Emails aren’t being sent

This is far too common a problem and in my experience is almost 100% down to server settings (apart from the one time I coded a bug into the email headers!).

SPAM is your enemy here. Many blog hosts are blocking or placing restrictions on the email sending capabilities of their servers (and rightly so!).

Subscribe2 sends emails to admin and puts subscribers email addresses into the Bcc: header space. Bcc: is used so that individual subscribers email addresses remain private to everyone except the blog admin.

If emails are “not arriving” check the following first:

  • Do other emails from your site arrive (e.g. WordPress registrations) – if not check if you host is allowing email sending, check you aren’t using an “off domain” email address as the sender
  • Are some users getting the emails and others not – check with your host for restriction relating to emails and get users to check their SPAM folders
  • Do regular publication emails arrive but future posts and digest emails don’t – you need WP-Cron for future posts and daily digest functionality

In summary lots of people use this plugin every day without problems – the issue is most likely with your set up or host.

However, there is some work-around functionality built into the plugin to cope with hosts who cap the number of recipients per email. There is a setting in the plugin specified as follows:

define('DREAMHOST', false);

(The reason the setting is called DREAMHOST is because this is the name of a hosting provider that caps the number of recipients per email!)

Anyway, set this to true in order to limit the number of recipients per email to 30. This may solve “No email” problems due to host email restrictions.

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