Subscribe2 2.12

Version 2.12 of the Plugin is now available for download!

If you use this plugin make a donation to support future development!

This update has addressed the following issues:

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.2.10 that disabled the Subscribe2 Quicktags
  • Fixed a long standing bug that caused occasional excerpt plaintext emails to be truncated

Download Version 2.12, recommended for users of WordPress 2.0.x.

Download from mirror site.

This version has been tested on WordPress 2.0.7

To install correctly:

  1. Deactivate your exisiting Subscribe2 Plugin
  2. Use FTP software to delete the old plugin and upload the new version
  3. Activate the new version of the plugin

21 thoughts on “Subscribe2 2.12

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  2. Hi…you may recall back under version 2.08 I posted a comment about plaintext emails being truncated…is this the fix for that?

    One suggestion I have for future versions: the ability to send a set of all of the emails normally sent on a new post as test emails to an address. Ideally, this could be configured as ‘send post id x to address y’ to see if the plugin behaves differently with different posts.

    Back when I made the comment re version 2.08, there was a suggestion to try to do some testing. But for all practical purposes, the only way to test is to make a new post, and for a functioning blog that can be annoying to subscribers, and that doesn’t address the issue of the plugin behaving differently with different posts.

    Maybe I can accomplish some of the testing by a post in a testing category that other subscribers are blocked from?

  3. Bill,

    This should fix the issue raised you raised. It took me a while to reproduce the error but when I did it pointed me to the part of the code where the issue was being generated and then I could figure out the fix.

  4. Hi there,

    I am using Subscribe2 v2.12 on WP v2.0.7
    When people receive my emails notifying them of a new article being posted. I noticed that in the email they receive in the TO field it shows the same email address as in the FROM field. Shouldn’t it show the receivers email address in the TO field?



  5. Josip,

    The simple answer is “No”. This is because the receivers email address goes into the BCC: header. That’s why you get copies of each type of email sent. It also ensures that your subscribers don’t learn each others email addresses.

  6. Jorge,

    The Daily Digest Subject is defined within the code as:

    [name of the blog] Daily Digest Date

    You can change the Daily Digest section with a translation file or to totally customise it edit the following line in the code:

    $subject = ‘[‘ . stripslashes(get_settings(‘blogname’)) . ‘] ‘ . __(‘Daily Digest’, ‘subscribe2’) . ‘ ‘ . $yesterday;

  7. hi again,

    afer upgrading the plugin didnt send any daily digest :(….
    what time is expected it send mail? 00:00h?


  8. Jorge,

    After upgrading did you set S2DIGEST to true again and do yuo still have Skippy’s WP-Cron plugin installed and activated?

    What have you upgraded? If you were on 2.2.12 there is no upgrade unless you move to WordPress 2.1 (and based on the fact that 2.1 is brand new moving to it so soon would be brave!)

  9. hi,
    Yes, I set S2DIGEST to TRUE before activating the plugin… and I dont change nothing with the wp-cron…..

    I only delete version 2.1.10 and upload 2.1.12…. :(.

    Now I have desactivate share-this… i will wait tonight for changes….

    But, do you know what time is suppose the plugin works?


  10. Jorge,

    WP-Cron executes at around midnight but since it is a hack it requires a visit to your website to execute any tasks. (WP-Cron runs when a WordPress page fully loads).

  11. hi,

    then if nobody visit the website the daily digest doesnt work? 😦

    Could you use the servers cron for this task?…

    And is posibble to make a diagnostic task on the admins page of the plugin to test if all works?


  12. Jorge,

    It should still run via WP-Cron but it will run later.

    You can use the servers cron to execute the task but I have no idea where to begin on such things – I have no servers and no remote server access to mess with these things.

    You can check for execution of WP-Cron by adding a mail to yourself into the eriod tasks – I’d suggest you do’t add this to the 15 minute taks though as you’ll fill your inbox!

  13. hi,

    i have tried wp-cron and its works sending me mails each 15min… but i still missing daily digest :(….

    im going to update subscribe2 plugin to 2.13 to check if it works… 😦

    What more could i do for get the plugin working?


  14. I am running wordpress 2.06. When I load your plugin, some of the time it works and some of the time it disappears. I am running 2.12 subscribe2 and 1.3 suscribe2 widget.

    I have other plugins that appear to be in conflict. Today I noticed that my audio player was showing up in the widget subscriber section below the subscribe box. Previously the same thing happened with event listing from my event calendar plugin.

    I have a page with the subscrib2 coding on the page on the menu bar. When you load the page, all that shows up is the word Subscribe. No link to the profile page or to subscribe.

    I noticed yesterday the sidebar widget disappeared completely when I load a yahoo map plugin (which I removed because I want to use your plugin).

    I really like your plugin. Please help if you can.

    I don’t know much about the programming code, but I think this may be related to buttonsnap. Just guessing.


  15. John,

    I’ve spent some time looking into plugin conflicts before and I can’t really do anything with the Subscribe2 code to avoid them.

    Most of the conflicts (all the ones I know about anyway) involve other plugins that hook into the_content filter in WordPress.

    Subscribe2 is very careful to return the content unchanged if the subscribe2 token is not present. Other plugins assume that if the_content was called their changes should occur – this is not the case for the sidebar widget and may not be the case for your post content.

    Try approaching the other plugin authors – I emails the author of PodPress though and got no response 😦

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