Subscribe2 3.2 for WP 2.1

Version 3.2 of the Plugin is now available for download for WordPress 2.1.x users only!

For users of WordPress 2.0.x, please download Version 2.16 of Subscribe2.

This version contains the following improvements:

  • Fixed a bug affecting Registered Users not appearing in the drop down list
  • Improved handling of the Subscribe2 option array

Remaining known issues, which will be tackled in future releases, are:

  • No Subscribe2 Quicktag in the Rich Text Editor due to a TinyMCE issue with buttonsnap.php – this will be fixed ith the implementation of a WordPress hook into the menu system expected in 2.2

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

Download Version 3.2, recommended for users of WordPress 2.1.1 and above.

Download from mirror site.

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Activate the new version of the plugin

48 thoughts on “Subscribe2 3.2 for WP 2.1

  1. If you don’t want to wait for WordPress 2.2, there are ways to insert buttons into TinyMCE. It requires using an external TinyMCE plugin, but it’s not that difficult really.

    Check out my plugin to see how it’s done.

  2. Forcing subscribers to a certain category doesn’t appear to work though. I have 14 registered subscribers, with only 12 of them subscribed to a given category. If I try and force all registered subscribers to that category, it remains 12, instead of 14.

  3. Jason,

    Solved one problem and made another 😦

    Try Unsubscribing first adn then Subscribing again, it worked for me. Something else for me to look into now though!

  4. I’ve fixed the problem Jason has experienced and will sort this in the next release.

    Now, you can choose – do you want a quick release just fixing this or should I work on TinyMCE button integration for this release and delay a while?

  5. LOL, thank you. Delaying is fine for the TinyMCE button, although, I feel a bit dumb, not even knowing what that is!?

  6. Hi, This is a great plugin. If you are ever looking for features, then it would be nice to have the option to turn on/off per post, whether a notification is sent out. WP-EMail 2.10 has this feature and it is quite useful. Thanks again

  7. Hi, I just downloaded this new version because the (very old) version I was using suddenly did not send out e-mails anymore. Totally at a loss why but decided to udate before trying to fix…

    But testing this new version I’ve found that newly created categories do not show up in the list on the ‘My Subscriptions’ page (users.php?page=subscribe2/subscribe2.php)… Am I doing something wrong here? Is this maybe caused by another plugin like MyCategoryOrder?

  8. Ravan,

    What version of WordPress are you using?

    Subscribe 2.3.x is for use with WordPress 2.1.x
    Subscribe 2.2.x is for use with WordPress 2.0.x

  9. WP Version 2.1.2…

    I found that the newly created category did not show until there was one post in it! A bit like empty categroies not showing in the blog sidebar?

    It might be good to allow subscription to new categories that do not have posts in them yet?

    Anyway, subscribe2 still refuses to send mail upon new posts… Strange.

  10. Ravan,

    Your issue with the category makes sense as I’m using a WordPress command to get the categories that hides empty categories. I’ll check and see if unhiding them breaks anything else and add this into the next version if it works.

    If no emails are being sent from any version you need to check with your host. Some quick thinks to check first though are do you have a WordPress user with an ID of 1 and are your emails coming from an email with the same domain as your site.

  11. I have admin with ID 1, and e-mail with the same domain. Nothing changed before the plugin stopped sending e-mails. Is there a way to quickly see if any -new- server setting is causing this? phpinfo() maybe?

    Does Subscribe2 do any logging of it’s sending action? Any database entries that can be checked to verify wether the plugin even tried to send out any mails?

    Oh, and if you need any help getting the RTE button back up again (buttonsnap is out) let me know. I see the plugin evolved quite a lot since I last had a go at it (maybe Scott remembers 😉 )… I see my dutch translations (formal and informal) needs updating too. Or are there new versions done already?

  12. You can put break points into Subscribe2.php if you know how too to find out where the code breaks for your site. The best way to check for server sendmail limitations is to ask your hosting company.

  13. OK, I have two questions.

    This says it is Subscribe2 3.2, but when I installed it, it says it is 2.3.2.

    Also, I was wondering, I’ve never seen this anywhere, but is there a way to set this up so that you can have different subscriber lists based on who the author of the post is?

  14. Christopher

    That is the correct version – It’s Subscribe2.3.2. It a historic thing with the version numbers that I admit is complicated but I think changing it now will cause more comfusion. Maybe in the next big release I’ll jump the numbers to get round this issue.

    Also, there is no way to subscribe to different authors of posts, only categories. I’d love to say that I can implement this but I simply don’t have the time. If anyone wants to have a go feel free, the code is open.

  15. Hey,

    Is there any way I can make the script just send posts??! It sends an email alert when I add pages too. Cheers, max.

  16. Max,

    The latest version of the plugin for WordPress 2.1.x should not be sending emails when pages are published. What version of WordPress and Subscribe2 are you using?

  17. just installed subscribe 2 version 3.2… but I have another query… it doesn’t seem to like my Hotmail address? Like I’ve put it in the subsribe box, pressed subscribe and it says a confirmation email’s on the way. But one never comes. Any thoughts?

  18. Max,

    Glad you found the new version – you are now using the right one.

    As for your missing mail to HotMail, have you checked in your spam folder (if you have one) and do other emails from your WordPress install arrive (like user registrations)?

  19. I guess it must be a problem my end…

    Sorry! one more thing which is quite major to us… The plugin sends out an email for new posts added even if they are backdated.

    E.g. A post I’ve added with the time signature as 4th January 2005 gets e-mailed out. But we don’t want these old posts to. Is there any way of stopping this?


  20. Max,

    If you know you don’t want a notification sent simply deactivate the plugin while making the post then re-activate it again afterwards.

    I’ve never been asked about back dated posts before!

  21. I thought about that, but wouldn’t that disallow visitors from signing up to the subscriptions whilst I’m posting these backdated posts?

    might be a risk I have to take!?

  22. Quite right, new users won’t be able to subscribe while the plugin is not active. Open the plugin page in another browser tab or window and deactivate immediately before you press publish, then re-activate once you get the post page back for minimal disruption.

  23. Hi,

    i downloaded the plugin installed it, but when activating it gives me a server error message. Next the admin interface of WP stays blank. I looked into the database the database tables are not created. Any tip on how to solve this? I tried uploading the plugin several times to ensure that the files are ok.

    I am running wordpress 2.1.3 on linux with php 5.0.4. All other plugins are running fine.

  24. Hi, there seems to be no option for registered users to select which catagories to subscribe to, any ideas?
    wordpress 2.1.1
    subscribe 2.3.2

  25. subscriptino link is there but all thats in there is:
    Receive daily summary of new posts?: Yes No
    and an update preferences button.

  26. Tim,

    Under Options->Subscribe2 have you set it for something other than Per-Post email notification? It would be virtually impossible to send an email digest that only included certain posts for certain users. When digests are turned on users will get an email at the specified frequency containing an excerpt of all posts made since the last email was sent.

  27. I have problems making the subscribe2.pot file kicking in. I have made my translations, but they do not appear on the site. Is there something I need to do to trigger it?

  28. I do not see any error message. I just get an error page from the server. That an error occured. I run a hosted site so i cannot get behind a console or something. Any suggestion on how to get the error message shown???

  29. hi. great plug-in

    I didn’t see anyone with my problem:
    I have the plugin set to email subscribers after each new post (I only post once every couple of days).

    I added my email to the subscribe list.
    When I tried it tonight, it sent emails in triplicate. 3 emails for each post.
    One with the full text, the others with only what’s before the more tag.

    Maybe there’s a problem with its integration to my theme? (using andreas01-12)
    subscribe2 version 2.3.2
    WP version 2.1.3


  30. Marco,

    If the database wasn’t created and you are still getting the white screen there is obviously a problem on initialisation of the script. Have you tried download a fresh copy from the server (here) and tried again. I’ll also email you the dev version to see if that helps.

  31. James,

    This is expected behaviour. The plugin sends 3 types of email, plaintext excerpt, plaintext full content and HTML. Each is sent to your email address and copied using BCC: headers to each subscriber.

  32. thanks for the reply.
    I checked with a few subscribers (right now they’re only friends and family, lol), and they all got only one email, so all’s ok. thanks!

  33. I tried the dev version and it sill does not do what i expect. An error screen and thats it. Is there any other i can check if a plugin can be installed that initializes the db etc?

  34. Marco,

    The only things I can think of are that the WordPress files need uploading again or there is some configuration issue in the server – maybe PHP.

    Can you ask your hosting provider for some pointerrs and to look in the error logs?

  35. Marco,

    Just a double check – you did upload the buttonsnap.php file didn’t you? It is required by subscribe2 and without it the script will fail.

  36. Yep i uploaded everything correctly. I just tried the same procedure with a fresh install on wo 2.1.3 and it still failed. Next step was a fresh install on wp 2.0.9 it worked like a charm! So i tried it with wp 2.1.2 and it worked!!!

    So it seems that wp 2.1.3 is to blame! Now it works on wp 2.1.2 perfectly. If i can be of any help on tracking the bug or something else please let me now. For now i will use p 2.1.2 instead of 2.1.3.

  37. Marco,

    I’ve just installed a fresh version of WordPress 2.1.3 on my host using fantastico and then uploaded Subscribe2. No problems arose for me. This is very strange – must be something in the PHP configuration on your server – are you in safe mode?

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