Subscribe2 3.0 for WP 2.1 Beta2

Version 3.0 Beta2 of the Plugin is now available for download for WordPress 2.1 users only!

My apologies for not making it clearer that the last release was a beta software product. Many of the issues in the last release are now fixed. Remaining issues are:

  • No Subscribe2 Quicktags due to a TinyMCE issue with buttonsnap.php
  • WP-Cron is still required for future postings and daily digests despite having been built into the WordPress core (the hooks need clarification and updating)

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

Download Version 3.0, recommended for users of WordPress 2.1.x.

Download from mirror site.

This version, which should be consider as a beta release, has been tested on WordPress 2.1

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Activate the new version of the plugin

13 thoughts on “Subscribe2 3.0 for WP 2.1 Beta2

  1. If this is a duplicate post, my apologies. I didn’t mean to submit until I was done.

    A few things I’ve noticed with this newest version.

    * Sender email address is blank (all instances).
    * When confirming subscription, first blog post is overwritten.

    Not nearly as important,

    * Inserting token in sidebar doesn’t work. (maybe it never did?)
    * Wasn’t there an option before to automatically subscribe, without requiring confirmation?

  2. Mishka,

    Thanks for your clear reporting of your issues.

    * Sender email is pulled from the user database – are your option set to sent from Author or Admin? Does this person have a complete WordPress profile?

    * Subscription confirmation does hijack the first available page unless you specify the S2PAGE variable. Have you done this?

    * This never did work. Have you tried the Widget?

    * You could automatically subscribe users who were newly registering with your blog. Otherwise no.

  3. Hi Matthew,

    The email address is not showing up on the subscribe pages, but seems to be working when one posts a message. (i.e. the email you get asking to confirm and the ones admin gets saying new subscriber don’t have a sender). Yes profiles are complete.

    Oh, I had only read the documentation that came with the plugin, not that was on the site, so I missed the last step for s2page. It’s fixed now.

    Widget, no, it’s ok. I ended up C&Ping the code from the subscribe page. It works. 🙂

    On one of my installations I get this error for Admin (not Author) when I try to click the Profile link. (Not a show stopper, I’m admin, I already know who I am. 😉

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare s2init() Line 63/64

    Thanks for your help.

  4. Michele,

    I’m lost now. Sender email address in the email is displaying – right. But not in the subscribe page – where do you mean? Manage -> Subscribers? You’ll only appear here if you are subscribed under Users->Subscriptions.

    I’ve updated the bundled documentation now – thanks for pointing that out.

    Not sure why you get the fatal error – have you totally removed the old plugin files?

  5. Yes, I reinstalled a few times, once deleting the database table entirely.

    The emails that don’t have the sender, one is the one that is sent when someone first subscribes, they get an email asking them to confirm the subscription. Once confirmed, the email that goes th administrators saying so and so subscribed is also missing the sender.

    When a new post is created, the email notification that gets sent *does* have the email address.

    You can subscribe if you like to see what I mean.

    Please excuse the growing pains. 🙂

    Thanks for your help.

  6. Michelle,

    In Subscribe2 -> Options have you set emails to come from the post author?

    When a user subscribes the email detailes are pulled from wp_users record 1, this must be blank in your database for this error to be occuring.

    The only other possibility is you may be running a plugin that alters email headers during sending under certain conditions.

  7. Hi Matthew,

    Bingo!! I dind’t have a user ID of 1 in the wp_users table, so I created one and all is fine. I’ll need to modify my installation procedure, to not delete that first ID, but just modify it. I thought I would be ultra-safe and just nuke it. hehe

    Yes, re: post author, which explains why the notifications of new post work were working fine.

    Thanks for all your help.

  8. I have tried installing beta 2 also… But no help, now I don’t get even a single mail notification. Could you guide me as to how I can remove all the references to your plugin from the database and then I’ll try reinstalling again.

  9. Vishwas,

    If you want to start over then delete the plugin files completely. Use a tool like PHPMyAdmin to view your database and view your WordPress Options table. All the values added by Subscribe2 start with S2.

    You may also want to dump the subscribers database but this shouldn’t affect anything in the plugin and you’ll also loose the list of your public subscribers.

  10. Humm.. That’s fine, I have a backup list of all the subscribers. I’ll manually add them later. Lemme give this option a try and I’ll let you know what is the outcome

  11. My database has this table “wpi4f_subscribe2” and there are no rows inside it…

    the “wpi4f_options” table has no value with S2 only one row called subscribe2_options…

    another table “wpi4f_usermeta” has many values that begin with S2.

    I’ll try to delete them all and get back to you.

  12. The edit was a success.. There probably was a screw up in my database. I removed all traces of the plugin and then did a clean install. Now it works like a charm. Thank you for all your help.

  13. I tried everything with the database as described above. I even the deleted the Subscribe-db. But everytime I try to activate the plugin I get a blank screen with this message:

    WordPress database error: [ $db->get_row(string query, output type, int offset) — Output type must be one of: OBJECT, ARRAY_A, ARRAY_N]
    SELECT * FROM wp_users WHERE ID = ‘4’ LIMIT 1

    So I deleted Subscribe2 3.0 and put the previous version back.

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