Admin gets several emails

As previously covered in the FAQ section there are different subscriber types and different email preferences.

Each different email type is normally sent to admin with subscribers emails entered into the BCC Header (blind closed copy). This means your subscriber have the privacy of their email address maintained.

There are a maximum of four different emails types:

  • Plain Text – Excerpt
  • Plain Text – Full Post
  • HTML – Excerpt
  • HTML – Full Post

Emails are not sent if there are no subscribers but if there are subscribers admin will get a copy of the email.

Additionally, if you are on a host that restricts BCC: header length you can set the ‘number of recipients per email’ in the Settings area so that emails are constructed with size limited BCC: headers. This means your users will get the notification with the drawback being admin will get more emails.

If the number of recipients per email is set to 1 then emails are sent directly to individual addresses. Admin may not get emails in this case (if that address is not subscribed) and the emails may take longer to generate and send.

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