote mail for <admin
    03:32:00 [43083] Connecting to
    03:32:00 [43083] Connection to succeeded
    03:32:00 [43083] RSP: 220 ESMTP b32si6149833ana
    03:32:00 [43083] CMD: EHLO
    03:32:00 [43083] RSP: at your service, []
    03:32:00 [43083] RSP: 250-SIZE 28311552
    03:32:00 [43083] RSP: 250-8BITMIME
    03:32:00 [43083] RSP: 250 ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
    03:32:00 [43083] CMD: MAIL FROM:< SIZE=878
    03:32:00 [43083] RSP: 555 5.5.2 Syntax error b32si6149833ana
    03:32:00 [43083] CMD: QUIT
    03:32:00 [43083] RSP: 221 2.0.0 closing connection b32si6149833ana
    03:32:00 [43083] Delivery for <admin to has completed (Bounced)
    03:32:05 [43084] Delivery started for at 3:32:05 AM
    03:32:05 [43083] Delivery finished for <admin at 3:32:05 AM [id:43943083]

  111. Iain,

    I think you may have found the cause of your problem. For some reason your sending email is blank and is therefore being rejected.

    Is you admin account ID 1? You can try the following:

    If you admin account is not ID=1 look through the code for instances of get_userdata(1); and change the 1 to the ID of your admin account.

    Alternatively, look for “From:” in the code and change the line to hard code the from address for your blog.

  112. Hi Administrator, kudos for the continued support – apologies for not responding sooner.

    I’m afraid the ID of my admin account is 1.

    There are two instances of ‘From:’ in the subsribe2 file. Changing the line including the second instance from $mailheaders .= “From: $admin->display_name user_email>\n”; to $mailheaders .= “From: test2 \n”; produces the delivery log:

    02:57:18 [32099] Sending remote mail for <test2
    02:57:18 [32099] Connecting to
    02:57:18 [32099] Connection to succeeded
    02:57:18 [32099] RSP: 220 ESMTP h38si16712714wxd
    02:57:18 [32099] CMD: EHLO
    02:57:19 [32099] RSP: at your service, []
    02:57:19 [32099] RSP: 250-SIZE 28311552
    02:57:19 [32099] RSP: 250-8BITMIME
    02:57:19 [32099] RSP: 250 ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
    02:57:19 [32099] CMD: MAIL FROM:< SIZE=900
    02:57:19 [32099] RSP: 555 5.5.2 Syntax error h38si16712714wxd
    02:57:19 [32099] CMD: QUIT
    02:57:19 [32099] RSP: 221 2.0.0 closing connection h38si16712714wxd
    02:57:19 [32099] Delivery for <test2 to has completed (Bounced)

    So no real change, as far as I can see? I also tried just $mailheaders .= “From:\n”; but still get the starting ‘<‘, and the same result.

    Thanks again,

  113. Iain,

    Sorry for missing posting a reply comment. Have a look through the subscribe2 code and replace and instances of @wp_mail with @mail and give that a try. I think the < may be being added by the WordPress mail function.

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