Subscribe2 3.0 for WP 2.1 RC1

Version 3.0 Release Candidate 1 of the Plugin is now available for download for WordPress 2.1 users only!

This is a relase candidate for full release soon. Please test and report issues / bugs below.

Many of the issues in the last release are now fixed:

  • s2init() redeclare issues should be fixed
  • Blank pages appearing should be fixed
  • WordPress nonce added to admin pages to improve security
  • Wordaround introduced for Profile Menu issues

Remaining issues are:

  • No Subscribe2 Quicktags due to a TinyMCE issue with buttonsnap.php
  • WP-Cron is still required for future postings and daily digests despite having been built into the WordPress core (the hooks need clarification and updating)

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

Download Version 3.0, recommended for users of WordPress 2.1.x.

Download from mirror site.

This version, which should be consider as a beta release, has been tested on WordPress 2.1

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Activate the new version of the plugin

36 thoughts on “Subscribe2 3.0 for WP 2.1 RC1

  1. Oops… once again I upgraded and now am not getting notifications… I guess I’ll just wait for the final release before making any changes to my DB.

  2. Vishwas,

    This is very unexpected as there have been no changes made to the database with this version.

    Are you de-activating the plugin before uploading the files and then re-activating it?

  3. Yeah… I deactivated the plugin, deleted all the files including buttonsnap.php and then re-uploaded the files. Still it doesn’t seem to work. I’ll try downloading the beta 2 and see if it works…. I simply cant understand what goes wrong when I update

  4. I’m getting mad.. hehe…. I’m not blaming you for anything, but I’m getting weird bugs. I just posted an entry in my blog in a category called “School” and I got notification. When I posted another entry in category “General” I did not get notification. I checked and I am subscribed to all the categories on my blog.

    Still using WP 2.1 and S2 RC1

    Any hints as to what might be the issue?

  5. Vishwas,

    I’m getting pretty frustrated by this one too – here is simply no explanation for it! 😦

    Have you checked for any screw ups in the database tables again? Are there any weird tables in there again?

  6. I upgraded to WP 2.1 and the RTE disappeared, and it wasn’t sending the subscribed emails. I upgraded subscribe2 to ver 3.0 RC and my RTE is back πŸ™‚
    It still didn’t send out the emails, so I reset my subscriber categories and tried again.
    Still no, but maybe my mail server is behind. Time will tell.
    Also, I now have 2 “Subscriptions” tabs under my Users ACP. The pages are the same.
    I did deactivate and delete my old subscribe2 folder before uploading and activating the new version. I also have the subscribe2 sidebar widget installed.
    Any clues as to what I may have missed?

  7. Mittineague,

    This is an unfortunate glitch under WordPress 2.1 following changes in the admin menu system. I thought I’d managed to find a fix for this – it works on my locally installed testing sandbox but not online. I thoguht this may be down to on-going upgrades where my online test site is located but apparently not 😦

    In summary, you haven’t missed anything!

  8. That’s reassuring, I guess. I turned on my error reporting to see what errors subscribe2 would throw. It threw this lots of times (over 200)
    Object of class subscribe2 could not be converted to int at
    ………. /wp-includes/plugin.php (15)
    plugin.php is new to WP ver 2.1 and I don’t have ay ideas at the moment, but maybe this can help you or someone else pinpoint the bug.

  9. Hmphf,

    When you request to unsubscribe a link is sent to the email address entered provided it was already in the database. The above link looks perfectly normal to me.

    Clicking on the link should action database removal and this should work if database insertion works. Sometimes this dose not work as expected if blogs have been set up unusually, for example when the main page file is not in the WordPress folder or when static pages have been used to access the site.

  10. Having read the about page, I will attempt to make this a non-crazy-making support message. πŸ™‚

    I’m trying to upgrade the blog of a client who’s stll on WP 1.5 and is using the WordPress Email Notification plug-in, which isn’t compatible with WP 2. So I was looking at Subscribe2 as a possible alternative, but I have a couple of concerns.

    First and biggest: I was a little startled to see that it works by trying to pile all the subscribers’s addresses into the BCC field! Since this is typically something that only spammers do, doesn’t it greatly increase the chance of the notifications being blocked as spam? I mean, quite apart from the fact that no decent web host will let you do that, how many people can even receive messages like that any more? Pretty much everyone uses some form of spam filtering these days… Do you have any plans to change this to a less problematic system? The old e-mail notification plug-in sent messages to each subscriber individually, which generally results in a higher deliverability rate.

    Second – this is more of a comment than a question, because I found the post on how to put it in a sidebar if you’re using a theme other than K2. I know you’re frustrated with people all wanting to do that, but there is a reason for it… Studies have shown that having a signup form off on a separate page drastically decreases the number of signups you get. I think it’s by something like 75%. So really, people who want to put it in a sidebar are not trying to drive you crazy, just trying to make sure people actually sign up. πŸ™‚

    (BTW, I’m not afraid of editing template code, so the method you posted looked pretty straightforward to me, and I promise not to pester you if I screw it up.)

  11. hi,
    i recent install wp2.1… try the RC1 version of subscribe2 without any result…. dont work for me 😦

  12. Spider Silk,

    Thanks for the comment and for trying to not drive me crazy πŸ™‚

    I accept your point about using Bcc: headers for the emails but many hosts have limitations on the number of emails sent per hour. On my main site I have over 200 subscribers. A limitation of 50 emails per hour means the last 150 in the list don’t get the email as the server drops the mail request!

    Spam is properly messing things up for genuine mailing lists, especially those run by sites that are hosted! Okay, it’s easy if you run your own server but how many people actually do this? In my experience it’s not many.

    Until I have a better option that will work for the majority of users of this plugin (and not result in having several versions as one is hard enough to kepp on top of, we are stuck with Bcc: (Unless someone out there has a better idea!)

    The ssidebar stuff is all on here, use the plugin or hack it yourself πŸ™‚ My only issue is with users who don’t want to use the sidebar (for some reason) but aren’t confident enough to hack wihtout help.

  13. WP2.1
    Subscribe2 3.0rc1
    PHP 5.1.2
    SQL 5.0.24a
    Host: Dreamhost
    S2 Widget Enabled


    My apologies if I missed the answer elsewhere on this site; please point me in correct direction and I’ll get the answer there if I missed it.

    With that said, I have a couple of questions.

    01. Email Address Case Sensitivity – When a person subscribes and then tries to unsubscribe, they must use the exact case that was used when they subscribed. ie. Person subscribes with (all lower case). At some time later, that user decides to UNsubscribe, but may not use the exact case they subscribed with and uses or or etc etc (mixed case). While using a case different than their subscribed case, the user is unable to UNsubscribe and receives a message to the affect, “no such user”. This baffles the user so the user tries to “re-subscribe” with any mix-casing, they then will get a response stating that user already exists. Now the user is abundantly confused and starts sending emails to the webmaster.

    Is the case sensitivity of the user address a feature, limitation, bug, or user error with regard to the plugin? Is there a way to remedy this on our end?

    02. Subscribe vs. Unsubscribe confirmation emails – Is their way to have two different confirmation emails? ie. One for sub., one for unsub. I have found that after the user has gone through the process of #1 above, they then try to subscribe, unsubscribe, resubscribe (multiple times) at which point one of their efforts was successful. However, since the email didn’t show up in timely fashion immediately AFTER they had correctly input the address (due to any number of factors – all of which is probably unrelated to subscribe2’s functionality – but did show up fyi.), the user now has multiple emails in their inbox that only state “in order to confirm your request…”.

    So is there a way via the notification email to discern what the subscriber was attempting to do most recently?

    I hope the above questions made sense. πŸ™‚

    Regarding the functionality of the plugin, I had a test email list of about 40 people and the plugin seems to have worked with no apparent issues aside from that listed above. I have increased the email list to all 200 or so people we have, but won’t know if that works properly until we send out another news item from our site.

    Blessings to you,
    Whiplash Records

  14. Whiplash Records,

    Thanks for your questions, you’ve obviously thought about these!?!

    1/ Email addresses are case sensitive before the @, the domain is not case sensitive. In the 3 examples you give above the first and last would be classed as the same the middle is technically different.

    I could include a casetolower() function to make addresses lower case but I would have to restrict this to the domain which won’t solve your problem. I could also apply this to the whole email address – it may not cause issues as most servers treat email addresses as case insensitive but according to RFC 2821 this should not be done.

    To remedy it on your end you can manage subscribers in Manage->Subscribers to add, amend and delete email subscribers.

    2/ You can amend the template to make use of the ACTION keyword that will more clearly tell a user if they are subscribing or unsubscribing. Also, from the link if you look at the first digit after the “S2=” you’ll see it’s eiher a 1 or a 0. 1 to subscribe, 0 to unsubscribe.

  15. Thank you for your suggestions!

    Re: 01. I recently added a comment to the confirmation email as follows:

    NOTE: When unsubscribing the process is CASE SENSITIVE. Please remember the case in which you subscribed.

    Hopefully the above note will serve as a reminder on their email they receive when subscribing, assuming they don’t delete it.

    Re: 02. The ACTION keyword is great! I would strenuously encourage you to demonstrate this keyword by way of placing it in the default template in future releases of your plugin. This is how I used it:

    In order to confirm your ACTION request for BLOGNAME, please click on the link below:

    Additionally thank you for giving me a heads-up on the S2=1 or S2=0.

    Sincerely, Blessings to you,
    Whiplash Records

  16. Sorry I didn’t take the time to answer any sooner. My site is on:
    Platform: Linux 2.6, Apache 2.0, MySQL 4.1, PHP 4.3, Perl 5.8.

    When I remove the database records of the plugin I get error 500. Si I e-mailed the host and I’m still waiting for a reaction. I hope I’ll receive that soon and that it is a positive answer.

  17. Hello downloaded the 3.0 RC1 and installed on several wp 2.1 sites…

    one threw an exception:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in xxxxxxxxx/wp-content/plugins/subscribe2/subscribe2.php on line 947

    Mr Papa

  18. Mr Papa,

    This is yet another line involving the WordPress get_categories() function. I’ve had loads of issues with this elsewhere and I think it may be something to do with caching but I’m told by the WordPress folks tha caching is turned off by default!

    If you are still getting the same error can you add the following line at 948:


    and let me know what prints onto you screen.

  19. I’m talking about the wp-subscribe2 table.

    And I meant that if I disable the old plugin, delete this table, upload the latest version of the plugin and activate it, I get error 500. So far my host hasn’tcome up with a solution. He suggested CHMODding the files to 755 or 775. But that didn’t change anything.

  20. Annelies,

    Dropping the wp-subscribe2 table will loose all your subscriber information but the preferences for the plugin are stored in wp_options. Have a look in your options table and delete any rows that have names starting with S2.

    It may be that you have some weird options in the database causing the error.

  21. here ya go…

    Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [cat_ID] => 2 [cat_name] => Announcements [category_nicename] => announcements [category_description] => [category_parent] => 0 [category_count] => 9 [link_count] => 0 [posts_private] => 0 [links_private] => 0 ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [cat_ID] => 5 [cat_name] => Listening Center [category_nicename] => listening-center [category_description] => [category_parent] => 0 [category_count] => 2 [link_count] => 0 [posts_private] => 0 [links_private] => 0 ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [cat_ID] => 3 [cat_name] => Performances [category_nicename] => performances [category_description] => [category_parent] => 0 [category_count] => 3 [link_count] => 0 [posts_private] => 0 [links_private] => 0 ) [3] => stdClass Object ( [cat_ID] => 4 [cat_name] => Website [category_nicename] => website [category_description] => [category_parent] => 0 [category_count] => 8 [link_count] => 0 [posts_private] => 0 [links_private] => 0 ) ) 1

    fyi… tried the RC2 version with same result which I expected based on your release annoucement…

  22. Mr Papa,

    The print out you are getting is exactly what I would expect so I am surprised that you are getting the error! I will post some further code for you to test later if you are willing to have a go for me.

  23. Happy to help you out since you are helping me πŸ˜‰

    fyi, the one site where I am having this issue was an upgrade from wp 2.0.7 to wp 2.1. It was working before but stopped working after the upgrade and installation of your latest…

    that said, I have some other sites, where the upgrade had no issues…

    Mr Papa

  24. Mr Papa,

    Try the following changes and see what happens!

    In Function register as $all_cats to the global line as follows:

    global $wpdb, $all_cats;

    Then around the line that starts $all_cats = a few lines further down add:

    if (” == $all_cats) {
    $all_cats line in here

  25. I don’t have much experience with editing SQL databases. So I searched the options record and this is what I got: “#1054 – Unknown column ‘S2’ in ‘where clause’ “. What do I do now?

  26. Great plugin. I’ve been waiting for this kind of thing for many years.

    I have non-important question if you have the time: how do you know if a email address goes bad? Bounces? Does the plugin show this, or no?

  27. Matthew,

    The emails are sent from your admin or author email and the reply to: field is completed so in theory if an email is bounced by a server it should come back to you.

    Having said that I’ve found out from working on this plugin that not all mail servers are biult the same so there are no guarantees.

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