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For those who like to be at the bleeding edge I’ve done some brief testing of Subscribe2 (version 3.3) on WordPress 2.2.

The good news is that, as far as I can tell, everything works as expected 🙂


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  1. Hello,

    I have been using your plugin since a long time. After installing the latest release 2.2, I noticed the HTML emails are not being sent correctly. The html code is showing up as a text. Is it something to do with the MIME type?

  2. Swaroop,

    I have been unable to reproduce your issue on 2.2 with my dev version of the plugin. I’ll be making a new release available in the new few days so try this new version on release.

  3. I see the same as Swaroop on WP2.2 but only for registered subscribers.

    Public subscribers get a nicely formatted message, but I am concerned to see the entire (public subscribers) email list visible in the header – is this because I imported the list in one batch?

  4. I’ve noticed that since updating to WordPress 2.2 and the latest version of Subscribe 2 that there is a problem with sending mail to all recipients.

    Messages are successfully sent to the subscribed members but confirmed members aren’t receiving mails. Is this a bug in the system or is there a way to ensure everyone receives the mailout?

    I have not had similar problems with any of the previous combinations of WordPress and Subscribe2. Unfortunately I can’t find any previous versions on this site to try a rollback.

  5. Actually I was wrong, messages are only being sent to the administrator (i.e.: me). I have checked with subscribed members and they aren’t receiving messages either.

  6. Hi,

    I tried the latest release but I still get the emails in text format. I am just a little busy or I could check the code.

    List of plugins I run:

    Adhesive 3.2
    Akismet 2.0.2
    Brian’s Threaded Comments 1.5.12
    FAlbum 0.7.0
    Flickr Photo Gallery 0.91
    Google (XML) Sitemaps 3.0b7
    Google Analytics 0.51
    Hello Dolly 1.5
    Permalink Redirect 0.7.0
    runPHP 2.1b
    Sidebar Widgets 1.0.20060711
    Snap Shots™ Plugin 1.3
    Subscribe2 2.3.4 for WP2.1
    WordPress.com Stats 1.0
    WP-DBManager 2.10
    WP-EMail 2.07
    (Enable You To Send Your Webblog Entry To A Friend)
    WP-PageNavi 2.01
    WP-Stats 2.10
    WP-UserOnline 2.03


  7. Rick,

    You need to check with your hosting provider, emails are sent to you with recipients in a BCC header, if they arrive to you and not your subscribers it’s becuase of actions taken by your host to block spam.

    Tell them about the plugin and the way it works, see if they can help.

  8. Swap,

    There’s nothing in there that should be conflicting. Are you getting emails in HTML AND plaint text? Are you getting anything in HTML? Are you sure you have at least one user subscribed to HTML text emails?

  9. It’s sending the HTML emails in a text format. So basically, the html codes show up in the email instead of getting parsed. Content of the email is:


    instead of Swaroop showing up as bold.


  10. What’s the content-type of the html email? It should be text/HTML.

    Subscribe2 pulls this from a WordPress setting. You can check by putting the following into one of your WordPress files:

    <?php echo get_bloginfo(‘html_type’);>

    Note: You may not need to open and close the php tag unless you are in a HTML area of the code.

  11. I set up a second WP2.2 on a different server to see if I could duplicate the problem.

    Without any other Plugins activated, public subscribers get their e-mail ok, but registered subscribers have the following text visible at the beginning of the message, whether they choose to have text or HTML:

    : MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”UTF-8″

    The header of the e-mail says it is:

    Content-type: text/html; charset=”UTF-8″

  12. The Content-Type is defined in the header only once as text/html.

    The text below is visible at the beginning of the content of e-mails sent to registered subscribers:

    : MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Content-Type: text/plain; charset=”UTF-8″My weblog has posted a new item,

  13. I just upgraded to v2.3.4 on my test WP2.2 instalation, but the extra text still appears exactly as described above.

    I also ralise that I only get a singe text and a single HTML email instead of 2-3 as previously.

  14. John,

    What’s even stranger is the text in the body of the email appears to be over riding the header. In the code look for instances of:


    and replace them with:


    This will bybass the WordPress wrapper for the PHP mail function which is the only place I can think of where the headers might get messed up. Let me know how you get on.

  15. I’ve now made the change on the main site where I had the visible HTML tags as I described above.

    This change seems to have fixed that problem as well. I also noted that @wp_mail can take quite a long time to send out the e-mail (up to an hour), whereas they now come almost immediately.

  16. There’s a ticket in with the WordPress folks about this – it appears to be down to the recent integration of phpmailer into the core code. It might get fixed for 2.2.1.

  17. John,

    I have never seen much of the WP code but my guess is wp_mail is a much better function. mail() is the primary mail function supplied by PHP which is used in order to construct custom mail functions. Packages like phpmailer provide a useful class to interact with the function in a better way.


  18. @wp_mail is a WordPress wrapper for the PHP mail() function. There is no “downside” to using mail() directly provided that all the headers are set, so using wp_mail() is a security blanket really.

    Additionally, wp_mail() will give future access to PHPMailer functions and the issues you are seeing should be resolved in the bug fixes.

  19. It’s been a long time since the RC was out and strange to see no one on the wp-hackers list noticed this bug? Or I might have ignored a topic somewhere 🙂

  20. Hi,

    Thanks so much for this plugin! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    I’m having an issue where registered subscribers receive emails, but regular confirmed subscribers don’t. Do you have any idea why that would be?


  21. Michelle,

    If some emails are arriving then the plugin is working. If some are not arriving your first port of call is your hosting provider who will be able to tell you why and where the emails are being blocked on the server.

  22. Hi, thanks! I checked with my host (1and1) and they support sending up to 99 emails at a time. I did a bunch more testing (I’m on WP2.2 and Subscribe2 3.5) and I think I figured it out.

    Symptom: the emails are sent out to all the email addresses, but only arrive in the mailbox of the first listed in the BCC (or cc) field.

    Solution: Take out the \r\n separating the BCC’d email addresses, so they are separated only by a space and a comma.

    No idea why that would work, but it does and the script is now working just fine. Thanks again for the plugin – it’s exactly what I needed!


  23. I’m running WP 2.2, Subscribe2 3.5 and am having the same problem on 1and1 hosting. I have less than 30 (15 actually) subscribers and it seems only a couple people are getting the notifications. I’ve made the modifications described by Michelle with no luck. I can email subscribers via the WP admin pages. Thoughts? Suggestions? I love the plugin and am hoping we can fix this. Thanks in advance, Colby.

  24. Colby,

    I ran into the same sort of probelms as you with my main site and ended up moving to VPS hosting but then I have over 400 subscribers 🙂

    Prior to that I implemented a fix using PEAR and Mail_Queue but even that didn’t work very well. There really is only one answer to the issue – change hosts but check with the new one before you join that they can cope with your requirements.

  25. I thought of something else that might cause trouble…I’m using a WP plugin to password protect the site (http://broome.us/wp-password/). If a user clicks the link to confirm their subscription, and their previous session isn’t still active, they have to enter the password and then they’re sent to the home page. The confirmation step is not completed. As a result, I moved a bunch of the users from the “unconfirmed” column to the “confirmed” column using the admin tool. Would that make a difference? When I look in the MySQL table, the email accounts show a status of “1”. Thanks again for your time and efforts!!!

  26. Colby,

    If this is what you are seeing try the fix discussed here and see how you get on. The fact that you have moved subscribers to confirmed should not be making any difference.

  27. Hi,
    Thanks for the link, I thought I’d been through every post but must have missed that one. It’s what Michelle described above, however after going back I found a line that hadn’t been updated. We’ll see if the next post fires properly, if Michelle’s blog is working fine, I should be good.

    Awesome plugin…there is nothing else like it and I really appreciate you helping me through this. Have a great weekend!

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